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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Varmint Hunter.
fore drama class we're having to lip-sync to a song of course i had great ideas for this, but unfortunately i couldn't really follow through on my plans because all i had was one male friend in that class, "Simple and Clean" is a love song and we need 3 people in our group. so me and my friend ended up assimilating into another group, which is doing Frosty the Snowman as performed by Alvin and the Chipmunks.

yep, when i learned of this fate i felt a little bit of me die, and it really hasn't gotten better with time. for a while the shared misery of everyone involved was enough to make me feel a bit better about the shit i was wading through, but one of the gals in my group turned out to be an obscenely pushy and demanding bitch, everything she wants to do we have to do and God forbid we have any input because if you do she'll through a bitch fit and complain like hell.

so yeah i got to deal with that for the past week, and then today i was late in the morning thus making my next tardy to any class [i.e. my second tardy this year to any class] will earn me a detention, which really sucks. i'm in such a miserable mood right now, i guess everything is just tearing into whatever life raft of shallow happiness i gain from day to day. i really don't understand why i've been such an emo recently, its really strange for me to be so depressed, i think its just my own little bad time. i'm sure a billion people have been through this a billion times but i'm just the one who gripes about it. it was my own fault i was late, my dad gets there on time every day, i was the one who took my sweet time and ended up getting myself busted. i was too much of a man to ask my dad to bail me out, or to even try to avoid it, i just walked straight to my execution unwaveringly, and it was Grove, my drama teacher who booked me, how cruel.

i guess i'll start getting up earlier, that's probably my only chance to avoid this fate in the future, i had pride in my laziness in the old days but now i actually have to be diligent and responsible. and what's sad is that is what they want, they want us all to live in fear and to hurry off to class at any cost because we want to avoid being punished. i wish i had the balls to stand up against this, to resist and that other people would do the same, but it will never happen. the school is getting all the results they want so they won't stop, people are running in fear and getting there on time, we were all hoping that this would fail based on the sheer volume of people who'd get busted, but that won't happen, everyone is escaping the axe at any means necessary, and i'm too big a coward to do otherwise.

not even my videogames bring me solace, i got my ass handed to me in MS Saga and i have no plan for less ass-kickery except maybe to switch certain people around, but i think its going to be a painful ride, which just adds to my stress, a little tension whilst gaming is always nice, but i feel like i've been stretched out and all my strings are hanging loose and misshapen.

i realize once more that all my problems are silly and to older people like sempai and the drunken sage, juvenile. but to a youngin' like me these are all terrible. i really wish i could put a bullet in the heads of all three of those chipmunks and see if frosty can feel pain when i bisect him with a wood-axe. it'd be nice to be able to stop time, so i could lay a whuppin on that conceited bitch and possibly cheat and get to class on time all the time.

life is a struggle, and right now this fight is definitely bruising me pretty bad, but i'll get over it, i live by the creed i spout.


"if its a big enough problem you'll do something about it."

- the single phrase i live by.

♥ JD Person ♥

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Monday, October 8, 2007

Wings of Words.
it has no significance, except its the song i'm listening to right now on my MP3 player, i did that for my title last time, except i used the the opening word instead, though i can't really say what is more prolific that "Zankoku..." or just the totally awesome title of "Cruel Angel's Thesis Bleed." you just have to love engrish!

yes, for the record Doctor Who is most often shown on BBC America around these America parts, though Sci-fi and the Canadian Broadcast Channel will also show it, but your best bet is BBC at 7pm on saturdays. i know i spent all last post ranting about The Doctor, or more accurately Captain Jack Harkness, but i think it bears a bit more ranting. see i really liked the character development over series' 1 and 2, i never warmed up to the new girl in series 3, but just with all the Jack-ness and The Master being pretty awesome i was satisfied with it, UNTIL i watched an episode i'd missed earlier from season 2, and i realized just how much i missed Rose and Mickey, i forgot what is was like to care about a character, empathize with them and want the best for them, i mean besides The Doctor and Jack, but they never really get to the heart-string pulling levels that Mickey and Rose did, even on the level of one season, Rose did infinitely more with 13 episodes than Martha ever did, and unlike Rose Martha CHOSE to leave, and she said she loved him, what a tramp, i bet if Rose could get her hands on she'd kill her. and what The Master said was damn straight true "your last companion could absorb the time vortex and this is useless." i couldn't agree more, man i wish the could bring Rose back, but at the same time i kinda like the tragic ending she had, it was really captivating. all i can say is good riddance to Ms. Martha Jones.

well in other geek news i'm still playing my MS Saga: A New Dawn on my good ole PS2. i must say it has a great story for a concept as stupid as a FFVII style Gundam Game complete with casting healing spells. i'm just pissed they won't be making a Gundam SEED version like they planned that totally would have been kick-ass but they basically scrapped that idea which makes me really sad.

but this UC version is pretty good, i'm looking forward to getting the After Colony Suits later on in the game, anybody who's a Gundam Fan knows what i mean by this, i can't wait to become The Great Destroyer/God of Death.

so far i've noticed that for an E rated game there a lot of boobs in this game, the one girl walks around in a bra, a sorta jacket that covers pretty much her shoulders, her panties and ass-less chaps. then there is the martial artist with DD breasts and a top split in the middle of her chest with no bra, and she has the skirt that exposes one thigh, man this game was meant to get a lot of young Gundam fans into puberty. i mean seriously, this is the most blatant pandering and fan service since Meer Cambel's boob socks as i like to call them, letting her knockers swing all over the place as she slaughters Lacus' songs. i'd have to say this is on the level of Bustgunner, i mean Gunbuster.

that brings up an interesting point, my brother is a huge GAINAX fanboy, and i must admit they haven't made a show i don't like, but he always says the mechs can kick a Gundam's ass. i must ask you, don't you think that the Destiny of Strike Freedom could waste Buster units 1 and 2? sure the Gunbuster is big and has a lot of... well guns, but after seeing what Shinn can do when he goes SEED i think Nonoriri is about to die if that fight ever came up, and being as Kira can fend off Shinn, Rei and Luna i think that a Busterbeam would mean very little to him, he's probably just avoid it.

on the same subject i have to admit that there are some things Gundam will never beat. throwing the Earth at a monster from space just called "a Space Monster" is one.

a group of mostly teenage girls called "Topless" that pull of "exotic manuevers" is another

EVA Unit 01 bursting out of one Angel, eating another, Asuka killing the 9 S2 Evas just to see them regenerate and kill her, Shinji masturbating over Asuka whilst she was in a coma, then later strangling her whilst probably cranking another one out while all of humanity has been reduced to LCL fluid, the primordial soup because his father instituted the 3rd impact and united all of humanity into one being just so he could see his dead wife again. yeah Eva had its good points.

But GAINAX has yet to make a mech as cool as the Freedom, Destiny or Deathscythe Hell so Bandai has its advantages too.


"i will love you will all the conviction of Gendou Ikari."

-the sweetest thing you could ever say.

♥ JD Person ♥

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

sorry, right as i get ready to post Cruel Angel's Thesis Bleed started playing so i sorta had to make that the title. That GAINAX just creates some memorable stuff, though now i have "i hear you everywhere" from Chobits and that very well could have been the title as well, really this ole MP3 player is full of titles just waiting to be used.

but yeah, the Gundam rant yesterday went a little long, i actually got a request or two saying they wish i had gone into meh Doctor Who rant, which is very abnormal being as most often people wish my posts were SHORTER as opposed to longer, but really nothing i can do about posts in the path, i just figure after i get it to the length i normal post at i post it, even if i have more to say.

originally the long posts came from me wanting to say a lot and just writing posts that long naturally, and i imagined my posts would vary in length depending on how much i have to say. but i'm a creature of habit so soon the length of those posts became the norm and now if i can't get it to that length i just pad my post will filler because thats just standard for me, just as i aim for at least 20 page chapters, which started off with just write the chapter to the length it needs to be, i suppose i just like conformity in my writing.

but based upon request i'll get on to the BBC ranting. see as you may have noted yesterday i said i was excited about the awesomeness of two shows, Gundam: which i ranted the hell out of yesterday, and Doctor Who. well i ranted so much about Gundam that i left out the Doctor, so here's my Doctor who rant, though it never was to compare to Gundam and after a day is probably a lot less passionate.

Pretty much as far as The Doctor goes i'm just happy to see Captain Jack Harkness come back, being as he is probably the best live action character in all of history, hell i cried when he got killed in season 1, luckily Rose [a.k.a. the NOT token black and utterly boring companion to The Doctor]brought him back to life and now he is immortal, much to his dismay. and adding to my joy is Torchwood, which stars ole Jack [well not OLD Jack, but i'll get into THAT later] so i get my fill of the most awesome omni-sexual time agent of all time.

see with Jack's immortality he has basically become the british version of Kenny from South park, he just get killed repeatedly only to come back. though to me he's more like a video game character, kill him and he just respawns a few seconds later. well in the the last three episodes of the third season Jack does some of his best work, from glomping the TARDIS to stripping down so he'd look sexy while he handled readioactive material. and once The Master becomes all evil and Time-Lord-y again there is even more Jack goodness, such as when the three of them break into his ship The Master says "There they are, The Doctor, The girly and the freak, though i'm not sure which of the last two is which." then having Jack chained up in the basement, which i'm sure is a regular part of his weekend schedule, it was just funny to see him attempt to break out when The Doctor plans a coup, and when it fails seeing him standing unarmed in a hallway before a firing squad reminiscent of the situation he faced the first time he "died", saying "Not again." before they shoot the crap out of him. also fun was The Master shooting him and saying "the best part is he can't die, so i can keep doing that as much as i want."

but the best part of Jack is at the end when he decides to go back and work at Torchwood, he asks The Doctor about aging, being as he can't die but he is aging, even if it is extremely slowly. he then drops a bombshell, he says " its just my vanity i guess, i used to be a poster boy as a kid, growing up in the Boeshane Peninsula... you know i was the first one to sign up for the time agents, "The Face of Boe" they used to call me..." that literally made me as comically amazed as the characters in the series. but it makes sense, The Face of Boe referred to The Doctor as an old friend, as well did he know the Doctor was not Alone, because he had met The Master. they said the face was billions of years old and that would make since for Jack who basically lived out his life starting in his late 20's in 1900 or so. he also had that same sense of humor he and The Doctor share, when The Doctor told him people sat he's that old Boe replies "No, we both no that's impossible." in a very teasing manner, hell even the waiting around on New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New York is like Jack, waiting around with his "Doctor Detector" [severed hand]and glomping the TARDIS, hell they might have just made a larger version of that hand jar to put Jack in, and i'm sure if he weren't confined to that jar he'd have glomped The Doctor.

well all i can say is after seeing Jack, age is not beauty!

♥ JD Person ♥

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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Best Day Ever.
i must say that today was a quite awesome day in TV for me, i experienced a lot of open jawed-gasping at stuffs going on on the television machine today, i must warn you i will soon be ranting about episode 38 of Destiny so if for some reason you are in fact also watching Gundam SEED Destiny and you don't want the future spoiled for you you'd probably be best off skipping to the part where i rant about Doctor Who and other crap if i have time.

But i must admit that most of my rantery shall be on the subject of Gundam, and i will do my best as always to make said rant accessible to non-Gundam fans so i'd really appreciate if you still read this even if you don't like the series or haven't heard of it, but i realize thats asking a lot so feel free to ignore me if you see fit to do so, i can't say as i haven't had weak moments and done the same.

