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Monday, December 31, 2007

Still Alive
this song is just so great, i haven't even played Portal but with the combination of VG Cats and Wiki have given me enough to be be very uber-obsessed with that little song. i really hope GLaDOS is as alive as is claimed in that song because really i want to get that game just for all the great quotes. i really have to get the weighed companion cube fuzzy dice for my car, but then again if i do that i'd be as bad as all those emo kids with t-shirts from bands they never listened to, and that would not be good now would it?

but that "peppy" little song has really cheered me up, just shows the power of music, one ending song from a game you never played can cheer you up from the pissy little puddle of angst one has been wading in for a few days. maybe i should solve this by combination and make something akin to GLaDOS to guard my computer, but then there's the risk of ME getting beheaded/nerve-gassed/crushed by a falling companion cube and that would be decidedly un-good.

though then again the fact that nigyo hime is blaring into my brain parts is causing me to become all lost in thought so i guess that just further proves the ability for music to influence one's mood. i'm still leveling my characters in La Pucelle in order to progress further, i realized i'm nearing the end so i just want to get all the leveling out of the way now so i can have a nice straight shot to the final battle, which i'm wondering whose side Croix will be on [not that i expect any of you guys to know or car who that is, being as its so damn hard to find other Disgaea, let alone MORE obscure Nippon Ichi games] he seems to be turning into "The Dark Prince" the church of the Holy Maiden keep talking about. though if that were true it would seem Master Noir would have known when he fought Croix in the woods, it would seem kind of weird he wouldn't recognize the one he's looking for and has based his whole life around.

good ole Master Noir, InuYasha if he had the same same set of looks and idealism as Gilbert Durandal. Half Demons have it tough so i'll create a utopia for them and kill all who oppose that idea, including those who currently serve under me. though if Noir is Durandal would that make Father Salade Djibril or Murrue Ramius? [oh i realize the level of my fanboyness and the amount of gibberish this must all sound like, i just don't really care.]

either way i'm sure this chapter will end "bad" for me because i can't easily run away from the guards without killing them, unless i use all my money i'm making training to buy tons of armor and just strip all my characters and give them all armor an d shoes for defense and movement, that might just work, but it would be of similar if not greater difficulty, though i suppose i could attempt it.

i got 3 copies of Disgaea 2 for Christmas and 2 copies of Soul Nomad and the World Eaters, i guess everyone knows i'm a N1 fan.


This was a triumph!
I'm making a note here:

It's hard to overstate
my satisfaction.

Aperture Science:
We do what we must
because we can.

For the good of all of us.
Except the ones who are dead.

But there's no sense crying
over every mistake.
You just keep on trying
till you run out of cake.
And the science gets done.
And you make a neat gun
for the people who are
still alive.

I'm not even angry...
I'm being so sincere right now-
Even though you broke my heart,
and killed me.

And tore me to pieces.
And threw every piece into a fire.
As they burned it hurt because
I was so happy for you!

Now, these points of data
make a beautiful line.
And we're out of beta.
We're releasing on time!
So I'm GLaD I got burned-
Think of all the things we learned-
for the people who are
still alive.

Go ahead and leave me...
I think I'd prefer to stay inside...
Maybe you'll find someone else
to help you?
Maybe Black Mesa?
That was a joke! HAHA!! FAT CHANCE!!

Anyway this cake is great!
It's so delicious and moist!

Look at me: still talking
when there's science to do!
When I look out there,
it makes me GLaD I'm not you.

I've experiments to run.
There is research to be done.
On the people who are
still alive.
And believe me I am
still alive.
I'm doing science and I'm
still alive.
I feel fantastic and I'm
still alive.
While you're dying I'll be
still alive.
And when you're dead I will be
still alive.

Still alive.

Still alive.

