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Monday, September 10, 2007

nothing like comparing your cuurrent situation with a port-a-potty. oh yes, i have plenty of crap i have to do today, i have an assload of homework and all of it is silly.

so far i've had to color a pic of Munch's "the scream" for my humanities class and now i have to gather up lots of pictures and words to put over a collage i'm making for drama, unfortunately i have to use that picture from sophmore year because the one on Bev's camera phone she took of me turned up as a thumbnail as opposed to a big one like all the ones of herself that she sent me, i might ask her to send it again. but then again using a 8x10 picture just gives me about 1-square inch of paper i HAVE to cover up, i can go over my torso in the collage with all my extra stuff, so i suppose at this point i'll just be running the printer like a race horse, but i'm betting that will be time-consuming so i proobably won't be getting around to your guys' sites, which i really regret because i feel like i owe you guys a debt for not getting around to you guys, i'll really try to prioritze more and if i had the chance i really hope you guys know i would visit you if i had the time, but i don't. i was hoping to write more of AP today but i will not have that chance because my damn drama teacher didn't tell us ahead of time what would be going on today and now i'm playing catch-up. i hope you guys can forgive me and understand my position and situation.

i really need to figure out what to print out and put on here, i'm guessing most of it will be related to video-games and anime so i'm guessing i'll look like an uber-spaz and a nerd, i'd really like to look more normal but i realize that i'm not very normal, so if i'm making something that represents me it would have to be really wierd. so i'm now going over all the stuffs i'm going to cram onto this little piece of paper representing me, maybe after i get it back i'll scan it in, but i doubt i'll remember to do that 16 weeks from today.

i'm listening to General Petraeus get crucified right now, its really funny to listen to all these arm-chair generals trying to tell him how to run the war. i like what a person favorite comintator, a former British Special Forces member Kevin Gotlington said to a Iraq war detractor on "Fox News Red Eye" he basically told him how its so funny how guys like him will sit around in the middle of a civilian city with absolutely no clear and present danger and question the actions of the people down in the trenches witth blood and mud in their boots. i am so happy with Bush's respounces to when people ask him about the war, he says "i'm leaving it up to the Generals" dso their all cross-examining him trying to trip him up and failing miserably. they basically do what i hear a lot of people do, they make a point in debate, the other person utterly refutes that point, shows its groundless and wrong, so they...

make the same point again. really i think they should just get all the posturing out of the way and when Petraeus is talking they should just go "LA LA LA, I'M NOT LISTENING!" they make no effort to intelligently defend their ideas or even bother to make intelligent points. its really like the whole "big lie" theory. tell the same lie enough times and it becomes fact, a man who has a higher IQ and grades than either of the men who ran against him is an idiot. pulling out of Vietnam had no ill effects for the Vietnamese people or for the idea of the US military being unbeatable. Bill Clinton did all he could to capture Osama Bin laden and there were no major terror attaqcks during his presidency. that the only reason that the Arab-extremists hate us is because we are shooting at them.

all of these moronic groundless claims are what they believe as fact with no real proof yet they call the into question the intellegence president, VP and the white house and pentagon staff. watching these morons sipping on their cool-aid and calling Petraues an idiot. i hope these stupid bastards get their asses replaced in 08 or 10. these people sicken me.

Mos Def is the single stupidest person i ever heard, he was on Bill Maaher's show and he is really the least intellegent human being i ever came across, i really believe in de-evolution seeing him.


Mos Def: i live in the projects, i know terror, and this motherfucker [Bin Laden] is not scaring me! he ain't real, he didn't bring the towers down! he's not real!

he also said that because the government keeps black people down that proves there are no terrorist, because the government keeps the black man down.

he is a moron, i hope he dies.

that is all.

♥ JD Person ♥

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Sunday, September 9, 2007

you always here of people being overwhelmed or underwhelmed, you never hear of people being just whelmed, encountering just the right amount of something. well i seem to be whelmed a lot, i never feel like i'm in over my head, but at the same time i sure as hell don't feel like not enough has happened or is happening, i just feel like everything that is going on is testing me to a level i can tolerate, i suppose it may be the fact that i run on nothing but pure romance, video games, TV, imagination and apathy that leads to me ability to tolerate so much or so little of things i'm just so apathetic i don't give a shit either way. but still i have been feeling a bit taxed.

it could just be the having to interact with so many people and having to explain so much to people who don't get me. like that when i talk about Stockholm Syndrome i mean the mental disorder where you basically develope feelings for people who abuse you, not the song by a band that used to be good but has degenerated to making mass-market emo crap. or having to explain Tarentino and Kevin Smith references every five seconds. i can't believe all these miserable bastards stood in line for Happy Feet and Norbit but have never once seen Pulp Fiction or Chasing Amy, i really want to bludegeon some people over the head with a laser disc player. i hear all these stupid bastard quoting lines from Talladega Nights but none of them have seen Grindhouse. there is a stripper with an assault rifle for a leg, how hard is that to sell!? i need to get a death-proof car and off some of these bastards, especially Will Ferrel, sure the whole "car-based killing" plan didn't work out for the original user of it, but i learned from him, always bring a gun, besides Will Ferrel doesn't have boobs and i think those were the reason Quinton found it nessecarey to have the movie end so lamely.

but enough of my fanboy ranting, what i've been trying to say is that i feell emotionally drained, my body is also pretty worn out but i feel the heavier drainage has happened to my spirit, my chakra, my chi, my mojo. i mean not even the combined awesomeness of D-Technolife and Meteor can really get me up to much more than my normal feeling when the most awesomeness isn't playing. i just feel like a RPG character that used their special attacks too much. so i really think i need a boost to my more intangible bits, but i have no idea how to boost your drive [besides beating things over the head with a kkeyblade, but i lack one] so i guess i'll just have to feel hollow for a while [get it? Hollow, D-Technolife, Bleach... of fuck it no one cares...] i really wish i knew the solution to this,, i don't like feeling like this, i'd rather have ambition then just feeling like lazing around all the time. oh well, i'm sure i've felt this way before and will again, something will even it all out, i'm sure of it. life is pretty much capable of repairing itself so i'll just run my path as i feel my heart guides me and i'm sure all damages will be repaired.

i finally got a suitable ending on "Gundam vs Zeta Gundam" Zeon is never defeated but instead retreats abandoning A Boua Qu and rallies on Axis, where they wait until Haman rises, and supporting her they lead her to wipe out the Titans before the AUEG ever even forms [Kamielle and Amuro join Titans as Char never becomes Quattro Vagina and stays in Axis/Zeon] and in the end Hamon rules space and Earth, the closing picture is Haman in her Quebley with a fleet of at least 20 Byg-Zams in front of Solomon.

i recently cut my hair so its much shorter and prettier, as well as less of a pain in the ass to keep up with, i'm so happy i look pretty again.

well i'm going to pass out now, because i'm starting to realize how messed up my brain is acting right now.


♥ JD Person ♥

HAIL ZEON!!!!!!!!!!!

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Friday, September 7, 2007

Absolute Power ch.16
Absolute Power
Mission: 16
Into The Belly Of The Dragon!

Draka, pulling Kit by his leash, leads the group through the bowels of the Kingdom. Allenby still looks very unhappy, she is in the way back just shuffling her feet and moping. Foxxy notices her and drops back to meet up with her.

Foxxy: You okay big sis?

Allenby: How am I your big sis?

Foxxy: Because you and my brother are together ďthat way.Ē

Allenby: What way?

Foxxy: You know, the best way.

Allenby: Its not the best way.

Foxxy: Why would you say that?

Allenby: (watching Draka drag Kit) Because it only brings pain.

Foxxy: Maybe the first time.

Allenby: Is there anybody you want to know like that.

Allenby looks over at Foxxy, so who looks down and away as that question hits her.

Foxxy: Not anymoreÖ

Allenby: Sorry, I guess we can mourn our bad luck together.


Sylven: What do you mean you canít re-build my Gundam!?

Marane: The resources, and also the funds it would take to create such a high performance Mobile Suit are gigantic that we canít gather them, and even if we could those actions would draw attention to Dherris Kharlan and would ruin all my careful concealing of my plans.

Sylven: So you refuse?
Marane: Yes.

Sylven: What do you think is the blast tolerance of this ship?

Marane: Nice try, but itís too strong, youíre little plan wonít work.

Suddenly Marane feels arms around his neck.

Sylven: Then, if you wonít fix my Gundam, then there is no point in repairing my body, and no point for letting you live.

Marane: Iíll assist you then, because I cannot afford to die now.

Sylven: (moving back, releasing Marane) Good, because I still want to live as well.


Kit: Why are you doing this?

Draka: Because I can, and ( in his face, looking and speaking seductively) Because youíre to sexy and easy to let go, I donít care how you feel about me, I will keep you as mine, Iíll treat you well, and give you plenty of affection, as my own personal pet sex-toy.

Kit: You have no idea how happy that statement would have made me a year ago.


Sora, Draco and Aveian walk together in audible range from Draka and Kit in front of the group.

Sora: Kit sure isnít having fun up there!

Aveian: (lighting up, puts his lighter away) Tell Allenby that.

Draco: You intend not to.

Aveian: If she feels like she says she does its unnecessary.

Sora: (pleasantly surprised) That sure is a romantic outlook lover!

Aveian: Iím just trying to protect Kit from his own weakness.

Draco: If he truly is that weak, then he doesnít deserve protection.

Aveian: I trust Kit, I trust his judgment, itís only that this is the first time heís done this, so itís going to be difficult for him to adjust.

Draco: Iíd like to imagine things will work out for them. But Iím not that naÔve.

Sora: Kit is far too strong to give up. He just has to realize that his greatest weakness is in his heart, I only wish I could exploit it.

Draco: (sarcastic) Well arenít you devoted?

Sora: (points with her thumb to Aveian) He doesnít mind.

Aveian: Nope.


Chibodee: Damn it! Weíre trapped in here! We have to travel single-file, weíre sitting ducks!

Black-Soldier: Well I say we fuckin floor it and get out!

Chibodee: Good plan. All Suits, full thrust, if your Suit breaks down you will be trampled. All pilots, escape from this tunnel is top priority!


Maraneís light transport enters Dherris Kharlan, the shield open to allow them in, then closes quickly behind them. The two men aboard the ship are in discussion.

Marane: So how about we repair your body, and allow your biological parts heal before we work on your full metal Mobile Suitís frame?

Sylven: Do I have much of a choice.

Marane: Well you could push yourself again, put you probably wouldnít survive.

Sylven: Iíll go along with your scenario, but just as I told Kit, once you no longer serve my will I will make you my enemy and fight you with full strength.

Marane: You need not worry about that, because without you I canít really do anything, so Iíll help you in your mission, because the destruction of Negeta Zeru will surely help me in my mission, beside the fact I really want him dead.

Sylven: Get to work Alrock, before I die or get sick of you living.

Marane: Roger that.


Draka stops at a room, making sure to pull in the leash, bringing Kit to her, so she can hold him all to herself.

