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Friday, June 3, 2005

   I'm Back and Better Than Ever!!^^

Thanks for all the encouraging comments guys,your like family to me ^^,seriously.

Lol I got 64 guestbooks entries!!^^Not nearly as many as some people,but 64 is my favorite number!!^^

I have alot of friends here now,lol it takes a LONG time to get to everyones sites now ^^.But I could always use more friends.So tell all your friends about me!!^^As long as they can comment on my posts,I'll be more than happy to be friends with them ^^.

Lol I found another and more fun way to celebrate and show my luv for Kingdom Hearts!!^^

I'll post up funny pics and comics!!^^ But of course these aren't done by me. (I can't draw to save my life XD)So proper credit of the artist and site it came from will be given ^^.Here's the first one!!:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Lol hilarious!!XDYou'll probably get it more if you've seen this part of the game or beaten it,but either way it's still funny XD.

The drawin was done by CherryShock at Fanart Central.(and don't go there lol cause i'll post more drawings from her and others!!XD)

Lol my mom's on the way with Chick-Fil-A so Im'll get goin,have a good day guys!!^^


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Wednesday, June 1, 2005


Lol hey guys!!^^

I had Mel stay over again ^^,we're havin fun!!^^

But she hasta leave a 7,and until Adult Swim comes on at 11,I'll be bored -_______-.

Anyways I really didn't have anything to post about yesterday,so I didn't lol.I got to most sites,but not all,sorry.But I will today of course.

Anyways last night Mel sleeped with me (we're havin a bit of a flea problem and my bed and my parents bed are the only safe places in the house)and I happend to see my diary.And I've had it since 3rd grade,so I thought I'd start readin on some old memories.(cause i really don't write any secrets lol just stuff that's happend to me)

But I noticed over half of all the entries in my diary are of Anthony.(my evil,cheating,heartstabbin,ex boyfriend)And it just really hurt to see that I wrote about him like I worshipped him to death.Cause now I certainly don't,and it just came with alot of those bad feelings.

I mean,how would you feel if you used to luv someone will all your heart,then they stabbed you right in the heart,and then you see all this mushy junk you wrote about him in the past that make him sound like the greatest guy on Earth??Not very good I would think.

And I'm pretty much out of KH and KH:Chain of Memories tips.I'll post em like every other day instead.Plus I don't really feel like postin a tip today....

But I still have a random fact:

Random Fact:The dot over the letter "i" is called a tittle. (lol I never knew O.o)


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Monday, May 30, 2005


Once again,I have nothin to do today.....

Lol if any of you have any suggestions on what I could do for fun,please say so in your comment lol.But just to let ya know:

~I'm not the outside type of person
~I don't do extreme stunts or games (XD)
~I'm low on money

Anyways since I have absolutely nothing happening so far with my summer,I'm just gonna go straight to our KH Tip.

The following tip will help if you're stuck on thr following boss:

Dragon (Maleficent as a Dragon)

The Strategy Guide says:

The dragon unleashes destruction upon the area directly in front of it,so avoid standing there.Jump and glide to the beast rear legs,then jump onto it's back.Run along the length of the dragon to the base of its neck,and use the Strike Raid ability when it's head reaches your level.It's critical to chain combos during the Strike Raid.Watch your attack menu and use the "Raid" command the moment it lights up.Do this several times succesfully,and the final "Judgement" combo command will appear.

This string of attacks will completely deplete your MP,so use an Ether or a Megalixir (depending on your party's condition)and do it again.When the dragon has just a little health remaining,it will probably shake Sora off it's back.It's very difficult to remount the dragon,so stand just a few steps under the creature and preform Ars Arcanum.If the dragon moves,or you run out of MP,run under to its head and chain physical combos to its nose until the battle ends.For winning this conflict,you receive the Fireglow.

I say:No No No.Only one or two things actually work in this strategy in the actualy battle.Don't do anything that stretegy says,seriously.

Firstly,you need your MP for healing and such.Don't waste it on Strike Raid.Firstly because the Dragon will try to shake you off almost immediately if you get on her back,especially if she kills Donald and Goofy,because that leaves you to be her only target.So don't waste half your time tryin to get on her back,cause you most likely won't be able to.

The dragon will jump,spin,turn around,almost anything to face your direction to cause the most damage.You can lose her though if Donald and Goofy distract her long enough,which happens pretty easily.But there are two keys to survival in this battle:

>>The area of branches near the corner of the arena.


