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Saturday, July 7, 2007

I havenít written anything here for a while. I feel bad. And I havenít been visiting. Just poppin in to check on myselfÖ So selfish.
So it goesÖ
My apologies.

But anyway, I Ďm really just stopping by to let you all know that I wonít be here for the next week. I leaving the state and wonít have any access to a computer.
Iím going to St. Louis for NYC. NoÖ not New York City. You silly gooses!
Itís a youth event through the church. Kinda. Itís actually a National thing. But yea, Iím going.
Iím hoping to have a lot of fun though. And thank god I donít have to room with Sara. Iíd sleep in the bathtub if I had to room with her. I would NOT feel safe with her at ALL. But I donít have to so whateverÖ
Iíll be gone from Monday till next Monday. A whoooooole week! Lucky you guys! You donít have to bother with me for a whole week. ^_^

AnywhoÖ I saw Transformers today! It is SSOOOOOO good! I love it so much! The graphics are just amazing! You would think they actually had Autobots there on the set. Yea, itís THAT good.
I recommend you all go see it!

And lastly, I uploaded a new picture; Ritsuka and Soubi. I lovezz them so much! I totally used my new Loveless mangas too. X3
Well, time for me to go!
Iíll see you all when I get home!

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