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Monday, March 14, 2005

Me~ *sitting at the windowsill watching thr rain*

Marik~ wow! she's seems very calm

Vash~ *walks in* that's cause the rain usally makes her all calm and what not!

Me~ VASHY!!! *runs up and hugs him* yaaaaay your back!! =^-^=

Vash~ ^-^! *blushes alittle, hugs me back*

Inuyash~ *walks in* hello!! *waves insanely*

Me~ Inuyasha!! *hugs*

Inuyasha~ *hugs back* there's alot of people here

Hiei~ indeed!!

Me~ yay! Hiei!! *runs up and hugs him*

Hiei~ ^-^ *hugs back* hey when did you get cat ears...?

Sesshy~ and a cat tail?

Me~ uhhh iono

Vash~ *pets my ears*

Me~ *purrs*

Miroku~ heh *grins*

Me~ *glares* don't even think about it!

Miroku~ what? *has innocent look*

Me~ riiight...

Kurama~ hello!

Me~ Kurama!!! *runs and hugs him*

Kurama~ *blushes alittle and hugs back*

Miroku~ hey I didn't get a hug!

Me~ that's cause I don't trust you! everytime I hug you you always touch me!

Miroku~ aww...

Bakura~ *dances around me* haha Im going to make you dizzy!

Me~ then I'll be me? but Im already me

Bakrura~ so? I'll make you you again!

Me~ Im confused!

Bakura~ yeah me too!

Heie~ wow! this is one mental home type a thing!

Sesshy~ indeed!

Marik~ HOBO!!

Y.Marik~ *takes deep breath and says really fast* you be fearin' the hobo's they will like steal your eyes then you'll be all like 'noooo Im blind!!' and the hobo will be like 'ha-nah I made you blind!!' you~ nooooooo I don't wanna be blind!! I want to see!' hobo~ well to bad! cause I made you blind anyway!!'

Me~ heehee indeed what he said! and the sad thing is I understood what you said!

Yugi~ ok dang! you ate like a whoa dang lot of candy cause you said that really like really fast man!

Y.Marik~ yesh I know! well I had like 2 bags of pixy stix!

Me~ mmmmm pixy stix! I haven't had any in a while!

Joey~ fwoooooosh!

Hiei~ RAIN!!!!

Me~ indeed! *goes outside and sits on porch watches the lightning flash*

Inuyasha~ dood she like got calmed really fast!

Bakura~ indeed!

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Sunday, March 13, 2005

dundundunnn... Hi-o!!! guess what???!! this ishn't Dizzy-izzle-izzle-izzle person fwiendy thing!! nope nope!! this be her best fwiendy Pins! *dances* Dizzy izzle-izzle ish toooo busy pwaying FF11 to come and post teh wittle lazy ting! ^-^ hehehe, we all love her anyways tho... I think.. Idunno.. *scratches head*.. DOOMSQUEE!!! ha-nah! *dances happily* dododododododoooooooooooooooooooooooo ha-nah! O's! you betta be fearin' them extra O's for if you don't they will come and O you and you will be all 'AHH! I got O'd!! why oh why did I not listen to Pinsy-izzle-izzle?!?! WHHHYYY?? *sob*' yurp yurp ya will!! *nodnod* uh-huh ya know why? Cause DOOM!!!! yuh-uh! doom ish eberywhere!!! *nodnod* ^-^!! POOOOOOOST! heehee!

Teh message for you.. from a dot!.. hehe, ha-nah! not really, I'm Pins! haha, don't ya know the diffrence from a dot and a pin? *shakes head* shame on you for not knowing the diffrence!!!

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Friday, March 11, 2005

Angel~ *dances around Y.Marik* weeeeeeeeee

Y.Marik~ Im gettin' dizzy! yaaaaaaay!!

Angel~ go you!!

Me~ wOOt!!

Imidnight (Night)~ *poofs in* *coughs* to much smokey-ness!!

Me~ heehee smokey!

