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Thursday, April 21, 2005


For some reason I totally forgot to update yesterday,which means I didn't get to any sites.Sorry guys XP.

Well I'll start remembering lol so don't worry I'll get to your guys site today and till I die lol.

Today was alright,tomorrow's Hawaiian Day at school!!^^ I might dress up a little bit.We also got our invitations to the 8 grade dance,not prom -___-.So no,I can't wear a nice prom dress like I thought XD.We watched a video in Industrial Tech about Mars and all that,it was actually pretty cool ^^.Lol have a nice day!!


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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

   Tooty Tuesday ^^

Lol just made that up too.

Today was alright too.

Lol this guy kept throwin a pencil at the back of my head so I stabbed him with the pencil afterwards.(lol aren't I so nice??)

We're also watching the movie Glory in History class,the first part wasn't very interesting,sorry to say but it's true.The second part i'm hoping is better.Dad said in the movie the black regiment fights againest the 27th regiment,which happens to be the regiment my dad is in in real life,pretty cool ^^.

Also please go to Alex's page about the Oklahoma tragedy,which happened 10 years ago.ven if you've already stopped by it'd be nice if you stopped by again for me ^^.Hope you guys have a good day ^^


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Monday, April 18, 2005


Hello Kaitlyn. It's Meghan. Don't worry I'm not here to post bad things about you. Even though you don't seem to fond of me from your past posts. Well blah to you. Haha, just kidding. I know you will probably be pissed at me for hacking into this but you DID give me the password. Although it doesn't give me the right to post in it. ANYWAYS. Dustin told me to check it out today at recess so I did. And I like your layout even though I have no idea who it is because I don't like the same stuff you do. Anyways yeah I made something in paint about Cory haha you'll get it...

Check out my journal and comment on it because I got a new layout. Ohhh yeah-http://www.greatestjournal.com/users/emo_dream187/.

I love you :-*.
Sorry I invaded. I wanted to show you the Cory thing without cutting into your computer time! You get on in... 28 minutes.
Ok. Bye.

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Lol Ok that was just random lol XP.

Monday was alright,as most of my days are lol.

This guy in my class uses this squeaky voice to be funny,and today he said "Oh this purse is just fabulous!!" LOL it was hilarious XD XD.

Other than that Nasse and I are goin to prom together,as FRIENDS ONLY.Wanted to make that clear lol.So we're gonna go together but we can dance with other people if we want lol.Still need to get a dress!!Even though I hate them lol.See you guys later!!^^


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Sunday, April 17, 2005


The party was really fun!!It was just me,Hannah,and her friend Gabby along with her enemy Brittany.But it's kinda weird really.....

Firstly because:

Gabby is like Hannah's fangirl.As weird as it sounds it's true,she did everything Hannah did!!She ordered the same food,bought the same stuff,all that stuff O.o


Brittany really isn't a bad person. The only reason Hannah invited her was so I could deal with her,but I never had to lol.When we went to eat at Wild Wing,Brittany actually wanted me to sit by her lol.We got along pretty well,I don't see why Hannah had any problems with her at all O.o

Anyways we went on a carriage ride around all of Charleston,it was so awesome!!^^I made faces at the shop windows when we passed them lol ^^.

We also went to the big candy store!!They didn't have my first two favorite candies so I got my third,Rock Candy!!^^It was so good too ^^,I ate the first stick in like 5 minutes lol.Hope you guys have a good day!!^^


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Friday, April 15, 2005

   Pretty Well ^^

Today went pretty well ^^.

Nothin big just ya know everything went well ^^.

Well tomorrow I'm goin to my cousin Hannah's birthday party with her little friends lol so I'm not gonna be able to comment until later in the day.(unless i stay the night or somethin)Sorry guys,see ya later!!^^


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Thursday, April 14, 2005

   So so....

Today was alright.

Still bummed that the other team went on their field trip today and we didn't.The whole team was furious about it.

Anyways the good part came when we had another Language Arts MAPS test.Can't help it I gotta say it-I SCORED 4 POINTS HIGHER THAN MY RIVAL KAYLA!!XD XD XD And I went up 11 points!! *does a "Go Me!!" dance ^^*


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Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Today sucked!!

Firstly,I didn't have any jeans to wear this mornin.(they were in the dryer)And I had to wait a half hour for them to dry,but when I got my jeans out.....they still weren't dry.And I was out of time so....I had to put on wet jeans....

Then my throat started hurtin,and it seemed like Meg spread her throat infection to me.I was so ticked,and all of this before school!!I also late gettin to homeroom.....XP

While walkin around in wet jeans,I sold more lollipops and also got mobbed by 7th graders.Lol that was really weird.

Besides that I got all this homework,stupid teachers...

Hope you guys had a better day XP


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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

   Tuesday ^^

Today was alright too.

We had to do more MAPS testin and I went down a point lol.

The lollipops sell like wildfire,I sold my first bag this morning,got another and sold that one,lol and now I have my third bag!!^^Yay for me lol ^^.

I guess that's all that really happend lol.


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Monday, April 11, 2005

   Lol Monday was okay ^^

Lol today was alright.

In the morning they called all 8th grade Student Council members to go see Ms.Mayhan and report to her during lunch or study hall.So I did and lol now I'm sellin lollipops to get money for the 8th grade prom decorations.I got a bag of 20 and now I have 8 left lol.Anyways...

I was told I have the highest grade in History,and I was so proud.It's a 97.2%!!But then then the teacher tells me Kayla has the highest grade by 1 point.1 POINT!!She's like a friendly rival but she stills annoys me.....

Hope you all have a nice day ^^.


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