Well pretty much the episode starts off with a huge number of ZAFT and Anti-LOGOS Earth Federation ships are closing in on Heaven's Base, the last stronghold of Blue Cosmos and the other radical terrorists. as we see inside you can see that all the LOGOS members don't seem too concerned, most of all Lord Djibril. As the other members ask him of his plans he states that Durandal is a fool to lead his troops from the front lines, no matter how much it endears him to the average people ideals and adoration mean nothing if you lack the strength to accomplish what needs be done. Even if they're killed Durandal will eventually take their place they agree so in the end they'll still win. Outside the ships are getting ready for the deadline for surrender to pass, to see whether LOGOS will just give up peacefully or not. As this is going on another member asks Djibril if he can really defend this place, to which he replies "defend? we're going on the attack." And with that, without declaring war or even resistance he sends out a huge volley of missiles at the Feddy ships, in the hangar we see Sting donning a flight suit similar to the one Stella wore in the Destroy, and low and behold a Destroy launches, but... behind it is another Destroy. Incase you guys need to know just how bad that is, the first Destroy would just walk through cities wiping out all the military as well as civilian life there and burning the whole play to the ground, and here's two of them launching a sneak attack on the assembled forces. next tyhing we hear is Arthur declaring "Five of them detected! 5 Destroys!" all 5 of the massive weapons of death fly out over the ocean and pretty much erase all the feddy ships from existance, meanwhile underwater attack forces are wiping out the ZAFT Goohns and Asshs. well thats okay, because even though this was a complete sneak attack ZAFT still has reinforcements coming, operation Ragnorok, and as the Zakus drop down surrounding the base LOGOS unveils a giant anti-air cannon that reflects lasers inside a giant bowl until it not only wipes out the ragnorok troops, but most of the original airborne support, meanwhile the Destroys are continuing to wipe out the fleet. its at this point i realize that LOGOS is screwed.

"WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING!?" you probably ask. well its simple: LOGOS showed its hand, they launched an all-out assault off the bat, not they spent all their aces the counter-attack can be measured to an accurate representation of their power. so the Destiny, Legend, and Luna in the Impulse launch and immeadiately Shin goes into his "i'm going to kill you all for what you did!" mode , which normally i dislike because its directed at Kira, but in this case it was just awesome! One of the first things he does is cut a good third off Sting's Destroy, then grabs the head a blows it up with a gun in the palm. well it just goes down hill from there for LOGOS, the ZAFT forces swarm and you see them just clearing a path of destruction, the air troops led by Luna, which looked of pure awesome. she then uses the Impulse to its full modular potential by calling for the sword pack, tossing on sword to Rey, then throwing both boomerangs and running a Destroy through, showing she's a better pilot of the Impulse than Shin. i also love how when everyone is amazed at how good she is she remarks "you know i EARNED this uniform." also there is nothing like watching the the Destiny with its big pink butterfly wings of energy fly around in after-image and bisect things 20 times its size. and as Heaven's base is falling Djibril can be seen sneaking out, a fact his peers don't realize until its a bit too late.

the episode ends with Durandal laying back with a very satisfied smile. the preview for the next ep seems to promise similar awesomeness, with Waltfeld fighting to protect Lacus...

With the help of Kira in the upgraded Freedom, oh sweet lord will it be great!


"if the path you choose is a dead end why not wander around for a while?"

-Wings of Words by Chemistry. [GSD opening 4]

♥ JD Person ♥

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Absolute Power ch.20
Absolute Power
Mission: 20
Gods Of War

Outside the grand walls of the Walachian Empire the Turks rush into battle. They race across the desert on foot or on camel-back, waving Assault Rifles and Sabers. Far off on the battlements Aveian views them via binoculars; he lowers them and walks back, as a group of Alchemists struggle in the back ground. as the enemy continues to rush, a turbine turns, a barrel glows with energy, and as early dawn turns to noon in a single spherical blast, all that remains in the place of the invaders is a beautiful cloud of twinkling dew in the air, forming a rainbow in the middle of the desert, and a sparkling lake of glass.

Aveian walks over to the weapon, it resembles the Positron cannon on a large battleship, hooked to it is a single Alchemist in a Switch-Blade style Flight suit and a helmet hooked up with addition sensors and wires.

Aveian: The weapon test was a success. Thank you for your assistance, Ion Alchemist.

At that moment one of the other Alchemists, sent to help deploy and regulate the weapon chimes in.

Alchemist: Commander Wind, what was the point of that test, is it just going to be a singular weapon or…

Aveian raises his hand, to signal her need to stop talking, as he does this he leans back against the wall, one leg bent back, with the sole of his boot against it along with his lower back, he has his head down and facing away from her, lighting a cigarette in his mouth with his free hand. As she stops and stares in befuddlement, he walks past her, then turns around, causing all the women to turn to face him.

Aveian: That weapon is just a proto-type… at this very moment Switch-Blade mass-production Mobile Suits are being built, as an extra division of the Alchemic Calvary, these amplifiers will allow you to transfer your Alchemic powers into your personal Suit, via conductors in the rear switch-blade bowies, this will allow you to use your powers as efficient and viable Anti-Mobile Suit weapon. I’m going to turn you all into ultimate weapons, as soon as the project is done.

Aveian turns and begins to leave.

Alchemist: But commander! When will that be…?

Aveian: (raising his hand, without looking back) Hell if I know…


Marane’s group sit around in one of the many reflective neon rooms, their plotting hidden in the mixture of darkness and reflective fruit-colored light.

Sylven: So we will finally be able to and take my Suit back.

Marane: Yes, my little affront to God, we will soon take back all that is ours.

Sylven: That wouldn’t have anything to do with scoring that new mercenary would it.

Marane: with Ra’s help the mission may go easier, but he is only an additional advantage.

Ra: (amused and arrogant) You guys going to keep talking like I’m not here or what?

Marane looks at him embarrassedly, reacting in a rather over the top show.

Marane: Oh there you are Ra, I’m terribly sorry, I’ve just been alone so long I’m not used to addressing people in present company terms (laughs heartily) you should have seen what it was like adjusting to Sylven here!

Marane rolls his swivel chair over to Sylven, slapping him hard on the back, making him cringe with each blow, and laughs harder, Sylven slowly inches away, and Marane laughs on. Suddenly he lowers his head down, resting his chin on his arms, and leans in towards Ra, his golden feline like eyes staring deep in Ra’s, his sharp, planning eyes.

Marane: Loneliness can do things to a man.

Sylven scoots away further, Ra looks very uncomfortable, Marane continues staring at him for a long time, not moving, not blinking, his golden cat eyes locked Ra for what seems like an eternity. Then, as abruptly as he started, he just turns and walks away.

Marane: Lets go boys, those weapons aren’t going to steal themselves.

Marane walks out of the room, Ra and Sylven are left standing next to each other dumbfounded.

Ra: Is he always this weird.

Sylven: (sigh) This is just the beginning.


Sora is in the CIC analyzing files, she comes across one tagged S x A Pr0n, and is about to open it, when Aveian comes in through the sliding doors. She quickly exits the file and enters into the tactical systems.

Aveian: (sitting down next to her at the control board) Doing research?

Sora: (teasing) May-beeeeee…

Aveian: (prying) Is that so?

Sora: (sigh) So you caught me.

Aveian: (sitting back in the chair) Its fine, at least you confess, I’m used to Kit playing “Surreal Tournament,” online then saying it’s “tactical training.”

Sora: Speaking of our loveable cripple where is he?

Aveian sighs and sinks down in his chair a little, he places his hand on his forehead, careful not to hit is light.

Aveian: Him and his fan-club are playing with his Chii.


Kit, Allenby and Foxxy stand front-and-center, before a crowd of Walachian Soldiers behind them, displaying their skills on their brand new Nintondo Chii.

Kit: (swinging his Chii-Mote with skill, albeit one-handed skill) Haha! Taste my sword-y goodness!

Foxxy: (Flailing wildly) No way you’re gonna win bro!

Allenby: (desperately trying to keep up) No fair! I’m not a real swordsman!

Kit and Foxxy’s characters clash blades, and as their players swing the Velcro wrist straps slip apart until…

Kit and Foxxy’s characters are both one step from death, they each go for one more strike when the Chii-Motes go flying out of the Sunes’ hands and take out various objects in the room.

Foxxy: (pouting) Damn stupid crappy Chii-Motes!

Kit: Its still better than a PS3.

Allenby: Anything is better than the Plain-Sucky cubed!

Kit: Besides, all these launch titles are so glitchy.

Foxxy: (flops down on a nearby couch and picks up a white controller) I’m playing “Cogs of Strife”!

Kit and Allenby nearly shoulder check each other getting to the couch, Kit gets there first and grabs the identical one to Foxxy’s.

Kit: (pointing at Allenby) Haha! You got the 3rd party controller!

The game loads up and immediately Allenby gets cut down with a chainsaw.

Game Character: OMFG!1 I FCK1NG PWND UZ, FCK1NG N00B!!!1!!!111

Kit’s character runs up and blows him away with successive shotgun blasts, and several people fight to tea-bag the dead guy.

Allenby: No fair! Damn system won’t read my controller…

Foxxy: I’m just surprised how well Kit can play with one hand…

Kit whips a Chii-Mote at her head, it catches her dead on.

Foxxy: You bastard!

Foxxy begins strangling him with the numb-chuck cable. Allenby goes to reach for one the good controllers, then stops and faces the two siblings struggling.

Allenby: Screw the game, this is so much more interesting!

At that moment the door opens and Aveian enters.

Aveian: What the hell is going on in here?

Allenby: Friendly family dispute.

Kit and Foxxy seemed to be tied, Kit can counter, but not escape his sisters attempt to kill him with a gaming peripheral.

Aveian: You two quit acting like morons and get down to the hangar, we’re about to commence operations.

Kit: (choking) Again?

Foxxy: Okay, coming!

Foxxy lets go of the Chii-Mote and Kit takes a header on the floor.

Allenby: (grabbing his wrist and pulling him up) Come on Kit.


Previously, in the CIC.

Aveian: Do you just sit around here for fun.

Sora: (holding one earmuff of the headset to her ear) Come on Aveian, you of all people know what I do for fun! My job has and always will be spying, though I admit I was just playing on this one.

Aveian: Was?

Sora: I just picked up a huge invading force, a second wave.

Aveian: Third, I wiped out the second wave.

Sora: Damn, how many waves do they have?

Aveian: (Readying to leave) Too many, yet never enough.


In the hangar Aveian and the Raven Corps., crew along with several Cavaliers in Switch-Blade suits meet.

Aveian: The enemy is launching a counter attack; we took out the first wave with the Experimental Amplifier, but that was meant for one shot, and they are too close to the City limits to open fire with it, even if it was a tactical probability, so what we are going to do is deploy all of our Ace pilots to stall them.

Draco: Stall!?

Foxxy: Yeah, when we went out on the last mission we took them out easily, why are we only stalling this time?

Aveian: Last time we were killing stragglers, fools either trying to avenge the fallen or escape the attack, this time we are opposing a tactical military charge.

Draco: Then what, are we stalling for?

Aveian: For Kit, and BlackFox.

Foxxy: BlackFox, like our old Home?

Aveian: Its our Newest weapon, the NTS-03K BlackFox.

The attention of the group falls upon a black Gundam near the Butë Dashur e Puthur, which is being swarmed upon by Neo-American Soldiers.

Aveian: After the operation at Japan the Mobile Suit now designated the NTS-01K or Neo-Trace-System 1st edition Kit Sune Model, was damaged severely in its duel with Domon Kassu’s Angel Gundam, to get it into shape for two more operations, a battle with an unidentified weapon, known only as “Lilith” and the ensuing Duel with the ZIC-01FA, Full Armor Quick Sylver, along with the battle to suppress Black Vulpine forces when we were recovering our troops in space, further deteriorated its damaged frame, so at this point it is more economical to just rebuild the Suit from the ground up.

Draco: (under breath) NTS, ZIC, these guys sure love acronyms.

Aveian: This is where your operations come in. You are needed to keep the enemy occupied while we are finishing the upgrading on Kit’s Suit. All of your Mobile Suits were completed and maintained during the quieter times, so none of you is in danger. Along with that we’re installed Amplifiers in several of the ZIC-02 Switch-Blades, so you will have back-up, along with all the recovered NTS-02MX… MX’s…

Kit: Smooth…

Aveian: All of you are needed to go out there and combat the enemy, if you defeat them and the launch of the BlackFox is aborted that’s fine, but right now we need Suits out there.

Draco: You coming with us Commander?

Aveian: I and Sora will be here monitoring the restoration and manning the CIC, once Kit launches, or if my Mobile Armor is badly needed I will launch, but consider this battle without my assistance.

Draco: Understood.

Aveian: With that settled all Mobile Suits, launch now!

All of the Pilot clear out into their Suits and then load onto the Linear Catapults.

Draco: Draco Spitfire, Drake Gundam launching!

