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Sunday, August 14, 2005


Bankotsu:Hey Kaitlyn!!How was your first week of high school??!!^^

*collapses* x.x....

Bankotsu:O.o...*searches me,finds a note* She wrote a note about how each day was!!I'll read it to ya guys!!^^ Here goes:

Monday-Waking up so early didn't exactly help me get a fresh start.It was nice to see all of my old friends and hearing about their summer vacations,but I almost fell asleep the whole day.I had more than my fill of paperwork when I got home,so it was exhaustin,but not terrible.

Tuesday-I can't believe I get work on the 2nd day,and still tired to top it all.Nothing major happend,but still-tired.

Wednesday-Got more work,but overall had a better day ^^.

Thursday-Terrible x.x.....Didn't have a good morning,and got sick later that morning at school.Went home for a short nap,then returned to school feelin much better.Rest of day was fine ^^.

Friday-Another bad morning,felt the same as yesterday,found out I had a bug that was going around.Tried to go home,but mom never picked me up -.-....Then big storm came,got soaked tryin to catch the bus in time.Was the worst day yet x.x

Bankotsu:Awww poor Kaitlyn....

*mumbles something*

Bankotsu:She says because she only gets an hour a day on the computer now from school,she has split up her friends list.She'll visit the top part the first day,and the bottom part the second.She apologizes for resorting to it,but she'll get to all sites on the weekends ^^.

*is resting on couch*

Bankotsu:*keeps reading note* Also from the time shortage,she'll only have time to update on weekends unless she has extra time or it's a holiday.

Bankotsu:I guess our girl needs some support,so leave a nice line or two in your comments alright guys??^^Knew I could count on ya ^^.


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Sunday, August 7, 2005

   Here We Go....

I know I was supposed to do this yesterday,but I just ran outta time,sorry ^^.

Bankotsu:School starts tomorrow!!>P

Yeah,high school starts for me tomorrow.....

Bankotsu:Aww,what's wrong Kaitlyn??

It's just,I really luv MyO so much,but I fear I won't have enough time to come here on school days....

Bankotsu:I'm sure we can think of a solution towards that ^^.And your awesome friends can help us!!^^

*laughs* Alright ^^

Bankotsu:Suggest away in your comments if you have a solution to this time problem alright guys??

And I may not have done anything this summer in real life,but it's been a great one here on MyO ^^.I've had fun with all my friends here,new and old ^^.Thanks guys!!^^

Lol anyways,orientation was kinda a drag >.>

Bankotsu:Cause she was dumb enough to wear a black cotton shirt in 90 degreee weather... *snickers*

*bonks him*I had no idea it'd be that hot....

Bankotsu:Well Kaitlyn new a few people in her class,so that's always good ^^.

But they made us take a tour of the whole school with no breaks!!My feet were killin me,and I wanted to kill them >.>

Bankotsu:Everyone freaked over her new hair!!^^

Ya most people didn't believe it the first time they saw me,but everyone saw my short hair lol ^^.

Bankotsu:Tell everyone what you got at Barnes and Noble!!^^

Ok ok ^^.They didn't even carry Yu-Gi-Oh in the store >.>,so instead I got Bleach Volume 1,and after like an hour of searching,D.N. Angel Volume 1.Their both great!!^^ I plan to get the 2nd Volumes for both of em ^^.

Bankotsu:Well Kaitlyn might be a bit late to sites,she has to do a few things to get ready for school today ^^.

Thanks for the reminder >.>

Bankotsu:*snickers*Oh look!!An apple pie!!

o.o o.o o.o Gimme!! *runs off searching*

Bankotsu:*laughs* We'll end this last post of the summer with a few random facts!!:

The longest word in the English language is a disease called pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, it's a lung disease caused by the inhalation of certain dust particals.

The largest apple pie ever baked was 40 x 23 feet. (xP xP xP)

40 people are sent to the hospital for dog bites every minute.

