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Welcome to my site!!! I am Kristie, aka silverdaydreamer. I opened my eyes to the world on 1o.o6. which makes me a libra! =] i was born in cali as a weirdo, over-high-all-the-time, writing (poems, stories, quotes), graphic makin, crazy singin, soon goin to high skool gurl!!! =] PS please take a lot at my e-cards for a sec. for those that have you ROX MY SOX!! =]

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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

next weekend sluggaroni (aka angelica not frm myO) and rachanna are going dress shopping for graduation. ...sluggaroni and i decided to make a dare for each other...

drunkaroni (me lol XDD):: STILLETO HEELS (i have no idea if i spelled that right but ya like 3 and a half to 4 inch heels for a whole graduation ceremony AND after when we go to taco bell)
sluggaroni::...ever seen one of those dresses that are soo tight and go to your ankles so you can only walk inch by inch *evil grin* i'll demonstrate a pic.... ignore the gothic style of it though and picture the length going all the way to her ankles (tight the whole time) ...but also the shoulders may be frilly... hehe =]

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for cristal and ice =]

These poems are for my gone but not forgotten sisters who have literally brought me to tears when they left.

~ - ~ For Cristal/ hernandezcristal ~ - ~
If someone who was so close to you
Forgot you, would you believe it’s true?
If someone who was so close to you
Forgot you right out of the blue?
Would you think things would be the same?
Would you think this is just a part of life’s game?
If someone so close to you, who was so kind
Became so far apart from you in so little time
What would you do?
What decision would you choose?
Would you go out in the rain?
And release all the aching pain…
Or would you wait for the storm to pass
The memories don’t always last
Even though I can still remember mine
The hours we’d spend wasting time
We would always have fun
Our laughs were the sun
Shining brighter than the sky
Remembering when we said goodbye
That there would come another time
Where we would see each other again
And let the sun shine again…
Think memories are enough for you to go on?
The good times are there and gone
Just tell them before you say so long
Tell them you’re there and you always will be
Say this was one of the greatest friendships for me
Say that before they fade away
Say that before the end of the day
Say that before they disappear
Soon it’ll be too late, you hear?

~ - ~ For Ice/ Ice Angel Nikita ~ - ~
I just want them to laugh and get by
I want them to smile with the sun in their eyes
I bet they want me to be happy and not think of it as goodbye
Even though time has drifted us apart
And I am crying late after dark
I am sure we will get through, as time told us too
Loosing the thoughts I never wanted to keep
Never thought I could speak, what I shouldn't speak
That is until the day...I lost you...my friend who I know is true
You never know how much it is until it's gone
Then you know...you feel a certain bound
Between what was and now what is
As time fades away with what you miss
Seasons change as the sun rises high
You can hardly even tell what they say, the sky
You don't hear what's all around you
Until it's finally come and found you
And...you feel is slip through your fingers and vanish into the air
Feelings burst within wither you know or not as the wind blows your hair
You can't stop it just fits
In this thing called time
It passes with the sun setting sky
Even though they slipped away, before your eyes
You had to start a new day, says the sun shining skies
They wouldn't want you to cry
And I want them to laugh and get by