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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fields of hope.
i really like singing all of Lacus's songs, so far the only one i'm good at is Quiet Night, being as she sings it non-stop throughout SEED you kinda learn it fast.

well i'm glad that my demented rantings entertained all you guys, and thanks for all the hair removal tips. sadly i don't think i have the fortitude for waxing, i think that takes a whole other tolerance for pain, like the one needed to vaginally deliver a baby, so i think i'm going to try keeping to the chemically induced balding rather then ripping the hair out, maybe later i'll try that, but right now i'm going to try nair, and if worse comes to worse i'll try a mass induction of hair removal lotion.

...because damn are my arms soft, i mean damn, the skin on them is so soft i'm turning myself on rubbing my face against them, that lotion may be a pain in the ass to used but my skin loves it! plus instead of the classic nair feeling of getting tagged with a napalm grenade [the new stuff is supposed to be 90% less painful] this stuff was cooling, to the point when i washed my arms off it felt like i had frostbite. if only it wasn't so damn awkward to use, then i'd be straight. i'm going to try it on my arms to see if it removes stubble, because if it does all i have to do is shave my legs then slather them in hair killer goo.

its also to hear all you XX chromosome Peoplezez out there talking about all the naughty thoughts you have. now i was never under the impression girls aren't horny, i have enough female friends to know its quite the contrary, its just i'm not used to hear it admitted so readily. i will admit that my people watching borders on the creepy, because a lot of times its the means not the motive that matters, so rather i'm admiring their shape in the same sense one might admire a cherry tree in blossom, studying them to be able to draw the female figure better, or if i were like most guys and glaring whilst playing pocket-pool, it still would probably freak the fuck out of some girl to notice me looking at her dirty pillows.

i guess i'll just always be that way, i like to look at beautiful things, and my motives have always remained plutonic, at least pertaining to that particular girl, now a nice rack might remind me of Bev's and then i go into lecher mode, but that is all introverted and within my mind, at a moment like that i'm not even paying attention to my ocular input. i must admit though, for all my girl watching i don't think my art ever improves much, tis my curse i guess.

i still can't look at that little nerdy girl the same way anymore, she is really funny and cool, but now when i see her all i can imagine is her in a leather jumpsuit with stilettos, a whip and a few guys on leashes, cause damn that girl has some fun fantasies, pretty much the samre ones as Bev, except in my beaners case i know her soft, squishy fluffy side, this girl all i know of her is "i think it'd be fun to go down on a guy because then you have complete power over him, he can't do anything after that." sweet Jesus is that hot, once more she becomes a proxy for Bev, triggering slash fan-fiction in my brain of the lemon variety between me and my beloved beaner.

i must admit my ability to turn random sentences or images into fantasies is amazing. see i have this major hang-up with lips and lip gloss, the fuller the lips and the glossier the color the more my blood diverts itself. so thusly whereas most men have a pr0n collection, i have images of lips, kiss marks and the like. also i seem to have an extreme ability to just go off on wild tangents, i remember at one point a text book described a forest using the adjectives ..."lush, wet, thick and full..." i then spent the rst of my hours in a mental state i could only describe as Azrael after someone says "nuclear weapons" and "PLANTS" in the same paragraph. today i was watching "Munich" and i had i could do not to lost track of my mind when there was blindfolding and tying up going on. i love my selective focus, "Jews slaughtered", "revenge", "explosion", "death", those concepts go POOF and i'm left going "i want Bev to blind fold me and tie my up so bad! i hope she bites my neck, that felt GOOD..."

that was another high-point in proving that if you give me the right girl that i'm madly in love with i can fantasize about her to anything, i practically had a brain aneurysm when the main characters wife is biting and kissing all over his neck and face... while he's imaging all the Olympic folk getting slaughtered... not fault they put in my fetishes... fetishi, in the most inappropriate moments and movies.

but yeah, i spent pretty much all of today from 1 to 9 PM in the lovey-dovey, fluttery hearted, fluffy cloud-nine state about Bev, with no prompting what so ever, which proves what feeling is really stronger i say.


this is from a forum is was looking at to decide whether or not i was going to watch a couple of girls engage in corophagia.

other videos:

-one man, one jar: "i haven't seen it, but i can guess what's going on."

-two girls, one finger: "the sequel to two girls, one cup."

and my personal [least] favorite...

-baby reacts to two girls, one cup,

or as it should be called "somebody needs to call child protective services right now, because that is not cool!" or possibly "this child will grow up to be an axe murderer."

seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people these days, that is like a string of like 12 wrong things leading to that child seeing that, and it all started with Perez Hilton, i just lost a lot of respect for him when i learned he's the reason this got mainstream attention.

well enough debauchery for one day, peace fools.

