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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Holy crap!
Last night, I earned mysef the easiest $50 of my life!
Well, if you consider coughing for 30 minutes and having your throat burn all night easy, then yea. I sure do!
At my Nicole's house, her sister Jess told me she'd give me 50 bucks if I ate a teaspoon of cinnamon. It actually sounds A LOT easier than doig it. But it can be done! Jess and her friends thought it was impossible and they think I'm a mutant now. X3
And since I did it, and she's out $50, she's trying to make up all these excuses of trying to get out of it. But it's not working.
The look on their faces when I did it was priceless! They couldn't believe it!
But we have witnesses for everything. And her mom about i before. And when we told her I did it, she thought it was hilarious that Jess was now out 50 bucks. It was fantastic, and so totally worth the burning throught.

I tell you this my friends, never ea a teaspoon of cinnamon, unless you have a buttload of water to wash it down. that was a rule, I couln't drink any water afterwards. And it drove me nuts!
It lumped in my throat and on my tounge, ew, it was really nasty, but so worth it.

I'll never forget that moment. Ill be telling my kids that someday. And I can't wait.
I can easily pay my phone bill now. I went $36 over in texting non-Verizon peeps. Oh well!

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hey guuuuys!
I'm home finally! And for a while too. ^_^
It seems really boring not having to do something all the time. And not having a plethora of people to hang out with.
Camp was a lot of fun. Sure the two services everyday got old quick, but we had ALL DAY to do whatever we wanted. So literally everyday went something like this:
-Woke up around 10:20-10:27
-rolled out of bed to go to services at 10:30 ^_^
-got out of service around 12-12:30
-ate lunch
-went swimming for about an hour
-came back to the dorms and showered
-hung out with everybody at either the snack shack, the Gibson Center or at the playground. Usually the playground. ^^
-at 4:30 5ish, we went swimming again. (The life guards got off duty at 5 so you could push people off the raft without getting kicked. This reminds me of a funny story Iíll tell later.)
-got out and ate dinner at 6
-went back to the dorms to shower and get ready for service at 7
-got out of service around 9 (and the night service was especially boring. ^^')
-curfew was at 11:30, so we spent the rest of the night chillin at the playground with everybody.
-at 11:30, the dorm kids had a little meeting to talk and answer questions about the services.
-at 12 12:30ish, we got to hang out in the gym till 1
-then it was time to get some sleep and repeat everything the next day!

It was so much fun though.
We hung out with some old friends and met some new ones.
I think the person I miss seeing most is Steven. That kid is hilarious. And that's not saying much.
He would always do a little finger waggle... thing. It was classic.
HE was classic.
I reeally miss him too....
Nathaniel came up 2 days.
The first day was fun. The second, not so much.
I'm.... actually.... gonna break up with him...
Things just aren't working out.
And our relationship is kinda dead...
I mean, most of the time it seems like all he wants from me is my body. But I won't give it to him... At least not the way he wants it.
But anywhoooo!
Funny story time!

One of the days, my friend Emma and I swam across the lake. The lake isn't that big so it wasn't that bad.
But right before we were about to swim back, a lifeguard paddled over and asked us how old we were. And then said that you had to be at least 18 to go outside the "swimming area". She asked us our names, told us we were actually on private property, and that Katie was kicking us out. But she was really nice about it, she said we could come back at five when they're off duty, and they'll probably even race us across the lake. XD
She even gave us the choice of swimming back or canoeing back. So we same back and got out till 5. Good times right there.

Well, this is getting really long, sorry!
But I thought I'd give a few details about my trip. ^^
I'll do my best to visit!
And I don't have any pictures of my puppy yet. I'll try to get some of those. ^___^

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

I just seem to be all over the place this month!
I'm leaving again for another week. I'm going camping this time.
It will be loads of fun!
But it's gonna be like, pampered camping. XD

Just a quick note, I uploaded the avatars I made into my scraps over on deviantART. Please check them out!
I've alreay had 2 requsts for m to make people avatars. ^_^ I have fun doing them so if you'd like one, hit me up!
I'll be more than happy to make you one!

