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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Rhythm Emotion
operantly world poverty has been solved. oh yes my friends, tell those starving kids in Ethiopia to stop playing it up for the cameras because now their parents have a living wage. so Madonna and Angelina can just go back to showing us their disgusting camel toe and scaring us with their gigantic fake lips respectively.

but how do i know world poverty is solved, what proof do i have? simple, Mr. T is wearing bling again. now you may be thinking Mr. T is a multi-billionaire, responsible for blockbuster hits like "DC Cab" and collect phone call commercials, he couldn't be impoverished and can of course afford to wear large quantities of precious metals on his person, and you'd be right about both... but, Mr. T promised a while back that he would stop wearing bling, because with all the impoverished people around the world it seems wrong to wear bling all the time and he promised no to wear bling until world poverty is solved. well now i've been seeing him on the TVs and he done wearing his bling again and such!

so i guess world poverty is over now. phew, what a relief! now that thats over lets get on to more important things, like finding the person who REALLY killed Nicole Brown Simpson.

well i was right on who died on "Heroes" Niki is dead! She is finally dead! No more stupid split personalities, no single parent living with Nichelle Nichols and fighting urban street gangs New Orleans sub-plots. sure Monica is still alive but hopefully Gabriel Gray will alleviate that little problem next season. Maya dies too, granted she didn't STAY dead but i'm not convinced that Nathan will either, i mean he has Peter right there who can use his blood to heal him. you gotta figure that if he does die Claire is having a real bad record with fathers encountering bullets, first Noah gets shot now Nathan, though Noah came back, so its a question if they'll bring her genetic father back like they did her adaptive one.

i really hate Hiro, i can't see any reason to hold what Adam did or tried to do against him, all he did was Hiro's fault. Poor Kensei was just a happy drunk wandering about until Hiro decided to go back in time and try to morph him into the hero he wanted him to be. he tells him he's supposed to be with Yaeko but then falls for her and gives into it, she falls for him and he dares to ask Kensei for forgiveness? he made this poor drunk care then ruins his life, Adam had all the right in the world to try to ruin Hiro's life. and hell if i had the chance to do as Adam attempted. to wipe out humanity, i probably would. i mean my love was already taken from me, what the hell do i have to lose? and to strand poor Adam in the coffin? i really hope he gets out and tears Hiro apart slowly, joint by joint, either that or Sylar makes microwave burrito out of his body before feasting on his brain like popcorn, i really think Hiro is more evil than Gabriel, Angela Petrelli, Linderman, Bob, Noah, Parkman's dad and Adam combined, he's a home-wrecker. and even worse he built that house for the guy just to wreck it in front of him, little douche.

The only bad part of Niki getting barbecued is that now her brain is toast [literally] and Sylar can't eat it. i really wanted to see Sylar get augmented strength, but alas that dream is gone, though what does he need that for? he is an esper after all. i really hope he doesn't kill Elle, she's probably my favorite female character on there and is the only one that isn't an annoying whiny brat, besides Sylar can already nuke people, why bother tasering them?

i'm uber happy and all love-struck over my beaner currently so all of life is nice now, hurray for love! i must say the last few days have been kinda shitty but now i just feel happy because my beaner loves me so much and i love her that insane amount as well. oh how sweet it is to be young, in love, and completely and utterly insane.


"any woman not married by the age of 35 is nuttier than a pile of squirrel shit!"

-Uncle Rukus [Boondocks]

peace my Peoplezez, i'm off to do unimportant things!

♥ JD Person ♥

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Monday, December 3, 2007

Magical World.
well once more i really don't know what i'm going to say, it seems as if i'm at a loss for words recently, which is very strange for me, as all of you guys know.

i can say that i now officially beat GTA San Andreas, which was less fulfilling then i could every imagine, its probably one of the most hollow victories of all time, i really can't even see why i ever thought it'd be a good reason to beat said game, God was that a waste of time. so you kill Big Smoke. and you're not even that mad at him when you do, its just kinda like, "dude, you suck." "you don't understand me. *dies*" then you kill Sam Jackson, in the most anti-climactic way possible, he falls off a bridge and you just let him die, wow you're such a bad-ass Carl, let your biggest enemy die of a traffic accident incurred injury. then the crazy beaner calls you whilst having sex and you just kinda go "you need help!" and hang up, thats the end, no more content now, its all over, thanks for playing you stupid bastard.

well tonight is the Heroes season finale, and supposedly two of the "Heroes" die, the bets are on which ones. on "The Post Show" on G4 one of their "experts" said Mohinder and Nathan, now how the hell would they kill off Suresh? i could be wrong but he seems kinda important to be offed, Nathan maybe, but i really don't think so. personally i'm hoping its Niki, she is the single most annoying character on the whole show, and now she's wandering around New Orleans fighting gangs or whatever the hell is going on there, she really needs to die, if there is one character that needs to more than any other its her, please oh please Kring kill her. i also think Maya has a good chance of dying, Sylar supposedly is getting his powers back and i'm pretty sure he won't be able to keep her fawning over him once Suresh shows up and especially after Molly wakes up so either she runs like hell or her brain becomes Gabriel chow. but the thing is that they say a villain will rise, they show Sylar but its very possible that it might be Adam or Bob that wins out, or maybe even Parkman now that he's slipping further and further to evil.