[if you didn't see that coming the whole time you are a sad, sad little boy/girl/it]

♥ JD Person ♥

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

oh Mozilla spell-check, how i've missed you! i downloaded FireFox so i'm once more running a good computer system. oh the irony of hating IE yet loving one's Zune, PC and desiring a 360, i suppose nobody bats 1000 in reality.

i suppose with all the hard-drive based turmoil that title is quite apt, life is such a comedy its tragic at times, we humans are so stupid at times, sand i get to watch as one such person leads themselves down the path to destruction. my mother has vested all her faith in one person, a complete douche bag i despise, and is trying to turn me against the rest of my family, i really don't want to make it seem like an "us vs. them" situation but i call them like i see them. love may be a battlefield but human interaction is the war that created the conflict in the first place. my mother trying to make my big brother sound like Satan because he chose to go to his girlfriend's father's funeral as opposed to fixing my computer, she grossly overstated my need for the computer and exaggerated and misrepresented his words to make him seem cruel, turning "can't he just call Bev?" into "God, its not like i care if he talks to her." and "he should have backed his files up better" into "he didn't back his files up so he deserves this." she calls comforting his lover being selfish, and thinks because she is his mother that my brother should bend to her will like some sort of servant.

this is all loonessey! utter and complete insanity. and then after stabbing me in the back, stealing my property and allowing her adulterer of a boy-toy gut it, all for the sake of teaching my brother a lesson and trying to teach me the error of my ways. its fine though, i'm getting locking drives and a locking case i'm also going to set passwords as long as whole songs, lets see that fraud rape my machine after that.

if my mother wants to be used and manipulated, to let a drunk womanizer around the same age as her eldest son play her and mold her as the perfect depository for his male juices then let her at it. she's made an enemy out of everyone but him by accusing them of opposing her and then attacking them, well let her wallow in her misplaced trust, she's confiding in her darkness and using it as her strength just like a pathetic little emo kid, the way i acted in 9th grade. i don't make a habit of helping those who are satisfied with their slow painful deaths. when she'd go this far, to betray the only person who she hasn't pushed away yet in order to hurt the two she already casted off, a mother that would sacrifice one son to hurt another does not deserve the pity of those she spends her life hurting.

i'm sorry for my dark attitude and for my operant callousness but right now i'm just fed up with betrayal, i've always hated traitors and this is no acception.

but its all good, i have my own group of support and in this situation i think i win, i can easily take my computer and go, i could leave her to seek comfort in a man who uses her like all the other women he is currently insemenating.

once again i'll try to get over this, UFC pay-per-view tonight, it was great to see Hughes get his ass handed to him by good ole GSP, hopefully Serra isn't paralyzed so he can come back and claim his championship. man does that sound like a wrestling angle, i guess truth is stranger than fiction as they say.

i've given up on being "good" on La Pucelle, i can't beat the current level by being "good" so i guess to go farther i must be "bad" or at least "normal" hopefully they have a sense of acceptable losses but if not at least i got farther, currently just running away hasn't been working out too well.

i love that one of Papillion's attacks is a kiss, a "pretty" one at that, just show's why she's my favorite character, now if only she wasn't so inclined to be killed.


"perhaps the company of an evil person is preferable to being alone..."


i say truer words never been spoken brother.

♥ JD Person ♥

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Walk in the rain
well i'm just going to suck it up and use this stupid stripped and abused computer until my brother comes over and makes it function normally again, right now i feel like i'm trying to turn a rape victim into an S-class hooker but alas tis my mission in life to do everything as painfully and bass-ackwards as one person can do whilst complaining all the way.

well i've been wasting my vacation, i've really not done much of anything for the week i've been out of school, i seem to have an uncanny ability to waste time as well as to find a difficult way to do everything and anything. i planned to do some kick-ass fan-fic writing but with not knowing if i'll get my old hard-drive back or not and thus not knowing if i'll have to make up a huge section of the last chapter i wrote i'm waiting for ultima douche-bag to contact his sperm dumpster, i mean my mother to see if my hard-drive will be returned to me. the man is a lair, a drunkard, a womanizer and apearantly means more to my mom than me, my brother, my father and all of our combined dogs so hey if that's what she wants i'll leave her to him, if you put all your eggs in one basket you have to learn that you best make that basket your life-boat and put all of your existance into it, as i've learned as of late, living my life reliant on my beloved means that my world is shaken by her every movement. so if my mom wants to forsake all for this pussy-hound then i say let her learn what i just did.

