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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Rock and Roll!!^^

Hey guys!!^^ Miss me much?? lol Jk.

So as you noticed,new theme!!^^ The theme is Bankotsu from Inuyasha!!^^ Not only is he incredibly hot xP,but also a great fighter,like Inuyasha ^^.If you have sharp memory,you'll also see that I changed my theme 6 or so days in advance.That's because I'm in jigglyness' theme contest!!^^And I thought Bankotsu would be a great idea for it,especially since you don't see many other people with it ^^.Go to jigglyness' site and enter the theme or sign/banner contest if you want ^^.But if you have free time and aren't voting for anyone else,(and honestly like my theme ^^) please vote for my site ^^.

You can also see I added the puzzle back,who doesn't luv puzzles??^^ I also rewrote the Warning and changed the picture for it,and all that other stuff to make this theme the best one ^^.So lemme know if ya like it alright??^^

Well nothin really happend all this week,so I didn't really feel the need to update.But I got to most people's sites durin the week,unless you updated really late that is.

Well new anime episodes were pretty good last night ^^,as they all racked up a bit in action and drama ^^.

Last night I was told it was my last night to stay up late before we start lowerin times for school.I'm kinda iffed about it really,all my friends go to schools that start in September =/.I start August 9th,how much does that suck??!! But I pulled an all nighter anyways to make it a good night ^^.Speakin of which,the last time I posted about me stayin up all night you guys went balistic xD.(Like I wasn't human or somethin xP)How do I do it?? -Caffiene, (That's a no brainer)PS2,and lots of determination and endurance.(Cause it takes time to fight againest sleep urges trust me xD)

Anyways Meg is goin to babysit her last week for the summer,so I should be able to get to sites no problem ^^.

Random Fact:I've had my eyeball popped out my head for eye surgery. (Had pink eye and lazy eye at the same time @.@)

Have a good day guys!!^^


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