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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

i must say that was one of my best titles in a long time and it basically comes from of the shit original series CN has come up with, My Gym Partner is a Monkey. noe evolution debate aside its still a shitty show, but the implication i get of ou ineffectual public school systems is humorous, that just based on this child's last name he was placed in this school for animals, and on top of thaty when they figure out he's human the basically go "fuckit, leave him in here." but the fun bit is discovered while watching it with Bev's little siblings is that the dolphin creature who appears to be SUPERIOR to the other children-things is inside a machine that looks an awful lot like a Dalek, now being a Doctor Whjo fan that little touch amused me enough to not feel an intense urge to hunt down Ted Turner and kill him with a screwdriver.

speaking of the shining path that Turner is running there is this little blip in his past called WCW, which was run by a wonderful man named Eric Bischoff who was so bad at settling contact disputes and budgetting that he almost bankrupted Mr. Turner, so Turner sold WCW out to an even bigger Tyrant Vincent Kennedy McMahon and the WWE, F? what ever letter they were using at that point, well Bischoff got tossed around on there and made a mockery of until he was finally fired for real, well now Bischoff has been working on a new show: Scott Baio is 45 and single, i guess Hulk Hogan refused to work with him, or maybe VH1 thought if he did it would end up costing them 5 million a year.

well enough mocking Turner's former employees, i want to mock him more. seriously, what is the man thinking, he bought Pokemon NOW?! and Yugi-oh for that matter, why not pick up Digimon and Monster Rancher too? the guy just seems to be running himself into the ground, he can't create a new DBZ so he's re-running DBZ, why not market Naruto better? like you did DBZ, just flood the market, no matter where people turn there should be Naruto, like i used to see Goku everywhere, but instead he's trying to do some crazy bullshit with creating his own "anime" like Teen Titans or Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi Show. seriously? he chooses that j-pop band, he needs to give me one Reason why his plan for a j-pop show didn't Result in " Believe Nami Tamaki Realize[d]" or does he need to be Ignited my a Meteor to Invoke the idea of a Takanori Make Revelution show? i would have Fields of Hope for a Rie Tanaka series, Turner, Let me be with you on these shows, it should be your Raison Detre to get me to watch your channel on this quiet night.

okay enough j-pop puns, i think i will now express how things should be, it should really be a lot more like [as]. because even when they piss me off i respect them for doing so, like the Perfect Hair Forever marathon, it was a good april fools joke, as well as showing support for the poor guys who were falsely imprisioned in Boston over that whole Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theatres themed Lite-Brite scare, with their selfless plug of the show while being interigated on nation television, i respected them for that one. and though i miss Bleach when they do it i really do love the Futurama marathons because i do find that series to be one of the most touching american cartoons of all time. wether its Fry's struggle to win over Leela which in quite a few episodes is actually quite emotional and cute, the episode Jurassic bark that still makes me weep seeing SeeMore wait for Fry 12 years slowly aging and dying or the 7-leaf clover episode where you see that Yancy never forgot about his brother or stopped missing him, and even named his son after him and raised him to be as much like his missing uncle as possible. it really is a great series and i'm sad that family Guy and not it got picked up for a new run on Fox. though then again maybe it would just age and get old and disinteresting like The Simpsons. either way i'm glad it was such a great series, and [as] does a great job keeping it alive.

once again i ask you guys to go ever to CN's website and give them a good bit of hate mail over ruining Toonami and all their other sins.


wow, and i was complaining OUR public schools are fucked up...

♥ JD Person ♥

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Monday, August 27, 2007

you know, specific hand movements you make that are somewhat rare or could be used to identify/mock you. i get most of mine from anime, [though this is me we're talking about here, what don't i get from anime, i swear if i got gonerhea it would be from anime] i know i have quite a few good ones, i do the finger up thing like Flonne when i'm confused or uncomfortable, i also wave good bye using pretty much the ZAFT salute [i don't know if its the standard military salute, you're right hand diagonally across your temple, but i learned it from the openning to Destiny] and now i clap a lot more after watching FMA, i just randomly clap a lot, which would make me a pretty shitty Alchemist, if i saw the gate and could do it without a circle i guess i'd just transform a lot of pointless things into other pointless things.

i'd also like to point out that SEED wasn't cancelled, they put it on at 1am on fridays [fri/sat] i watched it to completion on there, they actually then started playing it with Yu Yu Hakusho at 5am on saturday they started over at that point and got all the way up to where Joshua Alaska exploded before they really did cancel it, but then again maybe you saw it at the 5am slot so maybe you were right... i hate how CN keeps doing that to the best series, i suppose its because most people don't like anime nowadays, or that they are trying to not become the anime channel, but they always ditch the best shows, SEED, .Hack, Yu Yu Hakusho, Cyborg 009 i could do without but still it was a rather complex show, i just never really got into it, but the strangest one of all is IGPX. CN worked with GAINAX, gainax!!!!!!!!!! [i figured if they write their name in caps lock to emphasize i guess you go all lower case] and still the show failed, how the hell did they pull that one off? the funny thing is that everything they tried to replace IGPX with failed, Prince of Tennis, MAR, Zatch Bell, all of them took the space IGPX left and all of them failed or at least got pulled, and now CN has lets [as] have the 1am and 5am slots so those shows have no retirment party, they just died.

i must say that Toonami is really going downhill, its just a matter if time until they are out of the job again, if Naruto ever burns out they are out on their asses again, i remember when Toonami just went POOF for a while and at this point if it weren't for Naruto i'd just say please let the Absolution sink, send new creepy TOM to where ever SARA went and be done with it, i'm sick of watching CN rape my childhood, and someone needs to kick Steve Blum in the balls for still voicing TOM and letting this travesty go on. if they are going to call themselves Toonami they should go back to 2000 and bring back the great shows, they have all this time they didn't used to on saturday, bring back Outlaw Star, the Tenchi series, Gundam Wing, Gundam SEED, Gundam 0079, hell bring back DB-DBZGT if you want, just put TOM back in the robot suit, bring back SARA bring back the Toonami Inclusive Events please stop using the name without the quality, you're run by Turner, not Disney! please peoplezez, i know you guys never do, but i'll ask again, please flame CN for ruining Toonami, maybe if their is enough fan respounce they'll mend their ways.

i must give Williams Street their fair rsspect in saying that [as] is in fact their own company and handles themselves a lot better than cn, i meran even when they pre-empt my favorite shows its for a good series like Futurama, which is one of the best non-animes i've ever seen and definatly the best show i ever saw on FOX. its comedy may be a bit corny and its no where near as edgy as Boondocks or Code Monkeys, but as far as emotional content it definatly can rival Boondocks for tear jerkers or deep messages, "jurassic bark" aleways makes me cry, to know that Seemore waited 12 years outside Penucci's pizza for Fry, to know he died waiting for him right there is so sad, and when fry says that he probably moved on and learned so much more in that time, that he wouldn't remember him, and then you see him waiting 12 years outside the place, seasons changing, weather pounding him, and seeing him grow old and die with such sadness in his eyes, it always gets me.


[wiping tears from eyes] well lets try to cheer things up a bit, enough of my blubbering, here by popular demand is the panda yaoi song, vocals by Chris Patton.

i'll go weep on my own time now...

