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Iamdizzy was here... I think
=^.^=! haaaaaapppyyyyyyy kitty cat face!!

Allo! I be Pins! ^-^!
Aww, Wah.. My bunny di-Ran away... >.>

Annnnd, All The clubs I've joined! PM me and I'll tell you the founder!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

doodle oodle doomdoom noodle
mweeeeeeeeeeeeehehehehehahahehehe!.. yesh! Cows are attacking and will steal our Ramen... >.> NOT TEH NOODLE!! ANYTHING BUT!!!.. my walls like really shiney and Idunno why!.. shiiiiiney wall!.. wow... I am alone, I am hungry!! =^o^= I'm still nekked! ^o^! hehehe, Gaiaonline.com's fun! I have plenty enough gold for clothes, but I'm saving for my ears... tis a sad sad world when ya havta buy ears don'tcha think?.. okie, I didn't havta buy ears, kinda like I didn't havta buy hair.. but I liked that hair better-er!! ^-^ *nodnod* oh! before I forget, for any other Gaiaonline.com players if ya wanna add me My screen name ish
for I ish a Taco, That Squeeks... Beware teh random raining Taco-ness!! hehehehe... ohoh! I'm gunna be leavin' for twwwwwwwwwwoooo weeks!! ;-; no comp. or anything! I'ma be on a bus full of like 42 peoples or something like that!.. tis gunna be alotta ridin' and what not!.. hmm... *thinks of random things to inform you guys*.... I like Cows! they go Squake!!...

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

*pokes a ton of random people* Sneeze with your eyes open!
I command of ya!.. for if you don't then you will be all eyes closey-er and that's just bad cause then you'll explode!! *nodnod*... oh oh! important news!! I'm bored! and Dizzy's gunna marry a marshmellow! *nodnod*... hehehehehe... BWAHAHAHA! *lightning strikes randomly*... aww man! I liked that tree!!!... ;-; oh well there's other tree's in the sea! *tree dance* Hewwo's all!! ^o^! wowzies.. tis been like... FOREEEEEVER!!! *bounces around* okies not really but shhh, you dunno know that cause your blind!! yup! *nodnod* a Hobo stole your eyes! stupid hobo! now we gotta go to Eye-Mart.. people are creepy there.. their all like, "wanna Eyeball?" and your like.. NO! ya weirdo! sellin' me an eyeball! what is this eye-mart?! hehe.. eye-mart *cracks up*...

Sales person~ but.. uhm.. Ma'am?..

MONKEY!.. I want a moldy suit!.. yknow? A suit thats all moldy-fied? that'd be cool!.. and uhm.. yeah! that's all!..

Sales person~ o.o.. o.O... ?.? *walks away*

BWAHAHAAH!!.. ok.. thats all for now!... I'm bored!... ;-; and I'm nekked!.. ok.. not really.. but I am sorta on Gaia!.. hehehe... I'MMMMMMMMM NEKKED!! *runs around* ^o^!.. Gir owns... byebyes!! *hugglez all*

Doodle Oodle Not A Noodle?... YAYA! *Noodle-dances*

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Friday, June 10, 2005

Holy Cow With 5 Legs!.. I'm Posting!
hehehehe.. yesh! I liiiive!.. *blink* ok.. it's been a while since I posted!.. *nodnod*.. hmhm... *blink*.. well... I went on vacation last weekend!.. beachey!.. and uhm... people at the beach are weeeeird... *twitchy eye*... anywho... wow!.. I'm bored!.. *rolls around*
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