but enough melodrama, lets talk about Destiny [and fanm of any Gundam series should get that joke.] i cannot believe that Djibril managed to wipe out most of Januarius and part of December, that was absolutely horrible, i really hope that he get blown the fuck up by Rey, Shinn and all the other sheep that follow Durandal.

i've realized that the guys at ZAFT have very little imagination, the wierdest things they can create would be the BaCUE or maybe the ASSH yet Blue Cosmos makes stuff like the Zamsasa and the Destroy, and a lot of them at that, how many damn Destroys did Djibril build? at this point its jusat getting silly, and making them look less impressive, i mean it took Kira and Shinn to defeat the first one, now all of a sudden Rey and Luna can waste 5 of them with very little effort along with Shinn now there are more in space, i really hope Dearka wipes one out just to prove how awesome he is/how pathetic those naturals really are [fuck the fact that i, and every person alive right now is technically a natural i still would go live in the PLANTs in a second if they were created and i could drag Bev along]. it was awesome to see the couple that made me like yaoi come back and kick a moderate amount of ass, sure the Requim still hit the PLANTs but thanks to Dearka it hit the WRONG ones, plus Yzak's constant anger is amusing, i can decided if thats because he's always on the bottom or if Dearka is so pissy because Yzak uses rectum as a punching bag, either way they are the cutest couple ever, as far as butt-buddies go, and definately my second favorite pairing on there behind Lacus and Kira.

and once more let me point out what a bitch Mir is, she dumped Dearka because he wanted to settle down and have a committed relationship, man who'd ever think that the CiC girl just wants to have lots of anymous, emotionless casual sex? maybe Tahl's name referred to a cetain body part that she missed hence her hatred towards Athrun before she knew it was Athrun and Dearka before she seemingly developed a case of jungle love [is Dearka black or just really tan? he makes Kira look like Light (joke inside a joke)] either way i really hope she dies.

and finally there is the joy of seeing Meer stare confused as her idol took back her identy and Meer realized that Durandal would soon kill her. its also nice to see the level of detail they put in on that subject, people really can't tell the difference, so when Lacus comes back they don't all just side with ORB, they still try to believe that Meer is Lacus and they debate about it, i liked that touch, even if Lacus is prettier than Meer could ever be.


"Dearka-san, Yzak-san! SQUEE!"

-me as a result of reading far too much well translated manga.

óż JD Person óż

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Simple and Clean [PlanitB Remix]
we currently i'm running my computer on a very old version, very old in that the douche bag that my mom is doing decided to fuck with my computer and took my damn hard-drive, he put in a new one put he best give back the old one, he claims to be a computer genius but pretty much everyone but him has told me that you could still use it as a slave drive and i'd keep all my stuff.

which is all i really care about, i don't want to lose the majority of my pictures nor do i want to re-write most of my damn 24th chapter of AP its all just such a pain in the ass.

but it does run faster, you know, the same way as if you took all the seats, speakers, AC. Heating, Radio, carpet and panels off your car it'd go faster, this guy is such a douche and the saddest thing is that my mom is head-over-heels for this cock-sucker.

though that isn't true, he seems to like women. i mean i walked on him screwing my mom at one point so he's obviously straight, as well as an insufferable tool. he better give my hard-drive back or i'll make his life hell, if oit goes bye-bye i'm taking my comp to dad's house and she's never seeing it again, i told her it my computer and not to let that turd touch it, so what does she do? GIVE THE FUCKING THING TO HIM TO FIX, TAKES IT OUT OF THE FUCKING HOUSE!

