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Wednesday, March 2, 2005

~Truth or Dare~

Me~ yaaaaay!! ok I go first!!! uhh.... ok Inuyasha truth or dare?

Inuyasha~ dare

Me~ ok I dare you and Hiei to switch clothes and style each others hair! like you have Hiei's spiky hair and Hiei has straight hair!

Inuyasha~ okies!

*both Inuyasha and Hiei goes to switch out clothes and does the hair style thing*

Hiei~ wow! this is kinda big on me!

Inuyasha~ to tight!

Inuyasha~ ok my turn!! Sessh truth or dare?

Sessh~ dare!

Inuyasha~ I dare you to act like a girl and dress like one for one day!

Sessh~ what?!?!? no way!!

Kurama~ but you gotta! you said dare!

Sessh~ fine! *dresses like a girl* oh Kurama your sooooooooo hot!!!

Kurama~ o.O *twiches* uhh....

Me~ dood that was wrong!!

Sessh~ well Im acting like a girl and most every girl thinks Kurama is hot

Miroku~ moving on....

Sessh~ *giggles* Kurama truth or dare?

Kurama~ dare

Sessh~ I dare you to Kiss Hiei

Kurama and Hiei~ NO WAY!!!!!

Me~ *laughs* but you gotta!! you know you waaaannnnaaaa!! *luaghs*

Inuyasha~ *laughs* indeed go on!!

Kurama~ uhh.... *walks over to hiei*

Hiei~ stay away from me!!!

Kurama~ but I gotta

Hiei~ why did you say dare?!?!

Kurama~ sorry..... *kisses Hiei, goes to wash out mouth*

Inuyasha~ *takes pic of the kiss*

Hiei~ *twitch, goes to wash out mouth*

Me~ that was soooo wrong!!

Vash~ *laughing* but it was funny!!

Inuyasha~ indeed!

Kurama~ Diz truth or dare?

Me~ truth! see Im the smart one I say truth!!

Kurama~ ok how much caffeine do you ingest everyday to make you this hyper?

Me~ uhh.... a whole dang lot.... ok Inuyasha truth or dare?

Inuyasha~ dare!

Me~ ok I drae you to be Vash and wear his clothes and eat dounuts for one day

Inuyasha~ ok *wears Vash's clothes and gets boxes of dounuts, starts eating dounuts* mmmmmm dounuts!! they're all dounuty!!

Inuyasha~ Miroku truth or dare?

Miroku~ dare

Inuyasha~ I dare you to be sexually attacted to Kurama

Miroku and Kurama~ *twitches*

Me~ *laughing* oh this is gonna be good!

Miroku~ but... I don't wanna!!

Inuyasha~ just pretend Kurama's a woman

Miroku~ uhhh.... ok.... *tries to pretend Kurama's a woman* your so beautiful!! lets go out and have alittle fun! *winks*

Me~ *dies laughing*

Kurama~ *twitch*

Miroku~ (thinks~ this is sooooo wrong!! )

ok this was soooo wrong! the other truths and dares will be in the next one...

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Tuesday, March 1, 2005

thanks for the great truths and dares!! but your gonna have to wait for the story, why? you may ask cause I need some time to think of which one Im gonna do and then the others that I don't use will be in the next one, k? *laughs* Im mocking the T.V. and all day today I was talking like really fast!!

dang! Shippo got very brave to hit Inuyasha like that! awe look at the cute wittle paw print

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Monday, February 28, 2005

*looks down at other post* that was important info there!

Inuyasha~ wow! I feel sm- sma- smar-

Hiei~ sound it out....

Vash~ come on you can do it!

Inuyasha~ sma-r-t smart SMART!!!

Me~ YAY!! you said it!! *dances happily* =^-^=

Inuyasha~ ^-^ *dances with*

~Few Minutes Later~

Miroku~ Im borrrrrrred!!!

Sessh~ me too!

Me~ lets do something

Hiei~ like what?

Me~ iono... something....

Hiei~ *thinks* umm... why don't we play a game

Kurama~ what kind of game?

