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Sunday, July 17, 2005

   FFX,Burger King,and Anime ^^

Lol What I typed in the sibject line was something I did or ate yesterday ^^.

I apologize for not gettin to sites yesterday,I just had one of those days I needed to get away from everything.And it helped,I feel alot better today ^^.

Well of course I watched new anime episodes last night on [adult swim],and I gotta say,how twisted XP.Samurai Champloo was pretty good,lol I laughed when Jin (though I prefer Gene) got left with all the work ^^.Inuyasha was pretty emotional,lol Kagome got pretty jealous over Inuyasha and Kikyo.When will Kagome just tell Inuyasha how she feels??XP

s-CRY-ed had to be my favorite though,for the most part,it was funny ^^!!I was so shocked when Kazuma said he was joinin Holy,but then said why,it was for a good cause.Until he started forgettin why he was there and then missed the plane with his friends and native altar users in it.Darn you Ryuho!!>.< Paranoia Agent was just weird O.o....they couldn't kill themselves so when Little Slugger comes they run after him??XD Lol.

Well I think a Happy Birthday is in order today!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hope ya like it Vicky!!^^

Well last night I got in a bit of an argument with my best friend over her boyfriend,but I won't go into detail.But we made up and I might stay over at her house tonight,lol I could never stay mad at Mel ^^.

Lol Have a good day guys!!^^

Random Fact:Sharks have no air bladders, so they must swim constantly or they'll sink.(I never knew O.o)


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