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Monday, September 24, 2007

thats what i feel like sometimes, a Cyberman, just clunking along with all the other Cybermen doing what we're ordered to without any questioning or resistance.

well i'm back in my mental penetenary, also refered to as high school, and i'm making up all the work i missed, its not really as if i have any complaints, there's a lot less work than i expected, so its not like i'll be running around frantically trying to do it all, it should be pretty easy, but at the same time it just feels so strange to go back to it all, i feel like an alien in a way, which i suppose is not Cyberman-y. i suppose that analogy doesn't hold water, maybe i feel more like Scrooge when the first ghost visited him, just going back and visiting melancoly memories, all of it seems so familiar but at the same time strange, all the people seem more like characters in a dating sim than real people, just popping in for meaningless dialogue then just fading out, in that homogenous mass of people i feel strange, like i don't belong there. its all very strange, i wish i had never been sick.

it wasn't even the fun kinda sick, the kind where you just chill out at home and want to be there, i didn't i wanted to go to school because i knew this would happen, monday i wanted off, so i could finish my project and then write AP all day, instead i wasted a weekdoing no writing on AP as well as acruing all this work i have to make up, this has really not been a good time for me, i spent a week falling behind and being in extreme pain, then i come back and have to play catch-up. life truely is a cruel thing.

and the worst part is that i'm genuinly concerned, i'm in paranoid mode. i really only run on two modes, i'm either paranoid or apathetic, normally when it comes to school i'm in apathetic mode, but i'm worried about my work and i want to try to get it out of the way, i think its because i'm having a bit of trouble on the math remembering all the stuff from last year, being as we're still reviewing stuff i learned last year, but the rounds in my mind just aren't chambering, i just can't fire the shots, my mind seems blocked, and instead of slacking off and using any remaining time today to work on AP or a psych project i feel like putting all that time into trying to figure out my math.

and i must say that probably is the correct thing to do, to get my affairs in order and settle the debts of work i owe, but the fact that i'm contridicting myself soi much and the fact that this stuff has me so scared is really disheartening, i'm usually diseffected to a fault, [hence my claims of apathy] but currently i'm scared and my mind is freaking out, i can't believe i'm so flustered, this never happens to me, i never feel just anxious like this, i might feel afraid or scared in my gut, you know where you get that wrenching pain of fear, but instead i just feel antsy, and the sensation is not appreciated.

i'm really going to try to get to yours guys' sites today, but i'm usually bad at commenting when i'm distracted like this so i'm sorry if my visit isn't all you wished it would be, and i'm going to try to get my usual 3 visits in this week but no promises.

i'm also sorry this was an all-school rant, i try to avoid talking about school as much as possible, but right now i'm just a bit rocked so it really infected my mind.

thank you guys who made Torchwood jokes in your comments, its things like that that get me on here 5 days a week.


"Its my timey-wimey detector, it goes "ding" when there's stuff. it can also cook an egg at 30 paces... wether you want it to or not, i suggest keeping it away from hens, its not pretty when they blow..."

-The Doctor [David Tennant]

peace out peoplezez

♥ JD Person ♥

HAIL ZEON!!!!!!!

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

True intentions
its hilarious how much you plug a show no one seems to watch it until you ruin an episode for someone, then they get all pissed.

i guess their are actually Destiny fans that are farther behind than me, i didn't think that was possible unless you were watching it on demand, and in that case any spoilers would just be so wierd i think they'd confuse more than they spoil. and then there is the fact i always blog about episodes of Destiny after i watch them, and i watch an episode ever other week because the DVDs come out every 8 weeks or so. i always blog about the episodes after i see them, i've been doing that since the series came out over here a long time ago, i think about the time Naruto premiered. but i suppose i shouldn't be bitching about something i've wanted for a while, fellow Destiny fans, especially high-ranking ones. though really those were kinda pointless spoilers, not like saying who won the Kira-Stella-Shinn 3-way or when Shinn finally beat Kira, i pretty much gave play-by-play commentary on those, but then again that was a while ago.

i'm sorta pissed i didn't get anyone saying "DAMNIT! you spoiled GunBuster for me!" being as it was the first anime GAINAX made, i think it just had its 30th anniversary, so i'd love to hear, "i didn't know thats how it ends!" yes, silly person, in the end coach dies of radiation poisoning and after Noriko and Amano leave the center of Buster Unit 3 the rip-van-winkle effect has made them miss 12,000 years, but they still get "a big welcome back" which is the phrase "welcome back" written in lights across the majority of earth. that was pretty pointless to spoil but it was still fun. oh yeah, Smith dies.

well besides Gundam SEED Destiny and GunBuster there have been a few other great new TV programs to enjoy, both involving John Barrowman as "Captain Jack Harkness" both in his own series "Torchwood" and returning in "Doctor Who". i got curious and wiki'd it and i see he decided to stop traveling with The Doctor after the end of season 3, which sucks, Jack is the best damn character on there. man and the beginning of this last episode, seeing Jack sprint down the street like a spaz yelling for The Doctor then glomping the TARDIS, there is nothing more entertaining than watching Jack glomp the TARDIS, well except most of the other things he does.

i mean just the fact that Jack is VERY bisexual, i believe the Torchwood crew when they say he's omnisexual, he'd shag anything pretty enough. i just imagine him and the beginning of time when Adam named all the animals [alledgedly] when God paraded them before him, i could just see Jack going "I'd hit that! ...and that...and that...and that...and that..." so the man-crush on The Doctor is really cute, i mean he even keeps The Doctor's severed hand in a jar as a memento, or the running gag of The Doctor yelling at him every time he says hello to someone, insinuating he was trying to seduce them. i'm pretty pissed that Harkness will not be traveling with The Doctor for very long, i thought he'd like the new, prettier Doctor better but i guess he perefered the silly looking older version, Jack is Kinky that way.

oh how i miss the days where he was naked shooting robot versions of the women from "what not to wear" with a pistol he pulled out of his ass to then build a larger gun out of their robot entrails. or there is all the awesomeness he brought in WWII with the tractor beams, the crazy laser gun, the antagonizing over the silliness of a sonic screwdriver and him taking the saftey precausion of drinking a martini when his ship was about to blow up, though i've only seen 2 eps of Torchwood so hopefully Jack will be just as awesome there.


*man and woman are having sex, as the man "finishes" he turns to gold gas and diseapears into the woman*

Gwen: Looks like he...

Jack: Came and went?

yeah, Torchwood will probably serve my Jack Harkness fix.

♥ JD Person ♥

HAIL ZEON!!!!!!!!!

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

i hate being tired, i only ever seem to feel tired on my own time, never in school. which sucks because i'd much rather be one of those intolerable pricks who passes out in class all the time than waste my stolen time today because i could barely stay awake, i got nothing accomplished today based to my stupid body calling for more rest, this meat-shell is so weak, and its weakness taints my mind and soul, because the stupid brain poisons them with chemicals to get what it wants.

no matter how many times i fall asleep i still think i can rest my eyes on comercial breaks, i had a bit more success tonight than normal but still its a terrible suggestion but i always accept it at the time because my brain wants rest and my conciousness can't overwrite my basist instincts, or i'll always think that the show is somehow scary so i'll grab my weeny dog to keep me company, and i'll pass out. these tricks never fail, hell lately i just black out, i don't even remember slipping even a little, i went down on the first try.

as for my mind its felt hampered all day. i feel like someone released chaff and all my radar just bounces back from a milimeter away, or when you're in such deep fog its like staring a at a solid wall of white, it feels like all the different cimonents and functions in my brain have been muffled, muted and stifled, instead a razor sharp sword my mind feels like a sledgehammer wrapped in fluffy cotton, dull and muffled. and because of this i did nothing, i didn't write, didn't draw, didn't decorate my room, i just sat in front of the TV zombified because my brain is all fluffed up. so yeah, that was a "great" way to say bye to this little week of inpromtu vacation, by wasting my last day of barrowed time because i felt a bit sluggish, i really should have just taken a nap.

well at least i got some good programming out of this week of laze. yesterday my brother broke out the "GunBuster" DVDs and we watched that [damn GAINAX fanboy] i must say it is a really good series, and its sorta fun to see it after EVA and GAINAX being huge like they are today, because you get to see the stuff they "always" do being done for the first time there, or realizing its an add-on later. like GAINAX's love of wierd inconcievable endings, GunBuster's ending is pretty normal, really wished they'd have brought that to Kare Kano, even though i do stand by my appreciation that they managed to make Kare Kano as strange as EVA in the end i do still wish to see the culturefest, the Asaba Hideaki Dinnertime show, and most of all [well its a tie with seeing Asaba on a theatre stage in bondage gear trying to sell memorabilia] i wat to see Arima confess his true, crazy feelings to Yukino, that he wants to lock her away and stifle her because he's to insecure and paranoid to let her have a social life of her own.

but enough of the Kare Kano ranting, GunBuster is a great series and i reccomend it, but there still is only one mech series for me really, Destiny...

yep today i rev'd up my ole DVD player and watched me my bi-weekly episode of Gundam SEED Destiny, and though it was a bit of a slow episode the preview was awesome! i was glad that Athrun got his ass kicked, because i really wouldn't have liked what that would have implied if he hadn't. the appearant crazy fight between Rey and Shinn is fun as well, because i makes you ask the question: "who is crazier, the one brainwashing other into killing their friends, or the people who buy it and go a-murderin?" just seeing those gears click in Shinn's head is funny, "Athrun make war with Logos no work, no war make Chairman sad, SHINN KILL ATHRUN!!!!!!!" i really think that while the Destiny is run by a nuke engine, Shinn is run by a hamster running on a wheel operating an antique clock and a first generation PC, he does not occur to me to be the brightest person out there. its also fun how can never seem to be able to stab cockpits ande kill people, he has the worst aim i've ever seen in that. then we have Meiryn, who for no real reason joins Athrun, but i thinbk they did a great job of making her confused and scared, as well as Meer being the crazy "i really am the person i imitate!" person. but i know why they had her switch: sales. the creator admitted last time he had Dearka become good because the Buster Gundam toys were selling like lead innertubes, so he switched him around to increase sales of that toy. well i've seen a few Meiryn PVC statuettes around, i never wanted one, nor do i want one now, but i'm guessing now that she is more visible and "good" sales went way up, or at least increased a little.

as for next episode, they better not have Sting Job out, the only reason anyone could damage Stella when she had a Destroy was because seeing Shinn made her drop her guard, thus Shinn and Kira eventually killed her. well no one Sting would relax for will be there so it better be a hard fight for the Destiny and Legend. its also fun to see things get so fucked that Lacus is like "we have to go there and fight in that battle." i realize she's no coward, but its still funny to see Lacus preparing to hand out ass-kickings. Sooner kira gets the Strike Freedom the better, Kira + Bits= Fanboy luff.

well i'll end things there, i have a lot more i want to say but i guess that'll be tomorrow.


♥ JD Person ♥

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Absolute Power ch.18
Absolute Power
Mission: 18

Aveian rises up, straightening out his Officer’s jacket, buttoning it up over his neck to cover up all the nail marks, hickies, and various other marks Sora left on him.

Aveian: (brushing uniform off) Moving on to the Mission…

Foxxy: (snickering) Sora got ya…

Aveian: (death glare) Foxxy…

Foxxy whimpers and step back a few paces.

Aveian: In any case, the surveillance system picked up this image (changes the image on a giant monitor behind him) was taken while you all were gone.

Kit: Looks like a Neo-American high-speed escape cruiser.

Aveian: Its from our base.

Kit: Unfortunately we don’t know if its refugees or a trap.

Aveian: That would be the issue. And along with that is the fact that all our Mobile Suit forces will be leaving Neo-Japan soon…

Kit: And they need to find us.

Aveian: We have no way to give them our coordinates, because this Colony needs to stay hidden.

Draco: My father’s orders, unfortunately.

Draka: We don’t need any attention, so I’m sorry to say we can’t risk sending out a beacon to them.

Aveian: Then we don’t have any way to reach them.

Kit: So we’re giving up?

Aveian: There is no choice.

Draka: If there were any other choice, I swear I’d take it!

Aveian: I can’t do anything.

Foxxy: And you’re just going to accept that?! Draka says “let them die.” So you’re just going to give up, not even question her loyalty?

Aveian: (lighting up, and staring up at nothing) Sometimes you realize, there’s no hope left.

Foxxy: Can’t we go out in our Suits and get them?

Kit: (sadly) All of our Suits are out of action…

Sora: (stepping forward in her flight Suit with her helmet under her arm, her voice serious and solemn) I’ll go.

Aveian: (semi-surprised) Your Suit is damaged the worst.

Sora: I have all the parts to fix it. You expected I would have left all the spare parts at Negeta’s?

Aveian: So you stole load of components, and didn’t tell anyone?

Sora: (cocky, little laugh) Basically.

Kit: And you decided not to tell us, why?

Sora: Because I want to make sure my Suit works, and I didn’t need you destroying my extras. Plus, I did help you re-build your Suit.

Kit: Do you do anything except betray us?

Sora: (winking and speaking seductively towards Kit’s ear) Ask Aveian about the other things I do, or (reaching towards his crotch) I could show you…

Kit knocks her hand away and jumps back disgustedly.

Kit: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew...

Sora: come on you know you want me! (Blows him a long, loud, wet kiss)

Kit: Aaaaaaah! (Ducks)

A red kiss flies over Kit’s head and hits a knight walking by, he gets all heart eyed and love struck, fainting on the spot.

Sora: See, I’m so sexy; I knock guys right off their feet.

Kit: (in a huddle with Foxxy and Allenby) 10 bucks says he’s got herpes!

Foxxy: 20 says Gonorrhea!

Allenby: 50 on Syphilis!

Aveian: Idiots… (Shoots Kit in the side)

Kit: (falls on his forehead and knees, holding his side) Ow, my organs…

He gives Foxxy a rubber bullet in the chest

Foxxy: (laying on her side, semi-groping herself, twitching) My boobies…

Allenby: (light laugh) Aveian would never shoot me, sucks to be you guys…

Kit and Foxxy flick their bullets and nail her right in the areolas, taking her right over.

Allenby: OW!!!!!!

Foxxy: See? It really hurts!

Allenby: Of course it does! Especially when you have big ones!

Aveian: (turning away from those 3) Anyway… Sora, how long do you think the repairs will take?

Sora: With enough manpower I could launch in 3 days. Are you actually considering the mission Aveian?!

Aveian: (cigarette in his mouth, looking down, reaching for his lighter) Considering…? (Finding his lighter, lighting and looking up and blowing out smoke) Mission accepted.