he "fixed" my computer before, pocketed a bunch of my brothers parts he did, and it seems like he's about to do it again, i really hate him, he is a waste of sperm as Harvey Walden 4 would say, he's such a blatant dick as well, which leads to some comic irony.

see my dad and brother can be pretty stuborn, as well my brother can be self-centered and lazy and my father can be a bit too old-timey, but overall they're great guys. yet, she accuses my father of being Sylar, sweet nice Gabriel Grey on the outside yet a violent sociopath on the inside as well as making my brother seem like a manipulative evil-doer on par with Adolf Hitler, yet this prick she says only acts like a total ass munch because he's sensative and vulnerable and doesn't want to be hurt. ain't that a bitch? gets too nice guys and tries to say that they're evil inside and says that the total ass is really nice, i realize i sometimes do things the hard way but this is just rediculous!

sorry for spelling errors, FireFox had spell-check in the post boxes, all this ass-monkey installed was IE which i haven't used since i thought Ash Ketchum was God. seriously i think New Age Outlaws were tag champs in WWF when i last ran internet explorer i feel like i'm using one of those fischer price macs!

and yes i realize the irony of being a microsoft fanboy and hating IE, i think Sony is the Apple of videogame companies but still my only game system i ev er use anymore is my PS2.

by the way... I GOT A FUCKING ZUNE FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!! i swear i feel like exploding i'm so full of squee, even better i thought it was like a 4GB one, try 30GB, oh sweet lord am, i psyched, i'm trying to aquire more musics for meh new MP3 monster, i already got Sanctuary and the SaC remix [note title] but its the short one and i'm really hoping to get the long version like this one here the long version like here so if anyone can find this longer version like this for me it'd be greatly appreciated.

i'll be asking my bro for some good music acquisition sites tomorrow, until thien i guess it'll be all my oldies, though i am playing Fett's Vette right now, which i never did before for a long time which is making me laugh my ass off, MC Chris is the best rapper in the history time. i have to apologize to Em but Chris has him beat by far, i have to search out all the other songs i know of.

til then fools i'll be chillin irked like only the JD Person can.

óż JD Person óż

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Monday, December 17, 2007

my computer imploded again, i'll return when its fixed.

sorry for the inconvienience

Bev is on vacation and out of reach, and i'm miserable.

óż JD Person óż

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mizu no Akashi
something nice and calming about reading Lacus' lesson in trusting people whilst listening to Chii sing about freedom and love, sure Rie Tanaka did Lacus' voice as well but really that would just make me sound like a fanboy [and i wouldn't want my secret to get out]

i must say that at times i lose a lot of faith in humanity, most of this loss of belief comes from one source as of late, Joshua Jackson.

now some of you avid readers might know him as the guy who pretends to be my friend but is really just a massive tool. well yesterday when my Humanities class went to the Detroit Institute of Art he really took his dick-ish-ness to a whole no level. see before going to the DIA we went to Heildelberg Street, Heildelberg being in the really bad part of Detroit one resident decided to try and turn it around by turning the junk lying around into art, so he did stuff like make a noah's ark with stuffed animals and an old bass boat, he put shoes in an old abandoned oven as a tribute to the holocaust as well as a bit of art called "faces in the hood."

see he took a bunch of old car hoods and painted faces of different races on there, well operantly Josh didn't think it was good enough so he decided to paint over it with a can of spray paint, and i quote "Tha Champ! 12/01" yes with an "A", as well as dating it 12 days ago. well even though i'm normal the type to settle things mano y mano i thought that level of stupidity deserves the "proper" approach, so i just told my Humanties teacher, who didn't seem at all surprised and walked off, upon doing that i saw him steal a bike off another exhibit and ride it around, so once he stopped being a massive dick i returned it.

once we got to the DIA it turned out the packet was a bit too big so i almost starved to death trying to finish it, between the hunger pains and light-headedness i really thought i was going to pass out, i've never felt so hungry in my life. the trip was pretty much ruined for me, which sucks because i looked forward to it for the last 2 years.

but on to happier things, today was another episode of Gundam for me and i must admit it was pretty damn awesome. Yuuna may have been crushed by a falling GOUF, though i think i remember from random spoilers he gets wiped out by the new version of the GENESIS Cannon. it was pretty cool to see Mu getting his memory back, really a heart-tugger that moment of Murrue realizing he really is Mu. i can't imagine what that would feel like, to think your love is dead just to have them come back as an enemy, then when you finally get them over to your side they have amnesia, thats got to be all sorts of weird for her.