♥ JD Person ♥

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

somebody asked if me posting a WHOLE chapter of my story was an attempt on my part at comedy. no, it wasn't, it was an attempt to get my most respectable passion to be enjoyed by more people, it really doesn't seem to work never well, i tried to do the whole "i'll make you a banner thing" but that didn't really work out being as most of the people just stopped showing up on here, so i think i might just drop all the banners out of my marquee, unless some of you guys say that you think you'd read my story and your price is that you get a banner in the marquee, i really should try to organize this little site of mine better, i think i might be a bit more popular if my site were a bit cleaner, though i have been seeing a bit of a swell in my ratings if you will, that is more comments, and that made me happy.

but on to bigger and more urgent things, my complete and utter random rantings about meaningless things which seem to captivate some of you but scare most of you away.

first off i had a bit of free time so i was listening the Ichiro's "panda song" a few times, boy is that little ode to man on panda sex a real toe-tapper. that just proves that with me free time is a dangerous thing, i just end up watching panda yaoi. of course i only had time for this because for some random reason Cartoon Network decided to move one peice up a half hour so they could show DBZ reruns. seriously, out of Tenchi, Gundam Wing, Outlaw Star, Zoids we get DBZ as the one they keep trying to show and force feed to younger generations. but what i'm wondering is when for the sweet sake of God is Viz going to take over the One Piece dub? 4Kids was supposed to have given up by now but they are still going and raping that particular title. i don't thibk Viz plans to do much better because they don't want to scare off fans [the 4kids dub has FANS?!] but i'm getting pissed that their still calling onigiri "doughnuts" and that the guns are still hyperglo colors.

but lets talk about a anime series that isn't an utter attrocity, Gundam SEED Destiny. i must say that i'm liking Athrun a slight bit more now, seeing him scream at Shinn over "killing" Kira, saying "how could he be proud of shooting down someone who was making no effort to kill you?!" personally i loved the reactions of Rey and Shinn, Shinn being confused and then screaming "He killed Stella, i was getting revenge for you too." like Athrun gave a crap about Stella in comparison, i know its meant he was saying revenge for Heine, but Heine was alive for all of four seconds one he boarded the Minerva. i also liked Rey telling Athrun that Shinn defeated a strong enemy the the homeland told him to, you should encourage him, not yell at him, like Shinn were a puppy, i was expecting "if you yell at him he'll think killing the enemy is a bad thing, now give him treats and rub his belly." though Shinn did give the impression that he took Athrun's reaction like he peed in the house, actually it would have been funny if Athrun had wailed on him with a rolled up newspaper. "NO! Bad Shinn! You no Kill Kira, Bad Boy! You're sleeping outside tonight!"

But Kira can take care of himself, in the midst of fighting Shinn and discovering the archAngel was in trouble he managed to turn off the reactors while his cockpit was being stabbed, and the explosion still wiped out the Impulse, i say Kira tied that fight.

i also like all the random insurgents attacking Blue Cosmos for once, now if only while they were killing LOGOS members they'd yell "FOR THE PRESERVATION OF OUR BLUE AND PURE WORLD!" then all you be good.

And Lacus in the Eternal, with all those DOMs, Lacus is the best pacifist ever, she tries to reason with you, and if that doesn't work then she'll let Waltfeld kill you, i much prefer her to Relena Peacecraft, Lacus is better looking too.

i'm still trying to get minitokyo and now more so animepapers pictures to work on here, i really need to know a way around the restrictions or whatever they put on their files so you can't use them on here, i know that a few people know how to do it because i've seen them do it but i can't get a hold of them, please if you can help out PM me.


Only, at the E3 Grindhouse!