Hershey's Kisses are called that because the machine that makes them looks like it's kissing the conveyor belt.

More people are born on October 5 in the United States than any other day.

Bankotsu:Have a great summer guys,see ya later!!^^

*is still searching for pie*


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Wednesday, August 3, 2005


Bankotsu:Kaitlyn's bummed cause she only has a few days of freedom left....

I didn't do anything this summer!!T_T

Bankotsu:For the 2nd summer in a row,a record!!^^

*bonks him*Shut up!!I should have done somethin!!

Bankotsu:But you went to that Hilary Duff concert Sunday ^^.

And I don't like Hilary Duff!!I just went cause my friends mom couldn't get rid of the tickets!!>.>

Bankotsu:You just hate her cause she kissed Aaron Carter!!

And got away with it!!>.>

Bankotsu:But your going to an Aaron concert in 3 weeks right??

Right!!^^ I almost met him last time,but this time I'll actually do it!!^^

(I had backstage passes to meet him but his stupid promoter person cancelled the whole thing cause they thought we wouldn't pay him.But of course we were gonna pay him!!)

Bankotsu:Anyways most of you reccomended D.N. Angel for the 2nd manga choice,but Kaitlyn's dad had to cancel going Saturday and said he'd take them Thursday.

I hate waitin,I really do T_T

Bankotsu:Oh and Kaitlyn's gonna be a bit late gettin to sites tomorrow,she has Freshmen Orientation ^^.

Who shedules an Orientation at 8 in the mornin??!!

Bankotsu:I dunno,but you better be ready to get up!!^^

*sighs* Well anyways I'll make my last post of the summer on Saturday.I dunno if I should plan somethin for it or not,so suggest if ya want.And sorry if I don't get to your sites as much durin school,especially the first week.

Bankotsu:Well,this is Kaitlyn and Bankotsu,signin off!!^^


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Thursday, July 28, 2005

   Manga Collectors Needed!!^^

Hey guys!!^^ I shall be the one to sign your comments today,for I have found the ultimate source of distraction for this warrior,this very distracting and tricking man,I have given him......


Bankotsu:*is walking the dog* This is neat!!^^

Funny how our modern day toys can distract even the most famous of killers ^^.

Anyways,Meg,my little sis Liv,and I are gonna stay at my dad's new place Saturday night,and while we're there,we're gonna spend our Barnes n Noble gift cards!!^^

And you know me,of course I'm gonna spend it on some manga!!^^ I only have $14,so I can only get 2.So far I have Yu-Gi-Oh Volume 1,Rurouni Kenshin Volume 1,and Inuyasha Ani-Manga Volume 1.No brainer that I'm gettin Yu-Gi-Oh Volume 2,I mean it's my favorite anime!!^^ This is where you guys come in!!^^ Should I continue to collect Kenshin and Yu-Gi-Oh,or use the $7 left over from buyin the 2nd Yu-Gi-Oh Volume on a whole new manga??

Some reccomendations I've gotten are:

-D.N. Angel
-Tokyo Mew Mew
-Fruits Basket
-Inuyasha (Normal and not the Ani-Manga lol)

The Barnes n Noble here has like everything,so I should be able to find whatever you guys suggest.Speakin of which,whichever manga gets reccomended the most,I'll buy!!^^ If it aint in stock,then the 2nd ^^.

Wel-*gets popped by yo-yo* OUCH!!What was that??!!