Gotta love Athrun saying, "what, do you expect me to be a soldier again!?" and when Lacus tells him its his choice he hops in and joins the battle. Athrun is such a tool at times, he's just difficult for the sake of being difficult. but i guess Kira needed him, even though he was pwning Shin and holding Rey off, there was a chance he could have lost there for a second, plus it was funny to see Shin realize, even for a second, how insane all his beliefs are.

You can't really blame Shin though, he's just as stupid as Athrun is inept with women. Rey can bring him back into Durandal's fold so quick its funny, Shin really is a sad case, he is just so easy to convince, but really he's just like a puppy, you see how happy he is to be congratulated and validated, i guess i can relate to that, just looking for someone to acknowledge something good about you, i suppose if it weren't for Bev i could be as weak-minded as Shin. i know that no matter how much i idolize them i'll never be as strong as Kira and Lacus, just like Shin i lack inner-strength, i need others to tell my i;m a good little doggy.

But boy did Kira and his two closest girls show their awesomeness, really after the battle i thought it was gonna suck but man was i wrong. Cagalli pointing out that they don't support LOGOS, or at least trying to, until Meer interrupts her, Durandal hacked her feed.

really if you pay attention to Meer she's the perfect jab at pop stars and what the public wants out of its female singers. from her boob-socks to her skirt that almost reveals her labia majora to the fact she acts like a total airhead. Lacus always called for peace, even with Athrun in the military she never overtly supported ZAFT, Meer is just Tokyo Rose with the mind of Britney Spears. "support the military cause i'm so dumb and cute, my jiggly breasts command you!" i love the "why would ORB support such bad people, i don't understand, they used to be so nice..." and then the moment of absolute awesomeness happened...

as i i've said before the only time i ever saw Lacus get mad is when she growled at Meer on TV, well this time she didn't get mad, she got even...


Lacus: its time we did something about this...

and with a sly glance at Kira he puts his arm over her shoulder and the board the Freedom, landing at Cagalli's estate and in the middle of Meer saying again "i'm Lacus..." a better looking version of her appears on the screen and says calmly in a still sly manner "Hello my old friends, its been a while. it's me, Lacus Clyne."

Kira Back-Hacked the ZAFT Chairman's signal and pretty much destroyed the fake version of his girlfriend, Kira earns his nickname "Jesus" everyday he is Kira "Jesus-Chuck-Norris" Yamato!

♥ JD Person ♥

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hiro No Tsuki
well i've spent another day in a sort of limbo of emotion, my doggy is sick, but recovering, and me and Bev and still improving. but still i'm worried about both, i know my doggy is old and that she will not be around forever and really that mixed with the wounded pride is really enough to put a bit of a damper on my normal overly-cherry disposition.

nothing is bad, its just that i'm so used to no problems that any bump really stands out to me, i guess i lived in a bubble so long i forgot how the world felt. thats sort of what Bev has been telling me, i tend to try and escape reality, which i won't deny, i'm trying to do it less, but its just in my nature to try and keep my mind in fantasy because to me reality is boring and disappointing. with thew exception of my beloved of course i really haven't met many, if any people that seem worth it, people that i'd rather hang out with than slip into a fantasy world. this seems to irk my beloved, which is something i'll definitely have to address, i'd have no quarrels about hanging out with her friends because, well she's there, but really i'm not a people person.