♥ JD Person ♥

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Absolute Power ch.14
Absolute Power Mission: 14 The Obligatory Slow-Down. ~Warning: this may be offensive to random women or anyone with any amount of common sense~ Kit, Aveian and Allenby are sitting in the kitchen of the Raven Corps. Kit: I canít believe what I did, I killed Sylven, no wonder she canít forgive me. Allenby: It wasnít your fault, you didnít have a choice. Kit: Still, I hurt her this badly, I canít let that go. Aveian sighs, stands up and lights up. Kit: Aveian? Aveian: (puts hands in his pocket) Iíll go talk to her. Allenby: Really? Aveian: I care about her too, besides; maybe sheíll listen to reason. Aveian walks out. Kit: I sure hope this works. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Aveian walk up to Foxxyís room, on the door thereís a piece of paper taped to the door written in red all spiky thatís says ďFUCK OFF!!Ē Aveian slowly opens the door and looks in. Foxxy is lying on her bed in a big white shirt, which Aveian recognizes as Sylvenís. Her legs are bare below it, the bed is covered in blood, sheís crying into the pillow loudly and violently, her fingers are bleeding, her face is buried in the pillow, as the door open her sobbing slows, and she quiets. Aveian: FoxxyÖ Foxxyís body tenses up and she looks at him, her pupils are much smaller, her lips are curled and she has blood on her teeth and lips, she bears her teeth like a wild animal, her limbs locked in place. Foxxy: (snarling) Get out!!! Aveian: He didnít have a choice; you know that, donít you? Foxxy: I donít care if he had a choice! He deserves to die for what he did! Aveian: Then kill him, you have enough rage, heís injured, and you know he could never hurt you. Foxxyís eyes flash for a second. Aveian: Or is it that you canít hurt him either? Foxxy: Shut up! You donít know anything about me! Aveian: At least leave the room, itís been 3 days, you havenít eaten since then. Foxxy: Iím going to stay here, in this room, lying on this bed soaked in my brothers blood, I like lying in my brothers blood. Aveian: Most of that blood is yours. The view pans down and we see Foxxyís inner thighs are soaked in blood. Aveian: Itís the second, or did you not notice. Foxxy: I noticed. Another time I failed to breed. I suggest you donít trifle with a vixen in heat. Besides, Iím outta tampons. Aveian: You should eat something, no one wants you dead. Foxxy: Iím not hungry. Aveian: I donít believe you. Aveian sets down two loaves of bread, some streak and 3 beers. Aveian: Iíll leave them just in case. (Walks out) Foxxy: (voice softening slightly) I donít need them!!! The door shuts and immediately Foxxy jumps on the food and devours it. Foxxy: (tearing apart the food) Iím sorry Sylven, but I canít join you yet. As he walks away Aveian hears Foxxy gulping down the food. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Draco enters the control room, where Sora is laying back. Draco: What are you doing here? Sora: Nothin else to do, figured Iíd just lay back here. Draco: I guess that makes sense. Sora: How far is this place anyway? Draco: Far, another 5 days. Sora: Where the hell are we going? Draco: My homeland, itís an isolated place, therefore its our best place to hide while we recuperate and plan. Sora: Works for me. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Kit: Howíd it go? Aveian: Sheís pretty unhappy, plus itís her time. Kit: Ew, youíre right. (Laughs) Remember the first time it happened? Aveian: (small chuckle) Yeah. (Just plain wrong flash back time) Foxxy is in her t-shirt and panties, suddenly she jumps up. Foxxy: Why am I wet and sticky? Foxxy reaches down and notices the blood on her hand. Foxxy: Eeeeeeep! Iím bleeding! Foxxy starts sprinting pack and forth straight legged a cutesy. Foxxy: Iím bleeding, Iím bleeding, Iím bleeding. Iím bleedingÖ ooof! Foxxy trips and falls flat on her face. Foxxy: (high pitched, chin up looking forward) Owwwwwww! My tiny non-existent boobs! Kit: (laughs) You okay? Foxxy: (gets up slowly) Yeah. (End of flashback, finally) Kit: Yeah, after that we had to give her ďthe talk.Ē Aveian: I did. Allenby: That must have been weird. Kit: Yeah then there was the clean-up and hygiene. (Not another flash back, Damnit!) Foxxy stands staring long at a tampon Foxxy: What do you do with this? Kit: (pointing with his finger uncomfortably) You stick that in there. Foxxy: (shocked, panicking) I stick what in where!? Aveian: It stops the bleeding. Foxxy: (finger on chin looking up in thought and amazement) Oooooooooooooooooooooooooh, okay! (Cute giggle, head tilt and smile) Foxxy tries it out. Foxxy: It feels, good. Kit: Thatís more than I wanted to know (Do you have no fuckin shame man!? I mean end of flashback) Allenby: Awwww, thatís cute in a nasty kinda way. Kit: She was 10. Allenby: What theÖ Aveian: Another side effect, she began ovulating early, for 5 days, and on a human engineered schedule. Allenby: Engineered? Aveian: Itís always the 2nd through the 7th, each month. Allenby: Thatís weird. Kit: Yeah, we arenít normal. I mean Allenby: Thatís obvious. Aveian: Either way I donít think weíll be able to reason with her for the next week. Allenby: Thatís sexist enough. Aveian: If you donít want grief donít cause it. Allenby: I was kidding. Aveian: I wasnít. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Foxxy calms down a little, her pupils dilate, and her voice softens back up, she gets up sniveling and tears still running, she sobs short high pitched squeaks and walks out of her room. She approaches Allenby whoís walking somewhere. Foxxy: (looking up at her with her big sad, tear filled eyes, lip quivering) AllenbyÖ do you have any tampons. Allenby: Yeah, I think I have one in my first aid kit. Allenby pulls her first aid out and hands Foxxy what she requested. Allenby: You gonna be okay? Foxxy: Yeah, (gives a weak smile) Iíll be fine. Allenby: Please forgive him; you really hurt him by doing this. Foxxy: He hurt me too. Allenby: All his life heís been protecting you, healing your pain and soothing your heart and soul, Iím only saying that it might be nice to do that for him once. Foxxy: Thanks for the tampon. Foxxy walks off and goes into one bathroom. She turns on the water and sits down in the tub with the shower head on full hot. Steam builds up and Foxxy pushes down the drain plug. Foxxy stairs down at her feet as the hot water approaches. The steaming hot water nips at her tender skin, she cringes and pulls her feet back, then sets them back in. Foxxy: (looks down moping, in a soft monotone) This pain is nothing. The heat will cleanse my soul of its wounds. Foxxy wraps her arms around her legs and rests her head on them. Foxxy: Everything is so confusing. Why canít I see whatís going on? Foxxy lays there in eyes closed, but not crying, she lies in that ball, she just lays there trying to sort out her mind and feelings out. She lies like that until the water turns cold; she leans forward and washes her hair, then face, then body. The soap runs off her body as every cell goes nuts in the ice cold water. She stands up to wash the soap off and stands in the water for a couple seconds more. Then she turns off the water and gets out, wrapping the towel over her shoulders, she walks up to the mirror, wiping the steam off and peering in. Foxxy: Fire and ice had no answers, Iím truly broken. Foxxy looks down and sees Dracoís strait razor, she picks it up and toys with it. Foxxy: There may be one way to fix meÖ Foxxy holds out one wrist staring deeply into the razorís blade. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Draco walks by the half opened bathroom door and sees the reflection in the mirror of whatís going on. Foxxy still toys with the blade when suddenly the door flies open and before she knows it her right hand is behind her back held by the wrist and her left hand is being held up to her shoulder in front of her. She tries to struggle free but Draco has her held tight. Foxxy: Let me go asshole! Draco: What the hell were you planning to do?! Foxxy: None of you damn business! Let go of me! Draco: Not until you calm down! Foxxy: I said let go!! She pulls as hard as she can but canít break loose. Draco: What do you plan to gain by dying?! Foxxy: Who ever said I planned to die! Foxxy tries to swipe at Draco with the razor, but the end is not pointed and it hits his armor. Draco grips her right wrist tighter; she drops the razor and cries out in sheer pain. Draco: Even if you werenít planning on dying now, even if the thought of that razors kiss was only a slight temptation, your life was in danger, and I will not allow you to die on my watch. Foxxy: What do you care! Are you in love with me O Great Prince and Savior!? Why does it matter whether I live or die?! Draco: Because youíre still needed here, I need you to fight for me, and because Iíve lost family, and I know what it feels like when you hate them, so I can only imagine what your brother would think. (Draco lets her go and shoves her forward she goes stomach first into the sink knocking the wind out of her and her towel off) Go ahead and die! Just do it with more dignity! Draco walks out; just as he does Foxxy turns to face him. Foxxy: (voice cracking, panting hard) Draco! Draco turns to face Foxxy. Foxxy: (sad and soft) Thank you. At that moment Draco realizes what heís looking at: a young, tight, fair skinned, sopping, dripping wet, panting, tiny chest heaving, cute, weak, bright eyed, shiny, naked, virgin maiden. After gather this information Draco walks away with a very uneasy look on his face. Foxxy, realizing what he saw, blushes a tiny bit, shows a tiny smile, lets out a little giggle then has a moment of self again. Foxxy silently and quickly runs up behind Draco and glomps him around the neck, pressing her tiny chest against the back of his head, Draco tries to get her off and she swings them around to the front right over his face, Draco shoves her off. Draco: Damn you! Remind me to never save your life again. Foxxy: You know you liked it! Foxxy crouches there in a three-point stance, her normal self again, but then Draco leaves sight, and sheís alone again, and suddenly, all her pain returns to her and she breaks down crying. Foxxy: Damn it! (Clenches fist to her heart) I donít wanna hurt anymore! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Draco, having just escaped his encounter with Foxxy enters the living room where Kit, Aveian and Allenby are at. His face is still a little red. Kit: Whatís up with you? Draco: Your little sister tried to kill herself. Kit and Allenby look horrified, Aveian flinches for a second. Kit: is she all right!? Tell me! Draco: I stopped her, but then she attacked me. Allenby: Attacked you? How? Draco: She jumped on me and wouldnít get off. Aveian: Where was she? Draco: The bathroom, she had just got out of the shower and was toying with the idea of shaving her wrists with my blade. Aveian: So in other words you got physical with Foxxy while she was wet and vulnerable, so then she jumped all over you. Kit: (smirks) Nice going! Allenby: Thatís one way to get her to forget about her losses. Draco: It wasnít like that. Kit laughs, Aveian lets out a slight smile. Draco: Whatís so damn funny!? Kit: Its just I rememberedÖ Aveian: The shower incident. Allenby: Shower incident? (Another damn flash back) Aveian: Foxxy. Youíre been in there for 3 hours. Kit: I gotta piss. Outta my way! Kit shoulder checks the door open and inside Foxxy is in the shower with no curtain. Foxxy: EEEEEEEEP!!!! Oh, itís you bro. Kit: Yeah, I wonít look if you donít. Foxxy: Huh? (Sees what theyíre each getting ready to do) Ooooooh, okay! (Perky smile and a giggle) Kit: (finishing and flushing) So what are you doing in here anyway? Foxxy: Iím getting squeaky clean! (Rubs hand over her arm) But I wonít squeak! I MUST SQUEAK!!!! Kit: Oh, okay. Good luck with that! (Kit walks out, end of flash-back) Draco: Youíre all insane. Well, just watch her, I may not really like any of you but I donít want you dead. Kit: Thanks dude! Draco gives a slight hand gesture and walks out. Allenby: Aveian, how did you stay so calm when you heard about Foxxy? Aveian: Easy, his tone, if she were dead, heíd sound sad, not angry, so could tell that she was okay, and at least had a brief moment of happiness. Kit: Its so like her, to argue dripping wet and naked, then hug a guy, and not realize what sheís doing until halfway through. Aveian: I think she knows when she hugs him, just not the naked arguing, thatís just fate. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Sylven: (clutching his bleeding, half broken body) Where the hell are we going? Marane: My hide-out. Sylven: Where can we hide, you were always on the run, there is no hiding from Zeru. Marane: Heís lost his puppet system, Ra is gone, the three fighters left him and he lost his secondary branch, Negeta is in no position to be going on anything but the defensive, right now Iím guessing heís putting all his power into hiding and fortifying his first branch. Sylven: So then where are we going? The tiny Suit carrier approaches a shining Silver space fortress. Marane: MY base, Darris Kharlan. Sylven: What the hell is that, how can someone as wanted as you have such a large and conspicuous asset? Marane: Because Iím intelligent, Iíve been siphoning some of the profits from my black market gene splicing into this little beauty. I just hid the lines well enough that no one could follow them, and this is the first time I touched it, so no one could connect it to me that way either. Sylven: Well youíre touching it now, how can we be sure that this wonít be drawing unneeded attention? Marane: This baby is so well protected, I actually hope they try and attack, weíll either wipe them out or teach them never to try it again. Sylven: Nothing can happen until my Gundam is rebuilt. Marane: ThatísÖ gonna be a problem. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// The Raven Corps. crew are lying around in the living room. Kit: (groans) I canít take this! Allenby: Whatís up? Kit: Its just I keep worrying about my sis! I wouldnít be so worried except thereís nothing to do! Itís so fuckiní boring and all I can think about is her! Draco: So let me guess, youíre going to talk to her? Kit: I canít help itís all I can think about! Aveian: (looks over at him, slowly turning his head and opening his eyes) You know its not a good idea. Kit: Aveian, you know just as well as I do, almost nothing that has to be done is ever a good idea. Aveian: (turns back, drops his head and shuts his eyes) Iím just trying to warn you. Kit gets up and starts to walk out. Allenby: (getting up to follow him) Wait up Kit! Kit walks out, with Allenby running after him. Draco: Think sheíll be able to stop him. Aveian: right now he has to choose between a woman who loves him and a girl who hates him, letís hope he chooses right. Draco: He wonít. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Allenby: Kit, wait! She catches up with Kit and grabs his jacket to stop him. Allenby: (runs up next to him keeping pace) Kit, please donít go in there. Kit: Why not? Allenby: Right now everything possible that could stop her from wanting to talk to you is happening, just give her some time and when she calms down let me or Aveian get her to talk things out with you. Kit: (Kit puts his arm out to stop her, then turns to face her) Thanks, but I have to do this for myself. Iím sorry, (walks away, then turns to face her) thanks for offering though. Allenby stays as Kit keeps walking. Allenby: Sheíll hate you, you know that!? Kit: (turns to face her again) Yeah, but something like that wonít stop me. Kit walks off and Allenby looks really upset. Allenby: (crying a little) Iím begging you Kit, please stop! Kit stops dead then sorta walks quickly over to her to comfort her. Kit: Whatís wrong, why donít you want me to go? Allenby: Because Foxxy is almost a woman, and I know women, because I know me, I know how sheís going to act, and I donít want you to get hurt. Kit: Donít worry, I can handle it. Allenby drops onto his chest grabbing his shirt, Kit wraps his arms around her and holds her. Allenby: It doesnít matter! Donít you see how selfish that is? To talk with her when you broke her heart, and to go off to get yourself hurt, I donít want you hurt, sheíll hate me too, but if I can feel that pain for you then Iíd be happy to do it, I may like Foxxy, but I donít love her like you, so I just want to go in there and take the bullet for you. Kit: Allenby, I donít want you hurt either. Allenby look up from his chest into Kitís eyes, hers full of tears, this look of anger and sadness on her face Allenby: (disappointed, sad, angry and still crying) Kit, canít you forget your wants for five minutes?! Kit is shocked, he steps back letting Allenby go, his face is full of surprise, he shivers and clutches himself with his left arm. He falls to the ground shivering, still holding himself. Kit: Am I really that selfish? Allenby kneels down before him. Allenby: We all do things for our own reasons, youíve only thought of yourself because youíve only had yourself and others that imposed their feelings on you, by gun point or a warm hug, but now you have someone who follows you, and loves you in me. Just try to remember youíre responsible for others now. Kit: (hangs his head, sighs and speaks softly) Youíre right, Iím sorry. Thanks for doing this for me. It means a lot to me that you care so much. Allenby lifts his chin up with her fingers and brushes the hair from his face. Allenby: Of course I do, I love you! Kit: I love you too. Allenby: (gives Kit a little kiss on the lips) Good, (gets up and starts to head for Foxxyís room) just chill out for now, I promise Iíll be back soon, to comfort you. Kit: (runs his index finger under his nose with a little smirk) Iíll be waiting! They both laugh and go their separate ways. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kit walks back into the living room; Sora is now in there as well. Kit: Sora, if youíre in here whoís piloting the ship? Sora: Its auto-pilot, besides if something goes wrong I have it set to beep me on my Cell. Besides, do you really want a ďtraitorĒ piloting your ship? Kit: (un-amused) Very funny. Draco: Sure did talk fast, what happened to your woman? Kit: Allenby talked me into letting her handle Foxxy. Aveian: (lighting up, then blowing out smoke) Thatís going to end well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Allenby knocks on Foxxyís door. Allenby: Foxxy, you in there? Inside loud uncontrollable sobbing can be heard. Foxxy: Go away!!!! Why canít people just leave me alone? Allenby slowly enters anyway, pillow flies at her head and she catches it one handed, then offers it back to Foxxy. Allenby: This yours? (Warm smile) Foxxy: (snatches it back, annoyed) I hate you. Allenby: Just forgive him. Foxxy: Why should I? Allenby: Because heís your brother and you love him. Foxxy: I loved Sylven and now heís dead. Allenby: So youíre going to abandon one you love in the memory of some one who will never know what youíre doing, would you really hate your brother for protecting himself? Foxxy: Heís so selfish; I bet he sent you in here to do his dirty work for him. Allenby: Nope, I almost had to drag him away to keep him from coming in here himself, he regrets what he did and wants your forgiveness. Foxxy: And what do you want? Allenby: I want you guys to be close loving brother and sister like you were before, I want you both to be happy. Foxxy: I guess none of our wishes will be fulfilled. Allenby: (gets up to leave) Just think about it, try to forgive him. He had no choice. Foxxy: It wonít work. Allenby: (going out the door) Thatís too bad. (Door shuts) Foxxy: Why? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Allenby returns to the room theyíre all in. she sits down next to Kit. Kit: Howíd it go? Allenby: Not so good, (looks down, speaking sadly) I think sheís trying not to forgive you, but I donít think she can succeed. I really hope she canít. Kit: I just want her to be happy. Allenby: What about you? Kit: I donít care about myself right now, my happiness isnít important. Allenby shifts over, her hands on either side of his lap, her face very close to his. Allenby: It is to me! And I wanna show you just how much it means. She takes his hands and drags him off towards their bedroom. Sora goes to get up; she leans on a crutch under her wounded side. Aveian: (cigarette burned short, dangling on his bottom lip) Where are you off to? Sora: (looking over her shoulder at him) Iím going to talk to her. Aveian: Do you think it will do anything? Sora: (smug smile) Maybe, maybe not. But I feel like trying. Aveian: I wonder how Kit would feel about this. Sora: (calm, happy look, eyes closed, little smile) I donít really care, he can keep hating me, or he can love me, in the end we all only act for ourselves, so Iíll keep doing my own thing. With that Sora walks out and the doors shut behind her. Aveian: (thinking) We all may act for ourselves, but others warp our motives so that they benefit them, we are really just tools of those around us, but Sora, who are you working for? Sora walks off towards Foxxyís room. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kit, still being dragged is pulled into the bed-room and thrown on the bed, before he can even think about moving Allenby is on top of him; shirtless, heís trapped. Kit: I really donítÖ Allenby: Well I do. (Leaning in closer, un-doing her bra) and I know were both about to have a lot of fun. Kit goes to speak but his mouth is cover to fast, his eyes grow softer. Allenbyís hands move off his shoulders and go a little lower, his pants fall onto the ground, her arms move to herself, then back onto Kit, the bed starts to rock. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Sora, on one crutch hobbles slowly down the hall to Foxxyís room. Sora reaches the door and knocks. Sora: (voice still weak) You there Foxxy? Foxxy is still sobbing violently. Foxxy: Wonít anyone just leave me alone today!? Please just go away! Sora slowly enters. Sora: Sorry, canít do that. See youíre hurting everyone by your actions, and I think you owe it to them to try and be strong. Forgive your brother, in war sometimes just staying alive is an uphill battle. Foxxy: He killed Sylven!! Sora: Sylven would have killed him. Foxxy: Iíd rather have him alive then Kit. Sora: So youíre going to forsake your brother for someone whoís already dead? Foxxy: (voice weaker) I loved himÖ Sora: Like you donít love him. Foxxy: (wailing) HE DIDNíT HAVE TO KILL HIM!!!!! Sora: But, none the less he did, now all you can do is decide if you rather lose two loved ones, or just one. Life is cruel, to have your brother and your love fight to the death, I know that was hard for you, but Sylven wanted it, he started the battle, you canít blame Kit for defending himself and winning. Foxxy: But I canít forgive so easily. Sora: Then fight him yourself, if you hate him so much go and punish him for his sins with your own hands. Foxxy: IÖ IÖ donít want to kill him. Sora: So you want him dead but you wonít dirty your own hands? You just want others to do all your work for you! Foxxy: Why are you doing this Sora? Sora: No reason. Foxxy: Did Aveian tell you to do this? Sora: I only take orders from him in the bedroom. Foxxy: Kit? Sora: Kit would never ask this, not only does he severely dislike me, but heíd rather do this himself, Iím just trying to correct the little wrongs of the world. Foxxy: So youíre telling me to kill him? Sora: Just confront him, tell him how angry you are with your fists, let out all your anger over Sylvenís death on his killer, if it leads to death so be it, just resolve this problem. Well Iíve said my peace, see yaÖ Sora goes to walk out; she opens the door, over her shoulder Foxxy lays in her crimson bed. Foxxy: (calm yet soft) SoraÖ Sora: (without turning around) yeah? Foxxy: (small smile) Thanks. Sora: I didnít do anything I didnít want to. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Allenby is doing her worst, or best to Kit, she is enjoying herself, which is easy to tell by her expressions and moans. Kitís face is flushed, heís breathing hard and moaning with pleasure as well, heís biting the sheets, fingers clenching the bed tight and legs kicking, but his eyes betray that inside, heís not as happy as his outward physical pleasure is making him. Exhausted Allenby drops off of him, lying down next to him, sheís beaming, having just enjoyed the greatest pleasure in life, but when she looks into Kitís eyes she knows thereís something wrong. Allenby: Whatís wrong, you canít tell me you wanted even more. Kit: Its not that, right now I just need to clear out my head. Thanks for sharing yourself with me Allie, but right now not even that can cheer me up. Kit gets up and puts on his boxers and pants. He walks out the door with a certain living dead type manner. Allenby lays there wrapped up in a blanket, heart broken. Allenby: (barely a sad squeak) KitÖ (Kit walks out and shuts the door) Kit noÖ come backÖ Allenby passes out from a mixture of sorrow and exhaustion from several rounds of carnal pleasure. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Aveian and Draco start up a conversation in the living room. Aveian: So whatís the plan once we reach this place, your homeland? Draco: We gather forces, first we do some missions for the land, and then once weíve gotten support we strike against the corrupt Black Vulpine Corporation! Aveian: What are the attack plans? Draco: Thatís to be told later. Aveian: I donít like being left out of the operation details. Draco: You wonít be, once weíre within striking position you will know everything, this would be impossible without you, Commander Aveian Wind. Aveian: This plan better be successful, or I donít think we will have another chance. Draco: Then this mission will have to be a success. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kit walk down the hallway in his semi-undressed state as Sora, now walking slowly without aid approaches him from the other direction. Sora: Hey there Kit! Kit: Iím not in the mood Sora. Sora: Youíre no fun. Are you just mad because youíre hurt, if you unwrap your arm is Iíll kiss all your boo-boos! Kit: Out of the way. Kit passes by her. Sora: (evil-ish smirk) You know your sister hates you. Kit stops dead and faces her. He is not happy. Sora: (still evil and cocky) Itís true! She wants you dead because you killed her crush, no matter how one sided her feelings were she canít forgive you for killing him. She wants to kill you; sheís looking for youíre right now to do it! Kit: (snarls) Fuck you Sora. Sora is pressed against his chest, her lips within range of his neck, cheek, lips and chin. She runs her finger over his bare chest. Sora: Fuck you? Weíll I didnít know you wanted me so much, (moving her lips closer to his ear) I can do things to you couldnít imagine in the dirtiest wet dreaÖ Sora cringes in pain; Kit has his left thumb over her wound, pressing just hard enoughÖ Kit: (malicious smile, fangs bared, pupils small) I donít care what Aveian will do to me, youíre a stuck up bitch, and I wonít betray Allenby, and no matter what you say I wonít hate my little sister, so go bitch to your little boy-toy, Iíll take what he gives me, I just hope one day Aveian can see what a double-crossing bitch you really are. Kit pushes her off and she slams back first into the wall. Kit continues walking, Sora gets up. Sora: Kit! Kit keeps walking Sora: Kit!!!!!! He keeps going. Sora: Kit turn around you stupid bastard! Kit turns to face her, Sora, clutching her wound stumbles forward a few steps. Sora: Kit, your women, both of them are lucky to have you, as a lover, or a brother and a best friend. Kit: Thanks Sora, but I still hate you. Sora: (wink and a thumbs up) I wouldnít have it any other way. Kit walks off into the distance; Sora stumbles off to get treated, once again. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kit walks into the hangar, Foxxy; clad in her normal black T-shirt and black panties stares him down. Kit: Yo sis! Foxxy: (stern) Kit, I wanna fight you! Kit: (looks away dejected) You mean kill meÖ Foxxy: (cocks head to the side, while retaining her slight anger) Huh? Kit: (looks at her again) Sora told me you wanted to kill me, for revenge, I guess she wasnít lying! Foxxy: Iím no t planning on killing you, but I still canít let Sylvenís death go, even if you had to, I have to fight in his name, and let my pain out. Kit: I completely understand. Foxxy: Iím going to beat you, for Sylven. Kit: Then defeat me! In the name of your dead love! Foxxy: (in stance) I will! Foxxy runs at Kit swiping at him, he parries with his left hand, then ducks a strike and tries to sweep her legs, she jumps, and Kit pivots on his left hand kicking her in the head with both feet, the both quickly regain their normal stance. Kit: Did I get ya? Foxxy: Now I see how he lostÖ But I wonít!!!! Foxxy rushes him again, she swings with the right and get stops it, she goes for a left hook, over his broken right arm and hits him hard on the cheek, the follows up with a barrage of body blows. Foxxy: Are you even trying!? OOOOOF! Kit nails her hard in the stomach with a left, then a heel kick to the upper back into a knee to the chest. Foxxy: (clutching her chest) My tiny boobies! Youíre going to pay for that! The two of them continue exchanging blows, the fight slowly moving back Kitís way, until. Foxxy: Iíve got you now! She pulls out her dagger and pins one of his legs to the wall by his pant leg, then grabs Kitís Kodachi and pins the other, Kit goes to strike her, but she catches his wrist and slams it into the wall, breaking the cement, she draws back her left for the final blow. Kit: Go ahead and finish meÖ Foxxy: FOR SYLVEN!!!!!! Silence, then a small sound can be heard. Kit: Sis? Foxxy still has her arm drawn back, but her face is softer, and tears are streaming down her face. Kit: Are you alright? Just kill me already. Foxxy: (sobbing) Damn you! Damn you! I canít kill you! Youíre my big brother! Foxxy latches onto him kicking the blades off and letting Kit free, then falls onto him. Foxxy: (sobbing harder into kits shoulder) I love you! Youíre my big brother and I love you! (She moves back to stare at him) But whyíd you have to kill him?! (Head buried in his shoulder again) Youíre all I have, and you care about me, but I miss him so much! IÖ think I can forgive you, but I canít forget! Iíll never be ableÖ. Kit: (lifts her face up to look at him) Iím sorry I killed him, I tried all I could to save him, but I couldnít, to say he wouldnít let me is an excuse, I wasnít good enough to save him, so I deserve your hatred. Foxxy: I canít hate you. Youíre the most important person in the world to me, I love you big brother. She hugs him really tight. Her voice still quivers but her tears slow. Foxxy: (lets go and steps back, with her hands folded by her ass behind her, then looks around wistfully)But right now I need some time to set everything in my mind, so I going to stay in solitary confinement until we reach the destination. Then hopefully Iíll be myself again. Kit: I completely understand. Foxxy: Thanks bro! Foxxy gives her brother another huge hug, then runs off. On the outside of the room Allenby peers in. Allenby: Thatís why he leftÖ Allenby looks completely crushed. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (ending music) Foxxy gathers up all her bloodied things and puts them into the Air-lock. Foxxy: Good-byeÖ Sylven. She jettisons the material. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Allenby lays on her bed wide awake; shifting frequently Kit sleeps happily clutching her with his left arm. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Foxxy lays down in solitary confinement and is surrounded by bare nothingness. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Draco: there it is my homeland, Neo-Walachia! The camera pans out and we see the bloody shirt float by in space. Ja Ne (Outlaw Star next episode music) Foxxy: Itís me, Foxxy! And Iím happy again! I canít go the rest of my life depressed and hating my brother, I love him too much, so Sylven, sleep in my heart, I promise to keep you there. But mow its time to move on, its Dracoís homeland, and weíre about to find out why heís such an exceptionally happy person. Next Episode: Absolute Power: Mission 15: Full Female Alchemist! Hey who is that bitch anyway? O well, we all better get ready!
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Friday, August 24, 2007

