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Sunday, May 27, 2007


hey guys i know i posted this already but i just need it posted again to get more info. i hope you guys don't mind...T.T i feel so bad about this because when i last posted it i didn't get to visit sites...hope i get to do that today...

"i know i haven't been here in a very very very very long time but i kinda need a little bit of help from you guys.

some of you know that i live in the Philippines. and well my mum just left to day to go to the USA. just for a vacation. but because of that she won't be able to come home by my birthday so she just told me that she'll buy me something from there and i'm just supposed to tell her what i want. what i really want are some mangas! lol. but obviously, since i've never been there i have no idea where to look for them. especially my mum since she doesn't know anything about anime and mangas and stuff like that

so now i'm asking you guys where the hell i could find mangas in the USA...some of you have mentioned before about best buy and uhh barns and nobles? did i get that right? @.@ i vaguely remember xD terribly sorry if i got the names wrong. lol.

i'd be very greatful for any kind of help you guys can give. problem is i don't know where my mum will be in the US so yeah...xD any names you can give me will be very helpful =D"

thanks for all the help you guys gave the last time i posted it! really appreciated them ^.^


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Got this from one of EAMR's posts long time ago. hehe!

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