Yugi~ *walkls up to me and pets ears* I like pettin' your ears!

Me~ *puurs* heehee =^-^=

Angel~ KITTY!! *pets*

Me~ *purrs* =^-^= *dances around like a maniac* weeeeeee

Bakura~ *shifty eyes* it wasn't me I didn't do it nope it was uhhh it was the ceiling yeah thats it the ceiling did it!! *hides behind hand* ssshhh no one can see me hahahaha!!!

Night~ what did he do?

Angel~ who knows...

Atem~ *comes out looking like a chick* WHO DID THIS?!?!?!

All~ *dies laughing*

Joey~ ooooh Atem *laughs* you look soo pretty!!

Y.Marik~ indeed *laughs* will you *laughs some more* go out with me? *dies laughing*

Atem~ *glares at Y.Marik* grr *attacks Y.Marik*

Y.Marik~ ahhhh!! get off!! *pushes Atem*

Atem~ then shut up! and tell me who did this!!

Angel~ it was the ceiling!! *laughs*

Night~ *laughs* indeed!

Atem~ *glares at ceiling* how could you? I was nice to you and this is the thanks I get?!?!

Bakura~ *still behind his hand* what a moron!! he can't even see me!!

Atem~ hey?

Night~ yes?

Atem~ where is Bakura?

Angel~ *shurgs* he was here a few minutes ago!

Me~ hmmm... *hides behind hand*

Joey~ now where did Diz go?

Y.Marik~ dang people are just like randomly missing!

Atem~ indeed!

Me~ *still behind hand* here you are!

Bakura~ huh? uhhh hi *innocent smile*

Me~ did you do that to Atem?

Bakura~ maaaayyyybe

Me~ I'll take that as a yes...

Bakura~ don't tell him... cause if you do then I'll like be gone!

Me~ heehee don't worry I wont...

Bakura~ YAY! *hugs me with one arm*

Me~ *does same* yaaaaay huuuug!!

Bakura~ indeed *pets my ears*

Me~ *purrs* =^-^= weeeeeeeee!! look at them all talkin' and stuff, they don't even know we're watching them!


Angel~ *hides behind hand* HA! I found you!

Me and Bakura~ AHH!!

Angel~ why you still hiding?

Bakura~ because

Me~ cause Bakura did that to Atem! *points at Atem still looks like a chick*

Angel~ ooooh heehee that was good! and don't worry I wont tell him you did it! wow! this ish fun watching them talk and stuff!

Bakura~ thankies!! *hugs Angel*

Angel~ no prob! *hugs back* ^-^!!

Me~ aww such a cuuuuute couple!!

Angel and Bakura~ *blushes* shut ya catface!

Me~ shuttin' the catface *shuts catface* ...

Bakura~ heehee *scratches behind my ears*

Me~ ooOoo *purrs* thanks! you just got rid of me itchy spot!

Angel~ woooooosh Im the wind!

Bakura~ go you!

Night~ *dances* weeeeeee

Y.Marik~ *dances with* look at us we're dancing!!

Joey~ go you!!

Tea~ *walks in, looka at Atem and dies laughing* what happened?

Atem~ well someone Idunno who, but someone came into me room and did this! and when I find out who did it Im gunna kill them!!

Bakura~ *hears this* eep!

Angel~ don't worry as long as he doesn't know who did it them he wont kill you...

Me~ yeah and if he does figure it out me and Angel will protect you

Angel~ indeed! and if that don't work stay hiding behind your hand... he's to stupid to realize that he can do that to!

Me~ indeed!

space of doooooooooooom!! doomy doomy doom!!

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

crap! I just had the story for today typed up, but then I hit a button iono which one and it deleted teh story, and now I can't remember what I typed!!! *sobs*

Atem~ it ok Diz! you'll think up of something *hugs me*

Me~ ...yeah I guess *hugs back*

Atem~ *gropes me* hehehe

Me~ ahh! *smacks* why did you do that?

Atem~ well I had to if Im gonna be like Miroku!