but thats to assume that Adam is evil, sure 30 years ago he MIGHT have tried to release the virus but even if that were true he's had 30 years to think things over, i think he might actually be doing good now. he said after killing Silvia that if anyone survived they'd have her to thank, it might just be that he knows there's a good chance the virus can't be safely destroyed and that people might die. he says all the same things Noah does and we're to assume Noah is good so why not Adam? he seems like a genuinely nice guy to me, Hiro broke his heart, love makes you do weird things, for all we know he really is Kensei, he might have done all the Kensei things after Hiro left, thats unlikely but possible. all i'm saying is that Adam hasn't shown himself to be much worse than Noah, he may be trying to kill the Company's founding members, but really after all they've done who wouldn't? Kaito was being good now but that doesn't change the fact he started the company or imprisoned/experimented on all those evolved people, and can anyone really argue that Angela doesn't deserve to be whacked?

i think that Peter and Hiro will get into a battle and will come close to if not actually release the virus, and if they do Adam will sacrifice himself to contain it, i really think Adam is a good guy, he doesn't exude evil like Sylar, Linderman or Noah did, Heroes so far has been pretty straight forward with their evil and Adam doesn't seem that evil.

i really hope Sylar does get his powers back, he's been pretty awesome without them, but i think he's earned them back. i also hope muscle-memory girl goes away, she is pretty pointless too, everyone connected to Micah is so pointless i really wish existence would just end for them.

well enough speculating, i'll probably be proven wrong and look silly so oh well, at least i crapped another post out.

still cheering Bev up, a lot of pain was accrued during our no-talk period and i have to make up for that, i have faith i can though.

well i'm off to shave my legs and wash my hair, vanity sucks people!


Me: *watching Blood + when Das dies* He took your head off Cap' no way of coming back from that!

Adam Monroe you bring me happiness!

♥ JD Person ♥

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Kimi wa Boku ni Niteiru
my MP3 player won't even try to register that song title, it just says "see-saw" i always get the names See-Saw and Round Table mixed up, which would make some interesting covers "Let me be with you" being all dark and brooding and "Anna ni isso datta no ni" being all high-pitched and happy. i have a lot of respect for See-Saw though, anyone with violin solos in their songs has a lot of courage.

now that i think of it i'd rather see a High and Mighty Color and Round Table cross-over, i'll leave you to contemplate that.

well i've just about beat san andreas, and it only took me 3 years! as you can tell i wasn't too compelled by the story, now maybe if there were big eyes, pointy hair and flamboyantly dressed men i'd like it more. personally i wish i could bring better characters over into GTA, Lord Laharl for example would be great. facing over whelming police force, surrounded and being fired at from the air wouldn't it be so nice the bring a meteor down right on top of that chopper and crush those cop cars? Fayt would be another fun one, i'd just go all evil on them and just delete half their bodies like Archer from FMA. Albel would be fun too, just run real fast and shred attackers with claws and nodachi. Sophia and just wipe them out with laser beams, drop huge weights on them, hit them with a meteor [again]. be Maria and rearrange their cellular structure, make their liver flow backwards. max out Flonne's staff and Gun abilities and go all EVA on their asses being an Angel that can cause cross explosions and those ones with the wings that look like the second impact.

actually that would be hilarious, instigate the second impact, wipe out most life in san andreas, turn all the water red. or go further, third impact, turn everyone into LCL and just be done with it already!

i realized i never do anything anymore, this whole post has been me trying to think of something to say, and pretty much failing, there is really nothing going on for me anymore. i don't do anything, i play a video game i don't care about i read a bunch of manga that i really can't think of much to rant about [well i could rant about them but i don't feel like it just feels... wrong] and watch a lot of TV. i barely ever get any time to write my story anymore, even though all the ideas i have for it constantly course through my head i have no time to do anything about them.

i lost the will to draw, i just can't put pencil to paper anymore, i have no the drive. i'm freaking out about needing to learn to drive and getting senior pictures but each day that goes by i do nothing which proves how little they mean to me, if they meant something i'd do something about it, but instead i just lie around and do nothing. i need a spark, i need something to spark me, i need a passion.

i'm wasting my life away, Bev is now always going out with her friends to do stuff, she never misses phone time though, if no one is on the line she's there waiting for my call at 6, yet me, i lay around all day and then finally call her, i stay home because i all i want to do is here, its just that i never do it, i have all these ambitions i don't fulfill, i have all these stupid aspirations i do nothing with. i'm the saddest example of a waste of potential you can get, i wake up each morning with a ton of things i want to do and go to sleep without doing a one.

i'm feeling a bit charged from saying this, i think i might actually make arrangements for the things i want to do now. i just might, hopefully i'll do something now, at least get my pictures set up, driving might be hard in the winter, plus i don't want the guy picking me up from school to go to driving school, my friend Stacy's driving teacher did that. when i get my thrusters lit i most often get what i want done, and i think just maybe i've got my pilot light lit.

Man, imagine if Kira were as lazy and useless as me. Asaba may be lazy but at least he's hot! i guess it can't really be idol worship if you make no serious effort to become like them.

everything with Bev is good, she was sad lat night but i cheered her up and i think we got a long-running problem fixed and she ever knows me better now, life is good!


Bev: You're loco in the brain love.

Me: it took you this long to figure that out?

Bev: ...True...

insanity be my defining feature [arrrrrrgh.]

♥ JD Person ♥

HAIL ZEON!!!!!!!