its the ending song to Nerima Daikon Brothers, possibly one of the best anime of all time, but then again when you have Nabeshin directing how can you go wrong?

but the point of the title [being as i like to explain them now] is to tie together my wanting to rant a bit about that show, while showing a bit of thanks for another great comment, and basically the bit of english from the original ending [Chris, Lucy and Greg dubbed it] is "very much" and "don't go away" which is what i feel towards you peoplezez who read my posts.

byt the one i like is a complete and utter lack of knowledge about me and comprehention of what i wrote. there is a person who thought i was a woman, now knows i'm male, thinks i want to become a woman, and thinks i'm gay... i really wonder how people get by like thyat, but i guess i respect their accomplishments.

but here is the Nerima Daikon Brothers bit. shre for a while the 4th episode wouldn't work on my VOD, but last night the glitches went poof, and i watched not only 4 but ep 5 as well, and it really made me like Ichiro a lot more. i've always thought he was awesome, i tried to imitate him when i was reading that play in hot pants' class, i guess between him and Rei Otohata i'm really taking a liking to characters Chris Patton voices, but he does a really good job with their deadpan deliveries, besides how can you not like a guy singing a song about wanting to hump a panda?

but thats not the part about Ichiro i like, see as you guys know one of my most recurring idol thoughts is what power i would want my Zanpakuto to have if i had one, well i think Ichiro has a pretty good ability, so if i could mimic his abilities then i'd be uber happy. see Ichiro is number one at his host club because he is so soft spoken, femininely handsome and complient [if Chris Patton or Nabeshin read this i think they'd kill me because i probably messed some of that up], but he has the awesome power of causing people who stare into his eyes [which sparkle like galaxies] to get all awe/love struck and can cause women with his sex apeal, and when he slapped Mako she fell madly for him, if i could get that power, that would be awesome, if i had a Zanpakuto i'd make that my power, hell i'll even name my bankai and shikai.

Shikai: Tennyo Ji Kagai Yuugen [Celestial Maiden Love Assault limited]
Bankai: Tennyo Ji Kagai Kagirinai [Celestial Maiden Love Assault Unlimited]

i'd just call my sword Tennyo, i'd say Shikai would be causing the feelings of overwhelming love if i hit them with Tennyo [which doesn't cut] and Bankai would allow me to do it with a simple glance or physical contact, as well as letting Tennyo cut again. i think that would be totally awesome, though probably not the most captivating move if i were actually a character in the series, plus i'd have the same problem Ichiro from NDB has of people constantly trying to rape me, though i think the bankai level would really help out. i'd also hope i could make it into squad 11, i don't know if causing love sickness would be considered kido, though i think if the pretty guy's sucking power is kido them mine would be, i guess then Kenpachi would dislike me. personally i like Gin's ability more than anything, if i could have Shinso i would that is the coolest ability ever! but i think the one i built up was pretty fun too, i'd actually want to fight Gin, i think that would be a pretty fun one if it were animated, don't you guys?

but on to my aniversary, which was yesterday [22nd] but i forgot to talk about it tuesday or yesterday, so oops? well i got bev some copic inking pens because her inking set was running out, i even got her two that were smaller than the one she was marvelling at the smallness of, a .1, well i got her a .03 and .05, she has no idea what to do with those. i got her some rip-off copic markers too, because real copics were $120 and thats a bit too much for me, i got these two at dick blick, if there is one in your area i say go to it for your supplies. after that is was off to borders to get her some "how to draw manga" books like the one i got. i saw a couple i wanted, but i saw one i knew she'd love, "how to draw yaoi" so yeah, i get her that one. basically it boils down to how to draw "Death Note" and make the boys kiss and lick "popsicles" because that doesn't teach you how to draw other things at all...

so i go to buy this and they guy i get starts lecturing me about some art style i've never heard of, involving some anime, but mostly korean and amwerican realism, i told him "no thanks" but he kept ranting, then i noticed he had about every Marvel character known to man on his shirt, so i realized i was talking to comic book guy, i must say "worst salesman EVER!" then i found one that was "how to draw mechs" and i knew Bev could benefit from that too, so i sent my mom through with it, she unfortunately didn't get comic book guy, i wantecto piss ghim off that another person was buying a "how to draw manga" book.

i also threw in an old pokemon strategy guide, as well as some new[ish] earbuds [Bev said while i was packing and on the phone with her that her's were broke] as well as my konoha headband, i'm switching to Otogakure anyway. plus it smells like me and things that smell like me make Bev happy.

i still need help with using minitokyo images on here, can anyone give me a hand?


told you Ichiro is pure awesome!

fluffy fluffy
panda pandy...

♥ JD Person ♥

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

I really should have been born a woman...
i really think that my personality attributes are better suited for that of a female than that of a male, but i really have no desire to get a sex change, mostly because i'm straight and it would be wierd to become come gay, plus they make the vaginal canal out of a piece of your colon when you go from male to female, so if i ever asked Bev for sex after that point it would pretty much be telling her to kiss my ass, and thats just unpleasant.

but onto the meater part of the post, see i spurred this little line of thought because i planned to go to sleep last night early, until i got sucked into the ending of SuperGALS, and ended up staying up til 5am hoping that things would work out between Rei and Aya as well as Tatsuki and Ran. yeah, i'm pathetic... there really is no excuse for a 17 year old male to be sitting in a dimmly lit room, shirtless, in the middle of the night, choked up saying "Otohata-kun." that image is on par with Kevin Nash in "The longest yard" [Bokutachi no yukue makes me feel manish again] when they gave him the estrigen pills. really the sobbing "Otohata-kun" is about the lowest i can get, but damnit if Rei isn't a captivating character! i curse the writer for continually creating such a great and enthralling character. i used to be all obsessed with Yuya, but he ended up with Mami and that sort of killed the liking of him on my part, basically because the secret, kept-inside-feeling Yuya was the best one, the one i really liked, once he ended up with Mami his feelings became more of a joke than a serious consideration, though when he gave up on Ran and was about to tell her how he used to feel he recaptured that captivation, but they killed that off fast enough, so it was back to thinking of Otohata as the god of the show. i mean when that guy was trying to seduce Aya i really started to think he was awesome, but it was in those last few episodes that he got truly awesome, that he went from cold to a smart-ass, so i could really relate with him then. really when he followed Ran to try to find Aya, that made me cry... i'm such a girl. but seriously, when he starts with the sarcastic jokes and the "whatever you decide you want is good," i felt like i was looking into a mirror, and i guess from far away i do admire myself in a way. i blame the sobbing "Otohata-kun" or rightstuf for being to lazy to secure Chris Patton, Greg Ayres, luci Christian and the rest of the season 1 voice talent to dub season 2, so i get to read a sub and thus end up sobbing "Otohata-kun" like some strange gender-confused boy, i feel like Fred Lowe from Outlaw Star [i'm really sad to know thay most of you guys won't get that reference] after i get done crying over Rei i guess i could put out a good "oh my Jim, you're growing up to be quite the handsome man." in a very flirty lisping voice. though at this point i do have "unicorn planet" stuck in my head so i guess my sexuality can be questioned on my grounds [Ningyo Hime, great there go all my masculinity points]

next up on the powerslide of estrogen there is Tsukino. man did she grab at the heart strings, the whole series just being a laughing stock and heel, but i never forgot that she was doing all those evil things because she wanted to grow up to be like her hero no matter what. and the ep where her and Ran are going after the fur coat really got my emotions pumped up, her striving so hard at the palm tree to gain Ran's secret, but in the process becomes Towa's friend, and when she finally gains the money from the flea market to buy the coat the little boy brings his broken car back and she gives him a refund, thus not being able to buy it, all because Towa told her to think what her idol would think if she saw her stooping so low to try to become the most popular. and after she tells Towa what happened Towa gives her her coat, the one she wore when she saved Tsukino all those years ago, so Tsukino doesn't get a coat like her idol, she gets her idol's rewal coat, and the knowledge she is friends with her childhood savior, yeah that choked me up. and then in the last episode seeing Tsukino taking the role of Ran, showing she will one day replace her and thus make her drwam come true to be like Towa, that was really cute as well.