The area of branches is actually a safe place to hide or launch attacks.Strike Raid can be done at the highest point on the branches.Also her fire attacks cannot reach you if you hide low in them (for the most part).So to start the battle off,you need to go to the branches,and summon Tinkerbell.Sometimes you can't summon her right away,if that's the case,you can either wait in the branches until you can,or go out and preform physical combos on her head.Usually losin some HP enables you to summon Tinkerbell.

The rest is mainly just usin physical combos at her head.When she spits out fire balls,you can strike and destroy them for Tech points.When she spits fire out over the arena,go to the branches and use Strike Raid to damage her safely.Jump when she stomps around or Glide to land safely.When she starts to bite att he air,use Ars Arcanum ONLY when you have MP to spare afterwards.You might MP for other things.(especially if Tinkerbell dies)

There ya go.

Today I have a random question:

What's your favorite ice cream flavor??

Mine is Java Chip ice cream,taste just like coffee ^^.

And thanks for commentin yesterday guys!!12 comments is pretty darn good ^^.


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Sunday, May 29, 2005


Lol once again,I have nothin planned today.I should really call a friend or somethin lol XD.

Anyways I watched Paranoia Agent and s-CRY-ed last night.Paranoia Agent honestly confused me just a bit O.o .Especially the beggining theme with all the people laughin.Why are they doin that O.o??But overall it was pretty good,left ya in suspense for next Saturday ^^.

I liked s-CRY-ed alot more to be honest.The main character is cute!!^^And I liked his altar,ya know the robot arm.It was neat!!^^

So that's two more animes to add to my list of animes I'm watchin ^^: (not in order of preference)

Paranoia Agent
Avatar:The Last Airbender
Samurai Champloo
FullMetal Alchemist
MegaMan NT Warrior
Zatchbell (<- when nothin else is on)

I'm pretty sure that's all of em.Lol I think it is O.o

Anyways here's todays Chain Of Memories tip!!

The following tip will help if your stuck on the follwing boss:

Captain Hook

The Strategy Guide says:Well I'm not too sure what the Strategy Guide says....I don't have it O.o

I say:Hook is a REALLY hard boss!!It took me alot of tries to finally put this guy in his place.But after gettin sick of losin (who doesn't??)I made a deck called Victory,and I actually still use it,I just have some of the cards changed.Anyways,(besides the changed cards) this is the deck that brought me victory!!


Kingdom Key [9](<-9 is the ATK power)
Kingdom Key [9]
Kingdom Key [9]
Three Wishes [9]
Three Wishes [9]
Oathkeeper [9]
Oathkeeper [9]
Wishing Star [9]
Lady Luck [9]
Divine Rose [9]
Ultima Weapon [9]

Simba [6]
Simba [6]
Simba [9]
Cloud [5]
Cloud [5]
Cloud [5]
Cure [8]
Cure [7]
Cure [6]
Cure [5]
Cure [5]
Cure [5]
Megalixir [3]

Oogie Bogie (<-Enemy Card)

You need the highest ATK cards you can get.Higher cards do more damage,so try to get as many as you can.Try to level up your CP to have enough CP to make a deck full of 9 cards,but nothin premium.I suggest buyin cards from the Moogle Shop,or bustin open barrels and crates for ATK cards.I don't have a deck full of 9's yet myself,but the higher the better!!

Hook's most devastatin attack would have to be when he drops bombs all over the ship deck.You need to run or jump to avoid them at all costs,cause unless you have alot of Cure cards,all the bombs will devastate your HP.

Use Cloud or Simba when the boat tips over,this gives you some time to attack after the summoned character leaves the deck.It's also a good idea to summon when the boat tips,right before he launches bombs or another bad attack.And though I've changed my deck now,I would also reccomend some Fire cards,comboing them together is the key.And if all the cards are high in number,you can break his cards and save your own,not to mention do a good bit of damage.

Lol don't try to attack too quickly,you could lose all of your cards.I did,and won with only 2 cards!!XD

Lol anyways,here's today random fact!!

Random Fact:Recycling one glass jar saves enough energy to watch T.V for 3 hours!! (really??O.o)

Have a good day guys!!^^


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Saturday, May 28, 2005

   Crazyness @___@

Just got done watchin the new Yu-Gi-Oh episodes.Talk about intense and sad!!They were great ^^.But,was the last episode the season finale??I don't think it was cause they probably would have said somethin if it were.Just sayin it seemed like a season finale episode.All I know is that their are 2 seasons left,then it's all over T_T.

Anyways lol I've been listenin to that song on your site all day jigglyness,I just really luv it for some reason XD.I'll probably go listen to it after this post XD lol.