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

which is pretty much as long as i can stay awake now at a time, i must say when i get tired i get tired. when i actually go to sleep willing i love the feeling of my whole body begging for sleep, it feels so, satisfying, but when i'm trying to stay up and my body is deciding that sleep should be occurring at this time its just annoying, i want my body to follow my will, but alas sometimes you just get that Amuro feeling of your body not doing everything you tell it to or at the speed you want it to do things at. i wonder if i can get my joints smeared with magnetic gel like he did to the RX-78 Gundam back in the day?

personally i want a whole new version of myself made that i could just emigrate to, like what Kira has going in Destiny, i want a Strike JD, maybe with bits on the back i can multi-target with and a positron cannon on my chest, that would help me take care of all the school-based annoyances i encounter.

speaking of the second coming of Kira [Jesus Kira, best nickname ever, Red Comet and Nightmare of Solomon be damned!] i must say that Kira literally reaches Chuck Norris like status at this point, he just does incredibly improbable, impossible, stupid, and completely awesome things. like strapping an apparatus resembling the GP03 from 0083 to the Strike Rouge and flying up to the Eternal, through the atmosphere, then proceeding to kick a moderate amount of ass before piloting his limbless Mobile Suit aboard to get his new toy. but really nothing can beat today when he enters Earth's atmosphere in the Freedom, pulling the Justice by the wrist behind him, with Lacus inside it, it really seems like Kira just dragging her like "woman, we need to go to Earth right now, come with me!" the level of just stupid awesome Kira achieves is nearing GAINAX level, they really should think of changing it to GunBuster SEED Destiny, i haven't seen a battle this silly since Shinji and Asuka beat an angel by mastering a song on DDR!

but really this episode was awesome, i knew Cagalli was going to eventually lose to Shinn, and that fanboys would mock her for it, saying that even with a beam-proof Suit she still loses, but what they fail to realize is that she is at a huge disadvantage, her shield isn't beam proof. every other Gundam has a shield that can stop a beam sword, not hers, Shinn cut it clean in half, and whilst he can manifest a shield that can stop ANYTHING from BOTH arms she can't. then there is the fact the Destiny is so ungodly fast, as well as the fact Shinn is at least the 2nd best Pilot on the series, i mean he can duel with Kira on equal terms which makes him at least as good as Athrun [though Athrun always out-piloted him in the Savior when the were both non-SEED] and i believe Shinn was SEED whilst she was not. but even if she was Shinn seems to have the highest reaction going SEED of anyone.

what i'm trying to say is that Cagalli is nowhere near as good as Kira or Shinn, but neither is Waltfeld, and no one calls him useless. Cagalli did a great job defending Onoguro and under her leadership ORB regained their composure and was able to at least resist ZAFT, and more importantly, she KILLS PEOPLE! little miss "you kill someone for killing your friend, and someone kills you for being a killer, how is this messed up way of thinking ever going to bring us peace!?" is now stabbing ASSHs right through the cockpit from head to groin [which looks so cool, great use of her Suits tallness] she'll just stand still and let the beams reflect off and kill the people firing, Cagalli has gone back to her Desert Dawn awesomeness and i couldn't be happier!

but really the best parts all came from the Eternal, Kira descending down with Lacus in tow through the atmosphere [he should really thank Yzak for showing him how fun that is] then completely schooling Shinn. yeah a couple times Kira looked pissed, but he was completely flying circles around him, he even made Shinn look stupid when he was trying to leave, just turning to block the occasional shot, then flying off. i still believe Shinn only won that fight in Russia because Kira was more concerned about the ArchAngel then himself and the fact that Shinn kept using his modular Mobile Suit's spare parts as weapons, and being as Shinn wasn't enough of a threat Kira wouldn't aim for the cockpit, i think after Heaven's Base Kira won't be holding back on Shinn, but at this point still just trying to disable him he's humiliating Shinn again.

the new Black Tri-stars are so awesome, i love the Destiny Doms, with their beam shields, bazooka/beam rifles and what seem to be anti-beam wave deployers in the chest, either way they kick ass and it really seems like Yuna made a BIG mistake kicking Kira and Lacus out, because their friends could win this whole war alone, just watching those 3 Doms wiping out ZAFT's landing force was funny, never fuck with Lacus.

aside from admiring Jesus Kira i'm hoping to get a hold of Bev, her family seems to be using the phone/dial-up a lot lately, which means less "us" time, which is painful, but i'd never leave her over it, this bad situation will pass in time, and our relationship will be forever.


"*laughing hysterically* at this point they've given up, Kira is now God."

-descent sequence + Me

peace fools!

♥ JD Person ♥

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Season's call.
it might just be my sick little mind but i find the phrase "i always feel you in me." slightly funny, i guess its just my immaturity.

oh yes, the wonderful feeling of the blood in your hands thawing, in case you just want a burning sensation without all the trouble of finding a floozy to hump. i really should invest in some gloves, but i want cute ones and i know know not the area to purchase gloves i'd deem "cute" therefore i'm probably destroying my hand meats.

in drama we've been having a great ol' time doing improv performances, i myself am finding it extra fun because i pretty much think on my feet, plus that way i can get away with all kinds of stuff because no one is clearing it. first performance my group was told we were walking and discovered a dead body. so in my infinite weirdness i decide to kick the guy very hard in the head, knocking out several of his teeth, stating "hey, he might be asleep, i'm sure he'd rather be missing a few teeth then think he's dead!" then when my friend say he seems lonely i pull a gun and say "well then maybe he needs a friend." and soot him in the head. round two was inspired by some girl that used her time as a platform to rant about sexism in the workplace, herself placing a female company president. well i decided to mock her by presenting myself as one, a flaming dyke of a company president. i talked in a course, deep voice and scratched my crotch a lot, walked bow legged and sat with my legs spread eagle. at certain points i said i had took so much testosterone that my cervix grew hair. then proceeded to call him girly, and talk about how much i liked "the lady folk." before yelling at him for outing me, saying that no one would think of me as a normal woman anymore if they knew i was gay.