Allenby: Allenby Beardsly, Faye Gundam, launching!

Foxxy: Foxxy Sune, MX launching!

The three pilots hit the ground running, behind them all the available Switch-Blades begin deploying and running after them.


Inside the CIC Sora and Aveian bark out orders to the pilots via their headsets.

Sora: All Walachian forces head directly towards the enemy and engage them in close-range combat.

Aveian: MX divisions, take up a guard around the base, defend the area and snipe the invading army from afar.

Pilots: Roger!

Foxxy: Does that mean I have to stay back too?

Aveian: Just take aim and pick off a few, you are better in close-range, but right now we need a rear guard.

Foxxy: (dejected) Understood…

Aveian: Hold a rear position for 600 seconds, after that you can charge the forces.

Foxxy: Okay!

Aveian: In the meantime the rest of you take out as many enemies as you can.

Draco: (growl) Like you even have to tell me that!

Draco takes of in his Gundam into the enemy; he swings his great sword with expert precision, dissecting many a Turk in his wake.

Allenby: (wings spread, glittery dust spreads) May as well have our fun while we can! (Drawing back her bow and firing several bolts)

The group of Alchemists aboard Suits advances forward into the insurgent ranks.

Thunder Alchemist: Slaughter them!

Stone Alchemist: Break them!

Flame Alchemist: DESTROY THE ENEMY!!!!!

The blades on their backs switch forward, working like electric conductors on a stun-gun. As the energy builds up the power is unleashed. Huge bolts of lightning tear through every Suit in their path, Flames leap forward dissolving whole Suits as spires of stone impale Turkey Gundams and holding them until detonation.

Foxxy: Okay guys; let’s give them their range support!

All of the Snipers take aim, and a moment later beams streak across the field decimating the oncoming troops.


Kit stands impatiently as robotic arms and a few technicians move across his New Weapon.

Kit: Can’t this go any FASTER!!!?

Aveian: (video-com turns on) This is very delicate and complex work, the process needs to be almost fully automated, it’s the only way this can work.

Kit: But I don’t know what is going on out there, they could be in danger, or I could just end up not having to fight at all!

Sora: (tapping into her headset and computer) Right now our troops are making the first assault on the enemy, they are making good progress, but the enemy is very well prepared, we still may be in for a battle.

Kit: And I want to participate in that battle, (under breath) if that’s even possible…

Aveian: Kit, I’ll let you launch as soon as possible.

Kit: Huh?

Aveian: your Suit is supposed to be equipped with heavy weapons, but once the core system is ready I’ll let you go, we can complete the weapons while you are out.

Kit: You’re authorizing this?

Aveian: I can’t Command with you constantly bitching in my ear…

Kit: Roger that!


Foxxy: 3, 2, 1… I’m gone!!!!

Foxxy fires a few more well-places shots, then racks her rifle, extends the blades and charges. She reaches the enemy and starts laying waste to the Turk invaders.

Allenby: (thinking) Good, Foxxy is here in the front now, I’ve got to reserve the energy in my Suit, I can’t keep firing Arrows at this rate.

Faye Gundam deploys its beam ribbon and swings it through the enemy Suits, their armor melting before its pink feminine heat.

Several Turks open fire on Draco with their Assault rifles, he easily dodges their fire on foot, a set of AGNI blasts erupt before his feet as he jumps, and more blasts streak by.

Draco: You bastards, take this! DRAKE!!!!!

The Dragon head hits the group full on shattering their Suits, the pieces flying through the air and littering the sands. More Turks run in on him and he destroys them with his sword.

Ice Alchemist: Spread devastation, strife, and lust…

Plant Alchemist: THAT IS OUR CODE!!!!

Shards of ice spray forward piercing Suits and destroying them, vines leap from the sand, constricting and breaking the metal behemoths. The sand begins swirling and Suits fall in, blasts of water hit the Turks so hard their Gundams break apart. Explosions rock the enemy from all around the blades of another Cavalier.

Alchemist: I’m tired of hiding behind my powers, I wanna see what this machine can do!

The Alchemist flies forward and drives the forearm blade deep into the head of an enemy Suit.

Aveian: (Over com-link) I recommend you do the same, those amps aren’t meant to be your main weapon.

Alchemists: (slightly dejected) Understood.

The Switch-Blades ready their edges and go in for the attack. The Suits meet with Turks and cut them down, the Walachian forces move even deeper into the enemy lines.


Sora: They are making progress.

Aveian: But they are also moving deep into the enemy territory, any moment now they will be surrounded.

Sora: So is our plan now to just wait it out until Kit can launch and be our savior?

Aveian: I can always go.

Sora: I think I’d be better manning the CIC, but I could go too.

Aveian: It’s better if you do stay here, but it is possible you will be needed, in that case I will have you launch.

Sora: Damn, it’s kinda scary we are planning like this.

Aveian: Defiantly not encouraging.


Allenby swirls her ribbon through several oncoming Suits, taking them apart.

Allenby: (slightly worn) All going well Foxxy?

Foxxy is moving around making hard maneuvers, slicing and stabbing at the enemy, inside the cockpit she is sweating and breathing hard.

Foxxy: (Panting) Yeah, no problems here, Draco?

Drake Gundam shoves its sword through the chest of a Turk, them fires the head mounted flames, incinerating two more.

Draco: I could do this all day.

Foxxy: That’s nice, cause I get a feeling we might have to.

In the back the Snipers continue firing at the Turks.

Pilot: My power levels are dropping!

Leader: Keep firing! We have to keep up the rear lines.

An AGNI beam his taking out several Suits.

Leader: This is NOT good…

The Turkey Gundam locks onto him with the assault rifle, he is about to fire when a beam tears right through his Suit.

Leader: Commander?

Aveian: (Fresh Cigarette lit) Commander Aveian Wind, BlackStar, LAUNCHING!

Aveian in his Armor flies forward, firing the claw guns and launching missiles into the enemy lines. He sends the self-propelled claws into two Suits, crushing then firing into their chests.

Aveian: I’m going out in the field to give support, I’ll try to keep giving Commands direct from the battlefield, but there are no guarantees.

Foxxy sees on her displays that Aveian has launched, she quickly finishes off all the enemies around her and rushes over to him.

Foxxy: Whatcha doing here Aveian?

Aveian: I didn’t really have a choice with all you doing such a bad job here.

Foxxy: (huffy) You suck! (Sticks tongue out)

Aveian: (flying forward) Come one Foxxy!

Foxxy: (excitedly) Right!


Marane and his two soldiers board his shuttle. Marane takes the single control seat, as Ra and Sylven take seats the many rows behind him, they sit far apart and settle down, knowing it is going to be a long flight.

Marane: We’re about to go on our first mission as a group, is everyone ready?

Ra is layed back, either meditating or sleeping, while Sylven just gives him an unblinking death glare.

Marane: This all seems encouraging, (he turns a chuckles to himself) now I know the mission will be a success.


Sarin continues to hang helpless and exhausted, the Cavaliers having their way with him, he is completely drained of energy, but their touch are still as intolerably pleasurable as the first, his mind aches with orgasmic releases, this is worse than any torture he could imagine.

Sarin: (thinking, sweat dripping off his face, his long hair masking his identity) This is too much, I can’t take this, I want to die, I want to die, I… want… to die…

Suddenly they stop, they all pull back, and begin re-dressing, the leader looks back on him, as explosions ring out in the land beyond.

Lead Cavalier: Sorry lover, but we can’t play with you anymore, there is a war going on. But…

She walks back up to him and places the longest, deepest kiss he’s felt yet.

Lead Cavalier: (Pulling back and staring him in the eyes, speaking very seductively, her lips poised to strike him again in a second) If you even try to escape, I will find you, and capture you, and punish you. (Pleasured murmur) I’ll make sure it’s a million times worse than anything we did to you today.

She kisses him again on the neck, in a spot that has already been claimed with a large deep love mark, his body shudders and his breath escapes in a moan.

Lead Cavalier: Have fun!

As they leave he realizes he is no longer on the cross, but connected by a heavy chain and collar.

Sarin: I can’t escape, I’m to weak to break these chains, and even if I could, I wouldn’t get far, and I don’t want to be seen like this. Damnit, I’ve lost.


As the ship passes through space the people aboard stay silent, Ra lies back in his chair, dead asleep, Marane stays at the helm, resting in a half awake state, farthest back Sylven lays asleep, his eyes shut and breathes slow and long. Marane looks back tiredly at him; he lets out a long yawn and looks at Sylven exhaustedly.

Marane: Come now Sylven. I mean it is a great impression of a person asleep, and it would have fooled me except for two things, you don’t sleep and you don’t breathe.

Sylven slowly opens his eyes and looks up.

Sylven: You’re lucky…

Marane: Because I’m gifted with good looks, sex appeal and two highly-skilled cohorts?

Sylven: Because I still can’t afford to kill you.

Marane: (feigning amazement) And why in the world would you want to kill me of all people?

Flashbacks to their kiss flash through his mind, he snarls with rage, clenching his fists.

Marane: Oh! That? (chuckle) I just slipped that’s all, my lips brushed against yours by accident, and apparently that really got to you. wow, Sylven I never knew you felt so strongly about me!

Sylven: Watch it old man…

Marane: Aww, did I strike a nerve, I’m so sorry…

Sylven: I’ll end you.

Ra: (laying back, squinting his closed eyes to avoid the light) Will you freaks shut the hell up, I’m trying to sleep!

Marane: Poor Ra, you do need that sleep, you’re so grumpy!

Ra: Go away old man!

Marane: Fine! (Turns around) Hmmph! I’ll just shut up and fly the ship, you’re all so mean!


The fire from the invading Turks is getting heavier; the MXs are falling back further while sniping. The Switch-Blades persist in cutting their way through the Turks, being as their armor is relatively bullet-resistant. The members of the Raven corps., fight through the enemy, being as they are the primary offensive force. Allenby swirls her ribbon around her, bringing down countless Turkey Gundams but even as she does this the enemy continues to surround her and the other pilots.

Allenby: Is anyone else starting to think this was a really bad idea?

Aveian: Yeah, but that never stopped us before.

Draco: (cutting down enemy Suits, firing the shield into another) Wasn’t this your plan to begin with?

Aveian: I made acceptable tactical errors that we now have to deal with.

Foxxy: In other words Aveian got us in deep shit and now wants us to get out of it.

Foxxy rushes up and drives a sword through a Turkey. Aveian taps into his headset, which he still has on, holding the ear piece he calls back to base.

Aveian: Sora, what’s the progress? Enemy positioning, Kit’s progress, tactical information…

Sora: Their reinforcements have stopped dead.

Aveian: What do you mean?

Sora: The troops have been flowing in at a steady rate, now they all just dropped off. There was no ebb, no flanks, just a cut off.

Foxxy: (coming in a little electronic over the non-direct line) Maybe it’s a strategy.

Draco: They must be setting up for something.

Sora: But what?

Allenby: I don’t think that will matter much if we all get killed here, we still have aces in the hole; we have to accept that they have them too.

Aveian: How is the reconstruction on Kit’s Gundam going.

Sora: Its going as planned, but you guys still have to hold them off for a while.

Allenby: Oh fun.

Aveian: Well troops time to do what we’re paid for.

Foxxy: (puts her finger on her lips and looks up to think) When was the last time we got paid?

Aveian: (flying forward) Shut up Foxxy.


Marane: We are now entering Neo-Walachian airspace.

Ra: Walachia? I thought no one knew where it was except the inhabitants. Wait, are you…

Marane: No, no. Its nothing so grand, I merely hacked their systems, then found the colony and cloaked our ship from their surveillance, nothing much.

Sylven: You have far too much time on your hands.

Marane: You have no idea.

In a short time their ship sets down in the desert.

Marane: We have now landed in Walachia, please exit the cabin in an orderly and organized fashion, thank you for flying with us.

Sylven: Cut the crap, let’s just start the mission.

Ra: I agree, if I’m going to start working for you, I better have fun doing it.

Marane: Believe me, every day with me is fun! (Optimistically faces and addresses Sylven) Right Sylven?

Sylven: (brushes by him) I hate you.

Marane: (pouting) You suck!


As the sounds of battle ring out behind Draka goes into the throne room to speak with her father.

