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Monday, January 24, 2005

Me~ weeeeeeeeee *turns chibi and sits in hat*

Vash~ YAY!! your a chibi!! *runs up and picks up the hat Im in* awww look at it! it's in a hat!

Me~ heehee =^^=

Inuyasha~ awww look at it's cute wittle cat ears and it's tail!

Me~ =^^= *wags tail* *glares at tail* grrr I thought I got you! *jumps out of hat and chases tail* grr get back here! I aint gunna hurt ya!

Hiei~ oh thats sad... I thought mutts to that

Inuyasha~ HEY!!

Hiei~ hn.... *walks over to window and sits*

Me~ *looks up at Vash and Inuyasha* what a grouch! *chases tail again*

Inuyasha~ indeed! *watches me while laughing*

Vash~ *does same*

Sessh~ *comes in and dosen't see me and steps on me tail*

Me~ OWWWWW!!! *snif* me tail me poor poor tail *rubs tail*

Sessh~ oh no Im soooo sorry Dizzy!! I didn't see ya there!! *picks me up and hugs me*

Me~ *snif* it ok.. I think I was in the way *hugs back*

Hiei~ *looks over at me* are you ok?

Me~ yes... *runs over to Hiei and jumps on him* HUG ME!!!

Hiei~ no! and get off my head!!

Me~ no not untill you give me a hug!!!

Hiei~ fine I'll give ya a hug *takes me off his head and hugs me*

Me~ yay! *hugs back*

Hiei~ *lets go of me* now will you leave?

Me~ mayyyyybe!

Hiei~ *growls*

Me~ meep! *runs behind Vash* save meeee!!

Vash~ aww look she's scared

Me~ yes I am

Hiei~ well good!

Me~ *sticks tongue out at Hiei* hahaha!!

Hiei~ baka neko

Me~ shut ya catface!

Hiei~ well I would if I had a catface!

Me~ yeah well you need to get a catface! so I can say that to you!!

Hiei~ I don't think so!

Me~ fine ya meanie!

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Saturday, January 22, 2005

look it a story!!
Me~ *at the beach* Im soooooo bored!! *sits and watches people swim* *grins* heeheeheehee!!

Hiei~ I don't like that look!

Me~ *runs up to where the people talk into the speaker thing and on the way there I grabed Vash*

Vash~ hey where I we going?

Me~ *reaches door and turns to look at a confused Vash and grins*

Vash~ ooooh.... hehehehehe

Me and Vash~ *goes inside*

Vash~ hey! there are already people in here!

Me~ well duh! this it where those people talk about stuff no one cares about! what do you think we were going to do?

Vash~ well you know *grins*

Me~ ugh! you perv! *smacks Vash*

Vash~ ouch! *has hand print on face* so why are we here?

Me~ we are here because I have a plane to make my day less boring!

Vash~ ooOOoo! what are you going to do?

Me~ well we are going to be like these people who are talking about boring stuff!

Vash~ ok! but how are we going to get rid of these people? *points at peolpe who are still talking*

Me~ we are going to tie them up!

Me and Vash~ *ties up the people and sits in the chairs*

Vash~ this is gunna be fun!! wel it's a beautiful day isn't it Dizzy?

Me~ indeed it is Vash! but wait! whats this?!? oh no a shark NOOOOOO GET OUT OF THE WATER YA FOOLS!!!

Vash~ *dies laughing* and what is that?!? a pack of purple wearin' tuxedo seagulls are starting to attack NOOO!! run people run if you value your eyes then run!!!

Hiei~ oh good lord!

Sessh~ ahhhhh!! *hides behind hand* ssshhh they'll never find me!

Inuyasha~ ahhh! *digs hole big enough for one foot and buries foot* hahaha!! you can't get me while Im in this hole!! *sticks tongue out*

Me~ ahhh the poor sand it's being attacked by feet!!!! NOOOOO!!

Me and Vash~ *dies laughing while watching people run around like chickens with their heads cut off*

p.s. I drowned at the beach! good-bye cruel world I knew ye well... well not really but ssshhh you don't not that!

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Friday, January 21, 2005

iono what to post *hugs everyone* yeah you all get a random hug and a cookie!! *hands everyone a cookie* weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
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Thursday, January 20, 2005

fear my boredom for it is all bored and you all will be boredomfied!!

Vash~ ahhhh the boredom!!

Me~ yes yes it's working!! MEWHEHEHE!!

Inuyasha~ NOOOO!!! now Im bored

Vash~ shame on you making me bored!

Me~ me sowwy *has biiiig sad kitty eyes (like that ep. of Teen Titans when BeastBoy was trying to get Starfire to forgive him and he turned into that cat with the sad eyes) with index finger on mouth looking guilty*

Kurama~ awwww how can you stay mad at that face *hugs me*

Me~ YAY!! I gotsa hug! *hugs back* wooooo *dances around Kurama*

Kurama~ *laughs* ^^

Me~ =^^=

Kurama~ your so crazy... how do you do it?

Me~ =^^= fweeeee Im crazy! uhhh pixy stix, brother, Pins, mountain dew, and no sleep!

Kurama~ oooh...

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

dododoooo I have no idea what to post... wow! look another short post with all it's shortness!! listen to the hotdog lalalalaaaalala! ssssshhhh listen closely... you hear that the hotdog said something very important *nods* indeed it did

Inuyasha~ who are you talking to?

Me~ huh wha?

Hiei~ he said who are you talking to?

Me~ ooooh... well you see this hotdog?

Inuyasha & Hiei~ yes!

Me~ well It's saying something very important!

