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Saturday, May 7, 2005

   Had an Awesome Time!!^^

Last night was the 8th grade dance!!^^It was so much fun!!^^

I got dropped off at Mel's house. (Mel is my best friend that I know in real life)And her mom gave us roses,flower bracelets,and she took like a thousand pictures lol. Also we found out she hired us a designated driver to pick us up and take us there!!^^It was a black Scion or something like that,lol we called it our box ^^.

Anyways right after we got there I found out I left my purse in the box and we had to call Mel's mom who had to call the driver who had to come back to the school to give me my money lol. But we got in and it was so pertyfull inside ^^,their were clouds everywhere ^^.And not to mention a gigantic table full of food!!^^ (which of course I spent much time eating from LOL)

But I met up with Nasse (in case any of you don't know he's my ex boyfriend)and he hugged me and all that.And he kept trying to keep up with me lol but I got hyper and he kept losing me lol ^^. Mel and I spinned around alot,because we found out once you went into the dance room you were allowed to take off your shoes. Me and Mel had sore feet from walkin around in heels and all that so we took off our shoes and went crazy!!^^

Later they started playin all the slow songs lol and though I was all nervous and all that Nasse asked me to dance. (which is so sweet lol) I thought "why not??^^" and I went ahead and danced with him and some people were like "Awww you guys are so cute!!",lol I blushed like crazy XD.

But Mel got upset and started crying because her boyfriend Cody was so lazy and refused to dance.He's such a jerk!!She spent like half of the whole time (which was from 7 to 10) trying to get him to dance and he still refused.So when the dance was over she wanted to talk to him and we went outside to see him but Mel was too bust sobbing so I told him off.He just cursed under his breath and all that. He has alot of nerve makin Mel cry like she did.But we had a party when we got home and I did my usual funny stuff to make her feel better and get her mind off of him ^^.

Anyways sorry I didn't get to sites yesterday.I was busy gettin ready when I got home from school and I stayed the night at Mel's afterwards so I didn't get to sites.But I am today so don't worry about it.

Hope you guys have a good weekend!!^^


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Thursday, May 5, 2005

   Went Up The Hill Only To Come Crashing Back Down....

Ya my day sucked.

Well I turned in my science work and all that and I still need to do some of the work.But I'm gonna do a report on Project Spaceguard for extra credit. But I dunno if I can do it with only an hour each day on the computer.So if any of you could,might you search for info on Project Spaceguard??I'm turnin the report in on Monday.I'm doin research on it too,just might need a little help is all lol.

Anyways the day was ok until Math class.I was really tired,so I stretched my back out,and I supposed I stretched something. Because now when I sit or slouch in the slightest bit,my back hurts like there's no tomorrow. My mom said I probably pulled somethin and to take some Ibuprofen to relieve the pain.And we might see the doctor if it hurts when she gets home at 5:30.At this rate......we'll be seein the doctor.

Anyways hope you guys had a better day -_____-.


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Wednesday, May 4, 2005

   Feelin Alot Better ^^;;;

True dat!!I feel much better than yesterday,I actually found out I didn't write more when I started over,I wrote less lol.But whatever lol. Out of the 9 chapters we have to do,I'm on chapter 4.But I'm behind,most people are on chapters 7 or 8. But only because they write to get through quickly,all my chapters are two pages long,though they only have to be a half page.Mine are long cause I love to type and write!!^^Lol my class thinks I'm crazy for that,but they'll understand one day I guess.

Tomorrow I'm goin through my Science binder with the teacher so I can get grades for assignments I have 0's for currently and bump up my grade.Remember,I need to raise it at least 20 points!!^^Wish me luck,cause I only got 14 or so days left to do it ^^.

What's the worst injury you've had??

Mine is hittin my head on the edge of a wooden cubby and gettin stiches to the head,just wonderin what you people have experienced lol.


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Tuesday, May 3, 2005

   The Nerve of Some People.....

I'm really mad cause my LA project I started on the school computer yesterday and wrote like 4 pages to got deleted by some heartless freaker!!God I hate it!!Whoever did it had no reason to do it,I worked so hard on it too and today I had to start over!!God this sucks!Anyways I got to everyone's sites and all that.Still need music for my site -___-,I'll take suggestions for music that goes with this theme.So please suggest away ^^,also I need a site that has it playin or a code to it.