Sylven: I can sit up here thinking about Kit’s death all I want but I still can’t go into battle yet, and worst of all, now that I’ve made this choice (looking at his bandaged wrist, fondling it) I’m dependent on that lunatic Alrock for the rest of my life. I’ve basically signed my life away to him, I’m his property now. (jumps down from the building) but he is using me to do the same thing I want to do, so I may as well stay with him while he’s useful.

Sylven walks down the path, back to Marane, waiting happily with a very cocky, evil look on his face.

Marane: So you’re back my little secret weapon? Realized there really is nothing here but you and me?

Sylven: I’d rather spend all day with a Roomba than you, besides, we probably have more in common now because of you.

Marane: True (adjusting his glasses, eyes closed in thought) I did make you very good at sucking…


Aveian: Mission accepted Sora, we’ll repair your Suit, and you go out there and rescue the lost troops, as well as lead our main forces back here.

Sora: Roger Commander!

Kit: Commander? You mean…

Sora: (saluting and standing at attention) Sergeant-Major Sora Nushi reporting for duty, Captain (trying to hold in laughter)

Kit: I still out-rank you.

Sora: (covering her mouth and looking away, laughing) That’s why I’m laughing…

Kit: (growling) Your death will be…

Suddenly Kit gets yanked back; he turns around seeing Allenby holding his lead.

Allenby: (staring into his eyes, speaking enchantingly) I told you I’m going to pay you back for everything you’ve been doing without me, and now is the time.

Kit: But I have to fix the Mobile Suits…

Allenby slaps the cuffs on him, then starts pulling him with her.

Allenby: (Bewitching) You’re not doing anything, except suffering under me!

Kit: I get the feeling I’m going to like this way too much.

Allenby: Probably…

Allenby drags her poor fox-slave off, while the others watch.

Aveian: Well there goes our mechanic…

Foxxy: Hello? You have ME!

Aveian: But Kit knows repair a lot better, welding, demo, damage assessment, when it comes to construction, maintenance, up-grading, or anything else that involves creating you are top of the line but, when it comes to planned-destruction, your brother is the best we can get.

Foxxy: It’s fine, I’m sure I can pick up the slack and do the demo work!

Aveian: I’m afraid for what’s going to happen next.

Draco: I’m more concerned with what already happened. Hey, writer-boy! I got some questions for you.

A pillar of light lowers; and the voice of creator is heard. As the light shines on his chiseled, glistening upper body, Foxxy stares mouth open, eyes wide.

TGFB: Can’t you show some respect and just you call me “God,” or at least “Fox-Boy?”

Draco: That’s unimportant!

TGFB: (pissy) Fine! (Normal) What is your question, Crown Prince of the Abyss?

Draco: How the hell is Sora the only one with extra Suit parts? You’re telling me that Kit, Allenby, and even Aveian were not smart enough to load enough replacements, but Sora was? And I, here in my homeland, and in my ship, don’t have any spare parts? And Foxxy! She pilots a standard MX, and there are none of those on board, not one, and you expect us, and your readers to believe this?

TGFB: Basically.

Draco: How does that make sense!?

TGFB: I wasn’t thinking ahead, and came up with the “Sora: redemption,” idea, but being as it needs to go a certain way, she is the only one who can have a working Suit. Therefore this is how it must be.

Draco: And where the hell did you go? Its been 9 chapters since you showed up, this slip was worse than the 5 chapters Sai was “asleep,” for. You sure make a lot of gaps.

TGFB: Well in both cases its just that scenes involving them weren’t necessary, so I didn’t write any, and I think its much better now, pointing out major plot flaws, proving that I don’t take myself to seriously, and if you point out mistakes, they become quirks that the fans latch onto.

Draco: You are the most sneaky, underhanded, absent minded, depraved, calculating, egocentric person I’ve ever met.

TGFB: And to think, I created you.

Draco: Your mistake.

TGFB: (Light dims, voice fades out) I think not…

Draco: Lets get to work.

Draco walks over to where Foxxy is, resting on Kit Custom’s knee, now that all the Mobile Suits have been moved into the hangar, Kit’s sits with it’s knees bent, while Sora’s hangs by the lift, wrapped in chains, with melted metal and frayed wires marking the end of its body.

Draco: You ready Foxxy?

Foxxy: (coming back to reality) Eeeep! (Shocked, jumps up and falls off the leg) I’m okay (raises an arm up over the lower part of the leg) I’ll be over in a second.

Draco: (shaking head in his hand) Dumb ass.


Kit, with his shirt wrapped around his wrists falls on the bed, Allenby lands on top of him, throwing her shirt off; then dropping her bra.

Kit: Aren’t you going a little…

Allenby leans down and plants a long passionate kiss on him.

Allenby: You’re not talking, you’re just going to lay there like the pathetic, broken little boy you are, and let me do my will to you!

Allenby gets back up and starts tearing off his pants and boxers.

Kit: O…

Another long kiss finds his lips.

Allenby: You never learn.

She removes a pair of black panties from under a black skirt she slipped into, and shoves them into Kit’s mouth, as she lowers herself onto him, and their bodies connect.

Allenby: [leaning in close to his face, staring into his eyes longingly) Awww, I forgot you can’t move your hands (caressing his cheek), so you can’t get my panties out of your mouth, oh well, guess you’ll just have to shut up for once! (Giving him a taste of what’s to come, with a jerk of her hips) but its fine, (kissing kiss forehead, then pulling back, and pushing down) you’re pretty when you’re quiet.


Marane approaches Sylven, putting an arm around his shoulders, and another on the back of Sylven’s head, stroking his hair, and pulling Sylven closer to him.

Marane: Maybe you are like a vacuum after all Sylven; I did make you very good at sucking.

Marane’s hand slides down Sylven’s hair.

Sylven: (thinking) You wouldn’t!? You bastard, I knew I couldn’t trust you! (looks at his tapped up wrists) I don’t care about the pain, I’ll kil...

Marane brushes the hair off Sylven’s engine, tapping it softly.

Marane: This thing does pull in a lot of air after all.

Marane lets him go and starts to walk off. Sylven relaxes, yet keeps his unhappy expression. Suddenly Marane stops, and looks over his shoulder at Sylven.

Marane: Oh, if I wanted to rape you, I wouldn’t bother romancing you first, so stop having naughty thoughts about me. (evil yet very attractive and devious smile)

Marane gives a slight wave and continues walking off.

Sylven: (staring at his clenched, shaking fist, and tapped up wrist) One day, these hands will end your life.


Foxxy: (clad in goggles, with a partner saw raised over her head) This is fun! (revs it and starts cutting again, sparks rain down, with chunks of metal) AHAHAHAHA!

Aveian: (in his normal pose, the ash on his cigarette is very long, from a lack of hand movement) This isn’t looking good.

Sora: (joining him against the wall) She isn’t doing any harm, and she seems to be having fun.

Aveian: When did you become this compassionate?

Sora: When I realized you guys are the only allies I have, and that I would be tortured and executed without you.

Aveian: I’m the Commander, what do you need low-ranking officers for?

Sora: I need people who would choose my life, even if they weren’t ordered to. (looking down, a hint of sorrow in her voice) after a while, living only by rank and code, you wish you could meet people, not just soldiers.

Aveian: (standing up and forward, his ash falling off, with his back to Sora, and light illuminating his silhouette) Then you picked a good place to go (drops his cigarette, putting it out with his boot toe, then starting to walk away) We’re pretty shitty soldiers.

Aveian walks up towards the Suit and Foxxy in the distance.

Aveian: (far off, muffled by the demo sounds) Foxxy, that’s enough.

Sora: (watching them) I was really lucky to find them, I have to make sure I don’t lose them. I have to come back.

Aveian: Foxxy…

Foxxy drops the partner saw, then picks up a plasma cutter and begins removing more material.

Aveian: Foxxy, that’s enough…

Foxxy: (cutting away with the torch) Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! (Metal dropping off)

Aveian: Foxxy…

Foxxy: (signing) I love destruction; it is great, maybe good in humans, but fun at any rate…

Aveian: Foxxy!

Aveian shoots Foxxy in the lower back, she grabs her back and falls back towards the ground. Foxxy hits the ground hard on her back, Aveian then effortlessly reaches out his hand and catches the torch, turning it off.

Aveian: You destroyed enough, we have to save as much material as possible, now get up, we have to rebuild this, so I’m going to need your help and expertise.

Foxxy: (hops up merrily and excitedly) Right Commander! This Foxxy will help you in your mission!

Aveian: Foxxy, just get to work.

Foxxy: Aye aye Commander! (Begins to run off)

Aveian: Foxxy, do you even know what to do?

Foxxy stops dead in her tracks, sweat drops, then runs backwards back to Aveian.

Foxxy: (rubbing the back of her head, sweat dropping, and laughing embarrassedly) Yeah, what am I supposed to do?

Aveian: (drops forehead into his hand and shakes his head) My god what have I gotten myself into…?

Aveian looks up through his fingers at Foxxy, she smiles with her eyes closed, stretching her arms out with her fingers laced together in front of her waist, she titles her head and giggles, getting the sparkly glitter effect.

Foxxy: What’s wrong?

Aveian: Stop doing that!

Foxxy: (looking even more cute with more sparkles) Doing what? (Giggles)

Aveian: (sighs) Just go and unload the parts to Sora’s Suit from the cargo hold.

Foxxy: Aye Commander! Lieutenant Foxxy Sune will do her mission to completion!

Aveian: Whatever, just get to work.

Foxxy: (saluting) Right!

Foxxy runs off towards the ship.

Aveian: (assessing all the machinery) It was a real miracle that we came across this room, without it we’d have to operate out in the open, miles from our home base. Destiny seems to be saving us.

Draco: Well the Seed of Destiny certainly helped us in giving us these Mobile Suits.

Draka: Destiny has not helped our family at all Draco! Father, me, Micrea, Apollo… Destiny didn’t help us at all! I guess you can rejoice, the “Seed of Destiny,” chose you!

Draco: I vowed to protect this family! Now that Father isn’t trying to force me to his will, I will help him, as he agreed to help me. So the fact that now or family is together, and that we can now fulfill our goals and protect ourselves with my Gundam means that Destiny is influencing our lives.

Sora: That was a long way to go for a Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny reference.

TGFB: Well, what is AP if not overblown and talky?

Sora: Entertaining and popular?

TGFB: Probably.


Sylven runs after Marane.

Sylven: Stop fucking around! What is the point of all this? I don’t need a fully healed body to have a Gundam built. So what is the point of letting my body heal before we begin building my Gundam? That’s a waste of time! With my body healed will it be easier to import parts? Will the shield be stronger? What, if Negeta attacks I’ll just fight all the Suits and battle ships in this body? What is your plan!?

Marane: You will need a fully healed body to get your Gundam…

Sylven: Why?

Marane’s mouth opens…


Inside central Creed, Negeta and his staff watch their troops approach the enemy ship.

Negeta: Once those fools get attacked its all over for that Fox-Shit and his group of Rebels!

Officer: But we’re the ones in a hidden base, facing the Neo-American army. So wouldn’t that makes us rebels?

Negeta: We control Black Vulpine at the top, the money; they may have the test base, and the control of the military for now, but once our partners but the squeeze on them, they’ll cave. Either by choice, (sinister happiness) or by force!

Controller: But what does destroying one ship do to the enemy, its just one escape craft.

Negeta: On board that ship are the survivors from their base’s take over, Kit’s close friends, he won’t let them die, and once he does we can find out where he disappeared to while we were setting up here. I guess he lucked out, and our sensors failed while he running away, but it won’t happen this time.

Operator: So you plan to use his friends as bait to lure him out?

Negeta: A fool proof plan if I ever say so.

Other Operator: (thinking) I really wanna bathe, why does he lock us in here?


A Mobile Suit waist is lowered by on a large flat bed truck from the back of the Raven Corps. The truck drives up to the torso of Sora’s Mobile, still suspended above the ground. Foxxy exits the truck’s cab, walks over to the side of the truck, presses several buttons on a key pad, and the bed raises via hydraulics and sets the legs against the wall upright.

Foxxy: (hands behind her head, walking towards Aveian) This is pretty lame, (looking back at the Suit, as the torso gets lowered almost onto the legs) that the missing parts came all in one piece.

Aveian: (putting his lighter away) Sure saves time though.

Foxxy: yeah, but I’m used to building everything! Each piece, foot, shin, thigh, crotch, waist, installing the thrusters, this is too easy.

Aveian: Just connect the electronics then fabricate and install the couplings, don’t worry, you’ll have plenty to build soon.


Lord Dracula: How close are the enemy forces?

Walachian Alchemists are shown using their trades to attack an unseen force, lightning, fire, water, ice, walls off earth, stones pillars, knives, cannons, all fire at the enemy, suddenly AGNI beams obliterate all the troops, and glowing eyes and metallic footsteps are seen and heard through the fire.

(Knight:) They are breaking into our Northern Lands. Our Alchemists are putting up a resilient fight, but they cannot hold off those machines forever…

Lord Dracula: Do you believe our new allies can assist us, to the point we could succeed.

Knight: That I do not know Milord, I would have to talk to their Commanding Officer.

Lord Dracula: Request he comes here.

Knight: Request Milord?

Lord Dracula: This Kingdom is now under Martial Law, the Commander may as well be considered more powerful than me.

Knight: I pray he accepts our request.

Lord Dracula: I too do so.


The knight enters the MS Hangar.

Knight: (bowing before Aveian on one knee) Commander, Milord requests a meeting.

Aveian: (flatly, without even looking one at the knight) I refuse.

Knight: (standing, giving a curtsey, then preparing to leave) Understood, I shall tell milord to ask another time.

The knight begins to leave when…

Aveian: Wait.

Knight: Have you a message to give the Castle’s Lord?

Aveian: Does he really see me as an equal?

Knight: Nay.

Aveian: I see…

Knight: (Pained) My Lord… My Master… The Lord sees you as a superior.


Aveian, lead by the knight enters the Throne room and stands before Lord Dracula.

Aveian: I’m here.

Lord Dracula: I’m glad you accepted, now let us begin…


A huge black streak goes through the Walachian sky, falling into the forest. Some time later a group of Alchemist on recon stumble upon the crash site.

Alchemist: What do we have here?

Alchemist 2: Quite a find!

Alchemist 3: I say we keep it.

Alchemist: Should be fun.


Aveian returns to the hangar, as he enters, atop the Mobile Suit Foxxy, in full equipment is welding along the waist of Sora’s Mobile Suit.

Foxxy: (flips the mask up) ‘Kay, the couplings are done, you can connect it now!

Sora: Roger!

Foxxy: (Teasing) Say it…

Sora: Come on…

Foxxy: Say it!