so yeah, today i was pretty happy, i was in no way sad, but i did have that nagging at me in the back of my mind, curse my worrying. but then again my happiness comes from the fact that i believe that my pure devotion will be enough to fix any problem, as long as you sincerely love and make a good effort that you can make the most perfect love in all of time. so yeah my insane fears and and my delusional fantasies battle in my mind and right now happy still wins because Bev still loves me, as long as i'm loved i'm happy because really me belief for my reason for living is to be her lover.

but enough of my mental tail-chasing, i must say that i'm enjoying meh new Video Game "La Pucelle Tactics" though i have learned a tiny bit too late that you can gain new endings and such based off of what paths on the battle maps you take, i learned this after i got a "bad ending" which made me a tad bit depressed because i felt bad for the poor guy who i defeated, he was merely haunting his old home trying to protect his family, i wish i could have saved him, i might just have to try over to save him, i really wish for him to be saved. and this next guy just seems to be trying to revive his lost lover, granted he's doing this by forcefully removing the hearts of random peoples with his bare hands but i can't say i don't believe in the Gendo Ikari approach.

see many people hate poor Gendo but i think he's one of the most romantic characters i've ever come across, he would literally wipe out all of humanity just to see his wife again, and i can't say i wouldn't do the same. for both of us we take the phrase "anything for love" literally. now i can't say i have the guts to say cause the 3rd impact or do a radical heart-ectomy bare handed but certainly if given the choice between doing either or losing her choice "A" would seem pretty damn tempting.

i guess i'm not all there in the head i have twisted ideas of romance and devotion i always put "ho's" before "bros", i suppose i intend to one day marry a girl, not one of my male friends but thats just me. most everyone seems to tell me i'm wrong all the time, i just really hope that what i'm doing nopw is right to my love, because i've built my whole self around her, without her everything i believe is compromised, my world revolves around her, so if its not too much trouble if you could pray for the long life of my dog Penelope and Bev and i's relationship it would be greatly appreciated.

well thats a brief look into my life, i hope you enjoyed.


"by all logic is 'congress' not the opposite of 'progress'?"

-Jon Stewart

peace ya peoplezez!

♥ JD Person ♥

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Yasashii Gogo.
its kind of funny how life can be, or rather you could say that its horrible how life can be, thats sort of the point that i'm trying to make, life is what you make of it.

for so long now i've been skipping along on cloud nine with no pain and no problems, so now that "problems" has shown his ugly head again i went into total emo-mode a few times, until i realized what i was doing and how stupid it all is.

to start if off Bev is starting to wish i had more friends because she thinks my life sounds pretty boring and doesn't like the idea that i seem to only have social interaction with her. well being as i'm mister "must serve my lover" i felt this uber-strong need to all of a sudden hang out with a ton of people after school, only problem is that i don't really like hanging out with people. so i was having a bit of a crisis of faith, "can i really do ANYTHING for her?" "would i be better off with friends?" "CAN i change for her?" i asked myself these questions until i found myself with this feeling of pain and numbness, and i slowly realized that i had sunken back into the darkness that Bev had given me the light to escape, which really didn't really help, i mean depending on your interpretation that could mean i was out of love. but then it all started to fall into place, i was chasing my tail again, i was over thinking everything to the point that i was tearing myself apart.

see i was trying to find some golden solution, some fix-everything spell that would make all the bad go away, i always do this when i'm trying to make my relationship better, i try to analyze everything and find some perfect solution, i suppose i think i'm Light, that if i go through enough monologues i'll find the "TA-DA" moment that erases all my problems. but see life doesn't work that way, everything has pros and cons, good and bad effects, for every up there is a down and the reverse is true, and when i find myself pondering all my spare time away i in the end find myself at the same point, i have no idea what to say or do and i'll just follow my heart.

i suppose i just lack analytical skills, or maybe i'm sans an analytical limiter, once i start pondering i look at it from so many angles that everything seems like a bad idea, i can assume it comes from pessimism why i can find the worst case scenario of every action i take and thus why i end up in a psychological fetal position feeling as if all is lost.