Me~ ooooh yeah! heehee oops me forgot!

Atem~ yeah I figured you would! and oww dang why does the monk like to do that when it hurts?

Me~ hmmm... *thinks* maybe cause he's used to gettin' smacked?

Yugi~ yeah prolly

Y.Marik~ you know what after eatin' sooooo many doughnuts ther're actually pretty good! *eats some doughnuts*

Bakura~ cookies are better!

Y.Marik~ no doughnuts are

Bakura~ COOKIES!!


Bakura~ you don't know what your talking about your too stupid!

Y.Marik~ I know Im stupid and so are you!

Bakura~ no Im sm-sma-r-t smart SMART!! see I can say smart can you?

Y.Marik~ uhh... sma sma-r sm-ar-t smart! ha-nah! I can say it to!

Me~ go you!! Im so proud that you can say smart! it almost brings a tear to me eyes... wait never mind it already came *wipes tear away*

Y.Marik/ Bakura~ *has proud smile*

Yugi~ this calls for a party!!

Joey~ woooooooot!!

Tea~ I think I'll go and cook something!

Joey~ yaaaaaaay foooooooood!!

Atem~ hungry?

Joey~ maaaayyyybe!

Bakura~ ooolala

Joey~ indeed

Atem~ *stares at me*

Me~ what I got a boogie? *wipes nose*

Bakura~ *looks at me* whoa thats cool!

Me~ whats cool?

Yugi~ here* hands mirror*

Me~ *takes mirror and see black cat ears* weeeeeeee kitty ears!! =^-^=

Y.Marik~ *pets my ears*

Me~ *purrs* =^-^=

Yugi~ hey look you got a black tail!! *pulls tail*

Me~ hey don't pull on that!! *grabs tail from Yugi* mine!

Yugi~ butbut *pouts* I wanna play with it!!

Me~ no

Yugi~ but... *has sad puppy dog eyes* pwease!

Me~ uhh... fine...

Yugi~ YAY! ^-^ *plays with tail*

Me~ heehee... dododoooooooo

Bakura~ *pushes Y.Marik away,then pets my ears*

Y.Marik~ hey I was there first!

Me~ *purrs*

Bakura~ yay your purring!!

Me~ =^-^=


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Wednesday, March 9, 2005

dododododoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! you be fearin' them extra o's!

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Tuesday, March 8, 2005

uhmmm.... Idunno what to post, I can't think... wait here come something..... YAY!! I gots something to post!! *dances happily*

Yugi~ weeeeeee *runs around*

Joey~ look! *points*

Y.Marik~ what?

Atem~ LINT!!!

Yugi~ uhh ok... thats not what Im pointing to but ok...

Bakura~ then what are you pointing at? cause I can't see anything

Duke~ *rolls in* weeeee Im rolling! *looks at everyone* what are you looking at?

Atem~ *points where Yugi was pointing*

Duke~ what is it?

Joey~ thats what we're trying to figure out

Tristan~ uhhh Yugi what are you looking at?

Yugi~ THAT!! *points* can't you see it?

Everyone~ no

Me~ I can!!

Everyone~ *stares at me* you can?

Me~ =^-^= yep!

Atem~ then what is it?

Me~ it's a peice of paper thats talking!!

*Everyone but me and Yugi anime falls*

Yugi~ what? wait sssshhhhh its talking again

Me~ oh wow! I didn't know that!!

Bakura~ whats it saying?

Yugi~ its saying... Come on down to Paper World!! its only 10 dollars to get in!!

Y.marik~ ooOoo where is it located at?

Me~ in the... uhhh...

Yugi~ COUCH!!

Me~ yeah the couch!

Joey~ weeeee I wanna go! *runs to couch* uhh how do I get in?

Me~ you pay me and Yugi 10 dollars each! then you just jump in the couch

Yugi~ yeah what she said!

*Everyone gives me and Yugi 10 dollars each then jumps in the couch*

Me~ what a bunch a morons

Yugi~ yep! can't believe they actually fell for it!

