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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Kurama~ (thinks~ grrr I need to hurry up and tell Diz something... but everytime I do I always get interupted!) *see's me in the kitchen sittin' on the table*

Me~ dodododdoooooo *eats some bread* mmmmm bread its so bready!!

Bakura~ *walks in see's me eatin' bread* it that all your gunna eat?

Me~ maaaayyyybe...

Bakura~ I'll take that as a yes

Me~ heehee

Kurama~ *walks in* hello

Me~ hiiiii =^-^=

Bakura~ KITTY!!! *pets me*

Me~ heehee *purrs*

Bakura~ ^-^ *leaves*

Me~ *bounces on table* dododoooo bread bread bread your so crumy! fear me and my bread of doom for me and the bread will bread you to death and you will be breaded!!! mwehehehehehehe!!!

Kurama~ *laughs*

Me~ *jumps a bit* ahh you scared me I thought I was all alone

Kurama~ sorry I scared ya...

Me~ it ok!

Sesshy~ *walks in* weeeeeeeee *steals my bread* mine!! *runs off*

Me~ what?!?! noooo thats mine!! *chases after* grr get back here with my bread!!!

Sesshy~ no so ha-nah!

Me~ grrr *jumps uo and tackles Sesshy down* gimme!

Sesshy~ no

Kurama~ *walks up to Me and Sesshy*

Me~ gimme it or I'll... I'll uhhh I'll lick you!

Sesshy~ I dun want to be licked!!

Me~ well then gimme it back!

Sesshy~ fine ya meanie!

Me~ *smiles* I aint that mean... *gets off Sesshy with MY bread in me hands* YAAAAAAAY!!! =^-^=

Sesshy~ *pushes me, then runs off*

Me~ weee I've been pushed!

Kurama~ *grabs me before I fall* you ok?

Me~ yep never better!

Kurama~ uhh theres-

ooOoo what will happen next?
stay tunded for the next story!!
this story was brought to you bye Keyboards where they're are always there when ya need to type up something!!

p.s. comp still craping out on me, untill my bro reformats it I wont be doing much on here without it locking up on me >.<

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Me~ heeeelllllooooooooooo!!!!!!

Kurama~ *smiles* hello!

Miroku~ you seem very happy!

Me~ *smiles* I ish! cause I got me ears pierced! even though after I got'em I almost fainted, I felf all light headed and I couldn't see very well and I could hardly hear anyone...

Kurama~ awe poor you...

Me~ yeah... but I just woke up and went to get'em pierced and I had like nothing to eat... but this isn't the first...

Hiei~ its not?

Me~ nope... this one time I reallt did pass out... I woke up to fast and I was gettin' sick that day too!

Vashy~ sorry that happened

Me~ it ok... my mother like died laughing the whole time which made me laugh

Kurama~ poor you... *hugs me*

Me~ wow usally Im the one to hug you... *hugs back*

Kurama~ *blushes* well I thought I would hug ya for once instead of you always huggin' me and stuff....

Me~ ooooh ok then....

Kurama~ uhhh Diz?

Me~ *looks up at Kurama* yes...

Kurama~ *blushes* uhh can I ta-

Inuyasha~ heeeeeyyyyyyyy!!!! DIIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZ!!!!

Me~ *sighs* what?

Inuyasha~ come here!!!

Me~ why?

Inuyasha~ just come here!! NOW!!!

Me~ ugh... can it wait?!

Inuyasha~ no!

Me~ but Kurama wanted to tell me something!!

Inuyasha~ he can tell ya another time!!

Kurama~ its ok go ahead...

Me~ ok... *goes to where Inuyasha is* what now?!?!!?

Inuyasha~ I need your help!!

Me~ with what?

Inuyasha~ *points at spider* th-that!!

Me~ eep! why did you call me! I aint going anywhere near that!! I hate spiders!! KURAMA!!!!

Kurama~ *comes running in* what's wrong*

Me and Inuyasha~ *points at spider* kiil it!!!

Kurama~ *kills spider*

Me~ YAY!! *jumps on Kurama and hugs him*

Kurama~ *blushes, and hugs me back*

Me~ =^-^!! *kisses Kurama on the cheek* thankies!! *prances off*

Kurama~ *blushes, smiles*

Inuyasha~ *see's this and has big grin on face* heehee you liiiiiike her!!

Kurama~ what? I uhh I gotta go seeya *runs off*

p.s. sorry I haven't been able to go to anyone's sites... its just that my comp is craping out on me and stuff

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Me~ you know what?

