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Monday, January 15, 2007

   Still well and kicking lol

Hey there people...you still remember me or am I already in the corner or your memory lol?

Anyway, now that I have the time (I'm using a computer at my mother's work HEHEH lol), I decided to check on that site that I almost forgot lol...I'm so lazy to come and update it now lol, especially now that I'm back to my homecountry, one we don't have Internet at home, and two It's too expensive so I can't spend lots fo time -_-'

Well, just to say to the few of you who still remember me that I'm still alive and kicking lol...I came back safe and sound, met with my boyfriend after 9 months of being separated and we're doing good ( we're even meeting this evening *blush* lol) and I'm trying to enroll to the local university to try and become an English teacher lol...we'll see what it's going to give lol

So that's about everything that I can tell you....just a peaceful life in the middle of nowhere on my island Tahiti lol...nothing more I can ask for lol

Well that's it...just a little hello from me on this site of mine where I spent almost 3 years....prevented me for not being too bored sometimes lol....

Well now, see you some other times when I'll have the occasion to come back lol

Have fun and enjoy life to it's fullest ^^

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Monday, November 6, 2006

   Still alive but a bit bored on the sides...

Well hey there people...how long has it been? Sorry for not updating for a long time, and well it's not like you've been missing anything worth telling anyways lol...

Well what happened that's actually worth telling is that on the Labour week end, we had our anime festival Armaggedon!!! Man I was so waiting for this big one...I spent lots of money that day lol....mostly to buy DVDs or action figures lol...There was that Madman store who sold really cheap DVDs, and even complete series for around 30-70 $, that is so worth it I tell you ^_^. So we got the occasion to buy series like Big O, Ranma series 1 and 2, Evangelion, Ghost in the shell, AD police...and many other movies like My neighbor Totoro, Infernal Affair Trilogy...and lots of them I don't remember lol...
We still didn't watch them yet though, cause we're spending our time downloading anime online and so we watch these at night....So we got the occasion to see anime like Basilisk, Fate stay night, Shingetsutan Tsukihime, Gunsliger girl, Kacho Ouji....so much so much lol

Also, there was a graduation for 2 of my classmates a week ago, a Taiwanese girl and a Japanese guy left our class...

Here are some pictures I can show you:

So this is the graduation day on Friday...The girl is Emily and the guy is Ryo ...and the bald guy is our teacher Paul lol...he's quite funny but sometimes a bit boring cause he likes to talk about soccer a lot lol ^_^'

Armaggedon pics:

This is one of the event at Armaggedon...Pizza eating contest, there were several categories like eating a whole pizza in less than 5 minutes for guys then for girls, then eating half of a VERY spicy pizza topped with chilli sauce in less than 5 minutes for guy and girls, eating a whole pizza in less than 5 minutes without touching the pizza (this is what you can see above cause I think this was the funiest one, especially with that long-haired dude that had his hair kept by that other guy so that it doesn't bother him when eating lol) and the duo pizza eating lol...that was quite funny but that's ok lol...

Cosplay...less impressive I'm sure than american and japanese ones, but hey, it's pretty new here in New Zealand, so I think they did pretty much a godd work there ...

The three best costumes of all...The girl from Van Hellsing, Lulu from Final Fantasy X and Catwoman...awsome ^_^

One other cool cosplay...Zabuza from Naruto, he's the only one who spole in japanese when he presented his character to the crowd...really great ^_^

This is Spyro if you didn't recognize him from a Gamecube game I think....This was taken when we were waiting for the pillow fight on the last day lol...he's so cute lol ^_^

And this is the pillow fight....it was supposed to be for kids under 14, but sometimes you could see big guys in there so yeah...it was a bit long a boring to watch but hey they had a good time there lol ^_^

Excel Saga action figures...I think the whole set was around 70$ so it was kinda cheap...My bro bought it ....

Fate Stay night and Dororo from Keroro Gunso anime and SOS keychain from The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya....I bought the Fate Stay night keychain set cause my brother wanted them and the rest is my brother's....

Some of Gainax girls...Rei and Asuka from Evangelion, Nadia from Nadia and the secret of Blue water and the other two I don't know...Also you can see my brother's figures: The headmaster from My Hime and one girl from Onegai Twins....

That's about all for tha pictures...hope that you enjoyed them lol ^_^

Oh yeah, last friday we went bowling with some friends...it was pretty cool, we had lots of fun, even though the place wasn't all that great...I was second to last on the two games we played lol...I know I suck lol ^_^

Well that's about what I had to say, or at least that what I remember doing lol....I've been sick also since last monday I think, sore throat, running nose...the whole package -_-' lol...but hopefully doing better than before lol...Oh and we got our flight ticket confirm to go home too: we'll be going back home the 26th of November !!!! Man I just can't wait to go back ^_^

Well now that's about it....hope that you enjoyed the pics and yeah...that's it lol ^_^

See ya around ^_^

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