Sora: Don’t make me…

Foxxy: I order you to say it!

Sora: (sigh, flatly) Roger First-Lieutenant Foxxy Sune…

Foxxy: Finally someone lower ranked than me!

Sora: Kit Barely out-ranks you.

Foxxy: (riding the lift down) Yeah, but still, if he wants me to do something, he orders me to do it. So I can never really do anything, I know he only pulls rank when he’s trying to protect me, but I want to protect him back.

Sora: (looking away, sadly) It must be nice to have that… Someone to protect…

Foxxy: (looking up, merrily thinking) Not really, I don’t need more responsibility…

Sora: (looking even more dejected) Oh…

Foxxy: But… he is already my responsibility, so I may as well try to help. But you have that chance too. You can help Aveian, and protect all these people. You have a duty to do now.

Sora: (getting on the lift, readying her helmet, placing it on her head) You got me all wrong, I’m just trying to save my own ass (shuts the visor and rides up)

Foxxy: (sly smile and a giggle) You keep believing that.

Sora sits down in her Suit’s cockpit. The screen switches on and displays guidance and targeting, over the intercom Aveian’s voice comes through.

Aveian: I’m transmitting the coordinates, just go there and protect the ships, then draw our forces to your location, destroy all the enemies, the lead everyone back here.

Sora: I know, I know! It’s not what I have to do, its how I’m supposed to do it.

Aveian: You volunteered.

Sora: (activating the Suit) Thanks for the vote of confidence. Sora Nushi, ERA Semper LAUNCHING!!!!!


Sora’s suit is flying through space. The Suit is now equipped with a GuAIZ style shield, which is mounted upside down, with the point forward, and lacking the Beam-Claws. Across the shield from side to side near where the Beam-Claw generators would have started is “Sora,” in red, blood-like writing.

Aveian: A large area around Walachia is hidden under a cloaking device, so you won’t show up on their radar until you’re almost in range.

Sora: That’s good to know.

Aveian: That’s why you have to make sure all enemies are destroyed, so that this place stays hidden.

Sora: I get it already! Fuck-Damn! Hold on… I’m there.

Aveian: Watch your…

Sora shuts the com off.

Sora: Never thought it’d have to tell Aveian to shut up!

MX Pilot: Enemy sited, beginning operations…

Machine Gun fire rings out, bullets fly through his Suit, and it explodes.

Second Pilot: What the hell?! It’s a second enemy! It’s the ERA! Its Sora!

Negeta: (on Link) SORA?!!!! Sora is there?!

Pilot: ERA Interdum confirmed! Its Sora Nushi!

Negeta: Capture her!

Sora flies up and cuts the MX in half with the Prog Sword at the waist.

Negeta: (line goes dead) Hello? HELLO!!!!? Damnit!

Sora: Good thing I decided to take that from now on!

Third pilot: You bitch! I’ll kill you!

The MX opens fire with the Beam Rifle, Sora pulls hard to the side avoiding the shots as each lands where she was a second before.

Sora: Hi there Nege’!

Negeta: Sora?! How are you saying that?

Sora: I hacked your line, and you shouldn’t give rookies Advanced Suits!

Sora slides the sword into the back of her shield, and draws the Shotgun from the left waist piece.

Sora: And remember this! My Suit is brand-freakin-new! Its called ERA Semper!

Sora puts 3 blasts of shot into the chest of the MX, which reacts predictably by exploding.


Operator: All 3 MXs were destroyed, what do we do?

Negeta: Launch all available Suits! I want you to capture Sora at all costs!!!!

Operator: Capture her Sir?

Negeta: Yes… (Lust filling his composer) I have a lot of unfinished business with her.

Operator: (thinking) Maybe it’s a good thing we can’t bathe, but I sure hope my HMO covers whatever’s happening down there, it kinda stings…


Sora: (holding a headset to her ear) Home Base! Home Base! Aveian! Aveian! Answer damn you!

All Sora hears is static and dead air.

Sora: (Throwing the headset down) Fuck! It looks like they really are well hidden, not even my Suit can reach them.

Suddenly the alarms go off in here Suit, the sensors detect objects and Targeting locks on.

Sora: Shit! Back up!

Several Beams impact her shield; she takes hard evasive maneuvers, and escapes the fray.

Sora: Looks like this is going to be fun!

An MX flies up, Beams deployed. Sora takes her Prog Sword into her hand and quickly cuts him down. She then puts the sword back in place, switches the Machine Gun to her right hand, and draws the shotgun in her left.

Sora: You idiots are in for it now! I CAN’T LOSE!!!!

Sora flies straight down into the group of enemies.


Back in Walachia the Raven Corps. crew sit around in the hangar surrounded by the damaged Suits.

Foxxy: You think Sora is gonna be okay?

Aveian: (his cigarette half burned through) I’m not worried, if she gets into too much trouble, she’ll probably just join their side.

Draco: I don’t trust her. I wish we had more working Mobile Suits.

Foxxy: I think we all do, one Suit isn’t really much of an escort.

Draka: And my country has no way of doing anything, we have no space forces.

Aveian: We have no alternative, this is Sora’s battle. A trial by fire, we can’t help her, so all we can do is hope she comes back with a successful mission.

Draco: This is a great time for fatalism.

Aveian: Great or not, it doesn’t matter.

Foxxy: Well if this mission fails then there isn’t much of a chance of us surviving, let alone winning this war, so I’m going to do all I can to win this battle, whether you help or not!


Sora fires off the Machine Gun into one MX, then whips around turning the butt of her gun forward, and drives the point of her shield into another’s chest, then side kicks it away. She fires out another 3 shots from her Shot Gun into 3 different Suits, destroying them all.

Sora: Hey, Dip-shits on the boat, can’t you guys move?!

Chibodee: We’re tracking a large energy signature, our comrades our down there.

Sora: Kit and Aveian?

Black Soldier: Foxxy and Sylven too!

Sora: Well, the first 3 sure as hell aren’t there, Sylven is AWOL I have no idea where he is.

Chibodee: Do you know where they are, Kit and them?

Sora: I should, I serve under them, (pouting) even Foxxy…

Chibodee: State your name and rank soldier!

Sora: Do I outrank you?

Black Soldier: Probably, Aveian demoted his ass to Private!

Chibodee: That’s not the point! Just tell me already!

Sora: Fine… Sergeant-Major Sora Nushi!

Chibodee: (looking into the Vid-link) Wait, you’re that spy from a while ago! Get the hell away from me!

Sora: I don’t think my Commander would like you talking to me that way, Private…

Chibodee: Damn, you’re THAT Sora?!

Sora: The one and only!

Black Soldier: Well “that Sora,” better move yo ass! They gonna kill you and us too if you don’t do somthin!

Sora: (focusing) Right! And you guys get in contact with your base’s forces, they’re leaving Neo-Japan and we need them at the new base.

Chibodee: Where is it?

Sora: Shhhhhhhhh, that’s what you get if you live through this battle.


Foxxy stands choreographing Walachian Soldiers as they lift parts to Kit Custom, while Alchemists bond armor and other parts on.

Foxxy: Really good guys, keep it up! We really need to get this up and running, so we need you working on all cylinders!

Soldier: She sure is sweet.

Draco: (lifting up a heavy panel) But the fact still stands that she is working us like dogs.

Soldier: Prince Draco?

Draco: Shut up, her pointless babbling just needs to end, and this is the fastest way to shut her up.

Soldier: Still, it’s very kind for you to do this Prince!

Alchemist: He is right, but it’s nice to see an altruistic side to you.

Draco: Its not altruism, its convenience.

Alchemist: Whatever gets you through the day…

Foxxy: (looking over her shoulder) Sure you don’t wanna join in Aveian?

Aveian: I’m not going to waste my time.

Foxxy: Your choice.

Aveian: (lighting a new cigarette) Waste your time if you want, gives me something to watch.

Foxxy: (turning around, under breath) God you can be an ass Aveian! (Out loud) Please guys, we really have to get this done!

Alchemist: Don’t worry, we’re doin everything we can, if it can be done: we’ll do it!

Foxxy: (eyes watering, voice quivering) Thanks guys…

Draco: (ordering her) No crying!!!!

Foxxy: (tears shocked from her eyes) Okay!


Sora stays almost stationary, taking out MXs with both guns. She fires streams of Machine gun bullets through several Suits, then unloads the shotgun on a few more.

Sora: Have you guys gotten a hold of the main forces yet?!

Black Soldier: Do you have any idea how hard this is you crazy bitch!? Ain’t really easy to find frequencies when you hoping not to get blown up?

Chibodee: Believe me, when we find them, we’ll tell you!


Sora opens fire as fast as possible, MXs explode all around her. She cakes the area in Machine gun fire, until she hears empty clicks; she places the gun back and reaches for a clip.

Sora: Shit!

A Beam heads right for her Suit’s torso, she dodges back, but the Beam takes a chunk out of her machine gun.


Sora reams the broken gun at the MX; it embeds itself in the Suit’s chest, and causes them both to explode. Sora draws her sword and slices down a Suit, then whips around cutting two more down, and destroying 3 more with the shot gun.

Sora: (breathing hard, hair matted, face sweaty) Damnit, this is getting bad.


Foxxy: You’ve gotta help Aveian, if Sora fails she’ll die!

Aveian: I told you, there is nothing we can do.

Foxxy: and if she dies then the reinforcements never get here, and its just a matter of time until we get wiped out, Negeta, this country’s enemies, even Walachia, we have to win here!

Aveian: I’m not a Mobile Suit Pilot…

Foxxy: (eyes lighting up, happily holding his shoulders) You mean it Aveian, you’ll really let…

Aveian: If you get someone to Pilot that pile of shit I’ll let you launch.

Foxxy: I’ll…

Aveian: You can’t go.

Foxxy: (Moping) Oh come on!

Aveian: I want to see if anyone else in group agrees with you, if someone does, they can pilot the KC and go help Sora.

Foxxy: (rubbing her chin, evil chuckle, plotting) Another Pilot huh…?

Draco walks by, oblivious, sweaty, shirtless. Foxxy runs over to him, stopping right ahead of him.

Foxxy: (big sparkly eyes) Please Pilot the Gundam for me…

Draco: No.

Foxxy: (even cuter) Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase?

Draco: No.

Foxxy: I’ll do anything (cups his crotch, closes her eyes and tip toes up, her lips primed for contact) Anything…

Draco casually picks Foxxy up by the shoulders, them both now chibi-fied. Her removal from the floor makes a classic Video Game bleep, he then squarely pivots to one side, and sets her down with another bleep, then walks off.

Foxxy: (blushing) What just happened?! (Panicking) Oh God! What did I just almost do!? (Squeaking, then falling over backwards) I’m gonna lay on the floor for a while…


Sora zooms through the battle zone cutting down MXs, at the waist, through the shoulders, stabbed in the ribs, cut down the center, stabbed through the stomach, pierced in the chest, cut off at the knees, or from shoulder to hip diagonally. Sora flies back before the ship.

Sora: (exhausted) Damnit, they just keep coming! Aren’t you done yet!?!!

Chibodee: We don’t know!

Sora: What!? What the hell do you mean by that?!

Chibodee: We send transmissions, but we don’t get any replies! We have no idea if they’re hearing us!!

Sora: Damnit! Fucking Hell! EEEEEEE-YAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!

Sora floors it forward, she slices down Suit after Suit, one tries to fire at her from behind, but she dodges a millimeter out of the way, and fires the shot gun over the opposite hip to destroy it. She fires off several more shots wiping out more Suits.

Sora: (determined, enraged) I won’t lose!

Sora rushes an enemy with her sword.

Sora: I can’t lose here!

Before she can bring the sword down its shot out of her hand, she quickly shifts the gun to her right hand and drives the shield into the chest of the MX, destroying it.

Sora: Damn! The right hand is too damaged to operate the gun. Just perfect.

She shifts the gun back to her left hand, and opens fire, as the enemy rallies for an attack.

Sora: Drop, drop, drop damn you!!!!!

Sora opens fire on the swarming MXs, her shots damage and destroy many, but then they return fire, and beams rain down on her Suit, she moves the shield to protect the body and the arms. The Beams impact, damaging her shield, tearing into the shoulders and legs, and one hits the head, knocking out most of the sensors except the main screen, that goes black and white, with heavy snow.

Sora: (half unconscious) I can’t die…

Sora pushes the booster to move, but the give out, one taking out the left leg at the thigh and part of the waist and lower torso.

Sora: (trying to stabilize) Shit…!

She desperately attempts to dodge, return fire, and protect herself. Suddenly the right leg fails, and explodes mid-shin. Before she can recover the MXs shoot out the large GINN thrusters on her back.

Sora: Just perfect…


Foxxy continues to lie on the floor, staring up at the ceiling.

Aveian: You going to try to find a Pilot?

Foxxy: There aren’t any, Sora is on her own.

Aveian: (sighs) Kit…

Foxxy: Big Bro is busy, and he’d never do anything for Sora.

Aveian: Just try it, there’s a com-link to each room, its on the left side by the door, his room is Z-13.

Foxxy hops up and runs over to Aveian, glomping his neck.

Foxxy: (loud kiss on his cheek) Thank you!

Foxxy runs off.

Aveian: Idiot.

Near his face a glossy kiss hovers, right off the cheek she kissed, it floats over, and gets wiped across the floor.

Aveian: A bunch of damned idiots.


Foxxy runs over to the com-link.

Foxxy: (Scanning the buttons) Z-13, bingo!

Foxxy presses the button, and static rings out from the other side.

Foxxy: (over speaker) Kit, Sora isn’t back yet, it doesn’t matter if you hate her, you know if this mission fails we’re fucked…

On the bed these words are coming towards Kit is pinned down, connected at the pelvis with his lover/keeper. Her mouth is busy, her tongue running over his cheek, her lips puckering, smooching, sucking, draining all his energy, his power, his resistance.

(Foxxy:) Kit. Just talk to me…

Kit: (panting, speaking while his lips are free, and stopping when they’re not) I should go, this mission is important, I have to do…

Allenby catches him with his mouth open, and makes him pay for it, all the thought and determination he had melts away as her tongue paints his mouth the color of lust. Allenby slowly pulls back, her eyes soft and seductive, her face blushed, her hair wild(er), her face and stance shows complete confidence and control.

Allenby: (letting his life creator free, and sits on his hips) I could let you go, I guess…

Kit: (regaining his normal attitude) You’re drooling on my legs.

Allenby: Deal with it, or I’ll shut you up (scooting up onto his pubic area) or I’ll climb up and drool in your mouth.

Kit: Please let me go.

(Foxxy:) What are you doing in there, are you listening?!