Draka: Alright, first Iím going to show off this room, everyone just follow me.

Everyone follows Draka in, still in the groups theyíve been in, Foxxy still trying to cheer up her brotherís love.

Allenby: God! Sheís all over him.

Foxxy: (cunningly) Well duh! I mean Big Bro is just so cute and cuddly, so how could she resist, you know if you had him like that youíd do the same thing!

Allenby: (slight laugh) I guess youíre right.

Foxxy: (confidently) Besides, since the moment he saw you, Bro was head over heels for ya, so youíve never seen him at full strength, believe me, if he didnít love you, if his heart wasnít all yours, those two would have been alone in a room a long time ago.

Allenby: (touched) You really think so?

Foxxy: (all cute and bubbly) I know so (giggles)!

Allenby: Thanks.

Foxxy: No prob, now go get Big Bro back, I like what you do to him a lot more, heís still strong now, he can resist her, he canít resist you, he gets too weak. I like that. So go get em!

Allenby: No thanks.

Foxxy: (puzzled) Huh?

Allenby: Iíll let him play; Iíll get him back later, with interest for making me go through this.

Foxxy: Oooooooooh, thatís the spirit!

As they enter the room, Draka; seeing that the last of the groups has entered, starts the tour, still holding her new pet Kit on a leash, though he seems more embarrassed than anything else.

Draka: (speaking strongly to the group) This is the Armory Room for The Grand Neo-Walachian Army!

The Raven Corps. crew stare at the walls around them, Broad Swords, Lances, Armor, Saddles, and other types of equipment.

Draka: Not only to we store the weapons here, but by placing it in the middle of the Troop Barracks our soldiers can be ready to fight in a extremely short period of time. Also past that door (points) is The Training Ground, so that the soldiers can store there equipment here no matter what the circumstance.

Kit: (shackled at the wrist, on a leash, covered in yellow lips) But thereís a major flaw in your planÖ

Draka: And what would that be, my little tasty treat?

Kit: None of your soldiers are armed in their quarters, so if a enemy force were to attack at night, and capture this room, the soldiers would be helpless.

As Kit speaks Draka looks hungrily at his lips.

Kit: Its basically obviousÖ

Kitís voice is silenced, his tongue engaged in a duel with Drakaís. She pulls back at the first air break.

Draka: Oh you poor boy, you thought you could outsmart us? All the soldiers are armed at all times, so sorry Kit (moving in, eyes closing, and voice softening) but you lose again.

Draka thrust her mouth over his again, her tongue working away, and by the sounds she makes sheís enjoying herself. Meanwhile the rest of the group join up, watching the show.

Foxxy: Okay, I like messing with Kit, but this is getting to be too much!

Aveian: Kit is back to his old tricks again, seducing insane women he doesnít mean to (lights up, again) idiot.

Draco: My sister is such a disgrace to my family. I canít believe when my father dies she will inherit the Kingdom!

Sora: Man, this chick is a slut, I mean she barely even knows him! Have some damn morals bitch!

Allenby: (bewitchingly) I will so have to make him pay for thisÖ (Thinking, sad, desperate voice) KitÖ


In the tunnel the MXs are flying full blast through the tunnel.

Chibodee: Think weíll make it out?

Black Pilot: Shit dawg! How the fuck am I supposed to know!?

The tunnel stretches on into darkness forever, until a bit of light shows in the distance.

Chibodee: (delighted) The exit!

Black Pilot: Lets motor Cus!

The two of them push their Suits beyond the limit, they exit, and upon doing so the boosters give out and both MXs crash hard chest first on the ground.

Chibodee: We have to escape!

Black pilot: Way ahead of you!

Chibodee looks over and sees the other pilot running past him on foot.

Chibodee: You bastard!

Chibodee exits the chest, runs down the furrow in the ground and escapes exiting from behind the feet.

Chibodee: Too all soldiers, there are reserve ships in the hangar ahead, try to get to them, at this point all escape is up to the individual, we canít win this fight, your goal is safe escape, and nothing else.

This message is heard over all the rebelís inter-coms.

Soldier: Did you hear that men?

Soldier: Yeah, weíre going to give our lives to make sure he escapes.

1st Soldier: Affirmative.

All of the MXs stop there progress towards the ships, turn, and face the tunnelís mouth. Chibodee turns to see this.

Chibodee: (touched) You idiots, (turns, and starts running towards the ships) Youíre a bunch of damn idiots!

Black Soldier: (running easily beside Chibodee) Yeah, but they straight soldiers, and its our job now to make sure they deaths no go in vain.

The two of them run into the hangar and onto a ship, Chibodee takes the controls.

Chibodee: Yeah, I knowÖ

Outside the Rebels are fighting desperately to keep the BV troops from getting through the tunnel.

Soldier: We can hold these guys back just a little longer!

The shipís engines fire up, then the ship flies up the Mass Driver, into the upper atmosphere.

Soldier: Okay, theyíre safe. Now we can end this.

The soldier activates the Self-Detonation. Part of the control panel slides away and a yellow and black ďwarning,Ē colored button comes up.

Soldier: For the preservation of our new and pure world!

The rebels fly into the tunnel, now widened from explosions, their Suits collide with the enemies, and they hit their buttons and explode taking their enemies with them.


Chibodeeís ship flies through space.

Black Soldier: Now the real fun begins.

Chibodee: How?

Black Soldier: Does your ass have any idea where Kit or the Commander are cause I sure as fuck donít!

Chibodee: Good pointÖ


Draka still with her lips all over Kit; moans passionately and happily. Her tongue can be seen hitting Kitís cheeks on the inside. Then she slowly lets him go, opening her eyes seductively and staring at a still helpless, bound, and now yellow-faced Kit. Kitís expression is blank and mindless.

Draka: That was fun, I canít wait to do it again, (kisses him wetly on the cheek) (in his ear) Very, very soon.

Kits eyes grow wide and his mouth opens wider.

Foxxy: Okay, Iím stopping this now!

Allenby: No FoxxyÖ

Aveian: (sighs) Here we go again.

Draco: Sheís so unfinished.

Sora: This is going to be good.

Foxxy marches right up to Draka.

Foxxy: I need my brother back.

Draka: Heís mine now, and if you be a good little girl I might let you borrow him.

Foxxy takes Kitís hand, his eyes flash for a second.

Foxxy: (pulling Kit by the hand with her hand cupped around his fingers) Come on Big Brother, youíve got lotsa explaining to do.

Foxxy walks along pulling him until his leash becomes taught, at which point sheís pulled back and she falls on her ass.

Draka: (light laugh) I told you can have my pet until Iím done playing with him.

Foxxy walks over calmly.

Foxxy: Is that so?

Foxxy grabs the chain and snaps it like thread.

Foxxy: Iíll be going now, (takes Kitís hand again) come on Brother.

Foxxy pulls her brother outside by the hand, once theyíre in the hall alone she pushes him against the wall and stands chest to chest with him.

Foxxy: What the hell is your problem?! (Silence) Letting Draka get all over you right in front of Allenby! (Silence) Are you crazy! (Silence) Talk to me you heartless bastard!

Kit says nothing, he just stares blankly.

Foxxy: (crazed) SAY SOMETHING!!!!!

Foxxy slaps Kit back and forth across the face repeatedly, punches him in the stomach, high-kicks him in the head, punches him in on the cheek, nothing.

Foxxy: SPEAK!!!!

Foxxy jumps and kicks Kit EXTREMLY hard in the balls, lifting him on the ground, but he just lands robotically, then stands back up.

Foxxy: Damn! Nothing works. What the hell.

Foxxy faces her brother with her hands on her hips, thinking. After a few moments she gets a sly smile on her face. She struts up to her brother.

Foxxy: Well Kit, thereís only one choice left, just donít say I didnít warn youÖ

Foxxy puts her hands on Kitís shoulders, stands on her toes, leans in, and places her glossed lips softly against her brotherís.

Foxxy: (thinking) You asked for it bro, now snap to it before I have toÖ

Foxxy feels a hand on her shoulder, she sees its Kitís. She stands normally again.

Foxxy: Bro your awake Iím soÖ

Kit tightens his grip.

Foxxy: (one eye shut) OwÖ

Kit tightens it so more.

Foxxy: OooooowÖ

Kit cracks his knuckles into her shoulder.

Foxxy: (hopping on alternating feet) Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!!!! Please stop!!!!! Itís going to break!

Kit lets her go, she step out of arms length.

Foxxy: What the hell Bro?

Kit: (rubbing his lips) Whyíd you do that?

Foxxy: (clueless) Do what?

Kit: (aggravated) FoxxyÖ

Foxxy: (eyes all sparkly and wide) I didnít do anything, Iím innocent.

Kit: (pissed) Foxxy!

Foxxy: Eeeeeeep! (cowers, ducks and covers) its just because you were so far out of it, I couldnít get you to snap back to reality, so I took dramatic measuresÖ

Kit: (exhausted) Youíre really weird.

Foxxy: (hops up, smiling wide) I know, isnít it great? (Giggles)

Kit: Come on sis, weíre going to find out what exactly is going on.


Marane works over Sylvenís sprawled out body.

Marane: You know, I hate Zeru just as much as you do?

Sylven: I donít hate Zeru, I hate you. I only want to kill Zeru so that Kit will pay attention to me and I can kill him in a real fight.

Marane: And why do you hate me?

Sylven: For taking away my humanity, I can never regain that.

Marane: Yet you allow me to take away the last bit of your precious ďHumanity,Ē now.

Sylven: I want to be pure, pure good or pure evil, it doesnít really matter to me.

Marane: Enough talking, its ďshut up,Ē time.

Sylvenís sight blurts and he passes out.

Marane: (thinking) I know my life will end by the hands of one of these peopleÖ (Images flash by) Kit Sune, Foxxy Sune, Aveian Wind, Sylven Blain, Negeta Zeru, and the others, Iíve tainted so many lives, I took away their destinies, now the only question is, who will take my life?


Kit and Foxxy walk back into the room, they walk with a purpose.

Kit: Draka!

Draka: Yes my Tasty Toy?

Foxxy: (pissed) What did you do to my brother!?

Draka: (looking at Foxxy) (faking a sweet voice) This is big people business, why donít you go away and come back when your chest is as big as your mouth?

Foxxy: (cracking fingers, sadistic tone in her voice) Or I could tear yours down to the size of your brain.

Kit steps between them.

Kit: You did something to me; in fact I think every kiss did something to me, what was it?

Draka: Very simple Kit, Alchemy. Just like how I healed your arm, I simply used the contact of my lips to rearrange the chemical signals in your brain, suppressing your consciousness and motor function, and also causing you to release massive amounts of pleasure hormones. So basically you slipped into a very deep, pleasure filled coma. The first one made it so you couldnít resist, another put you under, the rest just made you feel better and better.

Foxxy: (thinking, and then speaks out loud) Rearrange brain chemistry? But isnít that Human Alchemy? Isnít that like, forbidden or something? Shouldnít you have lost an arm or a leg, or a body?