♥ JD Person ♥

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Living inside the shell
well it appears once more i got a random number of visits, i suppose there is no real way to predict or even influence the amount of visits i get, but none the less i will continue to bribe all of you to come to my site by going to yours.

well right now my arms are hairless. see as many of you long-time readers know i hate my body hair, but up until now i've been woefully inept at disposing of it. well i discovered this tube of "hair removal lotion" in the cabinet so i tried that out. it was no where near as easy to use as i hoped it would be, at first i tried putting it on like normal lotion, but that didn't work, being as it said a "thick layer" so i put on an uncomfortably large amount to try to wipe out my bodily opponents, but due to the uneven distribution it just ended up making my arms kinda bald, i tried a second application for the full 15 minutes as opposed to 5, but still some wouldn't come off, so i shaved my arms with all the fervor of someone with severe OCD, which wiped out all remaining hair with surprising no razor bumps. i shaved my torso like usual again so now the only bit of me i still dislike hair-wise is my legs, but they've a much bigger problem. see it was a pain in the ass to apply and maintain a "thick layer" on my scrawny little arms, let alone my long and built legs, just not an option. i think for that i'll have to invest in some of that low PH nair shower gel or something. if any of you guys have hair removal tips you could share i'd really like to hear them.

oh well, i always wear pants anyway, i only see my legs in the shower, so its not like constantly bug me. i don't want to shave them because i don't want them to be prickly, plus after ,y arms i think i've already spent more time with a razor in hand than the most hardcore emo kid so i think i'll give the ole pink shick quattro a break.

in other words i think i'm blossoming. as of late i've been having more and more impure thoughts which is quite odd for me, i think maybe i might just be a light bloomer libido wise, either that or my extreme disinterest in phys4icality might have been ruined by the fact that i've now known the loving embrace of a women, so i now see the naughtiness of most lady bits. though then again i've always been a voyeur, and being as i don't feel aroused, so to speak by any girl except my lover maybe i'm just reaching and trying to paint my people-watching as perverted.

i say this because today had some funny moments, one being there is this girl who sits in front of me in humanities, well today we were watching a movie, so she was turned perpendicular to me, because i was looking forward for a moment and she was turned to see the tv, well she was almost perpendicular, probably 85 degrees, which gave me a great view of the silhouette of her breasts, as well as the fact she was wearing a low-cut shirt and supporting them a bit by having her arms folded under them, so of course me being me i would stare curiously at them for a bit then watch the movie for a while. i suppose i'm not a perv, being as i wasn't all "oh yeah baby, nice rack!" and more "the shape of her breasts are beautiful, like a work of art!" i've always been that way, i guess now i'm just doing a bit of self-persecution.

on the subject of my adventures in coprophilia i think i've finally cured myself of my need to see two girls one cup. i was hoping that since the host site went, pardon my pun, to the shit, that there'd be no easy-to-access avenue to see waste consumption, oh dear Christ was i wrong. and i was soooooooooo close to clicking on one and ending my misery, so to speak, but i decided based on the fact i was tired that watching a girl down a duce probably shouldn't be my before-bed entertainment. so off to bed went i, and whilst i lay in bed i realized the root cause of my obsession with said fecal ingestion video. one, the opening part sounds fun, before the poo gets involved, but more over i just want to be part of a cult phenomenon.

if i wanted to see porn of any variety i could seek it out, and i don't, so the sexual content is not driving this, nor is the fecal matter, for i have no interest in it. no, i just want to be part of that "dude! did you see that?" moment, but do subject myself to such horrors alone is kinda pathetic, the whole point is to exploit other people and watch them squirm.

so at this point i think i'll just let that thought die, in a few weeks it'll be by the wayside like Ms. Teen Carolina.


"Baby, no one watches that because they want to, they do it because they want to see other people in pain."

-My lover confirming my decision before i told her it.

peace fools, and sorry once more for all the bad content.

♥ JD Person ♥

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

oh yes, nothing like a discussion of augmenting the flavor of sexual secretions to get a nice number of responses out of you visitors, i'm glad to know so many of you guys share my demented sense of humor, just as i was quite happy to find out this quite little nerdy girl in my probie teacher's class is actually this kinky little dominating sex freak, appearances my often be deceiving but still that one was damn funny. its also great that a few of you are going to conduct field tests of my little speech, i'd love to know the results!

but enough of my insane perversion, its not like i don't delve into that section of my twisted little mind on a daily basis. i must say that today was pretty much a blown day, and not blown in the way of that book-worm sex-fiend dreams of, no this was just wasted. see at my dad's house all there really is to do is game, and i have nothing to play, so i'm basically grasping at straws like a person who just got dumped and having desperate, brief affairs with all my old games/flames, so i pretty much just go through the motions each day, i'm hoping something gets my attention soon, this is really seeming pathetic.

