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Thursday, August 31, 2006



  • Had our Algebra Long Exam today, hope I'll pass! I seriously hope!
  • Got a perfect grade in CWTS for the midterm
  • We had a practical test on Botany Lab yesterday [wednesday], I HOPE I'LL SERIOUSLY PASS!
  • Got 1.2 grade on Religion, not bad, that's almost near perfect
  • Got a 2.1 on Chemistry Lab
  • 1.7 on Chemistry Lecture
  • 2.3 on Botany Lab
  • 2.0 on Botany Lecture
  • Our next report for History is about Pharmacy in the United States, we're presenting it as a VIDEO
  • Finally finished those bills and piling them up,thank god!
  • There are still JackyxCharles fans,gah!
  • Got the Trophy for badminton, 1st-runner up last Saturday and gave it to the Dean's Office last Monday
  • Last Sunday was my siblings FAMILY DAY, meaning the whole school was having a get together including the families of the students, yes the FOOD!

Alot of school stuff has happened and I'm so busy,grrr!!! Sorry to my friends here who I haven't kept in touch with lately, I will repay you guys back with chocolates and skittles.....maybe....hehehehe!!!

Hope to talk to you guys again! Take care! I wish you good health! Eat well! Brush your teeth!

~Blue Hawk

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