Allenby: But first I have to clean you up a bit…


Allenby: I can get all the lipstick off, but I left my mark (almost orgasmic) all over you...

(Foxxy:) You two are fuckin aren’t you?

Allenby: (back to seducing) I use my cover up, but I’m kinda low, and I don’t feel like going out.

(Foxxy:) Can you pull out and push the button at least, its one way, I can’t hear you…

Allenby: And your med-kit is waaaaaaaaaay over there…

(Foxxy:) You better be having fun at least!

Allenby: And all I have here is…

As Allenby speaks she raises a box, and with each word, and each bit of the box, Kit gets more unhappy.

Allenby: This industrial… economy… pack of high strength… high stick… extra average looking band-aids.

Allenby Pulls one out, taking it out of its wrapper, and taking the glossy covers off the arms.

Kit: You know I hate those…

Allenby: Exactly, that’s why I left all these marks on you (slowly putting it on him) and why I’m going to stick them all over you, (getting, and slowly applying more) so I can torture you, and show everyone that I have so much power over you.

Kit: (teasing) Bitch…

Allenby silences him again, while sticking another one on his neck.

Allenby: And at the end of the day, I’ll still have your heart, and you’ll come crawling back to me.

Kit: You will pay in the future.

Allenby: Then I’ll just have to make you pay now. Lets see, two on the neck for this one, and another two on the other side to get this one, another on the shoulder, you’re gonna need them all over you’re chest, two by you ribs, another couple by your navel, and two over each hip bone, and that left arm, you need at least eight on your bicep, and you’re forearm, that’s another ten, and even two more on the back of your hand. oooooooooooh, and I have to imagine this was your favorite, this one needs about four, right where you bush was…

Kit: Your plans scare me.

Allenby: And the best, the one that just screams “I’m owned.” These little babies on your cheeks.

She places one right under the bone by his eye socket on the left side and two mid-cheek on the right.

Allenby: Plus I don’t want people to get the wrong idea, I’m not that kinda girl…

Kit: So you’d rather it looks like you through me through a window?

Allenby: Everyone knows you like it rough.

Kit: I have to say (sits up, throws his chains over her neck, pulling her face close to his) you got me, but I promise to get you back (he pulls her into a long passionate kiss) I just sealed it.

Allenby: (smiles lovingly) Looking forward to it.


Foxxy continues listening for a reply on the inter-com, but gets nothing.

Foxxy: (sighs, throwing her hands down in exhaustion) I give up!

She turns around and starts heading back towards where Aveian is.

Foxxy: I give up Aveian (a uniform coat hits the ground) Kit’s not resounding (a hand picks up a helmet) and since I can’t go (a space suit is zipped up) so I guess Sora… is…

Aveian runs up the Suit into the cockpit, he hits all the buttons with expert typing skills, and shuts the hatch, donning his helmet.

Aveian: God I’m an idiot for doing this, Commander Aveian Wind, LAUNCHING!!!!

Kit Custom deploys, and takes off out of the Walachian Colony.


Sora’s Suit is heavily damaged; the legs are trashed, the shoulders and shield severely melted apart.

Sora: Just a few more…

She goes to open fire, but only hears empty clicks, she goes to reach for another clip, but a single beam severs the right arm at the elbow.

Sora: Just perfect, I live my whole life being sneaky, double-crossing, evil, and slutty. And I live just fine; I finally try to put my past behind me, when I fall in love, and try to change myself and help him, I die before I can have my redemption…

The MXs open fire, Sora calmly closes her eyes.

Sora: Bye Aveian, sorry I could never show you how much I loved you…

The Beams are about to hit, when a huge force rocks the ERA.

Sora: (eyes shoot open) What the hell!? Kit!!!?

The KC shoulder blocks the ERA out of the way, then blocks the shots with its shield.

Aveian: (on the com link) I’ll just pretend I didn’t hear that.

Sora: (cocky laugh) Hear what?

Aveian: Good. Now lets see what this piece of shit can do…

Aveian opens fire with the wrist Gattling (Gouf Custom style if you haven’t picked up on my homage yet) destroys all the approaching Suits.

Aveian: (barely coming through on the screen) You okay Sora?

Sora: I’m alive, that’s okay enough right now.

Aveian: Good. (Image cuts out)

Aveian takes the ERA’s hand and pulls it towards the Escape Shuttle.

Aveian: (over the Shuttle’s speakers) Open the hatch, and treat any injuries she has!

Chibodee: (shocked and scared to a comic level) R-right away Commander!

Aveian drops in the ERA, and Chibodee rushes to get Sora.


Operator: All MX forces wiped out sir!

Negeta: Just capture Sora, and destroy the ship, IS THAT SO HARD?!

Operator: Send all MX forces to those coordinates, ALL TROOPS!


The KC floats, de-active, next to the ship. Aveian, inside looks asleep; arms crossed, head drooping.

Chibodee: Why not come aboard?

Aveian: Can you move?

Black Soldier: We outta fuel!

Chibodee: Still, you could come inside.

Aveian: I have a reason.

Chibodee: What?

Several battle ships and cruisers come into view.

Aveian: (taking the controls, opening his eyes) That.

Aveian takes off towards the ships. All the Ships start releasing MXs everywhere. Aveian begins firing on the Suits with the Head Vulcans, then flies under a ship and tears into them with the wrist Gattling, blowing the whole bottom apart. As he exits from the bottom of the ship fire starts pouring in, Sniper Beams, ship guns, anti-ship and anti-Mobile Suit Missiles. Aveian begins dodging madly, firing back at the Suits and ships.

Aveian: I can’t keep this up!

Suddenly Beams pour in from another direction, but these ones pierce the MXs from behind, destroying them. Huge shells from ship’s Main Guns hit other Battle Ships, destroying them instantly. Missiles fill the area, as well as heavy machine gun fire and beams.

Ship Captain: Destroy those Traitors! Glory to Commander Wind!

The Refugee ships deploy all their Suits, far out numbering, and out Piloting Negeta’s forces.

Enemy Captain: Shoot down those Suits, they’re not that… No, not tha… AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!

A MX flies in front of the Ships Command Deck, then shoots inside, disabling it. The allied MXs completely wipe out Negeta’s forces quickly. Aveian flies back to the Flag Ship and boards it; donning another uniform (in a desperate attempt to not look like Sora owned him) and enters the command deck.

Soldier: (saluting) Commander!

Aveian: At easy, I’m tired.

Captain: So what bring you aboard?

Aveian steps up to the panel and types at a speed that would make Ritsuko Akagi cry, then walks away.

Aveian: The Auto-Pilot will take us there, wake me when we land, also, take aboard the refugees on the Life Shuttle, and give the woman to the Captain’s Quarters.

Aveian walks out. The captain and the crew are in shock.

Captain: When did he become so bold?

Soldier: Or horny?

CIC Operator: Did you see his neck and arms?

All: Huh?

CIC Operator: Hickies and nail marks everywhere, if that girl is the one we’re picking up, none of us will be sleeping tonight.


Aveian goes into the Captain’s cabin, and flops down on the bed, without taking a single thing off. He just lays there awake, but not moving. A while later the door opens softly, and the bed shakes, before Aveian can look his lips are covered by hers, but this time the lips are softer, more loving, more welcoming.

Aveian: Welcome back Sora.

Sora: Sora Nushi reporting for duty Commander.

Aveian: Just go to sleep.

Sora: No.

Sora wraps her arms around him.

Sora: I’m too tired to do anything, and I’m too cold and scared, I just want to hold you, just please get naked and hold me, I want to feel all of you, and I don’t to feel so soft…

A heavy thud sounds, and she feels fingers against her chest.

Aveian: You better get your clothes off too.

Sora’s clothes are shed quickly, and both of them embrace the other tightly, falling into a restless, yet calm sleep.


A few of the soldiers poke their heads into the Captain’s Quarters.

Soldier: Damn!

Soldier: I wonder how much of that is from tonight.

Soldier: Holy crap! Look at his piece!

Soldier: DAMN! I feel like crying…

Aveian: You gonna stare at me all day, or are you here for a reason?

Soldier: We landed…

Soldier: Please don’t kill us!

The door slams shut and they hit the wall in the hall way.

Soldier: That was relatively kind compared to what we did.

Soldier: Too true.

Back inside the Room Aveian begins getting dressed; he looks back at the bed where Sora is laying naked under the sheets, laying peacefully.

Aveian: You gonna get up Sora?

Sora: (half asleep) I just wanna lay here for a while; I’ll meet up with you later. Huh…?

Aveian picks her up, wrapped in the sheet, and carries her out.

Sora: What’s the deal…?

Aveian: You can sleep in our room at the castle, all these soldiers have had a long battle, I want them to be rested if they have to have another one.

Sora: It’s fine; I like the smell of our room better any way.


Kit runs into the hangar, dressed and decorated.

Kit: Okay, I’m ready to take off.

Foxxy: (looking away) Aveian took off a while ago, so you can go back to… (Looks at him, and bursts into laughter) Allenby! Oh my God! What did she do to you!? You’re covered in em! You look so CUTE!!!!! Awwwwwwww, she got you so good! she decorated you and made you so adorable…

Kit puts her hand on her mouth.

Kit: Now is quiet time…

Foxxy opens her mouth and cutely bites his hand, then leaves.

Foxxy: Looks like you’ll need more band aids now.

Kit looks at his fingers, which are now all bleeding from little wounds.

Kit: I have weird family, but I love them.

Kit lays down on the lift with his hand behind his head, and takes a nap.

A while later the ships land, waking Kit.


Outside Draka and her troops are in the forest. Draka stands at a tree, with her hands to it.

Draka: Okay, listen up. This is just like a normal transmutation, except you end at step two.

The tree breaks near her hands and falls over.

Draka: Once it hits the ground (putting her hands against it again) just do it again to finish it off.

Cavalier: See that girls?! Now let’s get to work!

All the Cavaliers spread out, and get to work breaking down all the trees. They work with extreme drive to clear the forest, and the area cleared spreads at a phenomenal pace.

Draka: Get those stumps too… (The sky goes dark, and the wind starts blowing hard) they’re almost here.

As the land is cleared Neo-American Ships began landing, the Flag ship lands in the Hangar next to the Raven Corps. dwarfing it.
Kit: The troops are back, there’s the pride of our military, our largest and most well armed ship, the Butë Dashur e Puthur.

Draco: Not really an intimidating name.

Kit: Draco? You’re here too? And you know what it means?

Draco: Yeah, and it’s such a stupid thing for “God,” to do! Damn idiot and his self serving in-jokes!

Aveian exits the ship along with Sora, still in his arms.

Kit: So the mission was a success?

Aveian: Of course, but Sora needs some sleep.

Aveian walks by, on his way to leave.

Kit: (sighs, thinking) Good, guess he didn’t notice.

Aveian: Nice look, and I thought Sora got me bad.

Kit: Crap.

Voice: DAMN! What happened to you dawg!?

Kit: Keef?

Black Soldier: The one and only!

Kit: Welcome back dude!

Name: Keef Jackson
Height: 5’ 10”
Age: 20
Body: Chocolate-Milk skin, slightly more built that Kit, 6-pack, pecs, medium arm definition.
Clothes: Beige uniform top, unbuttoned near the top, revealing his white under t-shirt, his dog-tags are platinum and diamond, yet have all the correct information, he has on semi-tight “North Pole,” black jeans, with white and black “Ether-Strength 10’s,” and a Platinum and diamond “Glidex,” on his right wrist. The pockets of his jeans are big enough to hide his Uzi, though he usually keeps it in a holster in the same place as Kit’s sword.
Face: He has small lips for his race, more like a full-lipped white girl. He has his hair back in corn rows straight back, his eyes are medium brown, and small for an Anime character.
Personality: He is really close to Kit, treating him like an equal, often callin him “Nigga,” (and such) he is a devoted soldier, and a good one two, affording him the Uzi instead of a standard 9mm Pistol. He is a skilled Mechanic, knowing a lot about fuel and other fluids, because of him the Suits always have enough Fuel, Coolant, Hydraulic Fluid, Oil, Lubricant and Water. He is very vain with his money, always buying “Bling,” instead of weapons, liquor, or investment funds. Over all Keef is one of the most popular people at the base, out-classed noticeably by Kit and Foxxy. He has a long running feud with Kit over who is the better lover, being as Kit beat him by two inches in the “Who is longer contest,” though they both lost over all.

Keef: So where the fuck is we?

Kit: Walachia.

Keef: Nigga what!?

Kit: I never heard of it either.

Keef: How is the honeys?

Kit: Nigga please! They’re so hot!

Keef: Is they kinky too, that how you got all fucked up like that? Dawg what happened to you.

Kit: My lover happened! And believe me, if she had been from here, it would have been a lot “worse.”

Keef: I’m gonna like it here!

Aveian: Sergeant, get to work, the Mobile Suits need repairing, and now that the reinforcements are here you need to get working.

Keef: (unenthusiastic) Roger Commander…

Aveian: (semi-excited, planning) Now that we have all them here, I can begin my plan.

Kit: What plan? …(Kit’s eyes catch something) You didn’t!

(Sylven:) How will I get my Gundam then!?

(Marane:) Because our friends are going to build it for us…

The Butë Dashur e Puthur unloads and almost in tact Quick Sylver torso, head, shoulders and waist.

Kit: Why?

Aveian: That Mobile Suit is ours, the traitor left it behind, and we’re going to use it to our advantage.

Kit: For what?

Aveian: The system, I already have plans for it.

(Ending Music)


A long time later Kit, now Band aid free along with the rest of the Raven Corp, and Base Crews stand before a Black Gundam.

Ja Ne

(Outlaw Star music)

Foxxy: Time jumps are fun huh? Did you know Keef wasn’t even a character in the original version? Yeah, based on a later episode Fox-Boy decided that he needed an “African-American,” character. And I guess that he had to do a FLCL –style preview, Draka should be doing this, Kari Wahlgren was supposed to be her Voice anyway… Well next time things will really be getting good! I swear! If you thought Quick Sylver was hard on Pilots, wait till you see these new Suits! There are even more Anime “Homage’s,” or as most people call them “Blatant Rip-Offs.” Along with that is the whereabouts of a certain Pilot we have been missing, along with the return of a few others who have been off-duty. I promise you that this will make up for all the boring character development that has been going on for a while. Next Episode: Absolute Power: Mission 19: Falling Blade. So you better get ready!