Kurama~ what?

Me~ I almost drownd in the shower first I got soap in me nose then almost in me eyes and the soap wnet into me mouth yeah that tasted kinda weird...

Kurama~ dang Diz...

Me~ habg on Im not done yet! then I got water in me eyes and then the nose and mouth at the same time! so I was like DOOD! what is up with this man does the shower not like me anymore or something... *snif* Im not loved!! *sobs*

Kurama~ your loved!

Miroku~ yeah I love you

Me~ you love every woman!

Miroku~ yeah...

Kurama~ I love ya!

Vashy~ so do I!

Me~ yay Im loved!! *hugs everyone but Miroku*

Miroku~ what I get no hug?

Me~ no...

Mirkou~ fine ya meanie!

Me~ I aint that mean!

Miroku~ yes you are you wont give me a hug *snif*

Me~ awh it ok... uhh I'll hug ya, BUT you can't grope me got it?

Miroku~ got it

Me~ ok *hugs Miroku*

Miroku~ *hugs back* heh *gropes me*

Me~ ack! *smacks* grr! *walks off*

Kurama~ *glares at Miroku, follows me*

Me~ grr that stupid perverted monk! *throws hands about*

Kurama~ he- woah *grabs my hand before it hits him*

Me~ huh? oh sorry... I didn't know you was there

Kurama~ *still holding my hand, blushes* uhh its ok...

Me~ *looks down at my hand in Kurama's* uhh Kurama?

Kurama~ yes

Me~ can I have my hand back?

Kurama~ oh sorry *blushes,and lets go*

Me~ its ok I didn't mind...

Kurama~ uhh Diz can I ask you something?

Me~ sure ya can!

Kurama~ uhh well its uhh...

Vashy~ *comes in* hey guys you gotta come and see what Sesshomaru is doing!! its sooooooo funny!! come on!!

Me~ k hang o-

Vashy~ no it can't wait *grabs my hand and drags me away*

Me~ ok ok stop dragin' me I can walk just fine ya know!

Vashy~ yeah I know but your slow at walking!

Me~ thats cause I gots short legs!

Kurama~ *sighs* I guess I'll tell her another time *walks in the direction of me and Vashy*

heehee poor Hiei!

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Monday, March 21, 2005

What Does Your Inner Child Look Like? by Keera
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Me~ I still like to do that!

Hiei~ yeah even though you like burn yourself

Vashy~ or get some cat hair and burn it and then say 'woah dang that smells!'

Me~ HEY! I only did that once!

Inuyasha~ don't forget she also was burning some random things that she got her hands on!

Me~ yesh I did do that... but then I stopped cause it was starting to smell!

Kurama~ well you really shouldn't do that you could burn yourself

Me~ I already do that...

Kurama~ yeah I know! bu-

Me~ don't worry I'll be fine *hugs Kurama*

Kurama~ *blushes a litttle and hugs me back*

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Sunday, March 20, 2005


Me~ dang man! thats alot of E's there!

Hiei~ you be fearin' them E's! for they will E you to death and you will be E'd

Me~ no I don't wanna be E'd!!

Hiei~ well to bad cause your gunna be E'd!

Me~ NO!! *turns pocket size and jumps in Kurama's pocket* sshhh the E's will never find me! and if they do Kurama here will protect me... right?

Kurama~ *blushes alittle* yeah I'll protect you!

Miroku~ are you blughin'?

Me~ who me, yes me, coudln't be, then who?

Hiei~ what?

Miroku~ no Kurama... stupid!

Me~ he is? *looks up at Kurama*

Kurama~ *looks away before I could see* uhhh I need to.. go and... cook something... *walks off*

Me~ yay your cooking!! can I help? can I pwease? *has big sad kitty eyes*

Kurama~ *blushes* sure ya can ^-^

Me~ yaya =^-^=!!

Miroku~ no Diz you can't!! *grabs me*

Me~ what? why not? and let go of me!

Miroku~ cause uhh I need... you... to help me with a... drawing Im doing!

Me~ ooOoo whatch ya drawin'?

Miroku~ well see thats why I need your help cause Idunno what to draw!

Me~ oh ok! sorry Kurama I can't help today but next I will!! =^-^=

Kurama~ *glares at Miroku* thats ok

Vashy~ I didn't Miroku could draw

Inuyasha~ me neither...

Me~ weeeeeeeee drawing time!!! *grabs paper, pencil, gel pens, and color pencils* ok I got some stuff that we can use now lets draw!!

