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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Hi hi!
How's everybody doin today?
Good I hope.
I've been visiting people today, like I said I would. I'm workin on it, it's gonna take me some time to catch up with everybody. Sorry. ^_^'

Well..... Just like I was doodling Ritsuka, I doddle some pictures of Yuiko. I think I'm gonna try to do the same thing with the other charcters in the first volume. Since that's the only one I have. T^T
Here's the link to the new doodles!

Comments are not expected, but much apprecaited.

Ooooh! I went to go retrieve the URL for my drawing, and I noticed I have 100 votes finally! That makes me happy. and even though it's a low number compared to some, it makes me really happy. Thanks so much for your support! I think I'll try to do a thank you drawing to celebrate. ^^ And it's gonna star.. None other than the folks from Loveless! ^_^ It'll be a little late, but oh well. I wanna make it good. ^^

Thanks again you guys!
You're amazing! ^^

Time to go.. Duty calls!


Actually I just don't know what else to say... ^^'

My new favorite song right now is West End Riot by The Living End. It's so amazing. It makes me think of FMA. ^^ If anybody likes to make AMV's, could I ask a request of you? Pwease? *puppy eyes*
Could somebody make me an FMA AMV with this song? I'd love you forever! And I'll draw you a picture! ^^
I challenge you to do it. ^^

Anywho.. I must get going now.
Take care everybody! I'll continue to visit people!

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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Well... Today seems to be going much better...
MUCH better.

I've been listening to RENT and t.A.T.u a LOT lately. They're both sooo good! ^___^

And whilst I was listening to RENT I started doodling some little Ritsuka pictrues. And I uploaded it since I haven't uploaded anything in practically years.. XDD Ok maybe not THAT long. But it's been a while.
If you'd like to see it, click on Ritsuka! You know you want to! ^___________^

Comments are not expected, but much apprecaited.

So how has your fine Saturday been? Mine's been very sunny and beautiful. And full America's Next Top Model. It's such a good show. ^3^

Just thought I'd stop in and let you know I finally uploaded a picture. And if you read the explination I put with it, it would be much appreciated also.

Well, I'm outta here! I'm gonna try really hard to get to everybody that's updated since the beginning of the month. But if I don't get to you right away, I'll get there eventually. ^^

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I feel as though I've been going through terrible mood swings lately. And it's no wonder why not many people come visit m anymore... I never return the favor. It's become somewhat of a chore... Not to say that I don't love reading about what's going onwith you all. It's just...
Oops.. Random Caps Lock.. Sorry.But I'mnot gonna fx it either.. OR any of the oter mistakes I've made. I hope you don't mind.

Today was one of theworst days ever.The full affect of yesterday's events, and some addedc today ust sent me over the edge. And all I wanna do is be alone in my room, with a shitload of manga to read.. But I can't have either of those.

To start off, Sunday, my friend's brother AJ got in a car accident. He had hit a tree and was on life supprt. But just last night... He died. And it's finally hittingme now with the full effect of what happened. I feeling lie bursting into tears every two seconds..

And then I get to my french class. My absolute favorite class. And Ihear something I hadn't ever wanted to hear...
My french teacher, Mr.Stanton, has been called to active duty over in Afghanistan. He's leaving May 25th, and won't be backtil around Christmas... That pretty much just ripped my heart out right there. Its taken everyting in me not to cry all day. And it's times like these that I'm glad I don't ever cry...
But he's my favorite teacher. I've never had a teacher lie him. I was hoping I would be able to test out of French 3 into French 4 and have him as my teacher... But I'm not so sure about tat anymore. I actually thought about not taking french at all. That's how much his words had affected me.
But then I thought about it more, and he had been the one to even suggest testing out. He even told me I should either major or minor in french. He obviously saw potential inme. And that's the only thing keeping me going right now. I don't wanna do anything anymore... So there' may be a long period of time when I'm not on at all. But seeing as how it's been for a while now, it wontmake much ofa difference. Ad I'm realizing that I'm just typing and typing without thinking of what it really is I'm typing.

So to anyone who's actually read all this, I don't know how you did.And I hop you don't mind me babbling more.

But have you ever had anybody in your life that influenced you soo much? And then suddenly that person just has to be taken out entirely?
I've felt so many different feelings today. And all in a 6 hour period.
I don't even wanna get outta bed in the morning.
It's such apain.goingto school isn't fun like it used to be. I've started separating myself from the world. And I see myself becoming somewhat anti-social.
I hate going out anymore. It seems I always get disappointed about something. Even the smallest things set me off. Ive become very sensetive to things concerning myself. I hate messing things up, are doing something wroong.It makes me feel worthless and that I'm not good enough. I hate when the focus is on me.

