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Saturday, August 18, 2007

harder than it looks.
it really is difficult to come up with some clever title all the time, esspecially when i have no idea what i'm posting about, i mean a few times i can bullshit out some title and then all is pretty and happy, but at other times i'm at a complete loss for what the fuck i'm going to name a particular post.

but with that out of the way onto the mindless rantings, and i really do mean mindless because i have no idea what to talk about, so i think there will be a lot of akward mini-paragraphs up until the point i find something really good to rant about, though an idea is coming to mind i guess i'll just have to see how long it lasts.

well today i go my Birthday/anniversary shopping out of the way. well not Bev's birthday, glad i remembered that little celebration is coming up, now i gotta save up for that, luckily i have a little more than 2 months. but no i was shopping for my dad's birthday and Me + Bev's 2-year anniversary, so i basically spent all day in dearborn, and strangly enough, because i didn't know it existed, the bad part of Dearborn.

see most of Dearborn is arabic, it actually has the highest concentration of Arabic people in all of the US, but the part i was in was i guess the predominantly black part, at good old fairlane mall. Fairlane: where Pac Sun looks like a FuBu outlet. Fairlane: Where unaccompanied minors are kicked out at 6pm. Fairlane: that employs REAL, gun wielding cops to guard the place as opposed security guards. see in the days before i existed Dearborn had a mayor by the name of Hubbard, who during the race riots and emmidration from Detroit strived to keep all black people out of Dearborn, he arrested rioters and i guess somehow even cept traffic out, and when a dead black guy was found with 37 stab wounds in his back Hubbard said "worst case of suicide i ever saw." and during those times Dearborn was one of the prettiest and most prosperous places in these here united states. well now he's dead and Fairlane Mall makes we want to shop at the one from Dead Rising.

now yes, what i'm saying is racially charged, but i really have to say that there is a lot of trouble now that certain ethnicities are in Dearnborn. but thats not to say that i think my race is all that great, no there are a lot of caucasion activities i hate as well. see drive past Dearborn and you get to Taylor, or as my dad likes to call it "Taylor-Tucky." if you think you've seen rednecks, you need to go to Taylor, i swear i've met people there that make Jed Clampet or Larry the Cable Guy look like Orlando Bloom, if some of the people there got more imbred it would be considered cloning when they breed. and then there are the emos, no other race in this country could produce emos, kids born into happy middle class homes with absolutely no problems that dress like they're in a funeral procession and cut themselves while complaining the parents that just bought them an Audi "never loved me!" as someone imitating Samuel L Jackson once put it, "You're white ain't ya!? that should be enough for you to be skipping merrilly down the motha fuckin street with a lolly pop in your hand!" these miserable fucks have more money than i'll ever have, buying their whole woredrobe at Hot Topic and buying every Emo CD known to man, and still enough money to pay for all those razor blades. fucking little dickwads, if you hate your wonderful entitled lifestyle so much cut your wrists for real you fucking pansy, stop pussing out. i mean goog God, even Red Necks are happy and smart enough not to pull this bullshit, and most of them have a non-divergant family tree.

then there are the frat boys, because my mom wanted to check out Barbara Strisand's, i mean sarah jessica parker's line of clothes, sucked, i mean bitten. so i got to go into Steven Barry's, and i wanted to kill someone, "ironic" t's, and buy ironic i mean that they are bought and worn buy people who find themselves clever because they have microscopically vieled sexual humor on their shirts, t's. of yes, and the college outlet had plenty of those, as well as WWE t's which didn't help the homicidal urges, especially the 5 batista ones. there were a couple i liked, but they were just scantily clad girls advertising Reno and Vegas, and i really think tourist shirts should be sold, i don't know... maybe in THE FUCKING CITY THEY SPEAK OF!!!!! oh my God do i know how Chris Rock feels, my race is full of idiots.

but see the reason i can tolerate my group a little more is because we have no sense of introracial harmonics, there is no "black power" or "viva la raza" among us white folk, aside from the guys in ghost costumes lighting shit on fire, but no one likes them. white people don't congregate, we don't bond over whiteness, and even in mostly white neighborhoods like Westland the stores still sell Fubu and Arab clothes, "Viva la Raza" shirts and every other ethnicies merchandise, there is never, at least to me, an overwhelming feeling of "white". but Fairlane, and the bad part of dearborn really makes me realize that that situation is not the norm, and most other groups will overrun the place.

see people, what i'm saying is that i like the racial equality that comes with the no loyalty and racial apathy i see in the more white places, can't well all just get along?


"the road that leads into Fairlane Mall is Hubbard Drive, that makes me both happy and sad inside at once."


too lazy to link, you know Bev's site by now, just go there...

HAIL ZEON!!!!!!!!!!!

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Absolute Power ch.13
Absolute Power
Mission: 13
Turning Point: Part 4 (Final Part, Calling All You Angels For Death And Re-Birth )

Foxxy: Why did you bring her here?

Aveian: Let me put it this way, I care about you, but I swear if you get in my way IíllÖ (Sora reaches a bloodied hand up and puts a finger to Aveianís mouth shushing him) ÖSora.

Sora: (voice weak and raspy) I know what youíre thinking Foxxy, I can understand why youíd want me dead. But I swear I hate Negeta as much as you.

Foxxy: Great, story time (Allenby bops her on the head) Ow! What was that for?!

Allenby gives her a firm glare, Foxxy flashes huge wet puppy dog eyes, Allenby doesnít flinch, and Foxxy turns back around.

Foxxy: (pouts) Meanie!

Sora: I joined Negetaís organization because I was seduced by power, money and charm, he is quite good at talking, he hides his intentions until youíre too deep in to escape, I lost myself to him, I gave him my greatest gift, and he used it to manipulate me.

Foxxy: You lost your virginity to Zeru?

Sora: Yes, I was 14.

Foxxy: 14!

Sora: A mistake I will never forgive. He used me to steal Kitís Gundam, and later to kill all of you, but I betrayed him, I started a plan there, a plan that just came to fruition, unfortunately those fruits were sour and poisonous. (Flashbacks to stated scenes) I stood by Zeruís side, I pretended to still hate Aveian, I even fought one of his oldest friends (chuckles) I won and secretly saved the pilot. I saved her brother too, I saved him so he could fulfill his goals. But mine werenít complete, I held you hostage and acted like the bad guy, but I made sure to leave you enough leeway to escape, and you did, all along I was waiting for a moment alone with him. And I got it, unfortunately I lost and barely escaped with my life.

Foxxy: But why did you protect her Aveian.

Aveian: I was in on it, Sora told me in bed that first night we were in bed, one of the reasons I was so attracted to her was how well she planned things out, that level of tactics is an admirable quality.

Foxxy: Thatís the weirdest attraction I ever heard of. But I can see how you belong together, cold, calculating, calm, wise, sexual, a perfect match.

Foxxy walks up to Sora in Aveianís arms, she takes Soraís hand and closes it around hers, then shakes it softly.

Foxxy: (looking her dead in the eyes) Welcome on board Sora.

Sora: Glad to be on.

Aveian: Letís get her up there on the table by Kit.

Foxxy: You know heíll love that!

Sora: (looking over) Donít worry Kit; Iím too weak to play with you now. Iíll get you back later.

Aveian sets Sora down on the table, Foxxy hands over her dagger, Aveian cuts off Soraís jacket, top and bra, he then gives the bloodied lump of fabric to Allenby for disposal.

Sora: I feel so exposed, so Foxxy (weakly pushes her own breast up) you jealous?

Foxxy: (sarcastic) Yeah, theyíre so much bigger than mine.

Sora: I guess neither of us is really blessed. (Laughs) Ow!

Aveian: (hovering over Sora with the dagger) Stop talking, Iím trying to operate here.

Sora: Sorry.

Aveian fishes around in the bullet wound with the daggerís tip, until he hits metal.

Aveian: There it is.

Aveian slowly pushes the bullet out with the daggers tip; Sora cringes but stays as still as possible. The bullet comes out and Aveian disposes of it.

Sora: Well thatís good, so all thatís left is clean up.

Foxxy: Allenby, lets take Kit out of here, if he wakes up by Sora heíll be pissed!

Allenby: Youíre right, letís get him moving.

The two of them pick up Kit, whoís stopped bleeding by now and is dead unconscious, and carry him out of the room.

Aveian: Now to dress those wounds, (he takes out a gauze pad and sticks it on to the bullet wound on her right breast, rubbing on and smoothing it out)

Sora: (sing-songish) AveianÖ

He looks at her chest, and notices how well he put it on her. Then heís pulled down onto it, face to face with his patient.

Sora: They say sugar helps the medicine go down.

Aveian: Youíre injured.

Sora: I wasnít asking.

She pulls him into a deep kiss, her arms running through his hair.

Aveian: (between Soraís long kisses) Youíre getting blood in my hair.

Sora: (chuckles) Deal with it! (Kisses him even longer)


Allenby: Heís kinda light.

Foxxy: Heís short, skinny and thereís two of us, both pretty strong.

Allenby: True, but those are all compliments in my opinion.

Foxxy: Yeah, youíre right.

They set Kit down on one of the beds in Dracoís many bedrooms softly.

Allenby: Heís so peaceful like this.

Foxxy: Yeah, but afraid the peace is about to break.

Foxxy pulls his jacket and shirt off, his right arm is shattered, the bone is piercing the skin dyed brown red with dried blood.

Allenby: Oh, thatís justÖ (Gulp)

Foxxy: Iíll do it. Donít really want to (pulls her shirt off over her head, then in her tank-top belly shirt leans over Kit), but Iím used to it.

