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Friday, May 20, 2005

Freaky Friday!!XD

What a day!!lol

Well first we got some snack mix from the History teacher,I luv it when she gives us handfuls ^^.

And also today we went outside for yearbook signing!!^^ I actually didn't have a yearbook,so I did what everyone else without em did.I made a paper one!!^^ LOL at least you can get alot more signatures in them than the actual yearbooks ^^.I got 5 or 6 pages full!!^^I feel so loved lol.

Anyways were in the middle of yet ANOTHER thunderstorm and warnin and all that.So I better get goin,but I got to everyone's site so far.I'll get back on at 8 and visit those of you who update later.

Short on time so no random fact,sorry my peoples -_____-.


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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

   Goodbye PACT!!XD

Yes!!PACT testin is finally done,and I'm a free lady!!^^

And by the way Blue Eyes I get my facts (besides the ones about myself duh lol) from a random facts website,I didn't know you had it on your site lol sorry.

Anyways today was alright lol,nothin really out of the normal.We turned in our Math books today,woot!!^^

Well I believe I have until Friday to improve my science grade more if possible.Cause we got another worksheet to do for a grade today so I still have time I think lol.

Well Melody's boyfriend Cody is suspended and today was his last day at school,I went into the bathroom this mornin and saw her cryin so I had to comfort her before testin started,but it was alright ^^.

Well I'm busy on the phone talkin to Mel now so I shall leave you with a fact about me ^^.

Random Fact:My twin sis Meg and I were born only 20 minutes apart!!XD (my poor mom lol)


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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

   Tired But Good ^^

Another easy day of PACT testing!!^^We have a Field test tomorrow and State testin is done till next year!!^^

But I'm kinda nervous that my Science grade hasn't improved as much as I need it to.My History teacher is turnin in her grades for report cards tomorrow,and if my Science teacher is doin the same and my grade aint good,I can goodbye to my summer.....

Lol I can't forget,it's teas mini twin's birthday!!^^Happy Birthday!!^^You rock my socks ^^ XD.

I'm about to eat some popcorn,which brings me to ask:

what's your favorite type of popcorn??

Mine is cinnamon and sugar popcorn!!^^Just put some cinnamon and suger on your hot popcorn and there ya go!!^^Awesome popcorn ^^.

Random Fact:A duck's quack doesn't echo. No one knows why.


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Monday, May 16, 2005


PACT testin was actually quite easy today,we did the Science part.How short and easy was it??I started at 9 and finished at 9:30!!^^

Anyways might I present to you,George Fredricks' succesor,George Fredrick Bobby!!^^

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

In the event we lose George Fredrick in any way,this cute little guy shall be Sarah and me's new pet!!^^

Also I wanted to show you Frannie,the evil toy poodle who bit my finger and other parts of my body more than enough times.

Here's the little Satin:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

LOL ok I added the devil horns,but they might as well be there XD.DON'T EVER get a toy poodle!!Seriously XD.

Lol I can't really think of a random question so I thought "Maybe I could twist it around!!"So,you guys can ask me questions!!Ask me anything,I'll answer on the next post ^^.

Random Fact:The 57 on a Heinz ketchup bottle represents the number of varieties of pickle the company once had. (who knew??XD)


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Saturday, May 14, 2005


Todays been alright.

Last night we got the 3 cheese stuffed crust from Pizza Hut,ooo it was delicious!!^^I only got one slice left though T_T.

Anyways it really hurts to type now,cause Megs freakin devil dog bit me on my left pointer finger!!She's just a toy poodle but trust me she's evil,truth be told I can't even feel my finger now.....which aint good O.o .

So here's a random question:

We all have a favorite shedule of shows to watch.What's your shedule and day it comes on??

My day would have to be Saturday.First Spongebob comes on for an hour,then Fairly Odd Parents for an hour,then of course,Yu-Gi-Oh for an hour!!^^

Well it's almost time for a new hour of Yu-Gi-Oh!!^^See ya guys later!!^^


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Friday, May 13, 2005

   Holy Moly.....

The Mathematics PACT was so hard,my brain hurts so much @___@.....

Anyways the rest of the day was alright I guess.Sarah forgot to bring George Fredrick back to school so I'll have to post a pic of him tomorrow T_T.I bonked her on the head for forgettin lol.

Also the teachers completely switched around the class routine for no reason.Like I went to 7th period again though I went there yesterday.(we go to 2 different classes everyday)And I went back to Science and all that again lol.It was so confusin lol.In Astronomy we're watchin Clash OF The Titans,it's alright so far lol.

Well at least it's Friday,I can definately use this break from testin ^^.But next week we have Science and Social Studies PACT,so wish me luck!!^^ And apparently I was wrong about how much school we got left.Only 6 days now!!^^

Fact:You only use about 10% of your brain!!


