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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I just finished typing up the my new endig for Lord of the Flies... Holy cow!
Altogether it was 7 1/2 pages! *dies*
And somehow, despite how much I hate writing for school, I really enjoyed this. I had a lot of fun with it. And I got it all done in a matter of 3-4 hours. And I could barely write a 5 page paper for Government in an entire week. -_- How sad...
But I have to turn that in tomorrow.
By the way, if any of you are, for some odd reason, interested in reading my new ending (and have read the book of course ^^) let me know And I can send it to you via e-mail. ^___^
I don't expect many to want to read it though.. >.<
So how has everybody been doing?
Today we had a half day at school. It was so amazing. I sent the majority of the day on the computer looking at fanart and reading some stories. My favorite Zelda story had a couple new chapters and I was very excited to read them. ^_^
I've been in a very yaoi-ful mood... And I can't seem to make it happy. Nothing good to read.. Too bad.

I had a cesear salad today.... YUM! I love cesear salads! They're so tasty!

Well... I'm off to go look for some Kingdom Hearts fanart. ^_^
I visited today!

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Saturday, March 17, 2007


I just realized something, and I don't know when it happened but.......

T^T What a happy day. I never saw it coming... I wonder when it happened.. *thinks*
Who cares! I'm a legend!
*skips and dances around*
Good thing EE2 said something about his becoming a legend.. Or else I would have NEVER noticed...
*is giddy*

Well... *composes self*
I have I party for my friend that I'm going to tonight. I'm excited. And it's a formal type of party, like homecoming or something! ^_^ I'm so excited. So when mum gets home, she's gonna put some curlers in my hair for me. I'm hopin it will turn out better than last time. ^^'
I looked like I had REALLY short hair. But now my hair's longer.. And still waiting to be dyed... T^T I want that to happen soon tooo!

Well, I'm off to go get ready! I visited sites today!
Oh! Speaking of. Ya know how it will highlight the names of peope who updated that day? Well... I was going through, and I noticed that people who updated on 3-16 were also highlighted.. But it's 3-17... What's that all about? I don't understand... Is it highlighted for me because they updated on the 17th my time but the 16th their? Or what? Cuz that would make a lot of sense..

Ah! I need to get ready! What am I doing thinking about such trivial things! *races off and shouts*
Hope everyone's doing well!
Sorry for the rush!

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Oh my... This week was so fricken long..*sigh* -_- I'm so glad it's over. NO MORE TESTING! Thank god.....
But I was so loaded with projects and things I've neeeded to get done. Along-side the testing, I had a Government paper to write, an Art project, and a couple English projects. I could have NEVER gotten it all done.It took me all week to write that stinkin paper.. And my teacher better like the joke I put at the end. Cuz he said to end your paper with a "punch". So I swear, if he doesn't think that jokes a punch... I'll punch him! XD

Here's an ankle updated!

Well... I hurt it again. I was at sating on Wednesday working on my trio program for the Ice Show..And I fell and landed on my ankle horribly. It hurt like hell. So once again, I haven'tto completely limit my skating. Groups only. No individual lessons. It really sucks. I hope it gets better by May, cuz I have a couple tests I'll be taking then.
Only time will tell I suppose..

Sooooo... Did anybody notice the music? I really wanted Karma toplay when my site loaded. I love that song SO much! It's amazing!

Welp, I can't think of much more to say. But I need to go to sleep. It's 11 PM and I need to beup at 6 to go..... SKATNG! Fancy that... The one thing that I sprained my ankle doing, I'm too stubborn to take a decent break to let my ankle heal...Oh the stubbornness of me! ^_^
I hope you all are doing alright!

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Monday, March 12, 2007

This is gonna be a puicky post..
I have testing all this week for school. Tomorrow, only the Juniors have school so we can tak ethe ACT. The we're taking the MME, Michigan Merit Exam, Wednesday and Thursday. So I've been pretty busy studying.. Sorta.. XDD
But at the moment, I'm supposed to be studying/writing my government paper. But I thought I'd let you guys know what's going on before I'm gone for a couple of days. ^^
Wish me luck! I'll be needing it!

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

I got to everybody who updated today. I'm so happy I've gotten back into visiting again. I feel so good when I'm done. ^^

*few minutes pass*

Wow, I just got distracted by my arm muscle... O.O
Ooooops. XDDD

So, my mom took me shopping yesterday. That was fun. I got a bunch of new clothes! I'm so excited to where them all! ^^
I bought a lot of stripes.. And blue. or both, together. ^^
It's weird. I think my favorite color might be changing. It's weird I say!
I also got a pair of pants too! I love them!

Bah! Short post!
Gotta go to bed!
I'll try to visit tomorrow!
But I'm going to get my picture taken for my passport.. I'm going to Atlantis next winter. ^^ I'm excited.

.. It's Daylight Savings! Time to... *sigh* "Spring foward".....

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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Well, I finally got that art project home that I was talking about! I'm really impressed with the outcome. Very proud I must say. ^__^ Here it is:

Sooooo.... What d'ya think? You liike? ^^
I hope you do..