Draka: Human Alchemy forbidden? You watch too much TV. And besides, only terrible Alchemists lose body parts, it happened to these two brothers a couple years ago, they were left to me to deal with, and it was fun. Their bodies taught me all I need to know about Seduction Alchemy. Man, who ever knew too much pleasure at once would cause come-down depression, Homo-Sexual incest, and Suicide? Wow those kids taught me a lot!

Kit and Foxxy turn around.

Foxxy: This chick is scaring me!

Kit: Me too!

Further back the others listen in.

Aveian: That level of power is disturbing, if she is able to alter brain chemistry; that would make her difficult to have to fight if she became an enemy. A fighter of that Alchemic Level cannot be ignored. I must keep my eye on her.

Draco: That is why I donít fight with her, I unlike her, never learned Alchemy, let alone the level she knows; I donít want to draw her fire.

Sora: I donít need Alchemy to reduce men to drooling pleasure toys, thatís what sex is for!

Draka: All right, Iíve shown enough of this room, Iíll take you out to the Training Grounds. Everyone please follow me.

Draka goes to take Kitís hand, but he pulls it away.

Kit: Sorry, but I know you powers now; I wonít make that mistake again.

Draka: Smart boy, but I will get you, since you know my little trick, I wonít try it again, so next time, Iíll just straight for your heart, and not waste time in your mind.

Kit: A challenge, I accept.

Draka: Good, from now on Iím your suitor, not your master.

Kit: Good to know.

Draka turns away and goes to the door, ahead of the other. Kit re-enters the group, right in the center.

Draka: Alright, if everyone will just follow me Iíll show you the Grounds.

Draka, followed by the Raven Corps. crew exit into Training Grounds. Outside the Cavalry are practicing maneuvers, seeing the new visitors, stop, dismount and approach the group.

Blue Haired Cavalier: The prince has returned!

Blonde: Fuck the Prince, look at the other Black haired guy?

Red Hair: Heís got scars on his cheek, a choker and shackles on.

Orange Hair: Heís obviously not afraid to have fun!

Black Hair: I like the white-haired one!

Blonde: Older, and a smoker! Sexy!

Blue Hair: Then itís decided, we take these poor little bastards, drag them off to our quarters, and make sure they never want to leave again.

Kit: (looking at their chests) Damn! Look at the size of those things!

Blonde: Oh yeah, weíre all at least DDís, that is the bare minimum for being a Walachian Cavalier.

Orange Hair: Weíre all bred to do this; we are good looking, large chested, great warriors and High level Alchemists.

Black Hair: Lady Draka is actually a bit too flat chested to be a Cavalier, but she scored so high on the Alchemy Exam and the CQC Test that she had to be brought in.

Draka: Plus the fact that a Princess would be on the front line leading troops is really disheartening to the enemy.

Kit: So in other words your country forces people to breed big-breasted, beautiful daughters to ride on horseback, with their massive mammories heaving while they rush their enemies with duel phallic symbols?

Draka: Yeah, thatís basically the plan.

Aveian: I must admit; it is tactical genius.

Sora: Yeah, (groping her chest and looking down disappointedly) yeah, too bad I canít ever try doing that.

Aveian: (puts one hand over hers) Donít worry, tonight Iíll teach you everything your body can do.

Sora: Iím looking forward to that.

Black Hair: Speaking of night-time fun, how about it cutie?

Kit: Me?

Orange Hair: No one else here is as cute as you!

Blonde: So, have you been dominated by 3 women at once?

Kit: Sorry ladies, but Iíve had enough meaningless sex for a while, so try another guy.

The three of them walk forward and start touching him.

Black Hair: You misunderstand. We only asked to know how much fun youíre about to have.

Kit: What?

Blonde: Weíre taking you with us, whether you want to come or not.

Orange Hair: We may not be as good at changing getting into menís mindsÖ

Blonde: But its pretty obvious how to please a man physically.

Black Hair: one broken arm? That makes things easierÖ

The three of them run their fingers over a limb each, slight glows come off.

Kit: Kit, I canít move my arms or legsÖ

Blonde: Makes it a lot easier to take advantage of you, doesnít it?

Foxxy: (pissed) IíVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS!!

Foxxy jumps clear over everyone breaking the group up, and landing between the Cavaliers and her brother.

Foxxy: Okay, all of you stop playing games with my brother! Thatís for Allenby (under breathe) and me (back out loud) to do!!!

Black Hair: And how do you plan to stop usÖ

Blonde: Flat-Chest?

Foxxy: (malicious grin, pupils small, fangs bared) Oh, youíll see!

Draka stands back, watching in quite horror.

Draka: (thinking) This isnít good, she shattered that chain like it was a single thread, she over-ran my mind altering Alchemy, my soldiers donít stand a chance, I donít want to see my girls slaughtered, I have to stop her!

Draka goes to walk forward, when her brother streaks by, hands on his Sword.

Blue hair: (pulling her lances out of the ground) Lets go little girl.

Foxxy reaches into her pocket and readies herself to move forward, the Draco lands in front of her.

Draco: You stupid wenches are a disgrace to our Country!

Draco cuts the Blue Hairís lances off near the hand and side kicks her back.

Blonde: Prince?

Red Hair: Why are you protecting her?

Draco: (Looking over his shoulder) Her? Iím not protecting herÖ

Foxxy: Thank you DracÖ (Draco hits her in the chest with his Swordís hilt) owÖ

Foxxy falls over on to the ground, she lays there clutching her chest, rolling around and whining.

Draco: I wasnít protecting her; I just wanted to keep her from killing all of you.

Cavaliers: Oh Prince, you do care about us! We love you!

The girls run towards Draco, lips primed, arms ready to glomp.

Draco: (getting into battle stance, sword poised) get away from me before I kill you all myself.

The girls step back, and Draco re-sheaths his sword, walking away, Foxxy runs back asw well.

Cavaliers: Oh the prince is so calm! Heís so hot! (Swooning fan girl-ness)

Kit: Good, I have my body back! Man, Iíve never had to deal with this caliber of Fan-Girl before.

Kit goes to walk away, but is stopped by a seductive female voice.

Orange Hair: Oh, weíre just too much for you to handle? Donít worry, weíll be gentle, just let us play a little.

Kit: (drooling, looking up) Oh man! I wanna say ďyes,Ē so much! (Focused) But I canít! I have to stay faithful! Sorry girls, but Iím taken, so bye!

Kit runs off at full speed back towards the rest of his friends, standing between his little sis and girlfriend.

Kit: (sighs) That was closeÖ

Foxxy: (giggles) You almost gave in, didnít you Big Bro?

Kit: Yeah, it was bad!

Allenby: I have to admit you are one hard dog to keep on a leash (rubs his head) But, youíre worth every moment of it.

Foxxy: Awwwwww, you two are so cute!

The two of them giggle, and wrap an arm each around each other.

Draco, exhausted as ever, walk back next to Aveian and Sora.

Draco: I have to deal with so many idiots.

Aveian: (lighting a cigarette, placing it in his mouth) Tell me about it.

Draco: I donít who is crazier, Kit, Foxxy, or DrakaÖ

Aveian: Believe me, knowing any of them close enough to tell is not worth it.

Draco: I hate all of you sometimes.

Aveian: I know.

Sora: (fuming) Bitches!

Draco/ Aveian: Huh?

Sora: (pointy teeth, white eyes, fist clenched, stress marks) These stupid bitches with their Alchemy! Try capturing and seducing men for real! (pouting) Fuckin lazy cunts.

Kit: (shouting from a few feet behind them) Wow Aveian! And you have to deal with that every day for the rest of your life.

Aveian takes out his cigarette looking down at it for a while, tapping off the ash, then looks over his shoulder at Kit.

Aveian: (calm and flatly) The sex is worth it.

Kit, Foxxy and Draco cringe.

Draka: Alright ladies, back to work!

Blonde: Its kinda hard to train when the Hottie parade is marching right by us!

Draka: Well unfortunately for you girls, this doesnít appear to be a hands-on exhibit.

Black Hair: Well then I suppose we have no choice but to get back to training, letís go girls.

All the Cavaliers grab their Lances and return to their mounts, to resume training.

Draka: Come on guys, its time to go to the next stop on the tour.

Draco: Iím sick of being led around my own damn house!

Sora: After seeing what she can do, Iím just going to play along.

Aveian: I still need to assess her abilities.

Kit: (walking up to them, then passing them) Lets just keep going, enh guys?

Foxxy: doing the same) No use resisting something not happening yet.

The rest of the group follows them and Draka back inside and to the next room.

Draka: (pointing to the door) This is the treasury, well youíll seeÖ

The door opens and a golden light shines out. The sound of claps and electricity ring out rhythmically.

Draka: Come on in to our dirty little secret.

The group walks in, around them as far as they can see is gold, gold walls, gold ceiling, gold floor, gold plies all around. On the ground are people in all black jump-suits, their bodies shaved, and sutras over their eyes. A conveyer belt runs in front of them, placing metal under their hands, which they clap over and turn into gold.

Draka: This is the source of our countryís great fortune! These Alchemists spend their whole lives transmuting lead and other worthless abundant metals into Gold.

We see as they clap blood trickles down from their hands.

Draka: The blood helps in the Transmutation.

Kit: Isnít Transmuting Gold against the law?

Draka: If youíre an idiot! Whatever country wants to impose that law can go ahead and be poor! Weíre going to continue to make ass loads of money!

Aveian: (watching intently, cigarette ash dropping over the catwalk railing) How do you select these Alchemic candidates?

Draka: Easy, any child born to commoners with unusually high Alchemic abilities are taken at puberty and made into Gold makers.

Aveian: (taps ash) What keeps them from escaping.

As he says that a Gold maker, sans sutras, tries to run off.

Draka: Youíll see.

Cavaliers run up and restrain him, stopping his limbs with Alchemy.

Gold Maker: Please donít kill me! I couldnít do it anymore, I justÖ

One of the Cavaliers stares him in the eyes; her eyes look very pleased to see him.

Cavalier: (Seductive) its okayÖ (Her hands wrap around his neck) I know this life has caused you a lot of painÖ (Pushes down the neck of his jump suit) Iím going to make all your pain go awayÖ (The other Cavaliers move away) You going to lose all your pain to me.

She catches him in a very deep kiss, a small alchemic reaction is seen at their lips, then another goes off at the back of his neck, and his torso explodes. The Cavalier lets his body drop, another makes a grave on the floor, another makes a ramp rolling him in, and another closes it.

Kit, Foxxy and Allenby look horrified, Draco and Sora look disgusted, and Aveian is indifferent.

Kit: (gasping) WhatÖ What the hell was that?

Draka: Those sutras over their eyes suppress their consciousness from making their bodies move, they also boost Alchemic Reactions, they also bear cursed marks called the ďTerminus Seal,Ē if its activated it cause the rib cage to be turned inside out, catapulting the vital organs out of the body with such force it severs the spinal column in several places.

Aveian: (taps ash) Cheery.

Aveian steps away from the ledge, and immediately Kit and Foxxy grab his topís straps pull him into a huddle.

