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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Just a quicky but Happy early New Year! I'm going to my friends house so I won't be visiting sites tomorrow. Sorry!
Hope you have a wonderful night/day! ^^

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Well... As of right now, things aren't lookin too good for me. I'm home from school again. And I'm pretty much bawling my eyes out. With my entire body feeling like dung XD, and I miss my dogs again. I just feel terrible.
So once again, I won't be visiting sites today.

I want a new dog so bad.. I miss Casey and Zeus, and it's hard without them. But the house is just too empty. It doesn't feel like home when I expect to see a nose poking through the door the moment I get home, but everytime I open the door, there's nothing there.
I really appreciate all of you being here for me. It makes me feel better, at least mentally.
I know I can count on you guys.
I'm going to take a nap now. try and get myself better before tonight. cuz i really want to go to Frankenmuth with my family. I haven't been with them in a while and I was excited to go. but then I got sick..
Oh well.. What happens happens..

The Date Rape video I have on my site stopped the crying for a few minutes.. So that's a good thing..

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I'm sorry you guys! I was gonna visit today since I didn't go to school. But I got to like, two sites and I couldn't do any more. I'm very very sorry. I got sick last night, and I didn't feel good this morning so I stayed home from school. But I had every intent to visit! I swear.

I made my mom watch CATS with me today. I love that movie. It's so amazing. My favorite cats and Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer. ^^ They're adorable. And they have the most amazing accent I've ever heard. Especially Mungo. He's such a cutie. Ken Page is in it too. He angers me though, cuz he just stands in the back on the tire and moves his hands while all the other cats are actually dancing. That fat cat. XD

Well, I don't have much more to say. Except thanks to all of you who have sent me a holiday card! I love them all! I'll put them up on my site for the holidays. So all can see. ^^

I must be going now. Sorry for such a late post by the way.

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

So do you like the new look? I thought I'd at least stick with the Inuyasha theme. But I like Sesshoumaru so much better. ^^ And these pictures are beautiful. Props to the makers!

There's something wrong with my throat. It feels like something's stuck in it and it's blocking off my wind pipe sorta. It sucks when I have to skate. Even though I use my inhaler, it still doesn't help. It didn't help too much before.. I need a stronger prescription. XD
I want mother to take me to the doctor's but she doesn't know when that would be.. D: I really need to gooo....
*coughing fit*
Sorry.. I've been coughing really bad too..

Well, I just wanted to drop in and say hello, and make a quick post before I go watch CATS. Has anybody seen that? It's the broadway musical. It's so amazing! Me and my two friends one be cats next year for Halloween. XD And not some sissy store-bought stuff. Oh no, we're gonna go all out! ^^
Well... I'm off.
Take care!
And thank you Lytjuh, Jaguar and EdwardElricThe2nd for sending me those adorable Holiday cards! I love them alllll!!
*huggles you all to death*

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Oh boy do I love you guys!
Whenever I tell a story about skating, more than half of you usually tell me how "amazing" you are at skating. It brightens up my day. And a lot of you tell me I should teach you how to skate. I'd love to do that actually. ^_^ Although I'm not much of a teacher, I could teach you some of the basics! ^^ I'd be more than happy. Too bad you are all so spread out. Maybe I'll open up a rink and give lessons to people. XD

Well, my last post was prior to my team's competition, and this one is after, so that means...... I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU ALL!
My team got second place!
It was really exciting. But it was a rough program cuz we had to completely turn around our program so we were facing the judges, and we got mxed up in a few things. But that's alright.. I suppose. And we had 3 falls, which is definitely unusual. But somehow we managed to still place second. So all is well. ^_^

I'll try to get to everybodys sites. I'll look for updates from over the weekend as well.

And I was so excited, because this competition was held in Cape Cod, MA! We flew into Boston and stayed the night there Thursday night. Then Friday we spent the day shopping around Boston. It's so nice there. I'd love to live in Boston. But then we went to Falmouth and stayed there until This morning, when we flew back home.
All-in-all it was a great trip. I had so much fun. But I really missed you guys! *huggles you all*

I might change my theme again. I don't feel like fixing the wallpapers and such so I'll justchange the theme althogether. ^^ So keep an eye out for that!
Well, I guess I'm of to visit everybody!
Take care!

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Saturday, December 2, 2006

I've been so busy lately. Skating's starting to get difficult and very busy with all these upcoming competitions Which, speaking of, my team is competing today. Wish us luck! ^_^
I'm excited to compete but also a little scared. Yestrday in the locker room, while we were packin up to leave, my coach asked me if I could wait cuz she had something she needed to say after all the girls left. So I said sure. But I noticed that two of the girls weren't leaving. So it almost instantly clicked what was going to happen. And it makes sese why my coaches decided what they did, but I feel horrible having to see it happen in front of my face. And then find that I might have to be the one who tells the rest of the girls on the team.. But here's what was said..
My coach asked these two girls if they felt they were 100% with the footwork and everything we're doing and they both said no. They've been having trouble, and they're constantly not doing the footwork or on the wrong feet, and in synchronized skating, not only does that look bad, but it's HORRIBLY dangerous as well. People get hurt. But what y coaches had decided was that they were gonna take these towo out of the program for today for competition and they she really wants to see them get back in. Possibly when we go to Cape Cod next weekend, but she's not sure about that yet. So we now have one practice thtat I could potentially have to lead. Potentially. XD
That freightens me. I've never really had to lead anything like this before, nor have I ever had to tell somebody such bad news like I could have to today.. I just hope Heather (my coach) can make it to practice today.