Tatsuki and ran still didn't do anything sweet, but oh well i never liked them that much anyway, i always like side characters a lot more. i liked Athrun in SEED and Kira is now one of my all-time favorites in all of anime thanks to Destiny, i never like main characters. but seeing Rei embrace Aya as all i could have ever asked for out of that series.

onto one of my other womanly qualities, bitching.

i really want to put up a new BG but i can't get the pics from certain sites to work, if someone could please give me help i'd love it, PM me, i can e-mail you the pics or just tell you where to find them, just please help me, i want to change my site a bit.


Unicorn planet Heeeeeey!

thats all, i leave with my dignity [sorta]

♥ JD Person ♥

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The joys of time.
oh how fun it is too have so much time on your hands, and in my case so much time to waste. and not even the good kind of wasting, like writing my story, no no i just watch TV and play harvest moon: another wonderful life. those things gain me nothing, and while writing my pointless little story isn't exactly a meaningful activity by most people's definition i still see it as a worthy activity being as i'm really improving my writing abilities, i mean i look back on my old chapters and shudder at the crapiness, though while that improvement is very encouraging it does mean that once i'm done writing i'll have to do a LOT of spiffing to do, which will be oodles of fun, though by then hopefully i'll have my beaner to aid me a bit in my work, so it might get a little easier, but thats asuming that we won't be busy when we're with eachother in the future, so i suppose that any supposition is completly hypothetical at this point.

but on the mean time i'm really behind in writing AP, that makes me sad because i think about my story all the time, the characters live in my mind and are always poping up in situations, i'd say they are only secondary to Bev as far as priority of thought goes, as i'm walking my weener i usually think about my story and all the twists and turns i want it to take, all the stuff i want to writre, but basically because i have to be at my house and downstairs to write it its kind of hard to devote time to it, because basically time has to be devoted solely to it, and even then if the TV show is entertaining i'll get distracted and that cuts into my writing time, which is a pain in the ass. even if there is nothing on TV if i'm on the phone with Bev its difficult to write because sometimes the phone doesn't like the downstairs-ness.

so all in all its a major pain, and i really hate it. what i really want is a cheapo laptop i could use, just one that runs Word is all i need. but i don't know if that would drop the cost much, i'm not much of a techy so i really don't know if my needs could be well met for an afforable price or if it really doesn't matter, i really hope i can get me a portable way to write my story no matter which room or house i'm in, that would make me very happy to be able to do my writing while i'm watching stuff on my DVR or at my dad's house would be a dream come true.

well i suppose christmas and my birthday are coming up so i could always ask for one and hope that my request is met, if not i guess i'll just have to get used to doing things the way i am now, and learn to devote more time to my story.

but i do know that if there is a laptop that fits my needs then my brother would know about it, because he is a techy and he knows about this stuff, here's hpoing its a possibility.

meanwhile its not really like i'm suffering, gaming more than i should and neglecting my story, i mean sure morally i am, i feel like it'd be a lot better for me to write than game but since currently the latter is far more accessable to me i guess X-Men and Harvest Moon will have to take the place of my cast of characters and my semi-original writings.

i really do love writing, even if i could write Absolute Power all day i wouldn't be happy, because now i have true fanfics in my mind i wish i could write. the first one sprung from a group of my friends on here and me starting a Naruto fic, i wrote the second chapter and to do so created a leaf jonin character for myself. well then in doing PM RPG combat with a friend i developed a sand nin who fights using cacti and a giant tortise summon, and once those two were created i imagined a fight between them, and how grandious and awesome it would be. throw in a buxom vixen skilled in seal marks to force the two of them into protecting her and i had a great story, too bad everyone else backed out before chapter 3 was done, sure i'd love to write it but then AP would get scrapped. i also had a great idea for a more mature rated Pokemon fic involving a revival of team rocket [based off the gold/silver games, they are the true canon after all] involving essentially the main character from the games [though i'd tweak the looks so he'd look like a mixture of Kit and The Great Fox Boy from my AP] and then wiping out Magma, Aqua and the sinoh baddies, as well as fighting Ash [ i always hated that little shit] seducing Misty [recruiting is fun] and trying to wipe Deoxys off the the whole of existance [Destiny Deoxys was the last TV pokemon i ever saw] being as he's a virus from space strong enough to defeat the guardian of the sky.

but alas those plans will go POOF, i have not the time for AP, let alone two more fics.

enough of my bitching, wrap-up time


"if you want a good MP3 player there is a chinese company called "MP4" they make one called "MP4 player" which doesn't play MP4s, just MP3s, which drove on of my friends crazy."

-Josh [my brother]

Bev, my beaner

HAIL ZEON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

sorry, i'm distracted by Clair from Heroes trying to sell me facial cleanser, seriously? the indestructable cheerleader is trying to sell me facial cleaner, well at least i know its for sesitive skin, because we all know how easy it would be to injure Claire Bennet.

that and the fact that there is a gay guy on parental control, i've never seen that before, the other day they had yuri on exposed, now parental control yaoi, mTV is so whimsical in their selections of contestants, and it makes me happy, i like seeing the flamers try to find love.

but on with the title reference, it was to [God is that gay guy a bitch, he is so awesome! he makes sistas seem meek] a ctrl alt del comic in which they basically comment on the fact that sony's answer to any complaint is "We're sony! fuck them!" seriously, they sell the iPS3 solely on the fact it exists and that it has "superior processing power" that is never shown or exploited, you know unrivaled power that allows them to run Madden at a whole 30 frames per second LESS than the 360, God i hope iSony goes under soon. [iPS3 and iSony references to sony becoming more and more like Mac]

speaking of over-rated companies with tiny market shares and increasing disapointed users my dad's AT&T cable went out on his birthday the other day, so basically we had nothing to do, because the males in my family really have TV-centric lives. well being as nothing else was going on i decided to start playing my X-Men legends game, and my dad had the great idea to have me turn the sound on, oh God was that a mistake! in all the time i had been playing that game i never turned the sound on, well i did and i found out that at worst if i ever do become a voice actor if i can't get anime roles i could always voice X-Men in video games because my God is it horrible.

first off Gambit has no louisiana accent, its all southern, so he ends up sounding more like Big T. Larrity from Code Monkeys than like a cajun. and then his repeated lines make it even better, he keeps going "yeah! i got some moves!" and with that distinctly redneck accent i keep expecting to hear "Squeal like a little pig!" or "we don't take kindly to your kind 'round here!" or "i love money! i got a blowup doll made of money that i make sweet love to every night." that was really distracting, then i decided to try the other characters. Rogue has no accent either, but i don't remember if she did in the movie, but i know that she should have one and that her voice actress from when i was a kid, the one that did Aisha on Outlaw star is one of my favorite actresses, right up there with Sandy Fox and Michelle Ruff. Mageneto is completly deadpan when you switch to him he goes "affirmative." he sounds like a robot, possibly a Cyberman, which i could think he could udse thodse lines in X3 when he was gathering mutants for the resistance. "your are not compatible, you will be deleted." or just throwing normal humans around saying "DELETE, DELETE. DELETE." but possibly the best was the fact that Juggernaut sounds like a Broklyn Pizza chef. the whole time this was happening my brother was listening from the kitchen, so we started cracking jokes about it. "Eh! I'm da Juggernaut bitch." "Charles I'm youse brudda, an i'ms heres tas kills yas!" "join forces with Apacolypse? FAGETTABOUTIT!" "Magneto, heres yas pizza chief!"

and then there is the music and bad guy sound design, it really reminded me of the old side-scrolling sega genesis X-men game, and thats not a compliment, all in all i was so happy when they put movies on, because i need sound and i didn't want it from the game anymore.

at my house i got back into Harvest Moon: another wonderful life. i feel so humilitated by liking it but it is kinda fun, even if all interaction with other humans is just sad and pointless, but its still fun to be an adorable little character doing manual labor, as well as making tons of Nerima Daikon Brothers jokes while farming and Tenjo Tenge jokes when the screen that says "Natsume: serious fun." yeah, i'm sure anyone could have serious fun with either of the Natsume's G cup breasts.


*Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Uryu Ishida and Orihime are getting ready to fight, they had previously saved a squad 11 shinigami from Kurotsuchi, and he's getting ready to flee."

Uryu: You, squad 11 shinigami, take the girl and get out of here, unless you want a bolt in the back!

*the squad 11 guy takes Orihime and starts to run off*

Mayuri: I didn't give you permission to leave...