Allenby: Thanks.

Foxxy: Like I said, itís not by choice.

Foxxy hangs over him; she puts her thumbs over the bone, then pushes in, the bone cracks loudly then goes in, opening the skin again.

Foxxy: Shit!

Allenby: Whatís wrong!?

Foxxy: He bled all over my shirt. Go get some liquid bandage and about 3 rolls of medical tape.

Allenby: Right!

Allenby runs out. Foxxy stares down at her brother, pressing the sheet against his wound to stop the blood.

Foxxy: (softly to herself) Please be okay Big Bro, Iíve lost one important guy, I donít want to lose anymore.

Allenby comes back in with the supplies.

Allenby: Here you go.

Foxxy: Thanks.

Foxxy carefully applies the liquid bandage and waits for it to dry, then slowly wraps his arm lovingly and carefully.

Foxxy: (holds up a lipstick tube) What do you say we seal it for good luck?

Allenby: (laughs) Sounds fun!

Foxxy: (while writing) look at all this blood, I guess Iíll take this room, that way Draco may not kill me. Seems like a up-tight guy.

Allenby: Got that right, but I think heíll agree to that.

Foxxy then Allenby puts it on, then they each kiss the wrap on the outer edge Allenby at the top and Foxxy on bottom, then Foxxy writes ďsealed with a kissĒ that meets up with the kisses on top and bottom. Kit starts to stir.

Foxxy: Iím getting out of here, you guys need time.

Allenby: Thanks.

Foxxy: I know itís what he wants, and I need time too.

Foxxy strolls out right as Kit wakes up.

Kit: Where am I?

Allenby: Youíre Foxxyís bedroom on Dracoís ship, you passed out from your arm, but me and Foxxy treated it so you should be okay.

Kit: (looks at his arm) You guys just canít leave me alone can you? (Tries to get up) I swear Iím going toÖ

Allenby holds herself over him, her breasts against his chest and the bottom of his neck.

Allenby: ( pulling back to stare deep into his eyes, bewitching voice) Sorry Kit, but I canít let you go anywhere, youíre hurt, so I have to keep you right here, under me, (running her finger over her lips, up his chest, neck then to his lips) all to myself.

Kit: (tries to get up) Sorry, but I have toÖ

Allenby moves her finger and catches Kit in a slow, wet, long, passionate, infatuating kiss. Kit lays back down breathing hard.

Allenby: Thatís too bad, because youíre not going to anything but lay there and be taken advantage of by me! (Kisses him again)


Sylven lands his Suit, it falls to one knee.

Marane: I told you not push it.

Sylven: I could crush you right now if I wanted.

Marane: Then why donít you?

Sylven: Because youíre useful, the moment I donít need you Iíll enjoy killing you.

Marane: Sounds fun.

Sylven: I just have to get ready, if Iím going to face Kit again.

Marane: Are you insane! Youíre on step away from death and you want to fight Kit? Didnít you see what he just did!? Whatís wrong with you!?

Sylven: I have honor, a coward like you Marane could never understand the warriorís spirit.

Marane: Maybe not, but after you fight Kit lets see which one of us is still alive.


Foxxy enters the control room, Draco is already there.

Foxxy: So this is your ship?

Draco: (standing, looking at the control panel) Yes, my family has hundreds of them, armed luxury ships.

Foxxy: Pampered and armed, my kinda style!

Draco: The thermo is picking up an abnormal signature from the base, Iím going to check it out.

Foxxy: Iíll come! Iím looking for something too! Maybe if weíre lucky weíll both find what we want.

Draco: One difference, Iím not looking forward to what I find.

Draco grabs two combat shotguns, then tosses one to Foxxy.

Foxxy: Thanks.

Draco: Just being cautious.


Negeta is in a dark room, in front of him is a ton of computers and personnel working them.

Negeta: Whereís Ra?

Operator: Heís in the Med Center being treated.

Negeta: Well get him to the Cell and into his Gundam immediately!

Operator: But heís hurt! Canít we use another pilot?

Negeta: No! He is the only working choice.

Operator: (pushes com-switch) Get Ra into his Gundam, heís needed.

Ra is rolled out on a stretcher to his Suit, heís wrapped and bandaged, with IVís and his face all padded up, the soldiers lift him up and place him in his Gundamís cockpit. On the Com-Linkís screen shows Negeta.

Ra: What am I supposed to do now?

Negeta: Head down to Terminal Creed and retrieve something for me.

Ra: Fine, as long as I get paid.

We see Ra in his cockpit drop down a long shaft, he continues to drop for a long time, and then he hits ground. Ahead is a long tunnel.

Ra: Cautious enough?

Negeta: Nothing can go to chance; the scenario has to work out perfectly.

Ra: This is insane, but for profit.

He walks for a long time in darkness lit in red. Finally he reaches a large door, he turns the large spigot wheel, and he enters is shocked. Ahead is a sea of red liquid, above it is a huge black and red Gundam, itís spiked to a huge crimson cross and has a duel pointed spear through its chest, its legs are incomplete, and appear to bleed into the sea slowly.

Negeta: Remove the Lance!


Marane: (trying to patch Sylvenís wounds) So thereís no stopping you is there?

Sylven: Unless you intend to use force, no.

Marane: Fine, just try not to die. How am I supposed to gain power without a great fighter like you?

Sylven: (boarding his Gundam) Yeah, thatís a reason to back alive. (Cockpit closes)

Marane: (thinking) So clever yet so stupid.

Quick Sylver takes off and flies towards Dracoís ship. He dodges the remaining amounts of Zeruís troopís fire and approaches Raven Corp. he stops out of firing range and activates the com-link.


ďRhythm EmotionĒ rings out in mono-tone over the PA.

Kit: Thatís my code, I gotta get that.

Allenby: No way! Youíre staying right he... (She looks into his eyes, and recognizes the look) Fine. But at least let me clean off your face and keep you company.

Kit: Wouldnít want it any other way! Ooof!

Allenby throws her self against his back and wraps her arms around him and slowly softly licks the lipstick off his face.

Kit: (laughing) That tickles! What are you doing?

Allenby: If a hanky and spit works, why not just use my tongue?

Kit: (still laughing) Good point!


Sylven: What is his dumb ass doing?

The Vid-Screen pops up and Kitís face is on.

Kit: Sorry, I was busyÖ Sylven!?

Sylven: Hello Kit.

Kit: Donít worry we have enough room, just load your Suit on and we canÖ

Sylven: No, I canít do that, I come here as an enemy.

Kit: What?!

Sylven: I came to challenge you to a duel.

Kit: My Suit is trashed, why are you opposing me?

Sylven: I was never your ally, I was your friend, but I was fighting for my own goals, which happened to coincide with yours, but now our goals are opposed, and I must admit Iíve wanted to test my skills against you. If you need time to repair your Suit take it, but I will not allow you to leave until then.

Allenby: What are you going to do Kit?

Kit: My only choice, accept.

Sylven: Then as a warrior neither of us can back out, I will see you when your Gundam is completed.

The screen goes blank.

Kit: Lets get to work.

Allenby: (worried) Are you crazy? Youíre injured andÖ

Kit puts a finger to her lips, then takes it away and kisses her softly and slowly, then pulls away, with his hand on her chin.

Kit: (very sweet, calm and serious) Donít worry, Iím not going to die, youíre my equal a warrior just like me, you have the same feelings as me, you know I canít turn this down, just like you wouldnít if you were in my situation, I have to do this, you know that.

Allenby: (timid) Yeah, but Iím worried about you.

Kit: (happy and sweet) Then help me work on my Suit, together thereís nothing we canít do!

Allenby: (confident) Right!

Kit: Then letís go!


Negeta: Remove the Lance!

Ra moves forward, he pulls hard on the Lance, it starts to move, he puts a foot to the wall and pulls it out, as it exits the Gundam sprouts legs and begins to pull at itís pins, its mouth is full of red teeth, as the mouth breaks open and itís Gundam eyes break out and we see green human eyes. Ra, in Gundam stumbles back.

Ra: WhatÖ What have you created here?!

Negeta: Lilith. RISE LILITH GUNDAM!!!!!!!


Draco and Foxxy enter what is left in of the base. Draco picks up a Walkie-Talkie and calls the ship.

Draco: Aveian! Sora! Iím doing Re-Con at the destroyed base, I need you two to monitor the situation from there.

Aveian and Sora listen over the two-way.

Aveian: (getting dressed, face covered in lip prints) Fine, weíll be right on it.

Sora: We canít even have any fun even if we are together.

Aveian: Well, duty is duty.

Aveian takes Soraís arm over his shoulder and carries her to the control room; they sit down and stare over the control panels.

Sora: Weíre picking up two large energy signatures, possibly Mobile Suits.

Aveian: One of those is far to big to be a Mobile Suit. What the hell?

Draco: (shocked, a bit angry) what?

Foxxy: (turning to him cluelessly) Huh?

Aveian: There is a large amount of heat forming around a very large signature.

Suddenly the heat in the center goes blank while heat spreads outward quickly.

Sora: Its blue! The signature is blue! RUN!


Kit and Allenby enter the hangar, they now get an up-close view of what the Gundam.

Kit: Pheeeeeeeew, looks like a screwed it up good.

Allenby: It looks completely destroyed.

Kit: And we have no replacement parts.

Allenby: This is going to be tough.

Kit: Yep!


Draco: Letís get out of here!

Foxxy: Why?

Draco: (grabs her wrist and drags her running) I said lets go!