God, I can't stand this anymore. I'm just gonna quit typing. I'm sure it's difficult to understand anyway. And typing on alaptop isn't helping any...

Kilwoon...Where are you..? Where have you been? And why can't I find you?

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Friday, April 27, 2007

ZOMG!! I'm SO sorry for the lack of visiting I've been doing. I've just been very busy with skating. VERY. This weekend is my ice rinks annual Ice Show. And I can't wait for it. It's gonna be great! ^___^
God it's gonna be fun.

And I'm extremely hyper right now. I'm having like twitchy fingers and I keep missing keys and typing the wrong thing so PLEASE forgive all the errors. XDDD

*spaz attack*

Sorry bout that.

My sister's bringing over people to play Guitar Hero.. I'm soooo playing. Besides, they'll be playing in my room anyway. XP
I live in the basement, so I get the super big room, the big TV from the living room... It's sweet. ^__^

Oh god, what was I saying..
Right, GH. I'm soo gonna whip some butt tonight! XDD

Alright, well....

I thought I should come let you all know what's up. I probably won't get to anysites at all this weekend, let alone have access to a computer.
So please bare with me. ^_^

Love you guys!
and when I get them, I'll put up some pictures of the ice show!
Keep in mind that our theme is Peter Pan. AND THEY ACTUALLY FLY! It's soo flippin aswome.
Me and a couple other girls wanna be out in the stands, and when they start going up, stand up and scream (with a british accent) "Oh my God! They're flying!"
XD And then run off. It'd be great..

Sorry, the ADD I think I have is kickin in. I'm gonna go now.
*smiles innocently*

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Hey hey! How's everybody doing? Good I hope.

I thought I'd post and let you allknow what's going on. Give you the low-down. X3
So here it is.

Tomorrow I have to be at the ice rink at 7 in the morning for ice dance practice. It's 11:15 at this moment in time. And I need to be up at 6.
I'm watching Pokemon at this current moment. XDDD

But the real reason I'm posting is because I wanted to apologize to you all. I'm trying to get around and visiting you all. I'm really working on it. I'm visiting everyone who has updated during April. hat way I get some sort of real update with what's happened with you all.

I've got a problem though.. I'mgoing to be very busy this weekend, And I can't promise I'll be around much this weekend. I have photos to take all day tomorrow for skating. Next weekend is our big Ice Show. I can't wait. It's going to be SO much fun. ^_____^

Oh my god, Ash's voice is way too deep. I miss the old Ash. And there's a hick women on here. It's crazy. I don't know if I like these new Pokemon shows... They've made o many Pokemon. It inda seemslike they just keep making them up. Whatever happened to Mew and Mewtwo and the Legendary Birds? Are they really all that rare anymore? Does anybody even remember them? It makes mesad. I used to wake up every morning at 7 to watch Pokemon. And that was in Elementary school. At least 8 years ago. It's come so far....

But I'm rambling. And I really need to sleep. So I hope you all have a good weekend! I'm going to. And I'll try my best to visit a little bit!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I warn you now, this may be long....

Another Florida story. But this one's actually humorous. I hope you enjoy it!

While on my trip to Florida, I felt somewhat like the "bodyguard" of the group. But it was fun. And one night, our last night to stay down and swim before we left to come back home, this girl staying at our hotel (we didn't know her) decides she's going to bring this big group of people dwn to party in the hot tub. They come walking in with beers and marijuana and stuff. So we're in the hot tub when the come get in too. We talk for about a minute then me and my friend Piercyn get into the pool. Soon after, Kelly, Jenna and Jessica come get in the pool too. Patricia, Jo Jo and Neil decided to stay in the hot tub I guess. Eventually, me and Piercyn went up to our room cuz we didn't want to be down there when the cops got there. Cuz some one told a parent to call the cops. It was kinda exciting. But in the meantime, a few parents, including Kelly's dad, went down to go yell at him. Mr. Woo (Kelly's dad ^^) was screaming at them And it was hilarious cuz Piercyn and I were watching it from our 4th floor room. And he's just pointin and wavin his arms around. It was funny. Then they got out of the hot tub and left.

The three girls and the boys had come up to the rooms by this time, but Patricia was still down at the pool. So we all went back down and she was PISSED. I mean, she gets pretty moody but oh my gooood.... It was crazy. We asked her what was wrong and she goes off on how We're supposed to be watching out for each other and havin each other's backs and this, this and that. She was going nutzors.

So she stomps off all pisses and moody up to the room. And while the seven of us (5 girls and 2 boys) were still in the hot tub, we see Patricia up by the room talking to the girls in the rooms next to us. And these girls were pretty much raging alcoholics. They were drunk all the time. It was outta control.

That part of the story merely leads up to the good part of the story.

