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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ah, short post.
Yay a short post! Hee! ^-^

Aww, my Total Visits is 5379.
I remember back then I was getting close to being numbah 1

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Hiya All.
Weehee Story!!! Yuna had a heart attack in my last post.
Does anyone out there know the number to 911?
She's starting to foam at the mouth.

Me: -Dances around singing 'These are not my pants'-

Vash: Yay Dizzy ish all mental-fied!! -Dances with Dizzy-

Me: Wootlez! I gots me a partna!!

Inu: Well I guess she's not all depressed-ified...

Sesshy: Heh, you just said a Dizzy word.

Hiei: That tells you that you spend way too much time around her.

Me: There are not my pants! They must be Bobby's pants. BOOOOBBBYYYY!!! Go Bobby and those pants!

Vash: I wanna ride a llama.

Me: Llama's are weird.

Yusuke: I wander what noise a llama makes.

Me: They go llaaaammaaaa!

Sesshy: I don't think they do.

Me: YES THEY DO!! If I say they do then they do!

Vash: What'cha eatin'?

Me: Chocolate

Vash: Where'd ya get it?

Me: Someone dropped it.

Vash: Where they drop it?

Me: In the sewer.

Vash: What-cha call it?

Me: Candy manure.

Hiei: Ew, that's just wrong.

Me: ^-^ Hee!

Kurama: I'm glad to see that you are back to your old self.

Me: Thankies. I'm glad too. I don't know why, but for some reason when ever I get on Myo. I go insane.

Yusuke: Well that's because all your mental memories come back.

Me: My mental memories. I didn't know I could remember that far back.

Vash: Well who cares! You is back. -Huggles Diz-

Me: Teehee! Me ish happy to be back to me old self again. -Huggles Vash- I love eggs!

Hiei: Do you what you want 'cause a pirate is free.

Me: You are a pirate!

Sesshy: Yarr har fiddle dee dee.


Vash: We be diggin' us some treasure!

Inu: Aye capmin'

Me: -Laughs-

Miroku: -Comes in with a Llama-


Kurama: I'm surrounded by mental cases.

Me: Awe, come one Kurama. You can go mental too.
It will be okay.

Miroku: I got to get some sleep. -Goes off to sleep-

~~ No one of coures paid any attention to Miroku~~

Hiei: Kurama doesn't know how to be insane.

Kurama: Yes I do.

Hiei: Then let us see you go insane.

Kurama: Well not while everyone else is going insane.

Me: Why not? That's when it's more fun.

Kurama: Because if we all are insane then would if someone gets hurt?

Me: We'll laugh?

Kurama: No. You gotta take care of the person who did get hurt.

Inu: Pshaw! Taking care of injured people is no fun. I'm off to get some sleep. -Goes to bed-

Sesshy: Exactly, you gotta laugh at them.

Me: Yeah. And besides if we are all mental and one of us did get hurt, then that person whould laugh too.

Vash: Yeah Dizzy will laugh too.

Me: Hey now! I don't always hur- Nevermind.

Hiei: You don't always what? -Smirks-

Me: Nothing.

Yusuke: Uh-Huh, yeah I bet it was nothing.

Me: Yip, not a thing!

Kurama: Well alright, I'll try.

Miroku: -Falls asleep-

Me: Wait! Before you do. -Grins- Miroku just fell asleep.

Sesshy: So did Inuyasha.

Me: Gets an even bigger grin-

Vash: I know that look! That means you have a plan.

Me: -NodNod- I sure do. I need make-up and a dress, a wig and a camera.

Sesshy: Oh boy! This sounds like fun.

Hiei: -Goes to get the make-up-

Yusuke: -Goes to get the camera-

Me: -Goes the get the dress- Ok come one people.

ALL: -Follows Dizzy-

Me: Okay, now hand me the make-up.

Heie: -Hands Dizzy the make-up-

Me: -Puts on the make-up on Miroku, then puts the dress on- Now Sesshy Vash, I need you two to carry him over to Inu's bed.

Seeshy/Vash: -Picks up Miroku and places him gently beside Inu-

Me: Now put Miroku's head on Inu's shoulder.

Sesshy: -Snickers. The puts Miroku's head on Inu's shoulder-

Me: Sshh. Now put Inu's arm wrapped snuggly around Miroku.

Hiei: -Puts Inu's arm around Miroku-

Me: -Giggles softly-

Kurama: You guys are very mean.

Me: Sshh, you'll wake them. Now make them look happy.

Sesshy/Hiei: -Puts smiles on Inu and Miroku-

Me: There we go. Not move that strap down alittle. Show some skin.