Well..That is all my friends!
I'm really sorry I javen't visited much lately, but like I said, I've been vrey busy. And I'm sure you can understand. ^^
Take care!

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Sorry for the roughness of the new theme. I was helping Kiracutie@14 with her site and I suddenly had this urge to change my theme. And I haven't had an Inuyasha theme since I made this site so I thought it was appropriate. I hope you all enjoy it while it last! XD
That's really all I have for you guys.
Take care!

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Friday, November 24, 2006

BWUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I've finished my visiting for today.. Maybe.. I might get on later and see who updated again. Maybe not. It depeneds on if my friend ever calls me so we can hang out... -_-

Today was such a busy day of skating! I had to be at the rink from 9 to 12 then I had to come back at 2 til 3:40. It was crazy. But I was having a really good practicing day today. And or team is starting to look a little better. The program is really shaping up. And that makes me proud to be the captain.
Speaking of being captain.. I had to circle everybody up and have a little chit-chat with them. Cuz I was getting sick of everybody back-talking when either me Katie, Kara or Heather said something. So I told them they need to just do and stop all the un-needed talk. And a whole lot of other things. but I felt good after we got off the ie cuz my coach told me I did a good job with the little talk I had. -^_^- I was happy indeed. Then I got to go to Taco Bell... Mmmmmmm! *drools* I want another Cheesy Gordita Crunch! T^T

I really appreciate all the kind things you guys told me. I feel much better today! I was surprised when I didn't feel sick at all at skating. It made me happy though.

Ahahahahha! I won a contest! For once in my life! XD But it was actually a scam! Lytjuh tricked me.... But that's alright. I still got a present! ^_^ Looky looky!

Isn't it pretty! I love it. And there's CHIBI Dark Link! He's so hard to find pictures of.. It's sad.

Well, I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving ysetday! I visited everyone, but I didn't feel like posting. I figured I would today! ^_^
Until next time!

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Two days in a row BOO-YA baby! I'm on a roll! ANd even though there's only been a couple of people to update, I still visited. But then again, I'm sure most people are either at school or sleeping or something else (depending on your location ^_~).

But as for myself.. it is 11:17AM exactly and I am sitting at home... Sick.. And I hate it. I woke up this morning at 6 and I came upstairs and my mom's like "How are you feeling this morning?" And I says to her, in this really gurgley voice XD, "Not much better.." And she says, "Well, why don't you just go back to sleep, ok?" O.O What? Did my mother just tell me to go back to sleep, and MISS a DAY of school? You've gotta be kidding me. Am I going insane? I've been thinking that a lot lately, so maybe I am! XD
*tummy groals loudly*
Or maybe I'm just really hungry. But I can barely wat anything. My stomach tells me it's hungry but when I try to feed it, it's just like No, I'm not going to eat that. Why is my stomach such a jerk?! T^T
This may be some what of an over share, and I'm sorry if it is, but I feel like I'm going to throw up... all the time. No matter what I'm doing.
And last night, I had to go up to the rink and my team had to skate an exhibition.. That was quite the esperience. I swear I almost threw up on the ice, and passed out. I was skating along, doing my trick that me and 3 other girls do, and I almost fell. Doing simple little cross-overs.. wow.. It was bad..

Well, that's all for today I think. I'll try to get on later and see if anybody else updates! ^_^
Until next time!

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Monday, November 20, 2006

I'm so SO sorry for not being around you guys! I really didn't mean to let this get to me so bad. I've such a bum when it comes to MyO. And as of right now, I've visited and commented on everybody's sites that have updated today, which was quite a few of you. ^_^ And even a couple who posted a few days ago. Which I'm glad I did.

It seems I've missed quite a bit in my absence and I hope I can catch myself up on everything that has been going on with all of you.

Now I know many of you probably won't realize I have posted, which is perfectly fine with me, seeing as it is starting to get late. But there's still a few of you crazies out there that go online in the middle of the night. ^_~ You guys are my favorites! XD

So this weekend, my skating team competed in Kalamazoo... Yea, that didn't go over too well. And we DEFINITELY didn't do well. >_< Oooooh welllzzzzzz... Better luck next time I suppose.

I guess that's really all I have to say. Take care my friends! And have a Happy Thanksgiving! I don't knwo how often I'll be on over the next week or so. but it will be very speratic I'm sure. ^_^
Farewell, NEVER goodbye.

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