Draka: I want to go out with my troops, to assist in the attack.

Lord Dracula: Draka, Commander Wind has said that we are to stay inside, the majority of our Alchemists are to stay here as an insurance policy, we have to keep some of our cards off the table.

Draka: Why all of a sudden are we trusting everything to them?

Lord Dracula: Because without them we would be lost.

Draka: I realize that we are counting on them to save us from all dying but that doesn’t mean that we have to give up all control and blindly follow them.

Lord Dracula: They are not asking for any extreme measures, requesting we keep a reserve force is nothing if not sensible and, quite ordinary. Calm yourself child, your time to fight will come.

Farther back Micrea sits in his throne, listening and contemplating the conversation.

Micrea: I’m just sad that we have to fight to begin with. All this pain… all this suffering, war brought this all. We should all just stop fighting; we shouldn’t be fighting at all!

Draka: Well we do have to fight, (saying his name pointedly) little brother, so keep your empty-headed idealism off of the battlefield.

Draka begins to storm out.

Micrea: (sniffling and crying) Big sister is so cruel…

Lord Dracula: Where are you going Draka?

Draka: (turning to him, very pissy) I’m going out to fight, to assist Captain Sune on the battlefield.

She once again readies to leave.

Micrea: But Kit hasn’t launched yet.

Draka: (whipping back around) What did you say?

Micrea: Captain Sune isn’t launching till his machine is completed, right now it is under construction; he’s waiting in the hangar. Come to think of it, he must be lonely, most of staff from his country is out fighting; somebody should keep him company…

The sound of fast foot steps, doors opening and slamming shut, and more steps move down the hall.

Micrea: She’s gone now isn’t she?

Lord Dracula: Yes son, yes she is.


The group of three stands in the desert by their ship.

Marane: So we all split up, we all have our own part to pull off in this, I know you will do your jobs.

Ra: I’m used to working alone, this’ll be easy!

Sylven: I’m here for one reason, my own, I could care less about what you want Marane.

Sylven starts to walk off.

Marane: Luckily for me you’re just playing a role in my master plan.

Ra: (looking confused) What an antisocial freak.

Marane steps up to Ra, standing very close to him and locking eyes.

Marane: Don’t worry about him, just worry about me and serving my needs, I promise if you fulfill all my wishes I’ll give you a very good reward.

Ra’s eyes gleam and a smirk comes across his face.

Ra: I like rewards.

Marane: (very pleased) Good.

A short time later Ra, walking alone comes across a large tower in the middle of the woods.

Ra: Well this is an interesting little monument…

He stops and gets to cover, his senses sharpening. The door of the spire opens and the group of Alchemists exit. They all laugh together, moving down the path until they suddenly stop.

Blue-Haired Alchemist: Did you see what we did to him, I can’t wait to get back and torture him some more… ummm, ummm, umm, what do we have here?

Blonde Alchemist: Are you hiding from us?

Ra: Shit, I’ve been spotted!

Red-Haired Alchemist: Why don’t you just come out, otherwise we’ll have to take you prisoner too.

Ra walks out with his hands in the air his weapon strapped to his back.

Blue-Haired Alchemist: Good boy, now just surrender and come up to the tower, we promise to treat you nice.

Blonde Alchemist: Or you can resist and we can be rough with you. Really rough…

Ra: Damn…

Blonde Alchemist: Awwwwwww, you want us to be gently? (closing in on him, readying to put him under her spell) that’s too bad because you’re been a really bad boy, and we’re gonna make you suffer.

Ra: No…

He takes out his weapon and effortlessly drives it through her stomach, the brings it out splitting her down to her thighs.

Ra: (smirking) …I was going to let you live, but now that you threatened me, none of you will leave here alive.

The girls, afraid try to fight back in their sheer terror, but the sounds of their death moans and blood spilling ring out. Ra steps over their corpses, his boots slapping in the bloody mud, he steps into the tower, leaving red prints behind him. He scales up the stairs, taking observations of the area as he ascends.

Ra: This place smells like sex; pheromones, perfume, lipstick, saliva, pussy and cum. Something fun was going on here.

As he continues to ascend he hears breathing.

Ra: Hmm, guess I’m not alone here.

Ra shakes the blood off his blade and runs up the stairs attempting to rush his perceived enemy. When he reaches the top he is surprised by what he sees; Sarin, lying on the ground, covered in lipstick in every color of the spectrum, bruises, hickies, sexual fluids, along with tons of scratches and cuts. He sits in a small pool of blood and other fluids, trembling and breathing hard, his neck bleeds slightly from struggling against his metal collar, but he is defenseless.

Ra: Wow, so you’re the famous Sarin I’ve heard about. Man you’ve fallen a long ways… getting captured by a bunch of horny girls and used like this.

Ra continues walking towards Sarin, his weapon ready to strike.

Ra: I could kill you right now, that wouldn’t be too hard.

Ra swings his blade, bringing it down on Sarin hard and fast, Sarin falls and slumps onto the floor, his chain falls before him.

Ra: …But I’d rather let you live, you were in that raid on Zeru’s base, so that means you have the same goals as me, so killing you wouldn’t benefit me. Besides, its not like I was assigned or paid to kill you, and I don’t do jobs for free.

With that Ra sets his spear on his shoulders and rests his arms upon it, the strolls onward, off towards the exit. Slowly Sarin raises himself to his feet, and stumbles out of the building, knowing he is a marked man he tries to hurry, and upon reaching the exit, he sees his captors’ bodies lying on the ground, and reaches down into one of their chest-plates, taking back his mask. He heads down to the river and washes off the marks he can, and closes those wounds he can. Upon cleaning up, the newly re-masked, naked, and now anatomically blessed, he takes off into the air on his great black wings.

Meanwhile Ra just keeps walking forward, in a lackadaisical pace and state.


Draka runs down the corridors towards Kit, her mind and heart racing.

Draka: (speaking as she rhythmically breathes) Maybe if I can get to him in time I might get some alone time with him… (thoughts flash through her head) I have to get him, or else I’ll never be normal again, I’ve conquered and used so many men with one touch, and I have to make sure he isn’t any different.


Back on the battlefield, the tide is beginning to change. As Draco slices through the oncoming troops a Turk goes for a flying down-slash with the saber, he cuts him in half at the waist, but from his wake comes another, which opens fire with the Assault Rifle, Draco raises his shield to defend, his shield takes a whole clip, then explodes taking Drake’s left arm with it.

Draco: You’ll pay for that!

Draco readies his sword put finds the beam generator is out of power.

Draco: DAMN IT!!! Is nothing going to go my way today!?! DRAKE!!!!!!!

The Black Night drives his sword through the enemies’ chest, and then annihilates a charging group with his blast.

Draco: Fuck! I’m almost out!

Allenby, flying through the troops, suddenly finds her whip out of energy, she quickly falls back under a hail of gunfire.

Allenby: Me too!

Foxxy: (fighting desperately against her foes) I’m almost out too!

Aveian: Damnit! We need to finish this! Sora! You’re going to have to move out.

Sora: About that Aveian…


Kit stands impatiently watching his Gundam. As he stands there he hears the explosions getting closer, the sounds of MX beam Fire decreasing, and the sounds of Assault rifle fire getting closer.

Kit: What the hell is going on out there? And why isn’t my Gundam ready!? Sora!?

Sora: I’m moving as fast as I can here, your Suit will be ready in 300 seconds! Get into the cockpit, you’re launching as soon as its done, we need you out there.

Kit: Roger!

Kit scales his suit and enters the cockpit.

Sora: 200 seconds…

Kit puts on a newly designed Pilot suit, Black with gold trim.

Sora: 100 seconds…

He readies for launch, starting up all bootable programs.

Sora: 50 seconds…

All the systems switch on, the eyes turn on, BlackFox awakens!

Sora: Go now!!!

Kit: (head raising, voice raising, tension rising) Kit Sune, BlackFox… LAUNCHING!!!!!!!

Just as the Suit flies out of the hangar Draka arrives.

Draka: (calling out to him) Kit!!!!!!! I wanted to… talk… to… you…

She watches as Kit aboard his Mobile Suit flies out of the hangar leaving her utterly alone, she slumps down onto the floor, sobbing softly.

Aveian: Sora, you’re going to have to launch.

Sora: (playful with her headset) Yeah, Aveian, about that… I don’t think that will be necessary…

BlackFox blasts onto the field at break-neck speed.

Kit: (straining against the force) Well, at least its not slow…

Sora: Put on your damn helmet, the suit is pressurized.

Kit: (switching off the link) Oh shut up! Now lets see what this baby can do!

He flies forward and is soon at the enemy lines.

Kit: None of the main firearms are ready or equipped, just the Beam Sabers in the shield, as well as… oooh, this is different.

Ahead are two Turks, Kit plants his feet down, and turning its head, two blasts fires duel shotguns in the head, the armor around the barrel slides back and forth in a pump-action, expending cartridges.

Foxxy: Kit You’re here!

Allenby: Kit, thank good you’re here!

Draco: Stupid ass, making us wait so long.

Aveian: Get on with this mission.

Kit: Well with that kinda reception… how could I resist.

Kit floors it, and before they can react he has flanked the enemy, the duel beam swords drawn, all the Suits in the middle fall, cut apart and gashed open they explode before hitting the ground.

Turk: Oh great Allah! RETREAT!!!!

The Turks take off into a full retreat, but Kit stands in their path.

Kit: No so fast…

He glides through their ranks, cutting down Gundam after Gundam with his swords and sharp end of his shield, kicking off their heads and kicking in their cockpits, and shredding their armor with Shotgun blasts. In the end only a fraction escape him, passing over a large dune. At that point two Switch-Blade pass him.

Switch-Blade pilot: Don’t worry now mister hotty Ace, we’ll finish off this lot.

Electricity and fire erupt from over the dune, and a few explosions ring out.

(Ending music)

Kit: I think our work is done here.

Foxxy: Mission accomplished!

Sora: (looking at the radar and trembling) Guys! I don’t think it’s over yet!


Draka rises and looks out the catapult to the desert ahead.

Draka: Kit, you won’t get away from me that easily.


Marane strolls down the corridors of Castle Walachia.

Marane: Wow, a nice little base they have here.

Ja Ne

(Outlaw Star music)

Foxxy: Damnit! Can’t we ever catch a break, just when it seems like we have them beat, a whole new and bigger force is coming! And speaking off coming… how the hell did Marane get here, and what is he doing to that girl!? Ew, I don’t wanna know (retching) but if you do, make sure to check out our next mission! Absolute Power: Mission: 21 Into The Burning Sand! You better get ready! …Sylven?