Hiei: -Moves the strap on Miroku's dress down some-

Me: Ooo baby. This is some good stuff.

Kurama: That's just wrong in so many ways.

Me: I know, but its hilarious. Now let me just put a few kisses on Inu. -Puts on lipstick, goes over and kisses Inu- There, now lets take a pic.
-Grabs camera and takes several pics-

Sesshy: -Leaves the room and laughs-

Me: -Walks out and dies of laughter- Oh man. I can't wait to get these developed.

Vash: I want a copy!

Me: Oh don't worry. I'm going to get a lot of copies.

The End.

Poor Miroku and Inu. But that's what he gets for touching my butt. As for Inu. He didn't have to do anything. I just couldn't pass up an opportunity like that. There's no telling when I'll get another chance to do something like that.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Has Diz Diz Been missed?
Yip it is I Dizzy. Has anyone really missed me?
Would you all like for me to come back and stay?
Holy crap! It's been like forever since I last posted. I R still alive!

Hiei: DIZZY!!! -Tackleglomp-

Me: Meep! -Ish tackledglomped-

Vash: Dizzy is that you?

Me: Of course is's me. Who else would it be?

Miroku: Well we may never know seems how you haven't talked to us for a loooooong while.

Me: Awe, me sowwy. -Has sad face- I've been very busy lately and a little depressed.

Sesshomaru: OH NOEZ!!!1!one!!111!!!elven! Teh Dizzy-cakes is depressed?

Inuyasha: Does this mean that pigs are flying now?

Kurama: -Looks out window- Nope no flying pigs.

Me: So what I can't be a little depressed?

Hiei: No. -Grins- I'm still on top of you.

Me: O.O... Well then get off! D<

Hiei: I don't wanna.

Sesshy: You betta get off of her.

Hiei: What's she going to do? She's depressed to do anything.

Me: D:< GET OFF!!

Vashy: Do you want me to get him off?

Me: -Sighs- Nah, he's fine. I don't feel like messing with him. -Tries to roll over-

Hiei: Ack! You can't roll over while I'm sitting on you!

Me: Watch me. -Rolls over and Hiei falls off- :]

Hiei: That was mean.

Me: Who said I was mice?

Hiei: No one. I just thought maybe you would be nice.

Vashy: Pssh, Dizzy nice? When was the last time she was nice?

Me: Hey now! I'm nice when I wanna be. You still live here don't you?

Vashy: Well yeah, but you could still be nice.

Sesshy: Nah, she's fine the way she is.

Me: Thank you. -Huggles Sesshy-

Kurama: I wanna hug. -Ish sad-

Me: Awe, come here. -Holds out arms-

Kurama: YAY! ^-^ -Huggles Dizzy-

Me: Teehee! ^-^

Miroku: -Grins- I would like a hug.

Me: -Stares at Miroku- Alright, but only if don't try to grope me again.

Miroku: 'Kay, I promise -Has one hand behind back with fingers crossed-

Me: 'Kay -Huggles Miroku-

Miroku: Nothings going to happen. -Hugs Dizzy back, then moves his hand down to her butt and gropes her-

Me: o.o. -Whacks Miroku upside the head- D< I told you not to do that!

Inuyasha: -Dies laughing- You gonna get it!

Miroku: Uh-oh. -Runs-

Me: Yeah you betta run! -Sits on couch beside Kurama-

Kurama: Aren't you going to chase after him?

Me: Nah, I think I'll let him run in fear. Besides, I'll get him when he's asleep. -Grins evily-

Vashy: Oh man, I so wanna see that.

The End!

I'll post what will happen next later. I don't know when. First I have to figure out what it is I'll do.
Oh and don't ask why I'm depressed. If you really wanna know then I guess you can PM me.
I'll tell you only a little bit of why I am.
Enough about me. How are all of you peoples doing? It's been what 1 or 2 years since I last talked to any of you? I sure did miss this place.
It feels so weird being back after a long period of time not being here.