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

yep, now i'm taking 1500 MGs of penicilin for 10 days, and no: its not because i have syphilis, though that would make a much better story upon returning to school...

but nope, all i have is a case of lowly ole boring strepp throat, so they have me ingesting massive amouts of bread fungus each day to help clear my throat up. all this happened because i went and saw my family doctor yesterday.

and oh what a pleasant trip was that! it takes like 40 minutes to get there, i didn't remember that fun fact so i got to ride in the car for a while before reaching the office. then once inside i just sat around for a while, and eventually nature called, so i go to the WC, and what do you know? they call me in for my evaluation whilest i'm in the shitter. so i quickly get my shit together and exit and get led in for my evaluation, i lost a little weight due to my sickness, which just proves that old adage about wishes coming true, i was pissed that pete from fob is 2 inches thinner than me [i knew nothing of the man before seeing him on a Perez Hilton special] so i suppose if i ever need to slim down again i can just drink a big-gulp cup full of dog drool.

speaking of said sad she-male i really hope i misunderstand the concept a "song". you know like how couples will have a "song", well i imagine its the first song you hear whilest your together rpmantically, and if thats true than that means my wedding DJ will be play "this ain't a scene its an arms race" i really hope i'm confused on what a "song" is because if not i really think that song might start suiting me because i'm pretty sure having that assigned to me might just get me to consider life and option instead of a certantity.

though then again its not as if me or my beaner are exceptionally normal so i doubt unless she begs me that said tune shall be "our song".

but back to my doctoral adventures. when i get in there a get serviced first by an intern who sounded like Dr. Robert Rey from E!'s "Doctor 90210" so i kept expecting him to suggest i get plastic surgery. finally my doctor, Doctor Smith came in and i realized he bares a striking resemblance to Captain Sosuke Aizen of Bleach fame, so in the back of my mind that kept me occupied a little, but basically their job was simple, strepp throat, they really wanted me to be hawking stuff up, puking and coughing, being as they kept asking me if i'd done those things, but they seemed pretty sure that i have strepp. they also are worried i might lose my tonsils, because they got all swollen from the sickness and now they make me snore, i'd rather get a damn c-pap machine than get my mouth livers taken out, i'm an Irish American, i need all the blood filters i can get in my body. but i must say that nothing made my throat feel better than that 8th a bottle of sam adams my mom handed over to me, i loves me some localized anasethics.

my throat don't hurt sand i feel no fever but still squad 5 captain and Dr. 90210 told me not to go to school till monday so i guess i rot in boredom a bit longer. it is nice though, being able to blame them instead of myself, mon-wed i felt like shit because i was my fault i was there, but now i have a couple of straw men to blame. so i chill out for the rest of my 9-day weekend then go back to school on monday.

its all good, i'm feelin great now so i can only imagine how much closer to 100% i'll be in 4 days, so i won't be an easy target for scavenger Wilcock being as my voice is back and my mind never turned off for a second. i think i'll even wear my Girl Power T my first day back just to start things off on the "right" track. i suppose i'm taking the role of a top-bottom, the role women usually play in flirting, let the person comew to you, let them believe they're in control whilest you manipulate them all the way. i don't usually start shit, but i think i have a right to bait that little ass monkey.

i'm feelin good, and i have anti STD meds to thank for that!


"its pretty funny that there are two trained medical professionals feeling more discomfort over my illness than i am."

-Me [yesterday]

♥ JD Person ♥

HAIL ZEON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

what doesn't kill me...
causes enough pain in my throat i want to dig my tosils out with a dessert fork. really over the past few days i've fantisized about lancing the back of my throat to reliece the pain, makes me wish i could go to the old-timey definition of a barber, they guy who would cut your hair, while he amputated your dead leg. what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, thats such a pile of shit... people who really fuck up a limb they can never use it the same again, it grinds and hurts and is far more delicate, and if you ever break it again? limb goes bye-bye forever. once more i think this is evidence of why Kanye West is a douche bag, because after he got out of that car crash all he does is bitch and moan whenever he doesn't get his way. if getting fucked up in that car crash actually made him stronger then how much more of a self-centered, whinly little bitch he is today.

when i first heard "gold digger" i thought it was a P.Diddy song, because of all the gutteral moaning that is usually reserved to people with disintery and/or Sean Combs. well i soon learned it was mr. West, and i believe it was around that time he decided to de-humanize Katrina victims to push his career and political beliefs, so yeah i learned the difference then, Diddy hangs out with Paris Hilton threatening to kill people before going home and streaming images of him pissing via his webcam. Kanye on the other hand blames race for everything bad that ever happened to him, believes he's Jesus, believes he should be in the bible, thinkls that if he were britney spears he'd have won the VMAs, and enjoys disrigaurding victims of the two hugest tradegedies in recent american history so he can sell albums. he's really a terrible human being, its really sad that Bill Maher and Don Imus get their carrers put in jeporady for minor, one time slips but Kanye goes bitching and whining, saying horribly offensive and racist things, blasphemes then thanks God in one sentance and shows total disregaurd for the victims of tragedies unless he can further his career by doing it. for him and MTV to that september eleventh will go down in the anals of history as the day his record dropped... i think we should lock him in a cage with some FDNY members who lost guys from their houses on 9/11, i'd pay to watch that, even if he'd just call them all racist, unless they were black, then he'd just say they were being decieved by some higher government power, that little dickweed, i want to see his shit get kicked in.

i'm still not in school due to my sickness, i actually am feeling pretty good today, except my soft palate feels wierd and is flubbing up my speach a little, i really hope i did fuck it up when i was trying to blow almost solid mucus out of my nose, really more than anything i just want my speech to be all fixed up, i'll probably be needing it to duel it out with Adam Willcock in my 6th hour, i'm sorta glad i've stayed ho,e because he's the type of douche bag who'd start an argument with a guy who's lost his voice, i mean he did already challenge a kid on crutches to a fist fight and tried to call me gay for wearing a shirt with the animenetwork Girl Power symbol on it, he's just a special kind of dick. so tomorrow when i hopefully return to school i'll have to be ready to square off against the most overated person on the school.

i really find it fun that girls find him sexy, because he's really the equivilent of a vulture, he feeds of the wounded, weak and dying. it really is perplexing to me that there and girls that would glomp onto him and say "i love you Adam, its so sexy how you pick on people so obviously weaker than you!" this is probably why i didn't get any dates before i met Bev, i didn't punch-out enough special ed kids [well any for that matter, biut now we're knick-picking]. i suppose its sort of how they say "shit begets shit" someone as lowly as Adam can only be seen as attractive if he indulges in the lowest activities known to man. so yeah, i guess i'm just full of hate as of late, and i won't be much happier over the coming time, i'm going to the doctor's office today, and i plan to re-enter school tomorrow, futures so bright i need shades...


♥ JD Person ♥

HAIL ZEON!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Fighting spirit.
i feel like my soul is dead again, i think i felt this way before i got a little sick before, now i feel this way again and once more i'm sick, sicker than ever.

i'd say this illness is comparable to wonderful level of disease i contracted from Bev splashing me in the mouth with log ride water at Circus Circus, i have the same fun filled symptoms, mind shreddingly sore throat, tempreture irregularities, nausea. but still there are a few i'm missing, at least so far. my fever hasn't gotten high enough to make my eye liquids burn my eyes, nor have i experienced what i believe is vertigo, it felt like lag while you're you're playing x-box live, i'll just be walking along for a while then all of the sudden the world catches up with me, or as i turn my head it feels like the world needs to catch up, and then scenery just snaps into place. i think it might be because i have some sort of epilepsy, because it only happened in the flourecent lights of the hospital my dad was in, i say epilepscy because i experience the feeling of deja vue a lot anhd that sensation is linked to epilepscy.

but the new symptom i have now is that i have absolutely no energy, last time i was sick i had all my energies, but right now i just feel like my soul isn't driving me, i feel like a mech with no pilot. whatever i want to do just doesn't seem important, i have no drive to do things. sadly the things i do have drive to do won't work, i have a project due tomorrow and i wanted to work on it but i can't, the caucking gun i need to afix things to the project i don't know how to work it. i've never used a caucking gun before so i have no idea how to operate one, i could have got a lot done if it'd worked but instead i just layed around and watched TV, which may have helped me recover [i don't know if it is or not] but i just feel lazy and useless.

i hate being sick, because i may be lazy but the things i do do mean a lot to me, so not being ableto do all the things i want to makes me feel so weak and pathetic. i want to write my story, finish my project or decorate my room but instead i just end up being a lump on the couch, i really feel like all i need to go with my headache, hot flashes and abdominal pain is to break out a pint of icecream whilest i watch Montel Williams. my mom mentioned she goes through that stuff too, to which i applied "your overies are dying, you're supposed to feel this way, i'm young and male, this isn't natural for me." i also started crying when Bev didn't call me back in the morning when she said she would, well she said she would if she could get the cell phone, i suppose i could have called her but once again here i am wrapped up in a blanket crying because my lover is ignoring me. i seriously must look like Chris Crocker right about now.

speaking of whiny little fruits, i'm glad i didn't get any CC-esque "LEAVE KANYE ALONE!!!!!!!!" messages from you guys, i really wouldn't be able to take it, i'm spiritually broken and i', pushing an energiless body. the other night when me and my dad were getting throat soothing chemicals i could feel my body quiver, now i don't know if i'm weak and shaky or due to the fact i always tremble a little if i hold still, Bev sways, i shake. so it might be like The Doctor told Rose in the first ep of the new series "i can feel the world turn." maybe i'm just so weak my subtle trembles feel like full on muscle spasms, either way i'm not too happy right now.

i'm starting to think this might all be karma for me spouting all that venom about Kanye, but then again everything i said i truely believe and i'm glad you guys agree with me. i think it might just be all the negetative feelings i have inside that are cutting my body's defenses off at the knees, when you're under stress its easier to become sick, and i've been under some stress, i argued with this total dickwad in my 6th hour because he was making fun of my Animenetwork "Girl Power" shirt, so i layed into him and walked away with with a Gin Ichimaru-esque smile. i saw him in the hall and some little emo-ho he was with called me a "faggot" in passing. its fine though, much like a bundle of sticks i do have a lot of wood. so i was beaming with my successes in taking on someone like Wilcock who is seen as cool because he picks on people much weaker than him, so taking me on and being matched or even beaten really rocked his world, he learned that picking a word-fight with me is different than challenging a kid on crutches to a fist fight.

but as i was walking my weeny dog and beaming about letting loose all that on Wilcock we snuck up on a little squirrel who did see us until too late and ran out into the street into an on coming car. i thought he was just scared because he flipped around a little then layed down, so i thought he was just scared anf fainted, but when i went over to him, well are far as his eyes went he looked like a suprised cartoon character, so i walked away in shock, then ended up going back and pushing him to the side of the road so his body wouldn't get destroyed anymore. the image of that little guy haunt me, and along with having to do this project and my hatred of Kanye West i think my body is just too frazzled to heal properly, so i'll just be suffering for a while.


"if the bible were written today i'd be in it."

-Kanye West

♥ JD Person ♥

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Do something.
i realize that i'm only sleepy when i'm not doing anything, whilest i was upstairs watching tv i felt as if i was going to fall asleep, but once i get down here and start plugging away on the ole keyboard i no longer feel sleepy, i guess i'm keeping my mind occupied, or it could be i was watching 4kids slaughter one piece and then watching Naruto filler, but i'd like to think that my mind just stalls if i stay still, its more flattering on my part.

but there is a little bit of tiredness i can account for, because i am, as Bill Cosby once put it "sick and tired of being sick and tired." my stupid throat hurts, i hate when my throat get inflamed because then my stupid mouth always starts watering and i keep swallowing past the painful bits, it really is annoying, i reaqlly wish my body's defenses would do their job and smite this stupid germ-based invasion, i have to wonder what my white blood cells are doing, trying to rebuild new orleans?

oh yes, that reminds me of a certain pile of shit who popped back up like a herpes sore about 4 or so days ago. none other than the whiniest egomaniac in popular music today, a Mr. Kanye West. i love how his lame little song i've heard a total of 0 times on the top 40 station i listen to got nominated for 5 fucking awards and he lost, so instead of gracefully saying "its not my year." he throws a temper tantrum like a 5 year olds and starts screaming "what the hell!?" and then saying he lost because "i'm the wrong gender" or "my skin is the wrong color." somebody really needs to beat the living shit out of that little cry-baby. ontop of being a sore loser he once more brings race into the equation so he can get attention, like he did when he exploited the victims of hurricane katrina so he could critisize the president [poorly]. he basically took away the humanity of all those people to prove his point. so what could he possibly do to top that? why release his new album on 9-11. oh yes, of all the days he could crap out another compact disc of him stroking his ego in front of a microphone he dores it on the anniversary of the worst attack on america of all time. now i realize that 50 cent5 did the same thing but 2 things, i don't like him either and his tracks are just as bad, also 50 has about as many brain cells as he has bullet wounds, he's possibly one of the least articulate people i've ever encountered, i wonder how Marshal can talk to him, it must be like plugging a toaster directly into a power line.

but none the less Kanye decided the best day to attempt to compare himself to Jesus again was on 9-11, and the moronic media bought into it, MTV has their hosts saying like "Today, september eleventh, will go down in history forever... as the day Kanye West released his new album y'all Heeeeey!" i'm glad they refrained from saying that anything about Kanye "blew up" because i think thats the only way it could get any more offensive or distasteful. ya know i think we should put Kanye's family and friends inside a sky scraper thats set for demo, fill 8 floors below them with airline fuel and ignite it, lets see if 9-11 will mean something to him then, or tell him that terrorists have taken over his private jet and he's about to be used as a human missile. that arrogant little shit needs to suffer, he makes me sick he doesn't even qualify to be a human being, i really hope he burns in hell for this shit.

i really don't see one redeeming quality in him, he is just absolutely a horrible person, he seems like those mideval kings that would declare themselves the son of God and would then have myths about themselves spread. he has a painting in his room of angels bringing him the gift of music and he says this like he thinks he's Moses recieving the 10 commandments. Even better is that he says if the bible were written today he'd be in it, as well as heccome out on stage dressed as Jesus being crucified and as and angel. there is no end to this fucker's ego and it disgusts me. he thinks that when ever he doesn't get his way its someone else's fault, mostly the "white man". he just throws his race around whenever he can saying anyone who disagrees with him does so because of his race, thats such a dirty move.

i really think that Kanye is an even worse person than Tito Ortiz, because at least Tito tries, he really tries to be nice sometimes, he fails miserably but considering his usual decorum "he took a lot of punches to the face while i dominated him to finally take him out of the fight." is a pretty big compliment, Kanye never even attempts to be a good person, he just acts like his stuck-up arrogant self all the fucking time.

