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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

hello all! I ish still sick! grr evil sickness making me sick... heehee when Im typing the keyboard makes this funny kinda high pitch click click sound... I can't breath out of me nose its all snoty and non- breathable! my nose burns! I coughed so much it made me throat hurt... oh and yes Yuna2004 you can call me Diz-Diz I dun care.... well iono what else to say so lata =^-^=
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Monday, February 14, 2005

weee short post!!
Dizzy here ish sick...
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Sunday, February 13, 2005

weeeeeeeee I have no idea what to post!! wow... I had alot to say!!
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Saturday, February 12, 2005


Hiei or Kurama?



*randomly throws pellow at you* do ya wanna have pellow kids?
(uhhh no thank you)

~Number 5~

whats with the questions?

(well Im bored and this is something I can do when I have nothing else to say)


can you fly?

(why yes yes I can see? *jumps on couch then jumps off* see I was flying!!!)


who would you rather choose Hiei or Vash?

(uhhh thats a tough one... I would have to say Vash!)


Does Jesus wear boxers or breifs????

(uhhh he wears boxers! cause boxers are cool)


Me~ can you find the invisible cat?

Inuyasha~ *tries to find cat* nooooo I can't find it!!

Hiei~ thats cause its hiding behind its paw! *draws out katana* SHOW YOURSELF!!!!

Vash~ hey now! don't kill it!! just try to find it!! *tries to find cat*

Sesshy~ come on out little kitty!! we're not gunna hurt you!!

Me~ *watches* did ya fing the cat yet?

Sesshy~ no... its good at this game!

Hiei~ indeed!!

Kurama~ *shakes his head* oh this is sad

Me~ aint it though... just go along with it!

Kurama~ ok I will... hmmm.... were could that cat be?

Inuyasha~ *growls* don't make me have to hurt you!!

Hiei~ yeah!

Me~ *dies laughing*

Kurama~ uhh... Inuyasha how can you hurt it if you can't find it?

Me~ yeah what he said....

Inuyasha~ uhhh... I'll come up with a way!

Miroku~ *walks in* hello all!!

Me~ allo!!!

Fat Miroku~ whats going on?
(I got this from that ep. where Miroku's partner thing tried to be him)
Me~ there trying to find the invisible cat... *looks at Miroku* dang Miroku you need to lay off the sweets!!

Fat Miroku~ uhhh yeah... ok

Me~ heehee!! *pokes Miroku* *laughs* its all jiggly!! *dies laughing, walks away*

The Real Miroku~ hi Dizzy!!

Me~ uhh.... how did you loose all that weight?!?!?

Miroku~ what?

Me~ *pokes Miroku* wow!

Miroku~ uhh Dizzy? what are you doing?

Me~ whaaaat? you was all big and now your back to your normal weight!! how did ya loose all of it?

Miroku~ I was never big in the first..... wait.... *sighs* not again...

Me~ *is confused* huh?

Miroku~ my partner....

Me~ the racoon thing!

Miroku~ yeah... welll he will pose as me! for what reason I don't know!!

Me~ maybe he wanted to look good!

Miroku~ yeah maybe.. but people thinks that Im the one who is doing stuff and I didn't even do it....and then their all mad at me...

Me~ aww I sowwy! *hugs Miroku*

Miroku~ heeheehee *hugs back, then moves hand down to my butt*

Me~ *blushes, and smacks Miroku* pervert!!! *walks off*

Miroku~ awe come on you know you liked it!!!

Me~ don't come near me!! *hides behind Kurama*

Kurama~ *sees the hand print on Miroku's face* don't tell me you touched her?

Miroku~ what? I can't control my hand! *looks over at Inuyasha, Hiei, Vash, and Sesshy* what are they doing?

Kurama~ their trying to find the cat!

Inuyasha,Vash,Sesshy,and Hiei ~ *still trying to find the cat*

Kurama~ c'mon you guys.... it aint that hard to find...

Me~ yes it is!! I spent hours trying to find it!!

Miroku~ *searches for cat* where is it!!!

Inuyasha~ ssshhhh maybe if we're quiet it will come out!

Hiei~ thats a great idea!!

All~ *sits quietly waiting*

Me~ heehee

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Friday, February 11, 2005


who do you like more Inuyasha or Sesshy?

(uhh thats a toughy..... I like Inuyasha more cause he's funny!!)