better yet was making sure i got home in time to see Naruto and to call meh beaner a bit earlier, the only foil to my simple plan was the fact that my love's phone was busy and for no reason they decided to show the Naruto movie again. now the first time i saw the movie it was pretty damn awesome, because i fell asleep during all the "plot" points and basically/magically woke up for the fights. when i watched it again i realized home damn long and irritating the plot is, the plot is so boring, and i say this as a person who loves .Hack//Sign, GITS and Evangelion. its as anime insider put it "...the credits roll and you realize you'll never watch it again without skipping directly to the fight scenes." so yeah, instead i watched a re-run of Trinity Blood and a documentary from MSNBC about some nutty old man who built a "sex bunker" where he'd store and rape kidnapped women for arbitrary amounts of time before releasing them into the wild. needless to say that was no where near as fun.

plus Bev's phone was busy, so i bored and lonely, now i understand why dogs trash the house when you leave them home alone. being as i now have nothing on my DVR except a bunch of random movies and i read my daily portion of Card Captor Sakura [i'm rationing it] the situation soon devolved into me laying on my side in the fetal position meekly redailing Bev's number waiting for it to ring. yeah, i'm not desperate, not desperate at all, totally self-sufficient here...

well finally i got a hold of her [i'd insert a dirty joke here but i'm too lazy] and we talked for a while, then i watched the [as] anime being as they were kind enough to not preempt it... Light is a real tool sometimes, the one thing that i really hate about him is killing Rei and i think in the future his lover, either way being the romantic fool i am i can overlook the deaths of all the other people because they are evil and its never shown if they have loves as well, but being as Rei was a nice guy and being as its shown that he has a beloved and that's focused on his death really irritates me. there really is no rational line i could draw in saying why i'm so against Light killing him that isn't just based on persepective, i realize i'm heavily biased but still, that really pisses me off, evil fuck.

thats another reason why i like Her Majesty's Dog, the main character, Amane, her kodama ability lets her control anyone who's name she knows. i always used to think i'd want a Death Note for revenge purposes, but i think having kodama is so much better, just say out loud the name and command and they must obey, though i think there is a limited range, so that would be troubling, i wouldn't be able to discreetly make John Edwards and Hilary Clinton reenact "Two Girls, one cup" on stage at the next debate.

i'm debating whether or not to try and see that, right now i'm leaning towards "no" just based on the fact fecal ingestion is a bit more than i can take at this point, plus it sounds like german porn and being as i'm currently holding a grudge because i chose that language to learn and i dislike it, so not viewing their porn is a meaningless protest, like burying the word "nigger". plus its just some flash in the pan thing, and its not worth scaring my mind to be "trendy" people pass on the name of that video because misery lives company, so to seek it now is like masochism, and i'm not going to become some ocular emo.


"there was nothing, then nothing happened which caused an explosion which made everything."

-the atheist story of creation

♥ JD Person ♥

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

well at this moment it seems i've escapes sleep's grasp long enough to poke at pieces of plastic for some random period of time in order to update all you guys about the goings on in my life.

well still enjoying my new manga binge after finally deciding to utilize the huge selection of manga at a local library despite my self-imposed avoidance of manga based on too many people telling me, upon me talking about an anime, " manga's better." it seems my frugality as well as thirst for new input has led me to this, alas life can be quite strange at times.

i actually found a good manhwa, korean manga, or at least its set in korea, to me it looks like the character's were drawn by Clamp, and i must say the level of absurdity in it could give most GAINAX characters a run for their money in the weird department, and you have to admit if someone told you that something had been worked on by GAINAX and Clamp you wouldn't be able to trample the people in front of you fast enough. its called "kill me, kiss me." and its about a girl who switches places with her identical cousin to get to meet a teen idol, upon reaching him she finds he's actually a delinquent who sleeps through class and gets involved in many a fist fight, as well as getting suspended for smoking on school grounds. the story then involves her causing his best friend to fall for her whilst still believing she is male whilst idol-boy realizes whats going on and decides to mess with her by kiss her and hitting on her whilst she still has to be undercover. her cousin reminds me of Minoru from Chobits, Naota from FLCL and Ran from SuperGALS all rolled into one, his constant apathy, apparent monotone speaking style and his unusually high tolerance for cross-dressing is hilarious, with examples like "when we stop doing this can i still wear your hats?" "i don't mind the skirt, i have nice legs anyway." and "i'm creeped out i play DDR better when i'm dressed as a girl." the whole thing is great, i really can't suggest K2 and HMD enough.

i'm also very happy that my emotions are showing through again, for a while i was really afraid because i wasn't all uber-gushy over my beloved beaner anymore, i often attributed it to the fact that relationships evolve and eventually you're just not like that anymore, but this week i just couldn't get her off my mind, i've just wanted to talk to her every moment of the day, i kept thinking of the next time i'd see her, how soon, how far. i thought of the time over the summer we shared, and i dreamed of the future. i've just been obsessed this week with my beloved and it made me so happy, all these fluffy lovey-dovey thoughts, twas quite nice to have them back, i missed them.