Bankotsu:That was funny!!^^ *keeps popping me*

Ouch ouch!!Stop it!!>.>

Bankotsu:*takes over*Well Kaitlyn got on to update during her little sisters computer time,so she'll have to get back on shortly to visit sites.*keeps popping me*^^

You monster!!I'll get you for this!! *runs off*

Bankotsu:*snickers and laughs*Later guys!!^^

Random Fact:Never give a hot villian a yo-yo @.@ . (Owwie...x.x)


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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Yo,It's Me and Bankotsu Guys!!^^

No lie from the subject line!!^^ For this months extra,I shall have Bankotsu with me constantly!!^^ Most of you have probably already noticed by the comments left on your entries ^^.(I thought of the idea a bit late so I couldn't do it for everyone,sorry ^^;;; )

Speakin of which,Bankotsu would like to share some news with ya!!^^

Bankotsu:Hey guys!!^^

Go on and tell em Bankotsu,I'm sure our fellow Bankotsu fans will luv this!!^^

Bankotsu:Kaitlyn has graciously decided to start a fan club for me!!^^ Isn't that great??!!^^

Indeed it is!!^^ And what's a club without some pretty banners!!^^ Here they are:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hope ya like em!!^^

Bankotsu:But you gotta contact her if ya wanna join,cause she was dumb enough to forget to put that she's the Founder -.-......

*bonks him*Shut up!!>.< Well ya please PM if ya wanna join,and when ya put the banner up,please put a note that I founded it and that I need to be PMed to join ^^.But ya can choose any banner ya like,or all of em!!^^ Cause who doesn't want alot of Bankotsu on their site??^^

Bankotsu:I feel so luved ^^.

Ya should ^^.Oh and speakin of you...*grabs him by the hair* Stop signin your names on my comments!!>.<

Bankotsu:It isn't my fault you're so easily distracted....

I am not easi-o.o PIE!!^^ *goes to get some*

Bankotsu:*rolls eyes,takes over*Anyways Kaitlyn,nor myself,have anything planned for today.Though I do plan to kill some more humans later this week ^^.

*is stuffin face with pie*

Bankotsu:Almost forgot!!

Random Fact:If you yelled for over 8 and a half years, you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee. (It takes that long of screaming just to heat up ONE cup??!!xD)

Bankotsu:Have a good day!!^^


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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Rock and Roll!!^^

Hey guys!!^^ Miss me much?? lol Jk.

So as you noticed,new theme!!^^ The theme is Bankotsu from Inuyasha!!^^ Not only is he incredibly hot xP,but also a great fighter,like Inuyasha ^^.If you have sharp memory,you'll also see that I changed my theme 6 or so days in advance.That's because I'm in jigglyness' theme contest!!^^And I thought Bankotsu would be a great idea for it,especially since you don't see many other people with it ^^.Go to jigglyness' site and enter the theme or sign/banner contest if you want ^^.But if you have free time and aren't voting for anyone else,(and honestly like my theme ^^) please vote for my site ^^.

You can also see I added the puzzle back,who doesn't luv puzzles??^^ I also rewrote the Warning and changed the picture for it,and all that other stuff to make this theme the best one ^^.So lemme know if ya like it alright??^^

Well nothin really happend all this week,so I didn't really feel the need to update.But I got to most people's sites durin the week,unless you updated really late that is.

Well new anime episodes were pretty good last night ^^,as they all racked up a bit in action and drama ^^.

Last night I was told it was my last night to stay up late before we start lowerin times for school.I'm kinda iffed about it really,all my friends go to schools that start in September =/.I start August 9th,how much does that suck??!! But I pulled an all nighter anyways to make it a good night ^^.Speakin of which,the last time I posted about me stayin up all night you guys went balistic xD.(Like I wasn't human or somethin xP)How do I do it?? -Caffiene, (That's a no brainer)PS2,and lots of determination and endurance.(Cause it takes time to fight againest sleep urges trust me xD)

Anyways Meg is goin to babysit her last week for the summer,so I should be able to get to sites no problem ^^.

Random Fact:I've had my eyeball popped out my head for eye surgery. (Had pink eye and lazy eye at the same time @.@)

Have a good day guys!!^^


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Sunday, July 17, 2005

   FFX,Burger King,and Anime ^^

Lol What I typed in the sibject line was something I did or ate yesterday ^^.

