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Saturday, February 5, 2005

ello!!!! hmmmm.... I have 2 of me best fwiends here!! Pins and Jess!!

Pins~ *waves insanely* ALLLLOOOOOO!!!

Jess~ HIIIIIIIIIIII!!!! *waves*

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Friday, February 4, 2005

this is Dizzy typing yesh indeed it is!! =^-^=
boredom kills all! run away from the boredom!! boredom will befall you all and you all will be boredomfied!!.....

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another message!... dundundunnnnn
dodododododododoooooooooo!!!... guess what?!?! guess?!?! I'MA TOE!.... ok.. I'm not! but this ish Pins!! ^^ me ish posting for Dizzy!! so ha-nah!! XD *sticks tounge out*............ DOTS!!! heehee......... more dots! QOO!!! yesh! qoo!! you betta be fearin' that qoo cause if you don't it'll like you qoo you and you'll be all qoo'd!!!! and then people would be like, 'ahhhhhh!! THE QOO OF DOOM!!!... dundundunnnn!!!'....

p.a. lookie! it says p.a.!! *lol* ha! I"M DEFFRENT!!!! *sticks tounge out*

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Thursday, February 3, 2005

dododoooo *dances* I really don't know what to type so here is me status

Total Visits 3818
Popularity Ranking # 66

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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

hiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!! *waves insanely* =^^=
me ish back online!!!! wOOOOOT! *dances happily* I've missed talking to all of me friends!! *hugs everyone* I think my comp hates me! it's always screwing up *snif* Im not loved!!weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! dododdooooo........... dots!!! mine get your own! those who tries to steal me dots I'll come to your house and I'll smack you!! and then I'll hug you then you will be all confused as to why I smacked you and huged you!! cause thats what I do best... I confuse people and myself!!

Inuyasha~ woooo you get all confused!!

Me~ indeed I do!

Vash~ woooooooosh!!

Me~ your the wind!

Vash~ go me and my windyness!!!

Hiei~ indeed go you!!

Me~ weeeeee!!! *looks at everyone hopefully* hug?

Hiei~ HUG!!! *hugs me*

Me~ yay!! I gotsa hug!

Vash~ *hugs me* weeee

Inuyasha and Sessh~ *hugs me*

Sessh~ weeeeeeee!! we're a bunch of huggy peoples!!

Inuyasha~ indeed!

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Monday, January 31, 2005

hiya!! it ish I!!! Pinsandneedles!! ^^ I'm postin' for Dizdiz because her computer ish jacked up and hates her for some unknown reason!! *nodnod* so yesh, she ish still alive..
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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Inuyasha~ *looks up at avatar* why did you post that? *blushes of embarrassment* it's sooo embarrassing!

Me~ aww c'mon I think it's cute! *hugs Inuyasha* and it's kinda funny

Inuyasha~ *blushes more* uhh.... you think so?

Me~ well duh! anyone would say so! but my big bro cause that'd creepy if he said it!*shivers at the thought*

Vash~ that'd be weird!

Hiei~ and wrong! weeeeeeee *runs around*

Sessh~ hey! who ate all my candy?!?!?!

Me~ ohohohoh I know I know!! pick me! memememeemeeeeeeee *waves hand in air insanely*

Inuyasha~ ok Dizzy! who did it?

Me~ uhhh... the SOCK!!!

Sessh~ the sock! shame on you stealing all my candy and eating it!! *throws sock at Hiei*

Hiei~ weeeeeeeee I gots.... Dizzy's sock!! *runs*

Me~ HEY THATS MINE!! *chases* gimme it back

Hiei~ NO!

Me~ why?

Hiei~ cause I want it!!

Me~ nooooooo!!!

Hiei~ why not?

Me~ cause me foot ish cold!

Hiei~ awww! well to bad cause *coughs on sock* it's mine and only mine!! get your own!!

Me~ that is my own!!

Hiei~ *tries to confuse me* what?

Me~ huh?

Hiei~ nya?

Me~ noooo Im all confused now!! *runs and sits in box*

Hiei~ wow! that was easy!

Inuyasha~ yeah it's fun to get Dizzy confused!

