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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm back! I'm back!
I had an awesome time at NYC.
Which I should explain. NYC doesn't mean I went to New York City. I know some got confused with that. It actually stands for Nazarene Youth Convention. It's either Nazarene or National. XD. I'm not sure. But I actually went to St.Louis. Not New York. Sorry for the confusion. ^^;
But anywhoooo...
I had an AWESOME time. I'm not really into christian music, or christianity really, it's more forced on me. But there was a band there, kinda like the "house band" that led us in the worship music and stuff. And they're called StarField. They're so amazing! I love them so much. I've never liked a christian band as much as I like them, and I never realized how much I like Toby Mac either. He's really hot too. :giggle:
But I bought a t-shirt, a sweatband, a CD, and a poster of Starfield. And I'm actually listening to the CD right now. ^^ Good stuff. Even for Jesus music. XD

I'll tell you guys some funny stories over the next few journals. My favorite story right now is a "Sara story". So here goes:

We were on the bus ride home from St. Louis. And she was sitting right across the aisle from me. And this guy, Mark Urbonas, comes back. And he's got a pretty loud and clear voice. And he asks, loud and clear (even for me being half asleep), "Does anybody have a deck of cards?" And Sara goes "What?" Mark gets a little closer and asks again. An again she says "What?" So he gets right next to her ear and cups his hand to it and asks again. And she STILL said "What?" As soon as she said I scream "DO YOU HAVE ANY CARDS?!?!" And she's like "I'm sorry I couldn't hear him. I'm deaf."
How couldn't she hear him when he's speaking directly into her ear? I could hear him from across the aisle AND half asleep. What a stupid girl...

Last part for today...
Sunday afternoon/evening I had a terrible stomach. We had already left St. Louis and made it to Indianapolis for the night. But there was shooting pains in my stomach. And I was burning up all night. but I threw up 2 times throughout the night. And I was dry-heaving 5-6 times over the night and throughout Monday on the rest of the way home. It was so bad. And I threw up again last night. I'm not sure what's wrong. But it's like my stomach aches all the time, but sometimes it just gets so bad I can't move.
I was extremely malnourished over the week. The meals they were serving us were just disgusting. And it made it worse that I'm so stinkin picky. But I wasn't the only one out of the 10,000 teens there that thought the food was nasty. :P

Well, I hope you guys are all doing well. I've got quite a collection of journals and deviations to look through. I'll try to get through all of those. And I probably won't comment on all journals. Especially if there's more than one from the same person.
Until next time friends!

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