But yea, I'm outtie for a week now!
I'll be sure to visit everybody when I come back!
I'll probably ahave an abundance of journlto read like the last time I was gone for a week. *dies*
Wow that was a lot!

See you guys when I come back!

Milkycat's Anime - Handmade Anime Crafts and More [link]

MAJOR EDIT!!! I got a fricken puppy! Oh my god! I'll have to post pictures when I get back. He's soooo cute. He's a Sheperd Border Collie mix. FRICKEN ADORABLE!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm back! I'm back!
I had an awesome time at NYC.
Which I should explain. NYC doesn't mean I went to New York City. I know some got confused with that. It actually stands for Nazarene Youth Convention. It's either Nazarene or National. XD. I'm not sure. But I actually went to St.Louis. Not New York. Sorry for the confusion. ^^;
But anywhoooo...
I had an AWESOME time. I'm not really into christian music, or christianity really, it's more forced on me. But there was a band there, kinda like the "house band" that led us in the worship music and stuff. And they're called StarField. They're so amazing! I love them so much. I've never liked a christian band as much as I like them, and I never realized how much I like Toby Mac either. He's really hot too. :giggle:
But I bought a t-shirt, a sweatband, a CD, and a poster of Starfield. And I'm actually listening to the CD right now. ^^ Good stuff. Even for Jesus music. XD

I'll tell you guys some funny stories over the next few journals. My favorite story right now is a "Sara story". So here goes:

We were on the bus ride home from St. Louis. And she was sitting right across the aisle from me. And this guy, Mark Urbonas, comes back. And he's got a pretty loud and clear voice. And he asks, loud and clear (even for me being half asleep), "Does anybody have a deck of cards?" And Sara goes "What?" Mark gets a little closer and asks again. An again she says "What?" So he gets right next to her ear and cups his hand to it and asks again. And she STILL said "What?" As soon as she said I scream "DO YOU HAVE ANY CARDS?!?!" And she's like "I'm sorry I couldn't hear him. I'm deaf."
How couldn't she hear him when he's speaking directly into her ear? I could hear him from across the aisle AND half asleep. What a stupid girl...

Last part for today...
Sunday afternoon/evening I had a terrible stomach. We had already left St. Louis and made it to Indianapolis for the night. But there was shooting pains in my stomach. And I was burning up all night. but I threw up 2 times throughout the night. And I was dry-heaving 5-6 times over the night and throughout Monday on the rest of the way home. It was so bad. And I threw up again last night. I'm not sure what's wrong. But it's like my stomach aches all the time, but sometimes it just gets so bad I can't move.
I was extremely malnourished over the week. The meals they were serving us were just disgusting. And it made it worse that I'm so stinkin picky. But I wasn't the only one out of the 10,000 teens there that thought the food was nasty. :P

Well, I hope you guys are all doing well. I've got quite a collection of journals and deviations to look through. I'll try to get through all of those. And I probably won't comment on all journals. Especially if there's more than one from the same person.
Until next time friends!

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Saturday, July 7, 2007

I havenít written anything here for a while. I feel bad. And I havenít been visiting. Just poppin in to check on myselfÖ So selfish.
So it goesÖ
My apologies.

But anyway, I Ďm really just stopping by to let you all know that I wonít be here for the next week. I leaving the state and wonít have any access to a computer.
Iím going to St. Louis for NYC. NoÖ not New York City. You silly gooses!
Itís a youth event through the church. Kinda. Itís actually a National thing. But yea, Iím going.
Iím hoping to have a lot of fun though. And thank god I donít have to room with Sara. Iíd sleep in the bathtub if I had to room with her. I would NOT feel safe with her at ALL. But I donít have to so whateverÖ
Iíll be gone from Monday till next Monday. A whoooooole week! Lucky you guys! You donít have to bother with me for a whole week. ^_^

AnywhoÖ I saw Transformers today! It is SSOOOOOO good! I love it so much! The graphics are just amazing! You would think they actually had Autobots there on the set. Yea, itís THAT good.
I recommend you all go see it!

