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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

   finally beat star ocean WARNING SPOILER ALERT
yeah i finally beat star ocean. i messed up so i saw the sophia and Peppita endings.

sophia's which i had absolutly no interest in seeing, has the two of them meeting back up with sophia's parents and Fayt's mom.

Peppita's on the other hand is the reason i went through 100 plus hours of game play.
in Peppita's Fayt joins the circus with her [damn, going from savior of the universe to circus preformer, well that's love for ya]
Fayt asks why they can't just use anti-grav equippment instead of training all the time. Peppita sets him strait by telling him it would be a betrayal of the fans trust.
Fayt notes that beating Luther was nothing to compare to this. it was touching i just wish there was a kiss or a hug or even a ''i love you'' between them.
alas no such luck, oh well, it was also sad to see sophia all depressed on that ship alone, i don't dislike her i just don't like space hill billies.

lastly, did anyone out there see Albels ending.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2005

   more stupidity via me
me and my friend were talking about how lame computers class is and i made a joke that what if they replaced the paper clip microsoft gives you in excel with charecters from excel saga.

i think it would go a little like this...

hit it.

me; damn this thing is screwed up, how can i fix it.

Hyatt; i don't know much about this but i'll [death groans blood everywhere]

me; man this is going to be a long day...

end of joke one tune in for the next one soon.


soon has come.

me; let's try Lord Illpallazo.

Illpallazo; you have wonderful life energy, you'd be a wonderful addition to my organization.

me; But how to i fix that problem.

illapallazo; i have no idea how to do that, A.C.R.O.S.S. does not waste our time with such useless systems.

me; Lets try Excel, this does share a name with her.


me; next.

puchuu; Puchuuuu.

click click.


To be continued...

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Tuesday, May 3, 2005

   i think of the wierdest things

i saw a commercial for one of those life sized, slap whore make-up on it Barbie beauty heads, then i remember thats about as much that was left of the Elder Toguro Brother at the end of the Dark Tourement Saga of Yy Yu Hakusho.

Just imagine what a little girl happening upon his head and the hilarity that would insue.

i'd write a script except my keyboard is broken and some of the necessary buttons are broken.

once i geta new one i will.

-till next time JD aka TGFB.

and that time is now [you can't see me the time is now]

a little girl walks up to Toguro's head like Sensui did.

girl; oooh, look a Barbie head.

Toguro; Get away from me you little brat.

girl; wow, it talks too, but you sure are ugly.

see starts to walk towards him.

Toguro; I'm warning you, get back.

girl; but don't worry i'm gonna make you soooo cute.

Toguro; Get away from me.

girl; we're gonna put on some pink lipstick, and some blue eyeshadow...

Toguro; This is your last warning...

girl; and we'll dye you're hair blonde and put on lotsa glitter...


-WARNING Ani Toguro Barbie beauty head may cause impalement in all children or your child become his new host body.


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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Finally i've gotten out of that dungeon on star ocean. phew.
but now that you think about it since i used that quote from brave heart what would it be like if william wallace had the freedom.

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Saturday, April 9, 2005

   DUDE, did you see that?
gundam seed
final light

everyone is dying.

i must admit after waltfelt came back i thought the were afraid to kill off charecters.
boy, was i wrong.
Shani; dead
Orga; dead
All 3 M1 pilots; dead
Azriel; dead
Natarle; dead
Mu; dead

i'm shocked, i almost cried when Mu died, i just think it's funny how most everyones deaths didn't really matter. '' oh well, they're dead, NEXT SCENE''

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Friday, April 8, 2005

   wise azz come backs
i'm sick of hearing a lot of sayings and i've come up with some kick azz come backs...

"there's no "i" in team"...

but there'd be no team without me.

"blondes have more fun"...

but they also tend to have more V.D.

"there's no such thing as a stupid question"...

only stupid people.

"everyone is speacial"...

in the exact same way.

"winnerss never quit"...

and niether do idiots or stalkers.

" i know you are but what am i?"

an idiot.

" i'm Rick James bitch"...

then why won't you die.

" don't wanna be an american idiot"...

...then move to canada because you already qualify for half of that.

"freedom isn't free"...

ytou're completely right, it's a gundam. [Justice rules!]

please comment or leave your own.

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Monday, April 4, 2005

   hey peoplezezz
do any of you dudes know why a bunch of quizzes are out.

which gundam wing charecter are you?

which .hack charecter are you?

what type of mech are you?

maybe its just me but i can't get results.

please comment on if you're having trouble or what my problem might be.

see yaz.

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