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Wednesday, August 3, 2005


Bankotsu:Kaitlyn's bummed cause she only has a few days of freedom left....

I didn't do anything this summer!!T_T

Bankotsu:For the 2nd summer in a row,a record!!^^

*bonks him*Shut up!!I should have done somethin!!

Bankotsu:But you went to that Hilary Duff concert Sunday ^^.

And I don't like Hilary Duff!!I just went cause my friends mom couldn't get rid of the tickets!!>.>

Bankotsu:You just hate her cause she kissed Aaron Carter!!

And got away with it!!>.>

Bankotsu:But your going to an Aaron concert in 3 weeks right??

Right!!^^ I almost met him last time,but this time I'll actually do it!!^^

(I had backstage passes to meet him but his stupid promoter person cancelled the whole thing cause they thought we wouldn't pay him.But of course we were gonna pay him!!)

Bankotsu:Anyways most of you reccomended D.N. Angel for the 2nd manga choice,but Kaitlyn's dad had to cancel going Saturday and said he'd take them Thursday.

I hate waitin,I really do T_T

Bankotsu:Oh and Kaitlyn's gonna be a bit late gettin to sites tomorrow,she has Freshmen Orientation ^^.

Who shedules an Orientation at 8 in the mornin??!!

Bankotsu:I dunno,but you better be ready to get up!!^^

*sighs* Well anyways I'll make my last post of the summer on Saturday.I dunno if I should plan somethin for it or not,so suggest if ya want.And sorry if I don't get to your sites as much durin school,especially the first week.

Bankotsu:Well,this is Kaitlyn and Bankotsu,signin off!!^^


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