Sessh~ lets play truth or dare!!

Miroku~ ok!

uhhh... can you guys maybe give me some truths and some dares pwease!! *has sad kitty face*

like this pic here *points down*

I love this pic its so kawaii!

oh and sorry I didn't make it to all of your sites I was gone pretty much all day

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

weeee a post!!
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Saturday, February 26, 2005

weeee look its a random weeee!

the attack of the random weeee's nooooo run away!!!

Hiei~ ahhhh!! *hides in box* the weee wont find me here!!

Inuyasha~ *turns pocket-size and jumps in me pocket* ha! Im in a pocket dododododooooo!!

Me~ heehee I got a pocket size Inuyasha in me pocket!!

Inuyash~ will you hide already! the weee's are still attacking

Me~ oh yeah heehee I forgot!! *hides behind hand* HA!! ssshhhh Im hiding!

Inuyasha~ good hiding place!

Kurama~ uhhh what are you guys doing?

Miroku~ hiding!! can't you see?

Hiei~ no he can't cause he's blind!

Vash~ awe your blind

Sessh~ here *steals random presons eyes* see?

Me~ that person didn't need his eyes!

Sessh~ nope! he wasn't useing them

Hiei~ ooolala

Miroku~ *dances around*

Me~ *dances with*

Miroku~ yay!

Me~ =^-^= listen to the rain!!!

Kurama~ why?

Hiei~ cause it will tell you stuff!

Sessh~ woooooo!!

Vash~ what kind of stuff?

Inuyasha~ stuff like.... uhhh... weeee look at me Im raining!! dododooooo

Me~ yeah what he said!!

Miroku~ ooolala!

*random rain drop falls*

Rain drop~ weeee look at me!! Im raining down upon your doomed heads

Hiei~ yaaay we're dooomed!!!

Me~ woooo!!

Kurama~ wow! didn't expect that

Miroku~ ineed!

Me~ awe your ineed!!

Miroku~ yesh I is!!

Me~ *hugs Miroku*

Miroku~ *hugs back, grins, gropes me*

Me~ ahh!! *smacks Miroku* why can't I hug you without you touching my butt

Miroku!~ I can't help it!! its this hand!

Vash~ its likes colors?

Miroku~ yeah thats it!

Me~ riiight!

been awhile since I last updated!
I got a Sponge Bob shirt!! and Im wearing it its alittle long but thats ok and its a long sleave shirt! on the back it has Plankton, he looks toe up from teh flow up...

spaaaaace! you be fearin' for it will space you and you'll be spaced!! spaaaaace there's nothing quite like space! its all spacey!!

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Monday, February 21, 2005

weeeee a quiz!!

Your Inner Mage (Girls Only, TONS of anime pics!) by Keera
Current mood
What you look like
Your powerYou draw your powers from the moon
Quiz created with MemeGen!

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Sunday, February 20, 2005

hi! *waves insanely*

Hiei~ thats it?

Me~ *still waving* huh?

Hiei~ thats it? thats all your gunna put?

Me~ uhh looks like it... why?

Inuyasha~ well usally you would put other mental stuff...

Me~ yeah I know, but iono know what else to put... so thats all I put

Vash~ but thats not like you....

Sessh~ yeah you always have something to put...

Me~ well apperently I don't now... maybe tomorrow...

Kurama~ are feeling calm?

Me~ hmmm... I don't know.... I want candy!!!

Miroku~ mmmmm candy... I want candy too

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Saturday, February 19, 2005

weeeeeeeee! *dances around* me ish better now!! yaaaaay!! thank you for the get well comments!! *gives everyone a cookie* weeeeeee you get cookies!! you should feel special!! I know I do cause I got a button its all buttony and it goes well with some stuff that needs buttons but its miiine!! get your own! *coughs on button* mine!! *runs off with button*
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Friday, February 18, 2005

wow! I had alot of short posts...

weeeeeeeeee space!!! you be fearin' that space!


thanks Angel Kat for the get well card!!

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

weeeeeee Im feeling alittle better yay!!! =^-^= I still can't breath threw me nose...
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