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Thursday, June 30, 2005

The floor taste funny
allo peoples!! how has everyone been lately? me? I've been on gaia... that place is addictived! eeergh! SQUIGGLEVISION!!! its the best vision ever!! its all squiggley!! yepyep! pot-a-toe soup... yuummmm... its all toey and soupy! *does the soup dance* I'M NEEEEKKKKKED!!!! not really just on gaia... I need taco's if not then I'll explode and go BOOM!! then there is all me peices flying every where.... so if you here a loud booming sound watch out for flying peices of me!! cause if then dang you must be blind... but of course do you know why you will be blind? cause a hobo came and stole them while you wasn't looking! shame on those evil hobo's of doom stealing eyes while no one is looking! you gott watch out for them there hobo's cause they be evil!! *covers eyes with paper* HA-NAH!! now a hobo can't take me eyes!!! *walks into a bunch of random things* ow! *trips over lint* I'm ok! I just have like a cut.... cuuuuuuut!!! lol me and my friend were on messenger and I got so bored that I decided to play rock, paper, sissor, it was so much fun... but I got kinda of tired of typing rock, paper, sissor.... so I started saying some random letters like this 'fdwufgy' it was fun... then my friend put scissors... there was alot of typo's in that... cause we had to type it fast and hit enter... but I had fun indeed I did! =^-^=... wow this is like the longest post I have psted in like a while... I'm cold... you know what I wanna do? I wanna just take of box put in it a river and git in it and just float down the river... but of course this box will be a special box that I made that people can get in it and flaot in water! I think that'd be cool! wow I had a lot to say didn't I? yesh I did!! I'm so proud of meself this post ish all long and what not *has proud smile* hee!!

Hiei~ Hey Diz?

Me~ Yes?

Hiei~ Why is the sky blue and the grass green?

Inuyasha~ You know, I've been wondering that too...

Sesshy~ Yea, and why does the hobo's like to steal eyes?

Me~ Well, the sky was green at one time and the grass was blue so the sky got tired of being green so it stole the blue from the grass, and one hobo saw what happened and started to think that if the sky can steal somethin that it wanted then they can too... the that one hobo went to tell allll the other hobo's what he saw and his plan, to steal eyes!! cause they needed them!!

Vashy~ But why did they need the eyes?

Me~ Well, they were kinda blind already so they go out and steal eyes so they can see better!

Miroku~ But if they couldn't see, how did that one hobo see that what the sky had done?

Me~ Uhm... well that hobo already had one good eye, and he saw it threw that one good eye!

Hiei~ Ooooh I se- *get intrupted by me putting my hand over his mouth*

Me~ Sssshhhh.... the walls have eyes.... *looks to the wall and see's hobo eyes*

Inuyasha~ *whispers* what are they doing?

Me~ *whispers* they are waiting for one of us to not like pay attention to our own eyes, so they can steal them...

Vashy~ Meep! *hides behind me*

Me~ *still whispering* as long as you pay attention to your eyes they wont steal them...

All~ *whispers* ok...

weeeeeheeeeeeeeee this was random!! and it just came to me as I was typing!! =^-^=

p.s Clowns eat people!

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Friday, June 17, 2005

oh yea I forgot to say this one more thing... uhm... I'm going to have all those who will draw I pic for me go ahead and draw it, cause I'm going to choose between the ones I like the most, even tho it will be hard cause your all great at drawing...
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allo peoples!! *waves* its been a while since I last updated, but I sorta need somone to draw me a pic, if no one minds... pm me for the details of what I want the drawing to look like... please and thank you!! well ok I think I'm going to go now see ya'z!! *hugglez all* =^-^=
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Saturday, June 4, 2005

allo!! its been a while since I last updated... well uhhh... I have nothing else to say, so I'm going now! bye! *hugs all*
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Monday, May 9, 2005

weeeeeeeeeeeee post!! well I made it to most of you peoples sites yesyerday, not all but some... and I'm proud of that! *has proud smile* yesh I is... can't you see? no you can't! and you know why you can't? cause your eyes got very mad at you for missusing them! shame on you people!! shaaaaaaaame *does shame finger thing* skoooooooooshy wooooooooooshy! gooooooopy! BLOOP!
dodododooooo *dances around monkey* moooooooooooonkey!!! *huggles monkey* I love me monkey =^-^=!! well that's all I had to say...*waves* byebye *hugs all and gives cookie* weeeeeeeeeee coooooooooookie!!!!

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Sunday, May 8, 2005

Allllllllllloooooooooooooo!!!! Its been a while since I last updated... but I'm still alive... I think...

Hiei~ she thinks?

Inuyasha~ I thought she wasn't aloud to think...

Vashy~ she probably found a brain...

Me~ indeed I did!!

Sesshy~ where?

Me~ I found it on the tire!

Kurama~ ahhh used brain.

Me~ yep! =^-^=

Hiei~ if you find another one give it to me! cause I would like a brain!

Me~ okie dokie!!

Hiei~ YAY!! *dances*

Me~ =^-^=!

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Sunday, May 1, 2005

alllllllllooooooooooo it is I Dizzy!!! I just saw 'Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy' it was funny... and that's all I needed to say... I think
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