Foxxy: Did you see that?!

Aveian: Yes.

Kit: And that doesnít bother you?

Aveian: No, not really.

Kit: What the hell is wrong with you! Theyíre enslaving people, killing people, torturing people, even tampering with their minds. And you just want to stand by and let her?

Aveian: Incase you havenít noticed, weíre not in a good shape to fight. Our base is gone, we have no troops, all of our Suits are damaged, and this is our only hiding spot. We canít afford to make such a strong enemy.

Foxxy: (hurt) ďcanít afford to make such a strong enemy?Ē What about Zeru!? Maybe we shouldnít have pissed him off, and we could have lived happy little lives as dogs of the military! Aveian, are you even the same person who led the Coup and ran our base?

Aveian: I know. It seems wrong, but for right now wee have to lay low. I promise you two, if we have to lead another revolt, and if I feel like we can win, Iíll lead it, just promise me you two wonít stir up trouble until we can defend ourselves.

Kit: fine.

Foxxy: ĎKay.

Aveian: Alright.

The huddle breaks and the three of them go back up to the group. Kit walks up next to Draka, whoís resting her head in her hands with her elbows on the rail.

Draka: (deep in thought, not even looking over) I heard everything you know?

Kit: Shit.

Draka: I realize itís not the most glamorous way of life, but itís all we know. The people agree, so I guess we just keep going like we do.

Kit: I can understand.


Lord Dracula: Micrea my sonÖ

Micrea: (over joyed) Yes Father!?

Lord Dracula: Do you think I am a good man my son?

Micrea: Oh yes Father! Defiantly!

Lord Dracula: Thank you my son, I only hope I can continue to walk the correct path, this future is quite turbulent and unclear, I donít know if I will be able to take us through. My son I do not know if I will be the correct ruler for this time.

Micrea: (voice breaking) Father! Donít say such things Father! You are the perfect ruler Father! And I will do everything as your son to help you in the future! (Gets up to face his Father) Father! Just tell me what I must do and I will help you!

Lord Dracula: Thank you my son, with your help Iím sure to succeed. (Thinking) Heís such a good boy, always trying to help, but Micrea is so fragile, he doesnít know how little he can actually do. Also, I probably shouldnít tell him heís facing the wrong way.


Black Soldier: You have any idea where the fuck we going?

Chibodee: I think Iíve found Kitís coordinates; we just have to make it there.

Black Soldier: Think we going to make it?

Alarm blares.

Chibodee: Probably not.

Black Soldier: Looks like they found it.

Chibodee: Black Vulpineís Space Forces.

Black Soldier: and we donít got a single Suit.

Chibodee: Guess we gotta run.

The Stolen Transport goes full throttle, the Suits open fire with the Sniper Rifles, damaging the ship in several places.

Chibodee: We have no choice now! We have to make it!


Kit: I can understand, so I want to learn as much about your Kingdom as I can Draka. You guys seem like the only allies I have right now, so I want to know about youÖ guys.

Draka: Iíll send some soldiers to show you around.

Kit: Awwww, canít you show me around Draka.

Draka: (gasps, then covers her mouth) Iíll think about itÖ

Draka walks back to the front of the group.

Draka: Letís go on to the next room.

The group leaves, Kit this time walks close to Draka.

Draka: This will be the last stop on the tour.

The doors open and they see a huge room, with hundreds of monitors and computers.

Draka: This is where we keep all the technology, no matter how old our customs are, we still need to watch our asses, so we have the most powerful surveillance system in space.

Sora: How do you know that?

Draka: Weíve seen all the other ones.

Kit: Wait, is that an MS hangar?

Draka: No, it used to be an Aviary, but since we learned Alchemy, we no longer use Military Falconry.

Aveian: Can we use it if we agree to help your Kingdom?

Draka: (Looking at kit) Yes.

Draka walks over to Kit.

Draka: Want me to take you to see the people? I know you donít like how our Kingdom acts, so Iíll show you that the people donít care. And if they do weíll stopÖ

Kit: Why would you do that?

(Ending Music)

Draka: (Looks Kit in the eyes) Because I like you.

Kit just stands there stunned.

Ja Ne

(Outlaw Star Music)

Foxxy: Damn this was messed up! This story is getting weird, but I guess thatís why you like it anyway right? Well it gets weirder, as we go on a tour of the Walachian Country side, Draka is determined to prove that her way is right, to accept her ways. But is that all sheís trying to get Kit to accept? And what will happen to Chibodee, and What is that Black Soldiers name? Enh, you guys donít give a fuck about that, what happens to Kit?! Well find out soon. Absolute Power: Next Episode: Paths to Power. So you better get ready! Ö Wait Sylven!?

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Stockholm Syndrome
yep, i'm back in school and i've already gotten used to it. thats how it always goes for me, i get all freaked out about doing something and once its time to do it i basically just accept it and move on, but still i'm not exactly happy to be back in school, but i am not freaked or stressed as i imagined i would be or as much as i was before school started.

but school isn't exactly super-happy-fun-time, its only getting worse from year to year it seems, i don't really bother getting scared about it because really does nothing to try to reason with these bastards, or to even try to consider why they do the things they do, so i just don't. for me the way to go is just to take in the information and think of it from a completly emotionless position, just accept it as fact and move on. but that doesn't mean i can't bitch about it on here, i just meant it would be pointless to confront the staff at school, so without further adeu i will go on with my school bitch-a-thon.

first off is now they are doing "hall sweeps" every hour of every day. a "hall sweep" is when the staff comes around and picks up all the kids in the hall and give them detentions on the second time, then another, then in-school suspention, then 2 days ISS... thats as far as the teacher went, best of all is you still get charged with tardies to your classes, so after 3 days you get a day of ISS and a detention, and hall sweep penalties are cumlative so you basically only have to be late 4 times in all of a semester in any classes at all to get ISS. its total crap, the whole point of hall sweeps was to make it seem like russian rulette, that being late may cost you, now you're playing russian rulette with a fully loaded revolver, its just excessive and wrong and i hate it.

but i know there is nothing i can do about that, these people are completly unreasonable, no matter what you say to them they will not budge, so no matter what i say or what my parents say if i convince them to back me the school will just stay put and nothing will be done about it. plus really my dad doesn't do deliveries in the morning anymore so pretty much whenever i'm late its most likely my fault, and last year my dad did tell me i have to start taking responicibilty for my actions, so i can see how there is really nothing i can say or do except point out how unreasonable it is if you're late to more than 1 of the 180 places you have to go in a semester. it made sense to do it on an individual basis, class by class, but this is just insane. i guess i'll try to rally my parents behind me, but i dounbt there will be any results.

i feel like such a child crying to my parents any time something goes wrong at school but those fuckers at school talk down to all the students and have no respect for us so i guess i have no chance but to try, if it fails oh well, but i won't go down without a fight.

and i still have math class, though it is the easy class, i think i might have a chance at learning the stuff this time and getting a respectable grade. most people say it was so hard last year for me because the teacher i had totally sucked at teaching, so here's hoping this works out as well.

sorry i haven't visited you guys on either of my two usual days this week, my mom needed the computer for her college work and monday i was just trying to escape by doing all kinds of quick, fun stuff on my computer, as a swan song to free time. i really hope i can get to you guys friday, i cut this post short too, if its any consolation...


♥ JD Person ♥

HAIL ZEON!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, September 3, 2007

Shave with a bowling pin.
no one seemed to like my Mac joke equating Linux to a manual shaver, Microsoft to an electric shaver and Apple to a bowling pin, i found it quite hilarious when my brother did it, but maybe its funnier when you actually succeed at photoshopping them together, i can't do that so i guess i just can't be funny, oh curse my lack of humor.

well i finished the next chapter of my story, not that it really matters, i have so very few readers and Bev's computer is broken, so i can't have her proof-read it so its really all just a waste of time. i will continue writing though because i love to weave my own little reality. so even if no one reads it i'll still try posting it and sending it to people. i'm just taking a break for a few days to enjoy all the internet i ignored because i was writing, i don't really know if it will cheer me up but i guess i can always try.

i am so freaked about going back to school, there are just so manything things going through my head and i can't really stop any of them. i really hate feeling this way, i wish i were stronger right now because deep down i'm afraid, i don't feel that sort of fear sensation in my body anymore, but i'm still worried about all kinds of stuff. first off i never got my report card, so i don't know how i did in a couple of my classes, because i was a little shaky in them for a while, and i'm afraid i failed on, because i've never failed a class before, so i'm so worried that i might of this time, not at all for the reasons most people would be worried, for me its because i want to ghraduate with all 24 credits, i don't want any of my credits missing, just for purely asthetic reasons i want to see my nice 18 on my next report card, then next semester 21 and finally 24, i don't want any 23s or 23.5s, i want my whole 24, or else i'll never show my report card to anyone ever again [not that i go around showing it off now]. i'm just vain like that, i suppose its not good to be the waty i am but don't care, i love being myself and i'm happy to inhabit the body i do.

then there are my classes this year, i'm so afraid of drama and pschology, i heard the pschology teacher is a bit of a whack-nut and drama s a lone story. see since i was in 4th grade i wanted to be a cryptozoologist, and discover new animals, but that dream fell through when i took biology and realized how much i hate scientific research, so after watching a lot of anime over my lifetime i decided i could be a voice actor, so i signed up for drama. wel now i really don't know what i want to be, and even back then i was worried i'd fail drama because i never really was good at expressing emotion, so i'm afraid that my inability to act will once again put me on shaky grades, but then again maybe i really can act and i never knew until now, they say drama 1 is a cich anyway so maybe i'll be alright, i really have no idea what the fuck is going on in my life and this little tempest of bad feelings, fear and angst is really ruining my last few moments of freedom before school starts again, i can't even enjoy my last night and soon day of because of all the shit my head is filling up with. i feel like Shinobu from Ninja Nonsense all my emotions keep swirling around my head.

but i feel bliss inside again, or zen... whatever you call it, a sort of inner peace, i usually go into that mode when i get too emotional in the negative direction, i thibk my body fucks with the chemicals and keeps me stable to keep me from flipping the fuck out like i'm prone to. i guess if my body can manipulate my emotions for a few more moments i'll be good. besides school isn't all that bad once you get used to it, i might as well enjoy my last year in the big social experiment in mass peer interaction called "school" if i'm going out it might as well be with a mother fucking bang so no more bitching and lets ROLL!!!!

ah, i love me, i'm so easy to manipulate...