Suddenly a huge pillar of energy shoots out of the ground, Draco pulls Foxxy down and covers her. As the pillar goes upward it spreads, forming a giant lower case ďTĒ in the sky. Lilith screams louder, in a familiar voice and spreads her arms out and another explosion occurs, a huge half sphere with giant bird wings spreading out. The blast wave quickly heads towards Raven Corps. Foxxy raises her gun and fires all the shells at Lilith, which of course does nothing.

Draco: What the hell? Did you actually think thatíd work?

Foxxy: Thought Iíd try it.



The blast wave hits the ship and it rocks violently, Kit falls and barely keeps from colliding with the wall, holding tight to the Suit supports with one arm. As soon as the ship levels out Allenby starts moving towards Faye Gundam. Kit grabs her arm to stop her.

Kit: Where are you goÖ

As she turns Allenby wraps her arms around Kitís neck and kisses him long on the lips.

Allenby: (pulling back slowly) Like you said, weíre the same, I have to defend us, my Gundam is the only one in good shape. I promise to come back! (Winks)

Kit: (into Com-Panel) Aveian, Sora ! Get down here, I need assistance, I have to repair my Gundam, Allenby is launching and I need help repairing mine.

Aveian: Youíre letting her leave?!

Kit: She can handle herself.

Faye launches and we see it hover or Lilith a few meters back.

Sora: You donít see what sheís going up against!

Kit: Then get down here and help me so I can help her out!

Sora: But your Suit is more trashed than mine! And youíre out of spare parts!

Kit: (impassioned) I donít care! Weíll find a way!

Sora is taken back by his force of speech.

Aveian: I think thereís a way.

Sora looks at him and Kitís eyebrows go up.

Aveian: We have experimental parts for the KC, theyíre not tested and I donít have them all, butÖ

Kit: Install them!

Sora: ButÖ

Kit: Donít question me do it!

Once again sheís taken back, but this time Aveian puts his hand on her shoulder.

Aveian: Weíre going to do it, Kitís simple, now that heís got his mind on this heíll never give up; we have no choice. So letís just do it.

Kit: Thanks Commander.

Aveian: Just doing my job Captain.

Sai: Iíll help too Bro!

Kit: Sai?!

Sai: Yep!

Kit: Youíre still here?

Sai: Yeah, I fell asleep and missed like 5 Missions, sorry.

Kit: Itís cool, go get Ďem little dude!

Sai: Right Bro!

Sai boards onto a large black box.

Sai: (inside a dark cockpit) Launching!

The box falls out the back of the circling Raven Corps. The box breaks open and a large Dragon Shaped Mobile Armor, it is all silver, with a ZíGok style hands, with micro-missile pods inside instead of beam guns, the body is ridged like his old Gundamís arms, under the ridges are missile pods. It has a huge ďVĒ fin on its head like any Gundam, its eyes glow red.


The huge Dragoon slithers through the sky, its ridges lift up and hundreds of missiles fly towards Lilith, they approach to impact distance the missiles all hit and explode.

Sai: Got ya!

The smoke and fire clears and its seen that Lilith is surrounded by a huge hexagonal energy field.

Lilith: Die!!!!

Sai: Sis?

Lilith Gundamís hair lunges forward like Medusaís, Dragoon slithers out of the way, Lilith swings its arm and an invisible force sends Dragoon into the ground and through the baseís wall.

Allenby: Rain?

Lilith: ALLENBY!!!!!!

Lilith Gundam lowers its limbs, then slowly the plates of armor start to slide off, white flesh clinging to it like hot marshmallow. As all the armor slides off and you can see a giant all white Rain which slowly grows as the armor slips off until itís a completely naked Rain solid white, nipple-less, crotch-less Rain, with green eyes and coral red lips standing 10 times the size of a Gundam before the Raven Corp. and crew.

Foxxy stands up and sees the giant naked woman standing before her.


Draco: That is the most horrifying thing Iíve ever seen.

Rain: Allenby! You stole Domon from me!

Allenby: I donít want him, please take him!

Rain: No! Domon doesnít love me! He loves you! So Iíll absorb you then heíll love me!

Allenby: Thatís insane! Whoa!

Rain grabs at her.


Rain starts grabbing at Faye Gundam, Allenby floats back avoiding each one.

Rain: Get over here and become part of me!

Allenby: No way!

Allenby fires the head Vulcans, but the field stops them.

Allenby: Damn!

Allenby draws her ribbon and slashes at Rain, it hits the field and stops.

Allenby: Damn it! Why canít I hit you!?

Rain: Because we weíre meant to be one!

Lilithís hand moves towards Faye Gundam, its just about to hit whenÖ

Sarin: Not so fast!

Reaperís Scythe hits the field and stops the hand dead.

Allenby: Sarin?


Aveian attaches the experimental left arm, basically a black Gouf Custom arm to whats left of Kit Custom.

Kit: Oooooh, looks powerful.

Aveian: Letís hope it is.

Sora: (leaning out of the cockpit) Damn, all of these systems are different, who planned this out?

Kit: Theyíre experimental, give us a break!

Sora: I donít care what they are! Stick to one OS, god Iím surrounded by idiots!

Sora ducks back inside the cockpit.

Kit: You sure she knows what sheís talking about?

Aveian: Think sheís going to betray us again?

Kit: It wouldnít be the first time, but Iím saying what if she doesnít know what sheís doing.

Aveian: well itís not like we have a plethora of choices at the momentÖ

Sora: (from inside the cockpit) I can hear you ya know!?

Kit: (yelling up to her) Good. Hey, do you know what youíre doing in there!?

Sora: (connecting wires and typing) Well lets see, I designed the operating systems for Gundamís Cape, Screw and Angelic, I drew up the weapons and their system, and the designs for my own custom Mobile suit, that enough for you?

Kit: (again yelling to her) But Weíve beaten all those suits!

Sora: (chuckles) Then I guess Iíll just have to make a better one!

Kit: (Smirk) Good plan.


Allenby: Sarin?

Sarin: Just fighting my own battle, just be glad our destinies crossed.

Allenby: Whatever, as long as I have reinforcements!

Sarin and Allenby push hard against the field and actually force the giant rainís hand back. Faye drops back, but Reaper flies forward.

Sarin: (thinking) I have to break its control, or elseÖ

Lilithís hand swats at him, Sarin stops it with the scythe, but then Lilith pushes a little harder and Sarin is pushed back, Sarin puts the other hand on the scythe but he still is getting pushed back.

Sarin: I canít lose!

Lilith thrusts her hand forward and Reaper goes hard into the ground.

Allenby: Sarin!

Lilithís hand comes towards Allenby, she dodges with each grasp, until sheís forced to near the ground, right in front of Foxxy and Draco, and the hand is closing in fast.

Foxxy: (under breath) Oh mein gott! Someone please save us.

A huge AGNI Beam hits Lilithís arm at the wrist completely separating it. Foxxyís face slowly lights up with pure happiness.

Foxxy: SYLVEN!!!!!!!

Quick Sylver blasts in and fires another AGNI Beam straight through Lilithís stomach.

Foxxy: Whooooo! Go Sylven you did it youÖ (Her face turns to one of true horror) ohÖ myÖ godÖ

At the end of Lilithís arm hangs exposed bone and muscle, burnt flesh and tendons dangle out, the body wound reveals exposed stomach organs, blood and bile run out like a river raining down.

Foxxy: My god! What is that thing!?

Negeta: (down in Central Creed) Lilith!


Foxxy: (tears pouring out of her eyes) Make it go away!!!!

Draco takes her into his arms and pulls his cape over her.

Foxxy: (sniffle) huh?

Draco: Donít be ashamed, even the bravest warriors have times where they canít go on.

Foxxy: Thank you.

Draco: Not needed. Itís over now, sheís dead.

Sylven: Not yet.

The flesh around Lilithís wounds bubbles up then explodes out, the wounds completely gone and a new hand and organs grown.

Sylven: What will it take to kill you!?

Rain: I will not die! Not until I make Allenby and Domon a part of me!

Sylven: I wonít let that happen.


Sora: so what are you going to do about your arm?

Kit: Switch all of the right arms controls over to Psycommu Up-Link.

Sora: Psycommu? You canít use that!

Kit: anything you can he can do I can do better.

Aveian: No, you canít. Iím a New Type, I can use the Psycommu system, you canít, face it, you barely passed the intelligence test to enlist.

Kit: Very funny, fine, switch all the right arm controls over to the left, Iíll just have to multi-task.

Sora: Now thatís slightly less insane. Weíll go with that.

Kit: Hurry up; Iím worried about whatís going on out there.


The wounds bubble up and explode closed.

Foxxy: (peeking out of Dracoís cape) I canít take thisÖ (Throws up then passes out)

Draco: Great, now I canít use her, I guess Iíll have to take care of this on my own!

Draco re-boards Raven Corps. and enters the hangar.

Kit: Draco, whatíre you doin here?

Draco: Getting my Suit. They need back-up out here, and Iím not losing my ship!

Aveian: it has almost no power left.

Draco: I wonít need much to defeat her.

Drake Gundam powers up and launches.

Draco: (in Suit) Lets hope this works! DRAKE!!!!!!!

He fires a Drake blast At Rain, but it does nothing.

Draco: Damn it! DRAKE!!!!!!!

Draco sticks his sword into the ground and fires dozens of Drake blasts at Lilith, he keeps punching and punching and punching, Drake after Drake after Drake, finally Drake Gundam and Draco are almost out of energy.

Draco: (breathing hard) ThatÖ hadÖ to work.