Anywho, how has everyone been?
I haven't been too bad.
My ankle still hurts.. For those who don't know, I sprained my ankle a few weeks ago.
I never realized how long a sprain takes to heal. It stars feeling good then I'll step on it the wrong way and I'm back to square one all over again.. It really sucks. But at least I'm able to go skating. ^^

cry [filth], I'm workin on finding a good picture for our.. *clears throat* society. ^^ I haven't found a good one yet, though.. But I'm looking! XDDD

Well, I need to get ready for church tonight.. *dreads going*
I hate going to church now... Now that everyone's gotten involved.. God it sucks... My mom always tries to pull the whole, "God-thing" on me. I don't like it.

But I'm rambling!
So I'm out!
Hope the rest of your day goes well!
I'll try my best to visit! ^_^

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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Ok ok ok..
I've been working on my visiting. I'm gettin some done. But it's gonna take time for me to fully catch up. I'm starting with the most recent and working back in time. So if I haven't gotten to you, please forgive me. I'll get to all of you who have updated as soon as I can!
And thank you for not abandoning me even though I, in ways, abandoned you guys. I truly appreciate you being there for me. But now it's time for me to be here for all of you!
I'm back.. and with a vengence! AHAHAHAHAH!
Not really.. But I am back! ^_^

And at the moment, I've gotten through.. Maybe half of today's updaters.. Trust me, I'm working on it.

My god... my dad is such a cranky old man... XD
I have to go.. He's tryin to rush me along and get ready for skating..
So I'm sorry, but I must go. I'll continue trying to visit!
I love you alllll!!!
*glomps you all*

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Soooo.. about that new theme I was talking about... X3
I finally got around to setting up my Tales of the Abyss theme I was speaking of. But there's a few minor problems with it.. Like... The size of the freakin backgrounds. The ones I have saved on my computer.. 1024x768. The correct size... But no. When I uploaded them on Photobucket, it decided it was going to reduce the size to 800x600.. O.O That's not the original size! >.< And it ticks me off so much that, even though I didn't create these myself, I'm going to have to upload them of TheO. And I feel horrible doing that. I stray from that as much as possible. But there's just some occasions where PB decides to be an ass and change the image sizes. I absolutely hate that! AAARRRGGG....!!!
but anyway, as soon as those upload in my gallery *sighs* I'll be able to correct my backgrounds. Sorry about that! ^^'

In other news

Tomorrow (hopefully) I'm going to start visiting again. I feel horrible for not visiting people. I've noticed how terrible I've become in my... for lack of better words... depression. It pins me to know how long I've gone without visiting. So that is coming in the near future.

Also, I'll be showing you all my art project I've been working on the last couple of days. I think it's turning out really well. Our assignment was to take a pop can, crunch it up some, draw and color what we see. Mine's coming out way better than expected. I'm very proud of it. X3

Well, dinner is calling me so I'm off. And please look forward (or dread, I suppose.. XD) to much more of me! Cuz I feel myself comin back! And with a passion!

Edit: Well, the wallies uploaded, and my backgrounds are now fitting correctly! Yaaaay!! ^_^ Now there's my welcome image.. The funky shape iss making it difficult. i don't understand, I cropped it so that the white shouldn't appear, but it stills does... O.o Oh well...

Hahahah.. Thanks to The78thdude for telling me I said my backgrounds didn't fit. ^____^

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

What a horribly sad day. The love of my life is going into the Marines tomorrow morning, and I have yet to shed a single tear for his departure. Is that cruel of me? Perhaps inhumane? I don't know..

He's gonna be gone, and it's gonna be hard. Really hard.. Will I be able to handle it? I sure hope I can.
I don't think I've ever hugged anybody that tight. But I didn't see him lettin go... X3
No.. I can't get cocky. Thi s is no time or place for that...

In a little happier news..

I got presents... But um... They make me kinda sad. Cuz they're from Jesse...

I can't type anymore. I no longer have any drive to do anything anymore. I'm sorry. I'll keep in touch.
Wow.. That went dippressing rather quickly.. XD

ANyway.. Shower time. Stinky needs to get clean before she has to go back to school tomorrow.... ugh... Don't.... wanna... gooooo...................

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Once again I'm here to report my long absence. I feel like I'm falling further and further away from this place. I wish it wasn't so..

I'm also here to announce that I'll be trying to get myself back into my old drawing habits again. I haven't so much as picked up a pencil in weeks. Sure I've doodle pointless things that were thrown away anyway. But nothing worth showing. I've been lacking in inspiration. I'm terribly sorry.
So if you could, please be patient with me just a little bit longer. There's still a lot going on right now. But I think things are gonna start settling down soon... My god I hope they do.

So, as soon as I can get myself to visit, I'll go on a visiting rampage. I promise. X3

In happier news!

My friend and I have finally beaten Tales of the Abyss. I'm sure many have probably never heard of the game. But let me tell you, IT'S AMAZING! If you even slightly enjoyed Tales of Symphonia or even Tales of Legendia, play this game!! It's not very often I make recommendations for anything. But it's just... *sigh* it's wonderful. Everything about it. The graphics (could use a little more work) are pretty amazing. But it's your typical Symphonia style. Except like, 100x better!
Guy is my absolute favorite in the game. And I've become obsessed with the GuyLuke pairing. X3 Also.... LukeAsch. ^^'

I'll keep the TotA obsessing to a minimun for now. but expect a new theme sometime very soon! ^^

Lokkie! It's Gailardios Garan Gardios! Aka.... Guy Cecil! My favorite character from Tales of the Abyss

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