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Pink be on my brain.
i thought it was genius, twas merely insane. oh yes, i tried to spray my hair pink for "wacky hair day" at my state penn, i mean high school. yep oh yep i was going to have pink hair because pink is the cutest color ever and of course my favorite color, so of course what could possibly go wrong?

yep as i was buying that spray on color i was thinking it'd be no big deal to put on, hell i could just wake up in the morning from now on if i wanted to and dye meh hair all kinds of fantastic colors! yeah, can you tell yet i'd never done it before?

so cut to about an hour after i wrote that post and here i am with a hot pink forehead and neck, bright pink fingers, and reddish hair that looks like i asked a random dude on the street to put some red in my hair, plus now my hair feels like reindeer moss and my eyes look emerald green, i look like "JD the magical christmas spaz." the best was still coming though, being as my hair was bleeding color i had to talk to Bev on speaker phone, which left me sitting on the floor in my room unable to touch anything and unable to watch "Heroes" so yeah that was a LOAD of fun. well after a while i ended up deciding whether to wash meh hair out or go to school with crappy hair.

well i basically decided at some point that my hair looked like crap, and it wasn't crappy hair day, it was wacky hair day and my hair didn't even look wacky, it just looked bland and i got up an hour early to wash my hair out so it'd be nice looking and not just trying so hard to fail.

so i sat in the shower conflicted over whether i should go through with this or not, well eventually i just shoved my head in and watched as tons of red liquid poured out of my hair, and i sat there for about a half-hour as my hair died the water red. the best part of that is my steady ingestion of anime music, so when my head went under and the red poured out all of a sudden i hear "... Zankoku na tenshi no you ni
shounen yo shinwa ni nare..." yeah, nothing like lying in a pool of red liquid hearing "Cruel Angel Thesis Bleed." i've got to say i had a Shinji-esque reaction to it, though that was my acting but it was still fun, now if only i could take EVA Unit 01 to school, i'd get my driver's liscence for that.

speaking of GAINAX i had a real "fun" time today whilst talking to one of my friends about some RPG i think he was making up, he seems as if he is just making stuff up most of the time, i used to do it when i was little so i can kinda stop it, but then again he knows a lot of mainstream stuff too so maybe he is just that wide in his selection of viewings, but thats getting off topic, he was talking about the main character being useless then getting uber-awesome super-powers later on, so i immediately thought of Nono also known as Gunbuster Unit 07. so i was describing her silly ability to split things clean in half, starting off with plates and soon graduating to a fridge. well once we realize who, or what she really is and she takes on that REAL Space Monster as it wipes out all of the Topless she splits an entire planet in half, and in true "from the makers of EVA and FLCL" style the upper part slides off like a straw mat cut with a katana. well whilst in the middle of my description of GAINAX mocking the laws of physics Todd German, who you guys MIGHT [i don't expect you to keep up on who's who in my life,, but in case you do remember him from former posts of mine i figured i'd tell you it was him.] well in his usual way he just starts screaming "THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE!" "THAT CAN'T HAPPEN!!" and similar things. i tried to just blow him off but then he started insulting me saying it was stupid and i was stupid and all the like. so i whip around and say to the affect of "SHUT UP TODD, I KNOW IT CAN'T HAPPEN AND I WASN"T TALKING TO YOU SO PLEASE STAY OUT MY BIDDNESS!" then walked off, God are some people stupid, i should just start going into Tycho generating a beam of energy at -1,800,000,000 degrees or the rip-van-winkle effect. usually i'm all for interjecting, i do it a lot, but to do so by yelling how stupid you and what you're saying is, well then you deserve to be shunned.


"Todd is like a retarded version of Wilcock. They both feed off of sorrow, Wilcock is cruel to people, but he does it through snide comments and witty jabs, Todd just yells offensive things until you get unhappy."

-me after school to my friends [Kitty and Stacy]

♥ JD Person ♥

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Monday, October 1, 2007

Time Lord.
of yes, i'm the Lord of time wasters, or at least of encountering and engaging them, i think sometimes i'm like a RPG character, i just have random encounters with things that slow down my forward progress. today i got to make up all the crap i missed whilst i was dealing with my wannabe penicillin allergy, which came down to a page of math work and carving a sculpture out of a bar of soap, i really wish i had the balls to make a shiv.

nope, instead i made a heart that said JD + Bev, except i broke it in half cutting it out and its now held together with struts made out of a paperclip on the inside, as well i carved the "E" out too far so i had to press shavings in there that will most likely fall out. oh yes did the reality of my creation take a giant shit on my expectations, as i usually expect. i can never seem to create anything as beautiful as i imagine it to be, and being as i continually fail i've grown quite accustomed to failing and thus i've learned to accept my misshapen creations as okay and just turning them in. i guess i have an artist's mind in that everything i do is never good enough for me, i always feel like i could improve my work.

i also had to start writing an essay on said sculpture before i even started it, because i missed friday when everyone else made theirs. so maybe it was just myself jinxing me in that i predicted how everything went. it could very well have been a self-fulfilling prophesy, but at the same time its definitely not the first time this happened, so it could just be that i know the outcome by now.

saturday i decided to invest in a new video game, so i bought MS Saga: A New Dawn, and i must say that a turn-based-Gundam-RPG is a pretty good idea, i know i'm enjoying it, even if i'm sorta stuck at the moment, but at the same time i am leveling my characters, which i'm pretty much known to do, i just level like a mofo in most games, because thats how i answer an battle i can't win, i just start over from the last save and level like crazy until i can just crush the next group as well, i never really strategize, i just use sheer force to win games, i guess thats kind of being a bad sport, but who the fuck cares? i like being able to do what i want when i want, plus right now i'm not really a big fan of the fact i have a Zaku I and GM on my team, i love my Zaku II, but the other two kinda piss me off, because i hate those two models of Mobile Suits. appearantly i can create a Gouf or some other manner of Zaku, but i don't know where to create them, so for now i'm forced to use those two crappy Suits.

tomorrow is whack hair day at meh school, so i'm going to try to dye my hair with spray on hair dye, i've never done that before so i'm in for some fun, i'll probably end up fucking it up pretty badly, but oh well, i suppose that will make my hair all the wackier!


"i think if i dye my hair orange i'll look less like Ichigo Kurosaki and more like Perez Hilton"


♥ JD Person ♥

HAIL ZEON!!!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, September 30, 2007

well it seems i got the same amount of commentary on my chapter of AP as i did on my normal post from the time before, which could be interpretted either way being as my regular post got very few comments, but i'm not complaining, i've egnored you guys for a while now so i suppose i would get very few comments, i'm just glad you guys sample my story, even if you're not devoted readers.

i did get one comment i found rather amusing, it was pretty much a user saying "you mean you're still writing this!?" i found that quite funny, basically because i guess nobody thinks i enjoy writing or that i'd stick to writing AP even if no one really ever wants to read it, because reallly i write it for myself, i have all these character that live in my head and i want to tell their stories, they pop up and the strangest times and i can never forget about them, so i'll keep writing my story until i say it ends, and thats a long time from now, especially since part 2 of 3, After Thought is meant to be un-ending, with a few Dogmatic chapters thrown in to tie it to the final part, "Fall Out". so yeah, you gfys will be dealing with Kit and Foxxy for years to come.

i always thought it wierd the people who give up on their stories, they start writing something for like 5 1-page chapters then give up and never mention them again, though isn't entirely bad being as for a while everyone was obsessed with making their characters the living dead that cry blood and kill children for no appearant reason very violent and graphicly, so those stories ending aren't really any loss to me.

though i think the first few chapters of my story aren't that great, its funny to see how much you improve as a writer, or at least change as one throughout the writing of something as long as this you change a lot, maybe not for the better depending how you feel about the way i'm taking this story.

i really wish i had more time to write AP actually, just doing one chapter a month [which i've fallen behind on] just isn't enough, i mean with the average chapter thats just a page a day, i wish i could write A CHAPTER a WEEK or even DAY! if i could just spend all my school time writing my story that'd be awesome, be like Bunchichi and just hang around school after i've graduated just to be lazy, though then again all my friends are my age pretty much, so there'd be no reason for me to stay. i just love wwriting my story so much, its my favorite pass-time i think.

but enough of my gushing over my little self-imposed writing project, the reason i put that title is because the gram and a half of fake penicilin set of some reaction inside my body and i got all speckly so i basically got peer-pressured out of school after first hour friday, which basically ended up getting me a shot of steroids in the ass as well as a ton of other steroid pills and such for my seeming allergy. thats fine anyway, even before i got an outward reaction those pills always gave me heartburn so i'm glad to be rid of them.

i am however pissed at my body for being so weak, why do i have do i have to have allergies? i feel like my body has betrayed me by doing this to me. the human life is already so easy to end, there are already so many ways to die, why did my acursed mortal frame have to find another one? i want immunities, not allergies. i want to evolve, not degenerate. this stupid pile of carbon has failed me again, i feel sometimes as if my soul is trapped inside this useless shell of mortality, like i need to find my fog watch that will turn me back into a timelord, or to discover how to gain the strength and abilities i feel as if i warrant. i hate this body, the face is pretty and the shape is pretty nice, it is pretty physically imposing for something so out of practice using force, but bio-chemically it's pathetic, i'm prone to sinus problems and now i have an allergy, i really wish i could "pimp my genes" my damn brother is pretty and as of yet has no allergies, i resent him so much. curse this vehicle, when its time to leave i won't miss it, there is no such thing as a beautiful corpse and vanity is all this body has going for it.


Me: *rising from the toilet and pulling up my pants and undies* i feel like a toad that just threw up its stomach. *flush toilet*

poop is always good in quotes

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Absolute Power ch.19
Absolute Power
Mission: 19
The Falling Blade.

The crew from the base is now reunited; they gather around viewing the newly created Gundam, Its body was a simple black on dark grey frame, based off of Freedom, black armor and dark grey body. On each knee spikes similar to the one on Quick Sylver’s arms on each, and the elbows. On each forearm there is a bowie knife, which can be retracted, the blade faces down, with a saw blade facing up. Instead of the wings it has two huge bowies, which retract up like giant switch-blades. The linear cannons on the hips are also removed, and it has no vulcans mounted.

Aveian: This is the newest prototype Gundam, Switch-Blade.

Kit: Is it completed yet?

Aveian: To the point they can be deployed, that’s completed enough.

Foxxy: For such a major project, we sure rushed it enough.

Aveian: I think its time for a mission briefing.


The Walachian, as well as Neo-American Militaries personnel are gathered in the CIC room, Draka, Aveian and Dracula are gathered before the information screen.

Draka: As all of us Walachian military know, we are at war with an enemy that seeks to annihilate our race. For many years now we have been tangled in mortal combat, since before this colony was built. And throughout all this time our borders have remained the same, neither side gaining or losing.

Lord Dracula: (pointing to the screen, as the images of AGNI beams wipe out Alchemists, and glowing eyes move forward) Until now, the Turks had their guns, and we had our Alchemy, but as of late they have gained a new weapon, and have broken through all of our lines, if they are not stopped, soon they will destroy our capital city.

Aveian: (points as diagnostics appear on screen) These weapons are Mobile Suits. They appear to be equipped with high energy AGNI beam weaponry, and judging by the level of sound the strides produces, these Suits are around 50% larger than our standard MXs, or the prototype Switch-Blade, and being as they are equipped with such high level weapons, we have to imagine that they are using an advanced energy source.

Draka: The American military, in return for the support and shelter they are receiving here they are going to assist us in saving our country.

Aveian: We have developed a new type of Mobile Suit for your army’s purposes, but in order to mass-produce it we first have to test it. We’re planning on sending out our proto-type unit on a sortie against a small advanced attack group, in order to get information on the enemy’s capabilities, as well as the spec of our own Suits.

Draka: Once we have perfected the Switch-Blade, we will begin work on mass-production, and once that happens, these fools are going to see what its like to be on the receiving end of a momentum shift.

Lord Dracula: Once we finally destroy the enemies of our Kingdom have been taken care of, we will once again be at peace and we will no longer have to live in fear and pain.

Aveian: We have already selected a Pilot for the mission, our Ace Pilot and Fighter, Captain Kit Sune.

Kit climbs up, arm still wrapped up, onto the stage beside his Commander.

Draka: You may be wondering why we are sending a Pilot with a broken predominate arm on this important and extremely dangerous mission, but I assure you he is the perfect soldier for the job.

Aveian: Or the best we could find on short notice.

Kit nimbly maneuvers to Aveian’s side and grabs the mic, he then struts across the stage, working the crowd.

Kit: Don’t worry guys, even if I am injured, with the help of my country’s military engineers I’ll be able to help you destroy your enemies. Your country is sheltering, hiding, and protecting us, and you even give us military rule and veto power over your ruler, I can’t fail you. Because if I did I know I wouldn’t be able to sleep, or die in peace.

Alchemist: (screaming to Kit from the crowd) You better not die Kit, we still have plans for you!

Kit looks a bit surprised and flattered, which he uses to manipulate the crowd further.

Kit: (cocky and flirtatious) Now come on girls, you know I’m…

A pair of pink panties land on his head, he takes them off, looks at them, and as he looks up the air before him is filled with a rainbow of women’s underwear, all aimed at him. As the panties rain down on him, he just stands there looking attractive and soaking up the spot-light, in the back Aveian and the elder 3 members of the Spitfire family, Draco having joined them from the back converse.

Draco: Does anyone else see it as pathetic that we need Kit to go out there and play to the crowd just so we can get support for the mission that will save our country?

Aveian: Kit is a mascot, he’s out there to build up spirit and rally the troops, but when the mission starts, he is even more invaluable, for all he stupidity and womanizing, in the end, he’s what holds the military together.