Through the smoke Rainís huge face pears down, her eyes lock onto Draco.

Draco: Shit!

He fires the head flame throwers but the flames are stopped in front of her face, Draco grabs his sword and throws it at her, it flies point first at her face, but stops dead at the field, hovering in mid-air. She gets an evil smile on her face and reaches for Drake Gundam.

Draco: No.

Sylven: Out of my way!

Quick Sylver flies down and drop-kicks Drake Gundam, drake slams into the ground and rolls to a stop. Quick Sylver fires the AGNI at almost point blank range, the beam tears through Lilithís right shoulder, and with the field broken the sword embeds itself deep into her right hand. Lilith stumbles back in pain, bleeding horribly.

Sylven: You die now.

Sylven flies around Lilith firing the AGNI, each beam tearing holes in her flesh, Lilith stands shakily.

Sylven: Now to finish this

Sylven fires but the ANGI doesnít.

Automated Voice: Absolute Borderline has been crossed, now switching to reserve power mode.

Sylven: No!

Lilith stands straighter and heals, Dracoís sword drops out of her hand.

Sylven: Great, at this point I think weíre doomed.

Sai: (dragoon rising) not yetÖ

Draco: (Drake stands weakly) A true warrior fights till deathÖ

Sarin: (Reaper rises, spreading its wings) And for their own goalsÖ

Allenby: (Faye flies forward) And we fight harder when we have people to protect!

Sylven: I guess we fight until the end then.

Dragoon slithers forward and opens its mouth firing a huge mega-particle beam cannon, Draco fires the Buster Shield, Allenby fires the head Vulcans and Sylven throws both Boomerang whips.

But sadly the field stops them all, Lilith waves her arm and they all go flying back, Faye catches itself and hovers off the ground, and Lilithís hand lunges at her.

Sai: DamnÖ

Sarin: We failedÖ

Sai: Weíre screwed sis!

Draco: Death will claim us soon, and we wonít even be able to fight back!

Sylven: A pathetic and unceremonious death.

Random Dagger pilot: No so fast.

Draco: Vultures, coming to pick off anotherís corpse.

Pilot: actually, our commander is dead and we have no obligation to fight you, we too will fight this demon.

Sarin: Angel.

Pilot: Come on men; letís get Ďer!

The Daggerís fly in firing circling around raining down fire.

Pilot: Glory to all the colonies! AAAAAAHHHHHHH!

Lilith destroys one with her sweeping hand.

Pilot: Donít give up! AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

The MS are being destroyed left and right, but they keep fighting, even until the last one.

Sarin: Look at them fight.

Sai: True warriors!

Sylven: Iím theyíll find peace in the next life.

Pilot: Iím the last one, thereís no way I can win, so Iíll lose with glory!

He flies in guns blazing, Lilith raises a hand and uses her field, his Suit starts to break apart.

Pilot: Take this!

He hits the self detonation button, the Suit makes and huge explosion, but as the smoke clears we see Lilith is unharmed.

Sai: they did there best.

Negeta: (laughing) and for what!? They all died! Maybe if they were smart and stayed with the winning side, theyíd still be alive!

Sylven: Youíll never understand our way.

Sarin: A coward like you never could.

Draco: You can only hide behind your money.

Allenby: Alone.

Negeta: That may be true, but Iíll be alive alone, and you can all die together!!! (laughs manically)


Kit is inside the cockpit of his new and improved Gundam, heís testing the controls, and Sora is peering in the open hatch.

Sora: Howís it feel?

Kit: It doesnít matter Iím launching. (Shuts the hatch) Allenby Iím coming!

Sora: Dumb-ass! If you get killed you had it coming!

Aveian: He wonít die, heís too stupid to.

Kits Gundam launches it has long boosters on the legs and back like Gundam F91 and a Gattling like Gouf Custom with big shoulders like EX-S Gundam, only with pointed ends. As he exits he sees the giant naked woman standing out there.

Kit: What the hell? (Sees where Rain is reaching) Allenby!!!!!!

Kit guns it, but heís too late, he tries firing the Gattling, but the explosive shells bust on the field.

Kit: Damn, Iím too late!

Lilithís hand closes around Faye Gundam, consuming it completely, drawing the Gundam into her body, then opens her hand again to show what sheís done.

Rain: Finally! Iíve absorbed Allenby, now Domon will be all mine! Huh?

Suddenly a blinding gold light shoots out of the exit Lilith came out of a gold Gundam with huge wings rises out of the exit holding a large red spear.

Negeta: (in central Creed) Ra! What the hell are you doing!?

Ra: Whatever I want, I donít get paid enough anyway.

Ra throw the spear, the tip wraps up and flies forward blowing Lilithís whole right arm off at the shoulder, The arm falls and breaks apart, blood flowing onto the ground like waterfalls, Faye breaks free and rises.

Allenby: Phew, that was close.

Negeta: Whatís the current location of the Lance of Longinus?

Operator: Currently exiting the Earthís gravitational field at high speed.

Negeta: Damn you Ra!


Allenby: Thanks!

Sylven: (getting back up) Whyíd you do that?

Ra: Just canít bear to see a pretty girl treated so poorly, plus I really donít like that, thing!

Kit: Well that makes an ass load of us.

Ra: I have feeling I should leave (salutes) so see ya!

Ra in his Gundam takes off into the horizon.

Lilith grabs her arm, but it wonít regenerate.

Rain: Fine! Iíll still get my Domon with one arm!

Lilith starts towards Allenby again.

Kit: Aveian, how do I stop that thing?

Aveian: Close range combat.

Kit: What!?

Aveian: Close range combat.

Kit: You have to be kidding me!

Aveian: Trust me, draw the sword.

Kit draws the Gouf sword from the shield.

Kit: This thing is solid metal! Itís useless!

Aveian: Just use it.

Kit draws the sword and looks at the specs on the screen.

Kit: You have to be kidding me.

Aveian: I told you.

The sword starts to vibrate at super-sonic speed.

Kit: A progressive sword, GAINAX is so getting sued for this. Whoís idea was this anyway?

Sora: Mine!

Kit: Giant vibrating sword I should have known.

Aveian: At least weíll be alive for the trial.

Kit blasts forward with the sword extended, Lilith deploys her field, but the sword cuts right through it, Kit drives the sword right into Lilithís heart.

Kit: Got her! (A huge hand looms up) Oh shit.

Lilithís hand is about to impact Kitís Gundam.

Allenby: Kit no!

Faye Gundam flies up and knocks Kitís out of the way, just to be hit and sent zooming into the ground.

Rain: Damn, sheís no good to me dead!

Kit: Allenby!

Sylven shoulder checks him before he can go after her.

Sylven: Forget about me?

Kit: Get out of my way!

Sylven: Youíre not escaping our duel!

Sylven hooks Quick Sylverís arms under Kit Customs and he floors it, pulling both the two Gundams into space.

Sylven: Here we can fight with no distractions!

Kit: Errrrr, Allenby!


Lilithís giant hand reaches down towards the crater Faye Gundam made.

Rain: You will be mine!

Lilithís hand is about to touch the suit when....

Allenby: Not so fast Rain!

Fayeís swings spread and it rises, the glittery stuff floats out, and ďI think I canĒ by the pillows starts. Lilith starts grabbing at Allenby.

Allenby: The dust isnít stopping her. (Dodging around her hand) I canít keep this up forever.

She draws the ribbon and swings again but Lilithís field stops it. Lilithís hand tries to grab her, but she jumps back.

Allenby: Thereís no way I can beat her (Screen pops up) unlessÖ.

Faye brings its right fist back with the left over it in a chop position.

Allenby: Venus Shotgun!!!!!

She thrusts her fist forward and hundreds of hearts fly forward, they hit Lilith and pop all over her skin spawning more hearts that hit and pop doing the same thing. Lilith stops looking crazy and angry and starts looking ditzy and bubbly. Her face softens and gets all cutesy. At this point she stops staring at Allenby, she found another target.

On the ground lays the shattered Angelic Gundam, Domon trapped inside, Rainís eyes lock onto it and she approaches, reaching out to grab it.

Domon: (Suit dead) Whatís going on out there?!

Lilith grabs Angelicís torso and picks it up, with a love struck look in its her eyes.

Rain: My Domon! Youíre mine now.

She holds Angelic to her chest, where he quickly sinks in.

Domon: What the hell?

Domon is alone in complete darkness. Then a naked all white Rain, except for blue eyes a red lips, she giggles softly and lunges at Domon. He dodges, but another appears behind him, he dodges her lunge hug too, but then more and more appear on all sides, they glomp onto him, he tries to fight them off but the grabs his arms, he tries to run and they grab his legs, they grab his chest and start kissing him all over his face, more and more pile on and heís overwhelmed.

Allenby: I only have one shot at this.

Aphroditeís Bow and Arrow form, she aims then fires, the Arrow shatters her field and pierces her heart. Suddenly Lilithís body starts falling apart, huge cuts appearing as flesh separates and blood spurts out. The song ends.

Allenby: Direct hit! Score! (Looks up at the sky) I hope Kitís okay, my Suit is too low on energy to get into space. Kit, please be okay.


Sylven brings one of the spikes down on Kit, who blocks with his sword, barely.

Sylven: What was that?

Kit brings the sword down and drives Sylven back. Sylven makes a hard turn; Kit follows closely with the Gattling on the left arm.

Sylven: No delay.

Sylven flies in and goes for a diagonal slash, but then turns his arm in a semi-circle and swings at Kit Customs right upper arm, the spike corrects and the armor crumples; then, a millisecond later, the Prog sword hits the spike knocking it away.