*his arm seperates and shoots out with a wire on the inside to grasp Orihime, blood spurting from the arm flesh bits, then a bolt from Uryu's bow blow the front of his arm up*

Uryu: I didn't give you permission to stop them...

Mayuri: you have no idea how time consuming it is to put that back.

i'm out again!

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Monday, August 20, 2007

This is why i rant...
well shitty rap artists writing bad poetry about how cool they are, all the chicks they get, all the cars they have and all their jewerly when everything they talk about is borrowed and loaned and they hope they can sell enough CDs to buy those things, i rant about those too, well actually i can include that, i rant because i have strong beliefs and ideas, and i love to express them.

like this little Sony/Microsoft east-coast/west-coast thing going down, i love to comment on that because i have this insatiable appetite for sony to get their asses handed to them and its so happening right now, i fuckin love it! especially because with my limited knowledge and my youth i can still go head-to-head with most sony fanboys.

see the one i love is bringing up the 3 lights of death, like its some HUGE problem. do these peoplr not remember early PS2s? the first gen PS2s were overheating and dropping like flies, you'd hear all kinds of stories about people using busted PS2s as door-stops, and were was sony? no where to be found, thats where. and one of the major problems, that they used low-grade plastic on some of the gears, so they'd break and your PS2 goes BOOM! and i think that wasn't covered by the warranty, they'd accuse you of dropping it, or something cuz people weren't getting new ones from sony, thats for sure. and now 360s are crashing, so what does micrsoft do? they extend the warranty, they give an "our bad" to all their customers, and i appreciate that, as well as i appreciate the way they sell their system. peter moore gets up there [i know he's gone now so this might change, but still on past reference] and sells the things on software, on games! they support 3rd parties by making it easy to develope for them and they sell the console on games. what does sony do? they sell it on the fact they are sony, they scare off all the developers, and instead of trying to sell it on the games they just focus on the box, "look how powerful it is! it could run games so great if there were any worth playing" "its got an awesome graphics engine, now if only we could get games that would even push the PS2's graphics engine..." sony is basically selling the PS3 on the fact that they are sony, God of all electronics, so buy our console or you won't be able to enjoy the great sony experience of beta-max, or the Universal media device format that only works inside the universe of suck that is the PSP, now we have Blu-ray, so great its too good for you, no seriously... you can't have blu-ray its too good for you, we don't care if you want porn, that's why its too good for you, we don't need our discs mass produced, their fine the price they are now, FOREVER!

sony is turning into Mac, Ken Kuterogi's replacement should really start saying "imaichi ichimotsu" that would be a loose translation of "one more thing," as steve jobs always says, hell sony is part way there already they have the PS brand, like apple has "i" everything, [i think i should start doing jokes like iSony and iPS3] and i genuinly hope they end up like apple, calling a 14% market share a victory. and just like apple sony doesn't give a shit about gamers, they just like saying that everything "sony" is better, and they don't need to prove it.

the other product i'm loving is Cable services, being as i've had comcast for a while and so has my dad, but he recently moved over to AT&T cable, and we are both having tons of "fun" with our providers. see my dad just got AT&T thinking that it was going to be SO MUCH BETTER, my brother was just gloating over how awesome the two of them are for switching over, but then they actually got it... see first off they don't get G4, because comcast owns it, then there is the fact the program guide isn't much better than the TV guide channel, it can only see a few hours ahead as mine can see a few weeks ahead. his on demand has almost nothing and best of all the pay-per-view is God awful. we tried to order TNA last weekend, but AT&T said they couldn't get it because they are still working on their system, yet when my brother ripped it off the internet it was from Bell [the video he got] which AT&T owns! meanwhile after like 5 days Nerima Daikon brothers ep.4 on my comcast still doesn't work, and i can't even complain myself, because to even talk to them you have to give your social security number...

God i want the pain to stop!


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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Easier than smothering a baby...
that's a quote from Bleach's Mayuri Kurotsuchi, he is really just a fountain of quotes, and i do admit to imitating him to myself, mostly the line from when he was blowing up his men to try and kill Uryu, i do this while poking one of my ear-bud's gell inserts.

but the title, which i always read by the way, i always read titles, its part of the post, and i figure if a person went through the work of writing a title you might as well read it, i know i always put work into my titles, so i'd like if you people read them...

but what i meant to say was that some people have really given me easy easy feed for my diabolical and lengthy rants, i will not name these people because i find it to seem as if i do its interpretted as an insult, where as i'm very happy people give me such easy topics, because its hard to crank out posts all day every day.

well first up is that not all emos cut, just the posers do. i'm sorry but that is redundant, calling anyone a poser-emo is like calling someone a black-nigger, one pretty much incompasses the other, all emos are posers by default. emos are whiny little pieces of shit born into perfectly normal lives that cut themselves, talk themselves into being depressed for attention and popularity as well as dressing like a hobo at a funeral. there are legitimately depressed people who just get looked down on as "another fallOut Boy fan" because of the whiny little posers out there.

really if you're going to live in pretend land where everyday is Halloween you'd think you'd pick a better life to aspire for than a whiny little piece of shit that will do, feel and dress as anything to be popular. its sad to see people that pathetic that have no sense of self and nothing more than cogs in a machine, and the while time they actually believe they are rebels! its so adorable! look honey, if you actually are a rebel how can you explain the millions of other kids that act, dress and speak just like you, more kids than don't. its hilarious that you think saying all the things that most people agree with and said before makes you a rebel. look at you with your little shirt with the presidents face on it, stating that a village in texas is missing its idiot, AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW aren't you bold? saying things that everyone agrees with, with your hawthorne heights patch on your bag, because no one else has heard of or listens to that band, its so cute you think you are unique, you're just the most adorable thing in the world, a mass produced rebel. just keep believing you're special and making a differance,blog about your problems, because no one else though of that, cut yourself because thats such a new idea. tell your parents you hate them, how dare they give you only ONE Porche for Christmas, keep thinking that you are alone in your actions, that no one will ever be able to comprehend the HORRIBLE pain you feel! keep it up, your innocence amuses me.

if you want to be a rebel then vote republican, support the NRA, wear a "Micheal Moore eats babies" t-shirt, listen to soft rock and drive a huge-ass Hummer. order everything in plastic bags then throw them out the window as you drive. don't cut yourselves, cut other people, and when you feel bad resolve the problem face to face and at all costs. live for your own happiness and say "fuck you" to anyone mocks you. never act to be popular, but instead act only to serve your code of honor. rebels wear a VG Cats t-shirt and mock people who don't get it, rebels talk about how awesome Grindhouse was while everyone rants about Transformers. to be a rebel you have to act on your own, no matter what others believe, and all you shithead emos, you're not rebels.

as for the second bit of fun was a popular science article that said that the PS3 will outsell the Wii and 360 because the PS2 sold so well. i love that article because time proved that SOOOOO well, like the run-away success of the Sega Saturn, you know because the genesis was so great, so the Saturn just beat the shit out of the Playstation... oh wait, IT DIDN'T! when the PS1 cameout sony talked about how everyone else had great internal developement, but we have 3rd parties!!!!!!! now sony is like "so what microsoft has all the 3rd parties developing for them, we have INTERNAL DEVELOPERS!" yeah, like microsoft is so terrible at internal developement, i mean gears of War, Halo? Who the fuck ever heard of those!? Sony has lost all 3rd party support, they can't get PS2 users to upgrade, developers would rather make 360 and PS2 games than PS3 ones, the PS3 costs tons of money, its graphics aren't much better, or in some cases as good as the 360's, all their "exclusives" somehow end up in 360s before PS3s an their one good exclusive Resistance, has to stand up to Gears [the most popular next gen game ever so far], Halo [rivals GTA, which 360 has a better version of now], crackdown [not only does the 360 have the superior GTA IV, but a GTA killer too] and Dead Rising [so good it can kill a system]

oh yeah, and there is X-Box live and the fact that the warranties got extended, while sony still basically doesn't give a shit about you, yeah i'm sure sony will win in the end.


"compared to that of a woman the screams of a man lack a certain, charm."

-Mayuri Kurotsuchi

i'm out

HAIL ZEON!!!!!!!!!!!!

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