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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Absolute Power ch.2
Absolute Power Mission: 2 More shameless character development! Kit: Allenby, meet the commander at my base, Aveian Wind. Profile: Aveian Wind (Ayy-vee-ann) Age: 23 Height: 5í 10Ē Voice: Crispin Freeman (Lord Bulmung, .Hack Legend of the Twilight Braclet/ Amune, Witch Hunter Robin/ Hideki, Chobits) Body: his skin is a little lighter than Kitís, but his muscles are about that much bigger. Clothes: white tank top, dog tags, grey, black, and white baggy camouflage pants and black combat boots. He has a black pistol holster sunken into his left pocket. Face: his eyes are serious, light blue almost white, his expression usually is leaning towards unhappy. His skin is duller. His canines are a little more pronounced. He usually has a long ass Mitsurugi (Soul Caliber II) cigarette in his mouth (Iíll tell you when I think it should be but, add when you see necessary) he has a longish light grey bowl cut with the under hair longer in the back and pointy tips, his hair almost completely covering his ears on the sides. (Riku KH) His bangs are cut a little shorter and hang near his eyes, further increasing his calmness (think Riku from Kingdom Hearts). Personality: LIKE I SAID, CALM!! He isnít unpleasant, just not as bouncy and happy as Kit and Allenby. He is just more cold and calculating, but still has good people skills and is quieter and less irritating than Kit. His gun is very high caliber and fires huge bullets that easily could be designated an anti-tank gun. Donít piss him off because with how calm he is, he wonít miss. For some reason even though he smokes more than Denis Leary (various movies) heís still in top physical condition. His military training in hand to hand combat is the art of breaking body parts and killing people bare handed fluently. Allenby: (kindly) Nice to meet you, Aveian! Aveian: Kit, isnít she the fighter from Neo-Sweden? Kit: Yeah, you noticed too? Aveian: and this doesnít seem like a security compromise to you? Kit: Aveian you worry too much; I retrieved the KC didnít I? Besides she seems like the trustworthy type, doesnít she? Aveian looks back Allenby looks all happy and cute like always. Aveian: If something turns up your ass not mine will be on the fryer. Kit: Fine with me, since I know I can trust her. Aveian: (thinking) Damn fox-brain! Thinkiní with your pants instead of your head. Still, after all weíve been through I trust Kitís instincts as well as my own. Their ship lands, the three of them walk out, they stretch having slept during the flight over. Kit: Welcome to Experimental Mobile Suit Research Lab Black Vulpine! Aveian: Follow me. Kit: You heard the man. They enter the base. The hallway they enter into is black and white tiled with cement walls. Above them is a set of cat walks on either side so soldiers can defend the base from higher ground. The whole place is lit by blue-white fluorescent lights. Allenby: Cozy. Aveian: Weíre remodeling, the walls took some collateral damage when we tried to capture the spy. Kit: Weíre gonna put up some drywall, paint it a lighter shade of grey than this. Aveian: I have work to do; Iíll leave you two alone. Aveian walks by Kit and gives him a look. Aveian: (meaning of the look) Iím trusting you with this, donít make me regret this. Kit: (meaning of the look) Thanks, you wonít. Aveian walks by and disappears. Kit: Letís drop your stuff off and Iíll take you on a tour of the base. Allenby: (happily) Okay!! ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Aveian enters a room inside is a pale man dressed all in white. Aveian: (lights one up) So Sylven, was the mission successful? Profile: Sylven Blain Age: 21 Height: 6 foot 2 Voice: David Kaye (Trieze, Gundam Wing/ Sesshomaru, InuYasha) Body: His skin is pale and fair; heís got very feminine arms. Clothes: A white version of Karamaís school uniform (Yu Yu Hakusho) with gold trim, and matching leather boots. Face: He basically has the same haircut as Aveian except longer and white. His hair hangs down over his face slightly covering his golden eyes. His face says ďall businessĒ more than Aveianís. Personality: Quite, keeps to himself, follows orders, a good pilot, the mysterious, strong silent type. Sylven: (sitting on a couch, legs crossed) Unfortunately it seems that the Neo-Japanese military has already gathered all the data on the Suits seeing as they built this. Aveian: (sits in an adjacent chair, arms on the table) It doesnít matter, Kit can handle himself in battle, Iím pretty sure this minor setback wonít slow him down. Now Sylven, donít you think you should get back to your little project? Sylven: Iíll get back to work then. Sylven walks out. Aveian: He needs to lighten up. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Kit and Allenby are in the MS hanger looking at black Gundam. Kit: There it is the pride and joy of the Neo-American military and Black Vulpine, the RX-78[G]-KC. The RX-78[G]-KC or Kit Custom is a black Ez8 with lighter black armor. It has big Vernias on the back by the standard boosters and on the back waist armor and smaller ones on the sides and shins. It carries a Hyper-Beam Rifle. The rifle is long and sleek with a rectangular scope and a stock like the GP-01ís Beam Rifle. Under the shield are two Beam Kodachis, a pink Beam Sword only the blade is shorter. The cockpit is not the G Gundam type but the normal Gundam type with one difference, there are two arm outlets that enable it to use melee weapons or special moves, this has the glowing orange hand move, called Fox Trick. Allenby: Are you sure itís safe to let me see this. Kit: I trust yaí, besides, Iím pretty sure I could take you down if you tried somethiní! Allenby: Is that so? How Ďbout we test that theory!? Kit: Anytime, Iím ready for yaí! Allenby: Then, (sex-ay) Bring it big boy! Kit comes at here she grabs his arm and leg sweeps him to the ground and pins his shoulders down with her hands. Allenby: (face right up to his) So, what was that about stopping me? Kit; Nothing, just this! He grabs her hands, pushing her off balance then lifts his shoulders and roles her to the ground pinning her wrists down with his hands and kneels right over her chest. Kit: Oh the things I could do from here! Allenby: Just try it, (daring him, sorta) if you think youíre man enough. Kit leans in their lips are about to meet. Then he stands up still holding her wrists. He goes to pull her up at the same time she goes to stand up. The two of them fall back, Kit hits the ground, Allenby falls on top of him, and her chest presses against his and her lips brush against his. Immediately the two of them stare wide eyed at each other and blush. They both leap up and stand with their backs to each other so the can touch their lips and blush deeper. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sylven: (talking over the Vid-Phone in his ďprojectsĒ) The other thing I noticed is that they didnít use the base O.S. of the stolen Gundam. Aveian: They must have developed a system of their own then. Sylven: Isnít that an important piece of information? Aveian: They can develop any system they want, they canít beat ours. Iím happier that they didnít use our system. Sylven: They probably couldnít comprehend such complex code; after all it was designed by The Black Vulpine Corporation after all. Aveian: Black Vulpine is merely a shell at this point, recent events have insured of that. We need to win this so I can resurrect Black Vulpine. Sylvan: So all thisÖ Aveian: Is coming out of the little money I have left in my pocket. Sylven: Then weíll have to make these worth while. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Domon is sitting at a table like heís having a meeting; the half heís at is lit up while the other half, where the person or people heís talking to are hidden in darkness. Domon: We have to do something about this nuisance of a fox! Hidden guy: I should have no problem disposing of this knave, but why is this so important? Domon: He is connected to Black Vulpine and was involved with that little incident three years ago, and The Leader wants him dead. Hidden guy: If itís an order from The Leader Iíll make it a top priority! Hidden guy: Me smash if Leader no like!!! Domon: We have to crush Black Vulpine and Kit Sune, because they are the greatest obstacles to our Leaderís plan. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sylven: So if theyíre in such dire straits, how and why are they developing and producing these new Suits? Aveian: Because Iím the head of this base and such a major member in their company I convinced them that this could rejuvenate theyíre company, so basically Iím paying out the ass for Suits so I can keep alive a company that I basically control. Sylven: And Kit? Aveian: Heís the perfect Pilot to make these machines look worth investing in, besides after what weíve been through, could I ask anyone else? Kit: Hey Allenby, I got an idea. Feel like tryiní out one of our new Mobile Suits? Allenby: Wonít you get in trouble, your Commander seems kindaí hard. Kit: Aveian acts cold but me and him are real close and trusts my decisions. Besides how are we suppose to know the potential of our new MXís if we donít have a pilot as skilled as skilled as you test them out? Allenby: (looks a little flattered) Thank Kit. (Normal intensity) In that case how can I say no? But one question, whatís an MX? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sylven: The MXís, Maxter eXperimental, what purpose do they serve? We see an MX. Theyíre modified mass produced Maxters. Theyíre black-on-same shade-black with the stripes painted yellow. The shoulder armor is pointed like the Blitzís (Gundam Seed). The forearm fist helpers (?) have been replaced by gold Beam Long Sword generators. The hip guns gave way to a Hyper-Beam Rifle with is bigger and more unwieldy than Kitís. The cockpit in here as in Kitís the G Gundam cockpit has been replaced by the normal Gundam cockpit. Of course it has all the extra boosters, big ones on the back and smaller ones on the shins and inside the shoulders. The Beam Rifle has a cord running into the main power source in the back. The heads are the standard Gundam head. Aveian: Neo-Japan has been developing a Mobile Suit army, I just decided we need one of our own, thatís why the MXís are here, for our protection if a real war breaks out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kit: Howís the cockpit feel? Allenby: (over Vid-screen) Itís different, but I think I like this set up better! Kit: If you let me Iíll make you a cockpit like that. Allenby: Really? Youíd do that for me?! Kit: Iíll set the order and we can build it together, that way no one can say you stole it or somethiní! Allenby: Awesome! Thatíll be so much fun! Kit: Now letís test out these new little toys! Kit: Right! The doors to the hanger open and the two suits walk out onto the testing grounds. Kit: weíll be facing what we think are Neo-Japanís newest weapons. Multiple Strike Daggers and Rising Gundams (with the shoulder armor in shield position and the pistols and the glaives replaced by a GM style Beam Sword set up) rise up. Allenby: Too easy! Kit: (thrusting forward) Thatís the spirit! I like a girl who never backs down! The enemy Mobiles activate. The two black Gundams take off towards them. A couple open fire on Allenby, she maneuvers out of the way and fires a beam through the chest of one taking it out in one shot, it falls inoperable. (No space wasted on cockpits means lots of extinguishers so they donít explode) Kit: Be careful with that gun, it drains the main power supply so aim well. Allenby: Donít worry, I donít miss! Kit: Is that so?! Kit drives his shield into a Daggers stomach, knocking it out. Allenby: I didnít miss when I shot you through the heart now did I!? She cuts a RG in half at the waist. Kit: Keep aiminí like that and weíll be fine!! He dodges a beam and puts one through the opposing suit. Kit: So thatís all the small fry, time for the main course! A Burning Gundam comes out of an underground elevator. Kit: This thing has all the information we could gather on Domon after the last fight. So this would be like fighting Domon in the final battle last time. Allenby: In that case this might just pose a challenge! Kit: Letís hope itís at least a little fun! The shoulder guns raise up and open fire. Kit takes aim and destroys both. It lights up its left hand and goes for Allenby. Allenby: (giggle) Too Easy! Having set the Rifle in its carrying spot on the right side of the back boosters, slices across the hand with the sword just as a blast from Kitís gun destroys the arm. Allenby: I could have got it, (girlish) but thanks for protecting me Kit! Kit: Hehe, youíre welcome now watch this! The Gundam comes at Kit with the other hand. Kit slides his arms into the outlets that weird spandexy stuff appears over his arms and spreads over his body and onto his face like Ryoko from Tenchi. His Gundamís right hand glows and he meets the enemy Gundam in hand to hand combat. He and the other Gundamís hands spark and sizzle. Kit: NOWÖ He forces his hand forward, the joints on the enemy Gundam start to break down. Kit: DIE!!!!!!! He breaks the enemy arm off then using his forward motion glides behind the enemy Suit and drop-kicks it into the ground. Kit: So, howíd I do?! Allenby: Iíd say pretty good, Iím impressed! Youíre good! Real good! Kit: Well thanks; I think that feels better than actually winning the battle! They bring their Suits back into the hanger and exit them. Kit: So what do yaí wanna do now? Allenby: Well, why donít you show me around your colony? Kit: Havenít you been before? Allenby: Yeah (she lightly holds his arm with both hands, one on his wrist and on under his elbow) (girlish) but not with you! (Normal) So letís go! ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// The two of them walk out of the base, Allenby still dragging Kit buy his arm, Kit trying to keep up. Kit: I have to warn yaí this is a pretty tough neighborhood! Allenby: (confidently) Yeah, but I have you to protect me. Kit: (laughs confidently) Youíre just using me. Allenby: Yep, and youíre fun to use too! A gang of tough guys walk out and block their path. Tough punk: Give up all your money and we wonít have to hurt your girl-friend! Grunt: I donít know boss, sheís pretty cute, Iíd like to hurt her all night!! Boss: (pulls out a Knife) So whatís it gonna be, pretty boy!? Kit: I suggest a novice like you should put that away before Iím forced to show you how to use one. Boss: Oh yeah, just try it! And just as that his throat spills open, Kit guards Allenby from the blood spray. Grunt: You canít do that to the boss. Kit: Is that so? Kit puts his sword back, then drops his hands down and tenses up his muscles. Then the whites of his eyes turn red and his pupils get smaller. His fingernails grow out into claws and his canines grow out slightly. Grunt: What the hell?!! Kit shoots forward stopping behind them, blood dripping from his claws. The thugs fall and Kit turns to face Allenby having changed back to normal. Allenby: (a little unnerved) I knew that youíd protect me; youíre so sweet to stand up for me like that! But how the hell did you do that? Kit: Itís a long story, but letís just say that I had a less than normal childhood. Allenby: Okay and thanks. Kit: Iíd never let somethiní happen to yaí, youíre too cute to let some street punk have! Allenby: (laughs) Thatís funny cominí from you!! Kit: I rose above the streets under my own power, besides I never said I wanted you as mine! Allenby: Oh yeah, look me in the eyes and say that. Kit blushes. Kit: (scratching cheek) UmmmmmmmmÖ Allenby: Thought so! Kit: Iím still seeing other girls. Allenby: Who said you werenít? Did I ever say I wasnít seeing other guys? Kit: Then I guess neither of us is in this too deep. (Crosses arms and looks away) Allenby: I guess not. (Same) Both of them look kinda nervous and uncomfortable. Kit: (slowly and nervously) I really like you though. Allenby: (weakly) IÖ Really like you too. Kit: (more confident) You wanna go get somthiní to eat? Allenby: Sure. Kit: Cool, I know a great place! ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Greeter: (Australian accent) GíDay! Welcome taí Backyard Rib Shack! Can I get yaí a seat? Kit: Yeah. Greeter: Follow me then! He leads them to a booth they sit down across from each other. Allenby; (now a back to her normal spunkiness as is Kit) This place looks fun! Kit: Have you ever been here before? Allenby: No the name kinda turned me off. Kit: Well itís pretty good, if you like barbeque! Allenby: Of course I like barbeque! Kit: Good! At this time an extremely attractive waitress with pink-purple lipstick walks up. Waitress: Can I take your orders? Kitís face whirls around making his hair whoosh, causing her to see him with one of those lame glitter affects. Kit: Iíll take three orders of ďRibs on the GrillĒ and an ďAustralian OnionĒ! Waitress: (sits down on his lap with her face right on his, running her finger across his chest) And Iíd like a big order of you, cutie!! Kit: ( laughs and smiles really wide) Well thereís plenty of me to take! Allenby: Iíll have the ďHeart attack friesĒ and an 18 ounce steak-fried chicken! Waitress: (gets up and sighs) Fine, Iíll be right back with that. Drinks? Both: Blow! Kit: Man you eat more bullshit food than I do and you still look so curvy and hot! Allenby: What can I say I have to look good if Iím gonna snag myself a man! The waitress comes back out. (Yeah, Iíve never got service that fast either) Waitress: (drops Allenbyís food down) Here you go. (Gently sets Kitís down, then regains her place on his lap) (Enticingly) So, where did we leave off? Kit: Later, Leave your number and Iíll call you up some time. Waitress: Fine, you little tease, Iíll be waiting! (Blows him a voluptuous kiss, then walks off) Allenby: She couldaí stayed, I didnít mind. Kit: No way! Iím out with you; I can flirt with easy girls any time; right now is you and me time! Allenby: Do you really mean that? Kit: I like spending time with you and Iím not gonna let some bimbo waste that time! Now letís eat! Allenby: (thinking) What is this guy? One minute heís letting some hot chick ride him like a bronco next heís some of the most romantic crap Iíve ever heard! Thereís defiantly somethiní to this guy! Kit: So Allenby, how are you likiní it here so far? Allenby: Itís great! Iím glad I came! Kit: I am too, I always felt like somthiní was missing and I donít get that feeling any more. Damn. How lame and clichťd was that line? Allenby: Yeah, but I understand what youíre sayiní. Kit: Good Ďcause I was startiní to feel like a dumb ass! Kit pulls out a water bottle. Kit: Want some? Allenby: Iím assuming thatís not water. Kit: Nope, itís my own special cocktail, sake and vodka! So, (almost daring her to) yaí wanna try it? Allenby looks pretty nervous and unsure. Allenby: (face lightens to normal) Eh, what the hell. She takes a sip her face turns green and she wretches making her cheeks puff out. Allenby: (coughing and choking) Smooth! Kit: Itís an acquired taste. Allenby: And where would someone acquire a taste like that?! Kit and her laugh, when they stop their eyes meet for a second and an energy flows through them. The both blush a little then look down at their food. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Kit: So this night was fun, right? Allenby: Yeah! Of course it was! Youíre a fun guy, everything you do is fun! They enter Kitís room, inside Aveian has a bunch of bags thrown over his shoulder. Kit: Whatís up Ave? Aveian: Since Allenbyís moving in youíre going have the room with her. Kit: So where are you headed, dude? Aveian: Iíll just sleep in Sylvenís room. I end up sleeping in there most of the time anyway, on all your ďjacket on the doorknob nightsĒ. Enjoy, Kitís a hell of a roommate. Aveian turns and walks out. Allenby: Aww, I didnít mean to put anyone out. Kit: Donít worry about it, he just likes being dramatic! Besides you canít say this wonít be fun! Allenby: I guess youíre right. I am looking forward to this, single life can get so lonely, but now I have a cute roommate! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Domon is standing giving a report. Domon: So thatís the plan. Does that please the organization? Some guy: Yes, this will serve the purpose. That fox bastard is going down or my name isnítÖ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Aveian: (carrying his crap) I donít know why Iím doing this, damn fox punk. (Gundam Seed ending music) Aveian continues walking and we see Kit and Allenby fast asleep and lookiní all cute. Ja Ne (Outlaw Star next episode music) Foxxy: again I wasnít in this chapter! What the hell? Oh well, I am in the next one! so read it now! I mean it! Next time: Almost to the action I swear! You better get ready!
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Monday, October 29, 2007

