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Saturday, April 9, 2005

   Busy busy

Lol Friday kinda sucked.We had Maps testing in the reading field to see if we improved or not since the last test,and I went down 3 points XD.But then again this guy named Daniel kept talkin and stuff and it was really annoyin lol.But I chewed his head off for it after I was done with the test lol.Also after I got up from my seat I had a wet feeling and I happen to be on my period so I just tied my jacket around me.Then when I got home what I thought had happend had actually happend,I bled through my underwear and onto my jeans.I was so embarassed but thankful no one saw it lol.

Then my sis Meg went to a friends house to work on a project and stay over so I asked to invite my friend Mel over,we had fun lol ^^.We watched Family Guy like the whole night ^^.

Oh by the way does anyone know where I can find video codes for Ayumi Hamasaki??Need one of her videos for my next layout!! ^^

Oh lol this is so funny so I'll leave you with it.LOL it's hilarious!!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us


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Thursday, April 7, 2005

   Aint right at all

Well today was actually alright until I found out some very sad news:

Apparently a 6th grader died in Gym....

But two stories have been going around about it.

One is that it happend at school today in a 6th grade Gym class and that it was an accident.Also the PE teacher refuses to talk about it.

Another is that it happend over the weekend and the guy was at the Gym with his sisters and he played a trick but ended up hanging himself.

Either way the only we know is that it was an accident and it happend at the Gym.

I'm really down about it so an encouraging comment would help.


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Wednesday, April 6, 2005

   Figures lol

Well detention went by mega fast lol.But me and Ricky weren't the only ones there,there was a tutoring class -____-.But Ricky asked for a sheet of paper!!Lol it was so cool!!^^

Besides that my day was alright ^^.Also I know you can have a box to put all your posts in,but how do you get a picture in it??Ya know like jigglymonster's,lol I like yours jiggly ^^.


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Tuesday, April 5, 2005

   This sucks

I got after school detention in Math class,for gum!!Ugghh my math teacher is so evil!!I dunno what my parents are gonna do so I might have to sneak on if my dad takes it too seriously.

Anyways i also have to go to this Science night thingie from 6:30 to 7:45,you get a 100 for a test grade in Science if you go and I really need it.So I'll be late gettin on if I can get on.


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Monday, April 4, 2005

   So tired.....

Goodbye Spring Break....


Staying up late all week is fun until you have to stop for school.It was such a pain gettin to sleep last night -_____-.I fell asleep in Science class as usual,and everyone else was tired too.So at least I'm not alone.

Anyways since JZ did it,I thought I would too.Here are some pictures of where (or near) I live!!^^

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

If it takes you to a login page (in case these aren't showing up) go to Photobucket and type in MarikisMine and the password is kaitlyn.Don't worry I don't care about my account that much lol so I don't mind.

O btw could someone give me a summary of FMA??I wanna start watchin it but I wanna know what it's about first.


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Sunday, April 3, 2005

   Good time at the mall ^^

Hey guys sorry I couldn't update yesterday,it's late and past 12 so it's Sunday now lol.I gotta go to bed in an hour so I'll make this quick.

Well the trip to the mall was really fun ^^,I went to a few places and looked around.But the thing is,$20 hardly gets you anything at a mall.But I went to EB Games and got some PC game Somethin Somethin (forgot the name) Kaiba's Revenge.But now I wished I would've gotten the same game for Joey,because Kaiba is incredibly difficult.And out of 6 duels,I've only won once -____-.Is Joey any easier??jw

After that we went to Moe's,and I watched the little TV across the room and found out the Pope died,it was really sad.

Anyways Hannah is stayin the night again,but she has to be home by 12 noon.

Sorry I didn't get to talk to you Leah and JZ,I was gone longer than expected.And now I have to entertain my company so I can't get on until after 12 tomorrow.A thousand apologies ^^.


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Friday, April 1, 2005


I'm sorry I have to do this,and it is NOT an April Fool's joke,but I have the right to do this.

I'm sick of commenting on people's sites who never comment on mine,it makes you feel quite underappreciated.Big lists or small,it takes a lot of time to go around to everyones site and comment.And it wastes time to comment if the favor isn't going to be returned from certain people.

Which takes me to the action of cutting my friends list to those who are nice enough to comment back when I update or those who comment on every other posts.Because some of you who don't comment on my site comment on other people's site that i'm also friends with,even when I've already updated.