Well everyone here except me and my mom are goin to see the new Star Wars movie at 3.I just aint interested in it,and neither is my mom,lol thank goodness someone will be here with me.I don't like bein in the house by myself.

And lol I see alot of you were surprized at the random fact yesterday.I know it sounds silly but I got a good reason lol.

See I have a friend Matt who likes to fool around constantly.And that day (without my knowledge) he was poppin people with rubberbands,and after poppin my sisters he came for me.So he put the rubberband on my arm and before I had any idea what he was doin he strecthed it as far back as he could and let it go.It popped my skin so hard I got a long cut across my arm,it was one of those really thick rubberbands.I beat him up for it lol but I'm scared the same thing might happen again,so that's why rubberbands freak me out.

Anyways here's todays KH tip!!

The Following Tip will help if you're trying:

To get the Ultima Weapon

The Ultima Weapon is a true beauty of a Keyblade,and the strongest one also.

The Strategy Guide says: Not anything in specific,just that you need to synthesize every other item in the Synthesis Shop.

I Say:The strategy Guide is pretty much right.Except that you have to synthesize ALL the items,not every other one.Once you synthesize all the items,you get the recipe for the Ultima Weapon.

The items you get from battles like Shards or Gems from defeating heartless are used for synthesis if you didn't already know.The Synthesis Shop is in TRaverse Town,you can access it when you learn how to use Green Trinity Marks.Activatin the green trinity mark in the Accessory Shop opens and makes the Synthesis Shop open to you.But note that sometimes an item you need to make somethin int he shop can only be found in one type of heartless.And that type of heartless may be found in only one world.And there are items needed to synthesis every item in all of the worlds.This means you won't be able to make the Ultima Weapon until near the end of the game,but it's well worth it.You can destroy almost anything with one or two hits ^^!!

Lol tomorrow will be a tip from Chain Of Memories.

I'm probably goin to make graphics for my next layout the rest of the day.I have nothin else planned,and I downloaded some new fonts,so my graphics will look alot better next month ^^.

Oh and I'm glad everyone likes the new theme so much!!^^


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Friday, May 27, 2005

   Nothin Up Here

I just got up and it's not even 10 in the mornin yet,lol I feel fine but I only got 5 hours of sleep XD,how weird lol.

I don't expect to do anything great today or whatever lol.That's the only thing I don't like about summer lol,you run out of things to do at home,and I can't leave the house when my parents are gone....at work -____-....

So anyways it's time for todays' Kingdom Hearts tip!!^^

This tip will help you if you're stuck on the following boss:

Riku II

Note:The strategy guide calls him Riku II because you fight him for the second time in Hallow Bastion.But as you find out before the battle,this is actually Ansem using Riku's body.So I believe it's only fair to call him Riku Ansem.Because it's Ansem's moves,he just uses Riku's body to preform them.

This is also said (and I agree!!)that this battle is the hardest in the game.And I'd actually call it a fact,because Ansem is actually easier for some reason lol.

The Strategy Guide Says:

Like Captain Hook,this opponent is deft of blade.Easier than the dragon??A little,but not by much.

Press the O button to use the Guard ability to deflect his attacks.The Counterattack ability enables you to recover quickly and deliver a whole series of attacks before he can counter or evade.The Olympia ketblade will significantly aid in this strategy.When you need to cast Cura,glide away to make some space.

Riku has two other attacks to watch out for.One resembles the Strike Raid,in which he flings his weapon at you.Although it's wiser to dodge this attack,if you can strike the spinning weapon at the moment it's going to hit you,then you can knock it back at Riku and damage him.When Riku powers up,he launches a whole series of attacks,shooting back and forth across the zone.When this occurs,it's best to jump high into the air and glide around until Riku settles down.

If you can knock Riku off balance,select the Arcanum command (which appears at close range)and let him have it!!Show Riku that he still doesn't hold a candle to you,and the Ragnarok ability is all yours.

I Say:I'd have to say the strategy guides' 50-50 on this one.Because I used their strategy to help my little sister when she was stuck on this battle,and doing what they said exactly,stayed alive for only half the battle.Now when I got there and fought,I came up with my own strategy after a few fights.How good is this strategy??About two weeks ago,I beat Riku Ansem in Expert Mode,on my 1st try!!But it's actually quite simple:

Firstly,Me and probably hardly anyone else can perfect Guard,or use it in the first place.It's hard to use,so I honestly wouldn't waste my time tryin to deflect his attacks.