well it seems i'm back on here once more after all the crap that went on for the last few days, in the down-time i did get a lot more time to write my story which was pretty cool, Bev read my last chapter and i've pretty much finished another one, though i'm still a bit conflicted over what parts should go where so that will probably take up a great deal of time but tis the nature of the beast.

it'll be nice to get back to visiting all your guy's sites, i was worried there for a while when i got 404 messages when i put in theotaku, i thought maybe i missed some meeting and the name got changed without my knowledge, but now that everything is back to normal i can see thats not the case.

also not the case is this so called "upgrade" still hasn't been put into effect that Adam seems so psyched about, this otaku point two, i'm really getting Cyberman vibes here, i'm not liking the idea of this place changing. Adam has really been batting 0000 in my book for some months and i'm really freaked that he's going to taint and ruin the only part of the site i still enjoy. he has mentioned the inclusion of "spaces" into the vernacular of this site and i don't like that, i'm really afraid he's going to make the interface of this site like myspace and that really discourage me because i tried using myspace and the interface just pissed me off, as did looking at the web pages, if this place becomes like myspace i swear i'll just cry, i really don't want this place to end up like there. i'm so afraid that this new version is going to be terrible because all of Adam's latest ideas have been so. i've really tried not to rant about my mistrust of our leader on my site but this shit really is getting to me. i suppose i could e-mail or PM Adam and tell him my feelings but he seems equally responsive in complaints as he does in "good ideas" he basically called the pleads for the cosplay and article sites to be kept as "spam" and has said that we should be narrowing or focus into the visual arts, just drawing, drawing is all that matters, cosplay is stupid and pointless, articles are boring, DRAWINGS! he shuts down those sections because of low traffic, look how much hype he puts into the wallpaper section because it has lower traffic than he wants.

and he tries to help out the wallpaper section after launching that "antioffender" campaign that basically targeted every wallpaper and e-card as plagiarisms because operantly writing and re-designing a picture you found on the interwebs is bad even though thats what most of those two sections are. now the antioffender has shut the hell up fort months now, so i'll give adam credit if he gave up for the reason of those two section being comprised of only that, though i take it away if he's just doing it from the shadows now.

so yeah, i'm deathly afraid for the future of this site, i really hope i have a place to return to once all this version vibrant crap is over and done with.

other than that my life is still my life is still a ball of festering crap. i got to put up a fence yesterday without warning so all my major muscle groups hurt like bitches, i'm exhausted even after a night of sleep, my spirit is drained, school seemed to drag on forever and all my favorite shirts are self-destructing.

my heartless shirt just tore open in the wash fore no reason. a few of my old shirts have little holes, but this shirt was new and its got a gaping hole in the shoulder seam where thew two pieces meet, and now today i tore my "its a rat flail" shirt. see on my way back from walking with my friend stacy to her house i decided to try to duck around the back of my school since a gate was open, well the gate on the other side wasn't, but it was on a chain and was on an angle i could fit through, well except for the pointy bits that tore the back of my shirt open.

yeah, so i feel a bit bitchy today, unfortunately my golden rule helps me little in this situation.


"If something really is a problem you'll make an effort to change it."

-My golden rule.

pretty much it translates to "fuck you emo kid." if you translate it into subtext.

♥ JD Person ♥

beaner spaz

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

You know, no matter what you're doing, no matter where you are, or who your with, its exceptionally depressing when "Dante" is playing. though then again its the theme of a woman who lives by transferring her soul from one body to the next using a rock made out of human souls, and because of this she has lost the ability to sustain a living body [UVER-World Colors of the Heart, time to rock it really hard] and thus she is slowly rotting, yeah i can't see why that would be depressing at all...

you know UVER-World is one kick ass band, i'd have to say they rival Takanori Make Revolution in sheer amount of awesomeness, though i've never seen their music videos, i doubt they could beat TMR for videos though, Takanori fighting the Grim Reaper in a sewer cannot be beaten by very much.

i'm glad you guys are visiting me more now, as well at looking at my arguably good art. its really nice to have all you guys coming around. i'm trying to return the favor as much as possible, i couldn't do it monday, i got done updating just in time to call meh beaner. i'll most likely get around to all your sites today, otaku has been a bit slow for me for a while now, i don't know if you guys share my problem, but it is causing my visiting to take longer than i'd like. so in all likelihood you'll be seeing me around at your sites today unless Otaku craps out again.