well today turned over a bit of a new leaf, or at least showed the other side of that amount of attention to my beloved. see in my psyche class probie decided to give us group presentations and charged my group with the evils of smoking, which i think is total bullshit, fast food and cola kill more people than smoking ever could yet talking polar bears, rap stars and clowns still hawk these to children and no one is throwing a bitch-fit about that in congress. so basically two the girls i work with that i'm really going to have to swallow my tongue on this, i apologized and told them i'd try the interesting fact section, and i mentioned in passing the fact that smoking makes all your bodily fluids taste like ash. well much to my surprise the girls got right into that and the one talked about the first time she ever decides to go down on a guy she's going to make him eat nothing but fruit for a week. well the other girl said that was gross, to which the first girl replied by saying she wants to do it because it allows you to completely control the guy during that time, that he is helpless and you can do whatever you want to him after that and during...

well that was incredibly hot, being as i'm such a control freak of course my kinks all revolve around powerlessness and manipulation into subordination, and upon hearing this girl go off on tangents about all the things she plansdto subject her future love interest to my mind just went into fantasy mode and i was imagining, or rather projecting a simulation of the manifestation of all the things i remembered Bev is waiting to do to me. ya, so i've been a bit perky as of late, which is so strange to me because sometimes i wonder if i'm really not just a chick with a penis due to my utter lack of a sex drive, but damn if i haven't been making up for lost time as of late.


"Gendo Sasuke? so you're going to kill your brother then resurrect your wife?"

-Josh [friend, not brother] upon hearing my character's name in the skit we did for drama.

peace fools!

♥ JD Person ♥

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Battle Ignition
Well it appears i've just slipped over to the dark-side in so many ways as of late. I've been skipping out on this site more than ever and now i've actually not only gone on quests for manga, but i blew off visiting you guys to do it.

see just based on my concept that things demanded for more than they actually deserve are to be scorned i've been known to avoid manga and state "the anime is always better." well now i've fallen victim to lady manga's seductive siren song, all thanks to a little Manga by the name of "Her Majesty's Dog." which is definitely wasted Bleach and Noein for my "current favorite." title, and hell, if the other 41 chapters are as good as the 4 i've read so far than it might be giving Excel Saga a run for my third all time favorite slot, or maybe even usurp SEED/Destiny for number 2.

the best way i can describe that manga to you is to say its like InuYasha mixed with Bleach. see it stars this girl who is a powerful spirit combatant from some hidden village who has come to the city for schooling. she has the ability to control anything that she knows the name of, stating words have unbelievable power. along with her is a protector spirit, he follows her around and does the dirty combat work. his true form is a large dog demon [think Sesshy with Gazelle horns] but he assumes a human shape to follow her to school. well the dog-boy doesn't eat human food, instead he shares her life-force through bodily contact, kissing. [which her cousin/over-seer states is completely unnecessary as an physical contact works]now you give me dog-slave-boy and frequent make-outs and you've sold me, but they don't stop there, for along with all this awesome fan-service [all i could ask for] there is awesome comedy, in the fashion of Bleach in the middle of rather serious scenes there are random chibi moments and spastic asides.

example would be them fighting a inugami, a dog that was buried up to its head and left to starve to death with food just outside their reach, right before they die of hunger you lop off their head and bury it in a public place, the dog then comes back as a demon guardian, well this one wasn't taking the whole beheading thing too kindly, and being as the main character had pissed off her pup she was alone fighting it, all looks done for for her until she unveils her secret trap, a wicker basket with a stick and can of dog food under it, which her dog-demon remarks to "do you expect him to have a can-opener?" or the fact to power him up she makes out with him, often much to the chagrin of onlookers, it really is a great series.

well now i'm draining the public library of its manga and manhwa. well not so much the manwha, i read one "bird kiss" it was okay but the backs of the heads where so badly misshapen in scared me, they looked like the alien from "American Dad!" and thats not a good thing, plus the story was dragging on forever, basically i felt like i could write and draw that manga, and really i don't think my writing, and certainly not my drawing is manga worthy so that story had to go.

my presentation went over well, preparation for that was the reason i was not on monday, i presented yesterday and of course entertained the whole class with my asides and digressions about comparing tang dynasty women to britney spears and Buddhist monks to emo kids. pretty much to be cool back then you usually had to be a drunk-lesbian-prostitute or a Buddhist monk, like today you have to be a drunk-bi-curious-slut or a whiny emo-kid. i also talked about the joys that must have been had getting shit-faced and firing off a few bow bolts then watching a cock-fight. i think i also called a Buddhist monk a padawan learner because he had a random ponytail like one, i'm such a spaz.

i also used my Gundam SEED presentation board from last year to put this up so at the end i flipped it and got another standing O. i'm just awesome like that.

practiced my skit for Drama, oh the anime based puns in there... Gendo Sasuke vs. Ichigo Uzumaki.


Me: [Gendo voice] *random hand signs* Ninja art! Gendo style, Death-Glare no Jutsu!

i have to thank GAINAX for all the jokes they just wrote for me.

