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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Holy crap!
Last night, I earned mysef the easiest $50 of my life!
Well, if you consider coughing for 30 minutes and having your throat burn all night easy, then yea. I sure do!
At my Nicole's house, her sister Jess told me she'd give me 50 bucks if I ate a teaspoon of cinnamon. It actually sounds A LOT easier than doig it. But it can be done! Jess and her friends thought it was impossible and they think I'm a mutant now. X3
And since I did it, and she's out $50, she's trying to make up all these excuses of trying to get out of it. But it's not working.
The look on their faces when I did it was priceless! They couldn't believe it!
But we have witnesses for everything. And her mom about i before. And when we told her I did it, she thought it was hilarious that Jess was now out 50 bucks. It was fantastic, and so totally worth the burning throught.

I tell you this my friends, never ea a teaspoon of cinnamon, unless you have a buttload of water to wash it down. that was a rule, I couln't drink any water afterwards. And it drove me nuts!
It lumped in my throat and on my tounge, ew, it was really nasty, but so worth it.

I'll never forget that moment. Ill be telling my kids that someday. And I can't wait.
I can easily pay my phone bill now. I went $36 over in texting non-Verizon peeps. Oh well!

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