Well that douche bag in my 6th hours, wilcock, is well being douchey again. for brief bit he seemed to have reduced douche, but now he's back to whole douche. for the last few weeks he had been all excited because i watched Fox News Red Eye as well and i liked Kevin Smith movies, so i thought he'd stop being an unbearable tool to me, but i was sadly mistaken. Today he just randomly went off on a rant about how much he hates me when someone said that i reminded them of him, he once more criticized me for crying at some point in the history of existance as well as the fact that i'm not an atheist and that i stare at the ceiling too much.

i'm a very deliberate artist, i plan everything out before i draw it [Meteor, Takanori is pure awesome, i wish a space rock would wipe out wilcock]so i tend to stare vacantly into space whilst thinking, the ceiling is nice and white so i can zone out in its ambient form. well operantly wilcock thinks i'm praying, or at least said it to try and sound witty, well once more i told him i don't hide things and i show my emotions when they come, i'm not afraid of mine, also that i think a lot and that the hatred is mutual. well once more when faced with the aspect of an opponent that isn't afraid of him and can't be dominated wilcock pussied out giving some excuse about him not liking fighting.

me? well the assignment in that class was to write about our ideal woman, well of course mine was long and ranting and i was passing it around like a pretty boy in prison and entertaining all, whilst i finished up another one of my drawings, hell most of the time i was insulting Adam i was drawing, i barely ever even looked up at him. i'll probably post up the pic i drew today, i really hope you guys will check it out. i'll also get to writing more of AP being as i'm on another binge of that, the next chapter will be done soon, i just have to con my lover into reading the current one.

well i'm going to get to your guys' sites so i can get to meh fun faster.

and don't worry, i'm not letting wilcock get to me, i've realized i'm too good for that, he's nothing more than target practice inside this head.


"*under breath, turning away* Faggot..."

-Wilcock [twice now]

♥ JD Person ♥

my beaner [beaing a spaz]!

HAIL ZEON!!!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Yoake no Ashioto.
told you the titling the posts after the song i'm currently listening to is eventually going to come up with some strange titles, well here's proof.

well it appears today i will not get to do much being as i spent the day trying to acquire gifts for my beaner being as rightstuf is having a difficulty allocating my gifts, which is fine, they are having to deal with a lot of other companies, the fact that i can layout an assload of cash for merchandise of equal volume from a comparable array of retailers is impressive, the stuff they actually have in their main building gets shipped out at a rate that it may as well pop out of your disc tray when you put in your credit card information.

on a completely unrelated note Byakuya from DN Angel has to have the most melodramatic opening i've ever heard, my god was that composer high on his own farts when he came up with this. "the first minute should just be a loud thunderstorm with music comparable to the pieces in horror movies when the slasher is killing someone" though i suppose if it started of like Bomb-a-Head V or LMC it would be even stranger.

i've noticed that the guy singing Byakuya sounds a lot like Kevin Corn, as does the Japanese VA for Mako sound a lot like Luci Christian [D-Technolife, excuse me whilst i rock it hard style] i must admit ADV does some crazy casting for these roles. i can also swear Vic Mignogna is singing the dub opening to one piece now, but i think that is just based off my insanity.

well anyway about the shopping, yeah it took all day pretty much, me and my indesicion i could have just been in and out [Wings of Words, true awesomeness be known] but no, i had to spend forever looking around, actually quite true to this song "if the path you take is a dead end, why not just wonder around a while... right there?" my Rightstuf path turned out to be a dead end, so i just wondered around southland a while.

well finally my art is getting a bit or respect, though someone says it looks like i just draw in pen without sketching, thats not true, i have to sketch a lot to get that level of mediocrity. its also the fact i suck at drawing straight lines so my inking looks like hell, if i was better at inking then i'd be set, or if my scanner could detect a light sketch but it has to be inked for it to pick it up, so yeah all my art is going to look as crappy as that.

i have a FLCL calender in my room and i realized the drawing style, or should i say the outlines look like my spastic, horrible inking. so in other words GAINAX went out of their way to cell shade uneven jagged, off inking lines. so at my current path i'll be drawing Disgaea style characters with all the skill of GAINAX intentionally messing up.

Speaking of that a couple of the songs on my MP3 player sound like they were sang by a japanese version of Avril Lavigne, which is a lot better than it sounds like in theory, because you get all the shrill screeching without the annoying wannabe punk canadian valley-girl. seriously, we have a girl who talks like the main character from Clueless, grew up in canada and we all buy that she is some uber-tough badass? really after "girlfriend" i think she is just as stupid as Britney Spears and and as self-centered as Mims. really "this is why i'm hot, because you're not, this is why i'm hot." is not so different from "you're girlfriend is so whatever, and i'm so much better. i'll have wrapped around my finger because i can do it better." that bitch is so fake its embarassing, i think i'll stay with Acko.


"no matter how mu8ch of a pessimist a person is falling in love always seems to change that."

-Wings of Words.

♥ JD Person ♥

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Love and Loyalty
You know me and my bad habit of using anime soundtrack titles for my post titles, but luckily for me i'm always listening to a good song when postin time comes. sure one day they'll end up being a post called "LMC" or "anna ni issho datta no ni" but i think thats more than made up for by ones called "Let Me Be With You" and "Groovin Magic". but thats not the reason i'm posting of course, no no i have much more pertinent things to get to, so now i shall...

i'm suprised at how many positive responses i got on my last post which of course was the first chapter of AP, its strange because my last update only got like 3 comments and AP got 8, its like i'm in bizarro world or something. but then again i basically have been begging people to indulge in my art of both the text and pictorial variety so the fact that people were thrilled by my story being put up and actually bothered to read it shouldn't be THAT amazing, but none the less i'm excited.

i was asked if i have a FF.net account, and if so how many comments i've gotten on my story. well truth is on FF.net i got about 8 comments, less than half were positive. i stopped using FF.net because too many people were being annoying little bitches on there and complaining of script format this and ruining the dogma that, i suppose AP was never a FAN fiction, i hated G Gundam, i just saw the potential of a show based upon offensive racial stereotypes killing each other in the hands of a politically incorrect person such as myself, plus i liked Allenby a little too much when i started writing ole AP in notebooks in 2003 or so, well now i've moved on and i'm actually hoping to one day turn AP into an original work, just tweak the G Gundam characters appearances and names since i already took a huge crap on their dogmatic personalities, then just adjust the Gundams into public domain mechs, and if i get really lucky get it turned into an ELO like IGPX, except hopefully with better fan reception.

speaking of Gundam fridays episode [i watch it on DVD but you could watch it on demand if you have comcast, its in their anime section, you'll just be a few episodes behind] [speaking of Gundam SEED Destiny, its Vestige time! TMR 4 life bitches!] was pretty damn awesome, nothing like watching Kira exit Earth's atmosphere in the Strike Rouge. i must admit he did a pretty good job fighting off all the Zakus and such in the regular old Aile Strike, i mean Waltfeld was in the Gaia and he couldn't make much of a dent. i also like how calm Lacus is during all this, hense why she is my favorite female character ever and a big step up in the Gundam pacifist girl category. Relena was either yelling for Heero to kill her or save her, so bossy, Lacus is just layed back, she'd get those Gundams and info to the Arch Angel and she was fully willing to die to do it [now Zips Takanori overload!] now that is awesomeness.

Then there is Kira finally getting his brand new weapon, which was fun to watch. no i can agree with a person i once heard say she wishes Kira and Lacus had kissed when Kira first gets on board, but at the same time i like that they just hug, its cute how innocent the two of them are, and it makes them look stronger as well, in my opinion. but seeing how easily Kira can accept fighting to protect her, its really touching too, you know Kira doesn't want to fight, but he does it to protect the people he loves. i know how that feels, when you love someone you can take joy in doing things you hate all because it benefits that person. love is a powerful thing and i can tell the writer has definitely felt it as strong as i have because that really just strikes me hard.

Death Note came on tonight, i know by now you must have read posts about it 20,000 times but i must say i loved the choice of VA they used. at first i thought [ i have no idea why, i thought i read it somewhere] that Vic Mingogna did Lights voice, then when i first heard it i thought it was either Brad Swaile or Yuri Lauenthal, i should have know it would be Brad, i mean after seeing him to crazy-ass Quatre in Gundam Wing how could they not use him, and i must say he still renders crazy well. Andrew Francis could have done it as well, his craziness as Azrael would convince me to have him as Light, but his voice isn't as soft so it wouldn't have been as haunting, Andrew is loud yelling crazy whilst my guess when hearing his voice, Yuri is just all broody and whiny, i can't imagine Sasuke with a Death Note, though as Daedalus in Ergo Proxy he does paranoid crazy well so i suppose he'd have worked.

Vic Mingogna? that just proves i need more sleep.


"You have an unhealthy obsession with Crispin Freeman."


♥ JD Person ♥

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Absolute Power ch.1
Absolute Power
Mission 1
Operation G.T.G.

We see a raven haired boy dressed all in black, running through the streets of Neo-Japan, being pursued through by armed agents firing on him with handguns, him narrowly avoiding the shots.

(Black haired boy): Hi Iím Kit Sune and this is my storyÖ


Kit Sune

Age: 17

Height: 5ft 7

Voice: Scott McNeil (Duo, Gundam Wing/Koga, Inuyasha)

Body: Lightly tanned, lean muscle build.

Clothes: A faded black sleeveless T-shirt, over which he wears a black jacket. He has on black jeans and black strap boots up to the bottoms of his shins. He has on black fingerless gloves and a polished black wood sheathed and handled Kodachi mounted on the back of his pants with its handle pointed right.

Face: He has two scars on his left cheek leading diagonally from right below his jaw bone to about 2 inches away from his nose. His hair is cut so his bangs are cut right below his eyes and halfway down his ears on the side the lower layer sticks a little further down. Itís a little longer in the back with the same under hair cut. His bangs are slightly raised and are parted down the middle .He the standard anime nose, his teeth are white. His face looks very scruffy, his eyes eyes: big and violet.

Personality: Kit is pretty layed-back, though heís had a hard life and has a violent streak if you touch on an old wound. He is a ladies man, having the ability to turn almost any girl near him into a screaming fan girl. He is generally a nice guy and makes friends easily, though heís very forward and tends to piss a lot of people off too. Kit has just become the new Gundam Fighter for Neo-America after Chibitie stepped down to pursuit a new line of work. He is an extremely skilled pilot (no shit heís the Gundam Fighter after all)

(Kit :) I was sent here to take back some stolen technology, the Gundam RX-78[G]-KC and send it to my home base. All was going fine untilÖ

Kit: Gundam loaded into shuttle, destination, Neo-America. Launching in 5, 4,3,2,1 launching!! (Into cell phone) Did you get that Sylven?

Sylven: (Treize, Gundam Wing) Roger that, Iíll meet you and the Suit at the rendezvous point.

Domon runs out, katana drawn, seething with anger, with armed agents standing behind him, guns drawn aimed at Kit.

Domon: STOP, THIEF!!

Kit: (like a sneeze, as it will always be) Shit.

A bunch of spot lights focus on Kit, alarms sound, the agents open fire and a bullet blows Kitís phone to shit.

Domon: (commandingly) Hold your fire men!!!! (To Kit) Whereís the Gundam?!!!!

Kit looks up into the sky for a while, and then looks Domon in the face.

Kit: Iíd say itís exiting Neo-Japanís atmosphere about now. Tell yaí what, Iíll fight yaí for it, I win I leave here with my Gundam and you back off.

Domon: And if I winÖ

Kit looks at him with a real cocky look on his face.

Kit: If you win you get that little toy back.

Domon: Fine, weíll settle it that way!

Domon shifts his stance into a battle one, drawing his rusted sword from its sheath.

Kit: (he takes a look at Domonís sword) Youíre gonnaí fight me with that rusted piece of junk?

Domon: (extremely confident) My swordís rust gives it power, letís see yours!

Kit draws his Kodachi underhand the puts his left hand on the hilt.

Kit: (sighs) Fine, just say I donít say I didnít warn you when you lose your Gundam!

They both run forward, Domon brings his sword down, Kit moves to the side then jumps up and shatters Domonís blade with an in-to-out heel kick. He lands, having re-sheathed his sword and beats Domon down with a right jab to the gut and a left hay maker to the cheek. He stops for a second then brings his fist back lands a huge punch to Domonís stomach. Domon falls back then reawakens to see Kitís Kodachi to his neck.

Kit: (standing over Domon, looking down with a little smile on his face) Looks like I win, which means the Gundam is mine.

Domon: (Growls)Ö


Domon is standing outside Rainís place holding his stuff, Domon is VERY angry, Rain is crying uncontrollably and equally pissed off.