the truth i have to realize is that Bev loves me, i might bore her at times and now that she has friends she doesn't cling to me like a lost puppy needing me for even the slightest smile, it could be i just miss my God Complex being fed into, but when it comes down to it she really cares for me deeply and all these hellish ordeals i perceive are nothing more than blows to my vanity. its extremely unlikely she'd leave me because i don't live an action-packed life, really all that it effects is how much she strokes my ego. so in the end i'm not chasing my tail over how to keep Bev but rather of to sustain my insane self image.

and really i can learn to not be seen as some sort of God to her, i don't need her to feed off my attention like a toddler, i'm perfectly capable of letting her have a life. still i know what Arima felt like now, watching Yukino run off with her friends and realizing he's not her only source of happiness anymore, other people accept and like her for being herself, and as much as it would be nice to have her all to himself for all of time, locking her away from the world is certainly not the right thing to do.

damn GAINAX for writing my life story before i lived it, all their flawed characters can really crawl inside you and resonate with the worst parts of your personality. i've had times where i was as scared and pathetic as Shinji, as fake as Yukino, as vain as Asaba or Asuka, as possessive as Arima and as single-mindedly devoted to the point of evil such as Gendo.

i'm a fucked up person, but i'm sure she loves me anyway, and i'm sure that i can make things better, so i know i'm set for life. i'm a long way from rock bottom but there is no end to the sky, so i'll just keep pressing ahead, all you need is hard work and guts! if you show sincerty and effort anything is possible!


read that last paragraph again.

time to de-hair myself folks, bye!

♥ JD Person ♥

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

We'd get there someday.
you know depending on how you look at that you either be pretty uplifting or pretty depressing. see the song just sounds like "we get there some day" but the "we'd" in the title to me seems like its over for "them." though i could just be with the unseen problems i've had in the last few days and still face in the future i'm in a pessimistic mood, though deep down i just think that "d" is just engrish.

well yesterday was another UFC pay-per-view, well the free one on Spike, my dad switched cable companies so we don't get TNA or UFC pay-per-views, my brother just boot-legs the TNA ones but UFC isn't as popular with the interweb folk. sadly i feel as if i was a bit distracted during the show, thinking back i have no idea what was on my mind but it seems as if i couldn't keep what was going on straight, maybe its because i got a new game.

i purchased La Pucelle Tactics for myself. La Pucelle Tactics, brought to you by Nippon Ichi: makers of Disgaea [i bet you're wondering why i'd ever buy that!] and so far its been pretty damn fun. granted i've only played the first level or so but it does seem good. i doubt it'll be as good as Disgaea but thats sort of saying i doubt a new movie coming out will be as good as "Saving Private Ryan." maybe it was all the Nippon-y goodness swimming around in my brain parts that distracted me from guys beating the living crap out of one another, though that is sort of amazing. i think i might actually be a "video game addict," either that or i have a selective attention span and i hate to be bored. it might just be that i'm getting worse at multi-tasking so i'm losing my ability to play video games and watch TV at the same time, or in this case watch tv and day-dream of video games.

but none the less this event led to me not getting home until 12:37 and missing the majority of my anime, so i ended up spending all night catching up on my shows, i got to bed slightly before 3 a.m. and hence why i can't visit all you guys today.

this really seems like a running theme with me, i can never gain time. i realized that i could visit you guys on the weekends which should open me up to having visited you guys 4-5 times a week, but now i'm right back to struggling to get 2 or 3. i guess if i get time i just find ways to waste it, its a really bad habit and i really should learn to do something about it, but alas i do nothing and i keep down this path of wasting all i'm given.

but on to the anime, Naruto was pretty damn awesome, i must admit i identify with Kiba a lot, being as my dog is my best friend [but unlike Kiba my dog could be considered my only friend] so seeing Akamaru get pummeled really struck at my heart strings. i'm sort of upset how fast they blow through Kiba's fight though, they devote a bunch of episodes to Choji and Negi's fights, as well as drawing out Naruto's and Shikimaru's, but Kiba's is just rushed through, its almost like they're saying he's the least important character. to tell you the truth all i could really think about during that whole show is that my doggy is getting old and that eventually i'll be without her... yeah, suddenly i don't feel like talking much anymore.