The battle starts as him just slowly walkin around.He's expectin you to make the first move,and gettin to close to him will cause him to either dash to your side and slash you with his keyblade,or if you jump at him- jump up and crash back into you with a hard blow of his keyblade.So charge for him to start off,then High Jump to avoid his attack,you should end up behind him somewhere.This gives you time to unleash some blows before he finds you and attacks.

This'll go on for a while until you deplete his first HP bar,then he starts throwin his Keyblade at you,similar to your own Strike Raid ability as said in the guide.This is where the guide is wrong.DO NOT try to reflect his Keyblade,you've got 1 in a million chances for it to actually work,and you need to take as few hits as possible,don't take the risk of reflectin it.Cause if it doesn't work,you get a good bit of damage.Simply run around the EDGES of the arena,DON'T (lol i like doin that) run anywhere in the middle of the arena,if you do,his Keyblade can hit you from any point,so stay around the edges!!Hit him when he stops in the middle of the arena to find you,keep hittin him until he starts throwin his Keyblade again,then repeat by runnin around the edges or dodge rollin near the edges.

After you deplete another HP bar,his best attack comes in.This is where you need to pay the most attention,because this is where most people die,and where you are most likely to if you aren't ready.

He'll go to the middle of the arena,glow and rise his keyblade,and say a line. (usually different every time)This is also where the arena gets dark,makin it hard to see where he is.But thanks to my strategy for this attack,you won't have to worry about that a bit.

DON'T follow the strategy guide on this,gliding across the arena only puts you in MORE danger and makes you MORE likely to be hit multiple times,note that it only takes 3 or 4 hits from Ansem Riku durin this attack to make your HP flash red.So glidin across the arena is a terrible idea.

For this you only need one thing to keep you alive and unharmed.

I'm sure you've ran around the battle arena more than enough times to notice the yellow machine thing on the far end of the arena.Right before he starts shootin across the battlefield,you need to run to it.It doesn't do anything special,but just stay on either side of the machine and start jumpin!!I know it sounds weird,but even here Riku can still access every square inch of the arena,but if your jumpin when he goes towards the machine,odds are he'll only hit the front of it,and if you're too busy jumpin for your life on one of the sides,his attack cannot hit you.Though he can still zoom and hit you on the side,he rarely goes there.But this has to come in the most handy because of what he does afterwards.After he settles back down on the ground,he'll say somethin like "Heal this!!".Then a bunch of blasts come from the ground around the arena,as well as lightning (or thunder i dunno lol) comin out of nowhere from the sky.If you're in the battlefield at this time,your probably goin to get hit once for bein on top of one (their almost everywhere lol) and a few more times tryin to run away and not get hit again (XD lol).But this is why you need to sit put near the machine,the machine is your main tool here.So when your done jumpin around from his most powerful attack,STAY by the machine and wait for it to pass.You don't have to jump.Why??It's weird,but the blasts can't reach the very edges of the arena,so the blast don't come out from the free spaces by the machine,so stay here to go unharmed.When the blasts end,go at him and attack and run away when he's about to counterattack,or if you're loaded with MP (which you should be with this strategy) use Ars Arcanum and let it rip!!But heed this warnin:

DO NOT and I mean DO NOT at any time durin this battle use Ars Arcanum over 4 times.ESPECIALLY before his best attack.If you do,he will preform his best attack for the rest of the battle without rest!!You WILL die from this.It'll deplete his HP fast,but it'll do the same to yours in return.YOU WILL NOT have time to heal,trust me and the official guide,cause we both point that out alot lol XD.

So he'll most likely preform his best attack for the remainder of the battle.Just do what I listed to avoid that attack and hit him afterwards,don't use Ars Arcanum everytime,because what I explained above can happen,not to mention you need spare MP to heal.So don't waste your MP and possibly the battle usin Ars Arcanum all the time.

So there ya go!!This has to be the longest entry I've ever typed XD.Remember you can always comment or PM me about a part your stuck on in KH or KH:Chain Of Memories and I'll write a solution in the next post.They probably won't be this long lol XD.

I'll close up with a random fact about myself:

I'm scared of rubberbands O.o


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Thursday, May 26, 2005

   My New Layout!!^^

Yes,this is June's layout.And the layout I've done the most work for,and most rearranging for,but now it's done!!

May I present to you all,June's layout:

Heart Of A Hero!!^^

For those of you who don't know who the boy in the background is or the boy in the pictures and the puzzle,this is Sora.And Sora is the hero of Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts:Chain Of Memories,and this winter,to be hero in Kingdom Hearts 2.(Which I am eagerly waiting for lol)

Sora is my hero. (speakin in video game terms lol)And he's a great guy,so he makes the perfect layout ^^.