Domon: FINE!!!!!!

Rain: (Tears flying off her face) FINE!!!!!! (Door slams in his face)

Domon starts walking down the street venting, then starts constructing a plan.

Domon: (Thinking while he walks angrily) Bitch! Fine Iíll just hook back up with Allenby: (evil smile) sheís hopelessly in love with me. Iíll just ask her to meet me at some resort colony, make my move and, BANG!! Sheíll be putty in my hands (rubs hands together). Iíll take the new Gundam with me; sheíll love it, and me!


Having risen up, his fists are clenched his veins are popping out, heís hunched over in the DBZ power up position.

Domon: (growls) errrrrrrrrrrr, errrrrrrrrrrr, errrrrrrrrrrr, KILL HIM!!!!

Kit: Shit.

Gunshots ring out; Kit makes a run for it. He takes off at high speed makin crazy maneuvers jumping up on benches and running across fence tops, bobbing and weaving while the agents trail not far behind firing a barrage of 9mm ammo at him.

Kit: Shit I need to call a ship! (Kit takes out his cell phone, which is shot through the center) Damn!! My phone is worthless! Wait. (Sees a ship up ahead) Wait!! Hold that door!!

He busts out even more speed desperately sprinting for the ships door.

Girlís voice: Hurry!

Gunshots, Kit cringes. His leg goes limp and he starts to fall forward, but someone grabs his hand and pulls him onto the ship.

Kit: (head down panting) Thanks!

Allenby is standing holding his hand, looking down at him happily.

Allenby: (sparkly bubbly effect) No problem. Hey, why where those guys chasing you anyway?

Kit is star struck heís captivated by her beauty he canít take his eyes off her, canít even speak, he is powerless, and he can only stare; he starts to blush whenÖ

Kit: Damn it. (Cringes again and grasps his left calf as he falls to one knee)

Allenby: Are you alright?!

She pulls up his pant leg and sees a bloody wound in his leg.

Allenby: We better look at that!

Kit tries to get up, but falls back down on one knee quickly.

Kit: Iím fine. (Cringes again)

Allenby: No way, Iím dressing this wound!

She pulls a blue hanky out of her pocket and wraps it around his wound. She stands up and looks him in the face.

Allenby: By the way, the nameís Allenby Beardsly!

Sheís gotten taller, about as tall as Kit (naturally or, itís the frigginí future, display some imagination!)

Kit: (laughing lightly) I already knew! And man are you an airhead, if I didnít wouldnít it be kinda useless to introduce yourself now, after youíve already been all over me.

Allenby: (Smirks and holds a hand out to him) So youíve heard of me?

Kit grabs her hand and she helps him up to his feet.

Kit: (Laughs) How could I not know you?! Youíre the Gundam Fighter for Neo-Sweden!

Allenby: Well you know me but, on the other hand, who are you and why were those guys chasing you? (They both sit down in a line of chairs on the left side of the ship)

Kit: Iím Kit Sune, the new Fighter for Neo-America.

Allenby: What happened to Chibodee?

Kit: he left to pursuit his two dream jobs, professional boxer, and pimp.

Allenby; And those men? Why are you in Neo-Japan anyway?

Kit: You sure are inquisitive. Iím here to retrieve a piece of stolen technology. A few months ago a spy from Neo-Japan infiltrated my base. She stole the blue prints for my nationís newest weapon, my Gundam. So I came here to take it back. Those men just got in my way. Since I played along, tell me why youíre here?

Allenby: Domon called me here; he said he had something important to ask me.

Kit: Domon eh, thereís somethiní wrong with that guy, heís different some how.

Allenby: Domonís a little rough around the edges but deep down heís a sweet guy.

Kit: Heís the one that sicíd those agents on me!

Allenby: (puzzled) That doesnít sound like Domon. (Normal perky self) Oh well, guess Iíll have to talk to him when I get back home.

Kit: (surprised and a little confused) You trust me enough to question one of your best friends after knowing me for like, five minutes?

Allenby: You seem like a nice guy, Iím pretty sure you wouldnít lie about something like that. Itís not like youíre jealous of how close Domon was to me!

Kit: (thinking) Is she flirting with me? (Starts to blush) Why does that matter!? (Kit sits there not moving lost in thought) Iíve had girls tackle me and have their way with me out of nowhere and I never fazed me, but she helps me out a little and Iím completely worthless! Why is she so different?

Allenby: (jokingly shoves him, speaking in a friendly way) Are yaí?!

Kit comes back to earth with a thud.

Allenby: (Seductively) But who says I wouldnít like it if you were?!

Kit looks nervous, shy, uneasy, basically everything he usually isnít.

Allenby: Man, lighten up, donít yaí get a joke?

Kit: (regaining composer) Joke, right! So you said weíre goiní ďhomeĒ?

Allenby: Yeah, my home Colony, Neo-Sweden. (She kinda looks a little mopey)

Kit: Whatís wrong?

Allenby: Itís just that Domon has been acting weird lately. First he leaves me for Rain, which I understood, then he starts flirting with me again, but he doesnít show up at the romantic meeting place cuzí heís tryiní to kill you.

Kit: Ennh, fuck him, anyone who would leave you hanging is crazier than tryiní to kill me.

Allenby: (smirking with a cute look on her face) Kit. (He looks over) Youíre still holding my hand.

Kit looks down, blushes then quick pulls his hand away.

Allenby: (teasing, in a friendly way) You can put it back if you want, I didnít mind!

Kit: Shut up. Shit. (Covers mouth)

Allenby: Youíre just lucky youíre cute. Crap! (Covers mouth)

The two of them sit there in awkward silence, not saying a word until the ship lands. Allenby goes to help Kit up after they land, she offers her hand and pulls him up, and then he stands without much trouble.

Allenby: What the hell?

Kit: I heal fast.

The two hop down from the ship. Allenby looks at Kit.

Allenby: So where do you want to go?

Kit throws his hands behind his head and startsí walkin slowly, Allenby follows.

Kit: (eyes looking back, head forward) I figured we could go shopping; I have to pay you back for the stuff I ruined, and for saving my life.

Allenby: (sorta touched) Aww, you donít have to do that!

Kit stops and turns to face Allenby, she stops and looks uneasy.

Kit: (semi-serious) Allenby, youíll have to learn somethin about me, I donít do anything because I have to. I want to do this for you. Now letís go, just pick out something you really want.

Allenby: ButÖ

Kit: (smiles) No contest, Iím doiní it and thatís final! Youíre too nice to let go without returning the favor. And thereís nothiní you can do to stop me!

Allenby: (becoming less reluctant and starts to cheer up) Alright, I know a good place (claps hands together once)!


Kit and Allenby are now in a clothing store. A blonde haired Tom-Boy greets them.

Tom-Boy: Hey, Allenby! Oooh, whoís the hottie? Is he your new boyfriend?

They two of them stop at the counter sheís behind.

Allenby: (laughing nervously) No, Sam, heís just a friend!

Sam: Oh, does that mean heís available?

Allenby: Go ahead, take Ďem!

That gets Kitís attention.

Sam: Oh, I will, youíre all mine!! (Winks)

Kit looks very interested.

Allenby and Kit start walking away.

Sam: (doing the hand sign) Call me!!

Kit: Now letís get some clothes!

She quick grabs some stuff and goes into the dressing room.

Allenby: Donít laugh if itís stupid.

Kit: Iím sure youíll look good in what ever you pick.

Allenby: What?

Kit: Nothiní. (Under breath) Open mouth insert foot, Iím an idiot!

She walks out in her new outfit. She walks out in a black sleeveless turtle-neck, like Matt from the first season of Digimon, only black. She has on black shiny black pants (of unspecified material) she has on brown gloves, loose around her wrists. She has on black dullish loose boots (also not sure what exactly theyíd be made of) she has her stone pulled out, resting on her chest.

Allenby: (showing off her new clothes) So, how do I look?

Kit: (amazed) You look awesome!

Allenby: (kinda embarrassed) Thanks Kit!

Kit: (shifting back and forth on his toes with his hands in his back pockets pockets, looking over his shoulder) Well, letís get out of here, Iím starting to feel a little uncomfortable.

Allenby: Come on, it canít be thatÖ (Bursts out laughing)

A ton of girls are hiding behind clothes as cover staring at Kit longingly.

Allenby: You have quite the following!

Kit: Now you see what I go through.

Allenby: Wait Ďtill youíre famous!

A Latina saleswoman walks up to them.

Kit: Hey Chico! Why donít you leave that Punta and get with a real woman?!

Allenby: You bitcÖ

Wiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!! The sales chick finds the tip of Kitís sword to her throat.

Kit: (malicious smile) Better watch what you say, Iíve got a little bit of a mean streak!

SalesHo: Fine then, you so stupid! I fuck good and everything!!

Kit: (through his teeth) Okay, letís try this again.

They walk up to the counter.

Sam: Is that all?

Kit: (reaching into his pocket) Yep. (Puts cash on the counter)

Sam: Cute and rich? Youíre so lucky!

Allenby: (embarrassed, head down, blushing lightly) Thanks.

Just then an Agent runs in. he pulls out a gun.

Agent: Kit Sune IíllÖ

Sam pulls out a pump action shotgun and blows the guy away, he falls straight through a glass window and into the malls main hallway center.

Kit: (amazed, looking at Sam, the gun and the dead guy) Damn, youíre pretty tough!

Sam: (leans down on the table to look at him) Do you like tough girls?

Kit grabs the bag and starts to walk out.

Kit: Iíll see you later, (looks back and flashes her a look) Little miss tough girl!

Sam: Come back soon cutie! (Blows a two finger kiss) Iíll be waiting!

They walk out of the clothing store into the mall.

Kit: Hey, yaí wanna go to the Arcade?

Allenby: I love the Arcade!

Kit: Awesome! Yaí know youíre pretty fun, most of the girls I know just want to do their make up, fix their hair, talk about feelings, watch cheesy movies.

Allenby: (doubtful) Really?

Kit: Actually most of them just want to have really kinky sex! But either way I donít like those girls the way I do you. You actually have good qualities besides looks and seductive charm. For the first time Iíve felt like I could be friends instead of just lovers.

Kit realizes what he just said.

Kit: (flailing arms, narrowly missing random peoples heads with the shopping bags)) Not that Iím saying weíre lovers or anything I just met you andÖ

Allenby: (giggling lightly) Weíre at the Arcade.

Kit looks really stupid and embarrassed.

Allenby: Chill out, I like you too. (She walks into the arcade then turns to face kit) Now letís just play video games!

Kit: Hey, wait for me!!

Kit runs off after her. He catches up to her and they walk up to a machine.

Voice: Soul Caliber, 2Ö thousand!!!


Voice: Choose your character! Hiten! Tiki!

The two characters appear in a moon-lit arena.

Voice: He uses his sword to cut down his destiny!

Hiten: (Mitsurugi) I will not deny your challenge!

Tiki: (Taki) Wooooooooooooooooooo!!! Come!

Kit and Allenby begin pounding the buttons and toggling the joy stick. Itís getting close, Hiten impales Tiki and kicks her off his sword.

Tiki: (echoing) WAH!!!

Voice: Knock out! Hiten wins!!

Hiten: Still alive?

Voice: Round 2! Fight!!

They battle on Ďtill Tiki does a huge move and takes out Hiten.

Hiten: (echoing) WAH!!!

Voice: Knock out! Tiki wins!! (Tiki poofs away behind some smoke balls)

Voice: Round 3! Fight!!

Down to the wire, both have only a sliver of life left. Hiten goes in with a hard blow, Tiki side steps then finishes him off a string of dagger blows.

Hiten: (echoing) WAH!

Voice: Knock out! Tiki Wins!

Tiki: (condescending laughter) Thatís it?

Kit: Damn! You beat me!

Allenby: Yeah, but Iíve never had a fight come so close.

Kit: Rematch!

Allenby: Youíre on!

They continue toggling and button smashing away.

A few hours later, theyíre playing a racing game, Kit crosses the finish line first.