♥ JD Person ♥

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Groovin Magic
you know i might have more in common with Shinobu Sensui then i do with Light Yagami being as every time i go to update my past post seems slightly different, like a person who wasn't me, but someone i have a lot in common with. it could just be that i have many sides and depending on which mode i'm in might change my outlook and how i act.

well today was a bit of a bother, i visited everyone to make up for my recent absence, but then instead of working on my project like i should i went upstairs and read anime related things being as i figured my dad would be over soon, well he did finally arrive, in 2 hours. it was my own fault, i can't hear the phone when i'm listening to music so i have to stop being on the computer usually when i'm waiting for my dad to tell me when he's going to pick me up. well the whole time i was up there i was thinking of how i should be working so i couldn't even enjoy my lazing around. then at my dad's house i tried to get further in MS Saga, i beat the two Apsoli on Mt. Trial but i couldn't beat the duel Big-Zams, so i tried to beat Eisengrad but i got lost in the damn underground tunnels, i wondered around for far too long and got so pissed off i couldn't play it anymore, man can RPGs have their annoying moments. then there is the fact i COULDN'T beat the BIG-ZAMs, when i'm at level 40 and the fan-person who wrote the walk-trough was at level 26 and had worse Suits. boy is that annoying. so yeah, i just gave up and played XIII in some unreasonably easy faux-multiplayer matches. it was nice to just be able to waste random people for no real reason. but even with that i was still terribly bored, i had nothing to do and i was just trying to do something to sate my boredom, i must admit i hate the feeling of boredom, i always have a billion aspirations so when there is nothing i can do it really irritates me. but sometimes life's a battle to survive, not win. i didn't go bat-shit and shank some random woodland creature with a steak fork so i call that a victory in my book.

today's anime was pretty cool, somehow it just didn't feel as "special" as it usually does, i think i've just been in a pissy mood today, that might be it, for a few days i was unreasonably happy so i suppose some days i just have to be pissed for no reason, maybe my emotional triggers in my brain are on random select, its like in create-a-character modes where they start your character off with random abilities, sometimes i come pre-equipped with happy and sometimes with bitchy. but none the less i think the Choji fight would have been better if i hadn't learned the outcome long ago, but thats my own damn fault for randomly wiki-ing things. one Piece was pretty good, good to know Justin Cook is still working and always nice to see monkeys get the piss beaten out of them by deranged men with spring-feet. Death note always gives me the feeling i really should piss off so many emo kids, one of the could be Kira, and not the cool strappy, war-ending, Goddess-loving, Sword of the Blue Skies Kira, the creepy emo one with the book he kills people with. though it'd be funny to see Yamato with the Death Note and Yagami with the Freedom. You know that'd make L's job easier, "how do we catch Kira?" "look for the 60 foot robot." i'd imagine Shinn would have to start saying prayers and buying the whole nation of ORB flowers lest Yamato write his name down, because he will kill if nessacary, and i think fits that category.

Blood+ was pretty cool, always fun to watch the fight scenes on there, and Riku dying, awesome. i want to know why Carl bought Diva that dress, i swear she pulled a string and the whole thing fell off, what kind of knight buys his damsels dresses at Lover's Lane? then she literally kills him with kisses, well one but still... how much would that suck? dying from your first kiss and its with your adopted sister's twin? i have to admit that kid sucks but even his life was a bit extreme. first girl he ever likes lost a leg in a land-mine accident and then becomes a vampire, and not even the higher-level kind, the mindless slobbering variety, then he meets Diva and she sucks him dry of blood, so his sister makes him eat her's and he gets to un-die, which is horribly painful, so now he's a vampire with blood hunger and instead of feeding off the ample dead, his big brother decides he will nurse him with his. so now he lives off his brother's blood, but he gets no vampiric powers, just the bad parts, then Diva kisses and kills him. sucks to be dirt [Riku= Earth]but he was never a very good character he was always irritatingly happy or just whiny, he was utterly useless until the end.


"my brain seems to be trying its hardest to keep me awake, perhaps i should reward it by going to sleep... nah."

-Me on the weekends.

♥ JD Person ♥

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

In The Land Of The Twilight.
I'm really feeling bad about ignoring all you guy on here, its really a debate in my mind whether its more of an insult to only update or to ignore the site all together, i suppose its my own selfish nature that drives me to believe this is the correct path.

i'm very happy that its been said i'm starting to sound like Light, being as i was pretty jealous of him when i first learned of Death Note, his intelligence far exceeds my own, but i've started to be more analytical like him and i do feel like i've become more effective in my everyday activities. Like when that stupid rapist was threatening me, i just kept my emotions in check and made sure to just point out the obviously true things that would hurt his ego and belittle him the most, i truly despise that lecher but its unwise to start conflicts, so merely waited until he became confrontational to destroy him under the guise of the good-natured public defender keeping the peace. and when he threated to fight me i merely prepared myself for oncoming attacks without showing any major outwards sign of tension, and when he freaked out and kept screaming at the teacher i just kept my cool and explained the situation as clearly and sincerely as possible, though my only intention was to humiliate him in front of the class it appears my plan worked out better for me in the end. upon exiting the class rook i made sure to stay in large crowds to discourage him from trying to jump me and i made sure to keep my back to walls at any possible time to avoid attacks from my blind spot.