And lastly, I uploaded a new picture; Ritsuka and Soubi. I lovezz them so much! I totally used my new Loveless mangas too. X3
Well, time for me to go!
Iíll see you all when I get home!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Uh, another semi-sluggish day. The pain meds aren't really helping my headaches. They just kinda dull a little. And I keep getting cramps. And forgive me for saying this, but I'm pretty sure it's not because of my period. It seems that by about 5PM, I'm just exhausted for the rest of the day.
At church, it was so cute because Nathaniel kept asking me if I was alright. I kept telling him I would be, but he kept saying I wasn't. And he keeps telling me I shouldn't take my medication. But I keep telling him I need to. Oh well.
I wish he would just ask me out already. There's no way in HELL I'm gonna ask. I'll just wait patiently for him. I'm waaaay too non-confrontational for something like that. No thanks.. I'd rather just be able to answer yes and be done with it.

Onto a bit happier news, my friend gave me the BEST birthday present! Well... maybe the second, next to my mom taking me shopping. ^_^
But Nicole bought me volumes 2,3,4 AND 5 of Loveless! How awesome is that?! She already read them. She borrowed my 1st volume of it. And read them. I about halfway through #3. And I think I'm gonna go finish those up . I knew they wouldn't last very long for me. ^_^
Manga is my favorite thing to read.

Well, I guess I'm off now. I hope everybody is doing well!

And also, I just want to say thanks to everybody here who has been giving me their advice and with all the things you guys say to me. I really appreciate it all. Especially with this stuff that's going on right now. ^^
Hugs for you all!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I feel so sluggish today,
I had to get a full physical. And I don't knw why, but I've felt like death ever since. I normally don't feel this way after the doctors. Unless I'm already sick..
But I made a list of ailments to give my doctor, and we went over them in relative groups. I have mild asthma, which I already knew. And he put me on meds for my headaches. Some for my asthma. And another one for somethin. I think my stomach. I'm such a mess right now. I'll be on 3 meds, and we breifly talked about my depression. Or as I dubbed it, "slight depression". He was saying that Talk Therapy is probably best. And taling with friends and family is always good, but they don't always have answers so he suggested seeing a therapist or a counceler. Which I've actually been thinking about. I also got a Rescue inhaler. Not excatly sure when I gotta use that. I think maybe twice a day.. Not sure.

But yea, and then there's my "situation" with Nathaniel. I haven't talked to him in a few days. But things are still going well. And I'm gonna talk to him tonight on the phone. Tell him about the doctors and stuff.

Ohyea, there was also my irregular heartbeats, sleep patterns and eating patterns we talked about at the doctors too.
God I'm a wreck. I need so me serious help.
And yet, I kinda gotta laugh at that too. ^^;

Well.... I guess that's it. My fingers feel like jelly and Im' exhausted.
My head hurts really bad. And tylenol doesn't really do anything for it...

I guess I'll be back around maybe tomorrow or the day after..
And please forgive all errors in this post. Don't feel like correcting them. ^_^

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hey guys! Just a quick post.
I have people coming over but I wanted to update you on my "situation", as it's been named.
I definitely like Nathaniel, he likes me. At Angelica's house, I kissed him. *blushes*
I was just a quick little one though. ^_^
But everybody went to the movies, except me cuz I had my birthday lunch to go to with my family. And I fricken missed it. Nathaniel was gonna ask me out! And now he's grounded for a week for god knows what and he's going to Georgia in a few days! *faints* What was I thinking?! I missed my opportunity!
I guess he was really sad the entire movie. I feel terrible for not going, but I really had no choice. I also had some, in my opinion, important business to attend to. My friend and I got in a fight yesterday, and I was mending the wounds. But I think we're alright. And they called and asked if they could pick me up but I told them I was with Nicole. And they're like, try to make a plan, and I'm like, she's sitting right next to me. So yea... Now I'm at home waiting for everybody to come over, except for Nathaniel. And I'm sure I'll hear all about when I kissed him and how he was sad at the movies and blah blah blah, I already see it coming.
My sister approves of him too. *beams* You know you've picked a winner when your sister likes him too. ^_^

