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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hey guuuuys!
I'm home finally! And for a while too. ^_^
It seems really boring not having to do something all the time. And not having a plethora of people to hang out with.
Camp was a lot of fun. Sure the two services everyday got old quick, but we had ALL DAY to do whatever we wanted. So literally everyday went something like this:
-Woke up around 10:20-10:27
-rolled out of bed to go to services at 10:30 ^_^
-got out of service around 12-12:30
-ate lunch
-went swimming for about an hour
-came back to the dorms and showered
-hung out with everybody at either the snack shack, the Gibson Center or at the playground. Usually the playground. ^^
-at 4:30 5ish, we went swimming again. (The life guards got off duty at 5 so you could push people off the raft without getting kicked. This reminds me of a funny story Iíll tell later.)
-got out and ate dinner at 6
-went back to the dorms to shower and get ready for service at 7
-got out of service around 9 (and the night service was especially boring. ^^')
-curfew was at 11:30, so we spent the rest of the night chillin at the playground with everybody.
-at 11:30, the dorm kids had a little meeting to talk and answer questions about the services.
-at 12 12:30ish, we got to hang out in the gym till 1
-then it was time to get some sleep and repeat everything the next day!

It was so much fun though.
We hung out with some old friends and met some new ones.
I think the person I miss seeing most is Steven. That kid is hilarious. And that's not saying much.
He would always do a little finger waggle... thing. It was classic.
HE was classic.
I reeally miss him too....
Nathaniel came up 2 days.
The first day was fun. The second, not so much.
I'm.... actually.... gonna break up with him...
Things just aren't working out.
And our relationship is kinda dead...
I mean, most of the time it seems like all he wants from me is my body. But I won't give it to him... At least not the way he wants it.
But anywhoooo!
Funny story time!

One of the days, my friend Emma and I swam across the lake. The lake isn't that big so it wasn't that bad.
But right before we were about to swim back, a lifeguard paddled over and asked us how old we were. And then said that you had to be at least 18 to go outside the "swimming area". She asked us our names, told us we were actually on private property, and that Katie was kicking us out. But she was really nice about it, she said we could come back at five when they're off duty, and they'll probably even race us across the lake. XD
She even gave us the choice of swimming back or canoeing back. So we same back and got out till 5. Good times right there.

Well, this is getting really long, sorry!
But I thought I'd give a few details about my trip. ^^
I'll do my best to visit!
And I don't have any pictures of my puppy yet. I'll try to get some of those. ^___^

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