So we're watching Patricia and we see her and somebody else walk in our room. And we have no idea who this person is. But Patricia walks out of the room but the other person doesn't come out with her. So when she walks in, we can see her and who ever else was in there bending over and stuff. So we're getting angry that she brought some one into our room. So I'm like, "If I don't see them come out in 60 seconds, I'm gonna be pissed. And I'm going up there to tell them off." That's where the body gaurd in me came out. lolz

So a minute goes by and I storm out of the hot tub pissed. Piercyn came with me and the 5 in the hot tub are just watching us to see what we do. So when we get up to our room, Piercyn slams her hand on the door frame and looks into the room. And I'm standing right next to her in the dorrway. And what we see shocks us more than anything.

In our room we see Patricia and......



We probably looked so dumb. And good thing we didn't go off swearin at them and stuff. But all he says to us is, "You girls really need to clean up this room! It's a pig-sti!" (sp?)

So we walk off to the hot tub cracking up at how ridiculous we just were. So we tell the other 5 what happened and we spent the rest of the night laughing at ourselves. It was great.

Well, that's probably one of the best stories I have to tell you all. I hope you enjoyed it! And sorry it was so long. ^^'

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Monday, April 16, 2007

As promised, here's a few stories from my trip. You may not find them funny... But I do. ^___^

Warning: Read at your own risk!

Story #1: Let's see, which one should be first... Ah! I know!
A short one, more about myself while we were down there.
I'm a picky eater, I can admit that and I know it to be true. And while we were in Florida, I wouldn't eat a lot of the food. Cuz I'm picky. ^^ So pretty much the whole trip, I was eating SpaghettiO's. They are so amazing. and I love them so much! ^_^
I'm actually cooking some right now, for lunch. X3

Story #2: We met these two boys down there, at first we thought they were stalking us. So me and my friend Piercyn finally got the balls to actually talk to them. They were pretty nice boys. 8th graders. Too young for me. ^_^ But they ended up liking my frined's Jessica and Piercyn. And it's so cute cuz they like them back! ^___^
Edit: What's good about the boys is that they live in Michigan too! It's pretty sweet.
I thought I should put that up here as to not cause confusion.
I've been talking wihth one of them since we got home. He's such a sweetheart. ^^

Wow.. I can't even keep writing. I'm having..what's it called.. Writer's block.. It sucks.
So I'm very sorry, but this is a waste of a post. I'm so sorry...
I need to go eat.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007



And it feels SO good to be back. I've missed you all so much! My trip was so much fun. But I hevn't been home in two weeks so it's nice to be back and see everybody and everything.

I'd love to tell you all about my trip, but sadly, it's Sunday. And that means church. And I have a party later tonight. No school tomorrow so that means another day to stay up late. X3

Hopefully either later tonight or tomorrow I'll be able to visit everybody. So I'm very sorry if I've missed anything important. I hope you can all forgive. But I needed to get out of this place. And it felt good. ^^

I'm so tan now! ^^ Well, maybe not to normal standards but for me, I'm really tan. I'm so happy. And my hair, there's NO blue in it at all. And the black faded into brown. So now my hairs is brown with blonde highlights....

And I love it!

Well, I suppose I'll save all the fun stories for tomorrow.
It's good to hear from you all again!

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Monday, April 2, 2007

Hey guys! I don't have much time to talk. Just stoppin in to let you know what's going on. I'm living at my friends house for a while. My parents are in California. And this Thursday I'm going to Florida for Spring Break. So I can't get on at all this week or next week. I hope you all have (or had) a great Spring Break! And I can't wait to some back! ^_^

Until next time!

Oh, and if somebody could PLEASE let the people at DA know about this, I would love you for life! The school computers aren't working right so I can't write a journal entry over there.

NOW until next time! ^_^

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

My hair is in the middle of turning blue! Yaaay!
My mom finally dyed my hair. And now I'm just waiting to wash it out. I can't wait to see how it turns out. ^____^
I decided on the black with blue streaks.
*is giddy*
I can't wait to rinse my hair!
So I wanted to come on real quick and tell you guys!
So this is all I have time for.
Hope you're enjoying your weekend! ^_^

Oh my GOD!! I have blue hair!! YES!!! I'm so exciteed!
But it kinda looks a little gray. And my hair is SO fried.. Buuutt...
I'm far from disappointed with my hair.
I can't believe my mom actually said yes! I was amazed! Now it'll only be a few weeks til the blue washes out.. Curse you semi-permanant dye! *shakes fist*

Welll... I think I'm getting sick. I've had a horendous cough lately. I'm just hoping I don't get all out sick. I won't be liking that one..

Time for church! (I'm typing this the next day)
I still hope you're having a good weekend! ^_^

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