Sylven: Your right arm is slow, why are you holding back?

Kit: Iím not! (Fires the heads Vulcans) Iím fighting at full strength!

The Vulcan bullets hit Quick Sylver, but they just spark and do nothing inside Quick silver the power Gauge goes down a tiny amount.

Kit: What kind of armor is that?

Sylven: My own creation!

Sylven swings again but this time Kit blocks with the shield.

Sylven: I see, youíre right arm in broken, so youíre using mono-armed controls.

Kit: (thrusting with the Prog sword) You can tell?!

Sylven catches his arm.

Sylven: As a matter of fact I can!

Kit: No you canít.

Sylven: What?

Kit brings his knees up and reverses the sword. He kicks of Sylven and fires the boosters. Sylven lets go and starts to turn, but the Prog sword still gashes his side.

Sylven: Damn!

Sylven dodges hard to the side. Kit follows with the vulcans, the gap between the shots and Sylven decreases, the first ones hit and deflect.

Sylven: Its uselessÖ wait!

Kit raises the Gattling and fires, the shells all hit and spark, the Power Gauge drains quickly, and shells start piercing the chest. The suit rocks and Sylvenís wounds start to open.

Sylven: I wonít lose!

Sylven floors it and curves around to strike Kit.

Kit: Bad move!

KCís shoulders open revealing 5 missiles in each, Kit fires them and they curve in on Quick Sylver from the opposite direction.

Sylven: That wonít work!

Sylven fires the head Vulcans into the missiles, but a few still impact his Suits chest, tearing it up. Then through the fire here comes Kit thrusting with the Prog Sword, he jams it into Quick Sylverís chest, Sylven coughs blood, then drops the spikes and fires the wrist guns, Kit holds up the Gattling Shield, the wrist guns shred the shield, and Kit jettisons it.

Kit: Fox Trick!

Kit drives his left hand into Quick Sylverís chest and shoulder still holding the Prog Sword in the right. Sylven raises his right wrist and fires into Kit Customís chest, Kit drops back, Quick Sylver is sparking and barely holding together.

Kit: Sylven get out of there!

Sylven: (blood is pouring out of his mouth and head, his eyes are half closed) Kill me.

Kit: What are you saying?

Sylven: You won, now finish me off!

Kit: No!

Sylven raises his left arm, gun barrel extended, holding it up with his right arm.

Sylven: Do it now!

Kit: No way!

Sylven fires a few rounds into Kitís Gundam.

Kit: Stop!

Sylven: Kill me!

He keeps firing.

Sylven: You or me, one of us will die here!!!!

In Kitís head he sees images of all his loved ones go by, heís eyes focus.

Kit: I canít die here!

Kit unloads the Head Vulcans into his Suit until all the bullets run out. Quick Sylver drifts back.

Sylven: (smiles) You made the right choice.

Quick Sylver explodes.

Kit: (under breathe, voice quivering, hand shaking on the trigger) SylvenÖ no.


Kit Custom floats down, Foxxy wakes up just in time to see her brother return, Kit slides down on the zip line, and Foxxy runs over to him.

Foxxy: (glomp-hugging him) Big Brother! (Giggling)

Allenby runs over but stops a few feet back, giving Kit a look like ďlater I Ďll give you yoursĒ Kit gives her a warm smile, which she returns. Foxxy looks up at Kit with big adorable doe eyes full of hope, happiness and love.

Kit: Glad to be back!

Negeta: Not for long.

Kit: Donít you ever give up? Youíre beaten now surrender!

Negeta: Beaten, by what respect? Youíll never reach me, but I donít want a stale mate, I want victory (a ship launches from the exit, Negeta on board) so Iím detonating the base, thereís no way youíll escape the blast, so enjoying dying!

Kit: Arrogant bastard, so what now?

Draco: what an idiot, doesnít he know my ship is the fastest in the Earth or Colonies. Weíll escape in no time.

Aveian: Well lets do it incase your ship is slower than you thought.

Draco: Fine, prick.

The raven Corp takes off. Meanwhile on the ground a certain group also readies their escape.

Argo: on the ship, looking out the hatch) Come on Domon! We have to go!

George: (also onboard) yes, our ship is quite slow.

Domon is on the ground, a giddy Rain is clinging to him, as he tries futilely to get her off.

Domon: Get off me!

Rain: (soft sigh) oh my Domon! I finally have my Domonís back! Heís all mine!

Domon: I canít get her off!

George: Bring her with us! We have to go!

Domon: Damnit!

Domonís giant cargo ship takes off just as the entire region that base was on becomes part of the ocean Sarin in his Gundam flies just outside the flames.

Aveian: Black Vulpine here we come.

Sora: Am I really welcome back there?

Aveian: As long as you donít betray us again.

Sora: (little laugh) Sounds fair!


Everyone but Draco, Aveian and Sora are in the hangar Foxxy is still palling around with Kit.

Foxxy: (looking at Kit with those huge innocent sparkly eyes) So did Sylven have to abandon his Gundam, is he on board, or are we meeting up later?

Nobody says anything.

Foxxy: (looking worried, leaning up closer to Kit, her eyes showing deep sadness welling up) Whereís Sylven?

Kits faceís immediately turns sad he looks away and to the ground.

Foxxy: (voice quivering, she lets go of Kit and steps back) NoÖ noÖ itÖ it canít be.

Kit keeps looking away.

Foxxy: How? What happened?

Kit says nothing; he canít bear to look into her face either.

Foxxy: NoÖ you didnít! (Kit still doesnít speak, still looks away) why!? (Still nothing) How could you do that!?

Kit: (he suddenly looks her dead in the eyes, his voice breaking) He didnít give me choice! He kept fighting! He wouldnít stop until heÖ and now heísÖ

Foxxy suddenly blasts Kit in the face with a hard right hook to the cheek; Kit gets knocked clear off his feet and slides across the ground.

Foxxy: (crying and screaming) I FUCKIN HATE YOU!!!!!

Allenby helps Kit up while Foxxy runs off crying, Kit goes to follow her but Allenby stops him.

Allenby: Thereís nothing you can do.

Foxxy runs into her room and throws herself onto her blood soaked bed and cries hard into the pillow.

(Ending music)

The Raven Corps. approaches the Black Vulpine base, as it approaches beams fly up at the ship.

Aveian: Damnit! They got here before us! They took over the base!

Sora: Shit, what do we do now?

Draco: We can escape to my home country.

Aveian: Damnit, they beat us, I guess we have no choice.

Ja Ne

(After scene)

Marane in a small cruiser approaches Quick Sylverís intact torso.

Marane: Arenít you glad I installed that second cockpit?

Sylven: So, it looks like I failed to die once again.

Marane picks up the Suitís remains and takes off.

(Real) Ja Ne

(Sad, lulling music)

Foxxy: How am I supposed to go on? How am I supposed to live without you? Butt Iím not weak enough to die. I canít follow you, and you canít come back to me. So what choice do I have left? I can I really go through with that choice? Next Chapter: Absolute Power: Mission 14: The Obligatory Slowdown.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rebel WITH a blog.
its really more of commentary on the fact that i have no cause or purpose without in my blogging most the time, the "rebel" aspect was just for the "rebel without a cause" reference, i suppose "blogger without a cause" would have fufilled the reference just as well and would have been less confusing, and less egotistical/emo, but i went with the first one, so deal with it, and if you don't like that then well i've got two words for ya: fuck you.

i had to go for the Micheal Higgenbottom/Paul Levech reference just for the fact i still have an undying hatred for Vince MacMahon so any chance i have to mock him and his poorly trained actors, and that little jab felt good as well.

well in any case after my little concession that the Chobits Manga was better based on the fact that the manga went into the fact that Hideki could never "have" Chii, whilest the anime never touched on that little hot button issues. [oh the references and jokes keep coming] but upon firther investigation [investigation = reading wiki entries] i was reminded of the fact that Freya and Elda actually condridict that deveral times, saying that "until you meet the one just for you don't let anyone inside." "don't let anyone but the person just for you touch you there." "no one can come inside but the one just for me." so in other words the anime wasn't WORSE, it was DIFFERENT, in a real sense they are seperate but equal [niether is worth 3/5 the other], so that made me pretty happy, because i like the idea that Chii wouldn't have such a flaw, i mean it would be a lot sweeter to know the Hideki could spend his whole life never having sex because he loves Chii so much, its a lot more romantic to know they can share themselves if they decide to.

but mostly it pisses me off because of the feminist undertone that people say that entails, because Ichiro thought that people were just "using" Persecoms like womemn were "used" in the past, so basically Chii is the ultimatre example of "girl pwer" because she can never put out. that kind of stuff just irks me, the feminist that think that it "empowering" to be an unsufferable bitch, and i don't think of Chii as being frigid and unrespouncive, so i really think that it would hurt her to realize she can never do that, so i like the anime better, its happier, Chii can have sex, in fact Freya encourages her, as well as the fact that her program is released when/if she finds "the person just for me" that she gives all Persecoms the ability to fall in love, instead of the manga that has her program being released if she fails and keeps persecoms from ever finding a bond with anyone to avoid heartbreak, that is just too depressing. though then again Chobits wasn't exactly a happy story, and i think that makes more sense to come from the mind of "Wiggly Ichan"

really, seeing Angelic Layer makes you feel really bad for Freya, because you realize she fell in love with "that guy." its so sad, seeing this guy who seems like a pedophile chasing down a small girl and trying to sell her dolls, really he reminds me of Gojo Shioji from Excel Saga, i can just imagine him building underaged girl Persecoms in his basement to ogle, either that or having a limo driven by a little girl peddling it like a bike, was the original start up for Freya operated by a girl sliding down a slide and activating a switch with her ass? i can imagine what really broke Freya's heart was Ichiro saying "sorry babe, but big boobs and pubic hair really turn me off." ichiro was just so strange i can't see what Chitose or Freya ever saw in him, i mean he built the angels in Angelic Layer and said thsat could be "friends", "companions" or, best of all "lovers." once again, you wonder why it took Freya so long to kill herself, and more over not out of heartbreak, but more out of depression of being built by him, i know if i were built by a guy who runs up to random little girls and tells them to call him "wiggly Ichan." really feel bad for Chitose and her "daughters."


