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Thursday, July 28, 2005

   Manga Collectors Needed!!^^

Hey guys!!^^ I shall be the one to sign your comments today,for I have found the ultimate source of distraction for this warrior,this very distracting and tricking man,I have given him......


Bankotsu:*is walking the dog* This is neat!!^^

Funny how our modern day toys can distract even the most famous of killers ^^.

Anyways,Meg,my little sis Liv,and I are gonna stay at my dad's new place Saturday night,and while we're there,we're gonna spend our Barnes n Noble gift cards!!^^

And you know me,of course I'm gonna spend it on some manga!!^^ I only have $14,so I can only get 2.So far I have Yu-Gi-Oh Volume 1,Rurouni Kenshin Volume 1,and Inuyasha Ani-Manga Volume 1.No brainer that I'm gettin Yu-Gi-Oh Volume 2,I mean it's my favorite anime!!^^ This is where you guys come in!!^^ Should I continue to collect Kenshin and Yu-Gi-Oh,or use the $7 left over from buyin the 2nd Yu-Gi-Oh Volume on a whole new manga??

Some reccomendations I've gotten are:

-D.N. Angel
-Tokyo Mew Mew
-Fruits Basket
-Inuyasha (Normal and not the Ani-Manga lol)

The Barnes n Noble here has like everything,so I should be able to find whatever you guys suggest.Speakin of which,whichever manga gets reccomended the most,I'll buy!!^^ If it aint in stock,then the 2nd ^^.

Wel-*gets popped by yo-yo* OUCH!!What was that??!!

Bankotsu:That was funny!!^^ *keeps popping me*

Ouch ouch!!Stop it!!>.>

Bankotsu:*takes over*Well Kaitlyn got on to update during her little sisters computer time,so she'll have to get back on shortly to visit sites.*keeps popping me*^^

You monster!!I'll get you for this!! *runs off*

Bankotsu:*snickers and laughs*Later guys!!^^

Random Fact:Never give a hot villian a yo-yo @.@ . (Owwie...x.x)


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