♥ JD Person ♥

HAIL ZEON!!!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Tomino Hates You.
really, i think that is the iverwhelming story behind every alternate ending in this Gundam Game, basically Tomino hates you. so you lead the Zeon forces to victory over all those crappy feddies, your reward? Zeon didn't sign a cease-fire, they lost the whole damn war! Yes in the wonderous world of the Zeta/0079 crossover if you do better than you should as a Pilot then the whole fucking army fails, great message to our children, do not defy expectations or everyone you know and love will die... yet i keep playing.

i really have to beat some of the Titans' missions beyond the point i'm supposed to so i can see what horrible fate would befall those damn Feddie bastards if one of their guys does a little too well, hopefully its something along the lines of "Then Commander Vagina wiped out the whole E.F.S.F. down to the kids playing paintball in the national guard, Char's counterattack? that was just because he got the wrong order on his pizza." that would be hilarious! the one Titan i did finish the game with was the Palace Athene Pilot, who upon sirviving the battle... decides she's had enough an retairs, her ending pretty much says "[insert Pilots name] satisfied" as opposed to dead or missing like all the others do.

i'm just pissed all the computer characters pilot better in space than you ever could, they zip arpund like its the TV show, you move like a tabogin in thick mud, boy is that fun when sword duels are the only real way to win against a skilled Pilot. i also like that Doms are listed as "land Mobile Suits" while both in the anime and in the game people pilot them in space, you just can't.

but enough of my Gundam ranting, none of you guys seem to know what the bloody hell i'm talking about when i go on these Gundam-based tangents, so i'll try to rant about more pressing issues.

i am so unhappy about going back to school, i utterly despise school, it really is the death of my happy-go-lucky ways, the looming Titan [i imagine the Blue Gundam MKII looking menacingly down at me] of that institution really just sucks the happy out of me, i can't believe how unstable emotions are, that my joy can be crushed so easily, or that after a couple weeks i get used to it. i don't see how as thats possible, maybe its Stockholme syndrome or something, except i hate the staff there, not the teachers as much as the non-teaching employees, i don't think i've met a non-teacher there who i like in the least, which is sad because they don't have the negative of forcing work on me to taint my opinion and i still think they suck. the stupid administration that put words into my mouth when i got my hat stolen, hurried me to sign it without giving me a chance to correct the errors and making me file a police report for assault when all i wanted out of this marshmellow fisted fruitball was my anniversary hat back, then they send me home, for getting punched! saying i needed a chance to "rest" funny thing was that was the day i watched the first episode of Great Teacher Onizuka, and that i got into my physical fitness jag. that crotch jockey later got expelled for setting off fireworks in the school which is classified as a "terror attack." i must admit this little shit has the worst luck when it comes to illegal activity, punches a guy who would just let it go because of his appearant weakness, but then steals his hat getting him arrested for theft and assault, then sets off some shitty little fireworks and gets taken in like Muhammed Atta, that guy is really bad off. then the lousy vice principal has the nerve to say i got what was coming to me for "running my mouth." i can't stand these people. these people who deem the school unsafe during a storm so instead of letting me call home they make me walk 5 miles in knee-deep snow home. i really hope there is such a thing as karma, because i really think these guys deserve a good cosmic ream up the ole asshole.

and i have no idealistic dreams about life after this year, my senior year. i know it will most likely get worse out in the real world, damnit reality sucks. i continue my journey of life while mu oppressors get to just idle, having found their niche in the world. boy i hope wayne-westland starts laying off like Detroit is, i'd love to see them all jobless out on the street!

enough sadistic ranting, i think if i keep going much longer i'll lose my eternal soul because that was some deep=dark hate i was tappin.


a little bit like an image my brother made, but i don't know how to use photoshop so it'll be three




see the difference?

♥ JD Person ♥

HAIL ZEON!!!!!!!

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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Alternate Universe.
i sometimes believe i live in one, as i'm sure a lot of you guys probably think i do as well, i mean i'm by no stretch of the imagination "normal" so i think the explanation that i somehow come from a parallel universe would explain a lot, like my 12-stage jokes or EE&E/Gundam SEED crossover jokes, i just seem to find the absolute strangest things and talk about them, then i'm pissed no one else gets them, oh well 'tis my fate.

another fun Alternate Universe is in "Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs. Zeta Gundam" where you can defy Yoshiyuki Tomino himself and change the fate of characters! like some dipshit Rick Dias pilot who i've never heard of because i never watched Zeta, but he's supposed to die, but you can keep him alive, and he'll continue to be completly unimportant! but the one i really like is you can play as Char, and your first mission is to attack White Base as it descends to Earth, this is supposed to be a "hard" mission, where you first fight the Guntank and Guncannon, then face a pissed off Amuro, well i took on the two heavy assault Suits from close range and took them out, then just filled the Gundam with so much lead from my Zaku machine Gun it died without much of a struggle, in fact its timed, and their meant to escape, well i still had 30 seconds left after everyone was defeated, so the game generated a random Guntank, that i also killed. well being as Operation V was disccovered this changed the whole Gundam 0079 story, Garma stays alive and is your wingman throughout the whole story, he gets all Char's other red Suits and Aznable keeps the Zaku II, which i used to destroy Jaburo and successfully defend A Boa Que, the only hard one was the Duel where Amuro kills Lalah, [which he doesn't in this storyline] i hate space mission, i'm much better on the ground [i know, i'm a terrible Zeon Pilot] so that was tough, plus technically i'm supposed to have the Gelgoog by now and i'm still using a Zaku II, though it was kicking Amuro's magnetic coated, upgraded, super-newtype enhanced Gundam with my same old Zaku II, i guess if Char were that bad ass in the actual story i'd have payed better attention, the only reason i know so much about the one year war is from playing the games.

also if you, playing as Haman successfully beat Char, or as he's known at that time Quattro Vagina [pronounced BAH-JINN-AH] instead of Axis rising up and making the way for Vagina's, i mean Char's Counterattack Axis gets worn out and loses to the A.E.U.G. what the hell!? i killed Char, how can his forces win!? i suppose its kind of Tomino's way of saying "DON'T FUCK WITH MY BABY!" but its still pretty fun, thwarting the invading Feddie forces with my Zaku as opposed to getting owned by that bitch Amuro while piloting the pure awesome known as Zeong. i think i'll unlock the ole Zeong then kick Amuro's ass again, as well as see how much worse i can fuck up the Zeta story line, i want to see what happens when people who should die live some more.

i'd like to thank all you Peoplezez for coming out in record numbers as of late to my little site, it was really nice to get 15 comments on a normal post and 6 on my story post, all positive, its such an ego boost!

but alas school starts for me tuesday, which really blows, even worse is that now GTO is over on demand and tonight Fuse pre-empted Tenjou Tenge and Ergo Proxy for some stupid dirtbike show, i mean they didn't even put on pants-off dance-off for God's sake! at least then it would be funny...

and thanks for all you guys finally rallying behind me, even if i didn't ask you to. in fact the one time i do get you guys joining my side is when i'm just ranting, i had no idea i was recruiting... but i want to thank Beyblader for telling me to stop bitching and do something about things, thats very good advice, so while i still have a bit of cred with you Peoplezez i'd like to say that i don't encourage flaming Adam or SomeGuyl i may disagree more and more, deeper and deeper with our exaulted leader and while i think its a bit hypocritical i give thre benefit of the doubt to SomeGuy for rejecting my poll idea, and as far as Adam goes he runs the damn place and he really only seems to care what we think when he wants to, so i doubt flaming him will do much. and as much as i'd like to say "my troops, let us rally and send wave after wave of mail requesting the articles section brought back until Adam caves!" i doubt it would do much good, Adam seems pretty apathetic to our requests and feelings, he doesn't seem to care how much we miss the sections he guts, so i say to you to beg him for the article section back of your own free will, if you want to and think its worth a try go for it, but i'm not so sure myself.

thank you guys for all your support in getting me to the rank of 175, only 145 below SomeGuy and 169 below our exaulted leader the all powerful and infallible Adam.

i'll stop my bitching now, i'm a big boy i have to get used to this. i'm sure TheO will be doing fine for years to come, wether i'm here to see it depends on what directions this man takes it.


it might be old and random but i'm way behind in reading this stuff and these comics almost made me cry.


♥ JD Person ♥

HAIL ZEON!!!!!!!!!!

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Friday, August 31, 2007

Absolute Power ch.15
Absolute Power
Mission: 15
Full Female Alchemist

~Warning: may be offensive to overly sensitive people~

Foxxy is in the solitary confinement chamber, inside it is pitch black and dead silent. There is not a single ray of light, not a single sound, any sound is absorbed by the walls, not a single smell, and in the dark itís not wise to try and feel. I suppose she could find a taste, but it probably wouldnít be very good.

Foxxy tries to talk, but she hears no sound, she tries yelling, nothing, she screams, still no sound.

Foxxy: (thinking) In this chamber I guess all I can do is think, I know this will help me clear out my thoughts. Yes this world is completely pure darkness, Iím sure this will help me.


Draco: Land at these coordinates. (Hands Aveian and Sora sheets of paper)

Sora: These points are in the middle of a forest!

Aveian: (pointed, while smoking a new cigarette) Why are we parking so far from your house? Could it be weíre not welcome?

Draco: Donít be concerned with the minor details.

Aveian: Iím not going to just wander through the woods blindly with you.

Draco: Do you not require my help?

Aveian: Possibly.

Draco: I do need yours. in any case there will be far more of you than me, and Iíve seen the levels you all fight at. What do you have to fear?

Aveian: Even if Iím killed, I assure you Iíll personally drag you to hell with me.

Draco: Then I suppose I best not betray you.

Aveian: Your choice.

The ship lands in the middle of a clearing, the engines cut off and the ship touches down and comes to a complete stop.

Draco: (getting up) Well lets get going.

Aveian goes to follow, walking slowly, calmly, smoke trailing, yet left hand still on his gun and his finger on the safety and trigger.

Sora: Wait Aveian!

Sora grabs his arm, stumbling in her weakness.

Sora: how do we know we can trust him?

Aveian: (looks at her with his eyes, but doesnít move his head while they walk out together) Youíre asking me about betrayal?

Sora: You have a point there.

Aveian: I donít plan on being tricked.

Sora: From anyone else that would be naÔveÖ

Aveian: Like Foxxy?

Sora: (a certain cattiness) Or Kit! But I know youíve got us covered.

Aveian: Iím going to ensure success.


Kit is rocking back in forth, sweat flying off his dripping wet hair, as Allenby is vocalizing quite loudly; then he notices the difference in the shipís movement and stops.

Allenby: Awwww, and you were so enthusiastic too.

Kit: Just glad everything turned out okay.

Allenby: (hurt, but trying very hard to not let it show) Oh, so it has nothing to do with meÖ

Kit leans down and kisses her on the lips, then on the cheeks a few times passionately and sweetly.

Kit: Of course it has to do with you, youíre you kept me strong, you were there for me and always supporting me, you mean everything to me and I owe all my happiness to you.

Allenby: (touched) Oh Kit!

Allenby hugs him and pulls him down to her, kissing him all over and giggling.

Kit: (laughing, shutting one eye as Allenby kisses him all over that cheek) Wow, whatíd I do to get this?

Allenby: (happy, very happy) Just shut up and let me kiss you!

Kit: (laughing) NEVER!

Kit pushes off with his not-broken arm, and now on top of her decides to return the favor.

Allenby: Youíre going to pay for that!

They start rolling around kissing and laughing, they roll, and roll, and roll, then fall off the bed.

Kit: Ow!

Allenby: Ouch!