as well today i set into another person i hold great disliking for, he tries to pretend to be my friend by really he's just trying to get attention, as i deduced today he is the type that needs acknowledgment and affirmation to function, any minor achievement he brandishes to try to garner himself praise, its really pathetic, people who need to constantly have someone telling them how great they are or some tangible announcement of their prowess, wandering around the class telling everyone his grade trying to impress them, as well as just spitting out blatant lies in order to make himself seem smarter, like that Nintendo is a Vietnamese company and that my japanese "beware of perverts" shirt is in chinese. and today i pointed out his constant need for approval and superiority, that he always has to have some one congratulating him or else he becomes completely unstable. well this really scared him that i analyzed his motives so accurately so he started yelling incoherently trying to drown me out, saying it isn't true and that i don't know the difference between china and japan, along with similar mindless drivel. i merely looked him in the eyes and said "i know everything i said is true Josh, because you can't handle it, you're yelling and screaming trying to avoid the truth because you're afraid of it, if all this really were a lie you wouldn't be so desperate to shut me up right now." he pretty much ran away scared at that point.

so i'd say that today was a huge success, i shattered a fraud's facade and hopefully got him to stop trying to leech approval out of me, i hope that he can see like that rapist and Wilcock that i'm actually a terrible force to unleash upon yourself and that its better to just leave me alone lest incur my wrath. i also acquired the first 3 saw movies on Digital Variable Disc by merely telling the truth and remaining calm. my mom asked since they're R rated if they're violent and i simply answered "not to me." which is true, i watched Elfen Lied, i've seen worse, besides the more you see the less it effects you. i also gained new lotion and fragrances as well as carried on a conversation with my ex-next-door neighbor who i had a crush on my whole childhood calmly and cool whilst she batted her eyes at me, i can't believe how much i've gained in these short few years, i do believe i'm getting power drunk.

hell it even appears my usual spastic behavior makes me endearing to the lady folk, go figure; my whole life i've lived in fear of women and their awesome powers when in actuality unleashed i'm the one they should fear.

yeah, so i'm turning into Light, luckily i got over my "I AM GOD!" faze when i dumped Duo Maxwell as my idol in favor of Kira Yamato.


"this stuff all smells like alcohol, i'm trying to smell like fruit, flowers and estrogen, not like i took a bath in whiskey and wiped myself off with used jock-straps."

-Me fragrance shopping.

i'm a strange, strange man.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

that actually is a song title, its by Yui, who i like to call the Japanese Avril Lavigne, [i thought of this song but i put the wrong artist last time, i meant Yui.] plus its just funny to see the name Yui, makes me feel like instigating the 3rd impact.

well sorry for my lack of presence around these parts recently, i've gotten quite a few projects as of late so i've been working my ass off trying to get through all the crap i have to do for that damn prison they call a school. not that i really dislike school all THAT much, its just that when it sucks it tends to suck hard and with the fury of a hundred suns. my current occupation is a project on ancient china, which is a friend of mines expertise, only wish i could pawn the whole thing off on her. but i plenty of other joyous projects to work on.

for humanities i just got done doing a project of "Venuses" [wouldn't the correct term be Veni?] basically ideals of beauty throughout the years, which is great fun for me because i'm such a voyeur, but even i after staring at hot chicks for that long will go into frat boy mode. mostly it was centered around Ms. Morgan Webb of X-Play fame, asppearantly she is a professional model, this i learned from the ample amount of shots of her workin it in bikinis, and i must say she is pretty damn hot. so yeah, then i got to print out a pic of Morgan and annotate it, point out the hotness of her, because i didn't feel like enough of a letch i get to stare at her camel toe as i point out the beauty of thew more northern and less perverted set of lips. boy was that a fun time had by all. then we had to write a paper on Veni through the years, starting with the Venus of Willendorf [you want nightmares check that thing out] and going up to Helena Fourment in a fur wrap [my God i didn't know so much celulite even existed in the world!] after that we got to pick our own for the decades leading up to the 2000's starting with the 50's, i had such greats as Marilyn Monroe, Ferra Fawcett, Tawny Kitean, Madonna and Pam Anderson, oh the strange things men have masturbated to.

now we get to study different artists interpretations of the story of Judith and Holofernes. the story is this girl seduces this Assyrian general who's going to pillage her town, gets him drunk, and from God's command, beheads him. well so Baroque age feminist decided that instead of a dainty girl killing a man disgusted and afraid with God's help that it should be a moutain of a woman and her sexy maid holding the general down and slaughtering him with no God involved, and apparently that empowers the lady-folk. to me it makes women look like the incarnation of evil. whilst killing this guy the version done by the woman Judith is cold and calculating while tearing his head off, this makes her look like Sylar with boobs and a sword, she has no remorse or fear, she's just slaughtering a defenseless man she tricked into trusting her. this makes her seem like first degree murderer and whilst the text book it says it shows women can dominate men, to me it that women will take the cowards way out, lie and deceive until you trust them, then whilst your guard is let down they will brutally slaughter you. this is the same way i felt way i felt when i saw POTC2 and Elizabeth tricked Jack and got him killed, the message it shows is that women are snakes, lying in wait to kill, they are cowards and can't settle things upfront, just trick and deceive until they get you in the right spot to kill you.

