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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I feel so sluggish today,
I had to get a full physical. And I don't knw why, but I've felt like death ever since. I normally don't feel this way after the doctors. Unless I'm already sick..
But I made a list of ailments to give my doctor, and we went over them in relative groups. I have mild asthma, which I already knew. And he put me on meds for my headaches. Some for my asthma. And another one for somethin. I think my stomach. I'm such a mess right now. I'll be on 3 meds, and we breifly talked about my depression. Or as I dubbed it, "slight depression". He was saying that Talk Therapy is probably best. And taling with friends and family is always good, but they don't always have answers so he suggested seeing a therapist or a counceler. Which I've actually been thinking about. I also got a Rescue inhaler. Not excatly sure when I gotta use that. I think maybe twice a day.. Not sure.

But yea, and then there's my "situation" with Nathaniel. I haven't talked to him in a few days. But things are still going well. And I'm gonna talk to him tonight on the phone. Tell him about the doctors and stuff.

Ohyea, there was also my irregular heartbeats, sleep patterns and eating patterns we talked about at the doctors too.
God I'm a wreck. I need so me serious help.
And yet, I kinda gotta laugh at that too. ^^;

Well.... I guess that's it. My fingers feel like jelly and Im' exhausted.
My head hurts really bad. And tylenol doesn't really do anything for it...

I guess I'll be back around maybe tomorrow or the day after..
And please forgive all errors in this post. Don't feel like correcting them. ^_^

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