Lord Dracula: At times, the most well laid plans of the greatest tacticians may go to waste if they fail to capture the hearts of the common people, my son you must know, that at times the people don’t understand hit-and-run missions, mass-production weapons, and trail by fire, but everyone understands a funny and popular pretty boy, who could easily have whatever he wants in the world, putting his life on the line to protect people he barely knows.

Draka: The Switch-Blade, even after it is completed will never be our secret weapon; it’s the endearing spirits of the Pilots that are the real ones. Kit can do with a thought what took me my whole life to create with Alchemy.

Draco: You’re all idiots (the others look shocked) but I stand no change of life without you, so I might as well just die with you.

Aveian: Death isn’t an option at this point.


A group of Alchemists enter a dark room, the look up, and suddenly lights spring on all around them. A above them is Sarin, crucified on a huge crimson cross, up a spiral stair case, led up to by red carpeting. The apparent leader of the group climbs up and holds Sarin’s chin up with her fingers, he looks at her tiredly.

Sarin: Who are you, why can’t I move…?

Alchemist: You can’t move because we sealed all your powers, we knew that otherwise you’d just break free and get away (undoing his mask and leaning in) and we can’t let you do that. (Kisses him softly, yet passionately, his hair and mask block his face, pulling back she speaks) As for titles, we are your captors, and you are our slave…

Sarin gasps and blushes as strongly as he can in his weakened state, below a blonde is looking up his cloth, feeling around.

Blonde: Awwww, this is weird. Our little angel of death here is as so tiny. We can’t have that!

Leader: (as the blonde claps) We want a SEX slave…

The blonde reaches up to Sarin’s crotch, drastically increasing the size of his shaft, head and other male bits.

Blonde: (kneeling, finishes applying her red lip-gloss) Now, let’s see if it still works…

Her mouth slips around his newly found equipment, her lips brushing against it, and the undeniable pleasure shows ever on his emotionless face. As he struggles to keep control, he sees a whole group of Alchemists, all undressing, readying themselves, and approaching with lust filled eyes.

Leader: (pressing her naked chest against his, as she cuts open his shirt in the front with her nails) You have a whole lot of lonely girls to deal with, and you are our living sex toy, a dark god of lust.

All the girls close in on him, caressing, kissing, nibbling, sucking, scratching, groping, holding: he is prey now covered in predators.


Sylven sits outside the compound, staring up at the stars.

Sylven: How long will it be…?

Marane: So you continue to long for what you can’t have?

Sylven: What are your reasons for waiting like this?

Marane: Because we have to make sure that they do all the work, no use harvesting the crop if it’s not ripe yet.

Sylven: You’re being overly cautious.

Marane: When you are perpetually a step away from death caution becomes normal.

Sylven: Too bad the caution doesn’t spill into your affronts to God and your sexual indiscretion.

Marane: Gotta do something to pass the time.

Sylven looks at him with contempt, but Marane isn’t fazed, they both know too well the situation.


The crowd has filed out, but the leaders are still gathered, the Raven Corps., crew along with the Walachian royalty now sit, attempting to comprehend the situation.

Aveian: In order to more effectively carry out this mission we need more intelligence. Tell us the effective military history of this war

Lord Dracula: It is a painful subject for our family.

Foxxy: (looking at them with big, innocent, sparkling eyes, her voice soft and disabling) Its fine if you don’t tell us, it’s just that we’re new here; we don’t know what to do.

Draka: For years our personal and military affairs have been linked, so I should have expected that asking you to assist in the war would involve learning about our pasts.

Sora: (melancholy) All of us have painful memories because of the battles we fought, but if they can help to end future battles, we warriors will tear out our own souls.

Lord Dracula: This is a world where the young suffer for the old; I will devote myself to ending this world.

Aveian: (with silent contempt) Just give us the information you can, and we’ll offer the help we can.

Lord Dracula: (decoding his meaning) Truly the cold demeanor of a Commanding Officer.

Aveian: (without flinching) We can only act if we have the correct tactical information, if you want us to win this war we have to get it.

Lord Dracula: (hearty chuckle) You are very persuasive Commander Wind.

Aveian: I just want to avoid wasting time on pointless situations.

Lord Dracula: Very well I shall give you the information you seek.

(Flashback time once again, you poor, poor bastards)

(Lord Dracula): It began as this country was founded, even as the colony was being built and populated, our two sides were establishing borders and preparing for war. We, being the creators of this land took the choice lands and built civilizations, the Turks have nomadic herds in the deserts, the built crude mud-brick cities and dug underground military shelters; we built castles and barracks.

(Aveian): How did they get here? If you are enemies why did you both inhabit the same land?

(Lord Dracula): They are poor, they couldn’t fin another way off earth, so they stowed away on our ships, and took up camp on the outskirts of our Kingdom.

(Foxxy): I may be stupid…

(Kit): You are.

(Foxxy): (to Kit, bitchy) you really suck, you know that? (Normal) But why build uninhabitable desert all around your Kingdom?

(Draka): It’s called a plot hole.

(Kit): Running that joke out…

(Aveian): Continue your briefing.

(Lord Dracula): On their journey here they brought weapons, and opened fire on our border cities.

(Aveian): You should have mounted artillery there as a defense measure.

(Draco): (contempt seeping out) My Family does not believe in using guns…

(Kit): So that’s why everyone around here are trained and equipped like this.

(Lord Dracula): To counter this we brought tutors in the ancient art of Alchemy up to this Colony, to help arm our army. Around this time my oldest son fled the country…

(Draco): (still pissy) And in response my Father decided to close all the borders, trapping all the people in the Country, without exception. Eventually things like medicine, especially complex surgery became impossible to come by, and innocent people still died for the war.

(Lord Dracula): (refusing to acknowledge his son’s jabs at him) With the help of Alchemy we were able to hold the hordes at bay and defend our borders. This war went on for a long time, Swords, Lances, Armor, Alchemy, Horses; Pitted against Assault Rifles, Camels, Suicide Bombs, and Fanatical Religion. Both of our sides took heavy losses, yet the war continued neither side faltering. All of the soldiers would have fought forever, but I decided to end it. My wife took Draco and Micrea on a journey to the head camp of the Turks to try to strike up peace.

The group of Walachian Travelers wanders through the Desert, the mother in front with her two sons, in order of age behind her

Draco: (still as snide as ever, yet small and cute) I don’t see why we don’t just slaughter all of them, pathetic fools, no one stands against the empire!

Micrea: (with big, baby blue eyes, sparkly and full of tears) No brother! Killing doesn’t solve anything! We must find a better way!

Draco: Shut up you sniveling little fool, or I’ll eviscerate you!

Their mother looks a lot like Micrea, Blue eyes, long wavy blonde hair, she is a “healthy,” woman, but by no means fat, she is beautiful and young looking for a mother of 4.

Mother: He is right Draco, you cannot kill every opponent, and eventually you must learn that peace is the greatest weapon.

Draco: I will not become weak…

Mother: (small laugh) One day you will be, someone will make you, and you’ll long for a peace to share with them…

Draco: You’re too naïve.

(Lord Dracula): I disliked this idea, I wanted the war to end, put I did not like this, I wanted to wait it out, but no man can stop a strong woman, and she beat me, she did what she wanted.

Aveian: (back in frame for a second, eyes shut, and exhaling smoke) That is true enough.

Sora: (glomps his neck, speaking seductively) Good boy, he understands a mans place, as a loyal pet (kissing his cheek loudly and with ardor)

Kit: (flat exhausted Anime eyes) They are right…

(Lord Dracula): (back to story) In any case they departed for an impromptu diplomatic meeting, and eventually they reached the encampment.

The horse with the Walachian Royalty reaches the entrance to the Turkish encampment. At the gateway a large Arab man greets them; from the way he is dressed and how well fed he appears to be he is most possibly the leader.

Arab Man: Hello my friends, welcome to my homeland, I was not expecting you until my sentries picked up on your approach, I must say this is a very good day!

Mother: I believe this will be a good day too…

(Lord Dracula): We believed that it was going to be the beginning of a dawn of peace, were wholly wrong. After hours of rough negotiations, they made their move…

Turkish soldiers storm in and arrest the Walachians; they try to resist but give in and are dragged off.

(Lord Dracula): The arrested and imprisoned my family, their goal was to break them down, women and children, and either extract information or use them as ransom to gain power on the shifting borders, in both areas they failed. So they decided to take revenge…

Inside a dungeon the 3 royals are chained with their arms crossed behind their backs, on a floor held up by springs…

Leader/(Draco): …So as your muscles and ligaments tear and break you’ll just keep sinking, slowly, until your arms completely break.

(Foxxy): Bastards! They’d do that to children!?

(Aveian): (cold and uncaring) They want to create a state of fear, what does that better than the meticulous torture of the innocent?

(Draco): It didn’t end there… We still didn’t talk so they decided that they had to take more extreme measures.

(Kit): (understanding the situation completely) What did they decide to do?

(Draco): They took Micrea…

As the scene plays out Draco narrates.

(Draco): Micrea was taken and help down; they took a red-hot paring knife and cut out his eyes, while he was fully awake, then threw him back in the cell. He was FIVE!

Micrea is tossed into the cell, his eyes bleeding and burnt.

Micrea: (Wailing with unfathomable pain) MY EYES BURN!!!!!!! THEY HURT SO BAD!!!!! WHY CAN’T I SEE?!!! MOTHER, BROTHER WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!?

(Draco): After that I lost it, I wanted to kill them all, I wanted to tear open their throats with my bare hands, I wanted to disembowel their wives and children in front of them, worthless piles of shit…

(Kit): I know all those feelings, nothing surprises me anymore, but those “people” are truly evil.

(Lord Dracula): It gets worse. Shortly there-after they executed my wife, they slit her throat then hung her from a short rope, so she would slowly strangle to death as she hemorrhaged massively onto the spectators…

(Draco): They forced me to watch…

As his mother’s throat spills open, she is dressed only with a noose and pushed off, the blood sprays out and hits Draco, with his naked body drenched in his mothers blood his pupils narrow.

(Draco): (monotone) They had to pay…

Draco breaks free of his wrist bindings, and taking the sickle-sword of the Turk, cuts the soldier down. He then proceeds to cut down all of the other soldiers, in his rage he is an efficient killing machine, slaughtering the whole group in what looked like one long, graceful, coordinated motion.

(Draco): I killed them all, they deserved it. I’m only glad Micrea didn’t have to see it…

Draco stands covered in blood, panting, holding the stolen sword, he turns around, and is horrified to see all the dead bodies behind him, including his dead mother. His eyes quiver, and his body shakes, his breathing becomes erratic and he clenches himself shivering. Then, slowly his pupils dilate his body and breathing calms and he moves on.

Draco: (taking his hand) Lets go home Micrea.

(Lord Dracula): About a week later they came back, torn, bloodied, beaten… and with my wife.

Draco and Micrea cross the gateway into the kingdom, Micrea’s eyes bandaged, Draco looks completely grown in expression; he is dragging a sack behind him.

Knight: Prince Draco, you have…

Draco: (throws the bag to his feet) (speaking calmly) Bury my mother.

Draco continues walking, leading Micrea by the hand, into the castle.

(Lord Dracula): The world they brought back with them, it was hell. After that we brought full military force down on them, we sent military raids into civilian villages, slaughtered women and children, we wanted revenge, and we got it.

(Draka): I lead plenty of raids, I slaughtered children in their sleep, killed wives in plain view of their husbands, I manipulated children into killing their fathers, and made the mother kill the children out of rage. I had my troop’s burn whole cities down with Alchemy.

(Draco): They did the same. They sent black-ops groups into our cities on suicide missions, to kill as many people before they are killed. Things went on like this for years, so I ran away. I fled this Hell and became a fighter, but here I am back.

(End of flash back)

Aveian: That is enough information; we will begin operations as soon as possible.

Lord Dracula: Thank you for your services Commander Wind.

Aveian: (uncaringly) Its only due to your cooperation, Lord Dracula.

Aveian begins to walk away, Sora follows. As they are about to exit the door Aveian turns back around.

Aveian: I’m sorry for any problems we may have caused, just doing our jobs.

Lord Dracula: Anything we do you know we are doing because we have to, both our forces.

Aveian nods and leaves, Foxxy and Kit go to follow.