Allenby: (big yawn covers her mouth) Man Iím beat!

Kit: Alrighty then. Iíll walk you home!

Allenby: You donít have to.

Kit: I already told you, I do things because I want to.

Allenby: Guess I canít argue with that!

The two of them walk off together, talking happily.


Kit and Allenby approach her apartment.

Kit: (starts to walk away) Well see you again sometime! (Allenby grabs his arm) Huh?

Allenby: You didnít think Iíd let you leave so fast.

Kit: (question mark over head) SoÖ

Allenby: I only came here to get my stuff. Iím cominí with you to America!

Kit goes from puzzled to shocked.

Kit: (shocked and surprised) Wha?!! (Pointing to himself) Youíre cominí with me!!!!?

Allenby: (smiles closes eyes and tilts head) Yep!! Thatís the plan!!!

Kit: (sighs, shrugs shoulders) Fine, I ainít gonna stop yaí!

Kit looks at her and smiles impishly.

Allenby: Yay! This is gonna be so much fun!!

Kit: Yeah. (Thinking) How the hell do I get myself into shit like this!? Well, at least sheís cute. Yeah, I think thisíll work out just fine!

(Anna ni Issho Datta no ni from Gundam SEED)

A small transport ship lands. the two of them walk on and sit down across from each other on the wall mounted seats.

Young grey haired pilot: Kit, whoís the girl?

Kit: Long story dude!

Ja Ne

(Outlaw Star preview music)

Girl: Yo this is Foxxy Sune, yeah Kitís little sister, WHO DID NOT appear in this chapter! What the hell? Iím not even in the next one, its all about Aveian... Wait whoís that guy heís really cute!

Foxxy: Absolute Power, next chapter. Itís called More Shameless Character Development! You better get ready!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lispy bitch.
my drama class is full of bitches. i got back at one by pulling a gun on frosty the snowman and downing gin whilst the chipmunks danced around creating said possessed snow-abomination. well i appears i was gotten back in the end, being as i was pretty much edited out of the shoot, i was off-screen for the majority of the time, i was around when i pulled the rifle on frosty and then dragged him off screen for no operant reason, in both of which i'm pretty much unrecognizable so that means that throughout the ages i'll pretty much be written, even though if i HAD been on screen i'd be immortalized for my brilliant work in making a possessed snowman interesting again.

well i'm worried that my presents i ordered for meh beaner will not get to me in time to send them off to her for her birthday. i forgot that when ordering things from rightstuf there is the chance that they will have to order the stuff from the manufacturer and thus it'll take an assload of time to get here, and i doubt telling her, "they're coming" is really a great present. i know that she won't care that her presents are late, but i will, her family is pretty asshole-ish when it comes to gift giving and usually her birthday is thus ruined because she gets nothing for them.

and better yet is that i pretty much went past my means to buy those gifts, so i'm in debt and i have no idea when they're coming in, though i am only in debt to my mom so its not like i'm going to get my knees broken over it or charged so insanely high silly fees, i just hope i don't have to go out next monday to get a bunch of replacement gifts for her and just do as my brother does and horde gifts for upcoming holidays. so i guess either was i'll be giving presents, but i still wish i could give the intended ones on time.

i'm glad i have so many gamer fans who can share my pain in getting my ass kicked by a cheap boss character. i did beat that stupid Byg-Zam, i just saved up all my boost attacks until i had him at half life and he says "now i'm going full power" so i unleashed all my attacks and killed him before he could carry out one of his finisher moves, and thanks to my friend chris, was not surprised at all by the plot twists because he ruined the whole game, though i must admit Bandai really phoned in the tells, Gravenger dies... GRAVEnger dies. Hal Vizdrt Vladi Zarth, stupid anagrams. but i can't complain, its still a fun game even if its corny as hell, i still hate that Suits that are supposed to be strong being weak, usually my favorite zeon weapons are downplayed in order to make the damn Gundam stronger, they are going to write off the Hyaku-Shiki in order to build up the Zeta Gundam. now i realize both Suits are from the AEUG but still its picking on Char, making his Suit a throwaway.

speaking of my friends we're all having a Zan-pakuto off, all creating are own Zan-pakutos and soul reapers and then arguing who'd win in a fight, i of course was way ahead of them both because i already figured mine out right after i got back from Bev's. my friend Josh is going7 to have a giant sawfish blade as his shikai and for bankai his whole body gets covered in spiky armor, and chris is just being lazy, his shikai is the marasume and his bankai is the buster sword, yeah just rip off FFVII for your powers.

you have to admit, mine is pretty original...


Shikai: Tennyo Ji Kagai Yuugen [Celestial Maiden Love Assault limited]
Bankai: Tennyo Ji Kagai Kagirinai [Celestial Maiden Love Assault Unlimited]

i'd just call my sword Tennyo, i'd say Shikai would be causing the feelings of overwhelming love if i hit them with Tennyo [which doesn't cut] and Bankai would allow me to do it with a simple glance or physical contact, as well as letting Tennyo cut again. i think that would be totally awesome, though probably not the most captivating move if i were actually a character in the series, plus i'd have the same problem Ichiro from NDB has of people constantly trying to rape me, though i think the bankai level would really help out. i'd also hope i could make it into squad 11, i don't know if causing love sickness would be considered kido, though i think if the pretty guy's sucking power is kido them mine would be, i guess then Kenpachi would dislike me. personally i like Gin's ability more than anything, if i could have Shinso i would that is the coolest ability ever! but i think the one i built up was pretty fun too, i'd actually want to fight Gin, i think that would be a pretty fun one if it were animated, don't you guys?

- august 24 2007 -

now i've rethought it a slight bit, one would be that the people i strike would be more fainty than glompy-rapey, i'll make my enemies more Hinata and less Ino. besides that feeling of your heart skipping a beat and being head-over-heels would be more fun than usual.

also i'd have the red string of fate wrapped around my hilt and tied to my right pinky, so i can throw it as well as use it to strangle people.

also my shikai wouldn't just be unable to cut, it'd be able to "ghost" through stuff at will, i think it makes it more interesting.

you guys like my sword?

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Monday, October 15, 2007

for once i didn't use the song for the title, though it is meant to be a pun on the fact i oft use J-pop titles for my post titles, i explain these things because otherwise no one will get them so i feel stepping on my jokes is better than let them go without notice indefinitely.

well i'm pissed at my video games. MS Saga is being a bitch to me by making me get into a boss fight that is completely unbalanced and insane. see you basically have to fight a Byg-Zam that has accurate weapons and of course is in a turn-based environment where you can't manually dodge.

see in every third-person shooter Gundam game the Byg-Zam is a complete joke, i used to destroy it using the head vulcans just to make it a challenge, i can destroy the Byg-Zam with a Ball in Zeta Gundam v. Gundam, but in here i can't beat this damn thing with two newtypes, the Gundam, the Kampfer and Char's Gelgoog. come on now, the fucking Gundam beat the Byg-Zam easily on its own, and pretty much in every game you are a better Pilot than Amuro, then we have the Kampfer with could tie the brand new Alex Gundam, which was of course vastly superior to the original, and Char's Gellgoof which could have beat the Gundam if not for Sala and Lallah getting in the way, but i can beat the fucking Byg-Zam!

so i'm going with my usual strategy in RPGs and i'm just going to level up until there is absolutely no chance i can lose. i really wish i could just win based off of skill or technique but they've made this fights so ridiculously one-sided. the damn Byg-Zam is so pathetic because its guns are so inaccurate, that main cannon has less than 5 degrees of turret to the side and all its side guns have little articulation as well so my Suits should be able to dodge unless the battles really are thought out to be the Suits standing in lines and shooting each other, in that case than this is ridiculous because against stationary targets of course the Byg-Zam will win.

i've been drawing a lot more, i'm going to be posting more art, even though no one ever looks at it, though then again i really have no artistic talent so i'd guess that would be the reason, i guess i should not take it personally that no one wants to look at poorly drawn art. but in any case i'll be drawing more in my free time at school so if you'd like to see it check out my portfolio, i really don't like shilling for my art so please understand how desperate i am in asking this.

i'm glad so many of you guys enjoyed my gin drinking, gun wielding performance in my drama class whilst lip-syncing to frosty the snowman. but what you guys don't get is that i didn't do it just to get back at her, i enjoyed doing all those things, the fact that i pissed off that intolerable bitch was just icing on the cake, my real motive was just to alleviate my hatred at doing that song and my pent up unhappiness, i don't like doing serious works, frosty the snowman needs gin and guns, in my opinion, and if i could have arrested frosty as well and/or gun-butt him in the face that'd been fun too.

i'm getting back into writing my story, so as you guys can see i'm branching out into all the arts, i draw, i "act", i write, and i blog on here. many people might not see blogging as an art but i do, if done right. uploading on sentance about how bored you are and commenting on people's sites saying "hi" and only that doesn't count, bgut if you really put some work into blogging then it can be an art. and i put a lot of effort into this site, whether my ranking and art viewing reflect it or not.

so please consume of my arts, i have not the shame to prevent me from begging like this, PAY ATTENTION TO ME! VIEW MY ART, READ MY STORY AND MY BLOG!!!!


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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Absolute Power ch.21
Absolute Power
Mission: 21
Into The Burning Sand!

Marane moves with stealth through the corridors of the Castle Walachia, his keen eyes scanning for his target. As he turns a corner he sees a door and makes a direct path for it.

Marane: (opening the door) There we go.

Inside is a single cavalier, having strayed behind she is separated from her three room mates, and is all alone and naked, trying to pull her pants up, with her black bra hanging off one breast, the other crimson peeked mammary in full view. She sees Marane, but before she can react the door shuts and locks behind him.


As all of the suits return to the hangar, Aveian stands on his cockpit door, talking to Sora on his headset.

Aveian: SoraÖ Sora! What is going on out there?

Sora: (her voice spreading from his earphone into the air) The enemy is regrouping. The force we just took out, that was just the first wave. They have at least 150% of the forces we just took out.

Aveian: Roger, we restock the Suits then we go out and take these fools out.

Sora: What do we do in the mean time?

Aveian: (commanding) Activate all base defense systems, Bulkheads, anti-personnel, anti-air, anti-vehicle, put out a full assault, the weapons arenít going to have long before theyíre destroyed by the enemy Suits, make sure they put out all the fire the they can before then.

Sora: Roger!

Aveian turns to face all the soldiers in the hangar.

Aveian: And all you soldiers, restock the Mobile Suits immediately! We need all the MX batteries recharged and replaced, check the interfaces on the Switch-Blades, and make sure the amps on the back blades are still working. Finish the upgrade on Kitís Gundam and (he pauses a moment) prep the Quick Sylver for launch!

Kit, exiting his Suit at the time Aveian gives his orders, hears his Commander, and becomes infuriated.

Kit: (scaling his and Aveianís mechs off-screen) You son of a BITCH!

Kit leaps up and hits Aveian hard in the cheek with right, he goes to throw a left, but it shakes in the air before Aveianís face.

Kit: I should have known the that wouldnít work twice.

Aveian punches him hard in the stomach, then hits him with a flat kick to the mouth, then pivots and catches him in the back of the head with a spinning heel kick from the opposite foot. Kit falls onto BlackStarís Cock Pit door, his mouth bleeding.

Aveian: Now that that is out of the way, what the hell is wrong with you?

Kit: YouÖ Youíre going to use itÖ

Aveian: Itís not like we need itÖ dumb ass. If we donít use everything we have, WEíRE GOING TO DIE! Now man up and take your place on the battlefield, or else Iíll kill you right here and just replace you and move on.

Kit: (trying to stand up from the push-up position) So who is the pilot?

Foxxy: Me!


Draka: (staring out at the battlefield) You canít escape me that easily KitÖ

At that moment BlackFox turns and enters the Hangar, flying directly over her, as his Suit enters the shutters, as well as bulkheads close behind him, and in a moment she is laying on the ground, covering her head and staring at solid steel.

Draka: (standing back up) What the hell?!

Two Walachian soldiers run up to her, she whips around and glares at them.