i really wonder if feminists think this kinda shit is empowering because to me it just degrades women, why can't they just make women more kick-ass and less traitorous? i must be a sexist pig because i have no idea how to chicks murdering a helpless man in his sleep after seducing him is empowering.

and in a final Humanities related note i seemingly got a kid suspended.

see this is the dickwad that constantly harasses girls in the class talking about how he loves there breasts and how he's going to make them his african princess whether they want to be or not. well said dipshit stood up and started trying to pretend to be the teacher whilst the real one was talking to a colleague this dumb bastard starts calling us "BEETCHUS!" as he'd pronounce it and telling us to "SHUT DEEEEEE FUCK OOP!" so i told him to sit down and stop embarassing himself, started berating me personally, asking how i could say that, i told him none of us respected him and we're all laughing at him, he may as well cut his loses well he threatens to fight me when the teacher calls us both out, i basically told her he was playing teacher and berating the class and then me personally, well he started freaking out and calling me a liar saying "You can't trust anything he says." well she was sick of him and basically dismissed me back to class where, in a strange twist of fate, Wilcock lavished me with praise... yeah, he's fickle like that, him and that african rapist argue a lot so i guess he figured enemy of my enemy or maybe he was just glad i found a new "most hated" person, in any case that was akward, not to mention the then horrifying lady murderer lesson.


"how did this nut-case ever get a hold of my heart? *sigh* oh well, i love her anyway."

-me staring at a pic of Bev.

what can i say, she's my nut-case and i love her.

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Last Dinosaur
Actually kinda apt in a time like this, i sorta feel as if i'm alone in the world sometimes [plus i do love me the FLCL next ep. previews] it seems as even the small victories or more like changes i thought were good ideas or beneficial seem to be unraveling before me and it seems i'm alienating old friends in my pursuit of what i believe to be the truth... oh well, i'd rather be hated for who i am than to be loved because i never said anything controversial.

it seems as if some people really cannot take compliments, once more it seems as if someone i was trying to have a reasoned debate with has pretty much given me the finger and said they'll never come to my site again, whilst calling me childish. i'm trying really hard to take the moral high-ground here and not resort to name calling, because i believe it tends to cheapen debate when you start calling people rude names but i will point out its pretty ironic to call someone immature and then storm off saying you'll never talk to someone again because you disagree with them.

so it appears my AO rant was premature, for as i was writing that post it appears that they made their grand re-launch of their search for people to persecute. i was right that they were continuing their crusade underground continuing to punish those they see as wrong. i suppose its rather cowardly of me to be more tentative in my criticism of this person now that i know that they are lurking around than i was when i thought they'd gone away forever, they say you shouldn't speak ill of the dead and i definitely broke that rule and now i'm afraid that they're going to go all Jesus on me and begin my last judgment. i really believe this person is completely wrong in everything they're doing and that is why i attacked them, which i realize might be grounds for my ass to be kicked off here, so i'm going to try to keep my personal attacks to a minimum from now on. plus i should follow my own rules and not go about throwing insults at people i dislike. but at the same time what AO is doing is stupid, its wrong, its perverted justice and i don't think anyone should sanction it, but this is Adam's site and not mine so he can let people do as he wants and he can take action against those he chooses to, if this is what he feels is right than i can't argue with him, and for the love of what this site once was and still kinda is i'll stay here, and i'll keep being here until the day this place finally goes under, either from bad management or some other cause, but i still love this site, no matter the terrible things going on right now.

as for the claim i should think critically instead of emotionally, i say to that "nah..." i've just started following my heart instead of my brain and i must tell you i've never felt freer, i love to just run off my feelings, to be mechanical and critical of everything just seems too forced to me, makes you sound like Light after too long. its been said i make assumptions without facts, well here are some of the facts i do have:

1. Articles section is shut down
2. Cosplay will soon be shut down
3. many members are sad about those two facts
4. Adam called their pleas for reason "spam"
5. Adam wants to beat deviant art
6. He wants to "streamline" the site, saying sections without the amount of traffic the fanart one gets are "slowing us down"
7. Adam is happy about all of the above listed things

all those things i know from visiting Adam's blog and from the news section on the load screen, i make inferences from this, educated guesses that he will continue to "streamline" the site as well as sanction the activities that are taking place right now, if i'm proven wrong yippy hurray but i doubt i will be, so i stated my case on here to clear my mind of all the swirling unhappiness this brings me, i'm sorry if some of you hate me for it but this is how i feel, i don't mean to offend, but i feel strongly about these things.

i'm sorry to those i've hurt, if you even care.

i'd also like to get off this depressing subject, so please, ask me questions about myself so i can post about those monday.