My stomach hurts terribly. But I don't want to be alone! T^T Oh well, I'll deal... I guess...

Anyway, to wrap this up, sorry, no visits today.
Forgive me!

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Friday, June 22, 2007

First things first!
I wanna give a BIG THANK YOU to Sweet-Mizuki for making me this layout! It's so pretty, and I love it soo much! She's very good. ^_~

Well, in other news, you remember a couple post ago when I said I was in a "situation"? Some of you may recall, and for those who don't, my situation was this: I liked 3 guys, all of which I know decently well.
Well, I think I've solved my little "situation" quite easily actually. Last week, when I start hanging out with Nathaniel (1 of the 3 guys), his beach was having a party so me and a couple of friends went over there. We went on the boat and swam out in the lake for a bit. When we got back to his house last night, me and Angelica (a friend who came too) were gonna see if we could stay the night over there. His mom said it was fine. But my mom told me no because of how late it was and that I had to be home in 20 minutes (midnight).
So Angelica was asking them what they thought of Hillary, and then she asked what Nathaniel thought of me. And he said he used to like me, but it was slowly going away.
Fast forward to my birthday. Tuesday night, I guess he was going to kiss me goodbye when he left. *blushes* He couldn't because both Angelica's parents and Hillary's little brother were outside with us too.
It turns out; he's actually a very shy person. That's something I would have never expected from him. Last night I went over there because his beach was having a movie night and they were showing Cars. That's our movie. ^///^ But by the time I could get over there, the movie was over and everything so we just hung out at his house.
Damn is he shy. I didn't think it got any worse then myself. I'm sooo shy. This of course, made things, for lack of better words, awkward for us. I mean, how do 2 shy people tell each they like each other?
We both knew it. I know we did. If it wasn't obvious then we must've been blind. ^^

But here's my new "situation". I like him a lot, but I'm having problems just letting myself go and being with him. It has nothing to do with him or anything he's done. It's me. And the things that happened to me, and the "things" I haven't done.
Being around guys that I like makes me nervous. And for a number of reasons...
And I was trying to tell him these reasons last night, but I couldn't get myself to do it. I couldn't work up the courage. I was too afraid to tell him. But I wanted to tell him so bad. I wanted to let him know, to let him know it wasn't him and that it's me. I wanted to tell him how I felt.
But I couldn't.
I lack the ability of telling others how I feel. I can't verbally tell them. I mean, when I had to tell Jesse to just leave me the fuck alone, it was through a text message. I have the most difficulty confronting people about things. I'm extremely none-confrontational, and will avoid fights whenever possible. And when it comes to things like this, it tends to hinder me. A lot...
I guess I just need to work things out in my head. And work things out with Nathaniel. I like him a lot. *blushes*

Well, now that I went extremely depressed on you all, which I am VERY sorry for, I guess that's really all I have to say. I don't want to type much more. I don't think it will be very happy at all. So if you REEEALLLY wanna know, PM me and ask me.

Take care everybody!
I'll do my best to visit today!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Heeeey guys! I just thought I'd come by reazl quick and tell you guys what's been up. I've just been hangin around really. I'm getting ready to leave and go get a pedicure with my mum, and she's taking me shopping cuz IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! Wooooo! I'm finally 17! I feel pretty good. I'll try to visit another day. Today is just too jam packed with stuff. ^^ So I hope you're all doin well in this fine Tuesday.
See ya!

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