Draka: (seething) What the hell do you want?

Both soldiers step back in fear, but slowly the get their selves to the point they can talk again.

Soldier: Um, Lady DrakaÖ the foot troops are going to be needed on the battlefield, so Iím afraid you are going to have to go meet with your troops now.

Draka: Fine!

Draka storms off out the door, her rage so hot she is nearly on fire.

Soldier: She is scary man!

Soldier: I feel bad for that poor Captain, heís the one who has to deal with her.

Soldier: Doesnít he already have a partner?

Soldier: Do you think that will stop Draka?

Soldier: Good Point.


Sylven continues walking in the desert; he had taken the opposite way as Marane, distrusting him.

Sylven: I might have made a mistake going this way. Itís possible I should have followed Marane, but then again being with him could be more dangerous than anything else.

In the distance Sylven sees a group of specks moving towards him, his optical sensors zoom in on them, itís a group of Turk Infantrymen moving towards him.

Sylven: Oh Damnit, I guess Marane was right. Well before I get to KitÖ I have to take out these guys.

Sylven puts his arms back and takes off running at top speed making causing the optical illusion of his silhouette spreading out behind him.

Turk: What the hell is that thingÖ- AHHHHH!

Gunfire rings out, men scream while blood and limbs fly up into the air.


Draka enters the Cavalierís equipment room to speak to her troops.

Draka: Alright girls, we have a mission.

Blond Cavalier: What! You mean we have to go out and fight against those Mobile Suit things?!

Draka: Many of you have done it beforeÖ

Red Ėhaired Cavalier: That doesnít mean we all have, those of us who have were the highest level members, and they attacked in the middle of the night or in their own Suits, we donít have a chance!

Draka: We donít have a choice, weíre all needed to protect this Nation, if we donít fight weíll all die!

Blond: So what, if we fight weíll die too!

Draka: That isnít true, we have all of the US troops with us, as well as are own Pilots in their own Mobile Suits.

Black-Haired Cavalier: Then why donít they go one their own?

Draka: Because we are all needed! Look, my brother is in charge of the ground soldiersÖ

Black-Hair: Draco or Micrea?

Draka: Draco! Micrea couldnít even think about fighting, let alone command our Knights. But in any case, my brothers canít stop me, and my father wonít, so Iíll make you this deal, if you win against the enemy, then the Knights are all yours, no restrictions for a whole week, you can use them however you want.

A few minutes laterÖ


Draka: Thatís more like it.


Lord Dracula rises from his seat and stretches out his joint, cracking them all. He limbers himself up and readies his weapons.

Micrea: Father, why are you getting up? Are you going to get me a Snow Cone?

Lord Dracula: No, no my son. I am going out into battle

Micrea: (absorbing his words) BattleÖ But Father, you mustnít go out there and fight! Fighting never solves anything!

Lord Dracula: Shut up Micrea! You must learn to stop hiding and running away. Pacifism is luxury consigned only to those with no enemies or no pride.

Dracula rests his left hand on his swords hit, and opening, then reaching into a secret hiding place he pulls out a huge object in a cloth sheath, then turns to look back at his son.

Lord Dracula: If you are to one day take my place, you must become wiser.

Micrea: WhatÖ?


Outside the Turks begin surrounding the base.

Turk Pilot: There is no activity.

Pilot: I say we just blow the whole thing up! (Aims AGNIS)

An automated machine Gun rises up and opens fire, taking out that Suit.

First Pilot: Damn it!

Missile pods and machine guns slide out of the ground everywhere then begin opening fire.


Aveian: All Mobile Suits launch immediately!

Turkeys come near the bulkheads, and sniper fire tears through, destroying several Suits near the doors.

A Turk runs through taking out turrets and pods.

Pilot: I canít take this; (charging AGNIs) Iíll end it all here!!!!!!

He fires his beams at the door, taking out the door.

Pilot: Ha! I did iÖ

A black blur shoots out, his Suit goes flying back, a Switch-Blade imbedding its forearm blades deep into itís chest.

Cavalier: Sorry Mister Muslim, but you have to die here!

The back blades deploy, and the Suit is cut to shreds, bloody metal litters the ground.

Draka: Come girls, we gotta go out there and claim our prizes!

The Cavaliers, mounted on horseback charge out of the open hangar door, riding towards the enemy troops. Each one carriers two crimson lances, each a long red cone. They run their weapons into the Turk infantry on the ground, and firing their Alchemic attacks at the enemy Mobile Suits.

Drake Gundam steps out of the hangar, Draco speak to his troops from the Suit.

Draco: Go out there and show your power! Make your country proud!

The Walachian Infantry charges out towards the enemy lines in a full blitz.

BlackStar coasts out.

Aveian: Mindless soldiers.

Allenby: Men are so easy to trick into doing what you want.

Faye Gundam glides out daintily.

Foxxy fits her helmet as the Trace material runs up her arms and onto her cheeks.

Foxxy: Youíre telling me. You ready bro?

Kit: (his voice coming from a video link off screen, his voice sounding muffled and metallic) Yeah, Iím ready to go.

BlackFox and Quick Sylver fly out at insane speed.


Kit: Who is going to Pilot that death machine.

Foxxy: I will!

Kit: Oh hell no!

Foxxy: Hey! I got just as good of scores on the pilotís exam as you did! I just didnít get the promotions like you did because Iím not an ďauthority figure!Ē

Aveian: Fine, Kit you Pilot it then.

Kit: No one is going to Pilot it! Iím going to get aboard BlackFox and destroy it before it can destroy another personís mind!

Aveian: I wonít let you do that, Iím your Commander, Iím in charge of this whole country, so if you donít want to pilot it Foxxy can.

Kit loses all hope in his eyes, accepting his fate he replies.

Kit: Iíll do itÖ

Foxxy snaps.

Foxxy: No way! What the hell gives you the right to pilot that Suit!?

Kit: I killed Sylven in it! He was the top Pilot before I beat him, I have to know what beat him, meÖ or the GundamÖ

Foxxy: So what!? I loved him, and you took him away! The least you can do is let me honor him like this.

Kit: Sorry sis (pushing her back into Aveianís arms) but I canít do that.

With that he boards Quick Sylver and preps for launch.

Aveian: Well, you better get your Suit ready.

Before her stands the completed BlackFox the torso of the EZ-8, legs of RX-78-4, rear boosters also look like the RX-78-4, with MK-II style beam saber mounts, and longer booster in the bottom, the shoulders resemble the EX-S, although coming to a to point on the end. The left arm sports a mix between the GM Sniper II and the EZ-8ís shield being thick throughout, and coming to a forked pointed tip at the end, though slightly larger and equipped with a chain gun, while the right arm has a long beam rifle, like the Gaiaís, and the head modeled after the Impulse. The color scheme is black on lighter black, highlighted by white.

Foxxy: I have no idea how to use that damn thing!

Aveian: Youíll figure it out, remember to put on the protective suit and helmet, it handles hard.

Foxxy boards the Gundam, putting on the protective suit and helmet, which resemble Waltfeldís suit and Kiraís helmet, patterned black with yellow detailing.

Kit: Kit Sune, Quick Sylver away!

Foxxy: Foxxy, Iím launching!

The two Gundamís fly out of the hangar at full speed, Foxxy seems to be tolerating it fine; Kit on the other hand is struggling.

Foxxy: This has great handling, youíre lucky Kit, Aveian really went all out for you on this!

Kit: ÖThis system is so complex, so much input, my mind can barely keep up with it.

Foxxy: (jokingly) I could take it off your hands for you.

Kit: NoÖ I will beat this thing.

Foxxy: (giggles merrily) (thinking) Please do okay Kit, donít give in like everyone else did.

As the two Suits move forward together, their sensors go off and they see enemies incoming.

Kit: Guess we donít have any more time to get used to these weapons.

Foxxy: That sure happens a lot.

Kit: Tell me about it. We split up here, stay within range of me, but take on your own enemies.

Foxxy: (confirming the order) Okay. (Nods)

Foxxy flies over firing down on the Turks with the chain gun, Kit descends down to the ground among the enemy troops.

Kit: Okay Gundam, letís see what you can do.

Kit rushes forward and splits a Suit in half with the arm rail, he drives the other through the chest of an oncoming Turk, then tears in out of their side. He keeps moving forward, tearing through the Turks standing before it. Off in the distance the others fight and watch.

Allenby: Look at those two.

The ERA Semper pulls up beside Allenbyís Gundam.

Sora: Well they do have the top-of-the-line Suits, all theyíre doing is throwing their weight around.

Allenby: Shouldnít you be inside manning the CIC?

Sora: The Commander wants all the forces he can have out here, so I put the old crew back in charge of the surveillance, Iím sure theyíll do a good job.

Aveian: (over the com-link) Allenby, Sora, get back to work.

Sora: (sigh) Roger Commander.

Allenby: Right! Will do Aveian!

The two of them pull off and engage the incoming enemies.


Alchemist: Youíre not supposed toÖ

Before she can react Marane presses his lips against hers, he tears off her panties off her, and throws the scrap of cloth away as he pushes her on the bed, his thighs between hers, he lowers his pants and forces himself against her, driving himself inside, she moans and tries to resist, but its too much.

Marane: Youíre not going to get any help, so donít try to struggle, or cry for your friendsÖ

He drives himself in harder, deeper, she cries out and tries to push away, to grab the sheets, but it doesnít help, Marane keeps pushing harder into her.

Marane: You canít resist! Give into me; tell me all I want to know!

The view shifts to the floor, where at the highest view you can see their bodies as Marane continues thrusting into her, she moans and cries, pants loudly, her voice high and hoarse, her throat torn from the sheer volume of pleasure and sound.

Marane: Yes! Tell me it all! Give all your information.

Later, Marane in all his clothes walks out of the room, while the Alchemist lays naked and motionless on her bed.


Kit: Take this!

Kit throws the duel whip-boomerangs; they fly out and clear a huge section of enemies out. As they return Kit throws them back out and runs forward, kicking one Turk in the chest, tearing his Suit apart against the ground, he cuts two more down with the arm rails.

Turkey Pilot: Haha! (Readies his AGNIs) Youíre gonna die now fucker!

Kit: (turning, his body and the Gundam in sync) I donít think so.

Kit fires out a few short blasts from the Head Vulcans, hitting the AGNI barrels and wiping out the Suit in a glorious explosion.

Kit: This Suit is amazing!

Kit continues going forward, cutting through the Turks with his rails while the boomerangs dance around him.

Kit: No human should be able to use this! So much information, so man displays put directly into your brain, I canít concentrate on them all at once, not if I want to keep myself conscious. That must have been what went wrong for the others, well I wonít give in!

The Turks open fire on him en masse, Kit pulls some evasive maneuvers and flies up above them, he streaks down on them , firing the head Vulcans, then spears one with the arm rail.

Kit: Iíll prove that Iím the superior Pilot!


Sora stands her ground along with Aveian, Draco and most of the MX Pilots; theyíve taken up a position a few miles outside the Base. Turks rush in of them, Sora fires back with her Machine gun, dodging the hail of Assault Rifle fire, a Turk goes for a jumping downward slash, but Sora spears him on her sword, the opens fire into the Suit with several Shotgun blasts, until motor oil runs down onto her Suit, and she throws it away as it explodes on the shifting sands.

Aveian circles around the perimeter of the area they took up, firing the hand cannons and slashing with the claws.

Aveian: Iím not going to fail this mission, my future relies on this!

Aveian lets loose a blast from the particle cannon in the waist, wiping out at least a dozen Suits in one shot.

Aveian: How are the troops holding up?

Sora: Theyíre holding.

Waves of sniper fire disables and destroys incoming Suits, Sora continues picking off the ones that get past with the mid-range weapons and close-range sword.

Sora: Oh damn it!

Aveian: What!? Do you need back-up?

Sora: No, a division of foot soldiers just made it through our ranks, I could take them out but it seems like waste of resources.

Aveian: Donít worry about it, they wonít make it far.


