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Monday, August 28, 2006

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WAHOO!!!!!! I FOUND THE COOLEST SONG EVERRR!!! It may take a while to load though... and if you don't hear it it's Bing Bang from the Lazytown Soundtrack :D yes, I still watch kid shows, but they're fun AND educational!


Ok, so they're not but still entertaining to watch =)

Sooo I'm eager for the new DNAngel vol. 11 to come out!!! IT COMES OUT SOOO SOON! I can hardly hold my excitement! AND Sugisaki- sensei is also continueing the Lagoon Engine saga as well!!!! I love that manga series! They'd stopped making it for awhile though.. new one comes out December... CHRISTMAS PRESENT! ^_____^ sooo anyways... sorry about taht random spurt of information XDDDDDD sooo um nothing new here, I'll end here, JA NEE POST LATER!!
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