They go right back to kissing.

Allenby: Let me kiss all your hurty spots!

Kit: Thanks, there are a lot of them!

Allenby: Good! Cause I wasnít planning on stopping for a long time anyway!


Kit burst out of the room covered in pink kisses, Allenby right behind him.

Kit: Catch me if you can!

Allenby: Iím not done with you yet!

Allenby grabs onto him, and starts putting more even more pink on his half naked body.

Kit: Crap!

Allenby: (stops kissing for a second) Huh?

Kit: I just remembered we have to go!

Allenby: Well I donít feel like goin outside with my lipstick on, I guess Iíll just have to take it off somehow. (Starts kissing his neck up towards his face)

Kit: (laughing) Fine, just get this off thenÖ (Looks over) Were you reapplying?

Allenby: (lipstick in hands, lips puckered) Guess you caught me! Oh, well!

Jumps on him and transfers the pink from her lips, to all over his face.

Kit: (still really happy) We really have to get goingÖ

Allenby: Well its really up to me whether or not we do, being as you can clean yourself with one hand, unless you wanna go out there like thatÖ

Kit: Just help me.

Allenby: You know I will.

Kit: Youíre really nice!

Allenby: Of course! I canít help it. Youíre just too cute to be mean to.

Kit: Thanks.

Allenby: (pulling him by the waist of his pants) Come on! Lets get you cleaned off!

Allenby pulls him into the bathroom, and by the sounds coming through the door, has a lot of fun cleaning him off.

Kit comes out later dressed as normal with his arm freshly wrapped and Allenbyís arms wrapped even tighter around his other arm.

Kit: We have to get my sister, then we can go.

Allenby: (conceding) Okay!


Foxxy is still locked inside the cell.

Foxxy: (thinking) I said I was gonna stay in here till we landed, and we landed a while ago, why hasnít anyone let me out? Did they forget about me? Or are the punishing me for being such a bitch? I couldnít blame themÖ

Then the doorís locks click, and light starts to creep in, Foxxy is over-joyed and sparkly eyed, then shields her eyes as the light pours in, but she giggles merrily, now able to hear her own voice.

Kit: Come on Sis! Its time to get going!

Foxxy: Right on it Bro! (Thinking) Itís good to be me again!

The three of them exit the ship, right as Aveian and company are about to enter the forest.

Foxxy: (waving) Wait for us!

Avian turns around, gun pointed at them.

Aveian: Stay back.

Kit takes a couple steps forward, and Aveian fires, Kit falls over.

Allenby: Kit!!!!

Kit: (in serious pain, clutching his stomach) Ow dude! Those rubber bullets really fuckin hurt!

Aveian: Itís for your own good. (shoots Foxxy, she squeaks, falls over and whines) weíre dealing with people I really donít think I should let you get involved with, you guys are too crazy, so just stay down.

Kit: (crawling forward) Never!

Foxxy: PleaseÖ let us come!

Aveian: Damn it. Stay there.

Aveian fires 3 or 4 clips into them. He bends over on his knees panting and sweating, but Kit and Foxxy keep coming.

Aveian: I give up; just try not to get killed.

Foxxy at Kit look up and raise an arm each.

Kit/Foxxy: (weakly) Yay!

They both go face down in the ground.

Sora: (whispers to Aveian) Should we leave them?

Aveian: (cigarette bouncing as he talks) No, I said they can come so theyíre coming. (Takes cigarette out and blows out smoke, then puts it back in) Weíll just wait until they wake up.

Draco: Thatís honorable of you.

Aveian: I just donít want them acting even more idiotic when they do wake up.

Allenby: (merrily) But you do have to admit theyíre cute, awake and asleep.

Aveian: I believe their charm is one of the few things that keep them alive.

Sora: Along with their inhuman strength.

Allenby: But the cuteness does more I think!


A group of MXs move through an underground tunnel.

Chibodee: (leading the troops) Alright guys, we lucked out when we made it to the tunnel, but weíre not safe yet.

The black soldier from the flashback pops up on screen.

Black soldier: Homie we know that already! Shit, we know if we donít haul ass our asses are toast!

Chibodee: Good, now letís move it!

The Suits continue to move through the tunnel in single-file.


All the guys are just lying around bored.

Allenby: Hey! I think theyíre waking up!

Foxxy yawns and stretches all cute, then looks over sand sees Kit lying there motionless.

Foxxy: EEEEEEEP! (Jumps up to a kneeling position) You okay bro? (Poking his cheek with her index finger) Brother person is not responding to stimuli! Is it possible he isÖ? No! (Shaking Kit violently by the shoulders) No Kit! You must live! LIVE!!!!! I know, I must give him CPR!

Allenby: (looks away) I canít watch.

Foxxy gives her older brother mouth to mouth, then sits up, tilting her head in confusion Kit is snoring softly, like a puppy, with a little stream of drool coming out of the corner of his mouth.

Foxxy: (ecstatic) Youíre alright! (Foxxy hugs him hard around his neck and back) Iím so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! (Kisses him on the cheeks loud and hard a few times)

Allenby: (watching Foxxy rolling around with her brothers sleeping body) Somebody going to save him?

Aveian: Never did before, why start now?

Allenby: Good point.

Kit: Is everyone against me?

Allenby: (surprised) Kit?

Foxxy: (falling off as he sits up) Bro?

Kit: (licks his lips, and tastes for a second) Strawberry kiwi, (stern, a bit annoyed) Foxxy?

Foxxy: (big sparkly doe eyes) Yes dear brother?

Kit: (more annoyed) Foxxy.

Foxxy: (innocent, finger on her lips) I didnít do anything wrongÖ

Kit: (pretty annoyed) Foxxy!

Foxxy: (looks down, shuffles her feet) I was just trying to helpÖ (Gasps) Gasp?

Kit has her in the best hug he can do with his left arm.

Kit: (head over her shoulder, softly) I know, I know. (Lets her go, normal voice) Now can you help me get the rest of the marks off, cause Iím sure this (points at his lips) wasnít the only one.

Foxxy: I canít help it, Iím cute and affectionate!

Kit: Just help me out here sis.

Foxxy: (jumps up and salutes) Roger Captain!

Kit: At ease Lieutenant!

Aveian: How do I put up with this?


Aveian: Are you finally done?

Foxxy: (cute and bubbly) All clean!

Draco: Then letís get moving weíve lost enough time already.

The group gets up and begins heading into the forest, Aveian paces himself until heís beside Draco.

Aveian: Why all the secrecy, I have a right to know.

Draco: My country isnít exactly pro-immigrant, or emigrant, so none of us is especially welcome, but I believe we donít have a choice except my father so itís a necessary endeavor, despite harsh reality.

The group exits the forest, and sees another.

Draco: (very unhappy and uncomfortable) Behold the landmark of my homeland, the Walachian forest!

Before them stands thousands of wooden stakes, each bearing an impaled body, in various states of degeneration, from fresh to year-old, animal picked, sun baked, and rotting dead bodies. Everyone besides Draco and Aveian are shocked and horrified, the other two just look disgusted and offended.

Aveian: Lets keep moving, the longer we stand here the more time we have to look at this abomination of man.

The group walks through the path in the middle of the forest of Walachia.

Foxxy: And weíre supposed to work with these people!? After theyíve done this!? Draco, you bastard, turn around and face me!

Draco turns around, his face full of emotion.

Draco: Donít you even try to think you understand me! You naÔve little bitch! So what, you see some dead bodies, imagine knowing itís your own father is responsible for their deaths! You presume to know everything, but youíre just an idiot.

Draco turns back around and storms forward.

Foxxy: (shocked, hands to her mouth) ÖsorryÖ

The group walks uneasily through the forest of death, until the reach a huge black castle.

Draco: (sighs, turns to face the others) Weíre here.

Aveian: So what do we do now?

Draco: We meet my father, and hope he will give us the money buy out Black Vulpine.

Kit: So weíre just going to beg for money and hope your daddy can save us?

Draco: No, weíre going to use my father to steal all the power from those old pricks and make them are slaves to defeat the man they betrayed us for.

Kit: Us? Since when did you become an ďus?Ē

Sora: Since he got that Suit?

Kit: Huh?

Sora: Its obviously Black Vulpine technology.

Aveian: She is right.

Kit: Letís just go, my brain hurts.


Black Soldier: What we gonna do if we get attacked down here?

Chibodee: Kiss our asses goodbye.

Black Soldier: Homie donít play that!

Chibodee: Too bad, we have no other options right now.

Black Soldier: Shit! This sucks ass!

The Suits continue to march forward.


As they enter the courtyard they see a lot of men dressed like Draco, except with sleeves to their wrists and no capes training with their broad swords.

Kit: So thatís the army?

Draco: The Walachian infantry.

The several attractive, fertile, well endowed women ride by on black horses, holding lances.

Draco: our infantry is male exclusive, and all women are to join the Cavalry.

Kit: Iíd like to show them how to use a lance myself.

Draco: Also, the Cavaliers must be virgins, and I think by their stance those are new recruits.

Kit blushes and laughs shyly.

Foxxy: (teasing) having impure thoughts there bro?

Aveian: even with Allenby right there heís still as horny as ever, that cock is going to kill you one day.

Kit: Believe me; if my death involves Virgin Cavaliers and my naughty bits, Iím pretty sure I wouldnít mind.

Allenby: (wrapping her arm around him) Well is okay if I donít kill you Kit?

Kit: Sure.

Draco: I suggest you be more mindful once youíre before my father, or else you may become more acquainted with the forest.

Kit: Iíll try.

Aveian: Just shut up Kit, youíll save us all some grief.

Kit: Roger Commander.


A Walachian soldier run into the throne room and kneels.

Soldier: Milord, it appears your son has returned.

Lord: That imputentÖ

Draco: You called?


Dracula Spitfire

Age: 58

Height: 6í 5Ē

Voice: Christopher Lee (Ansem The Wise, Kingdom Hearts II)

Body: Body builder level muscle tone, his skin is tanned though worn with age.

Clothes: Dracoís except for arm length sleeves and the trim of his armor is gold. His sword is almost twice as big as Dracoís, and the sheath is gold trimmed too.

Face: Red hair, Slicked back, and cut shorter than Dracoís, he has a few strands hang over his head. He has a whole beard, cut at very sharp angles, hazel, wrinkled, tired, squinted eyes, worn face but strong features and teeth.

Personality: Tough, strict, yet fair King. He is very protective of what he values. A very strong man in all ways, in his age he has grown wise and strong minded. He hopes never to lose again, yet is planning for that as well. He is cautious and brave, a true King.

Draco: Iím home father.

Lord Dracula: How dare you return after all this time, my petulant and adulterous son?

Foxxy: (tilts head, eyes looking up, finger on her bottom lip) adulterous?

She imagines Draco surrounded by beautiful women, as he plays them and uses their bodies for his own uses.

Kit: I know, I canít imagine it either.

Draco: I come to ask of your assistance, in my struggle, in return, I, along with these people who I journey with shall assist in yours.