As the Turks rush forward the Walachian infantry meet up with them clashing sword to rifle, the Turks open fire, but the Walachians dodge or take the bullets in their bullet proof armor, then driving their swords into the enemy, of course not everyone can dodge all the shots either. At this moment of stalemate the tides turn. The Lord Dracula rushes in, his massive Long Sword drawn.

Turks: Watch out! Here comes the King! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

A huge explosions rings out, from far back behind the Walachian lines is Keef, waving to the artillery workers, who rain down fire with the heavy pieces.

Keef: And your ass will know Iím the lord when I bring my vengeance down upon thee!

Ahead Lord Dracula rushes the troops, his sword ready to strike as he moves between Keefís shells.

Lord Dracula: Stupid heathens! Iíll show them my power, AND HOW TO FIGHT!

He runs forward and puts his sword right through a Turk, RPG and all. Another turns to fire at him, he squeezes off a whole magazine at him, but the Lord lets loose a blast of energy, causing all the bullets to fall from the sky and tearing apart that soldierís body.

Lord Dracula: None of you fools will come out of here alive!

Dracula striking yells, the clashing of metal, blasts of energy and the screams and death yells of his fallen opponents.


Kit lets loose with a stream of fire from the head Vulcans, neutralizing several Suits in front of him. Kit stares into the face-piece, his mouth in an unaffected rest position, his eyes dart back in forth through the target reticules, selecting and eliminating all possible threats.

Kit: (voice calm and flat) Enemies sighted, all weapons engaged.

Quick Sylver flies forward, arm rails cutting through Turks, he flips over and opens fire with the head guns, landing he sends out both whips, then proceeds to destroy ever Suit in sight in close-range combat.

Kit: (thinking) The Suit is operating through my mind, it feels like Iím asleep, mind is separated from my body, guess my body wasnít fast enough for the Suit, it doesnít matter, Iím surpassing Sylven, that proves Iím a better Pilot than him.

Kit cuts a Suit in half, catches another in his hand and fires into it with the head guns, another gets impaled and thrown into an oncoming group.

Kit: No chance.


The Alchemists aboard Switch-Blades fly through the fields wreaking havoc and instilling terror into the enemy with their reactions.

Flame Alchemist: Die, die, everybody dies!

As the Gundams slide forward entire platoons burst into flame, great and beautiful flowering vines absorb hundreds, ice rains down from the sky impaling and destroying all those that fall under it, electricity wipes out waves of troops carrying and armored with metal, explosion spring up from the center of one body to destroy dozens.

Blast Alchemist: I like when they go BOOM!

A man screams for mercy as his body boils and readies to blow, he explodes taking out dozens of his comrades.

Complete Metal Alchemist: This cannon fodder is no match for us!

Her Suit bursts forward, driving its hand into on Turk it takes a huge chunk of its body out, the rest falling and exploding behind her.

Complete Metal: Now die!

A great spire of metal springs from her Gundamís palm and impales another Turkey.

Complete Metal: This is funÖ


Draco: DRAKE!!!!

His blast shreds a whole force of Suits.

Draco: Move forward men! Strike them down.

His soldiers rush the now unprotected parts of the enemy lines, slaughtering the forces ahead.

Allenby: Aphroditeís Arrow!

The arrow pierces the chest of an ascending enemy Suit. As its body falls and explodes AGNI beams fly through the smoke at her, she easily dodges, but the particle beams wipe out several MXs behind her.

Allenby: Damnit!

Sora fires her Machine Gun near constantly, putting shells from her Suit into the more bold ones.

Sora: I know, we may all be great Pilots, but these underlings are screwed against such high level technology.

Allenby: I donít get it, how did a bunch of broke nomads get such high level weapons?

Aveian: (sarcastically) Yes, how would the enemies of our Walachian allies get such high level weapons, why it seems almost as if WE made themÖ

Sora: Yeah, whoever could do a thing like this?

Allenby: You meanÖ

Sora: (cringing with hatred) ZeruÖ


Down, deep in Terminal Dogma Negeta watches on embedded cameras the ongoing battles. The air in the room wavers from heat and humidity, even in the pure red light; all of the operators look sweaty and miserable, while Zeru sits in air conditioned section, comfortable and cool.

Zeru: Isnít it glorious, watching all these people kill each other for us?

Operator: but we donít know where this is coming from, the feed is so encrypted, we donít even know who we sold all our weapons to!

Zeru: We found a group down on their luck, desperate they sought a final solution, so we sewed the seeds within them, giving them weapons, and the technology to create more, these pathetic Cavemen given the power of God, I want to see how they use it.

Operator: But how does this benefit us?

Zeru: These people say that they have a connection to Aveian Wind and those other traitors, so we can use them to weaken if not destroy that little mistake.

Operator: But what if they fail?

Zeru: Then they die, not as if I care about their pathetic Neanderthal lives, let them all die bloody deaths, it just makes for better TV.

Operator: But our troops are over there too, we are obligated to protect them.

Zeru: Rather they win or lose they arenít coming back, they were just another payment towards killing our enemies, we may as well consider them MIA from now on.

As they speak a huge catapult rises from the ground, displacing thousands of tons of sand.

Zeru: Now lets us see what these pathetic fools will do with the power of their Philosopherís Stone.


Foxxy flies over the troops, firing down while dodging the return shellings.

Foxxy: No! Youíre not going to get me that easily, Iím going to fight hard, and prove that Iím not a liability, I can do this! I will win!!

She fires the shoulder mounted missiles between the Suits, destroying several per shot, she stabilizes the Gundam to a standing position above them, and fires down on them with the shot guns and chain gun. As she is doing this the whole area starts to rumble, Foxxy had just driven her sword into a Suits chest as she looks over as a sand dune spills down onto the ground, and a huge super-structure rises out.

Foxxy: What theÖ

A bulk head opens, Mobile Suits start to exit when and AGNI beam tears across the sky, hitting the rising catapult, along with the displaced sand, the explosion sands a blanket of dust out ending all visibility.

Foxxy: What just happened (shock wave hits) Aaaaah!


Kit easily cuts through the Turkeys, suddenly all indicators point towards a shifting sand dune. He takes towards it at full speed, through the face plate he sees GMís being fitted and coming up the catapult, his mouth turns from a neutral position to a malevolent sneer, his fangs showing, his eyes changing and nails growing.

Kit: (demented) Oh no you donít!

His main targeting reticule locks on, the Positron Cannon charges up and fires, the beam turns all the sand beneath it to sand, and pierces directly through the catapult leaving a perfect smoldering hole.


Zeru watches happily as the structure rises.

Zeru: Now it will end for themÖ

The great blue and red beam pierces through the structure, causing explosions all across the underground parts of the structure. The beam hitting and piercing plays again and again.

Zeru: WHAT! How could this happen!?!

Operator: (panicked) Main structure heavily damaged, all bulkheads destroyed, the entire base is wide open!

Operator: Catapults 2 and 4 are completely destroyed, shaft number 1 is blocked with rubble, 52% of our GM forces have been wiped out!

Zeru: Damn him! Clear the available shafts, get the remaining forces out there, we have to counter attack!


Blast Alchemist: Kill, kill, KILL! Boom, boom, BOOM! Die, die, DIE!

Explosion ring out all around her, she laughs manically as the people die, suddenly her Suit stops.

Blast Alchemist: What- Whatís happening?

Flame Alchemist: Whatís wrong blast?

Blast Alchemist: IÖ I feel faintÖ

The Alchemist passes out; her Suit sinks forward at the waist. At this point the giant catapult rises from the ground.

Flame Alchemist: Great! What happens now!?

The catapult explodes.

Flame Alchemist: Could someone fill me in here because I seem to be missing somethingÖ

As the other Alchemists gather around the Flame and Blast, GMs start rising from the downed base.

Flame Alchemist: All Mobile Suits prepare for combat!

The Switch-Blades rush in, they fight desperately trying to keep up their defense, but slowly their reactions start to not occur.

Ice Alchemist: Whatís happening?

Plant Alchemist: Its not the reactors, theyíre working fine.

Complete Metal Alchemist: Does anyone else feel a littleÖ

Her Suit falls forward de-active, and slowly the rest fight on until they get weak and do as well, the final one is Flame, who watches the others helplessly.

Flame Alchemist: DamnÖ maybe these things werenít a good ideaÖ

She watches expecting to see her comrades get killed, but as a Turk approaches one of the de-active Suits, it rises up and grips it by the throat, the Switch-Blade stares up as its eyes become human, and the mouth piece breaks open to reveal its teeth, the armor falls off, and it grips the Suit by the neck, breaking the metal, just as that section breaks off and the Suit falls her Switch-Blade destroys the whole thing with one swing of it palm, shattering it into thousands of pieces, so broken apart it canít even explode.

Flame Alchemist: WhatÖ the hell are these thingsÖ? (She passes out)

All the other Switch-Blades, including hers rise up and begin to attack.

Meanwhile Aveian and Sora watch on their monitors, while still piloting and fighting.

Sora: What the hell is going on there?

Aveian: Itís a biological integration with the Mobile Suits.

Sora: Biological integration? You mean that there is living material in those weapons?

Aveian: In a way.

Sora: How did you do that? And why?!

Aveian: Not my doing, blame in on the Weaving life Alchemist.

Sora: Weaving life?

Aveian: The could manipulate the aspects of living beings, everything from triggering sexual climax to reversing the function of you liver and kidneys.

Sora: And she did this.

Aveian: She could also bond different parts of the body together, creating new species, chimeras if you would.

Sora: Chimeras, like the ancient Greek kind?

Aveian: Whatever she wanted pig-squirrel, hippo-falcon, lamb-snake, crocodile-wombatÖ

Sora: (imaging these) Thatís just wrong! But, wait! These are all biological organisms, how would you integrate a organic being with an inorganic Mobile Suit.

Aveian: I have no idea, she did it.

Sora: And you just watched?!

Aveian: Of course not, (Sora sighs in relief) I analyzed the process so I could duplicate it.

Sora: Why!?! Who could she do it? Did she get turned upside down, on inside out, lose her soul or something!?

Aveian: In integrating with the Suit the Alchemist lost her original form, she became the core unit of the system, her body mixed with the battery, and her limbs mixed out with the rest of the body.

Aveian sends an image to her, it shows the in workings of the Suit, its metal skeleton and electronics behind the cockpit by the power supply is a naked girl, her skin the color of muscle tissue, she is partially melted into the system, her eyes closed and mouth in a peaceful and eerie smile, her limbs spread towards the Suits limbs, lines of flesh run down them, like vines on veins.

Sora: (retching and covering her mouth) Thatís horrible.

Aveian: Her psyche is mixing with the pilots, sheís controlling them like puppets through their blood, using it like a catalyst; horrible or not, theyíre a powerful weapon, and keeping us alive right now.

Inside each Suitís cockpit, you can see a naked ethereal being, embracing the unconscious Alchemists; it stares out the displays with demented eyes on a deranged face.

Weaving Life Alchemist: Thatís right, kill them, they need to die, you want to kill them, spill their blood, break their bodies, and send them all to Hell!

A Naked Switch-Blade yells and rushes forward, the new GMs fire at it with their beam pistols, but it descends too fast and tears them apart with it bear hands, the same happening to all the other Blades.


Inside the control room the Walachian foot soldier watch over all the displays, outside they see all the Turk troops being eliminated far before they reach the open bulkheads.

Soldier: There is no way theyíre getting in here, this is so boring.

Soldier 2: Guys! Look what I found!

Soldier 3: Put it up on the main display.

On all the screens it shows a cursor going over to a file, outside Marane presses against the door, listening inside while licking his lips.


Lord Dracula clashes with more Turks, he cuts one down, then pins him to the ground with his sword, crushing his skull with his boot.

Lord Dracula: Iíve had enough playing around!

He raises the weapon in the cloth sheath, from it comes a giant Kama, the blade being twice as large as even a scythe blade, while the handle is similar to a one handed weapon, just sized up for Draculaís huge man-hands.

Lord Dracula: For the glory of Walachia!

