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Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Me~ hey guess the number! *shows the number 4*

Inuyasha~ uhhh... BLUE!

Hiei~ 7?

Kurama~ its 4...

Vashy~ wow! your so smart

Inuyasha~ hey you can say sm-sma

Me~ sound it out...

Inuyasha~ sma-r sm-art smart SMART!!

Me~ yay you did it!! Im so proud of you... it almost brings a tear to my eye...

Inuyasha~ *proud smile* now that I can say smart does the mean I'll graduate pre-school?

Hiei~ why yes yes it does!

Me~ YAY!! your movin' on!! *hugs and gives Inuyasha a cookie*

Inuyasha~ *hugs back, eats cookie* mmmmm cookie!

Me~ *smirks* SIT! *Me and Inuyasha is sitted* oww

Inuysha~ oww... *sits up* what was that for?!?!?!

Me~ hey I went down too!

Kurama~ since when do you have the same necklace?

Me~ *shrugs* since now?

Inuyasha~ oh great... your gunna have fun saying sit

Me~ *is sitted* oww! ok I take it everyone can say... the word and I will sit *thud* oww...

Inuyasha~ *thud* ow!

Miroku~ *smirks* oh this is gunna be fun... *walks over to me*

Me~ you stay away from me!!

Miroku~ *is now right infront of me* sit

Me~ *falls ontop of Miroku*

Miroku~ *grins, and holds onto Me*

Me~ ack! let go!

Miroku~ let me think... no

Me~ *whines* whhhhyyyyyyy??

Miroku~ cause I don't wanna...


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Monday, April 4, 2005

guess what guess what guess whaaaaaat?!?!?!? the comp ish fixed for good... I hope... anyway we finally got an Antivirus so now there wint be any more prob. I think
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Sunday, April 3, 2005

skooooooooooooooooooooo-eesh! *nodnod*... yurp! thats all! *shrug*...

this was a message brought to you by Pinsandneedles -AKA~Pins!- *sticks tounge out* ha-nah! feaaaaaaaaar for I am not diz! nonono! you might think I am, but alas! NEVER! *strikes random pose* bwahahahahaha!... for... teh Doom of... the Phones! yesh!! *nodnod* the phones! they will haunt you allllllll's!!!

Phone's~ *itty bitty cute phone voices* mweeeeeeeeeehehehehehehehe!!!

*nodnod* that's what's gunna happen!! 'specially if you don't comment! cause like, d00d! even mean people comment!.. even though no one wants to read their comments cause their all... well, Mean! duh! .... lookit! dottys!! *points* teh dots own you! *nodnod* yesh they do and you must like... Bow to teh Dots in all their dotty-ness!!... *looks around*...... I forgotted what I was gunna say next... uhhhhhhhhhhm.... BYE!! *waves insanely, puts toast on all your heads, runs away*

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Friday, April 1, 2005

here ish a pic a of me kitties!

this one ish Lilly... she's the stupid mental cool one... aint she cute and fat! *huggles Lilly* yeah she was trying to smell of the flash from the camera... yeah she aint that smart

and this is Nala a.k.a the Evil One and the not so mental one she goes mental every now and then... she's a good cat! *huggles Nala*
she just don't like people who have dogs... other than my Grandma's dog, but I don't think Lucy (dog) knows she's a dog

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Thursday, March 31, 2005

I forgot what I was gunna post... squake!
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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Me~ Im sooooooo borrreeeeedddd!!

Miroku~ well lets play a game!

Bakura~ like what?

Kurama~ truth or dare?

Miroku~ *thinks* ok lets play truth or dare! *looks over at me and smirks*

Me~ uhh I think I'll pass on this...

Hiei~ no I don't think so! your playin'! *grabs me and sits me down*

Me~ *is sitted* ...crap

Kurama~ so who will go first?

Bakura~ me me me meeeeeeeee!! *waves hand in air* pick me!!!

Me~ ok! dang calm down

Bakura~ ok let me see... hmmm...

you'll have to wait till tomorrow cause my comp is screwing up on me AGAIN!!!!!! *growls* ok well Im going before I throw my **beeping* copm out the window and get a cahinsaw and cut into tiny little peices then pour gasoline all over it and light it on fire and watch it go up in flames!! bwahahahahahahaha!!! kk seeya!!

