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Sunday, August 14, 2005


Bankotsu:Hey Kaitlyn!!How was your first week of high school??!!^^

*collapses* x.x....

Bankotsu:O.o...*searches me,finds a note* She wrote a note about how each day was!!I'll read it to ya guys!!^^ Here goes:

Monday-Waking up so early didn't exactly help me get a fresh start.It was nice to see all of my old friends and hearing about their summer vacations,but I almost fell asleep the whole day.I had more than my fill of paperwork when I got home,so it was exhaustin,but not terrible.

Tuesday-I can't believe I get work on the 2nd day,and still tired to top it all.Nothing major happend,but still-tired.

Wednesday-Got more work,but overall had a better day ^^.

Thursday-Terrible x.x.....Didn't have a good morning,and got sick later that morning at school.Went home for a short nap,then returned to school feelin much better.Rest of day was fine ^^.

Friday-Another bad morning,felt the same as yesterday,found out I had a bug that was going around.Tried to go home,but mom never picked me up -.-....Then big storm came,got soaked tryin to catch the bus in time.Was the worst day yet x.x

Bankotsu:Awww poor Kaitlyn....

*mumbles something*

Bankotsu:She says because she only gets an hour a day on the computer now from school,she has split up her friends list.She'll visit the top part the first day,and the bottom part the second.She apologizes for resorting to it,but she'll get to all sites on the weekends ^^.

*is resting on couch*

Bankotsu:*keeps reading note* Also from the time shortage,she'll only have time to update on weekends unless she has extra time or it's a holiday.

Bankotsu:I guess our girl needs some support,so leave a nice line or two in your comments alright guys??^^Knew I could count on ya ^^.


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