~Techno Cat~

would you ever get mad at someone for calling you Raven?

(no... thats my real name why would I get mad?)


Dizzy: what do you prefer......dots or candy?


Inuyasha: why are you always wearing that kimono?

(Inuyasha~ cause I can... and besides I look good in it!!)

Kurama: may I have one of your precious roses?

(Kurama~ sure you can!! *hands rose to Marz*)

Sesshy: do you still hate mortals? or just certain ones?

(Sesshy~ just certain ones..)

Hiei: what happened to you? you are all dizzyfied?

(Hiei~ yesh I know!! well being around Dizzy ya tend to go mental!!!)

Vash: what do you prefer...... donuts or candy?

(Vash~ DONUTS!!!!! mmmmm me loves donuts!!)

~Night Hawk 3000~

how many fights have you been in? (real fights not hollerin' at eachother)

(I never been in a fight..)

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! *dances around* I gots candy! =^-^=

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Thursday, February 10, 2005


nani desu ka? with all the questions and stuff?

(iono I got bored)


why does Pins like dots so much?

(cause dots pwn!! and they will pwn you all and you will be pwned)


whats Vash's time?

(western! I think... yeah YEEHAW!!! *dies laughing*)



(weeeeeeeeee its the attack of the question marks!!)


what about fluffyness?

(yeah.... I think.... heh I like that word fluffyness heehee)

~Night Hawk 3000~

what is u're name?

(my name is Dizzy, but my real name is Raven =^-^=)

these question things are fun!!! =^-^= weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! now I know what I can do when I can't think of anything to post!!! weeeeeeeee a question.... whats your fav. color? mine are green, black, silver, red, blue, white, and grey!! oh and I want another theme for my site but iono what so if any one has any request then tell me!!

Inuyasha~ weeeeeeee questions!!!

Hiei~ your having alot of fun aren't you?

Me~ yesh I is!! hey I know what!!

Vash~ what?

Me~ why don't you people ask Hiei, Inuyasha, Vash, Sesshy, Kurama, and whoever else is here a question!!

Sesshy~ wooooooooooooosh!!!!!

Hiei~ your the wind!!!

Sesshy~ indeed fear my windy-ness!!! for I will wind you all!!

Inuyasha~ noooooooooo I don't want to be windified!!

Me~ nooo *hides behind Vash* sshhh Im hiding!

Inuyasha~ weeeeeeeee *jumps on me*

Me~ ahh *falls* get... off!!

Inuyasha~ NO!

Me~ *whines* whhhhhyyyyy?!?!?!?!

Inuyasha~ cause your comfy

Me~ I already know that... but I want to moooooove!!!

Inuyasha~ noooooo!!!

Me~ meanie!

Inuyasha~ yeah I know

Kurama~ come on Inuyasha get off Dizzy your squishing her!

Me~ yeah what he said!! I dun wanna be squished!!

Inuyasha~ fine... *gets off* there are you happy now?

Me~ yes!! thank you Kurama!! *hugs Kurama*

Kurama~ no prob *hugs back*

sorry if I haven't been to everyone's sites my comp wont load anything!!!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

~Celestial Maiden~

if a lemon fell on ur head would u throw it back at the sky?

(yes I would! evil sky throwing stuff at me shaaaaame)


would you like to see Inuyasha and Vash mud wrestle?

(hmmm..... *thinks about* yup!! =^-^=)


whats up w/ this?

(well people are asking me questions and Im answering them.... and Im having alot of fun answering them!!! =^-^=)

~Night Hawk 3000~

bomb or gun?

(bomb no wait gun no bomb no gun no a bomb no wait..................... dots!!!!)


what do you prefer?
House or Trance

(trance!!!!!!! woooooooo)

~Number 5~

what was with the extra E's?

(Pins wanted the E's of doom to attack me!! evil Pins shame on you)


I feel hyper! What about you?

(yesh Im always hyper!)


Me~ doom will befall you and you will be doomed

Inuyasha~ no not the doom anything but that!! *hides in box*

Me~ yes dooooooooom!!

Sessh~ llama of doom!!!

Hiei~ noooooo!! the llama's are attacking!! with their llama-yness!!!

Me~ nooooo *hides in box*

Vash~ *dances around*

Inuyasha~ *pops head out of box* uhh Vash why you dancing around when the llama's are attacking?