"who cares about 9-11, i mean does anyone even think it matters anymore, it was so long ago, its so boring."

- one of the few statements i can remember making not visit a person again.

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Fly Me To The Moon.
no, not the Frank Sinatra version, no this one is the engrish one from Evangelion, though i must admit the girls sounds much less engrish-y in the file i have on my MP3 player than she does when the song plays during EVA. i always tell you guys the song title posts will get wierd, and once more here is evidence.

well it appears there are some errors when it comes to posting my story up on here, it seems if i use one font the "somewhere at another time and place" spacer messes up, whilst using this font the "at the same time in a different place." spacer messes up, it really seems like the otaku hates me story, curse the rigors of formatting, why must it be such a task!?

it also is quite apparent that i touched on a bit of a raging inferno of righteous fury going on here about all the changes, past present and future around here, it seems that i'm not the only one disliking them and i'm glad to have such support, though i did have one very vocal critic, who i really respect, so i will devote a bit of this post to answering the charges brought up.

i'll first ignore the couple cracks about my intelligence because they cheapen this debate. i'll second go into why i'm so freaked over version vibrant even though it hasn't launched yet. the simple answer is that Adam is seeming to be making a lot of decisions i disagree with and he shows no repentance over it, it seems he's proud of his choices so i'm afraid he'll make more like them and thus he'll effect the site which i like as is. he threw out articles and cosplay because he didn't see them as art, he defines art as pictures only it seems which really scares me, he is not only narrowing the site down and making it harder for people to express themselves on here but he is also driving people away. places like deviantart have fanfiction and cosplay submissions and being as Adam seemingly wants to get more visitors than them you'd figure he wouldn't limit himself like that, but he does. worse-over not only does he ignore us but he has called our opinions "spam" that is really insulting. i really try not to think about my personal dislike of him because i still love this site and he runs it, so i have to choose to keep him with his baby instead of leaving both.

then there was the whole anti-offender thing, Adam endorsed that moron and his myopic witch-hunt. i don't know what conspiracy i was to be accused of believing, i'm just stating the facts, both him and Adam said he was serving directly under adam and doing his bidding by hunting down "plagiarized" work. well that basically encompasses every single e-card and most of the wallpapers, if you get an image off the interweb its plagiarism in his book, you have to scan it or draw it yourself. did anyone think how few submissions to those sections there'd be if everyone adhered strictly to that? hell, probably the reason cosplay and articles had to die is because there were low submissions based of the difficulty to plagiarize those sections successfully. well maybe articles, but cosplay hell no. no anti-offender has ceased being public with his actions for months now, so i'm guessing Adam either reassigned him, he brought his McCarthy trials underground and stopped posting about how fun it is to torture dedicated users, or maybe he saw the futility of his work and quit, also i know AO wasn't Adam because Adam just operates differently, i beileve Adam has our best interests in mind, he's just wrong. i can't say the same of the latter.

so yeah, i'm uber-pissed as Ran would say about the internal MyO ministry, i really wish more higher-ups thought like me.

well i think i'll end this on a good ole Gundam rant to lighten things up.

Cagalli finally got the Akatsuki, and i take back all the mean things i said about her, she was absolutely badass in this episode! she was ready to take on the full force of ZAFTs earth troops with a Sky-Grasper, that shows the courage i missed from her. But luckily [or unluckily if you look at the macrocosm] Uzumi left her the Akatsuki. i really loved the way that scene went down, the Mobile Suit he hoped would never be needed, and his words that i think are great ones to live by... "Foolish are those who seek power in excess, but equally foolish are those who despise it for no reason, think of a sword as a tool to defend with." and seeing Cagalli defending with her new sword was awesome! she kills peoples! fuck Athrun and Kira's pacifism, she's killing some bitches! thats funny to watch, miss "you kill someone, and they kill you for being a killer! how is that twisted logic ever going to bring us peace!?" shooting down ZAFT Suits with reckless abandon. also her conversation with Yuna was great...


Cagalli: This is the daughter of Uzumi Nara Athha, Cagalli Yula Athha.

Yuna: Cagalli! My honey you've come back to save me! you're my goddess, you're so romantic!

Cagalli: Yuna Roma Sehran, do you recognize me as Cagalli Yula Athha?

Yuna: Of course, you're my Cagalli why wouldn't i recognize you!?

Cagalli: Then as Commander and Chief of ORB, for the crimes of treason and unlawful military conduct as well as harboring a known i terrorist i order the arrest of Yuna Roma Sehran!

Yuna: What!? *gets sucker-punched and cuffed by like 3 guys*

boy was that fun to watch, Yuna is suich a spazz.

well see you peoplezez around!

♥ JD Person ♥

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