last of all was my personal favorite, Jigsaw gets consoling. the other guy asked why i was there and i replied "i like to play games." he asked what kind and i said "well once i put a guy in a mask with spikes, then told him if he didn't cut his eye out with a scalpel to get the key he'd be killed, he didn't have the drive to live." he asked why i do these things and i told him about the whole cancer shtick, dying on the inside, appreciate life and such. then i asked him "do you like to play games?" he replied, for he was suppose to be as fruity as Elton John that "yes, i like to play a lot of games." i look up from under my hood [thank you obscenely large hoody!] and say "Good, because you're in one. i want to play a game, you make your living telling other people what is wrong with them, how they should change themselves and live their lives, well now i'm going to test your judgment, the water you've been drinking is poisoned, the antidote is hidden somewhere within your lover's sleeping body, the only way you'll find it is to search every bit of his internal structure, with your bare hands. you have one hour before the poison causes you to die from massive anal hemorrhage, let the game begin." then i walked off, letting him tear through the prop body of his lover [a coke bottle, we had to use props as something they weren't, his cup was an oven mitt.]

i've been on a saw binge again, i guess its just like EVA, i like to reference more then i like to watch it.

the geeky little nympho in my 5th and 6th hours is just getting more and more interesting. i say this because i realize how much my heart can negate my libido, this girl shows many of the qualities i look for in a woman, she loves dominating, talks about how much she wants to tie guys up and what she wishes to do with them once they are immobilized, then there is the whole "going down on a guy seems fun because it makes them helpless." yet i have no interest in her other than just amusement, its so strange to me to be unfazed by a girl that i would have a huge crush on a few years ago. it could be that she has many downfalls as well i suppose, she wants to be a swinger [she's a virgin now, but obsessed with sex] she wants to be the whipping type as well, and wants to be thrown up against stuff and raped during arguments, all of which are unattractive concepts to me. she's also dumb as hell at times, doesn't understand big words or complex concepts, i mock Bev for being dumb but this girl looks like a dweeb but is just damn stupid. plus she sorta blows me off, i really like hearing about her dirty fantasies, but she seems to talk to other people over me, as well as not acknowledging my compliments of her beliefs and actions, so i suppose to me being a hot seme type doesn't cancel out being a stupid rude bitch.

oh well, maybe things will improve, this one intrigues me, i wish to see more from her strange little brain.


"Athrun hat Kira und Lacus um drei uhr im schlafzimmer gefilmt."

rough translation

"Athrun filmed Kira and Lacus in their bedroom at 3 a.m."

-grammar practice in German class

i love my strangeness, otaku-ecchi for life!

♥ JD Person ♥

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Ass up.
well i don't actually have the song on my MP3 player, but i have it in my head, i'm not listening to it right now because i'm watching Tucker Carlson, but i still hear that marvelous song in my head.

school is just, i can't really can't explain it. i'm not bored there, nor am i over-worked, its not difficult and there is no one there to cause me undue stress, or at least no more than usual, which isn't any big deal. but still i feel a bit off, i can't explain it, maybe its just the 5 days off getting to me, or it could be all the things i want to, nary, have to do, but i'm a bit too meek to bring them up.

first be driver's ed. [arrrrrrrgh] still haven't taken it, still feel as if i should soon, i really need to get my ass up, to make a slight pun, because i want to be able to take meh-self to prom and that is quickly approaching. i'm just worried if taking my road test in the snow is a bad idea or even if i'll be forced to do so.

then there are senior pictures, everybody else has already gotten theirs and i feel as if i should get mine taken soon. the only problem is that i want to cosplay in them and i kinda have to BUY the costume, which will be pretty damn pricey, place that atop the already uber-expensive photos and we have an economic cluster-fuck just waiting to occur. i'm pretty freaked out over this because i want to be part of the ole senior blob o' luff and picture sharing.

i want a new hoody, i dislike mine with Kakashi on the back doing the chidori, its just too much, the konoha symbol on the front is all i need, why could there not be a more simple design out there?

i guess i could pay for a lot of these, which i'd imagine is what most people my age would do, but i'm just not used to having to do so, i suppose its a kinda of training for real life, me seeing these things as a "need" and me having to dip into my personal finances to pay for them, i suppose that is the logical outcome to this situation, but i still dislike it.

school is still a pushover for me, as far as school work its always been a matter of amount, not difficulty of work. the worst thing that could, does happen is that sometimes all my teachers vomit huge amounts of work on me that i spend hours just doing menial mental labor. i suppose my my high intelligence grants me the position that i've very rarely confused or overwhelmed by the difficulty of work. the only exception was last year when i was catapulted 3 years ahead in math class and thus i had no idea what the hell was going on. even when i was in auto-shop and all the pages of the text book read like a foreign language to me i still got an A or B+, i was just gifted with mental abilities, believe me, it'd trade some of them for a slightly better body in a second.

well maybe not, motivation and gusto would probably be a better choice, i could be tan and skinny if i had the drive, i would be driving my crown vic with a trunk full of glamor shots and i'd be wearing all new clothes that i like if i just had a bit more drive and the ability to push subjects better.

but my life is still good, don't get me wrong, no need for me to "play a game" if you catch my drift, i appreciate my life. over the last few days my feelings for Bev have shifted once more, as has her attitude.