He swings the Kama once, his energy spills out towards the Turks and as the approach the sand beneath them pulls back like the tide, and suddenly it is midnight to them as a wave of sand hundreds of feet tall crashes down on them. Lord Dracula stands panting and holding his chest.

Lord Dracula: Iím getting too old for this.


The horse-mounted cavaliers watch as the tower rises, and as it is blown open by a positron cannon blast.

Draka: This is our chance troops! We charge in and get them all!

Cavalier: CHARGE!

The horses gallop straight for the tower; Aveian sees this aboard BlackStar through his monitors.

Aveian: (speaking into his headset) The Walachian cavalry is making a rush for the new structure, all Mobile Suits and foot soldiers cover them. Engage the troops along the path they take to the tower, make sure they make it.

Sora and Aveian change coarse and veer left towards the path.

Allenby: Ah hell! But I guess I may as well help out.

Allenby cuts down several approaching Suits with her ribbon, and then flies off.

Draco: (Watching her on his screen) God youíre a moron Draka! (finishing off a Turk with a sword slash) Now I have to cover for your mistakes, make sure your plan works, and look out for you.

Foxxy: We can end this now (turning hard) If we just make sure they win!

Foxxy opens fire with the chain-gun, destroying several GMs in one burst.

Kit: (indicators beeping, he turns his head, and speaks in monotone) Enemy sighted, engaging targets.

Kit floors the Gundam, closing in on the GMs.

Kit: Targets locked.

He fires the AGNI, cutting a huge gap through their Suits, then, before they can react to that shot, he is among them cutting them apart with the arm spires.

Kit: Targets eliminated.


Moaning is heard, there is one voice unclear, but they sound pleased, as a male voice tries desperately to stop them, but canít, and gives into the moans. Inside we see Aveian laying on the floor, Sora on top of him, toying with him.

Soldier: This is so hot!

Soldier 2: Good thing they did it in the surveillance room.

Soldier 4: So many camerasÖ

Soldier 5: Tell me about it!

Soldier 3: I envy the CommanderÖ

Soldier 2: Anyone else think shirking off guard duty was a bad ideaÖ

Soldier 1: Nah, itíll all be fine, youíll see.

Outside Turks run past, a box with wires and blinking red lights left behind them.


Lord Dracula cuts through the Turk ground forces with his Kama, a mixture of Alchemic force and pure physical strength with sharp metal laying waste to his enemies.

Lord Dracula: I will be victorious, I shall protect my daughter and ensure she will succeed, I will make this a better world for myself and my children, for my people, I CAN NOT FAIL!!!!

He lets loose one huge swipe, cutting a furrow through the land all the way to the tower, wiping out thousands of Turks and dozens of Mobile Suits. Suddenly, he falls forward grasping his chest, he gasps, then retches, spilling deep blood onto the sand.

Lord Dracula: I should stop pushing myselfÖ


The MX forces slowly wane off their Sniper Rifles and rush in with swords deployed, they cut through the Turks, absorbing the occasional Assault rifle bullet, or loosing one to the destructive yet slow to aim and fire AGNI shots. Then, a green beam of energy pierces one MX in the chest, destroying it in one shot, then more beams come in, taking a heavy toll on the MXs, thinning them out quickly.

MX Pilot: They have beam weapons! (Suit explodes)

GMs march forward with their beam pistols flaring as the shots fly forward to strike down the American and Walachian forces.

GM Pilot: These guys are so easy to kill.

Pilot 2: Especially now that theyíre out of power for their rifles!

Pilot 1: It was smart of us to let them use up all their shots on those cannon fodder Turks, now we just rush in and wipe them all out!

Pilot 3: What about those crazed Alchemists in their weird Mobile Suits?

Pilot 1: Theyíre too busy with the Turkeys; theyíll never make it to us in time.

Pilot 4: INCOMING!

Pilot 1: What!?

The ERA flies down spraying Machine Gun fire, as she passes over she puts a load of Shot Gun shells into them.

Sora: You canít get away with this that easily!

GM Pilot: (Aiming at Sora) Weíll see about that!

As he takes aim BlackStar grasps his Suit in a claw and blows it apart with the gun in the hand.

GM Pilot: We can take them!

Second Pilot: Wipe them out! Daaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Allenbyís ribbon glides through their Mobile Suits.

Another group of GMs sees Aveianís group.

GM Pilot: Theyíll pay for that.

Draco: DRAKE!!

A drake blast shreds his Suit, Draco drops down from above, impaling one Suit, then slashes apart the other members of the group.

Draco: Fools (sensors screen pops up) speaking of whichÖ

Draka and her group ride by on horse-back towards the tower.

Draco: (Thinking) Just donít die DrakaÖ

Draco blocks a GMís beam sword with his, then destroys it with the head-mounted flame-thrower. Behind her the Suit explodes, as Draka rides towards the tower.

Draka: I can win this war, after this it will all be over.

Lord Dracula continues slicing forward with his Giant Kama as he coughs and blood flows from his mouth. Kit, meanwhile continues fighting against the GMs, their better pilots cause him to fight even harder, he starts to jettison the Full Armor parts, he throws the boomerangs, they takes out several Suits before being destroyed, he impales a Suit with one spire and buries the other in another Suit, then breaks them off and rises up, he rises up firing off the wrist guns and the AGNI, as the two of them fight desperately the elevator in the tower starts to run up, Kit fires into the tower, blowing out several sections, he gets a lock on it when a beam grazes the barrel, and heís forced to launch the AGNI barrel off too, at the top of the tower a larger Turkey flies out, a tall Arabian man standing on the door of the cockpit, holding an old-fashioned long-rifle.

Arabian man: Dracula Spitfire my friend, you have been a very good opponent, but its time for you to die.

As he cocks the bolt, the Raven corps. crew looks up.

Draco: FatherÖ

Draka: FatherÖ

Aveian: What?

Foxxy: (flying towards the Suit) No, I wonít make it!

Kit: (deranged laughter) Time for you to die!

Lord Dracula looks up, his clouded, worn down eyes and worn down face see what is far beyond their vision.

Lord Dracula: It is the end for me.

The Arab fires, and the bullet tears through the Lord forehead.

Kit: Die!

Kit unloads the wrist guns on the Suit, destroying it, the assassin jumps off and descends into the tower.

Draka: (Screaming) YOU BASTARD!

She goes to charge in, but the fallen Gundam lands right in front of her, it detonates, catching her and all her Cavaliers in the blast.


Micrea: (sensing) FatherÖ?

Explosions ring out across Walachia castle as viewed from outside, the Pilots all look back in horror as they see the stronghold burning.

Aveian: Damn (slamming BlackStar around towards the castle) what the hell is going on!?


Draka lies on the ground, her breath knocked out from the pressure of the explosion, she has many scratches and cuts from shrapnel, all of her friends either dead or retreating, she tries to move but canít, in the distance she can see Turk foot-soldiers coming towards her, behind her Kit maneuvers around taking out GMs.

Draka: (barely audible) KitÖ

Aveian speeds towards the base.

Aveian: We need to regroup, all troops fall back!

All the Walachian and U.S. troops start heading for the base. Allenby and Foxxy look back.

Allenby: Kit!

Foxxy: Kit!

Kit continues fighting, his insanely sharp mind jumping from enemy to enemy as he cuts them down with his beam swords, but slowly something starts to pierce his concentration.

Foxxy: KitÖ

Allenby: KitÖ

Draka: KitÖ

Foxxy: KitÖ

Allenby: KitÖ

Foxxy: KitÖ

Allenby: KitÖ

Foxxy: KitÖ

Draka: KitÖ

Kit shrugs it off, or tries toÖ

Allenby: Kit!

Kitís eyes widen, his pupils return and he gasps.

Kit: Allenby?

Ja Ne

(Sad music)

Foxxy: This isnít good, what are we going to do? I donít know what is going on! Will Kit get back to normal, what is going to happen to Draka, I donít even know if anyone is alive in the base. So many deaths, and I feel like things are going to get worse. I just hope we all get out of this alive, I canít take any more deaths. Absolute Power: Mission 22: Scars That Do Not Heal. Donít lose what you fought so hard to gain Kit.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

When the traffic cop says "stop" you damn well better.
once again going with the crappy emo-band habit of titling things with paragraphs. really putting most titles of songs i want to mock nowadays IS like copying entire sections out of a dictionary.

it seems i have a habit of developing narcolepsy on friday nights, being as i found myself slipping in and out of consciousness. i sort of lose object permanence when i get like that, i feel like i'm shifting in and out of existence, but then again my brain is in the process of going in and out of two stages of activity at relatively fast speeds so i can't blame it if i start thinking like a stoned hippy due to my shifting mental states.

but on to the reason for the title, my genius in drama class in getting back at that stuck up bitch. now your guy's suggestions were pretty good, to come in with bright red hair, or to just plain tell her to fuck off, but i believe my way of doing it was pretty clever too.

see me and my friend found some prop liquor bottles and a flintlock rifle... yeah, you know where this is going. so there i am sitting there in my smoking jacket holding a gin bottle in my hand telling Alvin and his fellow rodents to "tell me about your ice-cold friend" before hitting that bottle like it Jessica Alba and i'd been in prison for 12 years. then i grabbed a beer bottle and whilst syncing with a big wide smile on my face waved my respective alcohol bottles to and fro on beat with the song. unfortunately my sun/basketball rolled away, so i tried to do the "scary sun gonna melt ya" bit when those shrill little rats shriek about the sun's heat, but they took no notice so i just looked foolish[er]. next up was switching into my cop uniform, which i had two sentences to do, so when the went down the street up to the traffic cop they paused a moment because i placed my rifle barrel between Frosty's cold, dead eyes and said "stop!" yeah, i had enough time to put my hat on, put the jacket on, but not button it, and the pants were fucked, i grabbed my gun, and for the first time threated the snowman with deadly force.

then for no appearant reason i had to drag the damn reason i have to pull him off stage, i dropped the cop outfit, which i needed not to, but i had not the time nor the gravitas to put it back on, so i just did it dressed as myself, in my "girl power" t-shirt, black lee jeans and my black sambas, so i kinda looked like one of the prop changers in kabuki theater that inspired the all-black ninja costume.

and oh did the compliments i did receive [Groovin Magic plays now out the ole MP3 player, so just imagine me typing this while shifting side to side and shrugging shoulders to the beat] people were just as annoyed by that song as i was and they loved my spicing it up a bit with my sick sense of humor, and i bet that bitch is so pissed i stole the show and made all these changes last minute, she wanted complete control and wanted to keep it "authentic to the chipmunks" who knew someone could be an intolerable bitch and so incredibly immature? so i got my revenge in the end episode V "JD Strikes Back." i must say that holds pretty well being as that intolerable wench had all the skill at directing that Lucas showed in episodes I-III, and just to keep this clear, in case of future edits, Frosty had no weapons and i shot first, because i'm just a bad-ass like that.

i found out that Wilcock, that insufferable ass-clown: 1, i WAY too obsessed with Greg Gutfeld from Fox News Red Eye, ever since i mentioned it he won't stop making "so you're say we should eat "blank"," jokes. 2, he is considerably dumber than me, i have the highest grade in my class, he has a solid C whilst i have a 97.5% [wings of words, yeah, these diss-fests do make me feel like i could fly]. and 3, he's a paranoid government fearing dipshit. this coming from me, who believes most conspiracies, but i mean this is on the level of saying Martin Luther King Jr killed Kennedy or vice versa.


Wilcock: The goverment controls everything in your life.

Me: Yeah, they tell me when i can take a shit.

Wilcock: They regulate your water...

Me: You're playing this like 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Wilcock: You need a liscence to be born or die.

Me: No, you get one for doing those things, it not like they'll kill you if you don't get the proper paperwork to be born or put you on crazy life support if you didn't get the paperwork to die yet, you're just being irrational incendiary and stupid.

i hope Wilcock gets killed in a freak "accident" in Bryant park at 2 a.m. by man in a unicorn costume with a hole in the back, AND front.

i love my horrible sense of humor

♥ JD Person ♥

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