Lord Dracula: My war!? Your war!? My war should be war should be your war!

Draco: I require your assistance, now please donít make this any harder for me just help me!

Lord Dracula: What!? You impudent cur of a son! You dare leave my lands to pursue your own goals and abandon my legacy, and now you dare return and ask for my help!?

Draco: Negeta Zeru was directly connectedÖ

Lord Dracula: And are you even a moment closer to avenging Apolloís death?

Draco: I will avenge him!

Lord Dracula: So youíll just abandon your motherís vengeance and my war?

Draco: I really believe my path is the right one! Now help me if you have any love for oldest son of old and now!

Lord Dracula: You coarse imbecile! I shall have you killed for that!

Foxxy: Shut up!

Everyone looks at her, she stands seething with rage.

Foxxy: How dare you speak to your own son that way!? You call yourself a father!? Youíre the lowest form Iíve even seen if you can treat your family that way!

Lord Dracula: Mind your tongue.

Foxxy: Fuck you! I canít respect a person whoís so cruel to their own flesh and blood!

Foxxy draws her dagger and enters stance.

Lord Dracula: Vaginate your blade wench!

Aveian drops his head onto his hand.

Aveian: Oh god.

Foxxy: You want me to do what you sick prick!?

Lord Dracula: I said vaginate your blade immediately!

Kit: Look, I donít know what youíre in to, but my sister is not your entertainer, and sheís a virgin so sheís not going to ruin that perfect puss before it can be used!

Aveian: ďVaginate,Ē means ďsheath.Ē Sheath your sword.

Foxxy: Fine. (Puts her dagger back)

Lord Dracula: Good. Guards, arrest that girl!

Kit: No way, take me instead! Iím not about to let my precious little sister suffer while Iím still able to do something!

Lord Dracula: I respect your wish, guards, take him instead.

Kit is led off down a far off corridor.

Lord Dracula: (sternly) Young one?!

Foxxy: (points to herself) Me?

Lord Dracula: Yes, did you plan to kill me, with that effeminate dagger of yours?

Foxxy: (serious) I hate people who would turn against their own family like that! And I will challenge them with my own two hands and my blade.

I soft happiness comes over Draculaís face.

Lord Dracula: I like your gallantry young one, what is your name?

Foxxy: (extra perk) Foxxy Sune! And that guy you dragged off is my brother Kit!

Lord Dracula: Well Foxxy Sune, how would you like to be Foxxy Spitfire? My son Draco may be a bit abrasive, but he is also quite the catch.

Both Draco and Foxxy look shocked and surprised, look at each other, then blush wildly and look away.

Draco: Are you insane old man!?

Lord Dracula: I suppose one as rebellious as you my son, would choose find his own way in life, and in love.

Draco: Your intrusion is not welcomed.

Lord Dracula: One day my son, you will find one that completes you, until then I believe you will continue to keep the same facade in order to protect your easily pierced heart.

Draco: If that day comes, Iíll thank you.


Kit is lead to a dungeon by the soldiers.

Soldier: here is your cell.

Kit enters without a struggle.

Soldier: we have to shackle you now sir.

Kit: Without dinner and a movie first?

One soldier approaches him.

Soldier: (taking Kitís hand) Please donít resist sir.

The soldier locks in Kitís left wrist above his head, the reaches for the right.

Kit: Thatís broken.

Soldier: Sorry, state rules.

The soldier lifts Kitís arm and locks his wrist in.

Kit: (panting) well this is a new kind of pain.

Soldier: Very sorry sir, orders are orders.

Kit: Itís cool!

The soldiers start to leave.

Kit: You ever suffer to protect what you love?

Soldier: Isnít that the root of being a soldier?

Kit: Yeah, I guess so.

The door shuts and the soldiers walk off, Kit hangs by his chains a little on the tips of his toes and stares up and the light striped ceiling.


The two soldiers pass by a high ranking Cavalier.

Cavalier: where are you two coming from?

Soldier: Just escorting a new prisoner.

Cavalier: HmmmmÖ


Kitís cell door swings open and a woman stands in the doorway.

Woman: Hello there, my brand-new plaything!


Draka Spitfire

Age: 25

Height: 5í 10Ē

Voice: Amanda Winn Lee (Mimiru, .hack//sign)

Body: fair skin, large breasts, tight lower body and stomach. She paints her nails electric yellow.

Clothes: Dracoís armor only cut off above the stomach, her cape is shorter, red shirt is skin tight and is elbow length and slightly longer than the armor on the body. She wears no gloves and has on a leather gladiator skirt, and black lace undies under it, he has the standard boots and sword.

Face: Red eyes, with small pupils. She has shoulder blade length dark navy blue shiny hair, with an electric yellow stripe down the middle of each bang, and matching yellow eye shadow and glossy lipstick.

Personality: Very horny, but unlike Sora she doesnít use it to her advantage, and doesnít satisfy herself that often. She is a bit sadistic, strong minded, forward, and seductive. If she wants a guy sheíll get him, and even if he doesnít want her back at first, well that just means more games to play.

Kit: Well who are yoÖ

Kitís lips are covered by Drakaís; she slides her hands over his shirt starting to remove it, when Kit stops her.

Kit: Sorry, Iím in no shape for that.

Draka: What, a little scratch like that?

Draka takes her lipstick tube out and draws a cross with a serpent wrapped around it over Kitís broken upper arm, then puts her finger to her lips, then the seal, it glows brightly and then disappears.

Draka: All fixed! Now the fun begins, letís play, my very helpless, very alluring boy-toy.

Kit: I really want to but how can I say no?

Draka: Exactly (kissing his neck) Iím not giving you a chance, but stillÖ saying no is a problem. So Iím not going to stop until you say ďyes.Ē


Lord Dracula: So my son let us speak now.

Voice: (in the distance) Father!? Is that you calling me father!?

Lord Dracula: Micrea no!

A guy stumbles out and falls down behind Draculaís throne.

Micrea: Ow!


Micrea Spitfire.

Age: 16

Height: 5í8Ē

Voice: Brad Swaile (Quatre, Gundam Wing/ Dearka Elsmen, Gundam SEED)

Body: very light skin, dainty, no fat or muscle.

Clothes: Gold robe, cape, gloves, pants and boots .He keeps the hood down and the robe and pants are baggy.

Face: medium length curly blonde hair, he wears a black blind-fold over his eyes.

Personality: Very meek, proper, weak minded, emotional, effeminate, heís just all around a pussy. Not to mention heís blind and was clumsy before losing his sight. Heís just a wreck. He always speaks in an emotional, weak tone, self-hating sad, clingy, dependent happy, and so on.

Micrea falls out onto the ground.

Lord Dracula: Micrea!

Draco: (face in his hand) Not again.

Foxxy: Who is that?

Draco: My brother.

Foxxy: Why is he all trip-y?

Draco: Heís blind.

Foxxy: Oooooooooh, I understand nowÖ thatís really sad!

Lord Dracula: Micrea is a frail boy, we try to keep him in comfort, but his condition makes life difficult.

Micrea: I am truly sorry father!

Lord Dracula: It is alright my son. Draco!

Draco: What?

Lord Dracula: If we are to be working together I believe your friends should know the truth.

Draco: I agree.


Draka continues ďplaying,Ē with Kit. His body is now covered in yellow, and Draka is very happy doing it too.

Draka: (very aroused) Oh, I just love when my prey is helpless, makes them so much easier to huntÖ (Plants more very seductive kisses on Kitís helpless body) To catchÖ and to eatÖ allÖ up!

Draka kisses him all over his neck, working a line to his lips, where hers stay, and her tongue dances, Draka pulls back staring into Kitís eyes.

Draka: But you donít seem to be enjoying yourself, my little treat, now I canít let that happenÖ

Drakaís cape falls to the ground, then her armor, she presses her almost naked chest against his.

Draka: I may have played before, but now, my little love prisoner, I feel like doing more than just playing, (she puts her lips to his ear, whispering softly) I want to spend the rest of my life with you, us bound together, now its your choice of bindings, wedding vows, (little chuckle) or prison shackles.

Kit: I choose neither.

Draka: (very turned on) Oooh, a challenge, Iíll make you mine, if it takes me forever I will make you mine.

Draka gives a few licks to Kitís neck then sucks a little.

Draka: And Iíll make sure to leave plenty of marks so everyone knows youíre mine.

Draka starts sucking on Kitís neck, long, strong tugs at his skin with the vacuum of her lips.

Kit: If I ever get loose Iím going to make you pay.

Draka: Thatís too bad for you, because Iím never going to let you get away.

Kit: (thinking) I have to think of something, because I like this too much.


Chibodee: The Suit in the back is lagging; we canít let ourselves get separated. (Links to the Suit on the video-com) you in the back, youíre Suit is moving too slowly, whatís the problem soldier?

Pilot: Actually Iím not a soldier; Iím just an internÖ

Chibodee: InternÖ Oh noÖ

Multiple shots pierce the rear Suit.

Intern: Iím hit! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

The Suit explodes.

Chibodee: The enemy has found our escape route!

Black Soldier: Shit Dog! We gotta go then!


Draka: (releasing her lips from Kitís neck, steps back to view her work) My marks look very good on you. I think I should leave even more.

Kit: Donít think so!

Kit raises his legs up and kicks the chain, breaking it; he drops down on his feet and takes off running.

Draka: (even more aroused) A chase, oh the things Iíll do to him when I catch him!

Kit runs at full speed, arms still shackled away from his captor. Unfortunately she runs fast too and he barely escapes as he ducks into a room.

Kit: Phew! Well not that that wasnít fun, just canít be enjoying other women that much.

Kit puts a foot to his chain and snaps them, freeing his arms.

Kit: Time to clean up, hopefully itís easier than dealing with Foxxy.

Kit scrubs his face, neck and body, he cleans himself carefully, the yellow coming off clean.

Kit: Iíll have to thank her for using easy-off Ďstick. Kit looks at his neck, with is covered in hickies.

Kit: GreatÖ

He turns his head and sees she left one on his right cheek too.

Kit: Really greatÖ I know!

Kit reaches into his pocket, but feels nothing.

Kit: all my supplies on in the cellÖ great.

Kit opens the door and starts tom walk out.

Kit: I guess Iíll just have to go back and get my stuffÖ

Kit is staring right at Draka.

Draka: Hi cutie!

She pins Kit against the wall by the wrists, and chest to chest, then lip-to-lip.

Draka: Oh, youíre all cleaned up, guess Iíll have to make you all dirty again!

Kit: No way!

Kit forces each arm against her thumbs, them goes to run off again.

Draka: Not so fast!

As Kit runs by she slaps handcuffs on him.

Kit: Damn, without my armsÖ

Draka: Youíre just a moving target.

She throws a chain out, and a metal collar on the end snaps around Kitís neck. Kit is stopped dead in his tracks, he tries to break loose, but Draka is on him too fast.

Draka: Not so fast! Iím taking you to dad, so I can claim you, and then youíll be all mine for good! Now letís go!

Draka literally drags Kit off with her.