last tuesday i was laying back in my class paralyzed with the feeling i call "razor wire of love." i blame it on a shirt i have of a maltese cross with a heart wrapped in razor wire imposed over it. the feeling, i will try my best to explain to me feels like i'm wrapped tightly and being pierced by a thousand points of love, possibly move like those vines of rose thorn they show in anime sometimes. in any case i just felt completely incapacitated by my feelings for her.

then over break i've just been so lovesick, wanting to call her and talk to her every moment i'm awake, it really felt like a year ago when i used to hold the phone even when i knew she wasn't home or even allowed to talk at certain times, i used to sit and rock back and forth looking out the window singing "move along" by all american rejects. [only way that could get more pathetic would be to add in some ben and jerry's, pickles and a salt-shaker, though it'd be cuter too.]

and last night was paradise, i can't really explain the majority of it, i just listened to her play video games, maybe it was she kept randomly kissing me, thats probably it, i remember similar results in the past, then she talked to me in a way that she hadn't in many a month...

now as of late she has been getting much hornier, i guess our brief physical contact really left an impression on her, and she has just gotten lovey-dovey, as i have, not just cute, but last night she was none of those, she was seductive. she fed to all my fetishes, all my little quirks that get get me all off balance and bothered, she played with me, teased me, and showed that tinge of sadism and knowledge of how to manipulate me that really drives me wild. so yes, whilst she was all kissy i was in a feeling of zen, like all is right with the world, and then she went on the attack and i had a really great night.

so overall as long as Bev keeps going between loving and cuddly to dominating and seductive i don't give a fuck how my life goes, it'll all be worth it in the end.


[thanksgiving day, watching "red eye"]

Me: I want a taser...

Josh: me too.

Me: Too long their illegal.

Andrea: I just carry pepper-spray.

Me: Thats illegal too.

Josh: Bear mace...

Me: huh?

Josh: Bear mace is legal, good ole aerosol spray can with a gun trigger. i don't care, taser the guy...

Me: then mace him right in the mouth as he's coming out of it...

Together: Then tase him again!

-moral of the story kids?

don't fuck with me.

♥ JD Person ♥

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kira just as he pleases.
too bad i have no Gundam related rantings to go on about, had this song of come up next week at this time i would've been so much cooler! but none the less you can't change the way random things randomly occur.

well all of creativity be damned i burnt out my excitement over GTA again. it seems my gaming drought is kicking in now being as all my equipment is last-gen. that and the fact i suck at turned based strategy games, i mean i did good in Disgaea because i could pull my old leveling trick of leveling to the point i can beat enemies on the x20 tiles still with one hit, hell i cleared the whole final level with just Laharl and Flonne with minimal help from Etna. but alas in mech-based TBS i suck, i'm lodged in place in Front Mission 4 and MS Saga, though luckily i couldn't give less of a shit about either of their plots so it matters not. the only thing that compelled me to play MS Saga was to see all the chibi-mechs and the fact i though i could just fight that much harder to keep using a Zaku II the whole time, but alas the difficulty in that game is so spastic, the bosses are insane even with the best mechs and weapons, when i can beat all the random encounters with just the head vulcans. and Front Mission? i think you'd have to be Light, L or Shikimaru to enjoy that game, plus the whole "who was the evil people who caused the explosion? evil terrorists!" plot is a bit dry, give me a good real-time RPG about killing God any day!

ya know i've realized what really makes a game for me, [an idea as "idea" plays, i feel like Karasu] good voice acting. i'm such a dub lover that what really makes games for me is the skill of the VAs. i came across this thought whilst staring at my BG and hearing Sandy Fox's voice ringing out in my ears with what you could call "Flonne-chan's greatest hits." i came to the actualization that the fact that she conveyed Flonne's cuteness so well [and i mean how could Sumomo not make someone cute?] is the reason i like the character so much, as well as Laharl and Vyers. MS Saga has no voice work as far as i can tell its suppose to, it might be because i changed the main characters name, if thats the case they should have warned me, damn them. that might explain why i disliked Dragon Quest VIII so much is because all the VAs were cockney british and irritating, well that and besides after a few seconds i realized being made by the maker of DB/Z/GT isn't a compliment anymore to me.

Star Ocean had great voice talent as well, Steve Staley, Michelle Ruff, Liam O'Brien, Crispin Freeman, Dorothy Elias-Fahn, Wendee Lee, Sherry Lynn, Kari Wahlgren, even Mona Marshall and Sandy Fox! That whole damn game is voiced by greats, and to someone who loves making crossover jokes [which every crossover anime game in Japan does constantly, i'm happy to learn] having Liam O'Brien near Michelle Ruff, or should i say Asaba near Chii, hours of slash-lemon fan fiction waiting to be written. Hell, in my head constantly imagining Sofia asking Albel "are you the one just for me and only for me?" or Albel ending battles with "ALRIGHT!" Albel following Mirage around as her Chevalier whilst also trying to kill her. Mirage trying to kill herself by stabbing herself with a sword filled with her own blood. Mirage beating Roger over the head with a bass guitar trying to summon a great space pirate. Roger confessing his love to a random witch voiced by Sandy Fox. Sofia randomly surprising Fayt, following him around after kidnapping him and holding him hostage. Albel berating Fayt, but then trusting him to pilot the ship. Albel having finishing moves titled "Ametarsu" and "Tsukuyomi" Roger trying to become Overlord of the Netherworld.

