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Thursday, June 30, 2005

The floor taste funny
allo peoples!! how has everyone been lately? me? I've been on gaia... that place is addictived! eeergh! SQUIGGLEVISION!!! its the best vision ever!! its all squiggley!! yepyep! pot-a-toe soup... yuummmm... its all toey and soupy! *does the soup dance* I'M NEEEEKKKKKED!!!! not really just on gaia... I need taco's if not then I'll explode and go BOOM!! then there is all me peices flying every where.... so if you here a loud booming sound watch out for flying peices of me!! cause if then dang you must be blind... but of course do you know why you will be blind? cause a hobo came and stole them while you wasn't looking! shame on those evil hobo's of doom stealing eyes while no one is looking! you gott watch out for them there hobo's cause they be evil!! *covers eyes with paper* HA-NAH!! now a hobo can't take me eyes!!! *walks into a bunch of random things* ow! *trips over lint* I'm ok! I just have like a cut.... cuuuuuuut!!! lol me and my friend were on messenger and I got so bored that I decided to play rock, paper, sissor, it was so much fun... but I got kinda of tired of typing rock, paper, sissor.... so I started saying some random letters like this 'fdwufgy' it was fun... then my friend put scissors... there was alot of typo's in that... cause we had to type it fast and hit enter... but I had fun indeed I did! =^-^=... wow this is like the longest post I have psted in like a while... I'm cold... you know what I wanna do? I wanna just take of box put in it a river and git in it and just float down the river... but of course this box will be a special box that I made that people can get in it and flaot in water! I think that'd be cool! wow I had a lot to say didn't I? yesh I did!! I'm so proud of meself this post ish all long and what not *has proud smile* hee!!

Hiei~ Hey Diz?

Me~ Yes?

Hiei~ Why is the sky blue and the grass green?

Inuyasha~ You know, I've been wondering that too...

Sesshy~ Yea, and why does the hobo's like to steal eyes?

Me~ Well, the sky was green at one time and the grass was blue so the sky got tired of being green so it stole the blue from the grass, and one hobo saw what happened and started to think that if the sky can steal somethin that it wanted then they can too... the that one hobo went to tell allll the other hobo's what he saw and his plan, to steal eyes!! cause they needed them!!

Vashy~ But why did they need the eyes?

Me~ Well, they were kinda blind already so they go out and steal eyes so they can see better!

Miroku~ But if they couldn't see, how did that one hobo see that what the sky had done?

Me~ Uhm... well that hobo already had one good eye, and he saw it threw that one good eye!

Hiei~ Ooooh I se- *get intrupted by me putting my hand over his mouth*

Me~ Sssshhhh.... the walls have eyes.... *looks to the wall and see's hobo eyes*

Inuyasha~ *whispers* what are they doing?

Me~ *whispers* they are waiting for one of us to not like pay attention to our own eyes, so they can steal them...

Vashy~ Meep! *hides behind me*

Me~ *still whispering* as long as you pay attention to your eyes they wont steal them...

All~ *whispers* ok...

weeeeeheeeeeeeeee this was random!! and it just came to me as I was typing!! =^-^=

p.s Clowns eat people!

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