Sessh~ thats cause it's so easy!

p.s. Im still on my dad's laptop cause the comp is still doing the whole defragmenter thing

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Friday, January 28, 2005

hey! sorry I didn't update yesterday! lets just say that my bro got on and now he's defragmenting the comp! Im on my dads laptop right now soooo yeah!
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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Me~ dodododooo *dances around*

Kirara (or Kilala don't matter)~ *comes prancing in* meew (and I guess she goes meew or meow you really don't hear her)

Me~ EEEEEEE Kirara!!! *huggles Kirara*

Kirara~ *purrs* (I guess she purrs iono it's my story so she does)

Me~ weeeeeee!! *still hugging Kirara*

Vash~ hey who is that?

Me~ this is Kirara aint she soooooo cuuute!!! =^^=

Inuyasha~ Kirara? when did she get here?

Me~ iono....

Vash~ awww she's aborable ^^

Hiei~ KITTY!! type a thing

Me~ heehee!

Hiei~ *hugs Kirara*

Kirara~ meew *purrs*

Sessh~ *runs around Hiei*

Hiei~ ahhhh Im gettin' dizzy! Im yoooooooou!!!

Me~ yay!! go you on being me!!

Hiei~ indeed!

Sessh~ fweeeeee look at Hiei he's all mental and stuff!!

Hiei~ YAY!! Im mental! Im no longer a grouch

Me~ yay!

Kirara~ *walks around*

Vash~ weeeeeee! *gets on all fours and walks with Kirara*

Me~ heehee! *throws pellow at Hiei* hahaha

Hiei~ *gets hit* off! yay I gotsa pellow!! *lays head on pellow and falls asleep*

Me~ *grins*

Kirara~ *stares*

Vash~ hey guys Diz has "that Im gunna do something" look

Inuyasha~ what could she be planing now?

Me~ *runs and gets make-up and puts it on Hiei* heehee!! =^^=

Sessh~ *laughs* oh thats sad!

Me~ well he know not to fall asleep around me!

Inuyasha~ when he wakes up he's gunna be mad and grouchy again

Me~ naaah... I'll just tell him my bro did it!

Vash~ your always blaming him!

Me~ thats cause Im always being blamed for stuff I didn't do! *hugs Kirara*

Kirara~ *snuggles up against me* *purrs*

Me~ awww =^^= *purrs with*

Inuyasha~ heh 2 cats purring! well one is...

I think she's a cat iono well she's gunna be a cat in my stories so *sticks out tongue* take that!!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

............... dots............ look more dots............ oh no it's the attack of the dots............ nooooooooo *hides behind hand* ssshhh they'll never find *shakes head* nonono you know why cause the dots are stupid and don't know squat! weeeeeeeee!!

Me~ *dances around Hiei* weeeeee!

Hiei~ *grabs my tail* will you stop? your making me dizzy

Me~ ahh! ley go of me tail! it's mine get your own *coughs on tail* mine

Hiei~ uhm.. *runs off* weeeeeeee!!!!

Me~ *is shocked* wow! you said a me word thing

Hiei~ huh? oh yeah heehee!

Inuyasha~ YAY!!! you corrupted him!!

Me~ YAY!! lets throw a party!!

Sessh~ yay!! *throws popcorn everywhere*

Hiei~ lets have a popcorn war (me and Pins had a popcorn war it's fun... when ya step on it it's goes skooosh) *throws popcorn at Vash*

Vash~ *popcorn gets in his hair* hey where'd it go?

Me~ *laughs* it's in your hair!

Vash~ *searches in hair*

Hiei~ you look like a monkey when you do that!

Me~ weee monkey!!!

Vash~ yay!! Im a monkey!!

Hiei~ go you and your monkey-ness!!

Inuyash~ weeeeeeeee you all like monkey-fied and stuff!

Sessh~ yay stuff!!

Me~ wooooo!!

Hiei~ *runs up and hugs me*

Me~ *is very shocked* *hugs back* yay!!

Hiei~ ^^

weeeeeeeeeeee I corrupted Hiei!! *dances around happily* yaaaaaaaaaaaay!! *throws popcorn everywhere*

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