Akamaru was pretty funny peeing on people...


"Ahhh, my eyes! ity's worse than last time, its like acid, it feels like my eyes are burning out!"


see ya guys

♥ JD Person ♥

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

its really getting strange having to explain sarcasm to people, especially if they went on long vitriolic rants about things you said sarcastically, but being as i've probably done it a few times, [and because i always can use some content] i'll do my best to explain what i meant in the least cruel and demeaning way possible.

Mr. T is that guy who constantly says "i pity the Fool!" he is famous for being in "The A-Team" in the 70's, but mostly just for doing cameos and bing his strange self. here's a random picture: as you can see he wears a lot of bling, this bling he promised to stop wearing until world poverty was solved, but he now wears it again.

i don't give a flying damn whether or not Mr. T wears his bling, if anything i like him with bling and i never think he should have made that stupid promise, the entire point of that was to point out the meaningless gestures celebrities make that do nothing. Brad Pitt and water-bed face saying they won't get married until everyone who wants to can. i say "really?"

see they mean they want to use their HUGE star power to influence government to let Phillipe and Fredrico to get hitched, because as you know George Bush and Nancy Pilosi are both terrified of going against the will of the leads from "Mr and Mrs Smith." what i just want to point out is that they didn't say gay folk, they said "everyone", and that makes things infinitely more interesting.

because, in a way that means Brad Pitt supports NAMBLA, because i'm sure many members of the North American Man/Boy Love Association would love to make honest men... boys of their lovers and personally i'm very proud Mr. Pitt would stand up for such a down trodden group.

incest comes to mind, something i'm sure is really close to Angelina's heart [she loves her brother, A LOT] so i wouldn't be surprised if she rallied for fraternal siblings to be able to marry and start families, because as a flyer in one state... stated "though the chances of mental and physical retardation are increased in a child of incestuous creation, so are the chance of physical superiority and genius level mental capacity." Angelina just wants to help all those poor geniuses get created!

i'm sure there is many a faunaphile wanting to make it official with whatever species they happen to be having a romantic and/or sexual relationship, and being as they said EVERYONE, being as that person wishes to get married Brangelina in all good conscience must defend their right as well. Floraphiles would be another interesting group, but hey if a tree gives you wood i suppose i shouldn't be telling you can't make it official, and being as you are a person who wants to get married Bitt and Jolie SO have your back dude.

Necrophiliacs too, can't leave them out, just because their dead doesn't mean its not adultry, you put a ring on her finger before you go all the way! and the best part is not only is Brad Pitt rallying to get you married its not as if your new wife will ever ever file for divorce, though that whole "til death do us part" will be kinda awkward.

Celebs rants about global warming put fly around in private jets, drive ethanol cars when it takes a gallon and a half of gas to make a gallon of ethanol, [so you then not just burn 50% more fuel, but then the carbon made by the ethanol] drive electric cars when electricity is made by burning coal in most cases, but they plants some trees somewhere, and show up at concerts. maybe if they're so worried about CO2 they should stop resperating, that would really be better.

everyone is full of shit bit these people are on TV and people listen to their beliefs, they really shouldn't be so comically stupid.

so in succinction Mr.T will not solve poverty and Brad Pitt will not get marriage for everyone. Mr. T put his bling back on and i bet Brangelina will get married if they last, all they say are meaningless gestures, unless they're Sean Penn, then they act cool but are total douche bags when they talk and hang out with homicidal dictators for fun whilst mocking our president.

all this hate is going to consume me one day...


Mr. T raps.


♥ JD Person ♥

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