John Lennon gets shot for being rich and Marvin Gaye gets killed by his father but this worthless piece of no-talent arrogant cow shit gets to live, praise be to whatever ends his existance.

i'm too pissed to finish this off the usual way, i'm gone.

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Absolute Power ch.17
Absolute Power
Mission: 17
Paths To Power

~Warning! Multiple Semi-Graphic Sora x Aveian sex scene, if that thought scares you, don’t read~

Kit: Why would you change the ways of your Kingdom like that?

Draka: Because I like you…


The rest of the group stands back, listening. The view pans from one face to another as each speaks.

Sora: What an idiot!

Aveian: Leave it to Kit to seduce women while he’s trying to stay faithful.

Sora: (Sarcastic) Yeah, and he’s trying so hard too…

Draco: Well you can’t really be surprised, can you?

Foxxy: (sighs) Unfortunately not…

Draco: Allenby, how do you put up with that?

Allenby: Because… I love him…

Everyone looks at her; she notices their glances and immediately perks up.

Allenby: (happily) I mean I wouldn’t have made him my man if I didn’t like the way he acted!

Aveian: Either way we have to watch over Kit.

Foxxy: Gasp! Aveian is actually concerned over Kit and Allenby’s relationship? Foxxy is pleasantly surprised!

Aveian: (puts in and lights another cigarette) No, I just want to make sure Kit doesn’t do anything stupid, or get captured again.

Foxxy: (exhausted) I should have known…

Draco: Yes you should have!

Aveian: Allenby, Foxxy, tail him.

Sora: And for what calculated and tactical reason did you make that decision?

Aveian: Allenby is his lover, and Foxxy is his best friend, both of them control his heart and both would fight for him if Draka tries anything.

Foxxy: I’m glad you put such faith in us…

Aveian: You both know you wanted to go anyway. Just do your duty and protect Kit.

Foxxy: (at attention, saluting) Yes Commander! Lieutenant Foxxy will do her very best to watch Captain Kit’s ass.

Allenby jokingly matches the pose.

Allenby: And I will do my best to grope it at inappropriate times!

Aveian: Great, I already have so much confidence in this mission, move out.

Foxxy: (scoffs, under breathe) Ass.

Aveian: Moron.


Darkness, slowly light enters, a blurred picture is seen, it focuses into Marane’s face.

Marane: So you’re awake?

Sylven: Why was I asleep?

Marane: In most operations the patient is sedated.

Sylven: I don’t trust you enough to let you do that.

Marane: What, are you afraid I’d rape you?

Sylven: Nothing you could do would surprise me.

Marane: You’re not my type; also, I don’t think it would work.

Sylven: What?

Marane Stand up.

Sylven stands and looks down at his form. He is still dressed in his plug suit, he looks completely the same.

Marane: Anything feel different?

Sylven quickly grabs his crotch, a soft knock is heard.

Sylven: Nothing… (Rubs his ass) Nothing… (Runs his hands over his arms) I can barely feel anything.

Marane: That is because most of your body is prosthetic now, your suit is thin bullet proof metal, it’s able to stop most personnel weapons; also, you lost most of your organs, including the reproductive and excremental ones.

Sylven: So I can never lose my virginity now?

Marane: Did you ever plan to?

Sylven: (reaches for his whip) That isn’t the point!

Sylven is surprised its not there, but as his arm extends, a whip springs from his wrist and slightly wounds Marane’s shoulder.

Marane: Did I mention that most of the inside of your body is prosthetic now too?

Sylven: What did you do to me?

Marane: I made you more powerful. You no longer have to eat, there’s a system on your back that draws in Oxygen to make energy, even without a current Oxygen supply you’ll be able to operate for 72 hours at full combat level, or on life support for essentially a year.

Sylven: So now my weak body can survive longer now, you’re done nothing but ensure my continual agony.

Marane: I’ve also enhanced you’re combat capabilities, you can now move at the border of human sight, and with mechanical joints and metal hands you can cause much more damage.

Sylven: So you really resting all of your hope in me, aren’t you?

Marane: You have to rest, you have a lot of incision wounds, you can test out your new body once they all close, wouldn’t want to try to fight and explode, now would you?

Sylven: Stop preaching to me, I’m not your follower, I’m using you.

Marane: The situation is mutual.


Draka: (nervously) So are you ready to go Kit?

Kit: (claps) Sure am!

Draka: Then… let’s go! (laughs)

The two of them go to walk out when…

Foxxy: (leaping onto his back) Yo Bro!

Allenby: (Taking his left hand between hers) Hi Kit…

Kit: What are you guys doing?

Allenby: Comin along.

Foxxy: Duh, like we can leave you alone with her.

Kit: Is it okay with you Draka if they come along.

Draka: Is that what you want?

Kit: Yes, it is.

Draka: Then bring them along.

Kit: Good, cause I didn’t mind going without them, but there’s no way I could keep them here.

Draka: Today is for me to prove that our ways are correct; I can’t exactly let you be miserable while I’m doing this. (thinking) But I suppose I have to be miserable for you Kit, I just hope this works.

Kit: Thanks Draka.

Draka turns slightly and blushes a little.

Kit: And thank you guys, you are my support; I need you, thanks for being there.

Foxxy: Like we didn’t want to go…

Allenby: We’re just glad to have the chance to go with you.

Kit: So what are you guys going to do while I’m gone?

Aveian: Sora and I are going to survey this room.

Draco: I and I have to speak with my father.

Kit: Good, we’re all busy then. So you ready to go Draka.

Draka: (uneasy) Sure…

Foxxy: Well let’s go then…

Draka: (commanding once again) While I’m out Aveian is in control.

Knight: Understood Lady Draka!

Draka: (confident, leading the others out) Then lets go commoners!

Foxxy: Great… so kind already, this is going to go by so fast…

Draka: Shut up street urchin!

Foxxy: High class whore!

Draka: Bitch!

Foxxy: I’m a Vixen!

The group fades outside vocal range.

Aveian: Okay! I’m going to survey this room and study the controls. All soldiers leave this room immediately, report to the training grounds and spar with the Cavalry.

Soldier: We’re no match for them!

Aveian: You are also no match for me, they will humiliate you and toy with you, I’ll break and annihilate you.

Soldier: (terrified) The girls it is!

All the soldiers evacuate the room on mass in fear.

Sora goes to walk over to the control panels, but is stopped by a hand on her shoulder, her jacket falls over her arms, as do her tank-top and bra straps. She turns around to see Aveian staring at her strongly, his arms around her back, and her bra falls to his skillful fingers.

Sora: (Surprised and actually blushing) Aveian, I thought we were doing Re-Con in this room…

Aveian: The only thing I plan to study, is your anatomy, (hand goes down her shorts and into her) inside and out.

Sora: Oooooh Aveian!

Sora falls back onto the control panel; Aveian comes down on top, one hand around her back, the other massaging her inner-self. His face moving up and down her neck and chest, him stealing tastes of her sensitive flesh.

Sora: (sweating, panting and moaning) But… Aveian… I’m injured…

Aveian: (looking her in the eyes, as he takes of his pants and boxers) Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you… (Aveian pulls her shorts and panties down, and moves up and forward thrusting in his cock ) Too badly…

Sora: Hurt, oh god hurt me so badly!

Aveian: Roger that.

Sora moans passionately.


Draco marches into the throne room.

Draco: Father, I must talk to you.

Lord Dracula: Yes my son?

Draco: (walks right up and stares his father in the eyes) What the hell is going on?

Lord Dracula: What do you mean?

Draco: The Alchemy, the impaling, letting Draka get the prisoners, Micrea, everything! What is the plan here!?

Dracula: To prolong all our deaths as long as possible…


Draka’s faction walks down a long dirt path in a barren valley. Draka is leading, with Kit a pace behind and to the side, and the other girls just behind him.

Foxxy: (annoyed) Now not to say I don’t enjoy walking through lifeless, dead wasteland, because I do, but where the hell are we going?

Draka: (happily) Into town, we’re going right to the people.

Foxxy: And there aren’t any people, I don’t know NEAR the castle?

Draka: Remember the forest?

Foxxy: Oh yeah… (Drops head, quietly speaks) never mind.


Aveian, his face and neck covered in red lip marks, with long scratches running down his neck and back as well, very tired and sweaty moves back to make another thrust, his hair throwing droplets of sweat off but he slips off the panel and onto the ground, Sora goes down with him, landing on top of him, she pins him down by his shoulder, he has more nail marks across his chest, shoulders and upper arms. Her hair slaps against her face and drips all over his. Sora stares down at him panting hard, her eyes wild. She is very happy, very sweaty, and very horny.

Sora: Yeah, you got me good, you got me really… REALLY wet! But, now you’re under my control, and I’m getting you back!

Aveian: (reaching into the pocket of his pants, which lay next to him) Good, if you’re on top, I can smoke…

Aveian pulls out a cigarette.

Sora: Oh no you don’t, the only thing going in your mouth, (her lips against his) is my tongue…

Her lips engulf his, she kisses and moans passionately, it’s a very deep, even more wet kiss, but Aveian slips his light between his fingers and sifts around for his lighter. Sora looks over while she continues to wash his mouth out.

Sora: (letting his lips free) Bad boy… (her lower body stiffens) I’m going to have to punish you.

Sora’s thin body slinks from the pelvis up, her lips running across Aveian’s face, her wet chest gliding across his, Aveian’s eyes widen, his hand quivers and drops its contents. Aveian breathes hard and moans softly.

Aveian: ooooooh, oh… God, Sora! aaaaaaahhhhhhh…!


Sylven walks through the base he was taken to with the man who took him there.

Sylven: So this is what you call “low profile?”

The walls around him glow purple under black lights, and the way is lit by thin neon tube lights, each length a different bright neon color.

Marane: It’s less conspicuous than you think.

Sylven: The floor in chrome.

The chrome floor reflects their faces as they walk.

Marane: Chrome is a lot less likely to draw attention than weapons grade metals and electronics.

Sylven: Then what am I made of?

Marane: Spare Maintenance Bot parts, they’re built strong for everyday use.

Sylven: Something doesn’t feel right… (reaches back) My hair is longer… (reaches further) is there a bow in my hair?

Marane: Yeah.

Sylven: What purpose do either of those things serve.

Marane says nothing.

Sylven: Why is there a bow in my hair?


The group keeps walking

Foxxy: Why are you doing this, I mean if you wanted to, you probably could have gotten us all killed by now?

Draka: My brother would never let that happen.

Kit: Draco, yeah, he sure seems to have the power to stop that.

Draka: Of course he does!

Kit: It seemed like your dad was ready to kill him too.

Draka: (disheartened) Maybe…

Foxxy: But I mean, I know you’ve never done this before, so why, after Kit objects, do you take us all out to prove its right, and prepared to change your countries long held traditions for us, lowly commoners?

Kit walks up to Draka’s side.

Draka: (looking down) Because…

Kit notices as she nervously twiddles her fingers and her cheeks begin to show red, then her head snaps up, and Kit drops back to his spot.

Draka: (collected) We’re at the town.

Foxxy: Good, and it only took 3 hours.

Allenby: Could have been 4…

Kit: (thinking) She was blushing! (Sarcastic) Great… (Dejected) How the hell do I get myself into these things…?


Lord Dracula: We’re just prolonging our deaths, our enemies are close, and they are growing stronger. It’s only a matter of time now. At this time we are reduced to becoming demons to survive, abducting children, enslaving citizens, forcing our people into roles based on Genes alone, and killing all who oppose us in horrible manners.

Draco: But why all that?

Lord Dracula: To strike fear into the hearts of all in the land. The enemy fears to fight us, and the citizens fear to resist us. They even feel safe if they comply, because they see the Kingdom as powerful and insurmountable, they fail to realize that one day they will all be slaughtered mercilessly once this Paper-Dragon we have become folds.

Draco: (head down, body quivering) So you kill… (looks up, tears in his eyes, raging hatred and anger in his voice) TO KEEP EVERYONE FROM DYING!? You slaughter parents and steal children, and the people accept it because it assures them safety, and you do all this know that the people who bare this burden will someday be killed in vain!?

Lord Dracula: I never said…

Draco: “That this is right, it’s what’s needed to be done.” Tell that to Micrea, TELL THAT TO MOM!!!!

Dracula’s pupils shrink.

Lord Dracula: (infuriated) SILENCE!!!!

He raises his arm, the air trembles and Draco flies back, slamming against the wall, his back hits it, breaking his armor around the impact point, blood spurts from his mouth the wall gives in to his body and breaks apart, his back leaves a bloody streak down the wall, he looks up with squinted eyes, he reaches out towards his Lord, his voice raspy.

Draco: You use your evil deeds to cover your weakness… one day you will have to pay for your act..ions…

His body falls limp.

Micrea: (voice trembling) Brother… where have you gone brother?

Micrea jumps up, he rushes forward and falls down the steps, he takes several stairs hard and with no attempt to block them, he lands hard on his face and chest, and crawls, bleeding from many small wounds and bruised, feeling desperately on the floor and in the air.

Micrea: (wailing) Brother… BROTHER!!!!! Where are you brother! Speak to my brother! FATHER!!!! What have you done to my brother!!!!?

His hand finds Draco’s leg, which he traces up to Draco’s body and face, Micrea, wanting to get as close as he can, crawls forward until his face hits Draco’s, he then leans back a bit, his hand running over Draco’s cheek.

Micrea: Brother…?

Draco: Mi..cre..a-a-a…


Foxxy: Look, a random peasant type person!

Allenby: Foxxy, be nice. They’re the clean clothes impaired.

Draka: (confident, looking back at Kit) Okay Kit, you think we’re all so easy, ask that woman about our policies.

Kit: (returning her cocky look) Fine, I will.

Kit walks up to the peasant, she is an old Lady in ragged clothes, her body dirty, her body worn and her face wrinkled.

Kit: Excuse me miss.

Peasant: “Miss,” well aren’t you the cutest little kiss-ass. I know by your stance, you want to say “Old Woman,” or “Hag.”

Kit: Yeah, I do. So old woman, are you alright with this Kingdom’s actions?

Old Woman: My son was taken to make Gold, and my husband was killed for treason when he tried to resist my son’s taking…

Kit gets a very sly look in his eyes; he looks back at Draka, who looks him dead in the eyes completely confident and sassy as ever.

Old Woman: …But, I know why it happened. My son was needed, and my husband couldn’t see that. When I lost them, my house had no men; I thought I would die a pauper’s death. But the Lord came to me in the night…

Kit: Dracula himself.

Old Woman: (holding her cheeks blushing, her eyes closed, shaking her head) Yes, and he looked so gallant and dashing, that young stud… oh the things I wanted to teach him…

Kit: Whoa, WHOA! Stop, please stop! I don’t want to think about old people fucking!