"not being an emo is the ultimate way to ever be a "rebel" nowadays."

- me

-bonus content-

"Char's [Char Aznable, Gundam 0079, Zeta Gundam, Char's counter attack] fourth pseudonym, Quattro Bajeena, has a variety of alternate spellings, including Bagina, Bageena, Vageena and, humourously enough, as noted in the games Char's Counterattack(PS) and SD Gundam G Generation F (PS), Quattro Vagina."

visit the onre i think of when i read that joke,

HAIL ZEON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[goes well with the Char commentary]

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Raison Detre.
i have been humming and attempting to sing the first ending song to Chobits for a year now without having any idea what the fuck Raison Detre means, but thanks to the equally cryptically named Ergo Proxy, i know that it means reason for living, but it wasn't until i updated my shitty MP3 player that Raison D'etre was Raison Detre, i guess i'm a bit slow on the uptake. but you must admit reason for living is a pretty good theme for atashi walking through the city with no people searching for "the one just for me." that really seems cool to me, i guess its good i didn't know much french, or else i wouldn't have had this little revelation.

i must say that in a way its good to be donre with the "Requiem" posts, though its sweet to think of the time i spent i think that is does border on dwelling and probably isn't the best thing i could do, but i thank you all for complimenting my posts of my adventures so much.

on top of the no more dwelling its just good to get back to the good ole mindless ranting, mostly inspired by anime, wiki, and anime on wiki. like when i was trying to remember wether it was a town or city with no people i took a gander at the Chobits entry on wiki, amd i must say some people reall analyze things more than i do. they really see the placement of Chii's switch as a big deal, as that she will never be able to have sex, so that means that her creator was making it so any relationship she is in is free of the pressure of sex. i never really dwelled on the placement of that, i mean the one joke about it, where Chii is pictured naked with one hand between her thighs and captioned "Chii go on, Chii go off, Chii go on..." was funny, but i always figured that was not that big a deal, but i guess it is supposed to be or is at least big to whoever wrote the wiki page. to me it seems Hibiya would eventually revert her to a more Freya like body, [since Elda/Chii was the first to get that little addition] either sans power switch or at least make a diaphragm or something, and that was just a random thought i had when discussing the on/off joke, i never really thought about that undertone, i guess thats why i could never get works accepted on the article section, i don't dwell on the power switches. oh, i guess that little on/off switch matter is discussed more in the manga, damn i hate when Bev is right... the manga is better.

but on a more "i win" note i have been dwelling on the fight where Shinn finally beats Kira, i've been dreading that fight for a year now and i must say, as a Kira fanboy, i can excuse his loss many times. thats not to say that Shinn didn't fight really well, he did a good job against Kira, but i think Kira got him back pretty well too.

see first off Shinn had been studying kira's every tactic for a long period of time, and he had Rey giving him advice, and Rey seems like a genius type, sort of like Quatre or Heero from Gundam Wing, so he had a lot of help. and then there is the fact that Shinn is fighting to kill while Kira is not, its a lot easier to shoot to kill than to purposely avoid kill shots, and on top of that Kira was fighting in full retreat as well, the Archangel was under heavy attack and Kira needed to retreat with it, so untop of trying to not kill Shinn he was also trying to escape.

next there is the fact that Kira had been fighting heavy ZAFT attack forces for a while, he had battle fatiuge after all that i'm sure to some degree, and Shinn was fresh. then there is the fact that not only was Shinn willing to kill Kira, he wanted to. Kira was someone to Shinn, the feeling was not mutual, i don't think Kira cared much more about the Impulse than he did about the BaCUEs hr had been fighting, he just defends against attacks, no matter who it is, Shinn was focused on Kira while Kira was focused on getting Cagalli to Orb.

Then there is the fact that the Impulse is modular, if something breaks Shinn just calls for a new one, Kira defeated him once, without the main cameras in the head Shinn had no chance of pursuit, but then he launches the chest at Kira, and blows it up, after doing that crazy move reflecting a shot of the shield he threw and could just have replaced, Shinn had no respect for his machine, he just kept throwing spare parts at Kira until he blew a wing off the Freedom.

i must admit though Kira trying to stop the anti-ship sword with his shield was stupid, so i give that Shinn, as well as the fact that overall the Impulse is infereor to the Freedom, but the Freedom can't just get new wings and parts whenever Kira gets them blown off, i'd imagine most of the Freedom's spare parts are on the Eternal.

personally after that speech by Rey how Kira never shoots at the Cockpit i wish that instead of blocking Kira had just put an AGNI blast and beam sword through Shinn's cockpit, just because he was getting too dangerous, like Ra or Stella. but in the end Kira even beat Shinn by losing, the Freedom's nuclear reactor wasted the Impulse, i don't know how many more they have laying around but Kira must have cut the supply a lot.


"who the hell gives the main character a modular mobile suit? did he get it from the ZAFT Ikea store?"

-me, watching Shinn throw spare parts at Kira.

visit Bev, i'm out.

HAIL ZEON!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Requiem of love: Part 8
i'd like to say that yes, in most cases "requiem" refers to funeral speeches, so the few of you that brought up that little point to infact have a good standing in your beliefs, being as that is the formal and most common definition. but requiem can just refer to general rememberances as well, so technically i'm using it correctly as well. truth be told my first exposer to the term came from the heartless from kingdom hearts called Green Requiem, so i'm not really in any position to be bragging about my about my vocabulary, just my "expert" use of wiki.

as for my little Zabimaru joke, i don't think that there is any limit on syllables, words or letters that go into penis names, i mean calling your penis Zabimaru is perfectly fine, hell if you want to call it Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo go ahead, though i think you might scare some people if it shares a resemblance. but i still like the idea of calling out to your member like a zanpakuto release, i just need to find out the name of mine, i feel like Kenpachi! i feel as if it would probably involve the words "majestic" "beautiful" asnd probably "tool" or "sword/blade" but i must practice with it more to learn its name.

but enough of my phallic Bleach jokes, time to give you guys the details on my last day with Bev. we both woke up miserably sick, i couldn't even stand up without feeling like i was on the poseidon and it was flipping over. so me and Bev just layed together and cuddled for like 7 hours, well cuddled and fondled, there was a bit of naughtiness but mostly just cuddling. the naughtiness distracted me from the sickness, so i guess you could say carnal delights were my cure. but most of the time we just layed there and held each other, kissing and caressing each other. she fell asleep so i just watched her sleepp, and listened, Bev makes wierd noises when she sleeps. i just watched her there, and wished i never had to leave.

but eventually my mom came in and told us it was time to leave, we had already been crying a little to each other, but once we got in the car the water works really started, all on my part, i was suprised how well Bev held up. well we got to the airport and drove up too far, so we ended up walking back to the spirit port. we sat around until Bev's dad got there with the little siblings and Bev's other younger sibling, and we headed up to the shopping center part of the airport, there were copies of the giftshops from all the casinos, which i probably should have visited, but instead, with almost no time left i made one last starbucks run, and they messed up my order twice, first trying to give me a vanilla smoothy, then trying to give me my order hot instead of iced, when i finally got my order the bitch looked at me all pissed off, i still had the hot one, should have thrown it in her face. but no time for that, because me and bev ran back to our parents and sipped down our driks, kissing each other and saying how much we'd miss each other. as it was time to leave we hugged and sobbed, and our parents laughed, that mockery will not soon be forgotten, we're picking out their retirement homes one day.

well Bev and her family departed from us, and i didn't feel much worse, until i turned away, and for the first time in more than a week, couldn't see her and knew i wouldn't again. so yeah, at that point is was the ugly scrunchy-face crying, all through baggage check, and into the waiting area i was just leaking water like i was going into contractions. my mom said she'd get me a momento, so i searched for a shirt i saw before while i was with bev, but i found none, nor could i find any MP3 charging batteries, so i just walked around with the feeling that "happy" was gone from my feeliings and that my chest had been torn open and my heart and soul shredded, i did find a charger, mounted to wall, so i just sad crying, holding my cheap-ass biglots MP3 player hooked up to the sidekick mini-USB port, and my arm all drawn on as a last gift from bev, boy did i feel like a joke. well i got on the plane with my Minute maid lemonade in a bottle, as well as TGI Fridays mozerella sticks and potato skins, i ate and listened to my MP3 player while i cried, until they all ran out, then i just felt nothing, and watched out the window as i cried numbly until i git home. i met my brother again, got my dog back, and heard pizza recipes, i then just got home, did a shitty update and called Bev, thus ends my adventures in Vegas.


"this arm is property of Beverly G, and everything connected to it too."

-Written on my arm by my lover.


