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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Has Diz Diz Been missed?
Yip it is I Dizzy. Has anyone really missed me?
Would you all like for me to come back and stay?
Holy crap! It's been like forever since I last posted. I R still alive!

Hiei: DIZZY!!! -Tackleglomp-

Me: Meep! -Ish tackledglomped-

Vash: Dizzy is that you?

Me: Of course is's me. Who else would it be?

Miroku: Well we may never know seems how you haven't talked to us for a loooooong while.

Me: Awe, me sowwy. -Has sad face- I've been very busy lately and a little depressed.

Sesshomaru: OH NOEZ!!!1!one!!111!!!elven! Teh Dizzy-cakes is depressed?

Inuyasha: Does this mean that pigs are flying now?

Kurama: -Looks out window- Nope no flying pigs.

Me: So what I can't be a little depressed?

Hiei: No. -Grins- I'm still on top of you.

Me: O.O... Well then get off! D<

Hiei: I don't wanna.

Sesshy: You betta get off of her.

Hiei: What's she going to do? She's depressed to do anything.

Me: D:< GET OFF!!

Vashy: Do you want me to get him off?

Me: -Sighs- Nah, he's fine. I don't feel like messing with him. -Tries to roll over-

Hiei: Ack! You can't roll over while I'm sitting on you!

Me: Watch me. -Rolls over and Hiei falls off- :]

Hiei: That was mean.

Me: Who said I was mice?

Hiei: No one. I just thought maybe you would be nice.

Vashy: Pssh, Dizzy nice? When was the last time she was nice?

Me: Hey now! I'm nice when I wanna be. You still live here don't you?

Vashy: Well yeah, but you could still be nice.

Sesshy: Nah, she's fine the way she is.

Me: Thank you. -Huggles Sesshy-

Kurama: I wanna hug. -Ish sad-

Me: Awe, come here. -Holds out arms-

Kurama: YAY! ^-^ -Huggles Dizzy-

Me: Teehee! ^-^

Miroku: -Grins- I would like a hug.

Me: -Stares at Miroku- Alright, but only if don't try to grope me again.

Miroku: 'Kay, I promise -Has one hand behind back with fingers crossed-

Me: 'Kay -Huggles Miroku-

Miroku: Nothings going to happen. -Hugs Dizzy back, then moves his hand down to her butt and gropes her-

Me: o.o. -Whacks Miroku upside the head- D< I told you not to do that!

Inuyasha: -Dies laughing- You gonna get it!

Miroku: Uh-oh. -Runs-

Me: Yeah you betta run! -Sits on couch beside Kurama-

Kurama: Aren't you going to chase after him?

Me: Nah, I think I'll let him run in fear. Besides, I'll get him when he's asleep. -Grins evily-

Vashy: Oh man, I so wanna see that.

The End!

I'll post what will happen next later. I don't know when. First I have to figure out what it is I'll do.
Oh and don't ask why I'm depressed. If you really wanna know then I guess you can PM me.
I'll tell you only a little bit of why I am.
Enough about me. How are all of you peoples doing? It's been what 1 or 2 years since I last talked to any of you? I sure did miss this place.
It feels so weird being back after a long period of time not being here.

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