Old Woman: (laughing heartily) I suppose that would scar a young mind like yours. but still, you know what they say about older women… (Kit cringes) The Lord told me that he would pay for my lively hood until I died, and also that he had my Husband fed wonderfully and knocked out before he was put to the stake. He truly is a kind man…

Kit: (turns around) Is this true Draka?

Draka: (nods) Yeah, I knocked him out with my Alchemy.


Sora: (riding Aveian with perfect precision) Good, now you’re playing my game…

Aveian: Sometimes I really resent you…

His hand creeps towards his stuff.

Sora: You can still talk; I’m must not be doing my job right…

Sora pushes down harder, she lengthens the movements; each thrust so much longer and harder. Aveian’s hand trembles, he grips his pants and moan harder, trying to hold it in.

Aveian: (panting harder, moans getting stronger) W-what… what are you trying to do… to me!?

Sora: Make you scream of course! And it seems like its starting to work…

Aveian holds his face in his hands, his breaths hard, Sora continues to lengthen her strokes and push harder. Sora goes past her level and starts moaning, but going at it harder none the less, Aveian tries to cover his mouth but fails, and all the pleasure explodes out.

Aveian: (shouting with pleasure, his voice filled with emotion and his breath heavy) Oh…oh…oh... god… how are… how are you doing this to me?!

Sora: (moaning, but overall cocky) Practice makes perfect.

Sora continues to rain down pleasure upon her fallen lover, who moans louder and faster with every push she gives.


The two continue down the neon-chrome halls.

Sylven: Why is there a bow in my hair?

Marane: As you can see the Lab is maintained by Bots, they actually are quite intelligent, are far more productive then people.

Sylven: So that is the reason for the silence in this facility.

Marane: I need productivity, not companionship.

Sylven: I am so relieved I no longer have any way to be raped.

Marane: We’ve reached the main entrance, let’s see the town.

The two of them exit, outside it is pitch black, tall buildings all around stand with lights on, large neon signs, and huge monitor screens, but the screens show nothing, the windows have no shadows and no one walks the streets.

Marane: Derris Kharlan Capital City, Celestia. This section’s proper name is “The Edge of Nowhere.” But I like to call it “The Town with No People.”


Kit: You actually did that for him Draka?

Draka: Yeah, of course!

Kit: Really, why though?

Draka: Look, it’s not as if we enjoy killing people, but we have to. We have to put up a scary front. We don’t want to make people suffer, just save all the lives we can. We have to show what happens to our enemies, including those who revolt in the Kingdom. All the enemy sees is a dead body and maybe a guy getting impaled, they have no idea the man can’t feel the pain of his death. We want to save everyone we can; even the martyrs have the right to be spared all we can…

Foxxy: Wow, I actually respect her, for that.

Old Woman: I miss my husband, and I feel for my son… but I know this is what the Kingdom needed to do, I cannot expect the whole land to suffer for me.

Kit: I can see that you are right Draka, we can go…

Draka: (gasp) No, no… I want to see what others think! Kit, I brought you down here to prove you’re wrong, and that I am right. I want to prove all that to me too, so lets see some other people.

Kit: Okay… (Thinking) what the hell is she planning?

Foxxy: Does this mean we have to walk through another barren wasteland?

Draka: No, all the villages are close together.

Kit: ‘Kay, where’s next?

Draka: A Cavalier’s house.


Black Soldier: Do you even got one idea where we goin?

Chibodee: Yeah, I picked up a huge energy signal in the area; the only thing that could make that level of energy signature would be the KC.


A huge Golden streak falls from the sky, crashing into a desert near giant pyramids and a man-headed lion.


Chibodee: I have no idea why they would go to Neo-Egypt, but that is where they are!

Chibodee’s ship continues to fly as fast as its damaged frame can towards Neo-Egypt Colony.


Deep underground, an evil plots.

Negeta: So where are they heading to now?

Operator: They seem to be heading towards Neo-Egypt.

Negeta: Why the hell would they do that?

Operator: There was a large energy signature detected there shortly before now.

Negeta: Good, send some of our MX forces to go destroy them, we can’t let any stray members of the flock join up again.

Operator: Understood.

Negeta: Everything is going according to my scenario…

Operator: (sweat drop, thinking) How can he say that? We were all almost killed, now everyone is scattered and hiding; and I haven’t taken a bath in a long time, I haven’t even changed my underwear, I’m starting to itch down there…


Micrea: (sobbing) Brother, BROTHER!!!!

Draco: Micrea…

Micrea: (blissful) Brother, you are okay!

Draco: Yeah, just a few broken ribs, punctured organs, internal hemorrhaging, trivial stuff.

Micrea: Oh brother, please don’t die on me…

Micrea fumbles with Draco’s clothes, he undresses him completely, and taking out a small container, dips his finger in an electric pink gel, and begins running that finger over his brother’s naked body.

Micrea: (thinking) Do this right Micrea; don’t fail, don’t fail brother!

Micrea draws several Transmutation Circles all over his brother’s body.

Micrea: Work!

He claps and touches his brother, the reaction goes off. As the energy dies down, Micrea hears heavy coughing.

Micrea: Brother… brother… BROTHER!!!!!!?


Draka stops the group in front of a modest cabin near a forest and creek.

Draka: This is the place.

Foxxy: Wow, this walk didn’t suck at all, shade, cool breezes… (bird lands on her head) hi little friend…

The bird furiously pecks her on the head, Foxxy then runs around in circles flailing her arms and yelling.

Foxxy: Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!!!!!!!!

The bird lets out a wet fart, the flies away.

Draka: (pointing) Oh my god…

Allenby: I bird just crapped on her head…

The two of them collapse laughing.

Foxxy: You!!!!!!!!!!!!

Foxxy pulls out her dagger, throwing it she pins the bird to a tree.

Foxxy: (distressed) Eeeeeeeeew, there’s poop in my hair… (Sniffle)

She feels a hand on hers, she looks back to see its Kit’s

Kit: Come one sis… lets get you cleaned off.

Kit leads his little sis down to the creek, as the other two girls stop laughing, and get jealous. Kit scrubs her head off, and washes out her hair.

Foxxy: (worried) Is it out?

Kit: Yeah.

Foxxy: Is my head okay.

Kit: Not a scratch…

Draka: Holy shit!

Kit: Huh?

Draka: This is a huge Woodpecker, twice as big as any normal one.

Kit: Yeah…

Draka: And your sister doesn’t have ONE SCRATCH from its beak…

Kit: I see what you mean.

Draka: And weirdest of all, she snapped its beak right off…


Micrea: Brother? BROTHER!!!!!!

Draco: (coughing, but it sounds like he’s saying something) *Micrea* *Micrea* *Micrea* Micrea!

Micrea: Brother! You’re alright…

Draco: (cough, clears his throat) Micrea, (looks down) let go!

Micrea’s hand is now replacing Draco’s codpiece.

Micrea: Let go of what brother?

Draco: Unhand my sword!

Micrea: This is too soft to be your sword…

Draco: Let loose my Royal Scepter.

Micrea: You have a Scepter? (Feeling it with both hands) it feels meaty, and warm, I like the way it feels!

Draco: (face flushing) W-What the hell are you doing?!

Micrea: Trying to figure out what this is…

Micrea keeps trying to find out what he’s holding.

Draco: (snarling, stress marks building up) Let go of my cock!!!

Micrea: This isn’t a chicken.


Micrea: PENIS!!!! EWWWWWWW!!! (Starts crying) I just molested my older brother!!!!!!!!!

Draco: (pouting) Wonder how many times Foxxy has said that…


Sylven: Somehow I’ve heard those names before, all of them.

Marane: I may have borrowed a few.

Sylven takes a step forward, Marane try’s to follow, but Sylven pushes him back.

Sylven: My mind is still clouded, I can’t remember everything.

Marane: Well I did replace most of your body, I suppose you should try to sort things out, I won’t stop you.

Sylven: My body is still in bad shape, I couldn’t escape if I wanted to…

Marane: Correct, you need time to heal and my expert help to keep that synthetic body of yours, which means you’re all mine Sylven. (Smile and warm laugh)

Sylven: I’m leaving now…

Marane: Farwell my Ultimate Creation.

Sylven continues walking.

Sylven: Kit Sune. At one time we worked together, we were comrades… friends… but unfortunately now our destinies have made us enemies. You outshined me, I was to be its pilot, but you stole that from me, you stole my importance my meaning, and now I must kill you, I’ve gone through all this pain, I’ll live all the time needed to just to kill you. Call me, an “avenger…”

Sylven looks up at the sky, the stars, he sees one bright on, it seems so close, and the path he walks leads right to it.

Sylven: I walk all alone, through the town with no people… I’m searching for the one just for me to kill. But once I find the one just for me to kill, I have to kill him, and leave the one just for me to kill, so I search for the one for me to kill and only me to kill. Wait! What the hell am I saying? That makes no sense! In fact… God I’m as bad as Marane…


Aveian: (crying out) Oh God Sora! Why are you… How can you… Oh God, stop, just stop!

Sora: (going even harder) What kind of soldier are you…? (throws her body back, hair throwing sweat everywhere, her nail leaving more tracks down his chest) you can’t take a little torture…? I guess I have to show you just what happens when you get captured… (Gives him even more)

Aveian: (almost hyperventilating) You are messed up in the head Sora…

Sora: (leaning in on her trapped lover) When you’re captured and tortured, the only way out is to give you captor (in his ear, her lips leaving bits of crimson on him) everything she wants…

Sora gives him so much more; Aveian goes crazy, grasping at everything, his lungs and heart going crazy.

Aveian: W-What the hell do you want from me… you crazy bitch…?

Sora: Tisk, tisk, tisk, such naughty language. First I want you to admit how weak and pathetic you are, that you are my pathetic helpless slave, and that I’m you’re seductive, irresistible master.

Aveian: And what if I don’t…

Sora gives him a reminder.

Sora: I’ll keep fucking your brains out and, (reaches into her makeup case, and produces a crimson industrial marker, removing the cap) I’ll have to show everyone just how weak you are, by branding you.

Aveian: Foxxy has done worse…

Sora: A-Cup might write “cutie,” on your arm in glitter pen. But me, I’ll write “slave,” across your forehead, “helpless,” down one arm, “weakling,” down the other. “pathetic,” across your cheek, “Sora’s powerless prisoner,” over your chest, “sex-toy,” on the front of your neck, cover your neck and chest with hickies and write “Sora’s,” on each one. I leave big ones.

Aveian: I’ll just wash it off…

Sora: This doesn’t come off for weeks, and just to be sure I’ll steal all your clothes. You need to make these soldiers respect you, kinda hard to do as a branded helpless boy-toy.

Aveian: Then I’ll get rid of that!!!

His eyes focus, then widen.

Sora: (sliding back up) You can’t focus when you feel like this. Now except my offer, or except my brands…

Aveian: I hate yo-ou-ou-ou…

Sora: Say it!

Aveian: (groans, moans) I’m your helpless… weak… pathetic… slave…

Sora: (screaming with pleasure) Keep going!

Aveian: Your property… your toy… yours to use how… ever you want…

Sora: (still moaning) AND?

Aveian: You are my owner, my master, I belong to you…

Sora: Good boy.

Aveian: Now stop…

Sora: No, now part two!

Aveian: Part two!

Sora: Yeah, I never said that was it… silly Aveian.

Aveian: What else do I do?

Sora: Well all that good, great, phenomenal sex must make you tired hungry, you should eat something.

Aveian: What?

Sora: (points to herself) This…


Draka looks as Kit get washes Foxxy clean.

Draka: (thinking) That beak snapped off… she is just as special as her brother. And they seem so close. I guess if I want to get to Kit, or even live long enough to get him, I better not piss her off too much. (Out loud) Everyone okay?

Foxxy: (tear droplets in her eyes) My head still hurts… but I’m okay.

Draka: Then let’s go inside.

Draka knocks on the door; a woman about her age and resembling the black haired Cavalier answers it. She is practically exploding with sex appeal, with a hot face, tight stomach, nice hips, long legs, a firm ass, eyes that see right into your heart, a mouth that could kill you on give you life, hair to bind you to her forever, yet a chest like a young boy… Kit is mesmerized by this lady before him, he’s so awestruck he doesn’t notice Allenby approaching; she wraps her arms around his neck and rests her head on his.

Allenby: She is really pretty, isn’t she?

Kit: Yeah…

Allenby: I’d be just as awestruck as you, except one thing…

Kit: (looking up with his eyes) What?

Allenby: (running a finger over his lower lip) This guy here is a whole lot prettier, plus (putting a hand on his heart, and the other on hers) I’ve got him wrapped around my finger.

Kit places his hands over hers; they both shut their eyes and enjoy the moment. Kit open his eyes and looks back at her again.

Kit: (cocky) Wrapped around your finger enh?

Allenby: Or pussy whipped…

Kit turns his hands around, then the rest of his body, holding Allenby’s hands down at her legs, while he leans up, his lips primed, his eyes closing…

Kit: Well it’s not like you can resist me either…

They both close their eyes and are ready to plunge in when…

Draka: Ahem…. We have an interview to do.

Kit: (dropping his heels back to the ground) Sorry…

Kit and Allenby join Draka on the porch of the house; Foxxy prances up behind her brother cheerfully.

Draka: This is the mother of one the cavaliers that found you so irresistible, Sem Tran.

Tran: I can see why Clan liked him so much… (Licks her lips) he looks tasty!

Kit sees her face shift between her and her daughter.

Kit: Thanks…

Tran: If you would like, I could tell you all about my daughter, while I have you make me another…

Kit: T-that’s not…

Tran: Or, I could just grab you right now, lock you up in my room, bring my daughter home, and then we can share you…

Draka: Sem, just tell him about Clan.

Tran: Fine. As you can see, my daughter shares all my beautiful features, except my chest. In fact the only reason I’m not a cavalier is that my bust is far too small. My daughter learned of this, and began mastering Alchemy at a young age, see eventually learned of a way to manipulate her chest size, and after reaching the minimum entrance size of DD she was drafted and became a Cavalier.

Kit: And this doesn’t bother you, your daughter being selected for this based on just looks alone?

Tran: Are you kidding? These girls’ jobs are to seduce and bed as many men as possible, and kill most of the rest.

Kit: Yeah, they’re like soldier-whores.

Tran: If the wanted to keep one man as theirs, they could, if the wanted to capture and hold 20 they’re fine to. And if they want to have casual sex with as many men as possible, they can. As far as relationships go these girls can have whatever they want. How could I deny her that?