Me~ heehee... well we got some money out of it!

Yugi~ yeah... so where should we go to spend it?

Me~ uhhh.... I don't know... lets just go before they figure things out!

*Me and Yugi goes off some where far*

AngelWingz (Angel) *comes in, looks at the pile of people in the couch* uhhh guys, what are you doing?

Y.Marik~ we're going to Paper World!! ^-^

Angel~ Paper World?

Bakura~ wait a minute! dagnabbit we've been tricked!!

Atem~ what? but... grr

Y.Marik~ wait till I get my hands on Yugi and Diz!!

Angel~ I can't believe you fell for that!! *dies laughing*

Bakura~ we're a bunch of morons

Angel~ mo-ran!!

wow this was a long one too

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Monday, March 7, 2005

Inu=Bakura, Hiei=Yugi, You=Mai, Kurama=Tea, Miroku=Atem, Sesshy=Joey, Vash=Y.Marik

Yugi~ when are is Diz going to put us in a story?

Mai~ you gotta give her time to think!

Y.Marik~ she can think? thats amazing!

Bakura~ indeed! weeeeeeeeee!! *dances around*

Tea~ Im borrrrrrrred!!!

Atem~ me too...

Joey~ wooooooosh!! *put on dog outfit, and prances around* woof!

Mai~ DOOOOOOOOOOGYYY!!!! *huggles Joey dog* ^-^!

Joey~ ^-^! *blushes*

Tea~ awe he's blushin'!!!

Mai~ he is? *looks at Joey*

Joey~ *looks away before Mai could see him* uhh... HEY!!

Bakura~ what?

Yugi~ Im hungry!

Joey~ me too!

Bakura~ then go get something to eat! what are you stupid, or something?

Joey~ ...yes

Bakura~ oh ok... wooooosh!!

Y.Marik~ your the wind!!

Bakura~ indeed I am!! you be fearin' me and my windy-ness!!

Y.Marik~ oh Im fearin'! can't you see?

Bakura~ no I can't Im blind!!

Mai~ awe poor you!! *steals Atem's eyes* see?

Bakura~ puts eyes in mouth* no all I see is a mouth!!

Atem~ ahhh I can't seeeeeeeee!!! *runs around, then hits a wall, falls and has swirly eyes*

Mai~ uhhh here let me help... *takes eyes and put them in* see now?

Bakura~ yaaaaaaaay!!! I can seeeeeeee!!! *dances happily*

Y.Marik~ go you and your seeing-nessnessnessnessnessness! you be fearin' them extra nesses!!

Yugi~ Im fearin'!

Y.Marik~ good!

Tea~ *goes into kitchen and starts cooking*

Atem~ *gets up* yaaaaay!! I smell fooooooood!!

Joey~ YAYA!! I gets to eat!! I think

Tea~ yes you do

Jeoy~ YAY!! *dances around*

Mai~ dodododooooooooo *turns pocket size and jumps in Y.Marik's pocket* weeeeee Im in a pocket!!!

Y.Marik~ weeee I gotsa a pocket size Mai in me pocket!! I feel so special!!

Mai~ you should!

Bakura~ I want a pocket size person in me pocket!! I WANNA FEEL SPECIAL!!! its not fair!! *whines*

Yugi~ awe! *turns pocket size and jumps in Bakura's pocket* happy?

Bakura~ YAY!!!

Yugi~ dododoooo look at me Im in a pocket!!

Atem~ HEY!!

Joey~ what?

Atem~ Im bored

Mai~ *jumps outa pocket and turns back to normal* me too!!

Yugi~ *does the same* lets play a game!

Tea~ *comes out* ok time to eat!

*Everyone runs to the kitchen and eats then goes back to the living room and plays a game(I aint tellin' ya what kind cause it don't really matter... does it? and if so then too bad! Im tired of typing)*

well I hope ya liked this one!!
=^-^= *hugs and gives everyone a cookie*

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Sunday, March 6, 2005

*sctarches head* uhhh wooooosh!
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Saturday, March 5, 2005

uhmmm... I had something to post, but I forgot what it was! soo uhhh here is a pic

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Friday, March 4, 2005

~Truth or Dare Part 2~

Inuyasha~ Diz truth or dare?