Kit: Have to get ready for the mission.

Foxxy: I’m needed too.

Draka: Its fine, the briefing is over anyway.

Kit: Well I’ll see you later.

Kit and Foxxy walk out merrily, waving goodbye to the Walachians, as they exit Foxxy trips and takes a header, rising and regaining her composure and dusts herself off just in time as they pass Aveian, leaning in true Aveian fashion, against the wall.

Aveian: Ready?

Kit: (focused, cocky, demonic) Yeah.


Sarin is moaning and panting, his hair matted over his face, his body showing obvious signs of what have been done to him, and still the girls circle, they all want him, they want to toy with his body, and he is chained up, all his energy is burned up, they’re all going to get him.

Alchemist: you are so much fun to play with…

She slides him into her, and begins kissing, sucking, and nibbling on his lower neck and shoulder. Her mouth works harder and harder on his helpless, susceptible skin, her nibbles becoming bites, until she is gnawing on him, chewing him, her mouth leaving a string of lasting marks on his virgin flesh.

Other Alchemist: (leaning in, teasing him, while licking her full, supple, colored and glossed lips) Awwwww, poor baby, you might die of a blood clot from all the hickies we’re leaving on you…

Sarin’s breath is shallow and pleasured, no matter how much he tries to fight it, his body is giving in to the sensations.

Alchemist 2: (playfully) Too bad!

She catches Sarin in a long deep kiss, his back going against the wall his mouth and breathe taken so fast he is almost suffocating, but the sensation once again overtakes him and he falls into it, his eyes suddenly shoot open again and his breath gasps.

Alchemist: In case you haven’t noticed, we had some fun with you…

Another Alchemist: We figured why should girls be the only ones to get tortured like this, so we made you as sensitive as a girl…

Next Alchemist: And made it so you can have multiple orgasms.

This Alchemist: “Can,” we made sure you can’t help it (brushing her hand against Sarin’s lower parts, he moans as it throbs) we made sure you have a hair trigger, and you feel a big boom, and no ammo, great for a sexy toy (mounting him, her teeth sinking into his neck, driving his soft flesh wild) so easy and fun to torture.

Once again all the girls descend on him, his body that was already shuddering in pleasure explodes from every inch, every touch is like a climax, his mind feels like it is going to break, his logic is telling him he hates it, but he can’t hear himself through all the inescapable pleasure in his mind, he is a slave, not just the women, but to his own physical form.

Sarin: (his mind getting clouded, his thoughts strained) Great, I expected to get captured at some point, but by a bunch of horny little girls… this humiliation is beyond tolerable, I have to do something about this…But I can’t… they have me… I can’t fight, I have to… but I’m too far gone… Damn it.


Kit, Foxxy and Aveian enter the hangar, Sora is already there surveying.

Kit: So, what is your analysis, Commander?

Aveian: This appears to be an ideological war; the two factions have very different cultures. The fact that their lifestyles are so opposed means that we only have one course of action.

Kit: That being…?

Aveian: We completely destroy them. If we attack mercilessly, inflict massive casualties and decimate their encampments, they will lose.

Kit: You expecting they will lose their will to fight?

Aveian: That and that we completely cripple their military power to the point they can’t attack, and if they try to regain it…

Foxxy: The Walachian military can waste em again!

Kit: (a bit baffled, scratching his head) But isn’t that technically terrorism?

Aveian: Fight fire with fire.

Foxxy: Why is it always fire, can’t we use other elements like… Ummmm, stuff with stuff.

Sora: (hears them as they pass by) Oh how I missed the ethically unsavory missions! It’s so good to be back.

Kit stops to address her, the other stop with him too, being as they arrived where they were going anyway.

Kit: Sorry Sora, but I’m the one going out on this mission, and there is only one Switch-Blade.

Sora: (waving her hand towards the wall) Is that so?

Kit and Foxxy’s eyes follow her hand, and see Switch-Blade Units 01, 02, and 03, all identical except the Unit numbers on the Left shoulder armor in white and in black cursive writing on each of the blades on their backs.

Aveian: I will cover you on this mission.

Foxxy: I’ll go…

Aveian: And Sora will be your other back-up.

Foxxy: (Pissed) What the hell!!!!!? I’m a better Pilot than her! I should be there to test it!

Aveian: (lighting his next smoke) We already have two ace pilots, I’m using Sora to test what the average pilot.

Foxxy realizes what he just said, she looks at Sora expectantly, though Sora doesn’t even notice her gaze, and looks as if nothing happened, Foxxy gets what she wants.

Sora: (Thinking… angrily) “Using?” “Average Pilot?” He is SO dead! (Out loud, unfazed) I’m declining this mission Commander.

Aveian: It’s not a request, it’s an order, Sergeant-Major.

Sora: (walking off) So?! Court-Marshal me, “Commander,” I’m outta here.

Aveian looks slightly annoyed, as the ash on his cigarette falls off, his eye and brow twitch, as does the corner of his mouth. He stands there a while, looking up-tight and annoyed. Then he turns, doing an exaggerated Anime style sigh his whole upper body dropping down at the waist.

Aveian: (shooing Foxxy off and speaking dejectedly) Just go Foxxy.

Foxxy: (shrill squeal) YAY!!!!!!!


Marane zips up a space suit and begins walking towards a high-speed cruiser ship. Sylven follows after him with visible displeasure.

Sylven: Where the hell do you think you’re going? You tell me I have to wait here until its time to fight Kit, which is some indefinite time in the future, yet you are running off now.

Sylven: (not even bothering to turn and face him, his normal controlling cockiness still pervading) I am going on a real mission, not carrying out some petty personal vendetta. I’m allowing you your wish because it doesn’t disadvantage me TOO much, this will mission I’m departing on will give us a great benefit in our coming battle.

Marane heads up the stairs and passes through the doorway without even giving Sylven a glance, suddenly he turns and faces him, shocking Sylven, who parts his lips and let’s out a slight, in-audible gasp.

Sylven: (looking more evil than usual) Wish me luck.

Before he can react, Marane presses his lips softly against Sylven’s lip, for a brief moment so short and soft it could just as easily not exist, then, he flawlessly pulls back and the door shut separating them, and the ship then blasts off. That moment Sylven erupts.

Sylven: YOU BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sylven sends out his whips, but they merely clank and spark against the ship’s hull before bouncing off. They fall limp and massive amounts of blood spill out of Sylven’s wrist.

Sylven: (clutching one wrist) I really need to fix that.


Deep in the woods the 3 Gundams crouch, covered by Camo-netting, surveying the area for any approaching enemy.

Foxxy: (sighs) Well this sure is annoying,

It is seen that she has changed clothes, she is in a skin tight sleeveless black leather top and pants, there are several thin tubes stuck into her body we can see three going into each arm, upper and lower bicep at a 90 degree angle to the arm, and another going straight into her forearm, heading the same was as the bone, one is going into each breast, and one on each side of her collar bone, another going towards each kidney, her blood slowly cycling through it.

Foxxy: Is this all really necessary?

Aveian: You are the one who bitched until you got put on this mission, so can you refrain from complaining while we are on it?

Kit: He does have a point Foxxy, we are all uncomfortable, besides, aren’t girls supposed to be better at tolerating pain?

Over the Vid-screens it is seen that both of the other pilots are dressed the same way.

Foxxy: Shut the hell up! (sticks her tongue out)

Kit: But really, what is this system?

Aveian: It’s all experimental; we have to find a superior system, or a group of them to better allow us to protect ourselves in battle against all our enemies. So just bear with the pain and complete the mission.

Foxxy: Roger Commander…

Kit: so how do we know that the enemy is coming here?

Aveian: Bait.


A group of Alchemists, dressed all in black, wearing black makeup and thinner armor rush into a Turkish village.

Blue haired Alchemist: We really have no chance of surviving this.

Red-Orange haired Alchemist: Our job isn’t to survive, it’s to bring them enemy out, and even wipe out some enemies in the mean time.

Once they get inside they break apart, each applying their craft, fire explodes inside buildings, ice shards pierce bodies, giant vines wrap around bodies, crushing them, thorns piercing them and petals slicing into them. Some other turn their attacks towards the Mobile Suits, those ice shards piercing armor and disabling the Suits, flowers wrapping around the bodies of the Suits, creating a strange irony.

Alchemist: (short pink hair with longer, pink bangs) Sorry boys (charming wink and giggle) but your boy’s toys are no match for girl power.

Several other soldier run towards the Suits, but are wrapped up in the vines, then inhaling while in their midst, become sedate and flushed.

Plant Alchemist: What should we do with them?

Flame Alchemist: Use them, abuse them, violate them, torture them, then kill them.

Ice Alchemist: Sounds fun.

The girls descend on the poor helpless men, getting their fills of their bodies, their actions getting more and more rough, scratching and burning with ice shards and fire, tingling and killing nerves, the flower’s aroma making the men weaker and weaker, then the ice is inserted into the body through the rear exit, and the men moan with a mixture of pleasure and pain, strong enough to break the spell, just as the are incinerated to ashes.

Flame: Lets keep moving.


Allenby: How do you think they’re doing?

Sora: (wearing a headset and working on a laptop) The enemy hasn’t even located them yet, the “Expeditionary Force,” is still stirring up conflicts within the village.

Draka: (pouting) I used to lead attacks like that, but I got passed up this time…

Sora: That’s what happens when you go up too high in the rankings; they don’t let you do the dangerous missions anymore.

Draco: Our father would normally let us do whatever mission we want, I think that at this point the stakes are getting too high and he is trying to protect all of his valuables in case our plan fails.

Allenby: You’re starting to sound like Aveian.

Sora: (contemplating the situation) You do sound like the Commander.

Draco: Don’t get any ideas Sora.

Sora: Believe me; if I wanted you you’d be naked and moaning by now.

Draco: You’re lucky I need you to complete my goals.

Sora: That’s what I do; become indispensable, that way I can do whatever I want with no fear.

Draco: Manipulative bitch.

Allenby: Welcome to women 101.


The Alchemists, after laying waste and stirring up the citizens head towards the center of the encampment.

Thunder Alchemist: I think we caused enough damage here, I say we retreat back behind the defensive lines.

Plant Alchemist: I agree.

A group of Turks, armed with sabers and Assault Rifles, rush them, suddenly large vines cover in huge thorns as well as beautiful flowers wrap through the openings of a nursery, all the children are lifted out of the openings, then destroyed, as blood rains from the sky. The soldiers turn towards this in shock, and a moment later then disintegrate in a flash of fire and electricity.

Flame Alchemist: Let’s go!

All of the Alchemists take off out of town, one stops and faces them, her hair and make up is all silver, she stands with arms forward, and gun barrels spill out from her body, she fires a huge salvo, killing all the immediate followers, and wiping out even more buildings. After this short blast she takes off after them.

Inside the village the remaining soldiers board any available Mobile Suits and take chase. The Alchemists disappear into the forest.

Turk Pilot: They escaped into the woods!

Second Pilot: well chase them down and kill them, burn the whole forest down if you have t….. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!


The motion detectors in the 3 waiting Gundams go off.

Aveian: The Covert Ops. Group is retreating.

Foxxy: Enemy Mobile Suits detected! 3 of them!

Kit: Mission time!

Turk Pilot: Burn the whole forest… huh? AAAAAAAAH!!!!!

A black Silhouette jumps out from the woods and cuts the whole Mobile Suit down, descending from above. The Turkish Suit sparks and explodes back lighting the newest Walachian weapon.

Pilot: What the hell is that thing!?

The Turkish Gundam’s large wings pivot forward pointing at the new Suit, showing two AGNI beams on each wing, the barrels begin charging.

Foxxy: Oh no you don’t!

The second Switch-Blade rushes out of the woods and drives each arm blade into the nearest wing, arms crossed over.

Foxxy: Drop dead!!!!!

She brings her arms apart, tearing a huge gash in the side of the Suit, which promptly explodes.

Lead Pilot: Reno! Orga! You’re going to pay for that!

The Turkish Gundam draws its Saber and rushes the Sunes’ Suits. Kit smiles confidently, just as The Turk is within striking range the third Switch-Blade skids out, pivoting at the waist it whips one of the large blades on the back straight into the cockpit of the enemy pilot, his helmet’s face plate explodes with blood, and the whole Suit goes up.