Foxxy: Wait, I thought they were virgins…

Tran: In the beginning yes, and its true that the hymen must be intact for them to continue service, but a long time ago one discovered a technique to repair the hymen after each encounter. So they are all virgins, they can repair all changes to their sexual organs, so that they are tight, fresh, and sealed every time.

Foxxy: Still, how about yeast infections, and diseases?

Tran: They also know how to clean that out, it has a proper name but its usually just called “Douche Alchemy.”

Allenby: Does that mean there was a “Douche Alchemist?”

Tran: Unfortunately, yeah…

Kit: That’s really unfortunate.

Tran: I know.

Draka: Well Kit, was that enough to convince you she doesn’t mind her daughter’s fate?

Kit: Yeah, we can go.

Tran: Awwwww, you’re leaving already?

Draka: We have work to do Sem, we don’t live off our families like you.

Tran: You could if you wanted.

Draka: True, but I have a thing called “shame.”

Tran: That’s your choice. Draka, if you ever get you hands on Kit, can you let me and Clan borrow him for a while? We promise not to break him…

Draka: Fuck off…

Kit: (merrily unaware) Where’s next Draka?

Draka: (shocked back to reality, uneasily) To the house of that run away Gold Maker you saw terminated…

Kit: But isn’t that about as bad as we could get?

Draka: I want to prove to you completely that we are right…

Kit: (sigh) Fine… (Thinking) You already have, but I’d rather let you play your whole hand…


Draco re-dresses himself, his body is still weak, and his armor is shattered. Micrea is going crazy, clutching his hand and running around, often tripping or running into a wall, knocking himself to the floor. Draco walks towards his father, looking fragile, yet cocky.

Draco: You would kill your own son in memory of your wife? That takes conviction. I think I can bear to be near you now.

Draco walks towards the Throne Room door, he picks up what’s left of his armor.

Draco: Now I have to repair this, guess it’s good that I’m skilled at smith work.

Draco strolls out carrying his armor under his arm and his cape slung over his back.

Micrea: UNCLEAN!!!! UNCLEAN!!!!!!

Lord Dracula: My son; shut up and go cleanse yourself. Your father needs to be alone now.

Micrea: Right father!

Micrea runs off, hitting the wall face first, crawls back up, runs into the door, opens it, walks out and falls down a flight of stairs.

Lord Dracula: (face in his hand, shaking his head) Oh Lord on high, what has become of my family?

Aveian: Hell no.

Sora: Come on Aveian, (seductive tone) you know I’m so wet and tasty.

Aveian: Sora, you know I’m not going to do that.

Sora: Yeah, and I know you’re about to be fucked to the point where you’re crying and begging for mercy while I brand you with this industrial marker.

Aveian: I’m not going to…

Sora stops his words with her pelvis, she gives him several hard pushes, until he is gasping for air and his eyes are watering.

Sora: You going to eat your treat now?

Aveian: Fuck you….

Sora: (pleasured moan) Gladly.

Sora rides him even harder, to the point she is screaming with pleasure, Aveian grabs his pants, bites his lips, his eyes shift wildly.

Aveian: (under labored breathe) I can’t take it anymore… I’ll do it. Just stop it already Sora!

Sora: (licking her lips, still riding him) Beg me!

Aveian: Please stop! I’m begging you stop!

Sora: (giving him a very long, wet, deep, passionate kiss on the lips) Good boy!

Sora gets off him, but holds a special part of him in her hand.

Sora: (spreading her legs a little, pointing between them) Now get your tongue ready, move in slowly, don’t try anything…

Sora slides her fingers up, and Aveian immediately gasps with shock, Sora lets him loose and Aveian starts to lean in.

Sora: (putting her hands on the back of his head) And eat up!

Sora feels a new wetness inside her and leans back stretching on her arms.

Sora: That’s right, lick it all up! You know you love it, the taste, the softness, the wetness and tightness. You know you just want to eat it all u-u-u-up… What the hell?

Aveian: What’s wrong Sora? Can’t you take a little pleasure?

Sora: Stop groping my tits…

Sora looks down and sees Aveian is still quite occupied, but yet her chest is moving all around, and she is blushing quite badly.

Sora: How…

Aveian: First, as you can tell, I’m not talking, my tongue is “busy” so I’m using telepathy, I’m usually not very good at this, but being as I’m eating you out right now, I think the connection is good. Second, since this isn’t mind-cloudingly pleasurable for me, I can focus my telekinesis, and use it to grope your chest…

Sora’s breasts move up and are squished in a little, Sora leans even further back, moaning and blushing.

Aveian: Tease your lips…

Sora moans pleasurably and licks her lips.

Aveian: I can caress your whole body.

Sora falls flat on her back, half screaming, half moaning with pleasure; each breath is a loud cry of pleasure.

Aveian: And now you can’t use the marker.

It rises from the ground and the cap twists off.

Aveian: But I can.

It floats over and writes “slut” write above her pubic hair.

Aveian: I put my brand where only I can see it. But I’ll make you pay for what you were going to put on me.

Sora erupts in a orgy of pleasured moans, every once of air in her carries the sounds of carnal desire.

Aveian: Actually I like this flavor a lot.

He wraps his arms around her lower body and starts trying to get every last drop of her essence out of her. Sora slowly starts to sit back up, still blushing and breathing hard.

Sora: Wow, guess he really likes it.

Aveian: Da… ou…

Sora: Yeah, he likes it a lot!

Lays back and rubs Aveian’s bare and scratched chest with her thighs.

Sora: (relaxing into the pleasure) Yeaaaaaaaaah, I’ll have to make this up to you later, because this feels SO good!


The group reaches another village.

Draka: (pointing) That is the house of the guy you saw explodes, if that guy agrees with you think I’ve given you enough proof.

Kit: The first house was enough proof.

Draka: (walking up the stairs) Shut up Kit.

Draka knocks on the door and a young mother comes out to greet her.

Draka: Are you the mother of Gold Alchemist 2805?

Woman: I believe that was my son’s service number.

Draka: I must inform you that your son attempted to dessert, and his Terminus Seal was activated.

Woman: I suppose it couldn’t be helped…

Kit runs up next to Draka

Kit: Are you serious? Your son is dead and you can accept it like that?

Woman: He was chosen to be a service to his country, to give his free will so that his kin could live. What he did was selfish and wrong. He knew what his fate would be, and it6 was dealt to him by the hand of justice.

Kit: How can you say that? Do you even know how the executions are carried out?

Woman: Now that you mention it, it should be “The lips of justice.”

Draka and the woman both smile and laugh a little.

Kit: Stop fucking around! How can you two be so heartless!?

Woman: Look, I loved my son, I regret his fate, but if it wasn’t carried out this way he would have died none the less. If I were to hold back my son, than others would hold back their children, and we would not have Gold Alchemists, therefore we would not have money, and without it we could not supply the war effort. If the war fails then we would be conquered, and the enemy would kill us all brutally. My son died by being kissed to death, in his final moments all he felt was pleasure, the gore is to insure that and to scare others into not resisting. I pity the fate of my son up until the moment he tried to escape, but not after.

Draka: Thank you; that will be all.

The woman goes back inside and Draka steps down, Kit following, they join up with the other girls and start to walk back.

Kit: Well, if the tour is over I’m convinced.

Draka: So you’ll work along side me from now on?

Kit: Why not, it’s not like I mind being at your side.

Draka: (blushing and looking away, but saying it kinda pissy) Good.

Foxxy strolls up to Kit’s side, her hands behind her back stretched to her ass.

Foxxy: You trying to be kinky or something Big Bro?

Kit: Huh?

Foxxy: You have handcuffs on. Are you really that dumb or did Allenby just tell you to keep them on for later? (Giggles and winks)

Kit: I kinda forgot, guess I’m used to it by now…

Kit goes to stretch his arms and break them, but can’t seem to do it.

Kit: Shit. I can’t break them… Draka, are these extra strong or something?

Draka: No they’re normal.

Kit: Well you healed my arm, I should be able to break these.

Draka: I healed the pain in your arm. I don’t know Medical Alchemy, just how to alter feelings. I made you no longer feel pain in your arm, and for your to brain keep you from doing anything that would damage your arm. Plus I might have made you keep forgetting you were cuffed…

Kit: So your arm is still broken?

Draka: Yeah.

Kit: (sarcastic) Yay.

Foxxy: I’ll help!

She takes the hand cuff chain in her hands to snap it, but is stopped.

Allenby: Wait.

Foxxy: What’s up Sis?

Allenby: (slightly embarrassed, scratching her cheek) Foxxy, can you just have Draka unlock them, I kinda wanna use em on him later…

Foxxy: (impish smile) In that case go right ahead! Take it away…

Draka goes over and unlocks them, then walks past him; Foxxy passes by a second later, both delivering words of advice.

Draka: Kit, you’re gonna get it so bad later…

Foxxy: You won’t be walking any time soon…

Foxxy tosses the cuffs and keys to Allenby, who quickly catches up with her injured lover, wrapping her arms around him from behind.

Allenby: Enjoying your freedom?

Kit: (stretching and flexing his arms) Yeah.

Allenby: You better while you can, because you’re not going to have it very long…

Kit gulps, but remains happy.


Multiple MXs fly towards Neo-Egypt.

Pilot: Enemy spotted, Operation commenced, let’s move out!


Draco in his shirt, welding mask and gloves, is fixing his armor with a welding torch and smith’s hammer.

Draco: I wonder what those idiots are doing now. How did I end up working with these people, or back home? My life is so fucked up.

While he is pondering he manages to light his shirt on fire.

Draco: Oh shit!

Draco quickly throws his shirt off and continues working.

Draco: I have no idea why I even bother wearing a shirt, the sparks don’t hurt anymore.

Draco finishes the metal work then sets his armor in water to cool, then removing his protection, walks out of the Smithery.

Draco: I should see what Aveian and Sora are doing; they might have discovered some new information.


Draka: We should check in at the CIC now that we’re back.

Foxxy: Good, I need to submit the report to Aveian.

Kit: Its my job, I outrank you.

Foxxy: But you will be busy.

Allenby: That’s right Kit, you can say hi to Aveian, then you’re coming with me and your not going to leave for a long, long time… (Cuffing his hands behind his back) (Seductively whispering in his ear) Because you are now my prisoner!

As they reach the doors to the CIC, Foxxy readies to give her report, while Kit readies to be dragged away. The doors open and as they enter…

(Ending music)

Foxxy: Commander, we’ve back and because the Captain is busy I’ll be submitting the… HOLY PEPPITA!!!!

Sora: (ravishing in pleasure) Oh yeah!!!! Get it all! Lick it all up!

Aveian: (between deep, wet, passionate kisses to her lady bit lips) Roger… that…

Draco walks in

Draco: WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!?


King Dracula is weeping openly alone in his throne room.


Sylven sits atop a high building, staring at a white artificial moon, seeing only Kit’s face.

Ja Ne

(Outlaw Star music)

Foxxy: So yeah, this chapter was weird, really weird. Didn’t go at all like it was planned out, but hell, if you’re reading this, you read it, and that’s all that matters! Wasn’t Sylven so cute!? Maybe Marane should have built him with little ears that wires come out of. Or maybe build him a twin brother. Oh well, next chapter has more Sora and Aveian action, well a different kind. This operation can’t fail, after this it all comes together. If this fails a lot of people die, so what is the Commander thinking, we can’t trust Sora alone out there, she betrayed us once, she’ll do it again! Nobody changes! Well, I’m sure everything will turn out okay… right? RIGHT!!!!!!!? Next Chapter of Absolute Power: Redemption. You better get ready!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Just waste away.
i realize that is all i do whilest i'm in school, waste time, i really feel like i get nothing substancial done while i'm attending school, i go there and sit through my 4 electives and my 2 required classes, basically everything i'm learning right now is nothing but filler, i come home and i waste my life away here or at my dad's house.

visiting you guys and doing other stuff on the otaku seems a bit more substancial than playing around with my PS2 while i'm at my dad's house. i really am tired of "Gundam vs. Zeta Gundam" but i have nothing else to do while i'm there so i just waste 5 hours twice a week and then 16 or so hours over the weekend, if i could use the computer while i was there i'd feel like i was doing a bit more. all i do that i feel has meaning involves computers, either hanging out on here or, more meaningful in my eyes, writing AP. i really feel like crap because i'm ignoring my story, i really love writing it and i have no time it seems to ever work on it, i haven't even touched a chapter since i got back in school a little over a week ago. i really want to start up the next chgapter but my damn poiintless school work gets in the way while i'm here. i have so much shit to do here and nothing to do at my dad's. and even fucking better i have to do research for some bullshit fucking project because my piece of shit teacher decided that we need to get part of a project done before another part, the one we need to get done is the research, which means i have to waste my free time today looking for information on ancient african huts, and i can't do this crap at my dad's house because he has no computer, so once again i must waste my only chance to write my story today to find some information about some bullshit grass huts. man to let loose with the profanity when i'm pissed.

oh well, just take a deep breath and move on its not as if being some whiny piece of shit gets anything done. i know how to relax, which is what we're doing in drama tomorrow, laying on the floor and "relaxing" she says it will be the best hour of our high school career, i disagree, free-day in computer class was always my favorite, laying on the floor is going to be so boring, and worst of all i have to then lug a pillow around everywhere with me, that's going to be a pain in the ass, this is all such bullshit, i'm having to waste my time and do nothing, that hour is going to seem like eternity.

but i'm going to like drama, its going to be an easy semester, because iits all about getting over stage fright, which i nhever have unless i'm in german class, but thats because i'm having to speak a foreign language, in my native language of american [Gordan Ramsay and Christopher Eccleston speak english, i speak american] i can yap on inceasantly with no fear at all, my only problem is thaqt i usually have "too much" fun and i'm "too relaxed" and i start cracking jokes and being a general jack-off, so i'll actually have to focus on my little bits of acting or improv.

today lispy [my drama teacher lisps like an offensive gay stereotype] made a bunch of people stay in front of the class and do tthings to prove how afraid it will make you. i wish i were sent up there, all she said to do was so easy, all the exercises where out of the book so i knew everything she was trying to do, but oh well i'll get my chance.

collage went over easy, i got done with it in 10 minutes because of all the pics i had, i'm like a crazy person, even after the letter is done i write on the envelope, so i kept printing more stuff out monday night, so i had lots of extras left over, my friend josh was underprepared so he was forced to use anime characters he'd never heard of, because he's lazy like that.

well i'm going to fall out now, i'll be back after i get all my work* done.


"legally a pig pen needs be no larger than the length of the pig"

-British law

HAIL ZEON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*: pointless bullshit assigned to me by my worthless educators in an attempt to make me do more work for my grades in ELECTIVES!

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