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Friday, November 4, 2005

help please...!

sooo... im posting somthign totally different on this site. just letting you know!

but i dont think im gonna change my site to what i did have in mind. i just dont think thats the theme i want right now. maybe youll find out what it was later. but i dont know. you just have to be patient! but i cant think of a good theme soo if you think of a good one for me, let me know! and ill see what i can do! cuz im drawing such a blank right now! and im such a space cadet sometimes, i swear! but im sure its funny.

so thats all i wanted to say! i need ideas! so please help!

and peace out homeys!

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Thursday, November 3, 2005


sooo today was a pretty decent day. nothing too bad happened. and im kinda thinking about changing my site! i wont tell you what but lets just say if i do change it, some one i know will be all over my site cuz she gave me the idea. but you wont know who it is or what it is until,and if, i change my theme!! hahahaha i love the sneakyness of my. EEWWWWWW i just killed a bug and its guts squished all over my hand! it was sick..

well.. *thinks* whats something good that happened today....?? OH!! I PASSED MY RIVERS TRAINING TEST!! IM SOO HAPPY! i only have to drive one more time before i can get my level 1 license. tats right, only my level 1! but thats aight, i can live with it til june.

eww...... again!! theres a whole bunch of lady bugs in my houe! i hate them cuz they keep being gay and running into the lightbulb and its making a really annoying ting sound! its bugging me so bad!

welp, i dont really have much more to say, soo...

peace homeys!

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Friday, October 14, 2005

the picture..

lets see here. i just thought id say where that pic is from, since you dont know. its from my neighbor totoro. you silly people. im surprised none of you knew that!! i mean, come on, that movie was awesome! and it still is!! and i hear disney is remaking it!! so ill have to check that out when it comes out!! and you should all go out and buy or rent that movie!! cuz its amazing!! its kinda childish cuz its soo old but its still really good!! well thats all i really have to say, so peace out homeys!! and i might update later too. cuz i dont know what ill be doing tonight!!

so ttfn!! ta ta for now!!

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

well... i thought today was gonna be better, but that idea was shot, fer sure.right after lunch i started getting really hot and my stomach was in a million knots, and i felt liking spewing all over. so i called my mom after 4th hour and had her come get me. but i took my test in 5th hour real quick before. so when i got home she gave me medicine and i asl if we had anything that would make me tired. and that i know i need to take a nap, but im just not tired. so she gave me a tylenol pm and a half hour later, at about 230ish, i went upstairs after visiting some sites and fell asleep. and i woke up at 8. it was weird cuz the way i was facing while i was sleeping, i could see out my window. and when i woke up i thought it was morning cuz it was dark. but it was only 8. it was crazy i tell ya!! but thats really all i have to say. but thanks to the few of you who have commented on all my post on my new site,a dn continually comment on my other site. these are a few people:

Night shade2
wait.. theres only two.
anywho here are the people who have commented on my site so for:

Night shade2
Dark cloud
Hazel Keys1985

if i have forgetten you for some reason, let me know!! and im only mentioning the peopel from THIS site. not my other one. cuz all you friends of mine got me from 0 visits to 75 in about a week. and i already have 40 gb signings. soo thanks soo much!! and thats really all i have to say, so im gonna put up a pic of my favorite childhood movies!! and thats besides all the disney movies i watched!!

well.. im out, so thans so much for reading!! *hugs* hugs for everybody!!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

bad day

o golly... today hasnt been very good. i guess we'll go through from the begin.. so if you get bored easily.. beware!! cuz it could have the potential of being boring listening to me complain!! but here it goes..

actually we're gonna start at lunch cuz thats when it went down hill. so today, we were all sitting at the lunch table and when everybody but my best friend katie were done eating, they wanted to go get a tea from the snack line. so we started getting up cuz katie had her breadstick left to eat. but she started freaking out telling us to sit down cuz shes not done and we're making her nervous by tanding. but that wouldnt have bothere me had it not been for yesterday! cuz yesterday at lunch the same thing happened, but it was me that wasnt done eating. and they decide theyre not gonna say anything but, "i want some tea" then get up and proceed to leave me eating. and i didnt want to sit there by my self eating so i got up and left. but what pisses me off is that we can wait for katie, but we cant wait for kayla. its not like i had a whole bunch left to eat either!!

after school though, i was gonna burn my friends a cd they all want from me and my mom asked me which one it was. so i old her and she said that it better niot have anything bad on i and that shes gonna go thru my cds and throw out the ones SHE doesnt like. THEYRE MY FREAKING CDS!! so lay off bitch!! she makes me so angry sometimes!! its soo unbelieveable. so i decided i didnt want my friends getting in trouble with this cd cuz its got the whiste song on there , if youve heard it, but it says blw my whistle bitch. which mother wont approve of so i wont burn it.. i feel bad tho cuz i said i would a couple months ago!!

and thus ends my lit bitching about today thank s for reading and have a nice day!!

o one more thing too!! i noticed that one my post about homecoming on my oher site. people only commented on that and there was not a word said about the pics. it made me laugh cuz nobody knows what the hell im talking about with that show!!

good day friends!!

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Saturday, October 8, 2005

nothing special

well... i thought id say a few things about my new and old site.

first off, ill still be using my old site and i might update on one site then about again on the other, so i have an even flow of updates on both.

second, i wont be submitting any of my drawings on this site. im gonna be doing that on fallenhope. that way i dont have to go thru and put up all the same pics and confuse people.

and third, i wont be deleting fallenhope. ill still go on that name regularly just like this one. but thats all i really wanted to say soo.. im gonna put a post on my other site about somethig else!! so check it out if you havent already!!

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Friday, October 7, 2005


OOOOOOO man im in such a super mood!! i have been all day!! everything has been going soo good! its unbelieveable!

well first off, school today had shortened classes cuz we had a pep assembly today!! it was amazing!! we got to tell the frshman to go home!! it was exciting cuz last year i was a freshmen. and you remember my cousin staci? yea, shes a freshmen this year!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!! I LOVE IT! but today in math we got our BUA (BENCHMARK TEST) scores, and as i was getting of the ground, i thought my teacher was gonna yell at me for sitting on the floor, but in stead she said, " you, got a hundred percent!" that made my day right there!! ive never gotten a hundred on aany actual test!! just quizzes!! also today, we had a bomb threat that said somembody was gonna blow up the school oat noon on october 7th. and for those up on ther calenders, thats today!! it wsa kinda scary!! but thats all i have to say for today!! im gonna post this same thing for now on my fallenhope!! so when my two names are highlighted,its the same thing!!

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