Lord Dracula: It all beganÖ

Draka: Ooooooh Da-aaaaaad!

Lord Dracula: Draka?

Draka walks out, pulling her prize with her. Allenby looks surprised and unhappy, Foxxy giggles and Sora looks very entertained.

Draka: I found him in a dungeon, and he is so cute and fun to play with! So can I keep him?!

Lord Dracula: Draka! You are my oldest child, and itís high time you acted like it!

Draka: Really?

Lord Dracula: Draka, release that boy immediately. He was meant to be in there to pay for his sisterís crime, but I think you made him suffer enough already!

Draka: (sighs dejectedly) Fine.

Draka lets go of the chain and Kit re-joins the party.

Kit: Feels great to be back!

Foxxy and Sora stand very closely to him, examining him intently.

Sora: (cunningly) Well well, what do we have here? Is that lipstick on your lips?

Kit Blushes a little, touching his lips.

Foxxy: (inferring) Yellow lipstick! Is it hers?

Sora: Have you been kissing girls on the side Kit?

Foxxy moves around to the side.

Foxxy: (slyly) And what are these marks? Hickies?

Kit blushes very red.

Sora: (looking) I think so.

Foxxy: Theyíre all over you.

Sora: Which means she was all over you!

Kit is blushing bright red and sweating profusely. The Allenby comes over.

Allenby: Leave him alone!

Foxxy: (innocent and sorry) I was just playingÖ

Sora: (seductive) I wasnít, I was jealous I didnít do that to him.

Kit: Sora, I will kick your ass in handcuffs!

Lord Dracula: Being as everyone is here, and considering our new partnership, I believe we should show our new guests around this land.

Aveian: That is a good idea, I need to get I feel for your supplies and equipment in order to develop a plan of action.

Draka: (scheming) Good plan! Iíll lead the tour!

Lord Dracula: DrakaÖ

Draka: You have duties, you canít be leaving the throne just to show a bunch of new-comers around, and besides, how can I act if Iím surrounded by people I donít know? Plus Draco will be there.

Lord Dracula: I know this is a mistake, but go ahead daughter.

Draka: GoodÖ

Draka goes to leave.

Lord Dracula: Draco!

Draka stops dead, one leg up, an arm forward.

Lord Dracula: Watch your sister; I give you authorization over her. Understood?

Draco: (uncaring) YeahÖ

Lord Dracula: Good, now move on.

Micrea: Iíll come too father!

Lord Dracula: Stay here my son.

Micrea: (whimpering) Yes father.

The group starts to walk off, Kit eyes Draka suspiciously. She eyes him seductively.

(Ending music)

Foxxy: (taking his arm) Come on Kit!

Draka: (under breath) So his name is Kit?

Draka walks up, grabbing Kitís leash and pulling him from Foxxyís gentle grip.

Draka: Come on Kit!

Draka drags Kit off with her in front of the group by the leash. Allenby looks very unhappy, but standing off.

Ja Ne.

(Outlaw Star next episode music)

Foxxy: That bitch! Does she really think she can get away with that! Treating my brother like a toy!? Thatís my job! Ooooooh, bitch! You will pay! Be sure of that! Next episode: Into the belly of a Dragon! And whatís all this about a past and a war? Well youíll have to wait to find out, so you better get ready!

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Never Give Up.
not matter how little visits i get or no matter my ideas get shot down by Otaku Central Command i still remain on this site and damn it i still try to be influencial, becauseeally i'm devoted to this little site i joined some years ago, and i'll keep trying to do something meaningful on here.

see back in the old days when there was an articles section i tried submitting a little rant i did about Zechs, but i realized about half-way through that it was just droning tripe, i still tried submitting it though, it of course got rejected. i really thought that i could become notable on here because of my writing ability, unfortunately there were and still are much better writers out there and i couldn't compete. i always wanted to try again but soon after the articles section got scrapped so i never got to try again, i really regret that, as do i dislike the removal of that section as well as Adam basically telling everyone that if you even bring up the articles section in anything you expect him to read he'll ignore it all, but thats a different story, my growing dislike of the direction our exaulted leader is taking this place.

next up in my failures is to submit my art on here. God do i suck, i really feel bad for anyone unfortunate enough to ever look at my drawings, i'm ashamed they even exist, while they did make it on here i think thats because anything even remotely human or animal lokking is allowed on this site, i only wish they had been so leniant when grading my article, maybe then i could have been part of the best section this site ever had.

my latest failure was trying to come up with ideas for the otaku polls they hold, i said "which Zanpakuto would you want" but SomeGuy said that it wouldn't work because it would exclude non-Bleach fans, which i understand but i think there enough that it wouldn't exclude too many people, but hey what do i know, i'm just a lowly blogger leeching off everything these guys built, i have no right to Adam or his closest workers, they are the upper class of this site and i be only a lowly peasant, or rather piss-ant. i feel like i'm some hot shot because i'm ranked 177 out of over a half million but what does that really mean? it means that a nbunch of people read my posts, but i don't influence people, i don't bring in news, i don't inspire people or rally them to a cause [insult to injury, D-Technolife is playing] i just bitch about my life like so pussy emo shit or rant about my nonsensical ideas, i contribute nothing to this site, i'm worthless, if i left here it would have no effect on the site, if any of those guys wanted to they could ruin this site to the point none of wanted to stay any longer. SomeGuy is possibly one of the amazing people i've ever encountered as closely as to read his dairy to a certain degree, i have no right to critcize him...

yey i'll try harder i guess, i think i'll pitch the idea to have a "which anime sword would you want" and if that is STILL to inclusive i'd say "Anime weapon" but there is no garuntee that to be successful, but you bet your sweet ass i'll keep trying, i may end up looking like some crazed fanboy who keeps pitching his shit ideas with no sign of any of them ever being worth considering but that won't stop me, until SomeGuy or Adam basically tells me "just give up" i'll pitch the ideas i get, who knows one of them might even be good enough to make it!

come to think of it though i think ole SomeGuy is guilty of a bit of inclusivity himself, holding a poll of who'd win in a fight between David Kaye and Scott McNeil, and one of the options was "they both attack Crispin Freeman" though i got all the Voice Actor based jokery i know that a lot of people i met on here have no fucking idea who the different voice actors are, but again he's in control and i'm not, he's way ahead of me in populartity rankings, i'm nothing compared to him.

as a final show of my never ending perputity to fail is the fact that i started playing "Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam Versus Zeta Gundam" which has to be one of the worst games i ever played, because to get to play as Axis [Zeon] you have to beat this insanely hard fight Haman has with The O, which just seems conpletely impossible to beat, i want to play as Zeon so i'll keep trying, but yes the game is still terrible, i'm just a gamer who needs a controller in my hand and something interactive on TV and Gundam v. Zeta Gundam is all i have right now.


Not really a quote as much as the best alias ever, Char Aznable while in hiding adopts the name Quattro Bageena, but Bageena is just how its pronounced, and by the laws of pronounciation his name could very well be Quattro Vagina.

meaning if we cloned the Red Comet we could in a very real sense create Octopussy.

♥ JD Person ♥

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cable car.
i say that because it seems my whole post yesterday went over people's heads, but then again my humor is very localized so i guess i can't expect people to find me hilarious when all my humor is self serving and probably not all that entertaining.

first off the "EXTERMINATE Flipper" had absolutely nothing to do with the "Flipper" franchise and more to go along with my rant about how there is a Dolphin in a Dalek tank on "My Gym Partner is a Monkey" at least i think it looks like a Dalek and he does seem to have a superiority complex, now if only he had a plunger and death ray for "pest control" then i'd be all set.

as far as CN slipping downi the tubes because they don't show "Ed Edd and Eddy" enough now sort and shows stuff like the afore mentioned animal based drivel sort of sounds like saying a guy is sick because he used to rape girls with claw hammers and now uses crow bars, the point remains that he is still violently raping women with pointy things. really i used to like EE&E back in the day, mostly for the Kanker sisters because i've always been a fan of the really forward girls that force their emotions on the unwitting object of them. but after a while that chsarm wore off and i couldn't tolerate the show anymore, probably because i started writing and could just create those worlds instead of waiting for them, either that or just Maburaho, Kazetsubaki can make up for all the episodes of EE&E i don't watch anymore, plus i don't have to sit through the unromantic ones.

The one thing that still disturbs me about EE&E is that Matt Hill, the voice of Uber-Bishie, Ultimate Coordinator, Pilot of the ZGMF-X10A Freedom and all around bad-ass Kira Yamato also lends his voice to Ed. boy was that a stretch for me to imagine, and upon listening to an old episode of EE&E i did infact discover it was him. now this revelation, though uncomfortable does lead to some very comical images in my mind, like Ed doing all the naked scenes Kira does in the opennings to Destiny, the solemn head lift with slow eye opening all shirtless, the happier version later on and of course the naked "let us dance" move with Lacus, who's voice actor does Ching from Pucca, there'd be a horrifying crossover. but more than that i find amusement imagining that creepy and retarted yellow boy equipped with the Freedom's wings, hip-mounted guns, beam sabers and shield and seeimg him repeatedly shoot people in the arms to keep them from fighting, though if you really think about it Kira's tendancy to shoot enemy Suits in the main camera, mounted on the head, would no translate well if he were facing were converted to the stated shape and configuration.

i realize many people don't do this, or even understand what the hell i'm blabbering on about, thus adding to the "over your head" aspect of my posts but i always joke around to myself about the different roles that voice actors do, so making EE&E/Gundam SEED jokes is not really out of the ordinary for me, when ever i watch Pucca i want the chicken on Ching's head to call her Lacus so bad, every single episode i wait in anticipation as i imagine in my mind the chicked going "Haro!" maybe thats whu i can't watch it anymore, all the built up need to hear Fields of Hope just got to me. another fun crossover is that Brian Drummond does the voice of Garu, though you'd never know it. still i keep imagining everytime he denies Pucca's advances Zechs going "My hands they are too stained with blood..." maybe if he finally gets tired of beating Tobe every week he could try dropping Libra onto Sooga Village to wipe that clan out and show all those squid eating ninja how horrible war can become so they'll never start another war again, sure it would wipe out 60% of the life on Earth, but its over crowded already. then there is also the fact that he did Andrew Waltfeld in Destiny, so you could have Garu get into a terrible battle with Abyo [Ching= Lacus, ChingxAbyo, LacusxKira therefore Abyo= Kira and kira wounded Waltfeld who equals Garu, i really hope one of you got that without me explaining it] and then commanding Ching and Abyo to join him in stopping all future conflicts, as well as having a coffee brewry akin to a meth lab in his room. or we could have Ching begging Garu and Tobe to "sing the song of peace] a real good joke is that in the japanese versions of Gundam SEED and Chobits Rie Tanaka did Lacus and Chii's voices, so if you apply that to Pucca its kinda funny that Ching is one of the characters that talk as opposed to Chii who for a while could only say... well Chii.

enough of my confusing comedy, more me be lazy and using YouTube for quotes


They just fucked with the wrong mexican!

♥ JD Person ♥

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