Aveian: All diagnostics checked, weapons operating at adequate levels.

Foxxy: Adequate?

Aveian: (lighting a cigarette) They haven’t exploded yet, they’ll work well enough for massive deployment.

Abruptly the targeting sensor chimes.

Aveian: We have company.

Foxxy: They must have gotten re-enforcements.

Kit: Good, (launching forward) because I wanna see what this can REALLY do!


Wind blows through a desert, tracking sand through high dunes and deep crevasses; the sand slowly erases a single line of tracks. Inside a dark area a tall man with long hair walks purposefully. As he continues he comes upon another figure in frayed clothes, his body covered in peeling bandages, dried blood and wounds, he sits against the wall in a fetal position, his head on his knees, his body shakes and spasms as he sits in fitful sleep.

Marane: So this is what is left of you…

The figure awakens and looks up at him weakly; his red eyes faded standing in drastic contrast to the black marks on his face.

Marane: …Ra.

Ra reaches for his weapon, without even attempting to stand he readies his blade for Marane’s throat.

Ra: So, Zeru sent you to kill me huh? Well I’m not going to die that easily, not all fucked up like this, lying in some desert, killed by some reject-doctor. So if you think I’m too weak to kill you… (Slowly lowering his weapon) you’re probably right.

Ra looks at Marane, waiting for him to go on the attack, his finger ready to depress the trigger of several dozen pounds of plastic explosive.

Marane: (adjusting his glasses) I’m not here to kill you, and I don’t work for that stupid shit Zeru, he wants me dead just as much as you. So I came here to recruit you. I have the resources and intellect to destroy that pompous fool, now all I need is the people willing to carry out my plans. So do you want to join me, Ra?

Ra: (looking away, a shade of his ego returning) I am a mercenary, what payment can I expect from this?

Marane merely laughs conceitedly, and then pulls Ra to his feet.


Kit: Lets see what this can really do!

Kit launches forward and charges at the incoming Turk Gundams.

Foxxy: What a dumb-ass! We have to cover him…

Foxxy goes to follow him when Aveian’s voice stops here.

Aveian: Stop. (his face pops up on the video display) We have to allow him to do this; it’s a chance to get valuable data on the capabilities of this weapon.

Foxxy: But what if he…

Aveian: If he ends up in danger we can rescue him, but until then we let him show his solo power.

Foxxy: (defeated sigh) All right…


Kit descends down a dirt cliff towards the enemy weapons.

Turk: There he is! Kill him!

Two of the Suits open fire with their AGNIs.

Kit: Dodging time!

Kit leaps forward and upwards, the shots impacting the hill behind him; he falls forward and brings the arm blades down through the two Gundams. A third approaches him from between the two as they fall, bringing down its saber, he pivots the dual Bowies forward and stops it, then uncrossing them deflects the blade, he slips past the enemies defense and drives the arm blades deep into the torso. He jumps back as that Suit explodes, and sees that he is in for a long day. All the remaining Suits that the Covert Ops group didn’t destroy are now activating and approaching his location.

Kit: Hmmmmm, this party’s getting crazy!

Kit blasts forward at full speed, driving his knee spike deep into an enemy, he immediately jumps back and whips around, cutting down a Turk Gundam at the point the two waists meet, then drives the elbow into another.

Kit: This system is so responsive, like I’m not just controlling it, like I am it!

Kit looks down at his body, at the controls, at the tubes hooked into his blood stream, suddenly he reels and his vision blurs.

Kit: I think I lost too much blood; this could be a problem…

He passes out, the Suit stops moving, the enemies approach and encircle.

Aveian: Now the real battle start.

Kit’s head rises, eyes blank, as the Opening notes of “Meteor” play, and the song plays him through the battle. He lunges forward, his elbow driven into one Suit, he brings the Bowie on that side down, and slashes the Suit in half laterally deep in the bird half. Flooring the boosters, he flies with the arms and switch-blade knives out, cutting through the sides of enemies; he exits the formation, he lands skidding on his feet then turns to face the enemy once more. They open fire with the head Vulcans and AGNIs, he leaps into the air, bringing the switch-blades down on two of them, them extending the blades side-words tearing them out of the first two’s bodies and stabbing them into two more. One rushes Kit with a saber, Kit ducks under and severs its legs with the arm blades while driving the switch-blade bowies into its under-side. He skids out for underneath and drives the two blades cross-armed into another, then extending his arms outwards he half cuts, half tears the Suit in two.

Switch-Blade Unit 01 stops dead now back in the middle of the circle, about two-thirds of the Suits remain (and half of the song “Meteor” to be played) the bowies on the back go back into the carriers, and he drops his arms, instantaneously the Turks flood in. he draws the Switch-Blades and cuts two Suits into two in a moment, a pivot of the hips wipes out four more, he jumps over a thrust, and heels over head in the air slashes the Suit from human half to tail open with the arm blade, then rushes another planting his knees spike in it, then cross-slashes it with the arm blades, driving them, and the Switch-Blades into two approaching Suits, one on each side. He leaps over them and brings the arm blades down, cutting the arms off the Human half, and the wings off the bird, he then destroys it with two quick slashes from the switch-blades. He continues cutting through the opponents until he (and the song) stop.

Foxxy: Why did he stop? Aveian, I think he needs help!

Aveian: Just a little longer.

The remaining Turks approach him, their progress goes un-noticed, until they cross that invisible line…

The Switch-Blade’s arms tense, the forearm plates slide off, the large blades on the back drop. The face of the Gundam breaks open, revealing metallic “teeth” dripping with blood, the glass around the “eyes” break, revealing the cameras, moving in their surrounding element proof fabric they look like crazed eyes. The Gundam drops down to a four-point stance, then leaps up, falling back down heels first through an opposing Suit. He runs forward again, tearing two Human halves off their bird bottoms. He grabs another and tears it clear in half. Ripping off the wing of a fallen Suit, he throws it through the chest of another. A saber in swing down on him, he holds out his hand, fingers spread, and the blade shreds between them, like it was made of aluminum.

Foxxy, watching this starts to break down, images fly through her head.

Foxxy: That system… That system! You put that in the Suit! You bastard!

Aveian: Its working isn’t it? That system will win the war for us.

Kit breaks the last Suit over his head, then throwing it down heads back towards the village, and starts laying waste to it, starting by tumbling the only high building, the hospital, over onto the innocent people.

Foxxy: That’s the System from Quick Sylver, you’re using Sylven’s system!

Aveian: Sylven’s? No, this is my own creation. His works by connecting with the mind, making its every impulse a reality, thus pushing the psyche beyond its limits, the weakness of the Suit, mine works by slowly assimilating with the body via the blood stream, then making its way into the mind, putting the body into a kind of REM sleep. In this mind-frame it uses the basic survival and aggression centers of the brain to initiate attacks against the enemy. My way is perfectly safe, he’ll be fine when he’d done.

Foxxy: He’s gone crazy!

Aveian: No, right now he is asleep, he’ll wake up rested and fine.

Foxxy: I don’t care, (disconnecting the restraints, removing the tubes) I’m getting him out.

Foxxy takes off down the burning hill onto the flame-drenched battle-field.

Aveian: So much for research…

Foxxy fast-approaches Unit 01, suddenly it notices her, and her drawing its attention it tries to lash out at her, but its attack grow sloppy and inaccurate.

Foxxy: Looks like it recognizes me.

A punch lands wide of her, he runs op the arm, it rises and she jumps to the leg, out the waist, to the chest and the cock-pit door., she opens it up and sees Kit, unconscious, she leans in, lips tensed.

Foxxy: (mouth close-up, her glossy lips barely parting) Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-it… WAKE UP!

She pulls back and lands a hard right-hook to his cheek bone.

Kit’s Pupils return, as well as his personality.

Kit: What the hell, why’d you hit me!?

Foxxy: I could have just glossed ya! (Kiss her hand loudly)

Kit: Thanks for waking me up… so by the fact that no one is shooting at me, and you and Aveian ain’t doing shit I guess the mission is over.

Foxxy: You don’t remember fighting all those Suits?

Kit: Yeah! But being as it went that long I wondered what else the mission involved.

Aveian: (on com-link audio only) Mission completed, return to base.

Kit/Foxxy: Roger!

The Suits walk back towards base, Foxxy re-boarding hers when they pass it.


(Ending Music)

Marane exits the Ship back onto Dherris Kharlan, his new friend right behind him, Sylven, ready to kill Marane, suddenly changes targets, as the two spot each other.

Ra: You?

Sylven: You.


In deep night Aveian alone stares up at the MS in the hangar.

Aveian: Now they are all completed, Quicksilver, and Black Fox.

Quick Sylver now completed is seen, a brief glimpse of another, then…

Ja Ne

(Outlaw Star next episode music)

Foxxy: Yeah, s now you are seeing what WE will go to win wars. Of course that is kind of a representation of humanity in general, we all would do horrible things for the cause we most deeply believe in. so don’t judge us, just try to live your own life as best you can, next episode you will be seeing some of our greatest weapons, and maybe even a few of Marane’s! Next episode: Absolute Power: Ch.20: Gods of War, there is going to be more hard-core action, so you better get ready!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

its pretty lame, the way i think. on sunday i thought i'd have my head buried in books for this week trying to catch up, but instead i have plenty of free time, which is not really helping because now i've gotta figure out what i'm going to do and when, being as i have no idea what i'm doing as far as deciding what is the best option to pick at this exact moment.

the one thing i'm pretty freaked out about is making up a test in my math class, being as i probably have to do it after school, well almost definately, i guess i'll try to set it up for friday or something, i really wish i'd talked to the teacher today and set it up for tomorrow but i don't think i'll be able to being as i did not notify my teacher in advance. basically my plans are just all up in the air, i really wish i had a stronger planning ability so i could get this sorted out, but alas its all just floating in the ether right now.

if only i could just take the damn thing home and just do it there, if only i could do this stuff on my honor but i realize its not an option, so i gotta figure out when to do it. luckily its all review for me so its not like it'll be a hard test to take.

ontop of that i've got a project i've got to work on on the computer, so i'm trying to decide if i should visit you guys today and put off doing it til later or just make the visits up later, i think i'll go with the latter so i can feel like i'm doing something, because right now i feel like utter shit. i should probably ask that teacher what day is good for them for me to stay late and do the test, that would probably be the best option.

i really just feel strange now, i'm not really afraid or stressed out or anxious, i just feel wierd, like i'm not normal, something is just off inside me. i guess my current situation is in no way normal so my feelings might just be justified. on top of that i promised myself that i'd take driver's ed soon so that will just be more stress piled atop the stress and strangeness i'm feeling now.

i realize most kids just jump at the chance to take driver's ed but i'm not one of them, to me it just seems like one more thing i'm afraid i'll fail, i'm afraid i'll fail that class, i really should have enrolled over the summer so i'd have a ton of free-time to recover from any stress but that plan fell through being as its almost october. i really have no will to learn to drive, the reason i'm doing this is because i feel bad for my car, everytime we pull up into my dad's driveway i see it just sit there, motionless and unused, and i empathize and pity with it, i sorta feel for it like samurais thought of their swords, i feel like my car needs to be used and it has a soul that i'm ignoring, i feel like its waiting, just for me to take it and wield it as my own. so i have to do this so my poor car will no longer be neglected, i said i'd do it after the first marking period ends and i pretty much have 2 weeks til that happens, i really don't want to do this but i know it must be done.

maybe i'm just a crybaby, a whiny piece of shit emo who gets all "curse the world" everytime stuff doesn't go my way, all this is probably insignificant to a lot of you older more mature people out there, and i really wish i could see how pointless and small my world really is and how miniscule my problems are, i have to just resolve all this shit and get it out of the way, so i can go back to my normal life, which is just as meaningless and small.

here's to me trying to see the world for what it really is and for me to realize how little my problems are and the size of the microverse that i occuppy in scale to the rest of the world. i'm only one in 300 million people, and i should act more like it.


"Don't tase me bro!"

-Fake activist at Kerry speach.

hell here's the video!

i want the "Don't tase me bro!" t-shirt

♥ JD Person ♥

HAIL ZEON!!!!!!!!

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