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Friday, April 15, 2005

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! me ish at Pins house! pinineins
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Thursday, April 14, 2005

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

*lol* first long post in a while!

~Me, Inuyasha, Hiei, and the others on the road~

Vash~ are we there yet?

Me~ for the thousandth time NO!!

Vash~ but Im tired and hungry and I needed to go to the bath for the last 3 miles!!

Me~ ugh! will you stop complaining!!! we are almost there!!

Hiei~ thats what you said 2 days ago! and look we're still on the road!

Inuyasha~ are we lost!

Me~ no we're not lost!

Sesshy~ are you sure, cause i think we past that same house like 5 times!

Me~ all the houses look that same so we're not lost!

Kurama~ do you need any help?

Me~ no!

Bakura~ and to think that we only wanted to go to the mall!

Hiei~ yeah I know...

Vash~ next time lets let Kurama drive

Me~ grr will you SHUT UP! Im trying to dirve here!

All~ *shuts up*

Inuyasha~ shes scarey when shes angry...

Vashy~ hey look a sign!

Hiei~ whats it say?

Me~ is says 'Welcome to Hillville'

Bakura~ Hillville?

Kurama~ hey loo!

All~ *looks and see hill houses on hills and a lot more hills*

Sesshy~ dood thats alot of hills!

Me~ *stops car and everyone gets out and are greeted by some people*

Person#1~ welcome to Hillville! we haven't had anny visiters in 1,000 years!

Me~ dood...

Person#2~ let me show you around! oh by the way my name is Hillian! *sares at Kurama and blushes a little* (thinks~ wow he's cute)

Kurama~ uhh ok....

Me~ wow its very hilly

Hilly~ what?

Me~ huh?

Hilly~ well you called my name!

Me~ oh I didn't know it was your name

Hilly~ well now ya do!

Hillian~ c'mon let me show you *points at Kurama* aorund, Hilly can show the others *smiles at Kurama*

Kurama~ well I'd rather stay here with Diz, just incase she does something stupid

Me~ what you don't trust me?

Kurama~ no its not that its just that I know you and how you act

Me~ ooOoo you know me!


Hilly~ you like sayin' hill?

Hiei~ maaaayyyybe

Hillian~ oh c'mon, the others can watch it

Kurama~ I know but I don't trust them to watch it, they will prolly run off and then there it'll be all alone planning something

Me~ what am I an it now? yaaaaaaaaay Im an it!!

Hiei~ congrats on being an it!!!

Me~ *has proud smile* Im so proud of myself

Inuyasha~ me too!!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

wow! I had a lot of short posts! and lookie another short one! yay!
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Monday, April 11, 2005

weeeeeee!! *dances*
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Sunday, April 10, 2005

*lol* me and my dad went somewhere and when we was leaving there was this guy in his truck and he blew the horn and was some Dixie General Lee song thing my dad told me cause I didn't really know but I like died laughing when I heard that! and sorry for not posting a story in a while and been to guys sites... I've been thinking ALOT lately... but Im not calm anymore... I was calm since Thursday but not no more... yay! =^-^=
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Saturday, April 9, 2005

put the lime in the coke, you nut and drink it all up!
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Friday, April 8, 2005

Robot Chicken is weeeerid! and uhh sorry I haven't been to all of your sites, I've been really lazy ^-^'
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Thursday, April 7, 2005

squake! uhh... yesterday well night at around 3 in the morning me, my bro and Chibi were watchin' infomercials! it was so funny my bro was all like sleep high and makin' fun of every infomercial! KAFIVE!!
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Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Chibi (Shadowchibi) is over here... *lol* the funniest thing happened! my bro light a firework and threw at Chibi, then Chibi lite one and my bro didn't know it was pointing his way and it went off and shot my bro now there is like this little mark on his stomache... its dangerous when those 2 have matches and fireworks..
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