But this layout is actually dedicated to my real life hero,JZ.(destinyssweetman)Because JZ has done stuff and helped me so much,he's a hero that stands out from the rest,you rock JZ!!^^

Anyways I know I'm not the only Kingdom Hearts fan here,so I've decided to post tips on how to get through the game and beat some of the bosses.This also goes for Chain Of Memrories as well,I've beaten Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts:Chain Of Memories,(including Riku's side of the game,Reverse Rebirth) so I think it'd be neat to type up help for you guys on bothe games ^^.It'll work like this:

The Strategy Guide says:
(this is where I type exactly what the strategy guide says for you to do,I bought the guide to see what they said to do to beat Sephiroth,but it didn't work and I didn't use it to help me through the game lol)

I say:
(this is where I type my own strategy if I have one,or I have a strategy similiar to the guide and point out how mine differs.I have my own strategies for a handful of things,but the guide is still more helpful)

I'll start this tomorrow,if you're stuck on a certain part in either game,lemme know in a comment and in my next post,I'll type the strategy for it.

If it's Chain Of Memories (which I don't have the guide for) I'll type the deck I used to beat that boss or whoever,and other things to help out.So lemme know if you want a strategy to somethin.Otherwise I'll post up my own random strategy.

Well I'm sure this post is gettin pretty long lol so I'll close up with a random fact:

Random Fact:They have square watermelons in Japan,they stack better. (O.o square?? lol)


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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

   Summer is here!!^^


But I am gonna miss school,I always do.Plus I had some great teachers and made alot of new friends.

Anyways Graduation last night was great!!^^

The principal gave an awesome speech about us goin to high school and it really made me feel important.It was great ^^.

We also took some pictures and all that while we went up on stage.Lol it was awesome,everyone got a certain level of applause while gettin their certificate,and I'm happy to say I had a high level of applause!!^^ Lol it was great ^^!!

And I got a certificate,here's a pic:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I know it aint a very good pic,but still lol.

Also,this is for you guys!!^^ :

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

You guys rock!!^^Thanks a bunch!!^^

Anyways my new theme will be goin up tomorrow most likely.Lol I aint sayin what it is of course,but it'll be my first non Yu-Gi-Oh theme lol.

Here's todays random fact!! :

Astronauts are not allowed to eat beans before they go into space because passing wind in a spacesuit damages them. (LOL XD)

Have a good day guys!!^^


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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

   I'm Back!!^^

Hey peeps!!^^

The break from updatin really did me well,so now I'm back and ready to update as normal ^^.

Well today was the last day of school,we didn't do to much of anything lol cept practice for graduation.

Which by the way is tonight!!^^
I passed guys!!I'm goin to high school as a 9th grader!!^^ *high fives you all* ^^

I got to all your sites today and while I didin't update,so all is well.But MyO isn't displyin on the other computer I'm usually on so i'm on me and my sisters computer.But I gotta get ready for graduation,it's at 6:30!! (eastern time lol)

But last night my dad bought us Napoleon Dynamite on DVD for a graduation gift.Man I luv that movie!!^^

I also got a camera and took pics of my friends and all that at school,and one of Ricky!!^^ (my crush XP)I'll post the pics when they get developed ^^.

I don't got time to go on my usual site for random facts,so instead,a random question:

Got any pets??What are their names??^^

See ya guys later!!^^


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Saturday, May 21, 2005


Lol today has been so awesome lol.I spent the whole day with my best bud in real life Mel,she stayed at my house last night and now I'm stayin at her house ^^!!

Which brings me to mention,we made a journal site for her here at MyO last night.So please be sweet enough to visit her site and sign her guestbook.By the way,she's a big FullMetal Alchemist fan!!^^ Her name is Cute and Crazy ^^.

Anyways I was just havin lots of fun and I think I got to only half of yalls sites.I don't remember if I did or not,if I didn't,sorry guys.

Anyways I've realized I spend way too much time on the computer these days and I've decided not to update till Tuesday,before my graduation.I'm still gonna get on the computer to visit yalls sites,but I aint gonna update.I just need some time for myself and time to think about some things.

Oh and sorry for not gettin on JZ and talkin to you on AIM or anything....I feel real bad for it,I hope you can forgive me for not warning you in advance again....

So to pass the time of my absense,and to make up for yesterday,I have 2 random facts.

Random Fact 1:Cat's urine glows under a blacklight. (O.o)

Random Fact 2:Almonds are members of the peach family. (what the heck??XD lol)

Hope you guys have a good weekend!!^^


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