well enough of those jokes, plus i could ignore any character i wanted, be mean to Roger since i disliked him, set Fayt up with Peppita and when i played again, Albel. in MS Saga and DQ8 your love is chosen and irreversible. maybe if i could get the hell away from Fritz and tell that horse-princess and her munchkin father to shove it, me boobs and Trunks are leaving i'd like that too.

and Tales of Symphonia... the single best written game of all time, if i were to rated it as an anime it'd beat Chobits right now. the writing in that game is so good, and the voice actors are so damn amazing, i had no idea who the hell the guy who does Lloyd's voice is, i just learned he does Robin on Teen Titans, that guy can act! and once more, those moments alone with Sheena and Lloyd are so damn good, its insane how great the plot is and how great the characters are designed. the fact that the characters carry on conversations during battle, that are different depending on who is fighting, holy Christ! i mean i know GAINAX and Bones worked on it, still i wouldn't believe it was inevitable it'd be that great if Square, Clamp and Bandai were working on it too.

and Disgaea was no slouch in the characters and story as well, it was just too short and spent a lot of time with the silly, if the whole game had been like Etna's journal, Flonne's destiny, Laharl's past and Kurtis's life it would have been great, granted it'd probably depress me to the point i'd be able to tolerate MCR, but it'd still be great! still with only the amount it had it was amazing.

Star Ocean's story was great as well, the part up until you get off Elicor is a great warm-up, and once Luther starts deleting the universe, from the first announcement of Executioners to the moment Fayt and his respective lover and/or butt-buddy fade to black after literally re-imagining the universe the story is great.

maybe i've just played too good of games to appreciate mediocrity like Dragon Quest, but then again even Shining Tears had its great moments, kinda makes me doubt X-Play, the 1 was better than the 5.


"i do know a few people i'd like to see get a hand-job by Danny Bonaduce with a fist-full of fiberglass."

-who the hell else would say that but me?

♥ JD Person ♥

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Quiet Night.
kinda funny because i always crack jokes about wanting to see a Lacus x Kira lemon scene put into dogma in the next movie like Kira x Fllay was. i say thats funny because my intro song today was quiet night and i'm going into day deuce of sex advice.

so once more i shall take on the roll of Anna David as i go...

...in your pants.

-cue music-

"on this quiet night,
i'm waiting for you,
forgetting the past and dreaming of you..."

really not what i meant...

"...time passes by and memories fade,
but time can't erase the love that we've made..."

or maybe it does... but in any case i'd like to restate what i put down last post by saying that a vibrator is quite useful can make you feel in ways that nothing else can and will make you more sensitive, i just don't think you should use them exclusively if you have a lover, hell he can even wield it whilst he nibbles and licks your body or similar activities.

but onto today's bit, what the "right moves" i claim to have? well truth be told i don't think they are all that impressive sounding and unlike A.D. i've only used them on one person a few times, but none the less i shall disclose to you my techniques. i'd say the first would be fingering. most of the time i was doing this i was sitting next to her, with my hand hidden under a pillow or sheet, i merely slid my middle and ring finger in and moved them slowly back in forth slightly flexing and straightening them, as if i were scratching an itch in slow motion, don't push too hard but keep your fingers rigid, i flexed, touching with my fingertips going one way and straightened them out caressing, almost tickling with the pads of my fingers when i changed direction. when i later go between her legs i pretty much made a gun out of my middle and pointer fingers and just poked her in the crotch as fast and hard as i could, the speed increased pretty well as she got wetter, after some time i swear i'd reached 100% motion energy usage, she had no friction in there and i just glided like i was in a vacuum. then there is oral, i just spread the labia majora with my fingers on both hands, then with a slight suction after placing my lips against her lower ones i drew her clitoris between my lips and softly, slowly ran my tongue over it. as A.D. herself said most guys think because when they play with themselves its rough that force is the thing that sets girls off, so their idea of cunnilingus is to violently lick everything, but the truth is its like a martial art, just the slightest touch in the right spot is all it takes. personally i think i was kinda bad at oral, but Bev seemed to think i was was amazing so as long as she had fun, and i just like putting my mouth down there, any excuse for me to do it well enough.

then we get to the grand finale, full on penetration, i got off my only shot on the bottom, but there was a lot of dry humping that i did on top. basically bottom the girl kneels over the penis and sets in inside her, then brings her thighs off her shins then back down, the secret for the guy is that if you thrust up right up about a second before her pelvis hits yours you'll be, bot be, going at high speed and the impact is, from what i can tell, probably the most fun the Grafenberg spot can have. on top in missionary is just like doing a sit up in push-up position repeatedly, that made me finish quicker, a real minute man, on the bottom i went for like 15. then in the pool i did her up against the wall, with her thighs on my kidneys and her feet behind me, my head on her chest, that was all slight upward diagonal thrusts, if sex is a martial art then that would be the 1-inch punch Bruce Lee used, as opposed to judo on the bottom, personally i like Judo better but i left my sparring partner out of breath with a few 1-inch punches as well so maybe if there is a sexual MMA i should sign up.

well i shaved my legs today, that was a horrible experience because the sure amount of hair i had on the back of my legs, it was like an extra pubis or two! of well, i got rid of it now. at this point the only hair i have is to decorate their respective heads, just as Bev and i like it.

yesterday was pretty fun, bonding with my bro is nice, and her can actually cook turkey, he keeps my dark meats wet and his white meats dry, so i'm happy. he cannot, however cook side dishes, so i'll have to get my mom to provide sides at any dinner i ever plan, or have Josh learn how to cook damn potatoes gratin!

i spent most of the day playing GTA, i found new codes plus unlocked the second round of gang wars, so now i'm conquering the maps again with invincibility and infinite ammo, and being as i like to rationalize everything i say CJ is a battle android made to withstand everything other than heavy machine gun fire from police copter gattlings, explosion or extreme g-forces [falling, cars crashing into him] because those are the only thing the cheats don't eliminate. and because i love Gundam SEED i made an Acronym for his name.



that basically breaks down to send the first Jester unit in to neutralize all enemies in that area, its self-aware and can analyze how to kill things best, just send him a message and he'll come to destroy things.

i admit calling him "Jester" is a bit of a cop-out but i mean "Jester one" is a cool mech name!


great, another post all about sex, might as well through in some other stuff so i don't seem like a total douche...

