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Saturday, March 19, 2005

   Destiny ^__^

Hey i'm updating again,well as you know Alex has a RP character named Carmen and he shared her life story with you guys a few days ago.

Well Destiny,(Alex's RP wife) is my character and after much conversation,have decided to share her story with you guys if enough of you say you want to read it.

So please just comment on this post and say if you want to read her life story or not,it'll be put up in parts if everyone's in favor.


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After all this time,I'm finally off restriction!!And my stolen freedoms have been returned!!I couldn't be any happier ^__^.

And yes I made the pictures at the top,and the Doom Fan one is awesome,the other one is alright lol.If anyone can find a better picture of Dartz let me know.(I've been looking all over the net -___-)If anyone wants me to make them a picture or something like that,send me the pic and if you want,a certain font to use on it.(also what you want it to say)

Anyways the party was so much fun!!We tye dyed shirts and i'm lettin mine dry now lol.And it was only me and my friend Mel that stayed over,but I liked it that way.Because we can be ourselves around each other ya know??We're all gonna dress like hippies Monday,we don't care what people think of us ^__^.But I'm also extremely tired,only got 2 1/2 hours of sleep last night lol.

Well if any of you guys have AIM i'm now free to talk almost whenever ^__^!!I'll be on at 8 (Eastern Time)garunteed,and I'm on now for a while.Also if any of you are on Gaia Online,I'm katiesama.


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Thursday, March 17, 2005

   Happy St.Patrick's Day!!+Report Card!!

Well today was St.Patricks Day ^___^!!I had some stickers on my face lol.And when I put a shamrock on someone else's face I said "You've officially been shamrocked!!"Lol i think it's cute.

Anyways I got my report card:

Social Studies:88 (B)
Science:80 (C)
Gym:92 (B)
Music:94 (A)
Math:83 (C)
Language Arts:90 (B)

I think I did alright overall,not bad but could be better ya know??I was nervous about it last night lol but I played with some bubble wrap,lol how much does that stuff rock??!!

But I might not be able to update or comment tomorrow.Because I have a sleepover at a freinds house (one of the few true friends I have)and I won't be back until midday Saturday,sorry.But I get to dress like a hippie ^__^!!


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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

   Bad News

This is gonna be a really short post so here goes.

My mom's shift at work has changed so she gets home at 5 now instead of 8 or 9.So either my posts will be short,no post at all,or I won't be able to comment on everyone's site until Friday because I post as normal.Either way it kinda sucks.

Oh and thanks to jigglymonster and JZ for offering to make me buttons,me luv you guys like brothers ^__^.I'll give you credit when I get the buttons.

Well I gotta go already XP,but i'll try to update and comment on everyone's site tomorrow if I can squeeze it all in.


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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

   Arigato My Friends!!

Thanks for all the comments on my first post,and thanks JZ (my nickname for Alex,don't steal.)for telling people about my site.I'm keeping my mind off my parents for a day or two,stress isn't something I want to deal with right now.Holding it off isn't any better but,this is just time to clear my head.I plan on talking to my dad,mom gets me,my dad and my twin sis Meghan are the only ones who don't seem to understand mom is her own woman.

Anyways I want to get around to signing guestbooks,if I only knew how.I thought it was on the person's page or whatever,so if anyone can comment on how to do that it'd be appreciated!!Also if anyone can make buttons or nice pictures,could I have a button of Dartz with my username on it??I'd do anything to repay you,and of course more than one button would make me the happiest girl in the universe ^__^.Or if anyone knows of any Dartz fanculbs or something that comes with a banner that'd rock out loud!!

I also plan on commenting on everyone's entries who comments on mine when I get used to the place,which should only be 1 or 2 more days.Thanks again guys!!


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Monday, March 14, 2005


I'm Kaitlyn,most of you guys know me as Alex's(destinyssweetman)best friend.And as you know I'm going through some tough times.

I've been told I'll most likely get off restriction this Friday,as long as I keep doing the list of chores and appreciate what else my mom does for me.

But on top of that,my parents might divorce.It started yesterday when my mom got 2 tatoos on Saturday and my dad came home and found out Sunday.He didn't want to see them and hated the fact she got them.Also that one of them says Fancy,a nickname her boss gave her 2 months ago.Yet my dad has given her nicknames and she didn't get any of them tatooed.

Now the whole family is split up....but I'd have to side with my mom.She's not a kid anymore and should be able to do as she pleases.Now she feels even more unappreciated by my dad.If they split up I don't want to stay with either of them.They are both an important part of my life and if I can't have both of them in my life I don't want either of them.That's that.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?


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