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Monday, May 2, 2005

   Hey Guys!!^^

Hope you like the new layout!!^^ If not,please just wait it out,cause I like it.

Anyways for my report card I only get an hour on the computer until my grade is raised or I'm grounded for the summer -___-,and I'll have to raise it at least 20 points for my dads approval....

Also I can't get to your sites this second,my hour is normally at 8 and I'm sneakin on now so I'll have to visit your sites then.Lol sorry about not updatin in a while,but I got to all your sites while I was gone except for Sunday,I just ran out of time.

Also my new site is musicless lol,cause I'm lookin for a certain song.I'm sure at least one of you watch the anime One Piece,well I want the American theme song on here.I know it has nothin to do with the layout but I luv it ^^,so if you have a few extra minutes then please try and search for the English/American Theme to One Piece.JZ already found it,but unfortunately I can't get the link for it to make a code.So please try and help.Hope you have a good day guys!!^^


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Thursday, April 28, 2005

   Intresting Day

Today was certainly interesting lol.

Firstly in Science,a lightbulb blew up into flames right next to me,I wasn't hurt or nothin,but I'm the only witness and now I gotta fill out a report and give it to the principal and all that.A guy did it by touchin it with his wet finger,how dumb of him -___-.

Anyways tomorrow is career day,they say we need to dress for success and all that,but my way of doin that is lol os course,dressin normally.

Have a good day guys!!^^


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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

   Progress Report.....

Quite a scratchy report,an A,two D's,a C,and an F.Quite unexpected.

But like I said yesterday,I'm failing Science class as expected,.....beacause I sleep lol.Dad might get me a new bed,and I might get a new bedtime...I'm so excited -_____-.

Today I only get an hour on the computer,hopefully that won't be permanent.But I'll still get to sites regardless.They'll decide what my punishment will be,but it won't be to hard.Keep your fingers crossed for me ^^.


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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Today was kinda drowsy -___-zzzzzz.

Firstly cause all the classes just went by slow,and I fell asleep for the entire Science period,again lol.We get progress reports tomorrow lol,I'm pretty sure I'm failing or almost failing Science XD.Btw,only 19 more days of school left!!Yay!!

Anyways onto my most important matter,my best bud and bro JZ,(destinyssweetman)is feeling quite down.Please (though i'm sure you already have) visit his site and leave some words of encouragement.We luv you JZ!!*hugs and kisses* ^^

Also on May 1,a new layout!!^^(since I do layouts on a monthly routine lol)The only thing I'll say is,the ladies will probably like it a lot more than the guys will lol.But I'm putting out the layout I want,so deal with it lol.

Hope you guys have a good day!!^^


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Monday, April 25, 2005

   ~~~A Day Of Celebration!!~~~

This is indeed a most joyous day ^^,why??Because it's none other than the day I met my best bud,JZ.(aka Alex ^^)

It was this day one year ago Alex read my Amazon review on the Yu-Gi-Oh Music To Duel By CD and IMed me for the very first time.

Little did we know this would be the beginning of a very beautiful friendship ^^.

Since that day,we've talked for almost almost everyday about our lives,our problems,our pasts,and even what's to come ^^.We've come a long way since this day last year in April bro,and it's an honor to be your best bud ^^.For you have changed my life in so many ways,it'd take forever to explain them all ^^.

So to close this up,I luv you as a sister with all my heart JZ.You've helped me in any way you can and have always been there for me,it brings tears of happiness to my eyes honestly ^^.

Cheers to this day,April 25th,as the day our unbreakable friendship began,and shall forever more,continue into the future.


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Sunday, April 24, 2005

   Hey Guys

I totally hate myself for not goin on and updatin and not visiting sites.I'm so dumb lol,you all have permission to bonk me in your comments XD.

Anyways lol just to let you guys know the dance isn't until May 6th XD,but thanks for hoping I have a fun time!!^^

Today we're goin shoppin for some new clothes and dresses for the dance and all that.But I WILL get to sites and all and I won't forget.(honest lol)


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