-root of the random thanksgiving + CJ is a mech stories.

please ask more questions, non-sex ones are good too, but hell if you want sex advice ask that too, i love answering questions, so don't be shy, ask me anything!

♥ JD Person ♥

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Ready steady go!
well once more it seems that you guys are actually understanding me and being able to leave thoughtful and insightful comments. i don't blame you guys for all the "i have no idea what to say..." comments of the past though, my posts are always really strange and my thoughts are most often bordering on insane so i'm just glad either i'm calming down or the world is degenerating to my level being as i get 10 comments when i rant for pages about 2 girls 1 cup.

you know, the human mind is a funny thing. just about 24 hours since i finished my joyous marathon of torture porn and i'm already reminiscing. yep, all of a sudden thems saw movin pictures just got all good and like. [gall darnit!]its the strangest thing, this morning when i woke up i thought back on them and they seemed a lot better then they seemed last night, i really can't explain that brain aberration, maybe its the fact i got maybe 11 hours sleep in the last two days, or maybe the mind-fuckery in Saw is on a time-delay, so it takes a few hours for your measly brain-parts to comprehend the pure cinematic mastery of it... or it could just be that my brain is as fucked as Paris Hilton on New Years and at this point feeling nostalgic over something that just happened is relatively normal compared.

my whole life seems to just attract strangeness, it appears i've been consulted for sexual advice, so i'm going to do my best Anna David impression as i prepare to go... in your pants.

-cue intro music-

...i said cue music!


i'm going to fucking kill someone if theirs no music...


fuckit! okay, so the question i was asked was whether i've ever used a vibrator, and what are the pros and cons...
okay ignoring the fact i'm Ace: male, and Duce: straight, there is the chance that that said inquiry was meant to imply have i ever used one on my beloved Beaner. well sadly i had not the hard-wear nor the resources to acquire it whilst visiting her i do, however know quite my fair share about the battery operated boyfriends, so i'll just do my best to give the run down.

see vibrators work because along with the force of penetration vibrations are exceptionally pleasurable for both a man or women, and in the case of women in many cases its a whole other feeling, a lot say vibration alone is better than penetration alone, though i've yet to test that. what i do know is that vibrations will cause the vagina to develop more nerve ending and thus become more sensitive increasing pleasure attained during any sexual practice, quite contrary that the little guy will fry your junk and make you unable to get off. the downsides i can see is that they are kinda loud, or at least emit sound thus if you're try to please yourself on the down-low its not a good choice, plus paying for batteries/electricity if its a plug in. also you might just like it too much, there are girls that swear to be loyal only to their mechanical lovers seeing them as more fun, i think they are full of shit and just are trying to justify the fact no one likes them but being as i've heard the wondrous stories of the pleasure derived from vibrators it could all be true.

if you're planning on getting yourself one i suggest the hitachi magic wand, its a legit massager, but its also been voted the best vibrator ever created by many a sex expert, plus being as its a real massager you could use it for getting kinks out of muscles and have an excuse to be alone with it in your room with the door locked a lot, i suggest just moaning into a pillow. as well the magic wand has an attachment called the g-spotter, made just for hitting a girl right where it hurts so good.

being as i don't know your romantic status, and for the benefits of all reading i'll give advice of what to do with a partner. they make condoms with vibrating rings, usually they're also the ribbed ones, so you're giving the girl a 2-for in the pleasure department, 3 if you count the force of penetration. also i infer that the vibrations probably stimulated the clitoris and Grafenberg spot so the pleasure would thusly be increased. being as i know of girls masturbating at least two ways i suggest switching to the other, if you're going deep i suggest switching to clitoral stimulation, and if you're playing with your clitoris i say try finding the Grafenberg. also during cunnilingus if the partner hums or moans whilst licking the vibration will garner similar results as i sex toy would. i suggest switching up the pitching, going higher and lower to see the differing effects at differing wave-lengths. and don't be afraid to ask what your partner wants ask "is it better if hum this way or that way?" "higher or lower?" "faster or slower?" "up or in?" i asked what to do and it seemed to work better. you can also just stimulate the clitoris whilst penetration is happening, either with the other hand if masturbating, or one of you reach in during sex. there are so many simple things people don't think of.

i hope that was helpful, i tried my best with the knowledge i have. a lot of people seem to think i know a lot about this stuff, i learned it all from listening to A.D. on AOTS, comediannes doing their routines and from old issues of Cosmo girl i borrowed from female friends. i've also consulted wiki on occasion and visited sex info sites, bust mostly its from listening to women saying what they want.

i'm really sorry if that offended anyone, i was just trying to help a friend in particular and make suggestions to anyone open to them.