Me~ truth!

Inuyasha~ how many times do you say 'weee' in an hour?

Me~ uhhh... *thinks* alot! I like to say weee!!! Vash truth or dare?

Vash~ dare

Me~ ok I dare to fly!

Vash~ ok *goes outside and gets on the roof* ready?

All~ *nods*

Vash~ OK!! *jumps off, flaps arms like a bird* weeeee Im a-*falls with a thud* ouch!

Me~ *dies laughing*

Vash~ *recovers from fall* ok Diz truth or dare?

Me~ uhhh.... dare

Vash~ I dare you not to say weee

Me~ what? no thats evil!!

Hiei~ but you said dare! so you gotta

Me~ ugh... fine! my turn again!!! ok Sesshy truth or dare?

Sesshy~ dare

Me~ I dare you to hug Inuyasha

Sesshy~ *glares at me* fine... *walks over to Inuyasha, and hugs him*

Inuyasha~ wow... I get a hug from me brother!

Sesshy~ don't get use to it...
Kurama truth or dare?

Kurama~ dare

Sesshy~ I dare you and hiei to switch clothes and hairstyles!

Kurama~ I don't think I'll fit in his clothes

Inuyasha~ hey! if I can you can!

Hiei~ *glares at both* Im not that short!!

Me~ yeah! don't be dissin' the short people!!

*Kurama and Hiei switches clothes and hairstyles*

Me~ wow! Kurama you look weird with spikey hair!!

Kurama~ uhh thanks... I think? Inuyasha truth or dare?

Inuyasha~ dare

Kurama~ I dare you to be Sesshoamru and Sesshomaru be you

Inuyasha~ heh that'll be easy to be him!

Sesshy~ what's that supose to mean?

Inuyasha~ well its just that now your all mental and stuff!

Sesshy~ oooh ok! *puts on fake dog ears* look at me I gots doggy ears!!! they can dance!! *tries to make ears dance* dagnabbit! I forgot their not real!

Inuyasha~ weeeeeeeee *dances around like Sesshy* ok Sesshomaru truth or dare?

Sesshy~ dare

Inuyasha~ I dare you to switch outfits with Vash!

*Sesshy and Vash switches outfits*

Me~ I would never expect to see you wearin' red...

Sesshy~ ...yeah

AngelWingz(Angel)~ *poofs in* HIIIII!!! *waves*

Me~ hiya Angel! we're playin' truth or dare wanna play?

Angel~ yeah!! ^-^

Me~ yay!

Angel~ whos turn is it?

Inuyasha~ yours!

Angel~ ok... uhhh... lets see... ok this is for all of you!

All~ ok

Angel~ ok truth or dare?

All~ uhh dare/truth!

Me~ DARE!!

Inuyasha~ TRUTH!

Hiei~ TRUTH!

Kurama~ DARE!

Me~ grr! we're gettin' nowhere! lets play rock paper sissors!

Everyone~ ok...

Me~ rock paper sissors! *shows rock*

Inuyasha~ *had paper*

Kurama~ *rock*

Sesshy~ *sissors*

Vash~ *paper*

Hiei~ *sissors*

Me~ I win... no wait who wins?!?!?!

Inuyasha~ well that was stupid!

Angel~ ok I'll pick for you!!

All~ ok!

Angel~ ok I dare you guys to switch with the Yu GI Oh gang for one week...
Inu=Bakura, Hiei=Yugi, You=Mai, Kurama=Tea, Miroku=Atem, Sesshy=Joey, Vash=Y.Marik

Inuyasha~ well atleast this way we will get a break...

Me~ indeed!

ok I ran out of ideas! looks like tomorrow the Yu Gi Oh gang will be here in out place!!

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