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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Requiem of love: part 7
well good to see that people finally get that this is a recap of my time i spent in vegas with Bev as opposed to fanfiction, i mean seriously, if i were writing live action fanfiction about me and Bev that would be a whole new level of wierd, besides, with the level of detail i'm putting into this little bit of story telling, especially about the vegas area it would be a bit hard to pull off without experience in the ole city of lights.

and yes, i'm about 3 drinks or a little more Bleach fanboyness from calling my penis zabimaru. well actually i've wanted to give my little friend a fun name like that for a while, now it''ll just be in the spirot of a zanpakuto, so that way it has a release. i mean zabimaru is the perfect one for a penis joke, but seeing as its already taken i think i'll just go with a combination of beauty and sword/blade/weapon, being as Bev said my member could win a beauty contest, its always good to know your weiner is pretty.

finally i haven't finished Destiny, i like the dub and i'm watching the DVDs as they come out, i'm a little behind right now, maybe an episode or two.

but enough on that,time for my recollection of day 7. well basically we spent the early part of the day wasting the sheaths we bought, these encounters were of mixed success, one ended poorly, one got interupted, but one, and ironically it was the first time, went off without a hitch, so yeah there went another milestone. another bit of fun was after we ran out THAT was when all of a sudden our families had us under uber-surveillance, but i suppose if their plans had worked i wouldn't be nearly as happy. the rest of the day consisted of sitting in the front room as Bev's sister continued to try to absorb all of Gundam SEED into her mind, as well as messing around in the pool like the kids about to get killed in a horror movie, i must say that it was a lot of fun for my last full day in Vegas, and then the night came...

see i still really wanted to see the Luxor, the giant black glass pyramid with a light that shoots up into space, and i wanted to see it ay night so i could see the wonderous and needlessly expensive light. so we went to... TI, so we could see the Siren show. and i must say that it is the worst excuse for sodtcore porn i've ever seen, i don't even know why they call it "sirens" besides a guy inexplicably named "eros" there is no greek content what-so-ever, they are more like a ship full of whores than anything else. they lure the ine greek guy on board then they go through so wierd Lindsey Lohan-esque bondage and knife play. then the captain "Mac" of the ship "bowl" shows up and fights the captain of the siren ship Cinnimon, or "sin" for short. first the pirates blow up the ships main mast, thenn they blow up the sirens' closet, which is in some mountains behind them [don't as me why] then the girls all get glammed up and start singing a song that causes all the men to wail in pain, fall of their ship, then the ship explodes. then the sirens sing some song about mixing "a little bit of honey and a whole lot of sugar" then shaking it, shaking it up, as well as "going all the way." so the pirates get on board and dirty dancing ensues. that show made my brain bleed. after that we drove over to caesar's palace and parked there, and started walking to the luxor.okay from where we parked i could only see the luxor's light. this walk was so long my mom even got tired and she loves walking, me and Bev's only consolation is that her little sister was miserable. the two of us would stop to buy drinks and she'd whine, she'd whine and complain she was tired as we walked, made it all worth while. we passed by excalibar, i wanted to look around inside but i knew everyone was too tired, as did i want to walk on the fake broklyn bridge. we saw the luxor but it really isn't very impressive from the angle i viewed it at and from inside it really seems less cool as most of the walls on the inside are solid, not glass. but it does look really cool inside on the floor, liike a really awesome shopping mall.

more walking home to piss of Bev's little sis then it was off to bed at 2 am vegas time, 5 am my normal time.

it was a great lasyt night in vegas, even if that siren show was better when it was cancelled because of high winds.


Siren whores: You take a little bit of honey and a whole lotta sigar and ya shake it, shake it up!

Me: Could you iumagine how disgustingly sweet that would be? no longer they have to lure men to their deaths to get laid!

visit a girl who isn't saccharine to the point of inducing vomitting.

HAIL ZEON!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Requiem of love: part 6
once again i feel like Yensid with the reading comprehension. appearantly someone thinks my posts about meeting Bev are fanfiction... you know sometimes you think you made something idiot "proof" but a true idiot WILL find a way. maybe its just one dumb moment, but still a bit of probing into the actual post might clear things up for you, but oh well, i guess i can't expect much from people.

i am very happy to have a friend like VenusGuyTrap to keep up the faith in humanity, plus she's a fellow Kira fan so thats all good, i need some Kira fandom seeing as i had to see him lose to Shinn today, yeah that stung.

but more on my week with my beaner, and yes i call her a beaner, to her face and quite often, its like a pet name. well i must say that night 5 i did put my foot in my mouth, see i always expected Bev to be a bit squishy, i like the Hillary Duff/Marilyn Monroe body structure, but Bev was a little bigger, and she had always gone on while we were on the phone about wanting to lose weight, so i bit the bullet and told her, because i believe in always telling the truth, no matter how painful, well while i was trying to console her her parents made us go to sleep, so i was wide awake feeling like total shit, Bev called me on the cell phone and i cheered her up, but my guilty concience allowed me all the peace that is allowed to people living in the red zone of iraq. so in morning it was sort of an akward truce, the two of us trying to settle the subject since we both had residual feelings, all this while Bev's younger sister forged on in my Gundam SEED box set [which i only today completed with DVD 3] well eventually Bev's parents took us out to the strip again, this time with her engrish speaking mother and once more her dad at the wheel of the car which made which made me wish i could be drove around by nichole richie, well we went through the bellagio, which i remember nothing from, the ventian was pretty fun, enen though we went there in the day so none of the outdoor lights and spectacles were there. i just liked the gandola rides, i so wish i could have gotten one with Bev, that level of uncomfortable chessiness is what memories are made of.

well all of this time bev wouldn't let me touch her body, because she was now self concious about her body because i had to be a huge dick and blurt out a brain fart. but i kept trying to hold her, even though most of the times the positions i tried to emulate from memory were as akward physically as they were emotionally, so mostly we just kept holding hands and i kept kissing her, and telling her how pretty she was, i bought us starbucks again, and gave her a venti strawberry frap to try to erase the sad puppy-dog look from her face, it worked as the fact that the drink was delicious to her and more than she could possibly consume comfortably.

well after that we went to the Mirage but the tigers weren't accessable, we went to the MGM but by now it was finally night and if we had wanted to see them we would have had to go there when we first came to the strip, i wanted to see the dolphin but you had to pay to see that, so we decided to go over to treasure island via the tram, which meant standing in one place for a long period of time, then riding it over to TI as its now called, because we were to watch "the sirens of TI" unfortunatly that wasn't for an hour and a half, so actually it was at this point i bought the coffee, sorry for the timeline screw up. well when we finally got back out there it was crowded as hell, i wanted to jump up to the next level because there was infinatly more room up there, but the people weren't leaving a human's worth of room so that was out of the question, so we just stood there squished for a while until they stated the show was canceled for high winds, so we just went into the gift shop, and i looked for a gift for Bev's baby sister because she caught me in the closet with Bev doing couples things and didn't rat us out to direct questioning, so we owed her a gift, we while looking at the candy i spotted some adult utilities, and being as Bev wanted some of them latex sheaths i showed her, paided her and watched her buy them, all in all it was a good day. i cheered Bev up and got something she had been wanting for a long time, it was a good day.


Bev: You never named your penis.

Me: Maybe i should name it after a zanpakuto, that way when i'm ready to role in can call out its release. ROAR ZABIMARU! GET LONGER!

visit my lover

HAIL ZEON!!!!!!!!!!

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Requiem of love: part 5.
wow no one felt like saying anything last time, it really feels feels nice to know that no one cares enough about my time i got to spend with my lover to comment, though i'm just being pissy because i'm tired, but still i'm just a bit pissed off because i don't know what you people want from me, no matter what i do i just get a few comments, i know people with a fraction as many GB signatures that get 4 times as many comments, i thought it was because my posts weren't relatable, but now i'm talking about going on dates with my lover and you guys still don't comment, i really don't know what to do. between this and Adam otaku is getting a lot less fun lately. but i'll attempt to forge on ahead, hopefully i'll be rewarded one of these days.

well once again i wake up to greet my lover, and i hear the familiar sounds of Mobile shits clashing and the voices of Kira, Athrun, Dearka, Waltfeld and the rest of the SEED cast, and to my amusement i find Bev slung back casually viewing, while her little sister is staring captivated at the TV like she was viewing one of her novellas, to me that is great, no one i ever try to get into Gundam ever likes it, but she just loves it, fate is a cruel and strange thing, if only i had shown her a stranger anime, like Sukisho or Nerima Daikon Brothers, but she liked it for the relationships so i could get her with TOO strange of crap. but we sat around and Bev replayed DVD 4 because she had been distracted by eating and other stuff the day before [DVD 3 is finally getting mailed to me by rightstuf] so i got a brief re-cap, then we got through DVDs 5 and 6 as well, it really feels good to see that series again, i missed it.

well after the Gundam viewing was over her parents took us to old Vegas, which i really liked, i came for the lights and the cheesiness, i like the new strip too, but it just doesn't scream "hookers, booze n' gamblin" like the old one does, i mean everywhere you look there is another advert for a titty show. well we wandered through the dense crowd search the gift shops for a hot dog for Bev, she was hungry and i guess looking for a good pig stomach full of mystery meat, finally inside of the sleaziest shop i've ever seen [and i live near the bad part of a detroit suburb] we found a man who served, and by the look of him, bathed in hot dogs. so this greasy man handed us two food objects of similar oil content. and i tell you why i call this place sleazy, because it sold some of the most crude airbrush shirts and other clothing items i ever viewed. the majority of them said things like "tough slut" or "top bitch" and it really took that whole "black people calling eachother nigger" to a whole new level. self deprication is so much fun when its related to groups i dislike, i love women that think bitch is a compliment because men suck and need to be pushed around, or that all they need is their little plastic friend to be happy. meek guys are the ones that take 40 people with them when the commit suicide and i only hope he shows that bitch what "every force has an equal and opposite reaction" means when she pushes him too far. that and eventually the water seal will break on that vibrator, boy i hope the surge detector is gfaulty too.