I can understand those of you who can't always make it to people's site,you have lives outside MyOtaku.And I can let you by since you usually comment when you are back on. But those of you who never comment back or rarely do,or only comment when my bro JZ asks,you will be cut.Because you should comment here anyways if i'm on your friends list,not because someone else asks you to.

To prevent argument and bad feelings I'm not revealing the people being cut,but you'll know when you stop seeing my comments on your site.If you do see my comments,good for you,you're safe.

I'm sorry I had to do this,but I have the right to and I hope you guys understand.


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Thursday, March 31, 2005

   To You My Brother ^^

Just a quick note:

My cousin Hannah might be staying over tomorrow night and I might now be able to get on tomorrow to talk.So I had no choice but to go ahead and put up the layout.Hope you guys like it ^^.

And Alex my brother and best buddy,this video (which happens to be by my favorite singer of all time ^^) is dedicated to you!!Firstly lol it says ALEX in lights on top of the theater,and who wouldn't want their name in lights??^^

Also,this song reminded me of all the good times we've had together as family ^^,so I hope this song makes you think of the same thing.(Btw this song is kinda meant to be romantic but I don't mean it like that,lol but I'm sure you already knew that)Anyways,thanks for bein there for me bro!!^^


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   In Her Memory

In Destiny's memory,I shall post one of the two written biographys of her in parts.This is the first part.

Excuse me if some parts don't make sense,but cmon this is aincent magical Egypt,anything can happen ^^.

Btw,Johnson is a man who was teased throughout childhood and now terroizes citizens of Egypt. Anyways part one:

This is my story

Near the outskirts of a very busy city in Egypt, a mother was in labor and about to have a child, but not just any normal child.

Sadly she was alone, a curse Johnson had cast had killed the rest of the family. It made them lust and hunger for blood at any given time. Eventually all the other family members were locked away in rooms, which made them hurt themselves and they ended up killing themselves from to much blood loss. The mother was the only one that had made it, though she wished everyone else was here to see her give birth to her child.

There used to be a father and a son, the son being named Rain. It sounded like a girls name but he used to be highly respected until his curse finished him off. Then there was the father, a high class man who used to work for the Pharoh in his palace but was also killed off by his curse, his name was Rai. The mother was surprised she was alive herself, her name was Clei.

Within a few hours it became dark and at long last she gave birth to her child. She was sweaty and exhausted, but the family name could go on now. The mother knew her days were also numbered, but now when she died there would be someone to keep the family name alive and well. Finally a normal child, she didn't have the curse!!

There was a gentle breeze outside, Clei sensed a footstep. She held her baby close, scared an intruder was nearby.

"I see you now have a new child, it even has canine ears, just like her father." A voice said in the shadows.

"Johnson!! I know it's you!! You will not harm my child!!" Clei warned the voice.

He stepped out the shadows, it was Johnson. He had found out another member of their family had been born, the worst part of it?? He also knew that she was the last living member of their family name.

He laughed evily and walked up to Clei, bending over and looking at the child. He started scratching the infant's ears.

"Clei my dear, you do realize that this child is the last member of your family name do you not?? That means if she died in some bizzare incident you and your whole family's history will be lost in time. I shall give it time to see the world and all it's wonderful nature, after all that's what you want isn't it?? Unfortunately Ms.Clei, your time has run out."

"Your a twisted man Johnson, I shall raise my child and nurture it. I know you kill infant's parents so they will be forced to grow up in the real world all alone and scared. Well that will not happen, I know my time is coming and until then I will raise my new child, I refuse to let a sick man like you end our family forever." Clei said hitting his hand, making him stop scratching the infant's ears.

"Is that so Clei?? You have already lost almost everything you have. Everything you love. Your love. Your son. Your job. And now you think you can manage a child?? This hut you call a house is about to fall apart, along with your family!! It's your life or the child's. Even if you save the infant I shall go after her after your demise. If you save yourself, you'll probably die anyway. Your choices are limited Clei. Either way will have a bad result." Johnson said laughing evily again.

There was one more choice, despite the fact that Clei had given birth only moments ago, she had no other choice but to get up and run. It was the only hope for both of their survival, so she got up and bolted out the door.

Johnson was enraged and ran after them into the village, they managed to get a headstart, but it wouldn't last very long.

Clei ran as fast as she could, child tucked and warm in her arms wrapped in blankets and sheets. They got to the middle of the village and people wondered what the heck was going on.

Music Reccomendation- Something really really sad

Clei kept running, but she slowed down as she ran out of breath.

Luck was not her side, and fate seemed so cruel.

