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Saturday, February 10, 2007


well if some people are still intrested, im back.. but doubt ill stay, i dun have time to go and suck up your attention :P

Stupid question : what if philosophy wouldn't exist? wouldn't this world be better? XD

so have a good life, and good.... ANIMES TO WATCH!

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Monday, August 28, 2006

   Hello people!
Just to remind you that I am still alive! :D

I got my laptop, it works superbly! ^^ too nice! ill be on your site soon, i hope. If i temporarely quit Otaku, or for ever, i'll be warning you, cause i might. It serves me no good being here... i dun see the reason why I should lol... err... well For you, friends ^^ but other than that... ill be checking that later.

Question of the day : is the popularity rankin better down?

i think yes, cause it puts everyone on the same scale, no popular dude or dudette. i prefer it that way. how about you?

anywho im gone now! have a great day!

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Hey everyone, just got a little 5 minutes to say hi, I did not forget any of you ^^

Have a great week, until I get my new compy ^^

I'd like to ask if anybody here likes diablo 2 ^^ cause i do, and ill get a "not broken" cd when ill have my laptop.

and im signing off... but a question first!! to let you comment something on this post!

Stupid question of the day : If a wall could think.. what would it think???
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Saturday, August 12, 2006

   not much time!! >
Hi people... the site i used to use as html help got closed down >< if someone can help me with this, having a cool scrolling post, with an image, please help me... cause the text can't be read like it should...

have you noticed my new mouse boutton?? it's kewl!! it's shippou on one, and when you want to click on a link, it's tenten from Naruto ^^

I will return next week, with a laptop. Then, i can give more time to you, since I won't have to give the comp to no one. that wya, i can do a long post, and visit many of your sites.

I wish you all a good weekend!

Song of the day : My will - Dream

My email is Shippou_satsuki@hotmail.com if any of you want to email me, or add me on msn. Have a nice day :D

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Friday, August 11, 2006

   Why hi!
glad to be back, it's fun posting here! ^^

Favorite french sentense of the moment : aimez vous les sandwitch au carrotes? "Do you like Carrot sandwitch?"

Haven't got lots of time now, but I'll have soon.

Animes are at YTV tonight for every canadian out there! ^^ NAruto at 9h (atlantic time) ... sorely the voices came out wrong... all shitty and everything... Inuyasha at 10h (Which turned out great for the voices! ^^ , Fullmetal alchemist at 11h. *which isn't all that bad for the voices. and at 1h, CAse closed (detective Conen) omg that show is kewl! ^^ the detective anime show ^^

Game of the day : DIablo 2 LOD lol, that game is fun!

Well, I'm off now. glad to have spoke to you! ^^

bye now

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