but enough with my demented fantasies, we looked at lots of other fun stuff, i got a naked david postcard for my lesbian friend, as well as Bev stole a pair of lover's dice that had fallen out of their package. i wanted to get my brother this old looking stripper with too much make-up s4inging thing that sings happy birthday and her top goes up and down, but i doubt my mom would approve plus it'd waste a lot of money. well we went outside and saw this crappy show on the huge LED screen on the top of awning thing we were under, man was that thing stupid, but the flashiness and old music fit in well. after that i made a Starbucks run with Bev as well as a krispy cream run, introducing Bev to both, she doesn't like coffee so i got her a strawberry frap, along with my usual iced 4-shot vente vanilla late with whip-cream. we then watched some very fruity men dance around with various shape and one lady walk a bar they held up. the first one had the same leather pants my brother has and looked like a cross between micheal flatly and micheal higginbottom, the rest looked like a cross between gay and gayer. i gave all my change from food to a painter on the side of the strip who airbrushes on metal plates. after that i had to take a crap, so Bev took me to the best place to not get crabs from, inside we kept coming across a 60 year old waitress wearing a miniskirt, heels and fishnets, i almost lost my devils food doughnut. well once we got back our parents had gone poof so i went souvenir shopping, i got a "girls" baby blue t-shirt with a hawaiian floral design down the side that says Vegas,i wanted to get the maltese cross one two but Bev talked me out of it, she is more frugal then i. after that we found my mom and hunted down her dad, we rode home and we were shipped off to bed, thus ending another day together.


Bev: [spotting a street pereformer] oooooh, whats that.

Me: a guy distracting you while jis friend cases the crowd and picks your pocket.

Bev: hey, leave my people alone, we have to get our money some how.

Me: [looking harder] you're right, he is a beaner.

please comment people, i'm spilling my soul here.

♥ JD Person ♥

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Requiem of love: part 4
i'm glad all you guys enjoy my "detailed" discriptions, i enjoy writing them, and reliving them for that matter, up until then i was completly pure and untouched by another person in any sort of intimate/sensual way. i mean i've had my ass slapped, chest/thighs/ass groped, i've had a guy guyt touch me in all sorts of places, but all those were completly one sided and none of them went anywhere near this level, and as well as being touched i never touched another person anywhere near these ways, so all of this was a whole new world and the garden of paradise i imagined it would be, i had so much fun, and i'll have fun teling anyone who wants to hear what happened in even more detail.

but onto day 4, i got up and glomped onto my beaner, armed with my Gundam SEED DVD box set, still sans DVD 3, hell to this day i still haven't gotten that damn DVD, i don't know what bandai is doing, if they put the master copy up some interns ass and they can't get it out or something, but in any case i plopped in the DVD an started watching it with my beloved. it was nice to watch Gundam SEED again, especially uneditted so that everyone doesn't have Brilliant Dynamites Neon's gun, i have no idea why CN thought putting all kindas of wierd colors on the guns made the show more appropriate to children, but i like the normal guns better, and the occasional swearing, though Cagalli's almost always clean mouth kinda freaked me out, i had to keep checking for the Neon Nasty guns, since they weren't there i knew Cagalli was just a goody goody. i really have to admit that if you think Destiny ruined Cagalli, watch SEED again, she really never changes, she is a horrible Pilot in the skygrasper, she gets shot down both times she flies one, plus she is always that whiny, i really can't see why i ever liked her, she is really just a pain in the ass.

but i'm digressing, me and Bev flopped on the couch and basicallyy went through DVDs 1-4, her siblings sort of lost intrest but it turns out that SEED is shojo enough and anime to get Bev's other younger sister hooked, i think she likes SEED a little too much, plus she is an Athrun fan, BLECH! i thought i could talk to her about it and thus tolerate her, but i can't take Athrun fangirls, especially Athrun x Lacus fangirls. well while Bev's sister was busy trying to absorb all of the early cosmic era into her brain organ Bev;'s dad took us to Circus Circus, and Bev decided to drag me off to the adventure dome while i guess our parents when to cirque de sole or something. well first she used the last of her money to buy us both wristbands, and i got us 20 dollars in quarters for the arcade, but before we could indulge our gamerness we went on rides, we went of the roller coaster, which was a bit more rough than i expected, but roller coasters are easy for me, i like linear things, roller coasters are pretty much straight forward and i love them for that, then we went on the inverter, which to me was just irritating, getting turned upside down like that made my thighs hit the bar and it hurt, it wasn't scary, just painful, i don't see my Bev loves it so much, maybe it feels good on her crotch, she said the pirate ship put pressure on her G-spot so maybe its fun for her in that way...

i liked the log ride better, because Bev had the brain-fart of wearing a white shirt, so of course i'm going to take her on the water drop as many times as possible, that and hold her now almost completly visible boobs and protruding baby faucets. people looked at us wierd because we were always making out, groping and just general scaring children with our touching. i like it though, children in general suck.

well after that Bev played a few games of DDR, i played a driving game where all the cars were the same, i picked the hummer but it went the same speed as everything else, and if i hit someone i spun out, that game sucked. so we played a bunch of light-gun games, they all had live-action criminals, and they reacted to where you shot them, and i just instinctively shot everyone in the crotch, liver, legs, and girls in the breasts. unfortunatly every game we played only one gun worked, so we wasted a lot of money on nothing, but it was still a fun second date.

after a while it started raining and the dome leaked, so we headed home, i missed another of my favorite TV shows, but it was worth it for Bev time. we ate, cuddled then were forced to sleep,m and thus my vacation was already half over.


"you are AMAZING with your tongue"

- Bev
peace people.

HAIL ZEON!!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Requiem of love: Part 3
first off i'd like to say that Venusguytrap has some of the best comments i've ever gotten to that last post, between the "you down there, everyone knows they live far apart." and the "why would i want details?" made my day, its great to have such good friends that keep up with the on-going story of my life, it is nice to know that people actually absorb and care about the information that tells the history of my life, i can't blame newbies or less dedicated readers for not knowing all the details, but having the hardcore fanbase really makes it all worth it.

so yeah here starts my 3rd day in Vegas [or rather the recolation of what happened] 2000 miles from home but never more than a couple room away from my beaner/lover. when me and Bev sat down in the morning and started cuddling it made all the trime apart worth it, we just layed there holding eachother and the world was great. soon after her littlest sibling decided to once more raid my stuff like they did the day before, start playing my gameboy without my permission and looking through all my belongings i brought. well her little bro comes out with my Gundam SEED box set and kept saying he wanted to watch "Transformers," everyone in their family compares Gundam to transformers, which normally would just earn me making some arrogant comment about the superiority of Gundam, but after that God awful piece of Micheal Bay cow shit movie that made my soul cry inside that really just made me pretty irritated and almost go into Gundam Otaku mode. luckily i then had my beaner to explain to her siblings its not the same and i told him that it isn't all robots killing eachother, but more about whiny teenagers and politics, but he still really wanted to see it, so i told him that we'd start later that night maybe, but most likely tomorrow because me and Bev were going on a date she had been waiting for for a long time.

see Bev has been wating to see the Simpson's movie since they first advertised it all those monthes ago. the both of us were really worried that we wouldn't be able to get alone time because our parents would be all up our asses, that was one of the main reasons i was a little less than completly excited when i was flying there, because i thought our parents would be constantly harshing our buzzes. but luckily it seems her parent's lack of regard infected my mom, because she was okay with letting the two of us go off alone for a long while. so we both got ready for the movie, i put on socks + shoes [i never wear shoes or socks unless i'm going somewhere] and Bev filled her pocket gfull of lip colors and flavors, so i KNEW this would be fun, we both brought our own money sand went to the show. while we were waiting for the movie Bev set up my Cell phone because i was too lazy to. when it was close to movie time we went back in, we both put our palms on the palm reader and the readings didn't suprise me, i'm average at everything accept love and health, my love was uber high and my health sucked, Bev's were all high, her love was even higher than mine, which doesn't suprise me, she's better at me at everything. well as i was marveling at her stats she planted a huge sticky, glossy kiss on my cheek, giving me a cute and conspicous kissy mark on me, after that we bought our stuff, well i bought the stuff, she got the tickets, i got the two-pop one popcorn deal and a box of skittles for her, because they are her favorites.

i must say it was a good movie, much better than that shit-strain on my corneas known as Transformers, someone needs to shank Micheal Bay. all throught the movie we had fun, i pissed off some toolbag by complaining loudly during the previews that Jason Lee was in a children's movie, we both laughed at that ass-monkey. all through out the movie Bev kept making out with me anfd making me eat skittles, which taste wierd with soda and popcorn, but it was worth it for the delivery.

after that me and Bev went to a party store looking for jimmy-hats, it was my idea because being that all the party and dollar stores around me are in the bad part of Inkster i thought all dollar stores and party stores were sleazy and sold protection, but unfortunatly these were upscale so no latex for us. well her dad picked us up and we spent the rest of the time being cute together, eventually we were seperated like usual and day 3 ended without me being deflowered, thus ending the day-to-base ratio.


President Schwartzeneggar: [looking at this horrible fanged and multi-eyed squirrel] look at those sharp fangs and angry eyes, its like Christmas at the Kennedy compound!

visit my first.


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