Sessh~ oh no! he's a llama nooooooo!! *hides behind hand* sssshhhh he'll never find me!

Vash~ nooooo I dun wanna be a llama!! *runs around like a maniac* ahhhhh!!! *trips over my cat* oof!

Me~ heehee stupid Lilly always laying in the way!

Lilly~ *walks around then flops down somewhere*

Hiei~ wow... is that all she's gunna do?

Me~ yup... thats all she does.... but thats why I love her!! look at her she's all fat and grey and fluffy!!! *pets Lilly*

Lilly~ *purrs*

Vash~ awe! *picks up Lilly* wow she's heavy

Me~ thats cause she eats alot and lays around!

Sessh~ what about your other cat?

Me~ what about her... she's to evil.... *thinks about the times when she had claws and attacked me for no reason* uhhh.... Im sooooo glad that she has no claws and is old...

Hiei~ dang..... that is one evil cat!

Me~ yeah....... sometimes she's really kinda and loving....

now its time for me to ask you a question....... uhhhh.... lets see................ if you could be anywhere where would you be? yeah thats a good question... me I would want to be..... iono I can't think of a place......

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Tuesday, February 8, 2005


why was this fun and why do you want to do it other than cause its fun?

( iono cause I like to answer questions? I think)


you would rather be wet and cold or cold and wet?

(uhhhh.... neither?)

~Zels Hoseki~

why is the sky not green?

(the sky wanted to be green but the grass stole it, stupid grass!)


Are you looking in the mirror or is the mirror looking in you?
(the mirror is looking at me! oh no Im stalking myself noooooooooo!!!!)

~Techno Cat~
Why do you ask us to ask you things to ask about us to ask about you?!?

(?.? uhhh.... cause I can?)


are you fearin' them extra E's??
(oh yes Im fearin' them extra E's)

~Angel Kat~
whats ur favorite kind of music?
(uhhh... I like any kind it don't matter to me)

(uhhh stuff?)
~Cooly Fooly~
why don't you ask us a question?
(ok! uhhh............... dots?)

~Night Hawk 3000~
SHUTTUP! why would you do that?
(well if ya want me to shuttup I'll shuttup)

who would win if Shippo battle a pizza?
(well the pizza would win!!!)
can I have some mountain dew?
(ok! *hands mountain dew* there ya go!! =^-^=)

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Monday, February 7, 2005

can you lick your elbow?
(*licks finger and then touches elbow* yes yes I can!!)

~Night Hawk Wing 3000~
Why should I ask u a question?
(iono cause ya can?)
~Little Inufan~
What do you like to do when you can't think of anything?
(hmm... well I always think up of something... I think?)

Whats your fave anime?
(my fave would have to Full Metal Achlemist and Inuyasha)

~Pinsandneedles/Techno Cat (they pretty mush asked the same)~
(llama's are cool!!!)

What is the square root of 144?
(uhhh..... 12)

can you spell supercalifrajilisticexpialidocious? and Can you make your tongue touch your nose?
(1. no I can't spell supercalifrajilisticexpialidocious! and no I can't I wish I could that'd be cool!!)
Why are all our convo's just wee or hee or tee or you dancing or something? and why are you always hyper?
(iono I like to dance and say weee, and I like get no sleep and I drink alot of mountain dews and eat alot of candy and besides if Im not hyper then who will make my family laugh and be all like dood get away from me you are like scaring me)


What has been the happiest day of your life so far?

(uhhhh.... I guess when I finally made a friend that didn't run away saying 'too much crazy-ness run away!!!')


Bakura~ WHY R U SO DANG HYPER!?!?!?

Angel~ What was da question?

(cause I can! thats why don't hurt me!! *hides in box* and the question was..... uhhh it is.... oh snap I forgot)


Who are you? Why are you there?

(I be me Dizzy!! and Im here cause I can so ha-nah!!)

~Angel kat~
I hate boredom *starts playing vidoegmes* Wanna join me?

(yesh I do =^-^=)


Pizza or donuts?

(hmmm..... DONUTS!!!!)


are u bored? or are u tired?

(Im bored but not tired)


wat would u rather have pixy stix or donuts?

(PIXY STIX!!!!!!!!!)

weeeeee that was fun I wanna do that again... ok ask me any question again!!!

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Sunday, February 6, 2005

dodododooo *dances around* iono what to say.... soooo... uhhh.......... ask me some questions.... I dun care Im just bored
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