Johnson caught up to Clei and laughed evily as he let out his claws and made a big wound in Clei's back. She fell to the ground instantly.

"Fool!! Any last words??" Johnson said looking at the scene.

The infant skidded in the dirt when Clei fell to the ground, blood was gushing and pouring out of the wound, but she used her strength and crawled to retrieve her child.

Clei held her child in front of her face, she smiled as she lay on her stomach.

"It was destined that our family would perish like this, that you would carry on our name. So I shall name you Destiny. I have not had you for even one day, and my time has come, but I couldn't have asked for a better baby girl. Destiny, I know that you will not remember my face and you have not even met the rest of your family and you never shall. But remember the lullaby I sung to you." (the lullaby was You Are My Sunshine ^-^)

Clei's tears fell onto Destiny's face, she hugged Destiny tight, knowing this was the last time she would be able too.
Death came and she died, with Destiny still in her arms.

"Fool, now with her out of the way I can kill the infant and end their name forever." Johnson said walking towards the infant.

But what was this??

About half the villagers made a pack in front of the child, protecting it.

"What are you weaklings doing?? Hand over the child or pay the price." Johnson warned them.

Villagers in the front binded their arms together to form a wall, ones in the back grabbed the child and hid it away.

Johnson sent their minds to the Shadow Realm and started looking for the child. At least they hid Destiny away, where she was temporarily safe.


Johnson was still looking!! But the villagers had obviously hid her in a good place.

The large crowds made finding her even more difficult, he even sent his minions out to find her but to no luck.

"ugh where the h*** is that girl??!!" Johnson yelled pounding both arms into a table.

(lol you know my whole I hate cursing thing)

It was early in the morning, sun out and blazing.

"Marissa hold still for one second will you??!!"

"NO!!" Marissa cried as she splashed around in the water. "I don't wanna be bathed!!"

(lol) It was Marissa, a 3 year old girl who was very tall and loved to get dirty. And as for anyone who loved getting dirty, she hated getting cleaned and bathed.

But Marissa was very smart, she could already speak full sentences and used much vocabulary when she spoke.

"Wait until your father hears how stubborn your bein!! I'm about to ground you!!" Cleo, Marissa's mother said trying to scrub her head.

"Then so be it!!" Marissa said pouting.

Cleo eventually washed her hair and dried her off, then she ran off into the village for a bit.

Then Marissa heard something, that sounded.....

like a baby crying.

Marissa ran to the source of the crying and saw two older boys, they were about to throw some rocks at a baby!!

"Hey!! What do you think your doing??!!" Marissa yelled to them.

"None of your bussiness!! Leave us alone!!" One of them warned Marissa.

Marissa just went and pushed boys out of the way, she was about to grab the child when both boys got her at once.

They had her tackled to the ground and she struggled but got up and socked one of them on the nose, making it bleed.

That took care of one bully, she got the other one in the eye. But he just rubbed it and licked Marissa's arm.

"EEEEWWWWW!!" Marissa screamed trying to rub the saliva off her arm.

(lol gross!!)

She charged for the boy and used her head to ram him hard in the stomach, making him bang into a wall.

Both boys ran off and Marissa rested for a minute. But she got up and finally grabbed the child, she looked at it carefully.

"Gosh there's blood all over these sheets, where could your parents possibly be??" Marissa said to the infant.

But she did not hear of what happend, how the child now had no family. That her mother was killed by Johnson. And that a curse had killed off her father and her brother.

"Well I guess since your all alone I better take you with me." Marissa said walking back to her house with the baby girl.


End of Part 1,Part 2 to be posted tomorrow!!^^


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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

   Song Info

Lol I finally found the song I wanted for my site!!^^It's called Hysteria,and it's by one of my fave bands,Muse.

In case you were wondering,here are the lyrics:

it's bugging me, grating me
and twisting me around
yeah i'm endlessly caving in
and turning inside out

'cause i want it now
i want it now
give me your heart and you soul
and i'm not breaking out
i'm breaking out
last chance to lose control

it's holding me, morphing me
and forcing me to strive
to be endlessly cold within
and dreaming i'm alive

'cause i want it now
i want it now
give me your heart and your soul
and i'm not breaking down
i'm breaking out
last chance to lose control

and want you now
i want you now
i'll feel my heart implode
and i'm breaking out
escaping now
feeling my faith erode


If you're here to comment do so on the other post for today,but if you like the video and such.Feel free to comment on this one as well ^^.2 more days until my new layout!!


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