to answer another friend i'm like Heroes this season quite a bit, i personally like the powerless Sylar ark, because it shows that Gabe's creepy whether he can de-brain you with his mind on not. monday he's going to face down Mohinder, which will be awesome, i'm rooting for him, as well as Adam. i think Adam will actually save the world, he may kill Hiro as a side-mission but i think he has humanity's best interests in mind being as he hates the company, enemy of my enemy as they say. the only thing thats annoying me is how stupid Mohinder is being as well as Niki, the girl with muscle memory and Micah's saga is slow and boring as well, but overall i like this season fine. Elle is sexy too, i like a little sadism in a girl, and being as the bodies nerves, including one responsible for emotion and sensation, the two things that lead to powerful sexual pleasure reaction, and the fact that she's says that eventually you'll "like it," i think Elle would be pretty damn fun to have as a mate if you could set her mind straight. plus she's just the glompy type and glomper-girls are always adorable.

that also answers another question i got, as far as relationships get in terms of physical intimacy be it affectionate or erotic i like to be the submissive one more than the dominate one, because i'm always so pushy i like really like to get pushed around by my hotty. plus as the selfless one, taking orders, oh what you can do to a woman if you know the right moves, which i could pretty much teach anyone, being as i learned them in the above stated way and could effectively utilize them on my first try, though then again maybe i might just be one of "them." [Sylar please don't kill me!]


"i can taste Bev in my mouth, must be all the sex-talk getting to me."

-my thoughts for the last half-hour-

please ask more questions, this was fun!

♥ JD Person ♥

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

well once more i sit before the computer having accomplished a mission i set for myself, and yet again i feel like i've gained nothing from doing so.

i just spent a good 5 hours watching the first 3 "Saw" movies, which all of you long-time readers know i've been trying to do for such a long time, and after acquiring them through calm and cold manipulation i decided to view them today. my mother said not to watch them whilst she is around, which was fine, i never planned to have her around when i viewed them. so i sat down alone in a dim room watching Tobin Bell test people's wills to live, and i must admit my expectations were not met, i was neither entertained nor scared, i just was occupied for that length of time.

i guess i just didn't fall for the series like so many others did, it just isn't that special to me. i must admit that the second one was pretty good, and the twists were all clever, its just that whether its true or not, Bev always claims to have seen every twist and turn coming in everything, thusly now when i come across a twist in a plot i feel less engaged and more disappointed, ashamed i didn't see it coming. i suppose i'm just a bad sport or something, i don't like losing, or rather i hate losing too much.

i think rather than saying that i saw them i think the accomplishment lies more in the fact that i didn't miss them now. its more of that fitting in bullshit, no matter how much i pretend to be an independent when given the choice its nice to be with the crowd. i also thinks its kinda funny that the violence didn't affect me much at all, the only one that really got to me was the guy with a key in his eye, other than that my reaction to all the deaths was stoic.

however the overall depressing tone of the movies did irk me a little, that the doctor and cop go through all that work and still die, the only one to ever pass the tests, Amanda justs snaps and goes completely nutso and the guy in the third one was just a vengeance filled freak, his motives were ever a little whack, he lets all the people die, or at least isn't very torn up over their deaths, then offs John, i think he just liked killing people personally. either way i realize they just aren't my style, but in the same light Bev loves em, and a lot of people can't take them so i can sit through them disinterestedly for the right to say my balls are big enough to handle them. another thing i dislike is the Tarentino-esque backwards storytelling at points, watching saw 1 is like watching Reservoir Dogs without the discussions of really large penises. Bev loves suspense and mystery, me, i like action and things in sequential order, give me something that keeps my attention by being fast-paced or interesting and just happens none of this forced "he cut his leg off, that reminds of how i got here..." its just forced, clumsy and choppy. but whatever, Bev loves it, i won't complain too much, its tolerable.

funniest part was during this 5 hour marathon of torture porn i kept thinking of Bev all lovingly, because they are her favorite movies and thusly they remind me of her. its just kinda funny to watch some dude get lit on fire and think "man i love my girlfriend so much, wish she were here." even funnier is whilst i'm indifferent to these films i still want to see number 4 just based off the fact i feel inferior to Bev because she's seen it and i haven't. its just my nature to emulate her, because i love her i view all aspects of her as good and thus i strive to be like her in what ever ways i logically can. but on a different front i want to beat her at things, i always devalue my accomplishments and inflate hers thusly i always feel inferior, she can do much more things than i can, even if i do what i do well, and to those means i want to take any step i can to keep up with her. i find competition in the strangest places.

so yeah, i got pretty much no time with her today, the phone was busy up until torture porn time and right before i popped in the first DVD i got a hold of her, but she was sleepy so i let her sleep, i guess that helped with my fixation on her whilst i watched people die. i did show one adorably pathetic habit though, see when the phone is busy i constantly re-dial, and being as i had no time with her i kept thinking "maybe it won't be busy this time..." as if the "i'm sleepy" conversation never took place, i missed her a lot, damn those movies for providing me with nothing but slight negative feeling revolving around my lover.

i said to myself if i could handle saw i'd try the poo eating girls, but after seeing it [saw] i realize that things don't live up to expectations, so if its LESS enjoyable than i imagined then i think i'll avoid needing therapy, and if i'm indifferent to it like i was saw, then i'd really be afraid of myself.

i've had enough cult fetish porn for one day, and for a long while, unless i can con my dad into taking me to the fourth installment of said torture porn i think i'll just go back to my normal habits for a while.


"oh yes, there will be kittens!"

-top 10 things you'll never hear Jigsaw say [AOTS when Tobin Bell was a guest]

merry thanksgiving fools

♥ JD Person ♥

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