Inuyasha~ ooOOoo whats it saying?

Me~ it's saying! "WOOOOOT!! I like corn!" and "fweeee look at me Im a hotdog! don't you wish you were a hotdog? then come on down to hotdog land where all your dreams come true!!!"

Vash~ thats sooooo cool!! I wanna go!! where is it?

Me~ *shrugs* oh wait sshhhh the hotdog is talking to me.... oh ok he said that it's in the fridge! but ya gotta pay

Vash~ how mush is it?

Me~ it's 1 dollar!

Inuyasha~ woooo! who do we give it to?

Me~ uhhh... me!

Vash & Inuyasha~ ok *gives me 1 dollar each*

Me~ ok have fun! =^^=

Inuyasha & Vash~ *jumps in the fridge*

Me~ heehee!

Hiei~ you know thats sad.... you got 2 dollars from that stupid scam

Me~ sssshhhh they don't have to know that! *runs to Kurama* HEY!!

Kurama~ hmm?

Me~ take me to the store!

Kurama~ ok

Me & Kurama~ *gtes into car and drives to store*


Me~ hmmm... I can buy some candy!!

Kurama~ I thought Hiei grounded you from candy?

Me~ sssshhhh he doesn't have to

Kurama~ ooooh ok... well then... what are you gunna buy then?

Me~ iono...

Kurama~ why not some pixy stix's?

Me~ ooolala! wooo *gets pixt stix and goes and buy's them*

Me & Kurama~ *gets in car*

Me~ *starts to eat pixy stix* mmmmmm *coughs* dagnabbit stupid pixy dust tryin' to kill me!

Kurama~ *laughs*

Me~ heehee! you want some?

Kurama~ uhhh sure why not... *eats some pixy stix*

Me~ ahhhhhhh my eye!! the dust went into me eye!! ahhhh it buurrns!!

Kurama~ *laughs* well your not suposed to eat it threw your eye!

Me~ I know that but it didn't want to go in my mouth nooo it had to go threw me eye!! evil pixy dust of doom!

well I thought this was gunna be short but I guess not!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

hmmmmm.... iono what to post.... *dances around* ................... DOTS!! my dots *coughs on dots* miiiiine!! get your own!!
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Monday, January 17, 2005

weeeeeeeeee lookit a story!!

Me~ *runs around* Im soooooo bored!!!

Inuyasha~ *stares at hand*

Me~ *walks over to Inuyasha and looks at his hand too* wow... a hand!

Inuyasha~ *grops me with other hand*

Me~ *smacks Inuyasha* grrr we don't need another Miroku here!!

Inuyasha~ *has hand print on face* Im sorry! it wasn't my fault! my hand has a mind of it's own nooooooo!!

Me~ ahhhh!! you have the Miroku hand!!

Miroku~ hey! it's not that bad to have a me hand!

Inuyasha~ uhh yeah it is

Miroku~ naah.... I mean sure ya get smacked cause of it, but it's worth it!

Me~ so you like gettin' smacked?

Miroku~ well not really

Me~ well then stop!

Inuyasha~ indeed *grops me again*

Me~ ahh *smack* grr *hides in box*

Inuyasha~ *has another hand print* ouch!

Miroku~ heh... *walk over to random woman and grops her* *SMACK* owww *has hand print*

Me~ *dies laughing* I heard that!!

Hiei~ *rolls his eyes* what a moron!

Me~ heehee indeed!

Inuyasha~ I don't want this hand!! shoo go away!!

Me~ *laughs* I know what we can do!!!

Inuyasha~ what?

Me~ *gets Hiei's sword* we can cut is off!!! =^^=

Inuyasha~ o.o I dun think so... I think I can live with it!

Me~ aww poo!

sorry I had to post that!

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Sunday, January 16, 2005

hmmmm... I can't think of anything to post, BUT me grandma gave me 2 bags of dundundunnnnn PIXY STICKS!!! wooooooooo!!! *dances around* me sooooo happy =^^= sooooo... Im gunna be very hyper!! wOOt to hyperness!!
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Saturday, January 15, 2005

I have no idea what to post


Hiei~ what are you a mouse now?

Me~ maayyybe.... weeeeeee *runs around*

Techno Cat (Tech)~ *poof* heh I went poof weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Demonwings~ *walks in* weeeeeee I can walk!

Me~ wooo go you and your walking-ness!

Demonwings~ indeed! *sits in box*

Kuraiangel~ *runs in* wooooooooo!! look at me run!

Inuyasha311~ *runs in* weeeeeeeeee

Kurama~ we got a house full of people!

Inuyasha311~ *glomps Kurama*

Kurama~ *blushes alittle*

Inuyasha311~ heehee!

Zels Hoseki (Zels)~ *poof* weeeeeeee

Inuyasha~ oh no! *runs*

Zels~ heeheehee *chases*

Inuyasha~ nooooooo

Zels~ *gets her spork of doom out from pocket! FEAR THE SPORK!!!

Inuyasha~ Im fearing! can't you see??!!??!?

Demonwings~ no she can't cause shes blind!!!

Kuraiangel~ the cows has struck again!! *hides behing hand* ssshhhh they will never find!!

Tech~ noooo!! I need my eyes to see!! *hides in box*

Me~ ahhh! *hides in hat*


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Friday, January 14, 2005

You Are Dizzy...You Are An Innocent Young Person
That Is Somehow Drawn Into Fighting. You Can't
Understand Fighting Nor Do You Approve Of It.
You Don't Understand Why Everyone Always
Fights. You Are A Very Friendly Person.

Which Guilty Gear Character Are You?
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