I apologize for not gettin to sites yesterday,I just had one of those days I needed to get away from everything.And it helped,I feel alot better today ^^.

Well of course I watched new anime episodes last night on [adult swim],and I gotta say,how twisted XP.Samurai Champloo was pretty good,lol I laughed when Jin (though I prefer Gene) got left with all the work ^^.Inuyasha was pretty emotional,lol Kagome got pretty jealous over Inuyasha and Kikyo.When will Kagome just tell Inuyasha how she feels??XP

s-CRY-ed had to be my favorite though,for the most part,it was funny ^^!!I was so shocked when Kazuma said he was joinin Holy,but then said why,it was for a good cause.Until he started forgettin why he was there and then missed the plane with his friends and native altar users in it.Darn you Ryuho!!>.< Paranoia Agent was just weird O.o....they couldn't kill themselves so when Little Slugger comes they run after him??XD Lol.

Well I think a Happy Birthday is in order today!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hope ya like it Vicky!!^^

Well last night I got in a bit of an argument with my best friend over her boyfriend,but I won't go into detail.But we made up and I might stay over at her house tonight,lol I could never stay mad at Mel ^^.

Lol Have a good day guys!!^^

Random Fact:Sharks have no air bladders, so they must swim constantly or they'll sink.(I never knew O.o)


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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

   Yowza xP

Lol this'll be a really short update,cause I'm supposed to be in bed XD.

On a quick note my mom got surgery Monday and lost a lot of blood,so please pray for her.Jz mentioned it on his site too,so please do if you have time ^^.

Anyways me and my sis were incredibly bored and took some pictures of us doin crazy things.I don't really like postin my pic on the net,but I trust you guys,and also we are very tired and bored.So here they are:

(Prepare for the uglyness XD)

This is Meg pretending to slap me:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is me in black and white:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is Meg and I kissin Bigbird:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is me holdin Bigbird:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is me starin at my nose XP:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Me and Meg givin each other evil looks:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This one was taken a while back:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Ya I know they kinda suck lol.But like I said,we were bored XD.

Random Fact:A newborn kangaroo is small enough to fit into a teaspoon. (Neato ^^)

Have a good day ^^.


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Saturday, July 9, 2005

Cookies,Anime,and FFX=A perfect combination ^^

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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

   Feelin Better ^^

Thanks for all your comments guys,I feel so luved ^^.

Anyways the weekend away was just what I needed ^^.I got to go with my Aunt Stephanie to try on her wedding dress,and she looks beautiful in it ^^,I'm so excited for her ^^.

But my cousin Hannah (aunt stephanies oldest daughter)seems to have some problems of her own.She's on restriction cause she rolled her eyes and disobeyed some conselours at this day camp she's goin to,and she acts like it's the end of the world.

I mean she tried to comfort me about my situation with my parents for the first hour or so I was there.Then the rest of the weekend was about her.(And I aint trying to sound selfish or nothin lol)Soon she became annoyin,and I can see she's certainly gotten an attitude change.Cause she came over to eat with us yesterday too,and it's pretty obvious that she wants to stay in a grumpy mood.So Im'll let her,I can only hope she'll return to normal soon.

Anyways yesterday dad took us all to go see how his house is set up so far.It's pretty nice,it has furniture and a bed and all that great stuff,it'll take some time for me to get used to,but he likes it,so Im'll be happy for him ^^.

It'll be a bit harder for me to get to sites for a while since dad took the other computer with him,and my other 2 sisters and I are gonna have to squish for time on it.But I will get to sites today,so don't worry ^^.

Oh and if you have any ideas on what to do for an extra for this months theme,please suggest something in your comment ^^.Like last month I had the KH pic of the day,and now I need somethin else for this month ^^,so suggest away ^^.

Random Fact:The waste produced by one chicken in its lifetime can supply enough electricity to run a 100 watt bulb for five hours!! (XD)


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