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Thursday, May 12, 2005

   Hey Guys!!^^

Sorry for the late post people ^^.

Right when I got home I started talkin to Meg (my twin sis lol),and before I knew it,my little sis Liv had beaten me tot he computer XD.So I had to wait,but I snuck on around 6:30 after she was off and got to yalls sites ^^.

Anyways surprisingly today was pretty good!!^^

English Language Arts Part 2 wasn't difficult at all,and took me less than an hour to finish and turn in,even after rechecking it.After everyone finished,we did some worksheets and raced to see who could finish them first,and the first 3 people to turn the sheets in witht he correct answers got candy.LOL I ruled the class!!I had a good size pile,and cause I had the most,lol people kept askin me for answers and some candy......but it's mine!!XD

Also the best thing is,we got recess back!!^^But all we could do was walk around the bus loop and talk or run,but at least we got to go outside,so I aint complainin lol.

I was out at recess walkin with my good friend Sarah when we found the cutest little rock!!^^We picked it up and after some discussion,made it our pet!!^^(lol i think the heat got to our heads XD) Anyways she named it George Fredrick,and tomorrow were gonna get George a family!!^^Also we noticed George was shaped like a heart!!^^I get to keep him tomorrow,so I'm gonna post a picture of our beloved George ^^.

Oh also lol and thanks for remindin me sesshomau,I noticed that you can't finish the puzzle XD.All you gotta do is right click and select Show All,it should work then ^^.

I also decided to post a random fact every once in a while about me,or anything!!^^If you have a cool fact you want me to post,PM me and I'll put it in my next post and give you credit for it ^^.Or you can email me at sweetypie369@hotmail.com . But I'm only postin one fact at a time,so be patient guys lol.

Here's a fact about me: (that you probably already know lol)

Did you know I visit most of your sites in the morning??!!^^(it saves time XP)


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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


First day of PACT was a major strain on the brain -____-,we had the English Language Arts Part 1 first.Our final writing subject was:

You know the saying,"One mans trash is another persons treasure."Choose something that most people think is useless but you think is valuable.Explain why you think the object you chose is valuable.

Well I didn't get a wink of sleep last night,and I was totally tired,so my brain was pretty much still asleep when I chose what to write about:Your Imagination XD.I mean it isn't an actual object,but most people I see don't use their imagination these days,so I did the best I could to make the human imagination sound like something that should be appreciated more XP. (though it really should lol)

Also,our recess got cancelled!!We were supposed to get recess for the first time in the whole school year,and kids in my class complains about not havin anything to do outside,so Mrs.Gulski calls the other teachers and tells them.Then the other teachers call back and say their kids did the same,so they cancel it!!This is so unfair to us good kids!!Then the complainers had the nerve to try and beg for recess back,I just wanted to slap them......

Anyways I'm gonna try and get some sleep tonight so I can do better on PACT tomorrow.

It's actually thundering right now,I kinda freaked out cause the thunder and lightning was striking REALLY close to the house lol.But it'll pass soon,I was actually on here earlier but the power went out XD.

Hope the weather is better there XP.


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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

   My Day Off!!XP

Is so far a total waste XD.

The only thing I've really done is order this thing on Atlantis from National Geographic on Demand XP.Can't help it lol,I do believe Atlantis once existed.

Anyways besides the holiday,I'm also using this as a preparation day,because tomorrow is the beginning of our state testing.(PACT aka Palmetto Acheivement Challenge Test)And it last for like 7 days!!Our shedule is changed and everything.Lol I'm gonna be so tired after all this,and my brain will probably be smokin from overuse lol.

But the good part of all of this is:

Only 11 more days of school left!!^^

There's actually 13,but 8th graders aren't required to attend the last two days after graduation ^^.Lucky us!!^^

Still wish me luck on PACT testin,especially Math,cause I have the hardest time there lol.


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Monday, May 9, 2005


Lol testin table boxes here.I used to know HTML so well lol but afetr I quit Neopets it all kinda went down the tube XD.

Anyways today was actually alright,went by a bit slow,but nothin out of the normal.

Anyways we have the day off from school tomorrow!!^^For one of the most highly celebrated holidays in these here Southern parts lol,Confederate Memorial Day!!^^
Of course my dad is celebrating seeing as he is a Confederate Reenactor ^^.I'll probably be all happy and full of pride lol.

I'm almost done with LA project also. Out of 9 chapters I've finally made it to Chapter 7!!I also found out I've typed more than anyone on the whole team with 18 pages and 6,613 words!!^^ Typing rocks!!XD

Lol anyways random question:

Pancakes or Waffles??

I'd have to say Pancakes,I just like em better.Plus on Gaia Online, I'm known as Fruity Pancakes!!XD


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