Miroku~ uhhh ok *grabs pencil* what are we going to draw?

Me~ iono... uhhh how about a cat!

Miroku~ ok *starts drawing cat and coloring it in*

Me~ *grabs gel pens and draws on Miroku's arm* heehee =^-^=

Yugi~ I thought you were gunna draw a cat

Me~ nope drawing on people is much more fun

Yugi~ really? *grabs gel pen and draws on Me* weeeee tis is fun!!

Me~ indeed!

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

*growls at comp* grr my comp is being evil! so I prolly wont be able to make to all of your sites without my comp lockin' up on me... sorry...
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Friday, March 18, 2005

Me~ *skips around happily*

Kurama~ *watches me skip about*

Miroku~ how long has she bee doing that?

Kurama~ all day!

Hiei~ what did she drink...

Vashy~ or eat?

Me~ *stops* nothing!!

Sesshy~ then where did all that energy come from?

Me~ well me bro letted me draw on him!! and his friend letted me to but he always lets me draw on him!

Kurama~ sounds like you had fun!

Me~ I did! but this one kid kept stealing me pen away while I was trying to draw on me bro! grr evil kid! *throws pellow at kid* take that!

Kid~ *gets hit* ow! *runs off*

Me~ yeah you better run!

Marik~ dang Diz angry are we?

Me~ NO! Im not aloud to get angry anymore Pins bans me from gettin angry! heehee I drew on meself!

Y.Marik~ like always

Me~ *get gel pens and draws on Kurama* heehee

Kurama~ ^-^!!

Miroku~ woooooooo!

Yugi~ *dances around Atem*

Atem~ weeeeeeeeee!!

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

yaaaaaaaaay I made it to everyone's site today!! *dances happily* =^-^=!! and I don't know what to post!
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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

weeeeeeeeeeee!! *dances around*

Yugi~ yaaaaaaay she's hyper!!!

Hiei~ she's always hyper!

Bakura~ not always!

Marik~ yeah sometimes she can be very calm!

Inuyasha~ yeah I don't like that side of Diz!

Me~ me neither! *dances around Marik*

Marik~ *dances with* weeeeeeeee!!

Vash~ woooooooosh!

Sesshy~ your the wind!

Joey~ go you and your windyness!

Vashy~ Im going can't you see?

Me~ no

Vashy~ aww you can't see

Miroku~ *whispers~ she can't see, which means she wont be able to hit me if I grope her* hmmmm...

Me~ Im blind noooooo *runs around, then runs into someone, falls* oof!

Miroku~ *falls on top, grins* hehehe

Me~ uhm... can you get off!! cause I dun trust you!

Kurama~ get off her!

Miroku~ ooOoo is someone jealous?

Kurama~ *blushes* uhh... n-no

Me~ HELLO!! can you get off NOW!!

Miroku~ hmmm let me think... no...

Me~ *whines* whhhhyyy?

Miroku~ cause I like it here *buries face in my neck*

Me~ *blushes, glares at Miroku* grr

Kurama~ *glares at Miroku, then pushes him off*

Me~ *stands* YAY!!! Im freeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! *dances happily* thankies *hugs Kurama*
=^-^= *prances off*

Kurama~ no prob *hugs back*

Miroku~ heh you liiiiike her!

Kurama~ *blushes* no I don't!

Miroku~ uh-huh suuure ya don't! *walks off*

Me~ *turns pocket size, jumps on Hiei's shoulder* weeeeeeeeee!! =^-^= look how high I am!!

Hiei~ wooooo!!

Me~ *looks in Hiei's ear and see's Inuyasha on the other end* wow Hiei there's like nothing in there...

Hiei~ yeah I know ^-^!

Bakura~ weirrrrrrd!


Bakura~ *smacks toe* ow!

Vash~ *laughs* stupid you didn't really have to ya know!

Me~ ssshhhh he's to stupid to realise that!

Vash~ oh ok...

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

weeeeeee a late post! well kinda! I've been playin' FFXI alot Im now a lvl 10 worrior yay! =^-^= Im almost a lvl 11... me so happy! *dances* dododododooooo... heehee I got me brothers friend to say 'dododododooo'... Im rubbing off on people =^-^=, and nope no story today, but I might post tonight Idunno I might get Pins to post for me again! but anyway hope everyone is doing well byebye *hugs and gives cookies to everyone* weeeeeeeeee cookies!! *does the cookie dance*
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