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Monday, March 28, 2005

Me~ dododooooo *dances*

Kurama~ *dances with*

Hiei~ *rolls around, random chair pops outa nowhere* ow! Diz why do these chairs pop outta nowhere?

Me~ iono... maybe they don't like you?

Inuyasha~ or maybe you have angered them?

Hiei~ stupid chairs of doom!

Me~ indeed!

Miroku~ *gets a ball of yarn* ooooohhh Diiiizzzz!

Me~ yeeeessss? *looks at yarn* weeeeeeeeeee yaaaaaarrrrnnnnn!!

Miroku~ heh *rolls yarn around* come and get it...

Me~ YAY!! =^-^= *runs up to Miroku, and plays with the yarn*

Miroku~ *pets me*

Me~ *while playing with yarn purrs* =^-^=!

Kurama~ heehee *watches*

Hiei~ *grabs ball* hey look what I found...

Sesshy~ my ball!!

Inuyasha~ no thats mine!!!

Sesshy~ grrr...

Hiei~ *throws the ball*

Sesshy and Inuyasha~ *chases* miiiiiine!!!

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

weeeeeeeeeeeeeee boredom!!
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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Me~ yaaaaay me comps ish fixed!!! *dances happily* =^-^=

Inuyasha~ yaaaaaay!!!

Me~ *stares at Innuyasha's hair* uhhh Inuyasha... why is your hair moving?

Inuyasha~ huh? oh that uhhh yeah some smurfs wanted to move there

Bakura~ and you letted them!

Inuyasha~ yes...

Smurf #1~ *pops head out of Inuyasha's hair* sssshhhhh keep it down! some of us gotta work in the morning!!

Kurama~ we're sorry?


Me~ woah dang man! what was that?


Marik~ stupid! your not supose to shoot yourself in teh foot! moron!

Me~ MORAN!!!

Vashy~ *sniffle* my poor wittle foot!

Foot~ good-bye crule world I knew ye well very well!!! *dies*

Me~ uhhh ok... I didn't know your foot could speak

Vashy~ I didn't either...

Bakura~ dundundunnnnn

Kurama~ uhh Diz there is something I need to tell you...

Me~ what?

Kurama~ uhhh....

Hiei~ ahhhhh Im beeing kidnapped!!!

Me~ oh no!

Sesshy~ BWAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!! If you evil want to see Hiei again then bring all the uhh... all the CANDY you got NOW!!! or do you want your precious Hiei to die?!?!?!

Me~ noooooo!!

Kurama~ Diz I really need to-

Bakura~ hurry and get that candy!!

All~ *goes in search of candy*

Me~ ok here is all teh candy now gives us back Hiei!!

Sesshy~ huh? oh yeah that... *hands over Hiei and takes the candy and jumps in box and eats the candy* mmmmm candy

Hiei~ YAY!!! Im baaaaaaaack!!

Me~ YAY!! =^-^=

Kurama~ Diz NOW!!!

Me~ huh? oh yeah you needed to tell me something... so what is it?

Kurama~ weeeell your never gunna believe this but uhhh... well Im pregnant and you're the father o.O

Me~ *eye twitches* o.O uhhh how can that be? you're a guy... guys don't get pregnant... girls do... unless Im not a girl and your not a guy? last time I checked I was a girl

Kurama~ and the last time I checked I was a guy...

Inuyasha~ I got smurfs living in my hair, Vash shoots himself in teh foot, Sesshomaru kidnapps Hiei, and Kurama is pregnant and you're the father... what a mad house we live in!!

Me~ indeed *hides in box*

well then now that Im kinda scared at the part where Im teh father *is creeped out* I would like to thank Kagomeinuyashasit and Redmoonchick for the ideas there!! *hugs both and gives them a cookie* =^-^=

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Friday, March 25, 2005

Idunno what to post! but if any of you have any suggestions on what should happen next in yesterday's post, either (A) comment or (B) pm me! kk? well I did have a story but while I was typing this stupid pop-up popped up and I saw that I messed up and I hit the backspace and now I don't know what the story was about... stupid pop-ups poppin' up! well Im going to go *hugs all*

p.s. oh yeah before I forget I went to most of you guys sites, but I'll try next time to get to the rest when my bro reformats the comp I will!

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